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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  November 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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>> the man was driving a dark green van and had a crack in the windshield. are you looking to get away? we wait for a loved one to arrive? then you covered either way to the airport is packed. sponsor a little hard to come by. delays, so far so good. nationwide, the most are in >> good thing this isn't happening today. -?look at this gridlock caused the rush to get out of town for the holidays. we take a live look at the cdot cameras. piece of cake at pecos. hundreds of drivers heading out of town. you have plans to go west, as we really want to get ready for lots of company. lance hernandez is live. how's it looking? >> we've had busy traffics and
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you see all the headlights coming to the camera and a lot of bread till it's moving away. it's been like that all you will before noon, and traffic is already picking up. thtitles, was steady going. cdot said that is likely the peak day for westbound travel this week. last year, just over 26,000 cars went to the tunnel westbound on wednesday before thanksgiving. over 18,000 eastbound, the total of just over 44,000. first we spoke with surprised at how smoothly it's been flowing today. and probably averaged 65. the slow track doesn't go that fast. i came all the way from grand junction. >> loveland ski area was packed, bright sunshine and decent snow. the chad kaiser family drove up from fort collins. >> it was a long trip but the
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laughter ]it wasn't too bad. i can tell you most people are doing the speed limit this evening. they have one of those electronic signs that measures your speed up the highway. cdot said this traffic expected to taper off within the next hour the tomorrow will only see half as much traffic as you do this evening. thanksgiving, winter park and steamboat both open today. not all the resorts as lucky. they don't have enough snow. every other things for the visitors to do including sliding and site tours. this is a dream for our skiers. to 6 inches of fresh snow in the sierra nevada's. promising for our ski areas. that storm makes it's way east. chief meteorologist is tracking this and you will hear from him in 15 minutes. the holiday rush starting at the airport.
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day. tsa has a plan in place so you're not stuck. marc stewart ii live at dia. the feds to the airport will be busy around the clock. >> reporter: the lines are busy. wait times 10 to 15 minutes. over the weekend, especially saturday and sunday, airlines have added flights early the morning and late him night. >> we're going to maui. trigger teresa is saying a lot, making the trip west with her extended family. >> there 15 of us heading over. took us is leaving the colder weather and avoiding the massive crowds sunday. >> sunday is record breaking. >> reporter: that's larry tao, fatal director of security.
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over the weekend. ready the tsa has more staff and canines on the job. even more resources will be added during the search. >> we're adding additional 40 employees. from outside the colorado environment to come in and specifically scheduled for when that lying is occurring. >> that everyone heads to the -- this couple is he to the north. the heading back sunday lovely lights and that's an air traffic backup in the sky. it's a really quick trip, we're super excited. >> one other piece of advice. if you're traveling and you're going to drive to the airport, alashe time to find a parking spots. we didn't have any problems today. some lots are starting to fill up. they will clear out over the weekend spots you don't want to miss it flies because she couldn't find a parking spots.
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highway 34 is open right now between lovellette and a suspect. construction was put aside for this weekend. i'll pick back up sunday nights at seven. tonight, great news. to missing hikers found. the two teenagers took off monday and were expected back last night. the worry was because of the snow. they took camping gear with them . after a cold night, they are now say. spiritually abused. that's ow i see you student describes the experience in the resurrection church in boulder. sees religious campus organizations blowing the whistle revoking that church's membership. we spoke with the student and his mother and he said the studio tonight. >> reporter: the student says he felt isolated and slowly drifting away from life outside the church. all were red flags to his
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who are in the saae shoes as her son. they gradually isolate you. >> tactics cu boulder senior student says were slowly coming to light pressure later he joined resurrection church which recruits cu students and carries out sunday service here at this high school in boulder. >> the further and more involved you get to the church, they convince you that people from other churches are you shouldn't be around them. if your family views and opinions conflict, they start to convince you, your family is bad company. >> those red flags to carter's mother worry. >> i could tell they were trying to lure him away. he came home not himself. >> after two years, connor
