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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  November 22, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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good morning o this tuesday, we have rain in town right now but it is already starting to turn over it a little snow as you get east of divide which runs from rock east towards lyman. here is your cheat sheet on this tuesday morning. likely a trace to upwards of 2 ?nches in and around denver. ?e'll be in the 40s today. back in the 50s tomorrow and then it does turn drier on thanksgiving. so this is a pretty fast storm but we do have winter weather advisories now poing up south for the palmer divide. could get around 2 to 5-inches there from this morning through early afternoon and again lighter snow as you get closer to denver, boulder, fort collins, more of a mix this
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could get upwards of a foot down across southwestern colorado when you look at the two-day total, you guys. coming up, we'll tax a look at futurecast and show what you this looks like hour by hour. >> here is a heads up for skiers and snowboarders. beaver is pushing back its opening day on friday. however on thanksgiving, they say they will have the gondola open so can you take it to the top of the mountain. >> a resort got the go ahead yesterday to ski terrain actual long way new chairlift, the new prool be will take about three years to complete. it is coming down in some areas, talking about the snow out there. the winter weather could be a brand-new experience for hundreds of thongs of new colorado residents. >> but don't worry. we are here to talk you through winter weather preparation. -- hundreds of thousands of new
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>> reporter: good morning. the snow is coming down. it is starting to stick on the roads out here. lots of signs warning drivers about those icy roads. as we are expecting the regular everyday experience for us here in colorado, we do start talking about preparation. we've talked about car preparation a lot. even home preparation. but are you prepared? that is the big question. because denver health says they've treated more than 140 people with frostbite and cold weather conditions or cold weather injuries in the last 12 months. during the winter weather element, we should tell you that the weather is going to dictate what you are going to be wearing. know it only takes a few minutes for exposed skin to be frost bitten. if temperatures are below 20 degrees fahrenheit and wind is blowing more than 20 miles per hour. so what does frostbite look like. we asked a denver health ems lieutenant.
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late stages will be waxy, really cold skin, even later stages will be kind of blue or even might even turn to black after an active rewarm which is going to mean some tissue death. >> reporter: now, bake are says that, if you are trying to actively rewarm yourself, be sure not to sit in front of a hair drier, really hot heater or a fire. once an area of your skin is frost bitten, your sensation is dulled. we'll talk more about prep rigs reporting live at the eisenhower tunnel, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. >> we have the traction laws. if you are unfamiliar with that, i'll put a remind are on my twitter page and can you get the information on episode two of my pod cast called driving you canadiansy. you can get all the pod casts. you can see down here on i-25, it is just a very wet drive. not seeing really the snow
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yet. here on the north side of castle rock, same thing, just wet for us all the way through castle pine and into the denver texaner. not seeing any accidents or stalls just yet. just in, breaking news, police in philadelphia say an explosion this morning was intentional, that i package was sent to a man with the intention of harming commissioner just announced that the package sent to the man's home this morning contained what he called an accual device but he did not say what the device was. we know it exploded when thh man opened it. that man in his 60s was taken to the hospital with chest and hand injuries, burns on his body. the police commissioner said this does not appear to be terrorism related right now but at this point, we don't know who sent it. one man killed in a stabbing and witness says he
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in fort clins. this morning, no arrests made so far. >> we are learning more about the race to save that good samaritan. denver 7 speaking with a witness. >> reporter: this started with an argument that he overheard and it escalated quickly, eventually became violent and ultimately turned fatal when the man who was originally involved in the argument, pulled the knife and stabbed this good samaritan who, according to that witness, ju help. we spoke to that witness who lives in that apartment complex. all of this happennng around 5:00 last night in an apartment complex here in fort collins. this video actually shows fort collins police detaping that suspect whose shirt is covered in blood. -- detaining that suspect. it started as a verbal altercation between a man and woman. the witness says thaa he heard one of the men yelling, if you do something, i'm going to do
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is going to intervene. and then the man who was involve in the organize aroundment saying, quote, oh, my god, i stabbed him, i stabbed him. the eventual suspect wenttback inside the apartment. the person who was stabbed, ripping open their short trying to figure out to you to stop the bleeding. that is when police and officers arrived. they took that victim it the hospital. however, that victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. no names are being released continue to figure out exactly what led up to it and what happened. this is actually the second fatal stabbing in just two days here in fort collins but police say one, they are unrelated and two, there is no threat at this time to public safety. i'm jason gruenauer. what led up to a man being shot and killed in denver. policeefound a large amount of drugs and guns inside a house
