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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 28, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> are live outside at&t park, last night's win against the texas rangers in a live report. >> the big question, will the rain hold off for game two. we will take a look at the forecast. >> a new poll shows how the gubernatorial race is shaping up. we have the latest numbers for you today, thursday, october 28th on today in the bay. >> good morning. straight up 6:00. the biggest story into game two is the weather. we want to check in with rob. do we need the umbrella and the ponjos and maybe sprinkles? what's going on? >> it will be good to have later on in the game. there is a change in the forecast and most of the rain we are seeing is not going to fall south of marin county.
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for the afternoon, rain in the north bay to start will slowly move to the south. not as quickly as we thought so what it means is temperatures near 70. 62 in san francisco and late or we are still expecting scattered showers. if the system slows down, perhaps we can get more of the rain two without any rain. accessories to have for the ballpark today. back to you. >> we want to check why n with mike. a new accident is report. >> further to the north and that's fine for the commute, but there is an accident in the area where we see the first slow down at the end. where the slow down starts, it may be one of the factors contributing. i am not saying that report has an accident in the center divide. highway 4 with the jam heading all the way to horizon lane. by the time you get to pittsburgh, bart relieves the congestion because they have a station at the end of that line. no bart help out of the pass,
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but a slower build for this back up. a westbound 15 minutes out of the pass for the dublin interchange. out of the tunnel at the limit, 880 moves past the coliseum and the freeway moving towards the bay bridge. more congestion and more headlights and no back ups and metering lights, but with the series in town, there will be a lot of traffic starting about midday. a lot of folks through the streets of san francisco. >> i think it's true. giants fever hitting the pitch this morning. g men are gearing up for game two of the world series. bob redell has a look at how the impact goes beyond the mound. good morning, bob. >> before the first pitch before 5:00 here at at&t park behind me across mccovey cove. the san francisco school will number store for a special show and tell today. hall of famer who joined his fellow giants at last night's
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first pitch will visit the mission education center and will be joined by current giants reliever and nominee for the 2010 roberto clemente award. he was nominated for his work with the not for sale campaign, an effort to end human trafficking. they will announce the winner at the game. roberto clemente was a latin american major leaguer dedicated to giving back to his community and serving others. he died in a plane crash in 1972 while on a humanitarian mission to help the earthquake victims in nicaragua. since 1971, the award has been given to baseball player who is understand the value of helping others. back out here live outside mccovey cove, within the next 10 to 20 minutes, we will have analysis from our friends at comcast sportsnet bay area. live here at at&t park, bob
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redell for today in the bay. >> for mother nature cooperates, we get to do it all over again tonight. matt kaine will start for the jins and he has not pitched cj wilson gets the start for the rangers. this is the first year as a starter. he is 1-1. á@(zç!eno carrierringringconne&
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where she has been talking baseball and what are fans saying this morning? >> reporter: it's just like you said. they are stunned. it's like they are shaking confetti out of their hair after new year's eve. they like what they saw, but they are surprised about it. everyone talked about the pitching, but really it was the hitting that was so incredible. there were doubles and home runs and errors and just about everything. this morning we are at the pine crest diner here in san francisco. this is where you see fans talking about it and when they discuss it, other fans jump in and talk about what they think and talk about what happened to texas's pitching game last night. they are also talking about this. they are excited about this ballpark steak sandwich they have going on and they have this out here for the giants.
