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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  November 25, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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straight ahead on denver 7 at 5:00 a.m., a religious pilgrimage turns deadly in iraq. now this causes concerns for military leaders. and a woman that millions of home on their television screen passed away. and the case of a missing jogger takes a shocking turn when she turns up 100 miles away from her homee on the side of the road begging for help. you know what day it is. some dread it and others can't wait for it. of course, we are talk about black friday. some waited in rain for hours just to get their hand on those
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start for those shoppers waiting in line in colorado. so hopefully those stores are opening soon. derch 7 is checking out some of the hottest spots for deals. >> eric joins us from the cabela's in lone tree where hundreds waited outside. looks like they just opened the door. >> right now, they just opened the doors for the first time. people are starting to file in as we speak. i talked to a few people. they were out here sinc when you got that wind that's been picking up out there, it really is bitter cold out there but there they go. the door buster deals begin here at the cabela's. and i've actually got all the deals in my hands here, five hour-sale here. talking about binocular, boots, fishing equipment. $100 off tactical rifles.
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here. everybody is bundled up. this woman has her phone. i actually talked to this woman right here in the hoodie earlier this morning. she is the one who got here around 10:30 last night. she was about, you know, 50, 60 people behind in the line there. those who got here even earlier to get first dibs on the line got here even earlier than 10:30 last night. a lot of activity here at the cabela's. this is one of the stores that stuck with tradition. actually having black friday sales on black friday. we all ow how a lot of stores opened up as early as 5:00 last night. best buy, kohls, babies are us, toys'r'us all opened yesterday. many here say they are doong it for the experience, not worried about the sales but they'll get some deals. a lot of activity here at the cabela's and black friday.
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friday shoppinn. lisa decided to stop when she came to work. >> i have a serious case of fomo. fear of missing out. >> you know, and look at this. for the girls. >> luckily they are not watching at 5:00. >> and look at this, ten bucks on finding dori. >> you know what? this might actually fit me. >> your daughter is about my there we have temperatures right now in the 20s and 30s. take a look. pretty clear skies. there is a storm hitting the pacific northwest. we'll be watching that. going to spread snow into the mountains on sunday but today and tomorrow, dry, sunshine. current temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s right now. it is a chilly start. so, yeah, when you factor in some winds that we have this morning, it feels more like
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you're going to find it's closer to the teens in denver. big game here with the chiefs in town on sunday. following breaking news overseas. the death toll rising to staring numbers after a suicide bomb in iraq. it is now up to nearly 100 people killed. they were on a pilgrimage. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. military leaders are concerned they'll continue to retaliate as they lose ground in iraq and syria. and the first american soldier died in syria after an ied blast. up to 100 american soldiers are
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and kurdish troops in syria. and florence henderson died last night. the 82-year-old was surrounded by friend and family last night. the brady bunch started in 1959 and became a huge hit in indication. denver police are looking for a suspect morning thanksgiving shooting. police say a man was shot and killed near 44th and fillmore. witnesses say he got help from a neighbor after he got shot but he died at the hospital. description of a suspect. >> a man was also found shot to death at the travel lodge it near 225 and 6th in aurora yesterday. the victim's name has not been released yet. police say they are interviewing witnesses. they have not released information about a suspect. we are waiting to learn
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crash. a person seriously hurt in a hit-and-run rollover. it happened eastbound i-70. the crash backed up traffic for hours. one person was later arrested. they are not releasing any details on any charges at this time. >> and this deadly crash also under investigation. a 19-year-old was killed in a crash on i-25 in boulder county. the teen was driving in a car with a 16-year-old when he was police believe that alcohol may have played a role. dozens of coloradans spent their thanksgiving in colorado protesting the pipeline. representative salazar is also there. the sioux tribe says that the
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land and could risk their drinking water. and a man accidentally catches on fire after touching a live electrical wire. the person who jumped in to save him shocked everyone on the scene it's your first alert. going to be a mild day today. it's really cold this morning. 20s right now.
