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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 22, 2016 2:36am-3:57am MST

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>> accuweather's cam tran has the complete forecast for you. cam, good morning. >> good morning, diane and kendis. we'll see improving conditions across the northeast, so good news for travelers here and lake-effect snow as well as breezy conditions tapering off. a developing storm system brings breezy conditions as well as wintery precipitation in the lakes region and heavier rain in the central plains, and that system brings stormy conditions across the lonestar state.
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the year, we are looking at widespread rain across the midwest. unfortunately, patience needed from the lakes region to the twin citys into the ohio valley. out west, the pacific northwest will see rain as well. the od news is for turkey day itself other than rainfall across the northeast, it will be fairly quiet. back to you diane and kern dis. >> thanks, cam. coming up, president-elect speaks to the american people for the first time since election night. in the video, he plan for the first 1 hup days in office. but what did he leave off that list? caught on camera, the police chase that was a close call. what happened after an officer loses control of his cruiser right near a group of children. check out our behind the scenes pics on instagram, abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." " if you're approaching 65, now." and the options you hav.
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go ahead.
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president-elect donald trump has chosen what many see as a different way to address the american people for the first time since winning the election. >> in a 2:30 video, mr. trump laid out an agenda on energy, trade and immigration for the first 100 dice in office. here's the latest. good morning. thanks for being here. >> thank you.
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public eye since the election working to put together his new administration, but now we're hearing about his agenda that trump said, plain and simple, is based on putting america first. he then listed half a dozen areas where he's focusing his efforts. now, most notably, trump said he plans to withdraw from the trans-pacific partnership agreed to by president obama. it's the largest trade pact in the world. st trade details that brings back jobs to the u.s. and outlined plans to cut back on restrictions, on production of american energy to create, as he put it, many millions of high paying jobs, and he addressed immigration with plans to investigate uses of via programs and make sure to include campaign chapter to drain the swamp of washington. >> on ethics reform, as part of the plan to drain the swamp, we will impose a five-year ban on executive officials becoming lobbyists after they leave the administration, and a lifetime
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government. >> reporter: trump said he's instructed his transition team to look into executive actions he can take on day one to get the ball rolling on his agenda. it's important to note what we didn't hear from president-elect trump. he didn't mention anything about repealing the affordable care act, which he previously said was at the top of his priority list. trump also didn't mention anything about building a wall or deportation, but t require congressional approval and are not something he can do on his own. >> not necessarily any executive action there for those issues. >> right. and had is an unorthodox way of getting his message out. he's not had a press conference since july 27th, at least not a full one. do we have any indication how he plans to get his messages out, how he plans to work with the media, that kind of thing?
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filled with meetings. mr. trump had a contentious relationship with many news outlets in the campaign, and it looks like we're still seeing some of that now. but he is meeting with the "new york times" later today, so that relationship, guys, looks like it could be improving. >> it should be quite teresting to be 234 that room with the "new york times" and donald trump. they haven't really gone after him. >> well, it is sort of just an interesting time in general, though, right? this is the first presidential election we've seen where social as media, we are trying to figure out how we relate with social media and vice versa. and in the white house, the same thing, how do we move forward, changing way we operate in general. >> i think they just hit sent on the twitter. >> continue to use twitter a lot, so, yeah, interesting to see how the meeting goes. >> thank you. appreciate it. other headlines now, problem with issues green cards is much worse than initially believed.