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we talked with one fan this morning about what he thought, his predictions for tonight. here's what he had to say. >> i think kaine has a zero. he should do really well and it should be a closer game. >> this will be a key to the whole thing. if texas wins, they have an advantage going home for three games. if the giants win, they have a huge advantage. it will be fun to watch. >> reporter: i wanted to show you. on the way over here, we were looking at things people can do at home to show support for the giants. i went on the major league baseball website and i had the pumpkin carving stencils that you can go online. you download them and you can make one of these three. basically these are the three. you can download them and what they tell you to do is tape it on to the pumpkin. you go around it and you scoop it out and you get the orange
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glow of your san francisco giants. that's what i'm going to be doing tonight. that's the latest from here live in san francisco, christie smith today in the bay. >> i will do the triangle eyes, but i want a beard stencil for it. >> that's a great one too. >> hard to believe but not everyone is watching the world series. in new york, not just the yankees are not in it. >> remember the giants are playing the rangers. the rangers beat the yankees. three million new yorkers can't watch the yankees even if they made it to the world series. that's because the network carrying the game is in a dispute over how much cable vision pays to carry fox. cable vision e-mails the customers saying they will send $10 to cover the cost of watching the world series on major league baseball's website. we can watch the games here and we have been noticing signs in
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the crowd. apparently bay area voters looking for a few more choices. they made sign campaigning for buster posey and cody ross. one even wants pose to think bigger and run for president. he is only 23. that's not happening. ♪ when i come home to you ♪ ♪ san francisco ♪ your golden sun will shine ♪ for me >> you get chills? i got chills. i left my heart in san francisco after a bonus after god bless america. they make sure stars are shown in the world series. celebrity sightings, we had joe montana. he was there for a lot of home
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playoff games. barry bonds sat right behind the giants in the on deck circle. laura, that's why we couldn't get you the on deck circle. barry took the tickets. >> is that what happened? he got them? >> i heard alyssa milano was there too. >> we're have a lot more giants fever coming up. logon any time to get the details you need. we have player profiles and the latest news on the giants. go to >> let's check out the commute with mike. >> i got the fever, but i got the wrong fever. giants fever and will take you to the south bay where there is bieber fever. he is performing tonight and the reason i point that out is last night we had the sharks victory. folks will station downtown down here as well. that might increase traffic through downtown and watch a lot of cross town traffic through
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downtown and highway 87 and 280 likely after the world series gets out. before the morning commute kicks in, an easy drive in the northbound direction. 87 shows the blitz around capitol expressway that should clear up. will track it and let you know past elmonty and reports of a deer that has been hit and killed. we will watch for traffic breaks. the drive is nice on the other side of the water. still smooth to the nimitz freeway. >> thanks so much. >> checking in with rob and the all prnd forecast not only for the giants game, but folks wonder what will happen for halloween. >> things are looking better and possibly better for game two. combined to the north end up towards ukiah. a complex pattern and the jet stream on the back of the system that is putting on the brakes. it's cartwheeling around offshore. between now and probably mid-afternoon, most of that rain we think is going to hang out in
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the north bay closer to 5:00. some of that will be approaching the golden gate, but by the end of the game, the showers will start to approach the coast. this is one trend we will be watching. main the rain starts to slow down, but by this time expect to see the showers rolling across the bay area. one thing you notice, san jose, livermore and the low to mid 70s if the warm flow out ahead of the system to the west, in the north bay, highs in the 50s and low 60s where the rain will fall heavy at times north of santa rosa. showers off and on friday into saturday and halloween is looking drier as we head towards monday and tuesday. 70s coming back earlier next week. >> it's 6:11 and we will check with rob to see if anything will change weather-wise. >> a man accused of shooting an east bay police officer is not getting help from his mother. who she had to say. >> five more days until election day. the results of a new poll on the
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governor's race, next. >> another nice-looking shot this morning. at&t park is ready for another round of baseball. a great venue for the game. time now is 6:11. back with more news, coming up. i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp. i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. [ cheri ] fiorina laid off 30,000 people. and she shipped our jobs to china. and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets. [ farrell ] one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now.
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[ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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ry. we have a developing story we are following out of san diego. a s.w.a.t. standoff is under way. an officer has been shot to death and a police dog is injured. it started at 11:30 in a probation check in the skyline neighborhood. the officer was taken to the hospital and later died at about
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3:00 this morning. we are following the situation so stay with us. we will update you as we get new information. >> also new, relief could be coming for people affected by the san bruno explosion. the public utilities commission will consider the request to help victims with their bills today. they will talk about increasing gas line pressure to serve customers in the area. the transmission line that exploded will be relocated. many people who live in san browno say that allows them to rebuild lives without fear. we don't know where the pipeline will be relocated. >> a field poll shows jerry brown is pulling further ahead of meg whitman. 49% of likely voters support brown compared to 39% for whitman. her negative ratings are at record levels despite spending her own money on the campaign. 7% are undecided.
