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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  KMGH  November 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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. a lot of travelers, up bright and early, hoping to beat the crowds at la guardia airport today. we'll have a live report from diy. the cu buffs are hoping to win a division championship orr the weekend. how they're getting ready for it. >> a man found dead not far from downtown denver. and now police have an investigation, what we know so far. a tragedy in detroit, a police officer shot in point- blank range. >> we have more on that in just a moment.
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first alert meteorologist, lisa hidalgo, giving away free donuts at the wadsworth rtd station while dancing. >> i think that's what they're trying to do. >> trying to stay warm. >> you're trying to stay warm. that's it. what's going on? >> we are giving away doi nuts and coffee, the first alert freebie today. . >> a family came by, taking the suitcase, going by train, donuts to start their trip. >> and dunkin' donuts saying it's the busiest day for them. it is cold, but take a look. for the thanksgiving travel day. today and tomorrow, going to be pretty try. p expecting the temperatures to be in the 20s and 30s. and going to warm up.
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into the 20s. pretty nice afternoon, clear skies and quiet. 40s in the area. cooler on thanksgiving, but dry. we could get a little bit of snow in the mountains and we'll talk more about that in a over to jayson luber. oeg? >> we have delays here. eastbound side of 270 and york. not a good option. calling it a hit-and-run crash. take a look at the cdot camera, i-70 is stacked up past the coliseum going to york. and going out to dia. you will be delayed a little bit. the trouble spots, 270 and
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showing up yet, but on 25 by york, the rest of the ride looks quiet along the front range. 6:03 now. this could be the businessest travel weekend in history. the tsa says it is ready. >> they have hadded oobt 3 00 positions over the last year to help you avoid the lines. jason gruenauer is live there at diy. how are those -- at dia. how are those lines looking right now? >> we were expecting some long lines. i get to be the bearer of good news. the line is moving and relatively short here. especially for the wednesday before thanksgiving. 15 to 20 minutes wait time according to flight denver. a lot less than it was an hour ago. the early rush hear, before
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the flights are also on time. and they are working hard to get through, hiring people here at the airport to run in and outside of the tsa agents here, trying to get people through. and when it was busy, standard operating procedures here. sniff the bags, getting people through the lines a little bit quicker. so far, it started off as passengers say, goodness, look how long starts at 30 minutes. now down to 15. the parking lots, most of them are open. two of them are already full, going to the airport, keep an eye or an ear on what jayson luber is saying. could get here early, but right now, it's not too bad. reporting live right now at denver international airport,
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denver7. a woman shot in critical condition and now in the hospital. the man accused of shooting her is her husband, this man, the el paso county sheriff's office is identifying him as a 42-year- old, now in custody. holding his wife hostage in the security -- for a few hours. apparently that hostage situation started after 1:00 custody until 4:00 a.m.. we are just getting reports of what happened. his wife was shot one time and transported to the hospital. no word on her condition yet. 16 police officers have died in the line of duty this year and another one is in grave condition right now after being shot in the head right now at point-blank range. >> this happened in the campus of wane state university in
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we expect to learn more within the hour. police launching an investigation after a, quote, suspicious incident near chee cheesman park. this castle rock home -- thneighborhood, police shut down again. >> turns out the investigation is not complete yet. amanda del castillo is there. >> castle rock officials say they have been successful in removing some of the chemicals from the home there. that happened on october 31st, the neighborhood, 30 homes were evacuated because of the explosive materials that were found in the home here on
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chemical removal from the home here,,right behind me, today, they are actually evacuating the homes here for safety. and crews moving the material they say is explosive, residents should expect plenty of official activity here. it's deja vu for people living here. 30 homes evacuated on halloween nit were found in that same home on presswickway. and two teens charges. the evacuations are going to start at 9:45 this morning and luckily for the resident here, it's only temporary and they can return to their homes this afternoon. reporting live, amanda dell as
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stabbing on -- now facingf. charges. there are fake $20 bills going around one colorado county. the police department sending out a warning this morning. police have gotten reports of counterfeit money, and a specific mark money. overtime expansion, one of president obama's signature achievements. some say they're sdpoited by this -- disappoint edappointed by this. bob beauperez could be the
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of the interior are ran for governor in colorado twiet twoois and lost both times. south carolina nikki haley has been named as u.s. am a bass dors. ambassador. this weekend, folsom field is going to host its biggest game in more than a decade. cu hosts the utes. >> fun season. ranked nine. it's senior night and the buffs faithful are grateful. >> it's exciting. used to not having anything to play for. we'll have fun playing utah.
