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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  November 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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right now on denver 7, happy black friday. the biggest shopping time of the year. about 140 million people are expected to shop this weekend. >> here is a look at many -- some of the shoppers who braved the cold. those are the liens in new cabela's in lone tree. this year, retailers are trying new tactics to get people into stores and it looks be working here in colorado. parking lots were packed overnight. cabela's were packed. best buy, target, kohls opened last night. >> macy's opening earlier than last year. experts say you will find the best deals on electronics. >> denver 7's eric lupher is out in cabela's. we showed you some big deals
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prizes away to the first 600 people outside in line. they waited several hours out in the cold to get those prizes. i will step out and show you. it's pretty mellow. pretty disciplined here at the cabela's. take a look at the video. i talked to some people who were here at 10:30 yesterday morning. so that will tell you how long people have waited in line to get inside this who are bundled up outside before they are let in. >> we are hoping to win one of the guns and giveaways that they have. >> looking to get the 223 ammo. >> people are in it for the rifle and ammo. lots of equipment and sales. you name it. >> i have not seen that guy yet
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i'm sure he'll get out of here with something that he likes. other stores, by the way, as we are here live that are opening that waited for today to open, crayton and barrel opened today. a lot of stores decided to stake with tradition and open up on the real black friday. back to you. >> not every business, though, is actually open today. well, the list is short but rei, we can tell you, they decide to the do that so employees could enjoy the day off and spend the day outdoors. >> that's right. fresh friday. >> denver 7 is here to help you out. we have a guide for when to shop as well as the list of stores and hours. let's check in with lisa. what is the weather going to be strike it's cold. those standing in line were dealing with the 20s. wind chills in the single digits and teen it is but what
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cameras here. here is a cheat sheet on this friday. sunshine both today and tomorrow. going to get cooler on sunday. our mountains are likely going to pick up more snow. more on the timing of that coming up later. today, our highs near 61 in littleton. 67 in broomfield and 60 in lone tree. aarora, 58. spreading a little bit of cloud cover to the northwest of our state. coming up, we'll take a look at the timing for the snow in the mountains and when we'll see more. >> two thanksgiving shootings under investigation. first ii denver, police are looking for a suspect who shot and killed a man near 44th and fill more. police have not released the description of that suspect. then to aurora where police are searching for whoever gunned down the man at the travel lodge near 25 and 6th avenue. aurora police are interviewing witnesses right now but no
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one person seriously hurt and another in custody after a hit-and-run rollover crash. this happened on eastbound i-70 near central park avenue. the crash backed up traffic for >> a 19-year-old from windsor killed in a crash on i-25. police say that teen was riding in a car with a 16-year-old driver when they were hit head on by a wrong way driver that was right there near highway 7. the 16-year-old now fighting for his life. the wrong way driver only has minor injuuies. po a heads up now to anyone who has family flying home after thanksgiving. more travel trouble on the horizon. storms on both coasts are threatening to make sunday even worse for travelers and that's already predicted to be a reco-breaking travel day. in the pacific northwest, the first of several storm systems has moved through. some areas are shoveling out of three feet of snow. out east, from alabama to virginia, firefighters are
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dozen wildfires. more than 160,000 acres scorched. on sunday, expert also predict a 240% increase in traffic nationwide. >> it is november 25th which means that thanksgiving is over. happening tonight, multiple venues around the metro area getting into the christmas spirit. over at the denver zoo, you can check out their preview night this weekend. admission is $17. they're also going to offer value nights from brewery light in fort collins. the anheuser busch company is offering free samples and hot coco. or join us here tonight for the i am huge nation. that starts at 6:00 pm and lisa and i will be both at union station m c'ing.