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whitman is getting a key endorsement. the "san francisco examiner" will endorse her run. the paper said brown has no proof he has a coherent plan to fix the state budget. the examiner said whitman will be "a most trustworthy obstacle to taxes and spending than another governor brown could ever be." they oppose proposition 19 and supports carly fiorina for senate. >>. >> the pat san down with jon stewart. >> i have highlights of that. this was on the daily show. millions watch and it's on the internet. millions upon millions watched there as well. jon stewart turning out to be a most decisive journalists. he calls himself a comedian, but he's a journalist. >> we have a whole bunch of rules about lobbyists interactioning with the white
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house that are different from any white house before. if somebody wants to visit the white house, the list is given out to everybody. that's a change. >> did you just invite me to the white house? >> no, no. because we would have to disclose it. >> serious moments as well. stewart asked the president if his health care bill was timid. the president disagreed, pointing out the new law helps 30 million people get insurance. it's well worth watching because the questions are so direct. my first job was in iowa. i got to talk to a lot of politicians and you say i'm really going to ask them tough questions and you meet them and they are intimidating. stewart is not intimidated at all. he is very direct. >> quick and sharp. >> very quick wit. >> the man accused of shooting a fremont police officer will be back in court today. the preliminary hearing will
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continue. the 20-year-old confessed he shot an officer, but also said he didn't know the man he shot was an officer at the time. his mother testified her son called her saying he messed up and shot a police officer. he is charged with more than a dozen felonies including attempted murder for shooting officer todd young in august. a preliminary hearing will help determine if the case will go to trial. >> can't talk world series without talking about the weather. >> i want to check in with rob. maybe we will get pretty big showers, bub it's not looking like it will be so bad. >> this has been a tough forecast and maybe a little bit of goodews, but not for the north bay. the rain we think will stall out and move south to north for most of the day as the jet stream dies. it's putting on the brakes this morning. the futurecast model has
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changed. most of the rain at least is in the north bay. we are expecting scattered showers and start time and late or as we go through the latter half of the day towards the end of the inning, chances are you will see a few scattered showers. take the umbrella and if the trend continues, the rain should stay in the north bay and get through game two. that will push through the rest of the bay area tomorrow. >> the giants are out to prove they will mess with texas and they did last night. bob redell continuing our live coverage. he is at the comcast sportsnet crew this morning. he has your bases covered from at&t with the hits and misses last night. what's in store for tonight? >> good morning to you. we have both with comcast sportsnet. thanks for being up so bright and early. i will start with you, scott. surprises from last night's game. anything that surprised you? >> first thing with this team is
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i learned nothing can possibly surprise you. that said, cliff lee is one of the best pitchers in baseball and one of the great playoff pitchers ever. the giants knocked them around. >> looking forward to tonight, is there anything you see that takes the giants off their game outside of the fact that they are playing a good team. >> last night proves they have a lot of momentum going. the one thing about this club i noticed over the course of the season being out here for every single one of the home games, they just have this fight in them. this team chemistry unlike anything i have seen. i don't know if much can take them off of the game and even if they were to lose, it doesn't really phase them. they pick themselves back up and get out at the next game. no matter what happens, that's what they will do. >> you top the put your neck out on the line and make a prediction? how many games and who takes it? >> i shieda away the entire way,
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but if you put a gun to my head, the giants in six. i think they go to texas and it comes back here. you win one and get cocky. we will win it in texas. i think it's coming back and we will see the party in the streets that everybody wants to see. giants in six. >> he stole my thunder. i was going to say giants in six as well. i will say giants in five. the last two series, they have done it on the road for some reason. they get their business done there and come home and party when they are done. maybe they will do it in five. >> i'm going with giants in three. >> that will be interesting. >> oh, wait. in seven. first pitch before 5:00 tonight in that beautiful park behind me, at&t park, giants versus the rangers. brent and laura. >> giants in three. thanks, bob. >> i think we sent the wrong guy.