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finished in the pac 12 last. and now they have an outside chance at the college football championship. free coffee and the buffs, man. what a great day to be in colorado. it's beautiful. the sun is rising and we have clear skies and here at the light rail station at 134th and wadsworth, handing out free coffee and donut ons the first we have -- it's bone-cold. looking at temperatures in the low to mid 50s. so with some sunshine, things are going to warm up nicely ttday. we are about five degrees cooler. we'll talk more about that and where you could see some snow on where you're going to travel in a few minutes. jayson? ? >>.
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the purina plant, going to be backed up to 25. and another accident just cleared on the left-hand side of 270 and york. all the way past york on 270. >> temperatures are here are dropping, but a hurricane is find out who could be next.
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. 6:14. take a look at air tracker 7. this is the situation on i-70, the traffic lanes there. the back up, the purina plant, backed up all the way to 25. eastbound 70, the car pool
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see very often. hurricane otto. it's rare to see one ramp up this late in the season. take a look at some of the damage and rain there. three people have bben killed in the severe weather outbreak. >> surprise. happy thanksgiving. y'all come on in, man. come on in. pleasure to meet you. demarcus. nice to meet you guys. >> demarcus ware, one of them to surprise soldiers at fort carson, part of the nfl salute to service, bringing a thanksgiving meal to soldiers in need. the broncos, not talking about thanksgiving soon. going to be hosting the chiefs on sunday. kickoff at 6:30. >> you are going to be watching
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lions, 10:30. and the skins and the cowboys. that should be a good one. and steelers and colts at 6:30. lisa hidalgo is sharing holiday cheer. . . >> she's out there on the rtd station on wadsworth with eric lupher. >> and geno and gina are here. did you change your names when you met? just happened. >> just here to -- >> see you guys. and the free coffee. and donuts. >> what? >> it's your turn to talk. >> oh. we're here at wadsworth and 13th avenue. free donuts and coffee.
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alert freebie. -- here for first alert frooeb. clearing out, sunshine today, look out cold it is. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. welcomes in the 20s and teens. and up in he, temperatures around -- in the higher elevations, going to be around 30. 40s and collins, aurora, and statewide a little bit warmer down to the south. 30s and 40s for the mountains. chilly, but ski resorts opening. and speaking of fresh snow, could get a little bit more here soon. by late tonight, watch the future cast, to the north and southwest, steamboat, that's going to creep down and icy and wet conditions early tomorrow
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sunshine. temperatures today, 50s and on thanksgiving, going to be sunny and 40s. saturday and sunday, 50s and 60s for both days. and on the broncos game, speak of the devil. going to be cooling off then. >> we'll be there. >> you will? geno and gina are going to be there. >> and i'll bring these. >> do you eat donuts anymore, jays? >> occasionally. trying to take off some of the winter fat. and i'm colder because of it. we have a back up on 70 next to the purina plant. you can see that on the cdot camera, traffic is stacked up before the coliseum and back.
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cleared, but you can see on the is rock solid, all the way down to york. take a look at the map, the two trouble spots, i would use either, but this morning, you can't because they're backed up pretty badly. those are the two jams. everything else, looking okay, those are nothing compared to this. 56 cars involved in this crash yesterday. this was yesterday morning near beijing. authorities are blaming a rain- snow mix for the cash. 12 kills and three-dozen hurt. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the crash.