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found thousands of green cards missing, some mailed to wrong addresses, some were duplicates and others contained incorrect information. in some cases, immigrants approved to stay in the country for two years were begin cards good for ten years. inspector general of homeland security said green cards in the wrong hands enables terrorists and other criminals to remain in the u.s. several people injured at the los angeles auto show by an out of control test car. now, police say the driver of that fiat jumped the curb and plowed into a crowd standing on the sidewalk outside the convention center. five pedestrians, the driver, and the passenger were all taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. take a look at this. a police chase that ended up being a close call. this is in pittsburgh, in the pittsburgh area. keep your eyes on that group of children standing ther >> oh. >> wow. the officer lost control of the cruiser, missing the kids by a matter of inches. he then crashed into a parked
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vehicle when another van hit it. the police car -- the suspect did get away in that one. >> lucky those kids didn't get hurt. just gives you chills to look at that video. new jersey transit said it will no longer allow engineers to drive trains while being treated were sleep apnea. the decision follows a deadly train accident last september. the engineer was suffering from sleep apnea, but did not know it. that interrupts a person's breathing while they sleep, and that can cause them to be very dro they ask engineers nationwide be tested for the disorder. we're now getting word this morning that kanye west is in a los angeles hospital. police responded to a medical welfare call involving west yesterday. it came hours after west cancelled the remainder of the st. pablo tour. according to tmz, west has been exhausted the from touring and working on his fashion line. he cut short a concert in sacramento saturday after going
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topics, including beyonce and hillary clinton. also from southern california, snoop dog is getting into the thanksgiving spirit. >> he's a giving man. >> for the third year in a row, he teamed up with the city of englewood to give away free thanksgiving dinners. >> thousands of people got a free turkey and all the trimmings. snoop summing up the reason for the whole event. >> this is what it's all about, being able to give back to people who may not have had nothing to eat for thanksgiving. we're fortunate enough and blessed to give back. every year we look forward to doing this. >> police and los angeles rams were involved. everyone agreed it was about spreading love there on thanks giving. >> all right. can't be mad at that. coming up in our next half hour, monday night football in mexico. the challenges the oakland raiders and texas faced on the gridiron south of the border, and hear what we just found out this morning. first, more than a decade after "jon and kate plus eight"
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the eve of her new series premier, kate opens up about what she credits for making her a better parent. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues
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it's been more than ten years since reality tv first introduced jon and gosselin and, of course, their eight children to the world. >> since then, the family has undergone a bitter divorce and now allegations of abuse as season five of kate plus eight premiers. here's more. >> reporter: for ten years, we watched the gosselin family see the highs, the lows and messes that come with raising eight kids.
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"kate plus 8," with divorced in 2009 from jon is a single mom to 16-year-old twins and 12-year-old sextuplets. how are you different than that kate from ten years ago when you first started out. >> i almost don't know her. now it's the wisdom, the experience, it makes you really a better parent. >> reporte we see your son colin in the new season, but you revealed that he is away seeking treatment for educational and social cllenges. how did you come to that decision? it had to be a really tough one. >> it was not evenlly a choice. it was on the advice of his doctors and it had to happen. >> reporter: how's he doing? >> he's plodding along, and we are, too. it definitely was necessary and i'll go to the ends of the earth for the best for each one of them. >> reporter: jon said that he has no idea where collin is and that he has not seen him in a year and a half. he claims that he won't tell him
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>> we are both court ordered not to speak about the care and custody of our children b in detail. i've known all along where he is, but the world doesn't know. i'll leave it at that. >> reporter: jon is in that world. jon says he's going to court to get a judge issue to reveal the whereabouts. are you prepar >> i've lost track of how many times he's said that. i'm really focused less on what john has to say. i don't really pay attention to be honest. >> reporter: looking back, the 41-year-old is thankful to have a decade's worth of caught on camera memories of the family. >> i wanted the moments documented. and -- >> sure enough. >> i got ten years' worth and i will never, ever regret that. >> we do want to note, we heard from jon's tournament he told abc news, quoting here, the
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it's a big travel week, of course, 15 million people traveling might want to pack your sanitizer if you're going to go somewhere. >> yes. after we do the story, you'll want it too. >> things are gross out there, but we knew this. so apparently b there's a doctor in new york who did -- i way too much on my hands -- who did the research and found that heading into the busy travel season, the transportation hubs -- thank you. i really overdid it. the transportation hubs are really the worst pces for germs. the worst spots, escalator handrails, bathroom doors, string wheels and radio dials. most germy itemsre touch screens and boarding passes. >> oh..
2:56 am
b, your knuckles, which is what i use, or i try -- >> to touch the screen? >> i tried using my tongue on the touch screen opposed to my hands not to get the hands dirty. >> that's much >> yeah. more sanitary, you're right. good tip. all right, moving on to cheetos. so we know they headache these delicious cheese snacks i'm sure we all love. however, kcheetos is branching out. >> oh, they are? >> yeah. to jewelry. >> what? >> meet cheetos, this cheetos themed jewry. it's high end stuff. the earrings and ring set you see, $20,000. >> get out of here. is there gold in there. >> 18 karat gold, the only set on sale, but they are planning to branch out and owing this jewelry line. they also, by the way, make cologne as well. you knowhat it's called? cheeteau like french. >> oh, i see. careful.
2:57 am
i wish they made it from cheetos. i got excited. necklace, just a snack as the day goes on. >> it would last 20 minutes. >> wondering what to g this holiday scene? well, there's this beautiful new nativity scene made by a company called modern nativity who created what's called a hipster nativity set. so that would be mary and joseph there taking a selfie. >> oh, my gosh. >> and is that, like, a latte in her hand? and they are also on the segues. it runs off -- >> oh, the wisemen carrying amazon boxes. nice touch. >> and solar panels.
