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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  November 22, 2016 6:00am-6:59am MST

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will this man be the broncos' next quarterback, maybe next year? one experts says yes. we'll have that story in a few minutes. >> the mexican kids, send them back to mexico. >> a transient man is caught on camera cursing out middle now, he is in jail and we're hearing from the victims of that racist rant. >> are you ready for more of this? we are talking about snow on the way for our area. other people going to be dealing wiih rain showers early on this morning. when you put it all together, it could create a mess for the morning commute. >> so jayson llber is watching the road for you. amanda dell castillo is out in the snow. we'll hear from her. >> and lisa has your first alert forecast.
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rain here in denver but it will gradually turn over to snow. i know earlier i said 6:03. how about 6:13. from fort collins south to castle rock ann heavier snow expected south of castle rock through the early afternoon. the first half of our day when we have our bet chance for some snow but it could lead to about a trace, upwards of 2 inches that will be heavier south along the palm are divide from castle rock south to colorado springs. that is what it likes by 4:00 as things rapidly start to clear. winter weather advisories west and south of denver. lighter snow expected to the southeast. a little heavier, 2 to 5 inches south of town heading towards the springs. our mountains down to the southwest, a goodd6 to 12 inches. jayson, here is your first alert.. we are in the 40s today. coleing up, i'll show you just how cold it gets tonight once our skies clear. >> we have a little bit of a
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this is the i-25 drive right near monument hill just on our side of the monument hill and can you see how wet it is, how much splashback is coming up. i'm in the seeing any snow sticking to the roadways yet. look at i-25 where it is just wet and that is what it is like around most of metro denver. you can see we do have a minor accident. right by castle pines parkway, just off to the speeds on 83 and 85, santa fe and even c-470 on the high side around town. see something congestion on i- 25, 270. look to the west where we
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they got two feet of lake effect snow. >> it is like it is january. amanda del castillo is out thhre for us. >> we have signs up telling everyone that this icy roads. you can see the snow accumulating on the roads here. i've seen quite a few people park where we are and run into an office at the tunnel not wearing a lot of layers. in these conditions, it can actually lead to frostbite if you are not prepared. denver health officials tell us they've treated 141 people so far this year for frostbite and other cold weather injuries. so you will want to make sure you are getting ready and preparing for the weather conditions. now, we've got a whole bunch of people, hundredd of thousands
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experiencing this weather, the winter weather for the very first time. a lot of people coming up from much warmer states like florida, arizona, texas, even and california. so while colorado natives knoo how to deal with this weather and how to dress for it, you will have to tell your neighbors how to do that. we spoke with denver health official who say layering is at way to go. >> in colorado, especially denver, not the mountains, it could be 32 degrees or freezing arrest lower in the morning. yoge it is 50. that is where your layers will come into play. >> reporter: i came in with plenty of layers today, really ready to tackle the snow this morning and i'm still extremely cold. so we are lkg about symptoms of frostbite and treatment in the next half hour. be sure to stick with denver 7. new detail coming in this
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chattanooga, tennessee. about an hour ago, officials there announced that one boy and four girls on the bus were killed. three of them were in fourth grade, one in first grade and one littte girl was just in kindergarten. six other students arr still in the icu and 20 students were treated and released from the hospital. we are also getting our first look at the bus driver. he has been charged with five counts of vehicular homicide and is in jail on bond. police say major factor in this. witnesses say the bus tore off the road, ran into trees before flipping onto its side. back here at home, we are on top of a developing story in fort collins. one person stabbed to death overnight. no arrests so far. >> owe witnesses describe a pretty gruesome scene here. they say they saw the suspect just covered in blood. jason gruenauer joins us with the latest from fort collins. >> reporter: good morning to
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immortant complex -- apartment complex where the stabbing happened. he said he hard what sounded like an argument. involved to break things up. and enthtd man who was involved in the original argument yelling, oh, my god, i stabbed him. that witness eventually took this video. it shows the suspect in this case and fort collin police detaining him. necessary a blood. after that stabbing occurred, two other good samaritans stepped in to try to help the stabbing victim despite what had just happened to him when he tried to intervene. >> we both ripped the stab victim's shirt off and we had him in our arms and we were trying to find a type of knife wound that we could cover up and check for a pulse. right then a couple of officees told us to hold up our hand and
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had their guns out. >> that stab victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. no names are being released here in this case. we went on the local jail's booking website to try to figure out what the situation was with the suspect. it is still unclear. we hope to learn more from fort collins police a little bit later on this morning. this is the second deadly stabbing in fort collin this on friday, 44-year-old benjamin mckinley was found death inside an abandoned building there in fort collins. police released his identity just yesterday. two people have been arrested for his murder. a historic queen anne home will not be designated as a city landmarkment kiss came after 90 minutes of debate last night. the home owner said it would have hurt her property value. city counselors say there needs to be i higher bar or landmark designation. a reference to slavery will
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amendment t wouud have removed the slavery reference. the measure failed by more than 10,000 votes. supporters of the bill say slavery has no place in our constitution. take a look at this. thisied row shows a group. this is alt-right voters giving what appears to be the nazi salute as they celebrate trump trupp's win in the election. watch. >> hail trump. hail our people. hail victory! this video. thhy say their candidate is not a racist and they want people to focus on the real issues affecting the american people. >> i'll send them back to mexico. >> this is this exclusive video shows the moment that a transient started screaming at a gup of hispanic children. the kid were working on a film prog wecht a local nonprofit when they were harassed. >> the nonproffer its' found ares called 911.
