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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  November 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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. it is 6:00 a.m. and denver7 begins with breaking news. a shooting sending a man to the hospital, fighting for his life. >> it just happened on 44th and fillmore, let's ge orr with more. >> police got a call from a man who was shot when he knocked on the door of the neighbor's house. found him unconscious, police unconsciouu. the ambulance transported him
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quite a scene out here this morning. not the way to start. as soon as we get more information, we're going to pass it on to you. in ft. collins, arresting a man wanted for sexual assault. happened near harmony and timberline. >> and a chase and a crash, taking off on foot. police eventually caught up to him. now knot much travel here as we get to thanksgiving day. yesterday, we flew officer dia and you can see the parking lot just full there. >> and you can see the 25 and 470, not a lot of people out there. on the high country, a little bit different.
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look at the map. the misery map. few delays out there. not the busiest travel days. the biggest issues we are seeing is chicago. the terminals are going to be bustling again, not necessarily this morning. some last minute travelers try to make it to the turkey. the rush shouldn't be bad. >> some unexpected hiccups with >> woke up early. knew the traffic was going to be rough. >> can be here two to four hourser early and still be late for the flight. such demand, adding 47 ,000 seats per day to keep up. >> 43.5 million miles per hour are expected to drive more than 50 mileses to get to that thanksgiving dinner.
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los angeles. glad we live here. and the amtrak trains are packed as well. >> good to be home. and dia is not only focused on yesterday, but sunday as well. that's the day they could breakk a record. >> more flights early in the morning and late at night and already hiring more staff to handle the holiday rush. >> hiring an additional 40 employees from outside the they're specifically scheduled for when they flying is come happening. >> also hiring more k-9s. >> it is chilly. >> going to grandmother's house. >> check out lisa hidalgo. that's a fancy move. >> i want to go back to something.
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a hipster now. in the plains, skies are clear, the pink area here we have across northeastern colorado, just a few cloud covers. what a shot from the camera in sterling. it's going to be a beautiful bright start to the day. in the 20s and 30s right now. about 45 degrees by 1:00 as you're getting some good food shoved down your throat, going -?to be 54. beautiful average. 50 in havrj. montclair, 49 and thornton, 50. it's going to be breezy. here's the kicker. it's going to feel a little cooler because of the winds. clearing up and i'll show you that and some of the new snowfall totals in a few minutes. pretty nice noois thanksgiving
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saturday and a chance for snow in the mountains. details coming up. new details about a deadly hostage situation in southern colorado. under arrest for what started as a hostage situation and police say he shot his wife. we looked up his criminal past, includes an assault, driving while ability impairs and domestic assault. the last two were dismissed. an weekend murder in lakewood. police arrests a man and woman for the murder of edward penny. founded in his car on sunday. right now, the surge on for a man who robbed a gas station in loveland. walked up to the clerk and demanded money and then ran away. no one was hurt. >> it is the longest human trafficking sentence in
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248 years to life in prison. the great deal car dealership owner ran a child prostitution ring. people living in a neighborhood in castle rock are back home after being forced out, temporarily evacuated so crews could clear out some dangerous chemicals inside. the ccnditions were so birthday inside the house that it had to be condemned. the family is not allowed inside. they're not going to wait. >> the university is agreeing to take the chemicals and study them. that's one of the best things. all about keeping these out of the landfill. >> meanwhile, the two juveniles are now facing charges.
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michigan, collin rose died. he was investigating break ins. rose is the fifth police officer shot in the line of duty in the last five days. news on the deadly school bus crash in tennessee. a sixth child dies from the injuries. and investigators say the driver did not have any drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of the crash. driving on a road that was not part of his normal route. the ntsb is looking into the bus company, durham, which operates buses all over the nation. 350 accidents in the last two years. >> our issue is not if, but how
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president-elect donald trump is working through the thanksgiving holiday from his home in palm beach. k at he named two additional cabinet appointments. women who have not always supported him in the past. we hear more from washington. >> this morning, president- elect donald trump and his family are hunkered down in the luxury resort in florida. this orning, releasing this message from social media. >> it's my prayer that we begin to heal the divisions in this chris kri. >> now nominating two women to join his cabinet. south carolina governor nikki haley to serve as united states ambassador to the united nations and betsy devoss. strong republican leaders aad the first female appointments. neither were supporters of mr.