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this morning on "world news now" shock and grief for families in tennessee. a school bus packed with young kids has crashed. investigators trying to piece together exactly what happened. the driver is now charged, more details in a moment. a blast of winter weather set to make trel messy for millions this we, up to 3 feet and the winter weather millions this we. up to three feet of snow has made roads extremely dangerous. accuweather has the forecast just ahead. also ts half hour, new details about the hlth care for kanye west. >> hear what we're hearing about his medical emergency after being rushed to the hospital just after announcing he's canceled the remainder of his nationwide tour. and then there were three. the couples who will advance to
3:01 am
with the stars." we'll have a recap of last night's tremendous action in "the skinny." it is tuesday, november 22nd. > from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. >> we want to start withhat tragic news. the breaking news overnight, the 24-year-old driver under arrest facing mul vehicular homicide. >> here is the news where that bus hit a tree on monday afternn. authorities say at least five children were killed. >> now, will be in session today but, of course, with grief counsors on hand. meantime, an ntsb team is on the way to the scene. here is abc's david kerley. >> 35 young students from kindergarten to the fifth gra tossed around when this school bus crashed.
3:02 am
fatalities. >> more b than pour or five? >> i would sume, but i can't confirm. >> rcue crews working for minutes which turned into more than an hour to get all kids out. 23 sent to local hospitals. the tennessee school bus just an hour from the elementary school ran off a road and slammed into trees landing on itsside. a bus children is every public safety professional's worst nightmare. >> reporter: it vehicle accident the bus driver survived and is said to be developing with police. another crash contributing to the debate should all school buses he seat belts? as a simulations show what can happen in a rollover accident. >> there was a call forlood donations with so many injured, but there are parents grieving because their children, their students will no be coming home. david kerrly, abc news,
3:03 am
focus to the difficult weather millions are facing on this difficult travel week. >> and another bus accident, this time in upstate new york. in this case, though, the weather was a factor. one of three buses carrying high school students from rochester or a suburb nearby to in, ovnew city overturned. nine students were takeno the hospital, but luckily later reased.. no major injuries there. then in new hampshire, two people died in separate accidents on the icy roads. their vehicles. in one of those accidents, th car skidded in front of an onming tanker truck. and the weather now focuses in the midwest where there's another storm that could a.m. affect your holiday travel. >> let's check in with accuweather's cam tran. >> the winds taper off as well as the lake-effect snow. however, a storm system moving across the lakes region will
3:04 am
across the central plains. travel day of the year, we will see cloudy and west conditions across the midwests well as another storm system move into the pacific northwest. as for turkey day, though, mostly cloudy across the northeast, otherwise fairley quiet. back to you, diane and kendis. >> cam, thank you. president-elect donald trump expected to head to his mar-a-lago estate to have thanksgiving with his family. >> from trump tower, a new video messag from the president-elect. >> our transition team is working very smoothly, efficiently and effectively. truly great and talented men and women, patriots, indeed, are being brought in and many will soon be a part of our government. >> his first words at length to the american people in more than a week. no speeches or news kornss since election night.
3:05 am
door of meetings. the job applicants seen competing. that is senator scott brown, hoping to leave the department of veteran's a >> listen up. i'm not compete, anybody. you know, i think i'm the best person. >> some of the meetings, like formerovernor rick perry leave the impression team may be form ago tooifl teamf rivals. perry was an outspoken foe in the primaries. >> let no one be mistaken. donaldtrump's candidacy is a cancer must be cleay diagnosed, excised and discasted. >> now he's a contender for energy executive. over theast days, at least 29 people came to play court either at trump anticipates clubhouse in new jersey or the gilded trump tower. not all of them will end up in the cabinet. trump enjoys the suspension. >> we've made a few deals, but we'll let you know soon.