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>> we will a be in the upper 50s to near 60. a fairly warm, sunny afternoon. right around 6:00, dropping into the mid-40s. by 8:00 tonight, if you are out on a friday night, some upper 40s. great 24 hours. wind are not as gusty and highs near 60. in a few minutes, we'll take a look at when our temperatures are likely going to be half of this. we'll drop into the 30s next week and there is a chance for some snow. you could call it miracle. it is. a mom missing found three weeks later. she is alive. new detail this is morning about her disappearance and who police are now looking for. opening day for two more coming up, find out which ttree
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we learned the first american service member has died in syria during the current conflict. the u.s. central command says that soldier succumb bed to injuries from an ied blast happened in northern syria. at any one time, up to 100 american soldiers could be operating in syria. they are there to advise soldiers in the isis. [ gunshots ] >> wow. a tragic thanksgiving day shooting. gunfire broke out at a youth sports festival in louisville, kentucky. two people were killed and four others hurt. right now, police are looking for the gunman and a motive many witnesses describe a horrifying scene. >> i saw one guy laid out he was still alive. another guy dead. so like i said, he was shot in the head. >> i could not count them. there were at least four or
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he heard. the event was supposed to bring families for a annual football game. the shooting was not connected to the event and a police officer fights a fugitive and all of this is caught on camera. >> idaho police officer thomas wood stops a car for not having a license plate. then he hears a noise coming from the hood. he asked the driver to open it. unknown to the officer, inside, a wanted 22-year-old jesse harrow. >> she immediately responded with the words to the effect of, it's a toy gun. don't shoot him. >> reporter: the officer immediately calls for back up. officer woods wrestles harrell to the ground. harrell was booked and so was his mom. we said he was in the hood but it was actually in the trunk of the car. and a search continues for
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california who broke out of jail. this happened the day before thanksgiving. four inmates cut through window bars, tight clothes and bed sheets together to get out. two of the inmates were found. just in time for thanksgiving a missing woman was found alive. sherrie papini was found on the side of the road. the search for the captors is going on right now. two hispanic women. >> she would drop a phone but never in a million years, you know, not pick up her children on a time that she normally would have. >> reporter: that is papini's husband who spoke shortly after she went missing. investigators say they don't want to release a lot more information about what they know as the suspects are still out there for fear it could possibly hamper their investigation we now know the name of the sixth child who died after
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tennessee. family members identified him as keonte wilson. his brother described him as a tough little boy and he is in a better place now. 37 37 children were on that bus when it hit a tree in chattanooga. five children died on impact. five others still in the hospital. the driver is in jail this holiday weekend, the perfect one to hit the slopes. look at this video. beaver creek posted this online. they got 8 inches of snow. along with vail. this is the beginning of their season. this now means you have 14 ski areas to choose from. for the full list and more information on each resort, head to our website, if you are planning a high country get away, it will cost you a little bit of dough. a new report shows that koord has some the most expensive winter sports. >> it's either colorado or one
6:14 am has listed vail has the most expensive. vail, the least expensive you will find during the three winter months is $342 a niiht. breckenridge, $221 per night. >> i think it's slowly becoming like an aspen are vail. popularity wise, aspen and vail has more name recognition but breckenridge is there. december is the cheapest of those exciting for the ski resorts that they are at least opening today. yeah. >> getting more snow. what does this next week look like for them? >> here in the mountains, we'll stay dry. be really good but sunday, g to coming back from the mountains, that could be tricky. >> here is the first alert head lines. it is cold this morning. sunshine across the state but, again, more mountain snow expected. i'll show you what to look for
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storm hitting the pacific northwest, spreading clout cover in our direction. today, we are under clear skies, sunshine. speaking of sunshine, man, that's gorgeous. from our camera there from sterling. that's bronco sunrise. lots of orange and blle in the sky. we have anywhere from 18 to 19 degrees near ever green. boulder right now, 20. city park dropped below freezing. when you factor in some wind, feels like single digits and teens. cold start but loo warmup. highland ranch at 62. denver, 58. anywhere from 58 to 62, up and town the i-25 corridor with 40s and looks like low 50s in the foothills. so warmer than yesterday. speaking of omorrow, look at the future cast starting at 8:00 tomorrow morning. there's really nothing to show you on it today. it's going to stay dry, statewide but tomorrow, we'll
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evening. that's what it looks like at 8:30 saturday night. and then more clouds for the plains by early sunday morning. more snow also developing late saturday, early sunday. so for those of you heading back from the high country on sunday, we could start to see icier conditions by this afternoon and early evening on sunday. temperatures here also are going to drop a bit. wee go from near 60 degrees both today and tomorrow to a that's our high. the broncos game starts after sunset so it will get a lot colder. we should be in the low 40s for the start of the game. low 30s by the en of the game and then we have 30s on monday and tuesday with a better chance for somesnow for the early part of the week. the president-elect is getting into the christmas spirit -- sort of.