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the led light s lights. changes to the app. this is new. let users record their lip sync videos. and some targeting -- when kids search for videos they sometimes find pornographic content. now there's an on liie petition for to remove all pornographic and adult content immediately. >> they have a responsibility to electricity paternities or remove that content. >> the app would not comment on the petition. french authorities say a group of trysts planned to
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they're from france, morocco and afghanistan. officials said two of them briefly traveled to syria and since released. officials would not specify which theme park they were targeting. no more room to see the boss. tte tickets sold out in five minutes. the event is happening next week, a run. >> five minutes for that to sell out. >> five minutes. . >> yeah. a lot of people going to be upset. a pair of attacks on the awe aauraria campus. latest information that's
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. 6:24 and a live look at the
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combarland in lakewood. a house fire there. as we got there, firefighters headed out, several crews on the scene. we'll keep an eye on that situation. first alert weather. >> first alert freebie this morning. at the light rail -- where are we? >> 13th. and wadsworth. >> i got lost. donuts are disappearing quickly. >> people rolling through, going to say thank yo trying to do this. doing this around town. people roll up and think there's a catch. no catch. just want to give you something. >> say hi. free coffee, free donuts. come out and enjoy it. >> 30s no, up to the 40s and 50s. enjoy it. we have a chance of snow in the plains and noun moun tans
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>> viewers there or just want donuts? >> think you're cute. >> everybody thinks jason's cute. this is not cute, the back up by the purina plant fwook 25. you can see it on the map, how it's slowing down. 270 and pecos is clear -- before i-25 now. 6:26 now. could be some hidden dangers hid hidden in toys. toys are recalled. >> some fire hazards and could be lead. we have the link to it on our app.
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. it's 6:30. some breaking news. a reported house fire at third place in garland. you can see the emergency crews there. >> as soon as we got there, it was out. took less than 15 minutes to get it out. what he we know is two people and two pets inside. they were able to get out but you're going to see emergency crews in that area for a little bit of time. told some plumbers were solder soldering the pipes there. tracking the breaking news story a police officer shot in the head in detroit, michigan. he's a university officer, shot on campus this morning. a suspect ins in custody. we understand the news conference is going to be
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we'll be monitoring that and bringing you updates as soon as we get them. whooping cough is outbreak. it's a little controversial. we'll have more. ski resorts are open and the ski report is know on our free denver7 app. patio furniture pride he this one from the palmer divide. a half an inch from the bench outside. you can share that by posting it to our facebook page. no snow today, but lisa hidalgo and eric lupher are live at the lakewood wadsworth station. . >> frs series. eric is probably eating more than he's handing out. >>ive had two donuts.
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i didn't see the second one go down. >> it was in the live truck. >> i'm about half a one down. we have a few boxes back. and west metro came by, they have been working hard. >> stopped by about 15 minutes ago. and they had to leave for a call. >> all a go brong ceos, yeah. tomorrow, five dryings cooler with the upper 40s on thanksgiving. going to be dry statewide today. tonight, picking up some snow. and we'll get you the snow coming up in a few minutes. >> good to see the snow. >> it is. we'll have more about it. >> and adding to the traffic
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and so if you need to go out to dia, expect extra ten minutes. this crash is closer to the purina plant and now the block is going back to 25 and beyond, almost pecos at this point. the camera freezing there, the traffic is backed up from york and now clear, extra ten minutes now. better than average still. the two big ones, 70, 270, everything else is lighter than normal, including the boulder highway. got to get to the buffs game, right? -?santa fe and 470, wide open. police believe a robbery
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>> one hit ii the face. >> not clear how much money was taken. said to have been a white male with a hoodie. whooping cough is going around a well-known day care. if you're child isn't fax vaccination nated, your child could be at risk. the day care number 45 for childhood immunization because of the loose personal belief exemptions. >> because we're seeing more kids not vaccinated? >> i think that's potentially a reason. >> we have a fair share of parents in colorado who decline that vaks naigs as well as 3 other -- vaccinations as well as others. >> could be fatal especially in
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still haven't finished up cleaning up the chemiccls in the neighborhood. amanda dell kas tee owe has more. >> residents are goinn to be evacuated around #:45 after a vaegs after police found explosive material in the home that you see behind me. there is some good news. the officis the final stages of this chemical clean up, happening at the home here. going to have 30 homes forced to evacuate on halloween night. explosives found there on presswood way. one of the teens was in court yesterday, facing a december since then, crews have been removing chemicals, compounds they believe could be explosive.