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[blues / country music] don't miss cabela's black friday doorbuster sale. for 5 hours only, shop for amazing doorbusters plus, the first 600 in line will receive a free giveaway from over $8,000 in prizes. doors open at 5am. can't wait? shop thanksgiving day for incredible deals at y26g7y yvpy welcome back. it's after 5:00. let's give you a check out at dia. you can see parking. some spots opened back up out there the mount albert lodge is closed once again which means that pike's peak is not full. under 10 minutes right now for wait. >> a small plane was forced to make an emergency landing in a neighborhood in georgia. it appears that plane lost
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airport, he was unable to make it. no one was hurt we now know the name of the 6th child killed in monday's school bus crash in tennessee. this is keonte wilson. his brother described him as a tough little boy and says he is in a better place now. 37 children were on that bus when it hit a tree in chattanooga. five of the kids died on impact. the driver of the bus,-on johnthony walker, was charged with five manslaughter charges. noo he is be charged with a sixth one. and an incredible story out of california. a mom of two was kidnapped while jogging and now she has been found.
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entirely community has been waiting to hear for three weeks. >> we are glad to announce that sherrie papini has been found. >> she was found by a passing driver along i-5 near county road 17 in yolo county, more than 130 miles from her hometown where she was believed to have been captured. she came with a few minor injuries, left by two of her captors, both hispanic women armed with at least a handgun. >> she was bound with restraints but was able to summon help from a passing motorist who note night law enforcement. >> papini was last seen november 2nd. she was reported to have seen near her mountain home. her husband came home to find out that her two kids were never picked up from daycare. >> keith found sherrie's phone
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>> i'm coming, honey, i'm trying. doing everything that i can >> this is her husband keith. >> we are doing the best we can and i'm sorry that we are not there. >> reporter: tonight she is reunited with her family and amid well wishes and social media and prayers answered, questions still remain. law enforcement are trying to figure out who her captors are. he urges to remain vigilant >> until we identify the suspect or suspects, the public should remain cautious. >> we have another incredible story. this one out of kentucky of an unlucky hero saving a man's life. somehow, this woman, who is nine month pregnant managed to he have sat life of a man who
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wire. >> i watched somebody die right in front of me that was my first thought. he was completely covered in flames from head to toe. jugs the image of him on fire will stay with me forever. >> one of the man helping install the trailer touch a live wire. >> so she went to help. climbing the roof of the latter where the man was, lifeless. she started cpr, giving first hospital. he is still in critical condition, but is alive. it is hit or miss. i drove by a few stores that were open and some parking lots were dead and others busy. if you were standing line, you were cold. overnight, temperatures dropped into the 20s and 30s. on satellite radar radar, skies once again are clear across the region. we are in for a lot of sunshine, a very bright start
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your cheat sheet, sunshine expected both today and tomorrow. that's statewide. it is going to get cooler on sunday and then more cold and more snow expected next week. that's when we get water chance for more snow here in denver. right now, it's 29 degrees you have winds out offthe southwest at about 5 to 15 miles per hour. a little breezy, making it feel colder early on but a decent warmup close to 58, 60 degrees by this afternoon. that's between one and 20s to low 30s under a clear sky. so any driving you have to do today will be dry, even heading up or down from the mountains. speaking of, frisco at 45 today. ever green, you have a high of 52. closer to 60 near denver, highland ranch and parker. and erie, high of 59. so pretty nice warmup this afternoon. it's a good 10 to 15 degrees above normal. both today and tomorrow. and, again, nothing to show you
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across l four corners. now, tomorrow, same thing. pretty sunny from 7:00 through noon into the early evening. all we'll be tracking at that point will be some clouds moving in from the south. going to be late saturday, early sunday when we get more snow developing, especially down across our southwestern mountains. the san juan will pick up more heavy snow here from sunday into early next week. we do have quute a bit of cloud cover sturtsz with the chance of snow into the first of next week. temperatures wise, we go from near 60s both today and tomorrow to low 50s on sunday. it's not bad, still above normal but colder for the broncos game on sunday night. morr about that in a little bit. early next week, monday and tuesday, chance for some light snow. temperatures only in the low to upper 30s. and in a bit of warmup, more sunshine by wednesday.