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>> donald trump is everything we teach our kids not to do in kindergarten. >> the youngest governor in the country at 44 years old feels differently now. >> i won't pretend to be president-elect donald trump biggest cheerleader, i did vote ?or him and i was thrilled to see him wii. >> the daughter of indian immigrants, and some in and -- now on board with the trump team. to lead the commerce department, mr. trump is expected to name 78-year-ood billionaire investor, may be the cabinet. >> and dr. ben carson said he's not out of the running, on
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and rudy giuliani, newt gingrich and mitt romney in the running for secretary of state. happy thanksgiving by e way. and winds coming in 15 to 20 miles per hour it's a little breezy, making it feel like 22 in denver. coming up we're going to talk about the warm up today, not as warm as what we're going to see on friday and neet chance of one organization helping to -- not have had the opportunity to enjoy a thanksgiving meal. that's not all. but they're also spreading the message of encouragement. >> a girl calls 911, but what she asked for from deputies, not what they ever expected. what is more important to you? the thanksgiving meal or the door buster deals? i pick the turkey , but some
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. denver7 breaking news. and some breaking news right now. one person is dead and another has been hurt on a bad crash on i-25. this appened at about three this morning on highway 27 north of the 71st parkway. this is the shot last we are we heard from cdot is the southbound lanes are closed. watch out for that one. one dead and another seriously hurt. a live look at noeshgs. the annual thanksgiving day parade gets under way in less than an hour. the security is tighter than ever. sand and salt trubs there to
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another measure, 3,000 officers standing guard, many arms. and remember, if you see something suspicious, say something. >> thanksgiving is all about celebrating thanksgiving with family and friends. some don't have either. adam hammond has more. >> homeless for ten years, but finding a sense of family and something to be thankful for here at thanksgiving dinner. >> without the church or the feeds, a lot of us wouldn't live here. you can't live without something in your symptom. >> filling the stomachs with this traditional thanksgiving meal and a message of meals and donations, onating from churches prosecute from across the country.
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>> and we're here go give them a church. >> not just about thanksgiving either. for the past 184 weeks, urban outreach has been providing meals to the homeless here in denver. >> teach them they're not invisible, not forgotten, we know them and love them and jesus knows them and love them. >> and we can all learn something from this thanksgiving dinner. doesn't matter what they look like. doesn't matter. they have a story to tell and they need someone to tell the story too. >> i'm adam hammond. denver7. >> and you can be a part of the door buster deals after eating. >> that's right. eat and head out. plenty of stores to choose from today. eric lupher is live at the kohl's in parker, where the
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. >>reporter: 6:00 p.m. tonight. no one here. it's windy and cold. bone-chilling. take a look at the signs. this place opens at 6:00 and a few others. best buy at five tonight. wal-mart openeds at 6:00 tonight and dick's sporting goods opening attseven. be the. talking to theanager, saying the employees actually look forward to working the thanksgiving and black friday shifts. seasonal employees were hired in october. more in westminster too. >> 25 employees is our average. 90 here now. increased trucks and inventory, making sure we have the toys on
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christmas carols to the customers insidee a few might be there, grumpy, the toy they were looking for might be sold out. and who else works? news reporters and anchors? plumbers. not going to believe some of the stuff that gets stuck in toilets. that's coming up. >> that's a tease i'm not sure i want to tune back into. >> and who doesn't work on thanksgiving morning is eric's razor. >> i don't know if he heard you on that one. too bad. if eating and shopping is not your thing, how about boarding? three resorts are open. wolf creek, crested butte and limited opening in snow mass. and vail will be open on friday. >> i'm going to be sleeping important.
