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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  October 8, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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properly. we didn't use it in any losses. you know, the fans they pick up you on these things. they like it. we did not market it. it's out there for fun and everybody's had a good time. >> reporter: if larry bare can sell t-shirts on it, he loves you. let's talk about not just last night but historically we've been in this position before, the giants. 2003, they won game one and then lost from there on out. so tonight matt cain to duplicate that and atlanta's young pitcher, this is going to be tough. >> the interesting thing about atlanta's young pitcher, tommy anthony, is he really -- he's matt cain three years ago. he's got a really good fast bal, nice big curve ball. that's what matt cain threw when he first got to the big leagues. when you get to post season, every starting pitcher is really good, and usually that means low scoring games unless, of course, you're in the american league. >> of course. one last question. give us one player to keep our eye on tonight from the giants who you think might have a
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surprisingly big game? >> i'm going to tell will you something. i think cody ross had the big hit last night. i think this guy is going to show us why brian saibian picked him up late to help this team out. i'm expecting that cody ross is going to be one of the surprise guys in this series. >> reporter: dwayne kieper brought to you by torture. >> torture is good sometimes. >> reporter: live weeshg going to sentd it now back to you tom and lisa. >> torture. >> he should patent that. >> he really should. raj brought up a good point. that's such a perfect word for the giants this year. i guess we should expect more of it in the playoffs for sure. >> another thing you should expect, more people in orange and black as the giants fever just sweeps the city. in fact, thousands are flooding into the city to cheer the team on to back-to-back playoff wins. >> we heard yesterday city hall is bathed in orange, on the way
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home, i noticed coy tower all lit up in orange. kimberly terry is live at the 21st amendment brewery. you know what the 21st amendment is, right? congress should make no law restricting partying during giants play offs. >> he's good, isn't he? >> reporter: the game still an hour and a half away, but take a look at this crowd that is already gathering. some people here staking out the best seats to watch game two of the five-game series. others here just to grab a bite to eat and drink before the game starts. the energy really up after last night's win with. it's been seven long years since the giants have made it this far and these fans of course are crossing their fingers for another win tonight, giants fans both lifelong and those that have just jointed the bandwagon say they are loving every minute of these playoffs and are energized by the team made up of veterans and young stars both. >> i am so excited.
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giants fan my whole life. >> spring training this year i liked the look of them and they've just improved and made it better. >> it's been a long time, and i believe. i think they'll go all the way. i think the team this year is full of very unique, interesting characters, and for some reason, somehow bochy has made them mesh and made magic out of it. >> reporter: 21st amendment like most bars around the park are really beefing up staff and supplies to accommodate these crowds. the manager tells us they are serving four times the amount of beer they normally do. they even opened up a beer garden to accommodate the overflow of giants fans tonight. will manager says he himself is a huge giants fan. he's also welcoming crowds and the business here. live in san francisco kimberly terry. >> that's how you deal with torture.
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>> that's right. >> who isn't a giants fan in the city, really? >> around here you don't find a lot of them for sure. >> around here also, did you notice the parking? expensive! it can cost you up to, what, $75 just to park nearby the ballpark? >> that's why it's mass transit. >> also caltrain. if fact, it drops you a block away from the ballpark. thousands trying to make it up from the peninsula from the south bay to make it here to the ballpa ballpark. you know, nbc bay area is live at downtown san jose that people have maybe an hour and a half to make it it to the game. dami damian? >> reporter: lisa and tom, look at all the fans in san jose, and you understand why the giants are fighting to keep this as its territorial right. this is a huge part of their fan base. a lot of the fans went inside the train station, but this place is it. they began showing up wearing their orange friday wardrobes a whole 3 1/2 hours before the first pitch. caltrain has become a popular
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mode of transportation to the games for many fans. now, this year alone more than 400,000 people chose to ride the train to a giants game. the train leaves from gilroy and meanders its way up the peninsula and over to china basin. there is no special giants train, but they do offer an occasional express train with limited stops. drinking is allowed on the train so many of these fans take advantage of that opportunity. in fact, some would prefer the trains we s were not express, t they take their time, giving them more time to finish what they're bringing on board. >> five minutes to get on a train, ride ault way up there, take the slowest train. that way you can have enough drinks. >> enjoy the train, the scenery, the drink, food. relax and enjoy the game. >> reporter: and we may have found the reason why they call them the braves. one courageous fan out here wore an atlanta braves t-shirt. he was booed on the platform and
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no doubt he's being booed all the way up to china basin. the next train leaves in about 20 minutes. live in san jose, damian trujillo. >> thanks, damian. he has to be grarave to do that >> indeed. what about tonight's weather? we can tell you unequivocally it's windier than last night looking here across mccovey cove, it's chillier and breezier tonight. >> but john still white hot. nbc bay area's meteorologist jeff ranieri once again joins us. jeff, last night you were tim lincecum. what's it tonight, buster posey? >> i'm not in costume form, but i can tell you the wind is probably from all of the fans racing towards giants stadium tonight. yes, the streets are packed out here and people are flooding towards the stadium. you turn on a camera around giants fans and they just go wild.