3:06 am
clutching this memo, outline ago plan to revamp the department of homeland security. all aliens from high risk areas are tracked, the document says. kobach has, in the past, proposed a muslim ridge industry. incoming staff reince priebus insists that's a nonstarter. >> look, i'm not going to rule out anything, but we're not going to have a registry on religion. >> other plans are kept can under the radar altogether. president trump now says he's doing america's business, not his own. but these real estate power is say this photo was taken after the election. >> deals worth more than $54 million. as a senior adviser kellyanne conway said, he's a businessman, he's working the transition, he is the president-elect and you
3:07 am
times. david wright, abc news, new york. >> trump is also coming under scrutiny for business dealings in the uk. after the election, trump met with british politician nigel fereday. a leading voice in the brexit. trump encouraged fereday to block wind farms. so the report suggests he may be trying to use the power of the trump fired off this tweet last night, clearly annoyed with the press for raising questions about potential blurred lines between his businesses and his future presidency. he wrote, prior to the election, it was well known that i have interest in properties all over the world. only the grookd media makes this a big de. . well, hillary clinton appears to be possibly keeping a post election promise to herself. >> yeah. so you remember the former democratic presidential nominee said last week after losing the
3:08 am
curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> well, mission accomplished. the former first lady was spotted with her family in rhode island at a bookstore. one book seller told a local newspaper mrs. clinton was kind and gracious. >> and clintons posed for a few pictures, bought some books and visited an aquarium. reports say that visit was after hours. >> at least there. coming up, monday night financial south of the border. the oakland raiders and houston texans face off against one of the legendary sports venues. and the breaking news about kanye west and the medical emergency that had him rushed to the hoital. we'll have the stories and the details ahead. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather
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a 7.4 earthquake triggered a tsunami off the coast of northern japan this morning. the waves were as high as 4.5 feet. the quake struck in the same area that was devastated in 2011. only minor injuries and damage nuclear plant there. the tsunami warnings have now been lifted. in texas, the man suspected of murdering a san antonio police detective says he's sorry for what he did. otis mccain was arrested monday afternoon. he told reporters he had been involved in a custody battle and that he was mad at society for not letting him see his son. mccain admitted that he, quoting here, lashed out at somebody who didn't deserve et. mccain is charged with capital
3:13 am
authorities in north dakota are defending their use of water hoses on pipeline protesters in freezing temperatures. organizers say at least 17 protesters were taken to the hospital, including some who were treated for hypothermia. they are calling on the justice department to prevent more violence at the site. there's a travel warning from the state department for americans in europe. there's a heightened risk of terrorist activity during the holidays and warns of credible information that isis and others planning attacks in europe, so travelers are encouraged to be careful at markets and festivals. now to monday night football played last night at one of the world's most legendary football. the aztec stadium in mexico city that hosted the world cup finals in 1970 and 1986. >> football and futbol. it was also the scene of diego's hand of god --
3:14 am
ran through the entire english defense to score what's commonly called the goal of the century. >> good player. not so good as a coach. >> jack's mooi not biassed at all, not even a little bit. >> last night's game, the houston texans against the oakland raiders and because it was south of the border, diane ha [ speaking spanish ] goal! goal! touchdown! [ speaking spanish ]. touchdown! [ speaking spanish ].
3:15 am
but that was hot. >> you didn't get that? >> man. it was muiy caliente. >> wow. >> that was a quick translating job. thank you, jack. for the assist on that. >> nice job. >> so the texans won, right? >> no, honey. we'll get you more on that a little bit later. you just like -- i liked while i'm saying touchdown, kendis is still saying, goal! >> i tho not so much. >> that's what they score a goal they say that. >> oh, okay, my bad. all right. so when we come back, the breaking news about kanye west. and who are the three couples on "dancing with the stars" finale? that's next. touchdown!
3:16 am
3:17 am
? skinny so skin snee ? time new for the skinny starting with breaking news. a downer a little bit, kanye west in the hospital. >> many officials confirm to abc news the rapper checked into a hospital in los angeles listed as medically stable. >> authorities responded to a disturbance call that turned into a medical emergency. >> a source close to west says
3:18 am
and sleep deprivation on the heels of a series of bizarre on-stage rants at his recent concerts which led him to cancellation of the rest of the st. pablo tour. >> with 21 dates scheduled, and members of the kardashian clan appeared at the angel ball, but kim kardashian was not there. >> that was supposed to be a big deal because kim has not made a public appearance incident some time ago in paris. so a lot of people were looking forward to seeing her make a public appearance here in new york and she did not show up. >> all right. >> next to part one of the "dancing with the stars finale. >> they were all close last night, but there were many, saying, a clear winner. >> oh, yeah. >> of the three couples, 40 out of 40 for the free style dance, that was laurie and val, and 38 out of 40 for this casa doble.