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>> yeah. kids running around, 20 people at the house. >> stuffing and turkey. >> i could hit a store on the way home tonight. i've done that before. kind of fun. >> three in the morning. >> cheat sheet, some sigh si conditions in the metro area, some clouds and across the plains, going to see upper go 40s to nice tifg. thanksgiving. additional snow to be the and early morning. 3 some of the winter weather advisories in effect, cancelling out in the mid- morning. here's what it looks like on the future cast. snow lingering to 9:00. and clear from denver south to the springs, it's good when you
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fun. shops open tonight and into the early morning hours, going to find some clear condition. overnight, a dry beautiful start here from the shot in limon, pretty quiet weather across the blaine plains. a front rolling through, all we're going to see from it here in town is gusty conditions this morning with windchills ffom 20 in greeley and 22 in bennet and 21 below zero in berthoud pass in the mountains this morning. highs today near 50 degrees. going to be close to normal today. mostly sunny skies and clear and cold. dropping to the toz. englewood, 47. littleton , 49 and thornton, a high of 50-degree. 40s close to 50 denver north to
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eastern colorado as well. pueblo, 56. into the mountains, 50s and -- eagle, steamboat and craig, going to be in the 30s. western slope, grand junction, 40s. the bright spot on friday and saturday with highs near 60 degrees, looking ahead to the broncos game on sunday, i'm looks like hour-by-hour on sunday night. a chance of snow monday into tuesday and a little unsettled with temperatures in he 30s next week. all right. still ahead on denver7, a xuf sppted thiefs caught in the act and how they caught him. a hint, something you'll probably have at your thanksgiving table tonight. >> how are you? >> that familiar sound means the slam is kicking off the red
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. welcome back. a washington state couple caught a suspected thoof trying to break into their car, but they didn't let him get away. >> they were coming home, noticing a light on in the car. once the suspect saw them, he took off and jarld chased him. and then a weapon, apple cider. >> down on the ground, trying to talk, let me go, let me just get out of here. i didn't really take much. >> when did you think it was necessary to use the pot l? >> when he took the pistol out, had it three inches away from his face. >> not the best idea to chase the suspect, but the suspect is
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it is thursday, some sun and bottles of apple cider going around as well. high of 50 at four. it's going to et warmer friday and saturday. closer to 60 both days. windy and chilly for the broncos game. we'll talk more about it coming up. >> we have more news coming up at 6:30 on denver7, including a church membership revoked. >> what he called a pattern of spiritual abuse. >> and mechanicings being asked to repair too many cars unnecessarily failing emissions tests. could changes be on the way for the emissions program? we'll have more. and we are continuing to follow this bruise in denver. shots fired just after 5:00 this morning.
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. investigation underway in denver. a live look at the scene on 44th and fillmore, no one in custody yet. >> one person shot, that person taken to the hospital and we just learned thattthat person died. police are going door to door to get information on what happened. throughout the broadcast. more broourz, one dead and another hurt after a head on collision on 25 in the mort portion of the metro area. near highway 7. thanksgiving destinations, americanses taking planes, trains and automobiles to get
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>> expected to be the busiest travel day in ten years. 27 million of them in fact, flying. yesterday at dia, a few bumps, a few delays, largest slow downs in chicago, houston and l. a. airports. >> checking the roads for you, we can show you 36 at pecos. not expecting a lot of traffic in the metro area today, but in the high country be aware of that and as people head out on ?unday, expect he have heavier traffic as folks are going home. >> showing the camera shaking there, front coming through.
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the mountains overnight. this front brought us a few extra inches of snow. going to find wind gusts at 15 to 30 miles per hour early on, likely going to be a bit windier this morning and breezy through the afternoon and enough of a wind with the highs in the 40s, windchills in the 20 that's a factor. aurora, 35, thornton, 50, happy thanksgiving to you. pretty nice day. if you're driving, you're going to find pretty dry conditions throughout the day. next week, not so much. we''l talk about the chance of snow next week. police are trying to figure
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open and keys in the ignition. two people attacked and a man on the loose. a person was sitting outside and the suspect demanded money, the man refused and got punched in the face. and by the library hit another person and took off. spiritually abused. that's how he explains the action. all of this comes after three complaints were filed in three years. according to the -- encourages students to cut relationships outside the ccurch. spoke to a former member who quickly felt the isolation. >> the further and further and more involved you get with the church, they start kwipsing you
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are probably bad company, that you shouldn't be around. and if, for instance, your family, if your family's views and inions conflict with their viewings and opinions, they say the family is bad company. new on the denver7 investigation, if you're getting tired of getting your car tested with emissions. what can you do? >> we'll hear more on that. >> the changes are not going to be easy. and the government will have to get involved. but drivers need to follow the rules in place right now. everything has rules. >> frees up the data for the vehicle. >> and these are the people who make sure the cars are not breaking the rules.