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are handling today's evacuation with caution, keeping residents away. this is expected to be a temporary evacuation. residents were evacuated and returned the next morning. the officials are expecting the residents to retuun this afternoon. as for today, the police on the scene and waiting for the evacuations to start, again, at 9:45. want to get to some breaking news right now. listening to a news conference happening right now on the shooting in detroit michigan. a wayne state university police officer shot in the head. we just learned that officer, 29-year-old colin rose is out of surgery right now and in recovery. the police chief said he looks great, but don't know what the full outcome of this will be. here's a look of the police officer now.
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area where students live and when he left, he was shot. the authorities apprehended the suspect a short while later. don't know what led to the shooting, but the suspect is said to have a criminal history. in the head , not been able to say who pulled the trigger. both are facing child abuse charges. the best selling historical atlas on amazon. not your average book. the vulgar book of maps. the call of s.w.a.t.
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right now at 6:37, we want
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. good morning. so here's the issue. when can facebook be dangerous? our decisions by a police chief's wife, information she shared on facebook, that put an s.w.a.t. team in a potentially dangerous situation. this morning, a brief recap of our report. . >> they're trying to save the daughter. >> do you feel safe hiding in your room? >> trying to make sure that we minimize the loss of life. >> get everything set up. >> we know that one murder's occurred.
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concern. >> the police chief's wife had access to the radio. >> that's my understanding. >> and listening to what's happening in real time. >> correct. >> and typing in a play by play into facebook. >> correct. >> and was it a mistake? >> i don't think it was malicious. but it was a mistake. >> did your mistake? >> it's not something i would do. >> we want you to watch our full investigation. with denver7 investigates, i'm tony kovaleski. two big traffic jams here. one starting at federal, to the crash that is blocking the right lane, next to the purina plant. take a look mt. backing up to from federal to 2052 to the plant where the right lane is
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backed up and messed up from an earlier wreck. everything else is looking good. another good commute is on the right rail. and we have another first alert freebie. and there's lisa hidalgo, accosting people ttere on the light rail at wadswwrth in lakewood. >> love it. so short. i know. shorter than on tv. i know. at the light rail station, giving away the free dunkin' donuts and coffee. stop by. people are coming to just get the donuts. thank you. we are doing this as a sign of appreciation. let's get to the weather. here we go.
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going to find statewide, skies are beautiful, clear skies, lots of sunshine, beautiful start to our wednesday. this day before thanksgiving, tracking snow in the mountains. we'll talk about that. the higgs in the low to mid 50s. going to be a pretty warm day today and sunny. a good day to get the christmas lights up if you want to turn them on before friday. lisa's lights a >> and hid the easter eggs too. throw that out there. thank you, lisa. a denver7 viewer reached out to us. and he wants to know if an aurora bar is refusing to serve customers in raiders gear. >> this is at chambers and mexico. kicking out customers in raiders gear.
6:43 am
fans and broncos fans. >> saying this is legal because the rules are applied to everyone. raiders fans can stay as long as they turn the shirt inside out. >> a travel alert for airports across the country. hear how long the latest terror warning will last..
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. we are continuing to follow breaking news in defr. denver fire the first on the garland. you can see the fire is out, we can tell you that. some plummers were doing some soldering on pipes. can't tell you if that's definitely what started the fire. the firefighters are looking into the possible. a person and two pets were able to escape out of the house and the fire is out. >> here are some of the other top stories, a warning for holiday travelers. the department of homeland security and fbi say we all
6:46 am
january. with the rise of social media, hometown terrorists are just as dangerous as international terrorists. >> this is the second major warning in less than a week. first was for those traveling to europe. the security is going to be tight at dia. going to be expecting a record crowd this weekend. >> jason gruenauer is live there. one in leaving today. >>reporter: yes, it is going go be one of the busiest travel days we have seen. the good news so far, it's actually not that bad out here on dia. this -- wait times between 15 to 20-minute range, according to the airport. they were up to 30 minutes. but never stretched and backed up to the baggage claims like
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the tsa and airport briiging in extra personnel to help with the lines. still not that bad. and other travel holidays than that i have covered. going to expect 1.1 million passengers. sunday may be the heaviest travel day of them all because an all of these people that are leaving are probably all gging to be coming back on the same kadday. and on the big dord, the flights,, all on-time dpar shurtures, no delays, still a crowd, so still get here early. reporting live from the airport. i'm jason gruenauer, denver7. a developing shoir in denver, police searching for a
