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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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child abuse resulting in death. jason belmont was arrested for child abuse resulting in death, negatives and other charges. the rest of affidavit is painting a tragic story of loaded guns not properly secured. >> this all went down the night of november 13according to the documents point deputies arrived to the parking county % home, they found the tyler also known as chunks shot in head dead in the bathtub. a pump action the top. several other children were also home. the mother told a deputy quote, another child was climbing on the shelf for the shotgun fell and went off. the documents note the mother kept dozing off during her conversation with investigators. we deputies searched the home, they found or other guns, two of which were loaded. they also noted the deplorable conditions, strong smell of
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>> according to his obituary, the funeral for little boy is wednesday in we ridge. this is at belmont's first run with the law. we dug into his background. tonight we'll tell you what we found. another heartbreaking case of child abuse, denver woman facing charges for allegedly slamming her six month old grandson on a bed. the 56-year-old was taking care of the baby which allegedly this happened last month. police say the boy suffered bleeding to his brain. local family is suing debbie's for killing a man who is mentally ill. the man died after sheriff deputy tased him and other deputies and police officers say piled on top of him trying to restrain him. his mother and wife are accusing law enforcement of
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train the officers probably. >> with a scam alert. mother and son have been formally charged in an identity fraud case. there arrested in adams county accused of stealing identity of that advertising all home for rent on craigslist. they forged lease agreements and checks. the pair was indicted on similar charges back in 2014. we have taking news right now. cdot is admitting there guardrails in colorado. cdot has ordered and expects -- and inspection of how the -- thousands of guardrails after it learned some guardrails along i 25 were incorrectly installed. lance hernandez will have a lot more on the effort to keep you safe tonight at six. the words are chilling. are you ready to die? >> that's at the school bus driver said to the lg schoolkids on his bus for yesterday's fatal accident in chattanooga. >> the school bus flipped off
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a school bus packed which in some into a tree. the crash radically split the bus and have put it on its side. >> i was in the back, i can see in our meeting by don't know if anyone can get to it. >> reporter: according to the elementary school, for girls and a boy were killed in the crash. three were in fourth grade, one in first grade and one in kindergarten. >> included my kids. these are just babies trying to get home.>> reporter: please adjusted th old. he's charged with five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving.>> he was going real fast. he hit a mailbox and the flipped over. chuck as the investigation continues, the committee is comiig together to agree. >> the most natural thing in
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the loss of a child. there are no words that can bring comfort to mother or father. today the city praise for these families. >> the 30 say the bus driver was speeding when it crashed. and armed robbery takes a violent turn colors brings. many a suspect in the hospital. four armed men which would off- tracbe them. they say one of the suspects were shot and managed to crawl away from the business before he collapsed not far away. and/or were a family needs your help. finding an elderly man who has gone missing. take a look at this picture. please state the 70-year-old is at risk anpossibly off his meds. a breaking news. it's late in the game but look at that. that is hurricane otto a
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getting. poses a danger of flooding and mudslides in central america including nicaragua and costa rica. it's official latest hurricane formed on record in the caribbean. back in the us, we has now moved to the stark white of this skies are starting to clear. there's lingering snow showers in the mountains but for the most part the system winding down and moving away. herwise quite across most of colorado. the showers ending on the far eastern plains as the main storm moves in to the west. that will cause trouble delays for wednesday. next storm coming in will be a concern for us as well. thanks, our skies clear, light snow in the mountains thanksgiving day but it's not on the planes. there's a stronger storm in the extended forecast. your full first alert forecast in just minutes. deconstruction could be on the way for cherry creek dam.