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exceed. >> with the vehicles, can't go over. gosh, only failed by a little and we're going to let you -- we don't have that choice. that's not for us to say. >> with air care colorado and with the state, even if you fail the emissions test by a hundredth of a point, that's the way it is. >> failing over small amounts concern you a little? overall. we take measures that make sure we run a good program. and yes, we run a good program. >> facing changes after the audit in 2012. and seven years and newer. and r, cutting that and testing on board diagnostics as well on vehicles between eight and 11
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but that didn't help her. >> didn't pass. >> on board diagnostics and because it's so old , had to go through it four times. and got to it after she took it to the shop, 2 hundred dollars $200 for the time only to find out it didn't need any repairs. >> waist waste and time and money for us. believe the state should expand the on board diagnostics to every vehicle that has the capability. if that were the case, we found 10,000 vehicles would have passed the emissions tests, including gail's. and there's argument that the testing got the 10,000 vehicles off the road or fixed, a step
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request to make sure the cars are not emitting more than they should. they benefit the most from having the car run cleanly. >> the standards are such that a vehicle should be well within those parameters. if they're not, failing by that small amount that you're talling about, there's a problem and needs to be repaired. >> if you missed our first now. tell us what you think. is this program still worth is cost? have you been run-around? call us. we want to hear from you. a bear too hungry to hibernate.
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. it is colder and we're tracking a change, you guys. tracking a change for next week. >> thanks, lisa. a bear couldn't wait any longer for thanksgiving. wanted to somehow down early . >> sleeping after raiding a couple's garage freezer.
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what really surprised the man ask what the bear decided to eat. >> ignored everything. a lot of fish in here. see that? just like that. took it out, broke it, bit it and a piece of the cheesecake. >> got it right there. only took ice cream and cake. after the male, the bear took off. >> just wanted dessert. . that's like me. wanting dessert. start there. >> coming up, getting you caught up on the stories. the va is getting attention. not for being an overbudget facility that is yet to open, but biilboards popping up. and a bus driver, honored. the story in two minutes. >> and well, it's thanksgiving. a lot of food will be going down the sink, through the
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sfx: laughter ? we all find fun ways to be good to our hearts. one hundred percent whole grain quaker oats is the delicious way to help reduce cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet.
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. our morning begins with
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a man shot and killed on thanksgiving. >> the search for the suspect is now on. darl orr has more. >> this investigation started at 5:10 this morning when residents called police for a person knocking on the door, asking for help, saying he was shotd. by the time here, he was not responsive or breathing. he was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. going to ask for and the suspects that they may be looking for throughout the morning. guys? also breaking overnight in ft. collins, a police chase ends in an arrest. the suspect accused of sexual
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started near harmony and timber line. crashed on harmony and snow mesa and the police caught up to him. more breaking news, a one dead and another badly hurt after a head on crash on i-25. it happened this morning on i- 25 and highway 7. a man accused of killing his wife. shot his wife, later died at the hospital. the hos in castle rock at the center of the explosives investigation is now free of chemicals. the chemicals are going to go to a university for research. the removal of the chemicals caused people living in plum creek to be evacuated for the second time this month. mean time, two juveniles facing charges.
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shot, died from his injuries. the wayne state officer, collin rose was 25. investigating crimes, stopped to ask one man on a bike about it and he shot him. and in tennessee, the bus driver's toxicology report, no alcohol or drugs in his system at the time of the crash. crash happened on something that was not part of his regular route. and now looking at the bus company and yesterday, a sixth child dies from the injuries. americans are traveling a lot by plane, car and train, just to get to that turkey. airports bustling. the demand for flights so much
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but the preferred mode of transportation is on the road. yesterday as not thh busiest day, but expected to be sunday. adding more flights that morning and night and more staff added. another dia yesterday, not too many problem. air tracker seven flew over yesterday. that parking lot is packed, not a lot of space for those drives. audio. the drive to the high country. on i-70 and eisenhower, really cold and windy. >> i would rather snuggle up in my house with the food. 229 grams of fat on thanksgiving and 10,000 calories. that doesn't include the appetizers or drinks. all of that has to go
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plumbers say they would rather you have it in the trash. thanksgiving can be one of the busiest days. errc lupher has some really inside details on this. eric? . >>reporter: yes. some disgusting details in fact. but it makes sense. think about it. making the feast, the family comes and a lot of that food goes downnthe garbage disposal. and that's -- common sense thinking before you pour anything down the sink. i talked to folks at reach out roto-rooter. and -- all hands on deck for the team in denver. 70 on the streets on black friday alone. each will have between four and
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get to every customer. and they're not just trying to get rid of the clogs under the sink. how about the toilet? listen to this. >> recently, treated to rib. someone dropped the rib in the toilet, the one they were eating and that clogged their mainline. >> that's right. a rib. apparently someone finished off the rib, took the last bite and ma toilet. i don't know. clogged the mainline. but i'm going to enjoy these hawaiian rolls with the turkey sandwich. i'm ready. >> eric, we are really concerned about you. >> at his own house this morning. this is not fair. >> yes. >> good looking kitchen, eric. good job. >> yes. and bring us some sandwiches.