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guys on this seven-day forecast from sunshine and 60s to snow. >> making everybody happy. oo black friday, retailers are trying to convince people to come in their doors. >> they are unle new tactics to get people to come in. >> more than 132 million americans are expected to shop this weekend on the hunt for the best deal like this 40-inch led tv on sale for $125 in walmart. and target, this ipad pro, for $100 off. rrtailer, testing new tricks >> a lot of the retailers are competing on price but where they are also competing is toy exclusivity. when you are seeing, especially online is walmart, target and amazon offering you exclusive toys that you can only get
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opposite like macy's, the word's largest department store company, rolling out it own in store exclusive on apparel and fragrances so you have to physically be there to get some deals. >> j. c. penney unveiling appliance showroom focusing on deliver them a more unique in- store experience. in select neiman marcus store, a unique twwst. advertise. staying close. how men and women in the military celebrated thanksgiving. and you won't believe what it took to make this meal happen
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glinchtsz is a per. >> it is a perfect start to the day right now in the mountains. the snow is helping the ski resorts. today, veil and beaver creek will open up. aspen just celebred opening yesterday with a turkey day on the slopes. 14 resorts total are open. if you are planning a get away in the high country it will cost you. colorado has some of the most expensive winter destinations in the country. this report from cheaphotels.commlists veil as the most expensive winter spot of all. aspen was third on that list and breckenridge was fifth.
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cheapest double hotel room per night. in vail, the cheapest you will find averages 243 a night. in breckenridge, $221 a night. >> i think it's slowly becoming like an aspen and vail. popularity wise, aspen and vail have a bigger name recognition but vail is up there >> cheapest of the three winter months is december. >> that's because we have all the good snow. >> yes >> and that's also why i-70 is a nightmare because if yo smart, you just go up and down on the same day because staying overnight is costly. >> it's beautiful right now. the mountains see a lot of sunshine. a little breezy right now, but not as windy as yesterday. it will be chilly for the broncos game on sunday night. we will see an increase in cloud cover on sunday mountain also see snow on sunday. by the fourth quarter, we are
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freezing. looks like it's going to be the coldest game of the season so far. >> thanks, lisa. a trip to the grocery store this time of the year can be chaotic, especially if you have kids along >> one iowa woman was having one of thoseetrip when is a random act of kindness from a stranger turned her day around. samantha myer shows us. >> danielle ran across the street to grab groceries and a few thanksgiving ingredients. >> i get to the cashier, put ev there was a woman behind me and playing with the baby and cooing and keeping her plea occupied which was welcome. >> she realized she had forgot en her wallet. >> i called my husband really quick and said, i forgot my wallet. i don't know what to do. can you come. >> but then the woman behind her jumped in and offered to pay for the whole thing. all $178 worth.
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tears in my eyes. she kind of like looked at me. like i was crazy. i said, i have to give you a hug. oh, no, no, no, you don't need to. i ran over there to give her a hug and said, thank you so much. >> she asked for the woman's name or address to send her a card. but the woman simply said she wanted to do something for the holiday. vincent posted this on her facebook page. and it's got lofts comments. people said that's inspired them. >> that has been such a cool experience that has not only i'm pact by me spread to the communnty. >> one way she plans on paying it forward herself is paying for people's drinks in line at starbucks. she says that's the least she could do after this grand gesture that her family will remember for many more thanksgivings to come. >> so nice.
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we know stretches beyond the battle lines. local veteraas helped veterans who need extra help on thanksgiving. >> the event was at the vfw post one in denver. >> veterans on the receiving end were so grateful it even brought some to tears. >> i'm very thankful that people do this. >> a denver army veteran started this tradition four years ago. he had passed away last year but his wife decided to continue his work >> oversatisfaction the taste of tradition. these american troops took a short break to chow down on their thanksgiving meal. this is in afghanistan. this is a special treat because everything had to be shipped in on time. more than 13,000 pounds of turkey and 8000 pies were delivered to feed the u.s. service members. organizers say there is nothing more comforting when you are away from home that you sit
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few laughs. thanksgiving is o important that officials start to plan it by april. and we'll have more on the shops opening early and we have shocking reason for aadeadly attack in walmart and the latest on a brutal attack at a retirement home for monk. i'm mitch from denver 7. how are you? >> you guys really tricked me. >> denver 7 outstanding volunteers for 18 years. >> hi. >> oh, my god. >> what do you mean? >> oh, my god. >> so you know what's happening? >> who is the 7 everyday hero in your life? nominate them at the
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for a few years now, big retailers have made black friday a big event. but a few stores are sticking to tradition and waiting for today, the realm black friday. >> and eric is out at the lone tree cabela's where shoppers were allowed in about 30 minutes ago to start racking up those deals. >> reporter: and the line was steady for a good 14 to 15 finally walked inside here. busy this early in the morning. that's what you get with black friday. take a look at the lines from early this morning because it was wrapped around the building. about 700 people waited in line. some good here as early as 10:30 last night. yesterday morning, i should say. some evening earlier than that. now the first 600 people in line got some prizes, outside


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