3:19 am
james and sharna, score ago perfect 40 out of 40 for their freestyle. and even carrie ann mouthed the words wow and 37 out of 40 in the foxtrot. but the freestyle told the story of his car crash by dance and it was an emotional performance. especially knowing this is a race car driver. what's he know about dance, but it's just -- he brought it home. >> that was the thing, n reminded people that, oh, by the way, i drive cars for a living. i do not dance. >> exactly. >> the foxtrot, not so good. but, you know, it's tough dancing. >> another perfect score, calvin and lindsay got one, 40 out of 40 on their freestyle and 35 out of 40 for the waltz. >> the freestyle was amazing because of moving treadmills that were a part of it. it was a number of different songs.
3:20 am
>> and i think he also has an interesting challenge. not only did he come into this saying i'm notoriously a bad dancer. and his sister verified that by mocking him openly. but also, he's tall.. that has to make an additional challenge for him, so kudos to him for vast improvement also since the beginning of the show. >> it's going to be great looking forward to tonight. the only couple who didn't get a perfect score was jana and gleb. and this was part of the reason why. the stumble, scoring a 36 and 35 for freestyle and tango and, unfortunately, they were sent packing last night. >> the people up there deserve to be there, absolutely amazing. it was their time, and he's the most incredible partner, and i just learned so much about myself and what i can do and how strong i can be, and he's going to be all that. thank you. so much fun. >> jana spent half the season crying. i hope she actually enjoyed herself. >> she did a good job. the finale airs tonight here on abc.
3:21 am
>> speaking to vanity fair, the 26-year-old passenger star couldn't help but gush about the man in her life, 47-year-old brock swarn director darren ornovsky who she describes as a visionary and she also opened up at length on camera. >> dish. stripping. oh, i would ask robert kardashian what was in the garment bag, o.j. case. >> lawrence told the magazine as far as weddings are concerned, she will never again be a brides maid. she said that part of her life is over. so is that a thing to comer for her? >> sounds like it. >> here's a hint of something to come, major payday. >> off the stint of hosting "saturday night live," cha a
3:22 am
reportedly worth as much as $60 million. >> chappelle has three specials planned for the streaming giant. his first special in 12 years
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? skinny so skinny ? we're so excited. there's a bonus round to "the skin skinny" on this tuesday. we start with the first peek at the much anticipated biopick of a young president obama. >> the film "barry" follows him as he navigates columbia the crime-ridden streets of manhattan back in the 1980s. and the young barack obama follows both his head and his heart. >> i was from kansas and i -- my dad's from kenya. >> you know what that makes you? >> no, sir, i don't. >> that makes you american.
3:26 am
festival, premiers tri, december 16th on netflix. >> and it's exploring a different side of the president that most of us have never seen before. he's a polished politician and maybe getting himself into a little bit of trouble as he discovers who he is in his 20s. >> exactly. there was another movie released this year telling the story of the relationship. >> yep. >> all right. next, supermodel chrissy tiegan is apologizing for an malfunction at the american music awards. >> you may recall this dress. it was barely there with side slits up to the chest held together by safety pins. the dress briefly flashed open revealing everything below the naval. >> whoops. >> the supermodel took to instagram to apologize to anyone that she says she offended by her hoo-haw. >> that's a technical term? >> yeah, that's clinical. >> okay.
3:27 am
removal, as well. because, you know, if you're going to have a wardrobe malfunction, you might as well make sure that everything's groomed properly. >> yes. i'm not going to touch that. moving on. >> moving on. >> she did it. she put it out there, not me. so finally, justin bieber's tattoo could offer a glimpse into the young star's high opinion of himself. >> proudly unveiling a tattoo to a stadiu stadium over the weekend. across the abs, you seeded word "son of god." >> so the 22-year-old already has 56 tattoos and he has jesus christ on his leg and many others that reflect his christian faith. >> when he's got 56 tattoos, what's one more? why did it take him so long to get around to that one? >> i don't know. this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for
3:28 am
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3:30 am
good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. here's some of the top stories we're following this morning on "world news now." the driver is under waste in a deadly school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. authorities say at least five children were killed when that bus slammed into a afternoon. the ntsb is now headed to tennessee. donald trump is sharing the to-do list with the country can, offering highlights of the first 100 days in a live report, coming up. a tsunami hit japan's northern coast this morning after a strong earthquake, but only minor injuries and damage. waves topped 4.5 feet high, but the warnings have now been lifted. those are just some of the top stories on this tuesday, november 22nd. from abc news, this is "world news now."