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let's look at the forecast for tonight. what you'll be able -- thank you so much. some great giants fever back there. low to mid-60s for tonight, those winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. how you doing, little guy? and we are expecting the fog to hold off as we head throughout tonight as well. that's good news. hopefully that will also continue, tim lincecum's winning streak like we saw last night. we'll have more coming up here on the streets of san francisco with these rowdy fans! as they head toward at&t park. back to you guys. >> thank you, jeff. before this night is out, we are expecting you to strike your buster pose. thank you. nbc bay area news is your home for giants playoff coverage onair and online. want to get a fast minute to our last minute ticket? find out how much it's going to cost you on or meet the giants insider who hoards bobbleheads., the place to go for all things giants.
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state lawmakers finally agreed on a budget to bridge a $19 billion deficit. now, it contains no new taxes or fees and relies on a combination of cuts, shifting money around, and assumptions about money the state hopes to receive. the governor helped negotiate that deal. nbc bay area's scott budman was with the governor who was in san jose today. scott? >> lisa, feeling overdressed here. but after 100 days, the governor him admits that the new budget plan is not perfect. some are predicting a tough road ahead with as much as $10 million worth of deficit facing us next year. a lot of optimism this morning as governor schwarzenegger came to the bay area to nouns the new deal. the governor had a reason to smile today, bringing california's longest budget impasse to a close largely by targeting the state's pension system he says has been holding back economic growth. >> do we live in the past or do we live in the future?
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i think we should more look in the future. they have been taking away, stealing from the parks, stealing from education, kindergarten through 12, from foster care, all of those programs that mean a lot to us. >> reporter: politicians on both sides of the aisle agree. >> it's unsustainable. it's not right t. prevents us from providing services in the future. we're not only looking at solving budget crises today. we're looking at solvetion the structural problems into the future. >> reporter: but far from being a sweeping success, the new budget still has its critics, largely because of the $3.5 billion cut from the state's already struggling school system. the governor admits it was a long battle. >> if i look a little tired, it's because it was -- i was up at the capitol working all night and trying to get the votes. >> reporter: with more fighting likely to come. also in the governor's plan,
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doubling the amount of money stashed in the state's rainy day fund to better prepare for the next economic downturn. tom, we'll send it back up to you. well, thousands of bay area homeowners on the brink of pore closure are traveling to sacramento tonight hoping to save their home. in fact, dozens kounlors and lenders are gathered at cal expo for a five-day save the dream event so it's called. they're meeting with struggling homeowners trying to renegotiate loan terms to keep families from losing their homes. people have traveled from across the state to attend the event. most say they're prepared to camp out for days if that's what's necessary for a chance to save their homes from being foreclosed on. >> people just came in mass. so many people are in desperate need, and we get it done. sometimes it takes a little bit longer. sometimes it can be done p oon spot. if someone's determined to keep their home, ear going to make
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sure that happens. >> event organizers expect to help 40,000 people during the next five days. counselors will work around the clock until tuesday at 8:00 p.m. a lesson in log sensitivity? what's behind a move to send oakland police officers back it to school learn how to work with animals. the internet has real-life consequences for children. the new call for online safety from criminals preying on children. plus, size does matter. we'll tell you just how much your waist plays a role in how much your paycheck is. and giants fever is in the air. right now a little over an hour away from the first pitch. we'll have your giants forecast coming up and a look at your weekend forecastn just a f minutes. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina.
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voting against congressional pay increases and refusing to take them, standing up for what's right. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message. as governor, he balanced budgets without raising taxes. and california created 1.9 million jobs. as attorney general, jerry brown took on wall street banks, mortgage scammers and public officials stealing from taxpayers. at this stage in his life, jerry brown has the independence to make the tough decisions california needs. as governor i'll cap government salaries and pensions. on the budget, we have to face reality. make do with what we have. and no taxes without voter approval. jerry brown, knowledge and know-how we can trust.