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>> 6:21. while bob sorts out the series and the number of games it takes to win, we sort out the accidents on the east shore freeway. the commute direction is westbound 80 at powell that will make your drive time start to increase because it sounds like it might be affecting the slowing. we will watch for that and slowing that might occur off of the bridge out of hercules through richmond and down through berkeley and emeryville. the rest is looking good. the commute is starting to build. 6:22 is about the time when the metering lights turn on. no slowing and the toll plaza and the view shows the volume. headlights are starting to increase. this will get heavier and the start at about 11:00 into midday and the game. the folks head into the ballpark at 2:30. that is unusual opening at 2:30.
6:23 am
that causes street congestion and we will take you back to the maps. a note for texas rangers fans. i wanted to point out where candlestick park is. right here to the south of the city. back to you. . >> thanks a lot. 6:22 right now. san francisco bay is taking a second look at the foreclosures. see what's happening coming up. >> we are helping you get to know your giants this morning. meet number 21, freddie sanchez, the second baseman went 4-5 and knocked in three runs. he went to school at burbank high in southern california. he was born with a club foot and was pigeon toed and most doctors said he may never walk. now he's starting second base in the world series. good for him. >> a beautiful bay area. so many people visiting to see the world series and to see our gorgeous area. love it. rain is in the works. when and where, we will check in with rob. ♪
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>> welcome back. a live picture of the bay bridge and not quite as cold. the temperatures we are baking up to mostly 50s in oakland and 58 in san jose due to south winds. the real question is when and where will the rain show up? as we head towards the afternoon, the rain is drifting south. what changed with the forecast, strong winds and slowing the system down during the day today. with any hope, perhaps this will slow down in time for the trend. perhaps a slowerer arrival. areas will climb as low as the 70s thanks to the flow out ahead of the system. where the rain is flying, only expect highs in the 60s. bringing in rain for today and saturday and sunday we dry out in time for halloween. >> keep it umbrella handy.
6:28 am
new this morning, a major san francisco bank said it made a mistake and will reexamine foreclosure cases, but it means nothing to homeowners. san francisco-based wells fargo will refile the paperwork for 55,000 cases because it made a technical mistake much the company said the reviling will not stop any of the foreclosu s foreclosures. once the paperwork is in order, they will refile and continue with the proceedings. >> game two of the world series is tonight. our coverage is just getting started. >> giants fans are taking on a certain look around the bay area. you have to love it. see the different ways they are trying to get people to fear the beard. e mive toark fortor mark fore reports on game two, up next. rk. i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. [ cheri ] fiorina laid off 30,000 people. and she shipped our jobs to china. and india. i had to pack my bags
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after another. and another. just a dishonest politician, trying to hide his record of failure. the real brown plan? more spending on out-of-control state pensions. more favors for the big teachers union, blocking education reform. more job-killing taxes and regulations. more of the same old failure from sacramento. job killer jerry brown. always more taxes, more spending, and more lost jobs. new this morning, giants
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fans were soaking in the first win of the world series. they are decked out this morning and lose their voices from screaming last night. we will be talking with them in a live report. >> plus, see the new and interesting ways giants fans are trying to develop more fear of the beard today on today in the bay. i'm crazy for that beard. >> let me get you one. good morning and thanks for joining us. it's 6:31. >> the giants have a-game lead in the hunt for a world series championship. you need to take your umbrella to the game and we have the latest forecast. >> trying to trend drier around the start of the game. we will show what you we are expecting. rain to the north and through the day, the rain will be going south to north, minly up to the north bay. by 4:00, we will see scattered
6:32 am
showers approaching so take the umbrella to the game. 70 today in san jose with warm temperatures around the south bay. back to you. >> thanks a lot, rob. >> checking in with mike and the disabled vehicle to watch out for. >> the concern is there is an elderly gentlemen trying to flag down help. they know about this. in the slow down, that's coming out of the pass and i will follow that incident and make sure everything is okay. this is all the way over towards the dublin interchange. the accident still in the center divide here at westbound highway 4, but the slow down hasn't gotten much worse and slowing through pittsburgh and bay point. back to you. >> giants fever is orange hot. baseball fans waking up pretty happy. christie smith is live at the pine crest diner in san
6:33 am
francisco, they have to be thrilled. that was a good one. >> an absolutely good one. they are almost whispering about the game. the fans went absolutely crazy last night. of course at at&t park, they went crazy in my house. it was just wild screaming and yelling with that hitting game that was absolutely incredible. we saw home runs and doubles and errors and the whole range of it. here with me this morning is maria hernandez. you were out there and she wants everyone to excuse her voice if it's raspy. she was one of the people screaming in the stands. how was it to be there? >> it was so exciting. the first world series for me. it was unbelievable. the fifth inning, it was awesome. i never will forget that inning. juan uribe, the whole team was awesome. i can hardly talk.