3:31 am
again this half hour with president-elect donald trump giving the american people a look at what the first 100 days in office look like. >> issued a new online video, and abc is here to break it down. it lasted about two minutes. what did he say and not mention? good morning. >> good morning, kendis and diane. this video is the first time president-elect trump has addressed the american people directly since election night..and he outlined a list of actions he could take on day one. for the first time as president-elect, donald trump talking directly to the american people. >> i've asked my transition team to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring back our jobs. it's about time. >> reporter: he hasn't held a news conference since winning the election two weeks ago. he released a 2:30 minute video outlining the video he says is
3:32 am
first, laying out plans for six items when he takes over in the white house in january like withdrawing from the trans-pacific partnership, the largest trade pact in the world. >> a potential disaster for the country. >> reporter: instead, planning fair trade deals and cancel restrictions on production of american energy. >> creating many millions of high paying jobs. that's what we want. that's what we've been waiting for. >> reporter: in his first address, trump straying from one campaign promise that ignited a firestorm. >> we're going to build a wall. we're going to build a wall, folks. >> we're going to build a wall >> reporter: the president-elect backing off tough talk on his significant im gragdz issue to build a wall.. no word on deporting millions of undocumented immigrants or restrictions on immigrants from some muslim countries. >> on immigration, i will direct the department can of labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. >> reporter: also noticeably absent from trump's address was any mention of repealing the
3:33 am
it was a staple on the campaign trail, and even after winning the election, a move trump said would be top priority. >> believe me, we'll get rid of that. i've been saying it for years. >> reporter: but looking to make good on one promise? >> drain the swamp. >> reporter: the washington outsider saying he wants to impose bans on executive officials looking to become lobbyists after leaving the administration. steps, trump says, will reform washington and rebuild the middle class. mr. trump is still not answering ongoing questions surrounding potential conflicts of businesses and the presidency. tweeting just a few hours ago that prior to the election, it was well known he had interests and properties all over the world. the president-elect writing only the crooked media makes this a big deal kendis, diane? >> issuing that tweet overnight about the crooked media. >> on twitter. >> t ink it will continue throughout the administration, no doubt. thank you. protecting the president-elect in the meantime and his family is reportedly costing new york city a million llars a day.
3:34 am
is assisting the secret service in keeping trump safe along with his wife, five children and grandchildr grandchildren. much othe money is being spent on police overtime. the mayor has said that the city will need help with those costs. >> and trump is expected to head to florida today to spend thanksgiving with his family at his sprawling mar-a-lago estate. flying restrictions are expected over a ten-mile no-fly zone. breaking news, a developing story from overnight. the driver arrest in the deadly school bus crash in tennessee. 24-year-old johnthony walker faces vehicular homicide .other investigators say the bus he was driving overturned after slamming into a tree yesterday afternoon in chattanooga. 35 children from woodmore elementary school were authorities say at least five died. two dozen others went to the on board. hospital, and it took over two hours to get all of them off the bus.
3:35 am
public safety professional's worst nightmare. our thoughts and pyers are with their families, their schools, their friends, and our entire community impacted by th. >> sool is eected to be open yet again today. grief counselors will be on hand to help students and staff. an ntsb team is heading to that a warrant has been issued to remove the black box from the video cameras. a texas man is now charged th capital murde in the shooting of a san antonio police detective.. otis mccain actually spoke to reporters as he was led to the courthouse last night saying that he shot the detective because he was mad at siety over not being able to see his son. i've been throu several custody battles, and i was upset at the situation i was in. i shed out at somebody who didn't deserve it. >> do you have anything to s to his family?
3:36 am
>> reporter: the police chief says mccain's arrest meant tt san antonio police officers could finally get a good night's sleeping following the death of their colleague. the official start to winter is still month away, but for millions in the northeast, it's already here. a major winter storm dumped three feet of snow in so areas making travel difficult throughout the region. we get more now from abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: the first winter storm of the season unded the northeast, treacherous driving, and winds 40 miles per hour whipping snow across the road. north syracuse, this tractor trailer jackknifing. vehie clter vehicle sliding off e highway, and a terrifying moment on intstate 81. north of bing mmen ton. austin a his family watching cant bus on the left there -- >> oh, it's going er. >> reporter: slide o the road and overturn after trying oid hittg her vehicles.
3:37 am
it was a bunchf students inside, but they were all okay. we got them ouof the emergency exit. >>eporter: 40 high school students on board on a field trip to nework city. luckily, just minor injuries here. >> so we have a lot of accidts until people learn to slow down a little bitecse they forget their winter dring skills. >> reporter: tragically, in new hampshire, at least one person lost their le on icy roads. back in new york state, more than two feet of snow in some areas already, falling as fast as 2 inches an hour. the system moved in quickly over the weekend. in watertown, it loo like this on saturday and like thion sunday. high winds downing power lines, sparking blazes in newersey and inhi micgan. e syst being blamed for this 40-car pileup inhio and delaying more than 450 flights at new york's airports. here in portnd, this resident shoveling all day long. >> well, we may be a little used tot, but it's still a lot of snow to mo.
