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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  September 5, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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are headed to bay area beaches this weekend, of course. but shark sightings have people a little nervous. we'll ask an expert what's up with the latest sightings. president obama gears up to save jobs on and off capitol hill. plus, the flamingos at the san francisco zoo accomplished something they haven't done in seven years. there's the hint. the bay area 5 starts right now.
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good evening, i'm diane dwyer. labor day weekend is a popular time to head to the beach, of course, and apparently that hasn't changed a whole lot despite two recent sightings of great white sharks here in the bay area. add to that a close encounter just a couple weeks ago, and you might wonder whether this is unusual for this time of year. nbc's bay area monte francis is on the lookout for us. >> you can take a look and see that there are surfers and swimmers out in the water and a few hundred people are out here enjoying this labor day weekend. warning signs are no longer posted here saying there was a sighting of a great shark out here attacking a sea lion. last thursday, same thing, an 18-foot great white eating a sea lion. experts say there have been more sightings of great whites along
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the california coast than usual, but we spoke to an expert today. he said it's not uncommon to see a variety of sharks along the coast, andveinn the bay, particularly between august and december. >> it's not uncommon for them to come into the bay, particularly right underneath the golden gate bridge into the mouth of the bay. they will come in there to feed off sea lions or if a whale carcass drifts in, they might feed on that before heading back out to the ocean. >> a man was attacked a few weeks ago. he was not hurt but there was plenty of teeth marks in his kayak. these recent shark sightings should just be a reminder to people who go in the water to exercise caution. clearly it hass not kept people here from enjoying their weekend. >> it looks absolutely beautiful. okay, monty.
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police volunteers continue to semp a landfill for the body of a missing man. 35-year-old frederick solace has been missing for more than a week. crews are focusing on the landfill east of pittsburg. sales disappeared last week, and if his body is found would likely be the fifth victim of a murder rampage that included sales' father and three women. the se the search in the landfill began friday and is expected to continue through at least tomorrow. >> this is my first volunteer search, so i don't know what to expect. i know the chance of finding something the first few days is probably nil. >> a vigil for three of the victims is planned this evening. we'll have a report coming up from that vigil at 6:00. president obama plans to spend part of his labor day weekend in milwaukee talking about, what else? jobs. in fact, jobs will be the president's focus all week as he travels to talk about his plans
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to get the economy moving again. critics say his efforts are more about politics than helping everyone suffering in this economy. nbc's bay area bryan moore has the latest. >> reporter: not much of a break for president obama. this week he's focusing on jobs, creating them for north america and giving jobs to people on capitol hill. >> i'm willing to give tax breaks to those who create jobs right here in america. >> they say it's great, but -- >> this should have been on the table a year and a half ago. we're also talking about a payroll tax holiday. >> republicans say it's politically motivated. the congressional elections are less than 60 days away. >> they said employment would be a maximum of 8%. it's now 9.6%. enough said. >> the voters are ready to punish both parties. the democrats are in danger of losing both the house and the
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senate. >> they pay the price of having focused so thoroughly on health care for a solid year at a time when the economy was deteriorating. >> we're moving in the right direction. we just have to speed it up. >> reporter: it's too late to turn the economy around before november, but perhaps not too late to change some minds. bryan moore, nbc news, washington. two members of the california chamber of commerce are stepping down after the board voted to endorse gop candidate for governor meg whitman. the chamber member had stayed out of politics. the chancellor who resigned on friday called the endorsement destructive to the chamber's core mission. and the president of the university of california system mark murdoch also left his position, saying his position kept him from taking political sides. the budget needs work more than ever, but a proposition on the november ballot aims to
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punish them for missing the constitutional deadline. under prop 25, workers would stop getting a paycheck after the deadline, and it wouldn't be retroactive. they wouldn't get it back after the budget was passed. that's not all. >> the other element is that it would change the required vote to pass the budget from two-thirds to a majority. and a lot of people are going to be very unhappy with that, especially people who would like to keep the status quo. >> check out our blog on n brkr our web site. they voted on a plan that would place a fee on alcohol. it would add three cents to the cost of a beer, five cents to a glass of wine and three to five cents to a standard drink. how do you do that? the plan is to recover money
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from alcohol abuse. critics say the cost will be passed right on to consumers. bay area animals that tested positive for west nil e virus ae posing concerns. a dead squirrel and a dead rabbit were infected with west nile. now they're asking the public to help them figure out if the disease is circulating in local circles or brought in from outside. people are asked to report dead tree squirrels or rabbits on line or by phone. 15-year-old anthony reyes had just gotten off a train in april 2008 when he rode his skateboard under a crossing arm on the san bernardino station tracks and was hit. he was listening to head phones when the train hit him, but the law encourages caltrain to cross
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under lowered arms. it comes just as caltrain faces a drastic budget gap that could result in fare hikes. one newspaper claims it has evidence of directly sending taliban attacks on american soldiers. google celebrates a mi milestone this weekend. at the same time, it's the center of an anti-trust investigation. we'll tell you how the san francisco zoo finally got their fla mi flamingos to mate after seven years. live from san bruno mountain, lots of sunshine around the bay area. i'll tell you how much lck t ra. willtick around. into your labor day. your forecast coming up.