6:34 am
i lost my voice. it was incredible. we expected the same thing tonight. >> were you surprised with how it went? everyone is saying the pitcher would be hard to hit off of. >> we have texas fans and yes, they will beat us, but see what happened with the best pitcher they have. tonight is going to be awesome too. i know that. >> i had to ask you, this is a good seller here. the ballpark steak sandwich and i was asking her, why is it a new york steak? >> it's because of the cut of the steak. they call at this time new york steak. we don't have the garlic flies. people love that special. we will keep doing it and put it on the regular menu. the gilroy. the garlic fries. >> you are actually not going to be there tonight? >> i'm not going to the game because of my voice. it's supposed to be showers and
6:35 am
i don't want to get wet. of course i'm going to watch with friends in my home, but i sold the tickets for tonight on stub hub. >> i have to let the cat out of the bag. each ticket she sold for doll$5. breakfast is on you this morning. >> if you don't say so. thanks so much. these are tough times. if you fear the beard, you can't seem to avoid them. they don't have to be male to support one. like closer brian williams. female fans are looking hairy. the lady with the blond hair. these guys appear to be wearing them too. gotta love it. the rangers are sharpshooters. game two of the world series and if things go like last night, it might not be so torture-filled
6:36 am
after all. bob redell is live with a look at tonight's matchup. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. matt kaine taking to the mound in about 10 1/2 hours. c.j. wilson the same for the rangers. michael urban with comcast sportsnet bay area. i know you had a late night to be back here in a few hours. what are your thoughts and feelings as far as their chances of carrying the momentum? >> they have their backs up against the wall. when cliff lee takes the mound, he had never been beaten. when they brought roy halladay to the mound, when he lost it was like oh, my gosh we have to take the giants seriously. they are taking the giants more seriously than the phillies, but there is a lot of pressure on
6:37 am
c.j. and he is as calm as he can be. he feels like he pitched a bunch of times. he has been pitching in playoff games. he has a golden opportunity to give them a massive edge into texas. i think the giants should be heavily favored. >> you covered the 2002 world series. the vibe is definitely different. how so in your opinion? >> this is more like a throw back to the olden days. the 2002 team was dominated up here. barry bonds at the top of the list and jeff kent. guys that were not relatable. you have aubrey huff and pat burrell on the couch and got paid to go away. fans relate to them more and more of an every man team. it reminds me back in the 50s and 60s with off season jobs and the fans would maybe see them out on the town and they are seeing these guys out on the town. the team embraced the city and the city embraced the team.
6:38 am
>> your prediction, what game? >> i picked giants in six before the series started. i'm amending that to giants in five. >> approximate aeciate it much. i know you have to get up early. >> let's sweep them! get your brooms. >> in three? jokingly of course. pa. >> 6:38. how smart are the bay area cities? what a new report said. >> giants fever is smoking hot and so is smoking pot. the unusual deal at medical marijuana businesses. >> the only thing that can cool down giants fever is raindrops. we will give you the latest forecast and bay area forecast coming up today in the bay. a beautiful live look outside at the gorgeous bay bridge making their way across the span. 6:38 and we wil
6:39 am
t the forasorecd e anthway it's changing. our real national pastime -- saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work. 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one -- state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i save because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save, including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm. then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm,
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tracking the rain in the north bay. a three-hour loop and it's not going to the east. this is the change in the weather. most of the rain we see during the day will hang out before slowly moving south through the evening. expect a warm afternoon with 70s
6:42 am
where the rain will fly in the north bay. highs in the upper 50s. rain coming in later affecting game two at times later on this evening. the weekend starts wet and we dry out for halloween. back to you. >> how smart isour city compared to the rest of the country? next in a live report. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina.