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well, just how safe are your kids and their personal information online? it's a concern of many parents and now a national watchdog group is calling for new and stricter guidelines for kids who log on and how companies track and use that data. garvin thomas explains. >> reporter: more kids and teens are getting online and so is their personal information. >> issues about privacy have come to the fore in ways that have quite simply never been true before. >> reporter: results of a study released today by the watchdog group common sense media shows 92% of parents believe their kids are sharing too much about them sfs online and three out of four parents asked believe social networks specifically are not doing a good job of protecting the privacy of kids. >> clearly, parents are worried
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about what information their children are sharing caron line, how secure that information is and who might be collecting it and for what purpose. >> reporter: common sense is calling on the industry to streamline safety policies. >> privacy statements should be clear and simple. >> reporter: and congress to limit online companies and social networks from selling personal information toed advertisers or third parties. >> with we believe there should be new laws and regulations that say, do not track kids. >> reporter: the chair of the federal trade commission supports stricter internet safety measures but also has a strong message forr ekids who l on on. >> respect your privacy and others. be mindful your posts and videos have consequences. >> reporter: the first and some believe most important step to making the web a bit more safe for some of its youngest users. oakland police department's commanding officers went through to sort of a dog show ode.
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animals weren't best in show weren't prize winners or pure breds. each one a stray. after last week's embarrassing report of officers shooting to death an arthritic family dog during a burglary call, the police brass got a lesson in animal behavior. the east bay's pspca did the teaching with the dogs who demonstrated a range of behaviors and postures from fearful to aggressive to confident. >> ha is the appropriate way you tell an officer invading the space of dog and his territory as the enemy and not the good guys to make a difference? do we do dog countgie treats? >> the spca says this was the first of many lessons. back in november rank and file officers -- in november, rank and file officers will get their own dog show and the group plans to make this education program permanent. well, three of the four
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defendants accused of holding a 16-year-old tracy boy captive and torturing him pleaded guilty today as part of a plea deal, prosecutors say karen ramirez was the boy's legal guardian and brought him to live in the home of michael schumacher and kelly lou. back in 2008, the boy escaped, running to a local gym, bruised, very thin, and wearing a shackle on his ankle. under terms of the plea deal, ramirez faces 34 years in prison. schumacher 30 years. and lou 33 years. a fourth suspect has pleaded not guilty. well, the fight to end domestic violence took over the streets of downtown san jose today. hundreds of people marched in the city's annual walk to end domestic violence. our own damian trujillo was the emcee of the event. women die every year because of domestic violence. ronnie lott told the group they need to get out of the sidelines
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and into the game by reporting abuse. during the ceremony, a white rose was placed on an empty chair for each the five victims who died in 2009. let's check on the weather once again with jeff ranieri. a little chilly and a lot more wind today, jeff. >> reporter: oh, yes, it is a little bit chilly out here. there's a lot of commotion. we're out here on the streets of san francisco. you know, our giants fans, yes, they're pretty die-hard after win with last night and seeing the spirit and seeing the energy, i thought i'd do a little bit of a trivia game. who do we have with us here? >> my name is derek. >> aleah. >> sydney. >> i'm rick. >> reporter: you've got my board, sir. who is going to do the trivia? >> me. >> reporter: so, rick, question here -- how many pitches did tim lincecum throw? can you see it here? a, 175 to 2 with 00, b, 110 to
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130, and c, 200 to 225. >> i'm going to go with b, 110 to 130. >> reporter: that is correct! all right. our giants fans know what's going on. so i have a small prize for you, not a beer, sir, but it is a nice little tote bag for you. >> appreciate it. >> reporter: a little fast-pump action there. thanks a lot, guys. you're great. let's look at the forecast as we head throughout tonight. they are rowdy out here. all right, the forecast as we head throughout tonight, we'll see temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s, and a little bit of wind but the fog should hold off, wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. then as we head toward game three in atlanta on sunday, temperatures will with be in the 80s. so when the giants arrive in atlanta, going to be a little bit more of a warmer game there for them. also, fleet week happening this week. you guys excited about fleet