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it is a red cap with his election phrase, make america great again. the brass ornament is 25 carrat gold or has 24 carrat gold in it. i wonder how big this really is. you can only buy it on donald -- actuallyit's --actually,it's and she was tv's favorite mother. florence henderson passed away. and en ann sorry station to thanksgiving after a texting mistake.
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let's take a live look from air tracker 7. backup in the sky on this black friday. we'll be right back. i'm mitch from denver 7. how are you? >> you guys really tricked me. >> denver 7 has been surprising outstanding voluuteers for 18 years. >> hi. >> oh, my god. >> what do you mean? >> oh, my god. >> so you know what's happening? >> who is the 7 everyday hero in your life? nominate them at on 7 everyday hero. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> nice work.
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welcome back at 6:21. it is a bond that stretches far past the battll lines. veterans on the receiving end were so grateful it brought some to tears. >> very thankful that people would do this.
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started this tradition four years ago. last year, he passed away but his wife decided to continue the tradition. and a new tradition start the here -- started here in denver. yesterday was the first trucks giving. six food trucks were brought out. volunteers ebbed up giving out 400 free from a digsal meals. the internet is loving this story this morning. it is going viral. an arizona grandma thought she inviting them to thanksgivvng dinner but it was the wrong number. 17-year-old jamal hinton got this text while still sitting in class. she still asked if he could still join them for dinner. he got a response he didn't expect. she said yes. >> she welcomed me to her
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>> it's a message from god above. he uses us as tools and vessels. >> and afterwards, they took a selfie. a very bright drive. so if you are getting up, heading to work this morning, lots of people still have to work. you will find some pretty bright conditions. clear skies right now. we are tracking a storm that had bring some snow to our mountains on sunday. speaking of sunday, out across the plains, we'll get more cloud cover and for the broncos breezy and chilly. 42 degrees by kickoff. a few degrees above freezing by the fourth quarter. new this morning a woman who was known for playing one of the all-time greatest tv moms passed away. florence henderson died of heart failure last night. she passed away in los angeles. henderson was 82. she came from same background but reached for the stars.
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lovely lady ? >> reporter: that lovely lady is florence henderson who played carol brady on the 1970s sit com the brady bunch but the story was not so ideal. born in 1964 in indiana, her storr was not that ideal. she used her single that's to entertain sing. i would sing to pass the hat, sing for grows his. >> her big break came in 1951 when she land add role in oklahoma. the singer turned actor took her talent to tv she became the firswoman to guest host the tonight show in 1962. in 1969, henderson became carol
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that i wished i had had. i think that everyone longs for. >> i get so much fan mail from all over the world and everybody wants a hug from me. and i hug everybody. i get so much affection. >> henderson continued to act and sing on tv for decades after the brady bunch. she even cha chad her way into our living room on dancing with the stars. >> reporter: henderson had four husband, ira person stein. she met her second husband, hypno therapist while many undergoing treatment for stage fright. the treatment worked so well she game a hippo therapist. she became a patient of a different kind when she started losing her career.
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are making a music ought of hearing and you can't hear the light instruments, that's terrifying. >> reporter: doctors discover she had a disease that was fixed. >> henderson always seemed to look on the bright side. here is the way i feel about larry. if you are not having fun, you should not be there. >> say good my, florence. >> good nights good night, everyone. >> she was a lovely lady. >> she was a great woman. a lot more coming up including the latest on the black friday shopping frenzy underway. >> some shoppers have been out already but before you head out, a warning to parents about a popular toy that catches fire. it's been recalled but a
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[blues / country music] [beeping alarms] if it's in your nature to be the first one out there... then don't miss cabela's then don't miss cabela's black friday doorbuster sale. for 5 hours only, get $80 off a nikon prostaff bdc scope 50% off aquantum energy casting reel and $110 off danner pronghorn hunting boots plus, the first 600 in line will receive a free giveaway from over $8,000 in prizes. doors open at 5am. .com
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on this black friday morning, shoppers are out in full force after enjoying a thanksgiving meal. air tracker 2 giving us a look at the cabela's in lone tree this morning many for some people, thursday and friday have become one long day as the earlier. >> some of the biggest retailers opened last night. businesses are calling this gray thursday. >> deals worth lining up for and a mad dash. >> this a tradition for me. i do this every year. >> of course, stephanie could not wait to take care of her christmas list. >> you're going to do your cramps shopping tonight?