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if there were to be a big storm. we explain how many people would be impacted. the army corps of engineers says they have to do something to the dam in the event of a big storm. if they would risk the safety of 300,000 people downstream. jacqueline jetson browser members the storm of 2013 well. >> water running down the steps like it was a faucet. my husband called, i was at work and he told me how bad it was. chayka since then, concerns about a bigger storm overtopping the dam are real. >> it's so close it would really damage most of the property around here and even when we had the brains down the street, it was so much flooding , even children were serving in the water. >> reporter: the army corps of engineers says a recent study shows a storm of 24 inches of rain or more in short, timely
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even if the reservoir was empty. they say building a dam 6 feet higher appears to be their only option. that construction, not popular with business owners in eyeshot of the dam. >> the construction and traffic would be the biggest concern people have a hard enough time getting in here with no construction. the army corps of engineer submits that store would be very rare and the risk for those downstream too great to sit around and do nothing. thanksgiving travelers highway 34 will open tomorrow through sunday. the three-mile stretch of highway links colorado scenic front range to thompson canyon. closed since mid-october. crews can work to rebuild the highway damaged by the floods of 2013. some areas will be down to one lane. be prepared for delays. president-elect donald trump says he is strongly considering a cabinet position with dr. ben carson. he is also said to be weighing
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sits down with the new york times a meeting initially canceled on twitter. >> dr. ben carson who last week said he didn't want to be considered for a cabinet position appears to be back in consideration. after meeting at trump tower the president-elect tweeted, i am seriously considering dr. ben carson as the heaa of hard on another visitor, rudy giuliani declined to weigh in. >> i'm not going to discuss the president-elect is thinking and mulling over. >> he weighed in on reports the president-elect may be backing down from his pledge to call for a criminal investigation into hillary clinton. >> is a tradition in american politics it after you win an election you put things behind you. i also would be supportive of continuing the investigation. >> the present in this country does not have the power to decide who is under criminal investigation, one of many
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your times during his sitdown interview. >> the president-elect thing is not something he feels very strongly about. at times like to their meeting with the president-elect among other topics that were discussed, climate change which mr. trump says is connected to humans, the alt-right which he is saad to a disavowed it is many business dealings. >> on a related note, in an irs filing, the trump tribal foundation admitted to wrongdoing in a practice called self-dealing. it's not yet clear how the irs will heal that disclosure. if you live in colorado, and you want to attend trump's inauguration, here is your chance. colorado center cory gardner is offering free tickets to see trump gets worn and generate 20th. that is at the us capitol. ticket request have to be submitted by december 1. if you're interested you can learn more of how to do it on a seven now.
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group of teenagers who went up in the direct path of the wild police chase. how they can just inches away from taking a disastrous turn for the >> a little superhero how the small businesswoman is touching the lives of kids who need it
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-?a pilot and a round of applau after successfully landing what battling extreme process.
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south of spain. the plane on approach shifting in his heavy winds, pitches down , hold with this, he cracks it to cost six the landing and no one was hurt. talk about a close call, terrifying video capture the chase in pittsburg ended with that police car spinning out of control. crews are narrowly misses a group of teenagers right on the street corner. the officers chasing a stolen car wwen he was hit by another vehicle sending using hurt. >> when you join foothills animal shelter and golden as a one only take your price special. all adoptions include spay or neuter surgery, vaccines and microchipped and a health check in the adoption fee. >> historic moment on wall street, listen to this, dow closed above 19,000 the first
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experts say donald trump winning the election sparked a lot of optimism because of his support for business. dow has risen nearly 4% since -?trump was elected. a warning before you start shopping. the toys you plan to buy could be on a recall is. consumer watchdog released its holiday study which warns of these dangerous toys. it highlights that toys could be a fire hazard, they could contain lead or be a choking hazard. >> this year we found 44 toys their recall by the conssmer product safety commission unfortunately, we found 16 of those 44 toys are still available online. turkey can check any toy you have concern about it toy safety tips that are. if you're getting those last-minute ingredients, here's a recall you should know about. hundreds of cases of heinz brand gravy are being recalled because they have been mislabeled. the fda some say some pork gravy jars may have milk and
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recall. missouri woman is making a big difference this holiday season. one cape at a time. meet robin rosenberger who's making superhero capes for kids battling diseases and disabilities. the mother of two started as a side venture four years ago working as a software engineer. she wanted to help put a smile on the face of sick children. >> the fact that we can make something that brings families attachable source of courage ?nd hope it's been by far the most challenging thing i've ever done but the most rewarding as well >> these are adorable. she applied for grants to make these capes and now 50 a week are flying out of her tiny office to kids in 16 different countries. these cost about $30. apple could be bringing back an old but still popular style of cell phone. dad, you're going to love this.