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the founder as say a lot of kids have undocumented parment and the hate is no coincidence. >> i feel like it has emboldened and empowered a lot of these kind of closet racists. >> police say the transient man is robert arnold. he is being held on an outstanding warrant. we have an update on that deadly police shooting in san antonioment police say this man, tyrone mccain, murdered a police officer as he sat in his patrol car. there is some surveillance video of mccain. they say he anyone in a law enforcement uniform. in total, four police officers were shot on sunday. three of them survived. now, in all cases, the suspects are either in custody or dead after a police shootout. closer to home, this man will spend 32 years in prison for trying to kill a police officer. this was during a traffic stop that happened december of last year. the officer was wear youing a bulletproof vest and survived.
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babies. it turns out one of the broncos has a little super bowl baby of his own. >> emmanuel sanders was only bronco it miss practice yesterday because of the pending birth of his child. one of his former teammates tweeted to him, quote, emmanuel expecting a kidney minute. exciting for them. interested some coming to the broncos next year. romo lost his job as cowboys starter this year. the broncos haven't been impressed with their quarterbacks. >> john elway will be the person to make the call for the bromp owes. he did bring in payton manning after manning lost his job as a starter for the colts. it is now 6:10 and we have some of the rain now turning over to snow. you can see a little more mr. now just east of denver. it will fill in over the metro area within the next couple of
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trace to 2 inches near denver and across northeastern colorado. 40s today. we will be back in the 50s tomorrow and it is drier on thanksgiving. a look at just how warm it will get through the end of the week. >> one of the areas we're concerned about for a lot of snow cover is down here into castle rock and down farther south into monument hill. -?right now, in castle rock, it is just wet for the most part. i've seen a few flakes down here. not seeing anything stick to the roads just yet. >> thanksgiving is thursday. christmas right around the corner. if you've still got some travel news for you next. >> and an american man accused
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let's check out the dual board. that would be the eyen hour
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one. probably already raining in a lot of parts of denver. down here in downtown denver, denver is going blue for the last couple of week of november. buildings like the pepsi center and the cloud cover tower will go blue each night to raise awareness about member also help the. uc health says it is another way along with the november beards and mustaches to get men to get a check-up. early detection can prevent a veryitive of health concerns line diabetes, prostate cancer so you will see the buildings remain blue until just in, tropical storm otto is nearing hurricane strength. this one is threatening central america and if it becomes a hurricane as it is expected to, this is going to be an extremely rare late november hurricane. % in fact, it has been 10 months since the first named atlantic storm this year. otto is tracking toward nicaragua and costa rica threatening to bring heavy flooding and mudslides as well. 53% of people say they plan
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holiday ason and more than half of those people still need to book hotels and plane tickets. there is some good news. according to trip advisor, this is the least expensive time to book a hotel in some popular global destinations so we''e talking about new york city or if you want to fly across the ocean to paris. because of that, there is the black friday sales which are becoming more popular now in the travel industry. don't wait because they say prices are going to start going up on monday. paris, texas is a lot cheaper by the way. >> yeah, >> it will save you some money. >> it is raining right now in denver. the records are at this point just wet. we are starting to seat switchover. here is your -- to see the switchover. here is your first alert. you will see snow in the next couple of hours. wind are out of the north at about 10 to 20 miles per hour. it will be a pretty chilly, breezy wind that is rolling in through today and it will keep our temperatures feeling cooler. we may hit some 40s today but it will feel more hike 30s.