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she's against banning assault weapons... and that's reckless and dangerous. she's for risky new oil drilling that could threaten our jobs. fiorina's plan would mean slashing social security and medicare, which would devastate seniors. and she'd make abortion a crime. no wonder fiorina is endorsed by sarah palin. carly fiorina. just too extreme for california. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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good morning, everybody. a nice looking shot outside. 6:44 and a look at some of the your temperatures. 60s and 70s and not so much rain perhaps. we will check in with the specifics on the forecast. >> i new survey shows which cities are the smartest. tracy pots is live in
6:45 am
washington, d.c. where do we all stack up? >> we are number nine. you are number three right behind boston and hardfort, connecticut. you slipped by one spot from last year. this is an annual list, only the second year done by the daily beast. they look at things like how many educated people are there in the city where you live or bachelor's degrees and graduate degrees. it's about a quarter with bachelor degrees and 17% with guarduate degrees which is high. they look at the intelligence environment. how many colleges and libraries there for the size population that you have in the bay area. also book sales. nonfiction book sales and look at what people are reading as an indicator of how intelligent they are. more brain power equals better jobs and better-paying jobs according to the daily beast.
6:46 am
i should tell you i know you are into competition. take a look at this score. in the smart cities category, san francisco bay area is 3, dallas is 41. >> ooh! but we will be humble. >> oh, man. i don't know. maybe we will be nice. the dallas reporter said the people are nice. we won't rub it in. >> yet. >> time to check the morning commute with mike. >> tracie potts with an excellent report with great facts. northbound 680 north of mission. let's get a live look. there reports of bricks spilled off of a truck over the hill from an earlier shot. this is where the mission scales are. we are hearing about bricks spilled across the roadway around the bend from washington. no major slowing and no crews block lanes, but if you are heading through the area, keep it in mind you may want to stay
6:47 am
to the left lanes. we will get back to the maps, the southbound direction coming out of livermore and pleasanton. clear roadways out of the pass heading over towards 238 through the castro valley. here slowing down the freeway. the metering lies are on to pass west grand and some slowing, but not bad. we will see more of these folks into the city because of the game and focused on the forecast. >> crowds are showing up before sunrise and the good news if they are dry in san francisco. this is the loop of the last three hours. notice the rain is not going west to east. this is an unusual pattern with the system stalling offshore, tossing the rain bands. that's not good news. we could see heavy rain and for areas into san francisco south, this rain line may try to stall
6:48 am
during the day. we will see the system around offshore south to north and coming in later tonight into tomorrow morning. take the umbrella with you. the rain line proofing san francisco as we head towards the evening and overnight. one thing you notice, the numbers might be too low for san jose. we will get into the mid 70s to the south. warm and perfectly dry in the south bay. it's nairs to the north that will see the showers. the weekend, a few more showers and sunday good news for the timing of halloween. looking dry. >> if you are waking up with giants fever, you are not alone. game one was great for the giants and fans and disappointed for texas. live at mccovey cove now to talk about game two. bob? >> good morning to you. a lot of people praying and hoping that maybe the giants would sweep the series. we need a broom out here.
6:49 am
good morning to you. you can say there is a lot of remnants from what happened here last night in celebration. rangers fans must be disappointed. i don't know if you are aware, but after last night's scathing loss to the giants, we changed the logans for the state. don't mess with texas is now just mess with texas. it's so easy. everything is bigger in texas except the baseball scores. i never heard of this one, but it's like a whole other country. kind of like england where they don't know how to play baseball well, but they are awesome at soccer and cricket. here's a big dallas question. who shot j.r.? we got the answer last night.
6:50 am
someone who can aim, someone who doesn't play for the texas rangers. if you are a texas ranger fan here in the city, you can e-mail your complaints to me at bob redell. i will be checking that e-mail later. hopefully the texas ranger fans are with our kristi smith. are you safe for this edition? >> reporter: i am doing good. the giants story is international news. we are here with steve butterman for cbs radio and is also covering this for canada. why are fans interested in the giants in canada? >> they are interested in every world series. it's like a super bowl or world series every year. you have the major newspapers in canada that come down to cover it as well. they are interested it see if the giants can finally win a world series in san francisco.