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granted a patent for a flexible iphone i can fold, like the old flip phones. it's unknown if this iphone flip phone in the works but these patents may give a glimpse into what they are thinking for the future. >> it's that time of year. southwest rink is open for ice- skating. the second year it's been open and it's where we find never seventh katie lasalle. we know you you doing out there.>> grew up figure skating. it's absolutely beautiful night, perfect time for the grand opening of southwest rake and skyline park to the skaters since 11 o'clock this morning taking full advantage. it's free rentals and three ice time today. out of every 14, the rink is open seven days a week. if you come out and don't have skates, rentals are two dollars or this year, you can donate a new book to children's hospital and you get the rental
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kids have these little helpers so use these to get around the rink. a lot of you have asked, what's the best way to learn how to skate, if not super familiar, you cannot for date night or bring the kids. start small and before long, these guys pushing and gliding and hockey stops. those are big one. a lot of people, they just get really good for the fast and before long, you will be >> i don't think so. >> are you offering lessons? >> we need kate lessons. >> let's put up your hourly rate. >> that is impressive. that's got to be an ef five on a tornado dance. good job. >> in the mountains, lingering
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loveland. the storm winding down, skies clear. we saw that cleariig coming into the denver area. this does didn't stay on the ground. on the southern suburbs we had a couple inches accumulated early on. people color this evening and clearing skies all the way and great weather leading up to thanks giving. we'll show you the radar picture. storm winding down, moving out. good moisture on eastern plains which is great news. with clearing skies coming in, a cold the normal is 49er 22. modern air quality. the air quality will get worse than today because we'll have one have an aversion and light winds. you want to take it easy on the wood burning if you can. pressure n the rise, north winds and would show it 30. that's within the gauge today.
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the ooio valley, lower mississippi valley a new storm coming in on the west coast will impact our mountains on the executive. 23 in fort collins, wyman, tenant leadville in the 20s expected in the mounds. tomorrow starts with a few high clouds. most of the day dry and quite. you notice moiiture coming in from the northwest. that's a minor storm moving into the arms of things getting day. partly cloudy skies expected thursday on the planes. warmer tomorrow, the two in denver, 50 greeley, akron, lyon, fort collins. front range numbers looking like
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elevations. metro area, good-looking day if you are traveling, no weather worries with low 50s under a mostly sunny sky. internet, colder would like it was winstrol, sunny, milder, good-looking travel. sotheby's and extended forecast, thursday looks nice, 40th thanksgiviig, friday looks beautiful. that's our bright spot. sunny and 55, 60 on saturday. then, rain coming and changing the snow. a snowy cold brockel game sunday . heavy snow in the mountains. cold and flurries. i tuesday the high only at 32 degrees. if chilly weather coming in to finish november and start the summer. probably heard by now the manikin challenge. even the greeley lisa berman is getting in on it.
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scene reenactment. they have guns, pom squad there in the crime lab.>> coming up, broncos players spend their day off standing in the rain and snow for a good cause.
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welcome to seven sports extra. august on sunday night. the calm before the storm today.
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day off field things. good things like handing out 2500 turkeys and thankkgiving food boxes this morning. doesn't broncos players braved the rain, snow, wind and cold hope it -- helping families in need. the mission which the goal of 15,000 turkey donations today. thanks, though, you made it happen. >> as part of the nfl salute to service, or soldiers" fort carson due to thanksgiving surprise dinner with demarcus ware and former rocco they had no idea. the sultry was put together by usaa and a great time had by all. >> doesn't stop there. broncos inside shot this video at the microsoft store and park meadows mall. players taking part in a pros versus g.i. joe's man videogame tournament. play against military service numbers and their families. see you seniors will follow raaphie saturday evening the
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for the box and it's a big one. see you win 10 games and the pac 12 south and heads to the pac 12 championship game. other than that, this game has no meaning. the seniors know what they are leaving behind. program that's arisen from worst to first. >> we came in as first-class, most of us. we want to be known as the class of help turn this around and really made the rise of thing. i feel it that's what we're trying to do and we're mostly to them.>> see you hoops. derek white wesley gordon. he bagged it underneath. derek white, the transfer and the dagger. the clincher. third rock scored 16. buffs beat number 22 in texas. 68-54. therefore and one on the season.
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>> they'll be huge at folsom field. can't wait to see ralphie run out there. >> it's a great turnaround that they've done in the last few years. >> we're football weather too. saturday it will be great for the weather. temperatures around 60 degrees and sunday -- sunny. sunday he will be snowing.
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tonight, breaking news. after the deadly storm, the new and major system set to hit tonight. chicago, detroit, several cities in the bullseye. then, moving east, affecting millions traveling this thanksgiving. also breaking, what we have just learned about the driver in that deadly school bus crash. the children who survived revealing to us what happened on that bus moments before the crash. the police officer ambushed. now, the arrest, and the new moment today. what the suspect says when asked, did he kill the officer? you'll hear it. president-elect donald trump's about-face. >> lock her up! lock her up! >> after chants of "lock her up," what he's now saying about hillary clinton tonight. and mr. trump on those nazi salutes. the group celebrating his win. breaking now.


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