3:38 am
the blowing snow, strong gusts cong in. in parts of this region, snow has been falling for two days straight, and guess what? it's not ending any time soon. gio benitez, abc news, portla, new yo.rk it is hard to tell from looking at gio's location there, but the worst is over in the northeast, but another storm is shaping up in the midwest. >> that'right. let's check in now with accuweather's cam tr for the complete forecast. >> good morning, kendis and ane. we'll see some improving conditions across the northeast as the lake effect snow and blustery wins a storm system developing aoss the lakes region bringing in wintery precipitation and hey rainfall in the central plains into xas, and as for wednesday, we are going to see a very breezy and cloudy and wet conditions across the midwest as well as out on the west coast as well. back to yo kendis and diane.
3:39 am
we're learning a member of the historic tuskegee airmen has died. >> willie rogers was the oldest suiving member of the world war squad ron. his family says he passed away on friday in florida. many relatives, actually, say they weren't aware that he served in the nation's first avenue can american aviation unit until four years ago. apparently, he never mentioned it. >> wow. >> and willie rogers was 101 years old. since he didn't tell his family ab tuskegee airmen unit, he missed the 2007 white house ceremony where the unit received the the congssional gold medal. >> he can keep secrets. >> he was shot in the leg and stomach during a battle in italy. a hero. coming up, the growing worry about a danger on the nation's highways caused by the police. the number of innocent bystanders killed in high speed police chasesnd how experts say the police could cut that
3:40 am
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the long lasting scent of gain flings. firefighters res firefighters in fresno rescued dozens of inside a burning complex. nobody was hurt in the fire, but crews are trying to determine how many animals made itut alive, and no word on why so many animals were crammed into that space. federal investigators reportedly looking into the crash of a facebook drone. take a look at the video. the company released of the drone's first flight, eventually the drone is supposed to help bring internet access to people living in remote locations around the world. well, after that video was shot, the drone, well, then, crashed. no one injured, t now the "wall street journal" reports
3:44 am
the agency's full report is due within the next two months. >> that's too bad. it really seemed like such a cool project. >> it's a great project. mark zuckerberg has been trying to push this to get the internet to parts of africa. >> they say the drone runs on the power of two blow-dryers. it's a tiny bit of energy. hopefully they get another one off the ground. crashes on the country's highways blamed on law enforcement. >> across america, one person is killed in a police chase every single day. amazing number there. usually, they're an innocent bystander. >> reporter: it happens in less th a blink of an eye. this car chased by police speeding past four young girl, and then a police car behind it hit by another car, careening for the girls and smashing into a van, enough force to send it rolling down the street. slow it down. you see the cruiser comes flying
3:45 am
>> i'm still shaken up because i was just -- you see that in the movies, not in real life. >> reporter: it's a nightmare scenario for cops, innocent bystanders hurt or killed. >> he's losing it. >> in los angeles, a review by the "l.a. times" found a record 78 bystanders injured last year duringlapd chases. so now, nearly 100 departments across the country are going high tech, firing gps devices like that that stick to a suspect's car, allowing police to back off and from a safer distance. and one safety group points out that the vast majority of pursuits involve nonviolent crimes and if officer only pursued the most violent criminals, pursuits could be cut by 90%. clayton sandell, abc news, in work. >> the videos give you chills, but it's hard to make that call as a police officer, right? you don't know why they are running, and you're not supposed to run from the cops.
3:46 am
that's out of his control. coming up, thanksgiving dinner holiday hacks. >> products to save time and effort from that holiday feast. you're watching world news now. stay with us. "world news now" continues
3:47 am
3:48 am
with the clock running down to thanksgiving, we are scrambling with last minute travel plans or kitchen duty, and joining us this morning is personal finance expert vera gibbons with five ingenious products that will making thissing this easier. >> good morning. >> good morning. you cook and take care of the family problems? >> that's right. >> all right. >> well, it's going to be a busy thanksgiving travel period. a lot of people are going to be on the road. fact. gas buddy thanksgiving survey shows over 50% of us will be on the road for at least four hours. 20% for ten hours plus. >> the biggest numbers in 15 15 years. >> a long time on the road. keep your cold things cold, your turkey, your cranberry sus, beverages, yeti cool ir is the way to go. it's $250, but it is pricey but lasts a lifetime. >> okay. why that opposed --
3:49 am
insulation. it will literally keep your cold stuff cold for days. hopefully you're not on the road that long, but it does the job. >> i notice there's no alcoholic beverages in there. >> just soda. >> okay. >> soft drinks. now, if you have kids and they are picky eaters, chances are at thanksgiving they are just going to want to eat the pies, the candy, the ice cream. >> yeah. >> they are fun just as well. >> make it fun you can make curly fries from potatoes, noodles from carrots. this is the triblade compact spiralizer, folding spiralizer, $40. i think it'll make it fun for the kids. >> it rolls off the tongue. the name. >> it's a lot to get in. >> it is. >> another common problem, your mother-in-law likes pumpkin pi your wife wants apple pie. whatever the case may be. so split decision, pie pan.