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it's long been suspended that iran could be sending terror cells in afghanistan, but confirmation of that has been elusive. now a british newspaper claims to have found a clear link. nbc's tom asheville has the details from britain. >> about $700,000 has been transferred to the taliban. it follows a treasurer who comes down and picks up the money in cash. he's told the sunday times that the taliban is paying up to $1,000 for every dead american and $6,000 for the destruction of any armorred vehicle belonging to the american forces. taliban agencies do confirm that iran has supplied some materials
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and weapons for taliban fighters in certain parts of afghanistan, but this is a major investigation conducted by the british sunday times, and it says that if true, this is iran directly funding the taliban to attack american forces. now, western intelligence agencies and afghan intelligence officials say this has been going on for at least six months, and they're looking into iranian companies now based in kabul. i'm tom asheville, nbc news. google is in the hot seat for just how it comes up with its search results. we'll show you how summer mo m p u a ag tano tnur profit without winning over any audiences along the way.
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this weekend federal investigators had their first close-up look at a piece of equipment they hope will shed some light on the nation's worst environmental disaster. last night bp crews hoisted the
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failed blowout preventer out of the water. the 300-ton device was handed over to federal authorities to determine what caused the explosion that killed 11 people and allowed crude to flow into the gulf for months. now preparations for finally killing that well are underway. >> we should be able to finally move guard with the relief well sometime early this week. >> a new blowout preventer was installed on the well on friday. this weekend is special for google as it marks twelve years since its founders started that company in a garage. but the change in some of its practices is casting a shadow over that celebration. the texas attorney general is reviewing google after rumors that they're abusing their power as a search engine. the government suggests it could be manipulating its search results to stifle competition.
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that kind of competition could make or break web sites since google's practices is about two-thirds of the search requests in the united states. labor day is the symbolic end to summer and it also signals the close of the summer movie season. so how did it end up? it turns out attendance was down significantly, but the studios still managed to rake in a profit. andrew seth explains. >> remember back in may when iron man ii kicked off the summer weekend with a bang? that opening weekend took it to the box office as one of the best ever, but then -- >> what am i wearing? >> -- the movies themselves, with some exceptions, just were not exciting to the average movie goer. which made for an interesting plot twist in tinseltown. attendance fell to its lowest levels in more than a decade, but box office revenues set a record high of $4.35 billion. >> there are higher ticket prices across the board, and that higher ticket price pumped
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up the revenues but it certainly didn't help attendance. >> says more expensive 3-d movie tickets contributed to that bottom line but warned against overuse of that technology. >> if you try to throw it at every movie just to increase revenue, it's not going to work and it's going to kill that golden goose. >> so who laid the golden egg this summer? "toy story 3" just exceptional. >> who just laid an egg? >> "prince of per sha" would be in that category. ""scott pilgrim versus the world."" >> karate kid held down five of the top money spots. >> family movies were the ones that played the best because that audience is built in. families always need something to see in the summer. >> so what will studios offer next summer to lure movie goers back? >> i think we'll see more sequels, more comic book movies.
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>> something they hope will work on screen and at the box office in 2011. >> i missed the whole movie thing this summer. i don't know why since it was freezing cold here. we should have been inside. anyway, it was awfully nice today. >> so nice, yeah. and tomorrow more of the same, just a couple degrees warmer. great way to end it. and, yeah, tomorrow we're going to have a little more sunshine. we had quite a bit of it today, in fact. we'll start off with a live shot from oakland. a little bit of haze out there, not much in the way of fog. the wind is coming out of the northwest and that's blowing the fog out. through san mateo and down through monterrey, that's where we'll see patchy fog. beautiful day here. across downtown, gorgeous as you look out over the hills, and parts of city hall there. we'll continue to see some more sunshine tomorrow. your weather headlines moving forward, tonight, mainly clear.