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edge of the metro area but turning to snow as you get farther east closer to bennett and as you get up into the mountains, you will find snow falling there as well. watch our futurecast. as i set this into motion, you will notice by about 9:30, 10:00, most of the green turning blue. so snow from colorado springs north to fort collins and 3 greeley, it will be light anterior cross the northeastern corner of our state. heavier south along the palmer divide so pine south toward the springs, you will notice there around 12:30, we are still seeing somm snowment but by 5:00, pretty quiet across the state. skies will clear tonight. we are looking at sunshine tomorrow. as far as travel goes, wednesday night into thursday, we could see more snow in the mountains between about 9:00
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more snow especially up across northwestern colorado. this will be our best shot at some rain and snow this week from a trace to 2-inch across northeastern colorado. by midday today, 2 to 5 inches there possible along the palmer it divide. winter weather advisories in effect today until midday. heavy snow has been falling in the mountains with a foot down into the san juans. we'll see highs today in the 40s. once our skies clear tonight, we'll drop clos t morning, some mid- to upper 20s. it will be cold early wednesday morning. littleton today, 44. long tree, 46n you're ore arc highs near 40. it will be warmer farther northh fort collin closer to 50. now, tomorrow we are back in the 50s. sunshine on wednesday. and pretty dry through thanksgiving so any driving on thursday is going to be okay around town. we'll be in the upper 40s thursday, warm ore friday and then saturday is the warmest
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a high of 60. so that is probably a pretty good day for people to get on the and start decorating the house if you haven't done it already like we have. >> yeah, the lights are on, baay. i think i've influenceed a couple of my neighbors because they already have them up and on, baby. we do have some very wwt conditions to deal with. i wanted to start with monument hill. can you see there in monument, not seeing any snow stick to the roadways. even though there is snow in the area, it is not sticking to i-25, highway 105 or even 83 at this point. you can see on i-25 heading down through 84th avenue. that is a typical start here to the morning commute. take a look at the drive around town. we have a couple of issues. holly and leafdale an accident there. the traffic lights are not working right at 38th and federal. also a problem that was called in as the lights are not working right at the crossing guardss for the a line over at chambers and smith road out to the east ide of town. no indication from rtd that it
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the rest of the drive is very standard. a touch light are than normal in some places right now. some of you might have gotten caught up in this huge mess along i-25 yesterday mmrning. all of this started what i tanker hit a piece of metal on the road near yale. the tanker then spilled about 30-gallons of fuel in the interstate. emergency crews had to come in and clean up the mess. a news alert this morning. anyone planning to travel to europe, the state department says of terror attacks. they say there is credible information that isis and al- qaeda are plan ago attacks during the holiday period. potential targets would include airports, bus stations and tourist sites. a brooklyn man as excused of trying to attack the macy's thanksgiving day parade. federal prosecutors say he tried to pledge allegiance to isis five times over the past few years. he express a desire to drive a truck into the crowds of people similar to this year's bastille
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nice, france which killed nearly 100 people. >> employees at dia will be holding a demonntration today. they are angry that the airport is working with a european company on the expansion of the jefferson terminal. employees say theyyhave a history of shoddy work. the company has not commented. the contract to improve the airport will be worth close to a bill wrong dollars. and new information right now about the beaver creek fire which has scorched more than 38,000 acres along the wyoming border. officials sath get that fire under control. this fire has been burning since july actually few buildings have been destroyed, we believe about 17. the fire is mostly burning dead brush in the area so there is really no rush to put it out. a juvenile is in custody accused of starting that fire. it is a perfect day to put your ice skates on and head down to downtown denver. the skyline ice rink is opening today. the rink is opened every winter for the past seven years.
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today. it is sponsored by southwest airline so if go to today's grand opening, you have a chaace win a southwest gift they say they will have some other seasonal swag. >> th tofime year. a first thanksgiving for some of denver's newest residents. this is one way to show your holiday spirit. we'll hear from the organizers coming up next. right now, we want to give you a live look outside. you will notice the roadways a little wet this morning.