6:51 am
>> the giants story rather unusual. >> we are all interested in this being an amazing team. they have the great willie mays and they don't win the world series. v.rkno carrierringringc0
6:52 am
mips is the name of the company up better than 200%. wells fargo said they too have found errors in the way they have done foreclosures. we talked about this and what a drag this has been on the market. if we can't get past the foreclosures, the problem with real estate will just continue. >> we will see how it unfolds. back to baseball news. there is a buzz around the world series, but for some that buzz is not from thrilling action on the diamond. the relief medical dispensary is giving away free joints every time the giants hit a home run. they are pushing to legalize marijuana and want to take advantage of the world stage. >> fortunately the giants are in the world series and every home run they hit, we were honoring everyone in house a free joint. >> approximate are juan uribe's home run was a joint all-around.
6:53 am
only people with marijuana cars inside the dispensary are allowed to get the free joints. they are illegal to handout in public and smoke marijuana is say federal offense. >> apparently a guy from dallas got a whiff of some not so fresh air in mccovey cove yesterday. check it out. >> right over there there people smoking weed. it's coming this way. >> people are nice here. we are not in new york. nobody is going to spit on us and tell us we are bad people. this is san francisco. people are smoking weed over there. they don't care. they want to see the team win, but they are half buzzed out. >> who knows if the world series comes back for six and is seven next week. maybe on the way to making it completely legal by then and it will be funny. >> he is having fun. >> bob redell's clip on the dallas stations i'm sure. fun stuff. >> want to check in with mike for another look at the morning
6:54 am
commute. >> folks need to know about the best bet to avoid the back ups that take you to the maps. there is the san mateo bridge over to the peninsula from the east bay. you take the bridge because that helps you avoid the bay bridge. the big number of cars heading over there starting midday into the afternoon. the ballpark is not far from there. the 280 extension. king street and surrounding streets starting about the seventh inning. they are up to the muni trains and caltrain can take you straight to the ballpark. those are some options for you. look at the heavy volume already on the bridge, but a clear view. >> which is nice. >> everybody is wondering what's going to happen, worried that game two might be t rained out. we will be okay. >> it will be a torture for sometime. it will be watching rat dar. that is stalling offshore.
6:55 am
this is a three-hour loop. notice west to east, it's not gone anywhere. that's good news for san francisco and areas south. that means you may have three or four inches of rain by the time the day is wrapped up. the system is going on a negative tilt backing off a little bit today. we are sort of adjusting the game two forecast. we will see a little bit of rain approaching the coast. this is different than 24 hours ago and looks drier around the start and as the game wears on, more moisture starts the coast and gets more lift and that equals scattered showers. plan accordingly if you are heading to the ballpark. it should be mild and we will hit mid 70s in the south bay thanks to the winds throughout the day. just completely dry around places like san jose and livermore. north of marin county that we will see the rain at times and if any luck, some of this will mean a drier forecast with the rain. hanging up in the north. >> rt the one place we don't
6:56 am
want to see the orange is on the radar. >> keeping good tabs of that. game two is exciting. we are keeping tabs on that. we will be swinging the bats there. got the field ready and it looks so great. c.j. wilson versus matt kaine. >> that's right. we watch this and a lot of the mayors are watching because we have the bets on it. here's one of the wagers. this is between the executives at their commuting agencies. bart for us and dart for them. the dallas area rapid transit. if they win, the dallas guys have to dress up and serenade bart righters while passing out san francisco treats. >> rice a roni? >> we are saying when the giants win. >> if you want more information, go to we have player profiles and the
6:57 am
latest on the new team news and lots of fun stuff. check it out. >> exciting to watch. still some tickets available out there. >> for about $1 million. >> a pretty penny. >> great forecasting for the weather and uribe's home run. >> give us more. >> paul the octopus. >> maybe buster posey for tonight. >> we will go with that. we appreciate it. >> thanks for joining us. the "today" show is next. >> a local news update in a half hour. see you back in a bit. go giants.
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