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>> all of it. >> thousands of people like these shoppers at the nike store are expected to stream through the outlet in what is called a shopping party. internet all night. so to have a party and it's fun for the whole family, it's safe for the whole family. it's a great way to be together as a family. >> we called dan caster in line saving a spot for his girlfriend. >> she's more important than >> she wants the purse. >> as for thanksgiving opening, the mall says that's what shoppers one. >> shoppers are expected to spend over $150 billion up 3 1/2% from last year. >> we have a warning for parents shopping today. watch out for recalled
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caught on fire. toys'r'us stopped selling the trucks, but you can still find those toys online or on ebay. check out any of colorado's state parks for free if you don't want to shop. all colorado state parks are free today. >> if you head out, you are encouraged to hues the #freshair friday. outside rather than shop. >> is today going to be a good day, this afternoon, i know it's chilly this morning. >> it's cold, going to be chillily through the afternoon. it will be cold but still beautiful. we had some snow the past couple of days in the mountains. live look from loveland. skies cleared out. ulf find it's clear, cold but not as windy. we are still seeing, though,
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tempt many of just 13 near bennett. aurora, 21. greeley and collins, single digits. a chilly start. we are close to 60 degrees. it is one of the warmest days on the seven-day forecast. sunshine today, clear skies and even warmer tomorrow. you guys, coming up, we'll take a look at when the temperatures hit 62. and when we're going to be back in the 30s with a chance for some snow. >> this man is accused of stabbing a wo attempted sexual assault. his name is jesse frias. fort collins police say that the attack happened at the at home in timberline aad harmony. he is now faaing a long list of charges including assault with a deadly weapon. and new this morning, montezumma county sheriff will try to improve their security
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they'll try to find a more secure place to hold suspects and hope to get more money to hire two more guards. dozens of coloradans spent their thanksgiving in north dakota in standing rock. colorado state rep joe salazar is also there. the sioux tribe says that the pipeline goes drinking water. >> and today, standing with standing rock rally will happen in denver. demonstrators will close their accounts at five banks. they are upset with the dakota pipeline project. ahead, waterton canyon is reopening for two weeks which was closed for full of construction projects since early september. starting today, it will be open daily until december 11th.
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-- through the end of the year, it just be open on the weekends. happening tonight in downtown estes park, it is the annual catch the glow parade. more than 50,000 people line elk horn avenue to catch floats in the parade. it start at 5:30 pm. it is 6:35. making a difference with a can of food, just very as many many, like one you probably use clever way to use those cans and give back. how they are turning food into fashion. >> some of the best ideas happened in the garage. >> reporter: or at the catch en table. >> baked beans. >> reporter: where inspiration hit thomas athouse one evening, three years ago. >> i saw tin cans after dinner, got it out here, lifted it
6:36 am
earrings. >> a present for his wife to celebrate a decade of marriage. >> reporter: tin, the traditional gift for a ten-year anniversary. i gave it to her and she was much more impressed by it than i thought it would be. >> reporter: didn't stop there. >> what just started when i gave her the first pieces. >> reporter: his wife said, you can sell this. >> what? >> reporter: she was not a business born out of a garage >> right from the first sale, we started giving back. >> reporter: for every purchase, a bracelet, pair of earrings, money clip, a can of food donated. a circle of up cycling, giving. >> we give that full can of food soup kitchens. they empty it and they are able to feed their people and we collect the empty cans back. >> reporter: donating more than 3000 cans of food to charity
6:37 am
where we live. i call it the peaks. >> reporter: an idea base the on social entrepreneurship. feeding the most basic of needs. >> and knowing that we're turning these pieces, these vessels of food into more food. >> reporter: the jewelry s made using natural colors found inside the cans. >> brass more gold. >> reporter: each piece with humble beginnings. >> you would not think that piece of tin can would shine like that and be that glamorous. >> reporter: and a story to tell. >> it's been that gift that has kept on giving. not only to us but to the commmnity.