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-- only telling us that they are investigating this as a homicide. 6:48 now and this 56-year- old grm is accused of slamming her six-month old grandson, causing a brain jury. she is facing a felony child abuse charge. happened in september and the suspect is due in court in december. the denver rescue mission is thousands and want to thank you. . >> reaching the goal of 15 ,000 turkeys thanks to you and putting on a dinner for those most in need. it's 6:48 and lisa hidalgo is giving out donuts, not turkey this morning. >> yeah. she's out there with eric
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wadsworth. people coming out. >> she's taking a video. >> paparazzi here. >> i'm thankful for my job, the people i work with, you make me laugh and we want to spread that thanks. >> goinn to be here for a little bit longer e. come get some donuts and coffee. >> and with the sunrise, it is going to be brieg. looking at clear skies with the -- temperatures are in the 20s and 30s which means we're talking windchills in the single digits and teens. over the mountain passes, going to drop below zero. topping out in the 50s in the city, topping out with
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across the metro, aurora to denver, a-- sunshine today in the mountains. and watch what happens. as we set this into motion tonighh and tomorrow, steamboat and rabbit ears pass, going to have some snow. if you're heading to the high country tonight and tomorrow, could find some wet roads and slush. going to have some sunshine for thanksgiving tomorrow across the st 40s on thursday and on friday, black friday, we're in the 50s. 60s on saturday. and we are tracking a cooldown, a little precipitation on sunday for the broncos game. cold and 30s for the started of the game. >> nice we're not dealing with the snow for the travelers. >> exactly. going to be fine getting in and out of denver is going to be okay. >> back to you. >> going to be okay getting out
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but this on 70, by the purina plant, two lanes getting by and the traffic jam you can see is tremendous. all the way back to federal. look at the drive. you can see how traffic is just stacked up. ten to sa minutes from 70 to dia. other trouble spot was 270 and york, that's longo that's the worst in the city. everything else is looking okay. a little bit of a traffic jam here and there. looking good on 70, 25, north and south and 70 and 76 out east. across the state, at least a hundred guardrails that could be dangerous in the event of a crash. now going to be performing a
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state. started when a guardrail went through a car after not being --. real denver. cherry creek, cougar town. and others not appropriate for tv. >> this is part of the book, judgmental maps. a resident of denver for 20 years. >> would you want people to be offended. >> yeah. if they say it's a little bit offensive, i like it. if not, we probably messed up. >> labeled as a historical atlas and right now, a number one best seller. .
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until inauguration. senator corey gardener is giving away standing room ticket miss f s. there's a lot of people that are going to want to be at the inauguration. >> if you go, dress warmly. i have been to a couple important it's cold there in the capital city th judges decide who won a high school playoff football game. we'll have more after the break. >> and also another live look
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. every friday, one special group of student volunteers volunteer their time. delivering food to students in
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bags for elementary school kids. >> we know that we're making a kid at home happy, knowing they can have a nice dinner with their family, even if they wouldn't have it other ways. >> you can donate to denver7 roes. -- heroes. live at dye at the 11:00 news, keeping you up to date on travel issues. an aurora pimp kentuckied of human trafficking and pimping could learn the sentencing, could be up to life
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steamboat, cranking of the lifts. more open on friday. denver7 first alert traffic. >> take a look attthis. pikes peek shuttle lot. that's a lot of cars right there. take a look at the security wait time there at dye. 20 minutes is the longest. east economy and pike's peek lot are full. lisa is out and eric is out for our free frooeb freebies. freebies. take it away. my mouth doesn't work. >> we want to say thank you to our viewers. . >> thank god for social media. somebody said the table was about to go. >> they were right. we fixed it.
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good morning, america. holiday travel nightmare. two winter storms moving across the country right now. alerts from california to michigan as slick roads spark accidents overnight and major traffic jams break out on los angeles freeways. now tens of millions of americans on the road and in the air on the busiest travel day of th the best ways to beat the holiday rush. breaking right now, a big announcement about donald trump's team naming formal rival governor nikki haley as u.n. ambassador as the president-elect reverses course on some of his most controversial campaign pledges. he now says he may not seek criminal charges against hillary clinton, rethinks his positions on torture and climate change. we have the reaction and new questions about his business dealings overseas this morning. fireball.


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