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dozens open, wolf creek, snow mass and more. for more information, go to our app. the turkey trot in washington park. this year marks 33 years for the thanksgiving day tradition. more than 10,000 people are expected to participate. a four-mile race, food trucks and coffee at the start of the free post-race beers at the garden. race is at ten. what a great way to burn off all those calories a head of time. so it's going to be -- >> want me to -- >> thank you. >> my legs hurt. stood in power line for 45 minutes for a ham yesterday. better be a good ham.
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great for the ski resorts. already going away though. you can see it clearing up as we speak. sunshine in the mountains this afternoon and plenty of sun and dry conditions across the plains. as much as you would love to see those -- going to be good for traveling. clear for 10:00 and quiet throughout the afternoon, sunshine, clear skies tonight. it's going go be another cold one early black friday morning. but more coming up. right now, talking about the temperatures 36 in denver. notice the winds 15 to 35 miles per hour. that's making it feel colder. windchill is going to be a factor. congress park, high high of 50. brighton 50 and littleton, 49 for a high today. more 30s again for the mountains. want to blup heading for the
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and # 50s near pueblo and lamar. close to 60 friday and saturday. and two bright spots on our seven-day forecast. sunday is the big broncos game. chiefs in town. temperatures in the 40s. don't need a halloween forecast do we? expecting temperatures to be in the 40s for the start of that game. as the game goes on, colder and monday, 38 and a chance for a little bit of snow. obviously,if i don't touch the right spot, you get the wrong forecast. >> going to be cold for the game on sunday. >> going to the thanksgiving meal today, you may drive past a billboard that may cash your eye. reads, va is lying, veterans are dying. one on leetsdale and a digital
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checked it and it's the same man that had these signs in phoenix after several died waiting for treatment today. and the denver va said they would be willing to talk to the person if he would reach out to them. adding to the memorial of falling elther. located in kansas. driving the football team back from the airport when the bus she was in craahed. it time of the year. black friday is just hours away. before you rush out with your walt, some tips on the scams.
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. well, today is thanksgiving. we just have hours until the
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>> buyers, beware. >> may not be as good as they seem. clothes later, but now is the time for tv and electronics. talk to the sales associate, coupons than you realize. >> and scams to watch out for. the colorado attorney general has a list of scams targeting shoppers. >> be aware of surroundings in stores. and going to e don't carry a lot of cash. use a credit card because there's more protection. >> federal laws guarantee that if you're defrauded, going to be the responsibility of the credit card company over $50 and not you personally. >> you can see more on the attorney general's went and more on >> if you get on facebook, ad after ad after ad after ad popping up.
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up, already nice. i may or may not have partaken on those. >> don't blame you. beautiful shot from sterling there. beautiful. wind speeds between 25 to 35 miles per hour. going to be gustier this afternoon and evening. highs around 55 fwi 4:00. mild afternoon. 60 friday and saturday. sunday for the broncos game, for snow early next week. >> sounds good. thanks, lisa. it's thanksgiving, but people thinking about christmas. >> an app that you want to know about to control the meltdowns. called santa's watching. keeping track of who is naughty or nice. and there's going to be an an
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good morning, america. double holiday trouble. two storms sweeping across the country right now, snow and freezing rain making roads slick in the east. a winter storm warning until west. more than a foot of snow expected in some areas as millions of americans take to the roads and the skies on this thanksgiving. high alert. security stepped up for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. 3 million people are expected to line the streets. sand-filled trucks, thousands of officers on duty and at the ready. concern that isis has called the parade a great target. you're hired. donald trump adds to his cabinet set to pick a billionaire investor as commerce secretary after naming the first two women to top posts as the president-elect calls for unity across the country this morning. >> it's my prayer that on this


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