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jewelry sold, canned goods donates a piece of jewelry. the products are old to more than 20 retailers nationwide and range from 28 to $42. to learn more about canned good and their products, go to still ahead, a shot you want to see. some youtube stars break a world record and they trekked all the way to the top of a mountain to do it. we have the video next. and thisdr
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is 6:39. we are back now with new video out of southern california. watch as a gunman enters a store. he points a gun at the man and demand moan e the store owner
6:40 am
he wrestles the gunman. they stumbled outside. that's when the suspect reportedly pulls out a second pistol. he then runs away. >> perhaps foolish. i apoll i apoll -- apologize. i felt i did the right thing. just don't come to my store and take my stuff that i worked hard to >> i did hear from that store owner. he basically later said, okay, folks, i got it. what i did was stupid and i should not have done it but there is that instinct that kicked in. >> he did it. >> he is very lucky. >> nice start to the day. chilly out there, clear skies. 31 degrees in denver. winds out of the southwest. you find that does factor in this morning. feels more like 20s early on as you step out the door. nicole ann will be down at
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illumination celebration. degrees. things will kick off at around 6:00. clear skies. should be fun and obviously forge just. clear skies today, guys but we are tracking a storm that's hitting the pacific northwest. we'll talk more about that coming up. now, we have some video you truly have to see to believe. >> some australian youtube stars set a guiness world record for the greatest height where a take a look. whooo. whooo, whooo. >> okay. if that is real, that is impressive. >> the group is called how ridiculous. they nailed the shot from nearly 594 feet above. this happened last weekend in
6:42 am
fall and fall and fall. that is cool. >> yeah. >> third time, he said. >> okay. we'll get you caught up on all the big stories, including two thanksgiving day shootings. two people dead and the suspects are still out there and about 50 coloradans are set to get some money thanks to a new law. and
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and something that millions of people are doing today. shopping. black friday in full swing. many people stood in lines for hours and most are inside because some opened really early. retailers tried new tactics. as they fought online deals. >> it is now a frenzy for those stores that didn't open early yesterday. >> that's because they decided
6:45 am
in lone tree where people waited outside in the cold for hours before the doors opened at 5:00. eric lupher has been hanging out with them all morning long. how does it look now, eric? >> hey, pretty mellow but a lot of people are here. actually, this is hurrying up and waiting. people were outside in the cold for hours, barreled through the doors for those deals and after they got done shopping, they ha it's a huge line. probably will take customers morr than an hour to get through here. it does not look big here but it start here and wraps around. you know how big it is if you have been in here before and ends by the christmas tree over there. going to be more than an hour for these people. it was a fun morning for a lot -?of people who do this just fo the experience, they say, getting here as early as 8:30 yesterday morning and the employees are happy about this
6:46 am
at the cabela's. >> nice to have a day off before to charm our batteries. >> i got this and a $10 gift card. >> so there you go. each the kids are getting in on all the fun. you can see here at the checkout line, that does not look too bad at the checkout it self. people are still smiling and happy even though they have been in line for more than hour. after waiting in line too. back to you. noo every business is participating in black friday. so we are here to help you out. head to the two thanksgiving shootings under investigation. first in denver, 44th and
6:47 am
right now now to aurora where police are searching for whoever gunned down man at the travel lodge near 225 and 6th avenue. aurora police are interviewing witnesses but they have no details about the suspects yet. >> milliary leaders are worried before a suicide bomber killed hundreds of pilgrimage in iraq. no problems at this year's annual thanksgiving day parade in new york but authorities say don't breathe a sigh of relief just yet. the terror threat extends through the rest of the whom dayings. >> large gatherings, malls, baseball games, football games, et cetera. you always need to be aware of your surroundings and how you can get out of them if isis comes. >> in new york, police are remaining vigilant, now
6:48 am
away presidential transition. allies of president-elect donald trump divided over who administration, specifically his choice for secretary of state. right now, rudy juliani and mitt romney are in the running. good news lost their homes to fours. the money will be distributed by the state treasurer through the great colorado payback. that's the program that returns unclaimed propertyto it rightful owners. in denver alone, more than a million dollars is expected to be returned to the proper
6:49 am
this weekend home, storms on both coasts threaten. in the pacific northwest, the first of several storm systems have moved through. some areas now shoveling out of three feet of snow. out east, though, from alabama to virginia, a different story. firefighters arr battling nearly three dozen wildfires. more than 350,000 acres scorched so far. a 240% increase is predicted in this is a look at the eisenhower tunnel. not many cars out there right now. we are seeing some snow on the ground still busunday, on the return back from the mountains, it's going to get busier. vail and beaver creek now open for the season. that moons you now have 14 ski areas to choose from in colorado. go to for more information.