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?>> good morning. here is your first alert that we are starting to see some snow fall ago long the front range. can you see the storm right here, that counterclockwise spin and here is the moisture around the back side of it, the western edge. we'll don't so a little rain and snow this morning. rally the first half of our day our best shot at t a trace to 2 inches for the northeastern plains. mostly cloudy at noon, jayson, with clearing skies this afternoon. >> just basically wet still around town. not seeing any slushy roads,
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okay into downtown. you can see the snowy conditions at vail pass. the ruck -- to chain it up. that is what they are doing there at the exit ramp. >> thank you. their first thanksgiving dipper since moving to denver. >> this event has been going on every year since 2005. it is hosted by the ecdc african community center. volunteers served up all the fixings including turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoess. >> it is important because we are report cultures that individuals bring, the different food that they bring and just the richness of diversity that can add to our community. >> so the group is always looking for donation to make sure they can host events like this in the future. we'll host a link to the information on the denver >> great to see the community coming together for that. a tragedy on one colorado front. dozens of animals killed may fire. what we are hearing from witnesses. >> if you are st now waking
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some snow.
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discrimination at the pepsi center. one deaf woman says her experience isn't the same as other customers and now she is calling for change. you will hear her story mmment. >> this is up near vail pass. it is starting to snow a little bit. some of it sticking to the roads. we will got a little bit down here as well. the holiday weekend will be a great one for ski resorts. let's give awe i look at the mountains that plan to open this weekend. all those resorts plan to be open at someepoint. there are still a handful out there who haven't said exactly when they are will open but soon enough.
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today's snow but let's begin with lisa hidalgo and the first alert forecast. >> it looks like the second snow of season. not here yet but look at our -?radar. very active. we are starting to see the rain going to pick up a trace to up to 2 inches of snow across the northeastern corner of the state. this is a fast-moving system. by 1 down along the palmer divide but things will then start to dry out and by tonight, we'll see some clearing skies. temperaturewise, we are in the 30s this morning. send the kids obviously out the doorway jacket. by this afternoon, we'll see some drier weather as we are heading home. there are a number of alerts south of denver. i'll show you how much snow we could see there along the palmer divide coming up. we want to send you west along i-70 to amanda del castillo.
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i would love it up there. it is beautiful. >> it is beautiful but it is really cold. i'm still kind of learning thousand get acclimated to the winter weather. we talk a lot about preparation as the winter weather approaches. we talk about preparing your cars, preparing your homes even and making sure you have the necessary equipment as you take to the roads. but the question is are we preparing ourselves? health experts takes a few minutes in weather that is 20 degrees or below seeing wind blowing 20 miles per hour or more. that exposure, or kin exposure can lead to frostbite. that is what we are focusing on this morning. so far this year, denver health officials have treated 141 people th frostbite or cold weather injuries in the last 12 months. i'm hoping that i'm nod eatding to the list today.
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lieutenant. >> it is redness. kind of late stages will be waxy, really cold skin. other than later stages will be blue or even might even turn to black after an active rewarm which is going to mean some tissue death. >> reporter: a large population is new to this winter weather considering hundreds of thousands of people have moved to the denver area or even colorado in general in the few years. a lot of them coming from warmer states like california, texas, florida and even arizona. so when you're leaving your house today, be sure to layer up. tell your new neighbors to do the same. >> if you are unfamiliar with the traction law, the chain laws, that sort of thing, i did post a reminder on my twitter
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driving you crazy. you can see the drive up in boulder looks pretty wet. the drive down in monument for right now, it is not -- i'm not seeing any of the slushy conditions just yet but we are 3 expecting more snow that way. you can see overall that we do have typical slowing in some of the usual spots. lights are not working 38th and federal actually crash and leafdale. 225, an accident reported on 225 at almeida. on wise a very standard drive month most of us. breaking in philadelphia overnight, a package that was mailed to a man there exploded and police now saying that that package was sent intentionally to explode, that he was target. the philadelphia police commissioner says the package he did not say what the device was. the victim, a man in his 106,
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whsm he openedded it, it detonated and he was taken to the hospital with some burn -- when he opened it, it detonated. this does not appear are to terrorism related but federal authorities are helping with the investigation. this man, david young, is officially facing murder charges. this is in connection to a september 11th homicide at an after-hour club in the five points neighborhood. young is being held without bail right now. denver police just announced the arrest last night. they say a crimestoppers tip le and this man, kurt vogel, could spend eight years in federal prison. he is a former fireechief in sterling and yesterday he pleaded guilty to stealing more than $120,000 from the department. as part of his plea, haze prom ided to pay back the money. he will be sentenced in february. one woman is suing the pepsi center. kiss tin kurlander, who is deaf, says the problem the video screen. there is no closed captioning there. she can't help her children understand what is going on.