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the man would lives there says two men tried to break down the front door. that is when he was shot. the man killed in fort collins on friday has now been identified. police found 44-year-old benjamin mckinley stabbed to death inside an abandoned building. it was being used as shelter for several homeless people. the denver city council take a firm stance on hate. it has issued a proclamation against hate saying the city welcomes people of all races, all colors and nationalities. so far this year, 21 cases of criminal mischief involve is hate crime have been reported. that is just in denver. you are looking at one of the five in the just the last couple of weeks. some victims say the presidential election has given people the push to speak their minds. the could colorado muslim society says a number of the members have been targeted mentioned a woman shopping just after the election. >> somebody went and tried to
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and told her she don't belong here. >> now, no mosques have reported being vandalized. speaking of the treasurerrial transition, president-elect donald trump now sharing his agenda for thee first 100 days in office. he posted this video online yesterday. and so we're breaking down some of the key elements. he is withdrawing from that trans-pacific partnership, the largest trade pact in the world. he will cancel restrictions on coal and about building that wall within the first 100 days. he will create an executive action to investigate visa abuse. developing right now thrashings new lawsuit that claims the -- there is a new lawsuit that claims the pepsi center discriminates against those with disability. kurlander is hear impaired and
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help her children understand -?what is going o her attorney claims the pepsi center is not ada compliant. >> this affects all deaf and hard of hearing people who live in colorado who travel here for con territories, for sporting events so it is a huge issue. >> any statement to denver 7, attorneys say they are evaluating various optioned and they look forward to working toward a mutually acceptable resolution. denver sheriff's department must pay $10,000 because citizens. this according to the justice department. sterling's former fire chief says he is guilty of stealing more than $120,000 from his department over a five high pressure year period. kurt vogel will now pay back the money and could be sentenced to eight years in prison as part of a plea deal. his wife's criminal case is still ongoing. >> a man accused of killing a
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jury selection under way again for lester jones for the death of paige burkefield. burkefield is a mother of three, ran an escorr business on the side which is how she met joins. it took five years to find her remains after she disappeared in 2007. ten men are behinn bars in fort collins after an undercover prostitution sting actually police team placed ads they arrived at an agreed-upon he told but found an empty room. when the men left the building, officers took them into custody. in colorado, it seems every dog has his day care especially around the holiday. >> after some sniffing around, den tier 7 find not all day cares are created equal when it comes to your dog. find out how your doggie day care scored. >> there are a lot of driving apps out there. we'll look into which ones will help you the most this holiday weekend. >> speaking of the holiday, if
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are heading out it the airport, give your -- to the airport, give yourself some time. we do have rain that will gradually turn over to snow in the next couple of hours. we could see a trace to upwards of 2-inch as cross northeastern colorado. i'll show you the timing coming up. >> you can see some of the heavy rain falling on 225 in aurora making the camera very wet. the roads are very wet as well. it will be a wet, sloppy drive for your morning commute. be prepared for a couple of extra minutes on that drive to
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european travel could be ugly tomorrow. a german airline has canceled a third of its flights for tomorrow because of a pilot strike that will start at midnight tonight. 876 flights cancellations will affect around 100,000 passengers. moss of the passengers affected will be flying out of germany. back here in the u.s., we
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that is not going to afffct thanksgiving week travel because it is not going to start until november 29th but it will mess up some things that day for travel plans on the 29th. o'hare workers will strike as part of a national day of protest. new this morning, at least 19,000 green cards have been mishand nld the past three years. that is according to i nee department of homeland security inspector general report. it goes on to say electronic system errors were to blame issuing duplicates, even cards with mistakes. and all more than a million and a half dollars to fix. this is in the fiscal year 2015 alone. the head of customs and immiggation services calls the report's conclusion overstated. new video out of pennsylvania. watch as a police cruiser nearly hits i group of kids the cruiser was t-boned while the officer was chasing a driver in a stolen car. no one hurt though. the kidd were really close to
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firefighters say the barn was fully engulfed in flames when they arrived on scene. workers at a nearby oil facility opened a fence to try to save as many animal as they could. no word yet as to what started the flames. the price tag for fighting the beaver creek fire has now hit $30 million. the fire is still burning today since starting back in july. so far, more than 60 square miles have been burned and that includes 17 structures. a juvenile now faces charges for starting the wildfire. a special welcome newest resident of denver. yesterday was the 11th annual refugee first thanksgiving dinner hosted by the african community center. the volunteers served up all the fixins. >> we are celebrang the richness of diversity.