6:50 am
will stop announcing speed checks on the way to breckenridge. they say that hopefully will stop people from speeding. but after a string of attacks and ambushes on police officers, they have that practice. here is the cheat sheet as you are heading out the door this morning. we have sunshine, both today and tomorrow. it is going to get cooler on sunday and we have a chance for some snow and highs only in the 30s next week. so enjoy the next few days, perfect weather to get out there and string up the lights today and tomorrow as it warms up. as you head up to the mountains, here is a live look from love land. conditions are really nice, over the mountain passes. you might find some icy spots on the sides of the streets but
6:51 am
vieira wireless camera there, clear skies, lots of sunshine and it is going to stay dry across the state today. >> tomorrow morning, we'll start this future cast up at 8:30 on saturday. we are still looking at at very quiet weather pattern. it's really not until late saturday night that you will notice near telluride and durango spreading north, through the afternoon, we'll start to see more snow in the mountains. on i-70 but you will have snow to deal with sunday afternoon. keep that in mind. >> here today, in and around denver, in the low to mid-50s highs near 60 this afternoon. what a beautiful day. you will find congress park at 58. littleton and highlands ranch at 52. >> tomorrow, even warmer, low 60s, you guys, on saturday.
6:52 am
and a chance for snow next week. we'll detail what to expect for the game on sunday in a few minutes. >> and tomorrow, of course, we will be routing for the buffs. a win could put them in the playoffs. they will host utah. cu is currently ranked number 9 in the country. a win tomorrow night would clinch the pac 12 south championship. a greeley family takes christmas decorating to the extreme. we'll haveor incredible light display next. and just when you thought
6:53 am
6:54 am
i is -- it is a holiday tradition putting up the christmas lights after
6:55 am
greeley. he is known as the greeley griswold. is so bright that planes flying overhead can see it. it has 250,000 lied. this is absolutely amazing. watch the people coming out and the stories that you hear are absolutely incredible and will fill your heart. >> this christmas tradition starts up toddy. the light show is every night until new year's. starting tonight, a lot of going to be turning on the lights. in littletop, it is the annual candle light walk and tree lighting that starts at 5:00 and our very own ann trujillo will be there. you can get a preview of the lights at the denver zoo and the grand illumination of downtown determining starting at union station. lisa and i will bb there for that lighting. for a fuul display, head out to
6:56 am
new spin on the nativity display. this one will raise some eyebrows. >> this one is called the hipster. >> this features wise men with gifts from amazon. and mary and latte. they are selling 500 sets of these a day. >> you have to wonder, they think when they make something like this, could be big or we could have a garage full of these. no, that's one is hitting the shelf. >> you know. >> it's like catch-imals. >> i need one. >> i need one. >> pick it up for one for me please, if you find one. i'll pay you back. pretty dry conditions in
6:57 am
hitting oregon and washington spreading snow into the mountains by, looks like, sunday, late saturday night, early sunday morning. we'll see an increase in clouds. 35 degrees by the fourth quarter, likely the coldest game of the season so far. look at the warmup today and tomorrow. close to 60 degrees. all right. finally, this morning, in the spirit of thanksgiving, think about someone that you tonight like or maybe that made you really mad. how would you like to send them out of town>> denver-based comedy is getting a show to
6:58 am
devon. the winner or loser will go to biz mac or ? sfx: laughter ? we all find fun ways to be good to our hearts. one hundred percent whole grain quaker oats
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heart healthy diet.
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good morning, america. found alive, the super mom who vanished without a trace while jogging three weeks ago found bound on the side of the road. a thanksgiving miracle. >> we are very ecstatic to report that sherri papini has been located. her captors. cabinet showdown. the battle for secretary of state and the backlash from trump loyalists still angry at top contender, mitt his tough talk during the campaign. as donald trump boasts and tweets from his thanksgiving celebration. and they're off. black friday mayhem unleashed across the country overnight. >> whoo! >> more than 100 million doorbusters fighting for those


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