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couldn't have any sort of association or contact with me because i had become bad company in their eyes. >> reporter: the cu releases this but religious organizations have revoked the church's membership. it receiving three complaints from students in four years. zach paris head of the cu religious campus organization says the church violated the standard code of ethics. >> with strongly encouraged to sever relationships outside the church. >> reporter: from ray, shoes that her relationship with her son was salvaged. >> my heart goes out to the other parents whose kids don't talk to them anymore. and not a part of their family. because of churches like resurrection. t?rko we reached out to the church multiple times a day for comments but we
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even more demers they just chemicals found inside a castle rock home. for the second time in a month, families were told to get out of the neighborhood. crews worked to clean out the home after the explosive was found inside. the conditions were so that inside that house it was condemned. the family was not allowed back inside. the fire department needed to get rid of the chemicals but they won't go to waste. >> this university has agreed to take these chemicals used that's one of the best things. we are all about keeping things >> were correct dove quickly and the families were allowed back earlier than expected. tonight with a more about a deadly hostage situation in southern colorado. gregory -- a man is under arrest and what started as a hostage situation. police say he shot his wife. we lift up his capacitor includes assaults, driving while
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this last three were dismissed. this is the largest human trafficking sentence in state history. this man sentenced to 248 years to life in prison. the greeley car dealership owner when a child prostitution ring. a man is found dead in now denver police are trying to piece together what happened. and you he was found inside a car that had one of the windows smashed. the door was still open and the keys were in the missio greatest level please hope it will get this dangerous man office treats. he held the gas station with a gun and happened last night. keep an eye on your kids. take a look at the warning sent out by parker police. they have a toddler escape artists on their hands. they had several cases of two- year-olds getting out of the house and wander around the neighborhood. the broncos take a step toward getting a new name and
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to find a partner. the broncos have naming rights after sports authority went bankrupt. legacy high school bus driver killed in a crash is going to be honored for her work with children. >> in tonight's, carries they will be added to the memorial of fog educators in kansas. she was driving football team back to the airport when the bus crash. where and how will you live longer? it could come down to your address. we take a closer look at the neighborhood second at 10 years to life. c-4 70 needs new lanes but neighbors aren't happy about the construction. a fight that could put the brakes on this project.
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work is moving forward on the highway expansion of the 470. if the federal judge sides of homeowners along the highway, it could put the brakes on the whole project. the judge heard arguments tuesday from both sides regarding an injunction to stop work. homeowners are trying to get noise walls built long highway. cdot says it didn't follow the noise study guidelines.>> cdot is charged with the responsibility of beha o citizens to do a noise study properly validated. we're dealing with a computer noise model that needs actual field noise measurements to validate that model. >> a decision on that is expected soon. where you live could mean big difference in how long you live. >> new research shows live exigency in denver down to the neighborhood. jaclyn allen is looking into the numbers. who this long as? >> some of the wealthiest
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just across the highway you will see a big drop, 78 years here. 73 and here. we went to some of these favorites to find out why. wash park one of demers wealthiest neighborhoods, >> your life expectancies 84. >> that's about right. >> it's no surprise you but the longest life expectancy in the city. >> you spend that walking wash park or going to have a healthy breakfast with your friend. that plays into hell. >> 2 miles away, people in the velvety neighborhood live 11 years less. agree a santa cruz can't believe the average life expectancy here is only 73. >> we're talking about 10 years lifespan. that's a lot. >> dr. bill berman has done for how this is a new map starts a conversation about health disparities. neighborhoods with the lowest
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with the highest poverty. >> kept as yourself, what it is about poverty, what factors associated with poverty would produce these differences? >> research points to factors like higher tobacco use and higher obesity rates. barbarity marraret says she's too afraid to go to the park with her grandkids because of drugs and strangers there. access to fresh food is also an issue. >> is there a great sistee around here? i can know. we have to go to king soopers on evans. it t?rko was being done about this? there's a task force to put grocery stores and in food deserts. denver health is launching a center for health equity. to work on problems like what you see here. neighborhood, we put a list of life expectancies of the app. thanksgiving came early at the denver rescue mission. i was helping serve meals along with our governor this afternoon to the homeless.