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lot of arenas that they don't have captioning. >> so her lawyer says it is a violation oo the american with disabilities act. pepsi center's attorneys tell us they are working on the problem. a tragedy in greeley. 28 animals die in a barn fire. fire crews say the entire building was in names they arrived. the barn was built 130 yours ago and he has never had to deal way catastrophe un. a snowball leads to a confrontation in boulder. a man is facing felony charges. boulder police say a man pointed a loaded gun at some kids over weekend after the kids threw snowballl at his van. kanye west is in the hospital this morning. reason why is not totally clear. hi wife says he is tired and suffering from sleep deprivation.. tmz reporting that he was asking erratically, had to be handcuffed to a gurney while he was in the ambulance.
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san pablo tour. he was supposed to stop in denver next week. developing quite a reputation. his name is widget. just sniffed out more than $1 million worth of cocaine on its way to denver. it is the second million dollar bust that old widget has made in just a week's time. good for him. donald trump is making moves. find out what he is planning to do in his first 100 days in office. >> and the afc west is up for grabs. for the first time in the broncos are chasing the raiders. oakland picked up a big win last night. we have the highlights coming up. up. breaking make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn.
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go to call or visit a restaurant today. make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. go to call or visit a restaurant today. we want to give you a live
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it is nice an snowy out there. we'll have more details in just a moment. bruce springsteen headed tt denver. you will have a chance to get your tickets. next wednesday, the ss is hosting a meet and great at the tattered cover bookstore. he will also be signing copies of his new book. tickets cost $32.50. >> that won't be a huge crowd or anything. >> no, just a few people there. >> one or two. >> new kids on the block june 10th. that is pretty >> you already haae your tuck nets. >> probably. >> do you really? that scares me. not going to lie a lot i do scares you. >> it does. >> it is wet outside. you can see winds coming from the north at about 10 to 20 miles per hour. dark skies here in town. it is now 37 degrees. the rain has lightened up here in denver but we are likely going to see some snow here pretty soon. futurecast showing that chance for snow through the morning
6:40 am
afternoon. that is what it looks like at 12:30. not going to see much from it. likely a trace to up to 2 inches. heavier snow total will be down south closer to castle rock. 40s for highs today. mid- to upper 20s wednesday. >> just still seeing wet roads about anywhere you want to go including down on c-470. right here by morrison, not seeing any issues with any the foothills. even coming acrossism-700 it is looking okay. take a look at the drive along santa fe. -- even coming across i-70. down through littleton, inglewood or downtown denver. trump trupp's campgn spokeswoman says trump is not going to pursue further investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. conway just said that in interview this issmorning with msnbc and cnn.
6:41 am
second presidential debate, trump threatened to, quote, go after and instruct my attorney general to get a special prosscutor to look into clinton's situation. again, conway just saying that trump will not pursue any further investigaon into clinton. we'll get you caught up. the morning print coming up. one person stabbed to death in fort collins. within witnesses tell us it started as a fight between a man the late on the police investigation. >> are you boarding your dog touring this holiday
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your morning sprint starts way murder investigation. one person is dead. this is after a staning in fort collin. >> we spoke a witness who was in and tried to save the ped victim's life. >> we both ripped the stab victim's shirt off. we were trying to see if we can find a knife wound that we could cover up and check for i pulse to see if he needed any cpr. >> fort collins police have not announced an arrest.
6:44 am
scene an joins us with the latest. >> reporter: police on scene did not have a whole lot of details for us yesterday. we know it started with an argument between a machine and woman and accord tog witness, another man tried to establish in. >> i heard him streaming, i stabbed him, i stabbed him, oh, my god, you gist stabbed him. i immediately called 911-6789. >> reporter: jeremy kelt y stipulated in h troy help the stabbing viitim. when officers arrived he took out this cell phone video of officers detaining the suspect in a shirt covered in blood. no names of either the suspect or the victim who later died at an area hospital are being released. we are hoping to learn more later on today.