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orthodox cathedral on almeida. >> as you get farther south, for those that are maybe new, it is a higher elevated area, really from castle rock stretching east. so they tip pically get more snow there which is where we could see it again today. a good 2 to 5 inches possible. right now this, rain turning to snow here within the next hour or so. for deb verdict an areas across the northeastern plains, we are looking at about a trace to 2 inches but heavier south of town. if you head to the springs this morning, you might want to out the door a little bit earlier before it does turn over to snow. live look in the mountains, this is from our camera there in downtown frisco. % you can see as you get heighter in elevation and closer to the tunnel, it is starting to stick. winter weather advisory in effect south of denver along i- 25 from castle pines down to colorado springs. we all have a number of alerts still in place for the
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in pink, a winter storm warning. southwestern colorado, our san juans will pick up most of the snow with a good 6 to 12-rbgs even closer to 18 inches locally in some areas. look at satellite and radar. can you see the rain rolling through. it is heavier now on the east and southeast side f denver. but starting to turn over to snow as you get closer to bennett and just a little farther south of there closer to kiowa too. you will start to see some snow here pretty soon. it will stay th the mid-morning. that is what it looks like by 11:00. this is another fast-moving storm. by about 1:00, we will likely see some snow south of denver but a lot drier from denver north to fort collins with even more clearing by the afternoon. that is what it looks like at 5:30. so the first half of our day, wet to slushy. the second half quite a bit
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mid-40s here in afternoon and then overnight, once our skies clear, it will be pretty cold tomorrow. mid- to upper 20s early wednesday morning. lakewood, a high of 44. congress park at 45n aurora, we'll hit a high of about 40. 50 near the springs. some 30s primarily in the central mountains. tomorrow, mostly sunny and 50. now, if you've got travel wednesday into thursday, a lot of people do. we could see some snow in the mountains. i'll show you more on that futurecast a but in and around town, partly cloudy, 48 and should be dry on thanksgiving. >> haven't seen any significant snowfall yet down to the south. i'll show you the map in just a second. i am seeing significant snowfall at the eisenhower tunnel inform you are in a regullr passenger vehicle, you need good tread on your tires if you are heading up this way up on i-70. take a look at the drive we
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84th an downtown to the denver texaner. still in the others, 60s, even 70s for the speeds up through castle rock. -- still in the 50s. it is a touch light are than normal as we are heading into thanksgiving. if you are hitting the road for thanksgiving, here are five drive. pps to survive the we'll start denver 7 is the exclusive prod cast partner of ways in denver. can you real alert abouts traffic accidents and traffic jams provided by other people driving ahead of you. to track the best gas prices, try gas buddy. if your pets are come ago long, the app -- come ago long, the
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bring fido has help for you. youucan also download the free denver 7 app to keep new the know with news, traffic -- keep you in the know with news, traffic, weather all during the holiday season. a lot of you may be traveling for the holidays. sometimes you just cannot take your pets even though jayson showed an app where you can soo what is pet friendly. >> so you have to board them. not all doggie day cares are created equal. state inspection reports show that lucky dog resorts in colorado springs recent review after a dog was attacked and died there. the staff it says failed to take the dog for immediate vet care. no word from lucky dog on that incident. other doggie day cares say safety always comes first. >> what should peoppe look for when choosing a doggie day care? >> do they have live web cams? do they allow tours. it is important to see where you will leave your pet because it is so important that they are safe. >> if you want to see how your doggie day care did on the most
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free denver 7 app. several budings in denver are turning blue at night which is the national color of men's health awareness.. uc health is hoping those blue lights will remind men to get a check-up. so several buildings in denver will remain blue until december 2nd. singer kanye west has been swimming in controversy. he pulled the plug on the the reason why next. >> can you guess which city
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it is no secret it is getting more and more expensive to live in the denver area. the most expensive city the broomfield. the immediate yap rent is a little more than $1,300 a month. the second highest goes to centennial. the city of denver comes in third. the cheapest is aurora with a one bedroom rent under usually $11000. if you wanted to see kanye west next week, you are out of luck. the zipper is in los angeles. he canceeed the remained her of his tour. the singer was taken from his trainer's home for a disturbance that then became a medical emergency. no word on how he is doing. the tick the web site livenation says don't worry, if you paid for the concert, you will get your money back. lisa's radar looks luke a
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you know something is happening. >> it is starting to switch over. of a been watching the cameras out east from bennett. it still looks just like rain. nothing yet but we'll likely seeemore of a switchover within the next hour or so. metro area snow through the morning. we'll be under a mostly cloudy sky at noon. so it will be in tte morning that we have a chance for some snow and cheering skies. highs in the low to mid-40s. we'll take a look at how much snow we'll get co 6:00. >> from our tip line, we have an accident reported on the northbound side of i-25 coming up from castle pines parkway to ridge gate. it is off to the shoulder. unfortunately out of the view closest one i could show you. you can see the wet conditions we're dealing with here. it is off to the shoulder. take a look at the overall drive. still a lot of green out there. traffic is starting to pick up southbound i-25 around 84th. we'll get a look at that
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a lot more news coming up 3 including the deadly stabbing in fort collins. what new information we are learning from the mmn who tried to help save the victim. >> and the broncos play on sunday night but they could soon have a new team member. a new report says cowboys tony romo wants to come to denver. the full details at 6:00. >> we'll give you a live look up at the eisenhower tunnel. looks nice and icy and snowy and we could have snow down here. we'll have the first alert forecast when we denver 7 at 6:00 a.m. make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to
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make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to
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will this man be the broncos' next quarterback, maybe next year? one experts says yes. we'll have that story in a few minutes. >> the mexican kids, send them back to mexico. >> a transient man is caught on camera cursing out middle now, he is in jail and we're hearing from the victims of that racist rant. >> are you ready for more of this? we are talking about snow on the way for our area. other people going to be dealing wiih rain showers early on this morning. when you put it all together, it could create a mess for the morning commute. >> so jayson llber is watching the road for you. amanda dell castillo is out in the snow. we'll hear from her. >> and lisa has your first alert forecast.


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