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a big group had turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pie. it's that familiar sound term into the holidays are here. >> with the help of denver mayor mike hancock the salvation army kicked off its red kettle campaign today. all the money donated will go to families in need providing toys and food for the holidays. check out this video this is a winter storm rolling in systolic city. this storm will head this way with our next round of whatever it will be. chief meteorologist mike nelson is tracking this. >> denver was pretty but not nearly that much action. a few high clouds. this is the view from mile high. it's a better looking to the west. this beautiful shot at the denver museum of nature and science. look at that took gold color. >> denver right now, clear sky
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40 at the airport, 60% to missy. pressure falling off the front moves in bermuda. went from the northwest, winchell at 34. top tip, 50, started at 23. animals 41 nine. records are 73 in 1880 data for the loser. >> around the nation, one front moving off to the ohio valley and great lakes. that was spit rain tornadic england and eastern seaboard not a major storm. this will weaken as to purchase but spread snow in the mountains and there's another one for late in the weekend coming out to the west coast. 48 inches of snow for the mountains above 10,000 feet. along and north of i-70 for the casilla much it falls apart by morning. it will be when the system as it goes through. hello, that in denver attorney
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confirmation was mostly near the 30 mark. 20s across announce was snow developing. >> tomorrow morning lingering snow along the continental divide. strong winds expected during the day they will gradually subside. skies returning to mostly sunny statewide. not a bad day to pitchers around 50 for denver, mid- fifties southeast, 30s in the mountains. among the front range mall, highs in the upper 40s to around 50. make it feel colder. mounds of fresh snow and temperatures expected around 30 to 35. class increase than on snow, 30 for love. tomorrow wendy. skies mostly sunny, wind more or less 15-30 -day. looking ahead, weather conditions warmer, friday saturday upper 50s to 60. the front comes through gusty winds colder which ushers in chilly
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periods of light snow or flurries and temperatures in the 30s.. forecast, but lip sunday night. snow flurries, windy, cold weather, changes in the 30s jumping to the 20s in the fourth quarter. peyton manning this in the broncos practice today. the team moved three lombardi
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commonly displayed in a glass case. don't touch. just look and to think about adding a fourth here. progress made the lombardi trophies from the lobby to right smack dab in the middle of where the players spend a lot of their time. a gentle reminder, this is what we're after the last six games and beyond. peyton manning visited dove valley watching practice with his five-year-old twins. peyton and lombardi trophies together on the same day? coincidence? i don't think so. gary kubiak says it's good to see peyton and the lombardi's but they focus on what lies ahead. >> therr is good there some in this building. though still do any good right now. it's a new year, a new battle. this team is really excited, coaches and organization and everybody. we're there six weeks of play. that's why we do what we do. we're all excited and you can feel it. there are big challenges ahead.
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the broncos defensive lineman missed the game in new orleans, said it's miserable have to watch her teammates and not be able to play. officially listed as limited it back to us but he told denver seven broncos, the broken elbow a broken bone in his "keep him out of this game sunday. if it's up to the moment. >> it's feeling good right now so we will see. it's all up to what our trainer says. he says i can go than i will go. >> 20s to be right to play at high level? >> as long as it works. if it works, i'm good. if my arm works, though brace for christmas i can do it, i can play. >> these tony romo reports is interested in coming to the broncos, it's cheap sweet. but the time has trevor simien but came up and trevor had the right answer. >> i'm not worried about it. it's a ery important game for us.
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sunday. can't worry about that stuff too much. >> a nice thanksgiving coming
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. right now on "the list" stop flushing money down the drain. ways to start saving on water right now. >> saving hundreds of dollars. >> and liven up those leftovers with these delicious after thanksgiving twists. >> it couldn't be simpler. >> go beyond the ball hit. totally awesome kid-friendly restaurants across america. plus, snoop doggy dog has a big surprise for one neighborhood. that's all coming up on "the
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>> i'm christina. here's what's trending now. >> yes, it is a weapon. your information will get stolen. >> that got your attention, didn't it? >> holiday shoppers beware. credit card thieves are shopping for your information. if you'll be spending black friday or any day shopping indoors keep those credit cards and debit cards out of sight from anyone. just one picture, and you could be compromised. >> in real-time i'm stealing credit card shopping, beware of public wi-fis that don't require passwords. make sure your anti-virus programs are up-to-date, a if you see a link that looks at all fishy, think twice before you click. >> a lot of great things about the internet, but then there are some spooky things that go along with it. >> if you ever find what you think might be fraud lent charges on your credit card or debit card rrks contact your bank or credit card company asap because shopping of a is the best shopping you can do. >> of course, you nevant t vewa yrdit cardin
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giving gifts this holiday season to those that need it most, and now it's easier than ever. >> this is really exciting. 100% of what clothing retailer padagonia makes will be donated grassroots organization that is help protect the environment. sounds more like green friday to me. >> it's a commitment we stand by today. >> but your giving shouldn't be restricted to black friday purchases. right now you can go to, a brand new charity platform, and create a page of your own so loved ones give you are actually gifts to charities around the world because, let's be honest, we have enough stuff. >> don't get stuff. it makes the world a better place in the process. >> making the world a better place instead of just filling up your space. now, that's a gift you'll remember forever. >> oh, giving gives you a great feeling, doesn't it? so does watching heart warming holiday commercials. here's our new favorite, and it's all about mrs. claus.


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