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a couple patches of fog along the san mateo coast and through monterrey. monday a couple degrees warmer, anyhow, so if you're 85 tomorrow, you're closer to 87 or 88 on friday. it will feel just like fall quickly and after that we'll steady back on into the weekend. 68 right now in san francisco. this is the official reading that comes close to eureka valley where that station is 73 through oakland. you've got about 79d in napa. look at fairfield. 86 in livermore, 80 in san jose. so right now the numbers are a good two to six degrees warmer than they were yesterday with the exception of livermore. a little breeze coming through there so temperatures a little cooler than this time yesterday. but notice the direction of the wind, out of the northwest. that's getting all that fog and pushing it down south to monterrey bay, and the wind is about 10 to 15 miles per hour. this is the satellite set-up and we've got that ridge of high
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pressure. a little bit stronger tomorrow. rather than northwest we get northeast winds, and that will give us a little bit more warming tomorrow. all that cold air i'm talking about is right there. it will move in fast. before you know it, we'll drop from the 70s to 80s on labor day to the 60s and 70s. palm springs tomorrow, some temperatures close to 100 degrees in the central and joaquin valleys. up to reno, 78. the forecast for tomorrow, 75 in san francisco. you get into some of the sunnier parts of the city, the south beach will be closer to 80 degrees. 94 in livermore. walnut creek low to mid 90s. napa and san arota rosa the sam. suns sunset, by the way, 7:31. seven-day forecast tomorrow,
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more of those mid-90s on monday. tuesday and wednesday, look at that. enjoy monday, but we drop to 75 in the warmer spots on wednesday. quite a change as we go through the middle part of the week. but tomorrow, great. >> that's really what matters at this point. thank you, craig. laura, the giants are pretty happy these days, huh? >> they certainly are, getting a little help from their friends, i guess you could say. we've got a lot of baseball going on. at the coliseum today, the a's trying to break out the brooms against the angels, and it turns out they're pretty good at matchmaking. the leaders will talk about how they helped get the ball boys a rllyos le ty reaenll lose ten in a row?
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it may be a little built of a long shot, but technically speaking, the a's are not out of these playoffs just yet, and the a's had a chance to make things a little bit interesting. they went for a sweep. he lost his last five decisions. bottom of the fourth, the a's trying to come back. jeff larish sent the ball deep center. mark ellis both score, 4-3. we go to the seventh. it's now 5-3. the angels closing the door. bobby bray, and the angels avoid a sweep 7-4. when you have a starting team as good as the a's, things can get a little slow in the
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bull pen, so maybe that's why they picked up a new hobby: matchmaking. the ball boy will be in the studio on monday to talk about his potential matchmaking. if you'll recall, he started giving all the foul balls he caught to a woman in the stands. it turns out the a's helped him out with it. gave him some advice, helped him get her number and the couple even went out on a date. how sweet. >> the double flapped ear helmet didn't help his looks too much. he needed some advice and we decided on the ball, and the security guard gave it to her, and the rest is history. >> i just hope this isn't a stepping stone into reality tv or something like that. i hope this is true love. >> we all do. move over red sox and yankees. tonight's sunday night game features the west coast rivalry. jonathan sanchez taking the hill as the visitors try to capitalize on what happened last
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night. it was not looking good for the giants last evening in l.a. until brockman came in in the ninth. he already blew two games this season, i think we can now make it three. rebay, one big swing, one big lead. two-run shot. the giants score five unanswered, all on home runs. they move to two games behind the padres but that was last night. what would happen today to those slumping padres who entered their finale against the rockies with a nine-game losing streak. the padres came back to tie it at 2. 4-2 as both runs score. the rockies win, padres lose tenth in a row. they had not won more than three straight this season, so the giants a game and a half back. at the u.s. open today, venus williams taking on israel's jahara pier.
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the 16th seed had her work cut out for her, made venus work a little bit, but she prevailed. so yeah, at this point nothing much slowing her down, but now things get interesting. >> i like the true love story. sdp >> i know, isn't it cute? we hear they're going on a second date, so that's good. so have the newf o then of the san francisco zoo. they're very cute.
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pink is in at the san francisco zoo this weekend, and that is because the zoo is home to three chilean flamingo chix. how cute are they? they haven't reproduced in seven years, so this year curators tried something different. they swapped


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