6:45 am
castillo live at the eisenhower tunnel. layering it is is the way to go. clearly, i'm he doing something. if you are a fan of the soft caress of brisk wind touching your neck and the snow falling and the numbness in your toes, we are here talking about that all morning long. 141 people were treated this year for frostbite. add me to the list because we are heading back to after this. that number is going to go up. back to you guys in the warm studio. >> welcome to colorado, amanda. >> she came in today and she had so much snow gear, on, you could hear her coming down. >> we have to teach her how to work your mouth, by the time you are out there for two hours, it is frozen. >> you start talking funny. >> it is cold up there. teens and 20s. wind chills likely in the single digits in the mountains. here is your first alert that
6:46 am
will turn to snow this morning likely trace to maybe 2 inches across the plains. it won't be a lot of snow for us. we could see heavier snow south of denver getting closer to the palmer divide from castle rock down to monument hill. this is above amanda there. you can see quite a bit of cloud cover. snow continues to fall. heavier snow, those two-day totals will like i foot down across the southwestern corner of the state in through the san juans near durango. denver, trace to about 2. south of town, could get 2 to 5-inch through mid- to late morning. that is what our futurecast look like at 10:00. the storm itself, the low pressure system is center off to the south and east of denverment we are seeing some of that moisture coming around the back side of it but it is a
6:47 am
right now. it will move pretty fast. we'll start to see quiet weather, clearing skies. that is what it looks like at 5:30 tonight so just after sunset. pretty clear. that means early tomorrow morning, pretty typical pattern for us. as soon as skies clear, it will get really cold. tomorrow afternoon and evening, so weesday night into thursday, those of you obviously trying to travel right before thanksgiving, this is where we could see some wet roads. a chance for some snow across northwestern colorado heading to sam some fresh snow there but the rest of the state pretty dry through thanksgiving. we're right now at 38 at city park. 32 at estes park. by ttis afternoon, our temperatures will top out in the low to mid-40s. greeley today, 47. fort collins, a touch warmer closer to 50. tomorrow, we are back in the low it mid-50s. mostly sunny after a cold
6:48 am
some sunshine and drier weather through friday. so on thanksgiving, looks pretty nice, upper 40s. it will be chilly anddon friday, a little warmer, some mid-50s. looking ahead sunday, we have a big broncos game here sunday night at 6:30. before a closure of i-70 right now. the westbound side is closed at copper mountainment they are holding all traffic back and also some suck semis. i've seen one here on i-70. so it is just very slick up there. they closed down that westbound side so they can get all the accidents cleared out, ggt the road improved a little bit an then be able to let you go again. so expect this to be on and off here this morning. no estimate of when they will reopen the highway. could be a half hour, could be 45 minutes, could be 10 minutes. we'll see how that plays out. take a look at the drive down south. this is i-25 at monument.
6:49 am
any issues here. it is just wet on i-25 through southern douglas county. take a look at the map. you still see some heavy traffic in the usual areas. an accident just off of i-25, ornton parkway and huron. some traffic lights have been malfunctioning here and there. one accident off grn valley ranch boulevard just off of pena boulevard and one near holly and leafdale on the south side of town. continuing to get heavier but overall a pretty quiet standard drive for us there. the minor accident on northbound side of 25 near ridgegate. workers t shy's o'hare airport will not strike until after the holiday weekend. a strike could have delayed or canceled thousands of flights across the country. hundreds of workers still plan to strike eventually. they say they aren't being paid a living wage. away now and president-elect donald trump is laying out his plannfor his first 100 days in office. >> trump posted his plan on youtube. the two and a half minute video
6:50 am
including a change in our energy policyy >> i will cancel job killing restrictions on the production of american energy including shale energy and clean coal creating many millions of high paying jobs. that is what we want. that is what he we've been waiting for. >> economists say it is unlikely the coal industry will ever make a full comeback but a short-term rebound is a possibility. a scare overnight at brown university. after a mercury spill in a dorm and that dorm was evacuated. a university spokesman said the 18-year-old called campus police to report that she had broken a thermometer and that a small amount of mercury spilled on to the floor. she all reported a burning sensation in her hand. that student hospitalized mostly as a precaution and this morning, the other students were allowed to go back into the dorm. many of you are planning to board your pets for the holidayy season.