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week? all right. we're going to have good weather here in san francisco with low to mid-70s. on the weather headlines, you'll see a little bit of fog coming back here and there. but overall we'll stay in a clear slot as this strong storm system offshore is going to continue to head towards the north, keeping us dry. that will leave us with temperatures tonight in the low to mid-50s and as we head throughout 8:00 a.m., mid-50s here in the forecast and by the noon hour, temperatures in the low to mid-70s. then as we head throughout the overnight hours, we're looking at conditions that will continue to ramp on up here across the bay area and by 8:00 a.m. we can expect those mid to upper 50s. as we head toward tomorrow in the noon hour, low 70s across the bay area here, and by 4:00 p.m., a few low to mid-80s for east and the south bay. your seven-day forecast, which everybody wants to see, low to
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mid-80s coming back as we head throughout saturday and sunday and some pretty nice beach weather coming on back. back out here live, our crowd is rowdy. or they were rowdy. how are you feeling about tonight's game? >> i'm feeling really excited. i think the bull pen is strong, these guys are ready to go. the fan base around the city is energized. it's just fit for the making. it's going ining to happen. >> reporter: do you think lincecum is going to pull through tonight? >> he pitched last night. >> reporter: in theory. >> even though he's a small guy, i'm sure he'll pull it out. >> reporter: to you guys. >> i'm sure matt cain will do a great job tonight. >> lincecum is serving the drinks tonight. he'll do very well. >> thanks, jeff. question here -- how well do you get along with your in-laws? coming up, the new link between those tense relationships and your health. and we'll take another live look from mccovey cove where our
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giants coverage will continue in a moment. those are the flags atop the scoreboard in center field. it's blowing out tonight. buok out, braves, here comes is growing again. se this time she's lying about jerry brown on taxes. but as governor jerry brown cut $4 billion in taxes and says no new taxes without voter approval. meg whitman -- her nose just keeps on growing and growing. of washington partisanship
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this is barbara boxer's california. trillions in reckless, wasteful spending. destroying small business. killing jobs. crushing hopes. we can change this, but only if we change the people we send to washington. california cannot afford boxer for six more long years. i'm carly fiorina and i approved this message. texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! three times the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. meg whitman is lying about jerry brown again...on taxes again.
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newspapers have called many of her ads untrue. fact: jerry brown cut taxes by $4 billion and says no new taxes without voter approval. but meg whitman's nose just keeps growinby the millions. did you know your waist size might play a role in the size of your paycheck? a new study shows that skinny women tend to have fatter women than averager or overweight women. there was a $13,000 to 15,000s difference, but the same can't be said about men. larger men are said to have bigger paychecks than their thinner counterparts by an estimated $8,000. that study was conducted by researchers at the university of florida. well, could your in-laws be the key to your health? there is some new research which suggests the relationship that a woman has with her mother-in-law could be downright dangerous. the study of elderly japanese women finds that those who are cared for by their
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daughters-in-law have a significantly increased risk of death compared to those who are cared for by their own children or spouse. experts say the strained relationship between a mother and daughter-in-law may result in psychological abuse, depression, and neglect. well, coming up, you know, the stars are coming out, coming from hollywood to watch this game. getting on the bandwagon. >> we'll find out who they are when we come back. but as governor jerry brown cut $4 billion in taxes and says no new taxes without voter approval. meg whitman -- her nose just keeps on growing and growing. i say baloney. this state belongs to all of us.
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we just have to decide we want to change. i know government isn't a business and it shouldn't be, but the same values of accountability and focus that make california businesses among the best in the world could do a lot to fix sacramento. i'm on a mission to create more jobs, stop wasteful spending, and improve our schools. let's get to work. ♪ as ceo, she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose. bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products "made in china." 30,000 workers gone while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer, and i approved this message. meg whitman is lying about jerry brown again...on taxes again. newspapers have called many of her ads untrue.
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fact: jerry brown cut taxes by $4 billion and says no new taxes without voter approval. but meg whitman's nose just keeps growing by the millions. the san francisco giants! let's go giants! let's go giants! >> celebrities at the game
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headed this way. they probably won't act like that. >> the only way robin will wiia can act. you can have everything giants when you come here tonight. >> "nightly news" coming up. >> see you at 6:00.
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meet the real meg whitman: serving on the board of goldman sachs, whitman was caught reaping millions from insider stock deals. after ebay shareholders sued and a judge cited the obvious conflict of interest she was forced to pay the money back. what kind of person would be involved in


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