3:50 am
chicago metallic. >> look at that. >> half one kind, half the other. >> that's neat. >> good for portion control. or small groups. if you don't want to waste food, it's a possible solution for the problem, and this is $10 from amazon. >> that's brilliant. >> god forbid your host doesn't have coffee after you consumed 3,500 calories and you want to relax -- >> that's when you leave the house. >> or the coffee isn't good. so this gadget makes cafe you just pump it like this. i've been practicing. >> clearly. >> wait until you hit the green level ther take it off, put in your pods or do ground coffee, either one. >> oh. >> your hot water, close it, and when you're good to go, press infusion button, and there's cafe quality espresso. >> are you kidding me? >> this is from wholela look how tiny it is.
3:51 am
>> great for on the go. we have these more please place mats, which i think are a whole lot of fun because at the end of the day, you want more. >> seconds, thirds. >> you just want to eat. more, please. these are from alexander ferguson. she's based in brooklyn, new york. they are handmade linen, very nice. they do come in other whimsical says, as well, for fooddies, like so you can mix and match or just go with more please. $28. >> isn't it justssumed you want more, please. >> it's readily apparent. >> is the mother-in-law insulted you bring your own coffee? >> quietly in the kitchen when she's not looking. >> that's what we are doing at my house, but we're quietly dropping shots of vodka. and then go back. >> oh, no, no, no. >> we're all good. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. find these and other hack ideas on our website at you're watching "world news
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3:55 am
? we're going to end the half hour with a heart warm. this is one of those stories about a disadvantaged kid given a fresh start. >> if you can, keep a dry eye. >> all right. we're hearing about a special student who spent years as a foster chill and recently surprised his teacher with a gift. >> but it was actually the young man who gets the real surprise in return. abc's david muir has more. >> reporter: 17-year-old hector montes of coronado high school, el paso, texas. he's about to deliver a surprise. to understand it, you have to hear his back story. a foster child, he moved home to home for 11 years. his best friend's family opting him. he's right there on the upper
3:56 am
walser, who never gave up on hector. hector once heard his teacher had dreamed since he was a k of hing a pair of nike air jordans. >> oh, you didn't. >> oh, man! >> what! >> what? they are! oh, man! >> reporter: hector used his own savings to surprise his teacher. >> dude. >> reporter: the video going viral, inspiring so many, including nike. they have now sent a brand new pair o >> oh, yeah! >> reporter: with this note. >> your teacher inspired you, you inspired us. continue to be the change you want to see. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: david muir, abc news, new york. >> it's paying it forward. >> those are great kicks and hard to get. it's rlly cool. >> you're not getting a pair. >> you're trying very hard, but no. next, much further north, another high school senior is turning tens of thousands of
3:57 am
the minnesota high school wrestler was caught on video last friday shoveling snow in a blizzard wearing nothing but the singlet. apparently temperatures were not cold by minnesota standards that day, but, still, the video was posted by his mother, emily. >> what do you mean not cold by nnesota standard there's like two feet of snow on the ground. >> it was only might beus 22 degrees. >> by the way, i'm not throwing o mom called him a crazy kid. it's been matched more than 70,000 times. >> i'm cold just watching him. >> why in the singlet? >> i don't know, may he's sucking weight, the wrestling thing, right. >> i do it only in spanx. ling thing, right.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, a bus driver now under arrest following a crash that killed multiple children. dozens more are hospitalized as federal investigators head to the scene. trump's pledge. the president-elect takes to youtube detailing his first 100 days. the promises he's making and what was noticeably absent from the address. isis inspired and ready to attack. that's what officials are saying about a man under arrest accused of planning a terror plot on one of the busiest tourist attractions in america. close call, a group of children nearly taken out by an out-of-control police cruiser. a good tuesday morning. we start with the latest from


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