6:51 am
several doggie day cares have failed inspecks within the past your and at one colorado vinces day care, a dog died because of an attack. so if you want it find out more about your doggie day care, can you find a link -- you can find a link to this latest inspection list on our free denver 7 app. there is a battle brewing in the afc west and the oakland raiders are leading the way. they picked up a big win over the houston texans last night here a look the raiders in first place. boo. 8-2678 the brock owes are tied with the kansas city chiefs in second place. that is the good news. this sunday, the broncos and chiefs go head to head at home at mile high. kickoff for the game sunday night, 6:30. definitely bundle up. if you are not going to the game, don't worry. we'll have the highlights on
6:52 am
night. >>. record numbers are expected athe dia this weekend. it is a sign that the metro area is growing fast. we'll plain the change in holiday travel patterns. >> and as we head to break, just before 7:00, there is a live look at vail pass. you can see the plows moving
6:53 am
6:54 am
welcome back to denver 7. a live look up in can you see the plows working. kite a bit of snow in some areas. we'll get a little bit of snow down here. >> here is a look ahead at what we are following here on denver 7. one of the teens connected to these explosive devices which were found in castle rock is schedule to be back in court today. this time for a bond hearing. so fw ollothe denver 7 app to find out if the teen will be released while he waits for trial. the denver broncos getting in the holiday spirit.
6:55 am
thanksgiving meals to es9 registered ffmilies. with the holiday season upon us, ice skating is making a return in downtown denver. ice rink at skyline park opens at 11:00. mitch will be there. not on his two feet but on the back side. >> yeah, i'm not very good at that. dia is expecting record traffic over the thanksgiving holiday. more than one million people are going to be coming or going out of that place. it is a sign that the airport and the community isgrowing quite quickly. >> it ed to be that denver connecting traffic. today, we are more of an originn and destination type of airport. more people are coming to visit the mile high city than ever before or leaving here as a point of origination. we checked denver to atlanta, that is about $700. it on would cost more than $1,000 if a tropical
6:56 am
we've got today, hawaii probably sound really to some people. >> this is kind of nice. i like to have i agent something before the thanksgiving holiday, get you in the mood. >> okay. >> we've got a little rain and snow right now. wind gusts and about 15 to 30, 35 miles per hour and so that is making some of our cameras out east a little shaky. also making it feel like 20s this morning in spots. it feels like 24 at the airport. in broomfield, a wind chill of you will fine the rain we are getting now will turn to snow. our totals will likely be here at a trace to 2-inch as as arrest -- a trace to 2 inches across the plain. hospital today, others tomorrow. >> you can see from the cameras down over in the castle rock area, look very closely here at the happy canyon camera just north of castle rock, you can
6:57 am
same thing on the south side of castle rock. you can see the snowflakes. that is already snowing. just wet here on i-25 south and north of castle rock. take a look at i-30, closed on the westbound side at copper mountain. you can seat state patrol is up there. we've had several acdents up there. >> thank you. we are a few minutes away from good morning america. 3 the investigative team there looking into a terror threat against the macy's thanksgiving day parade actually man is in custody now. federal officials sa crowd of people in times square. coming up on gma, a close are look at the suspect's isis afill ease. several kids are dead this morning ava hool bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. that school bus driver behind bars accused of reckless driving and vehicle lahr homicide. up next on gma, more information about the children still in the hospital. it is the ultimate cranberry challenge. gma putting home cooks to the test. they want to find out the best
6:58 am
nation. can you see it all coming up
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. school bus tragedy. >> the bus just flipped over. it's occupied with cldn. >> this bus filled with 35 elementary school students in a horrific accident running off the road and slamming into trees. at least five killed and t dozehospitalized. overnight, the bus driver arrested. >> this is an absolute nightmare for this cmuty. >> investigators are on the ene, as weear from the families this morning. na trump makes his first direct appeal to americans since the election. >> i want the next generation of producti and innovation to happen right here on our great homeland, america. this morning we'll have at heromised, what he didn't say about isis as he meets with former rivals even democrats about joining his binet. the frigid blast turns deadly.


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