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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 1, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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the wind kept you awake last night or maybe it was the fun with friends and family. >> happy new year and thanks for joining us on this first day of 2011. i'm kris sanchez. let's take a look at our weekend forecast with rob my et ta. happy new year. good morning to you. a chilly start. we are going to have some interesting weather as we kick off the weekend. chilly showers and air cold enough to sfoert pretty low snow levels towards the north bay for the morning. later in the day, we will probably see the showers taper off a little bit. turning breezy for tonight. sunday morning, we will see the rain roll on through with the system slowly exiting as we head into the start of the upcoming workweek. hour by hour forecast, we are talking about scattered showers and pretty chilly temperatures for the morning as we pass lunchtime. notice the inland valley spots. highs in the upper 40s to maybe near 50 in concord. low 50s around san jose. quick check of your seven-day forecast will show an unsettled weekend ahead with some rain at times.
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i think the most intense will roll through for sunday morning. then, that will slowly dry out heading towards the middle part of the week. coming up, a full look at the timeline for the rainy and at times snowy weather in your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. new this morning, just about seven hours into the new year and already police are investigating the first homicide in oakland and san jose. a 15-year-old boy was shot and killed overnight in what witnesses describe as a drive-by shooting in a residential neighborhood on ozeras avenue near willis avenue in san jose. the boy died on the scene. in oakland, 2010 and 2011 began and ended with violence. just nine minutes after midnight, two people were shot outside an apartment complex at 3150 high street. police tell us that when they arrived on the scene, one person was already dead. the other victim is in critical condition at a nearby hospital. so far, no arrests have been made on new year's eve.
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a 17-year-old boy died in a separate shooting near the east month mall. this morning, several people are recovering after a fire ripped through an apartment building in san francisco. san francisco firefighters say the fire started shortly before 1:30 this morning. it was a two-alarm fire which forced firefighters to evacuate that building and another nearby. fire crews say several people are injured and one person had to be taken to the hospital. the man suspected of robbing a store at gunpoint and carjacking a customer at valley fair mall is behind bars this morning. police say they found 28-year-old joseph jenkins last night as he was trying to run away from officers at a homeless camp on center road. they also found a machete and a replica rifle and pistol much like the ones used during the robberies. a man in a trench coat identified as jenkins pointed a rifle at store employees at club
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mon o monaco and demanded money. he car jacked a nissan ul tim ma on a nearby street. another homeless person tipped them off to jenkins location. he is now at santa clara jail on several charges of robbery and carjacking. police say he is also linked to a robbery spree in sunnyvale. this morning, a 7-year-old girl whose mother and little sister were killed in an apartment fire is in legal limbo and could be deported. the chronicle reports allison benevides illegal crossed the border six months ago. early thursday morning, the girl, her 3-year-old sister and her mother were asleep when an extension cord sparked a fire in their second-story apartment on 82nd avenue and oakland. they were using extension cords to get power from a neighbor because their electricity was cut in early december.
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the girl is in protective custody while immigration authorities die side what to do next. her father is in custody in san diego, because he was caught crossing the border illegally. her grandfather lives in el val salvador. today, california is officially getting rid of a 60-year-old law which requires the department of mental health to research the causes of home sexuality and cures. it was put into effect in 1950. governor schwarzenegger signed the repeal earlier this year. a new law for life sentences for sexual predators that torture, drug or use weapons against children. chelsea's law is named for chelsea king raped and murdered by a convicted child mo lester. it increases penalties for certain child mol lesters. the murder of chelsea king and that of another teenage girl in san diego behind three other new laws designed to speed up the searches for missing people.
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they require uniform guidelines on how police respond and how quickly they have to report to the state department and the department of justice. the law also creates a justice department missing persons low okay tore position. >if you hit the sack earlie, you were having too much fun to watch new year's celebrations around the world. here is some of what you missed. thousands of folks gathered for that midnight countdown and the midnight kiss that comes along with it. in new york city, about 1 million people packed into times square to watch the ball drop. at midnight, millions of people around the world watch that one on tv as well. it only took a couple of hours for revelers to clear the area. for that city's sanitation department to have the area all cleaned up, which was done by sunrise. in seattle, the space needle lit up at midnight. it takes one week to set up all the fireworks that went off
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during the 8:00 show. the entire show is controlled by computer and is timed precisely with music. in las vegas, fireworks at seven separate casinos. the 8:00 show lit up the famous vegas strip more than usual. about 300,000 shivering people garied in the sleets. celebrities, jay-z and colby gathered there. one of the coldest new year's on record. a giant moon pie dropped down from the top of the rfa bank trust building in downtown mobile, alabama. fireworks and a laser show rounded out the celebration there. about 100,000 people gathered in atlanta for the annual peach drop. the peach drop is a 22-year-old tradition. the peach itself weighs about 800 pounds and is made of foam and fiberglass. that is kind of cute. in the florida keys, people
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celebrated the new year with what they call the drag queen drop. a female imperfect son nay tore who goes by the name of sushi was lowered in a giant high-heel outside key west's famous bourbon street pub. still ahead on "today in the bay," the new year begins with deadly tensions between christians and muslims in egypt. in missouri, a disaster of fferdit fferent kind. "today in the bay" continues in two minutes. di
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new this morning, one person is dead and three more are missing after a russian passenger jet exploded while taxying for takeoff at a siberian airport. 124 passengers and crew members managed to safely evacuate the plane before the explosion. it is unclear whether any of the survivors are injured. a magnitude 7.0 quake rattled a rural area of northern
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argentina. it appears the epicenter is so deep it only gave a life shake to towns near son tee antiago. victims of a car bombs which exploded outside a church in eye jipt. eight muslims are among the injured sparking tensions between muslims and christians. police are firing tear gas as crowds of young christian men who they say are hurling stones on the streets outside that church. in pakistan, 18 people are dead after three u.s. missile strikes just hours apart overnight. the targets, were a militant stronghold stronghold in waziristan. people in the northwest and south are staging a new year starting the new year dealing with the aftermath of a violent series of tornadoes. at least three people are dead
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in cincinnati, arkansas near the oklahoma border after a twister packing 140-mile-an-hour winds touched down yesterday morning. the powerful system produced at least 11 tornadoes, withhich to through missouri. >> at least three people died in robertsville missouri an hour west. the governor declared a state of emergency. here in the bay area, we are looking at chilly temperatures and scattered showers. as you can see on the radar, they are moving off to the east. we see some yellow and that means heavier showers in the south san jose area. let's check our weekend forecast with rob may edda. we are seeing a pretty cool start to the morning, one including a little bit of rain and the potential for low snow especially out to the north and east bay higher hill tops. we are likely to see more rain come spilling in later. sunday morning, a rainy start
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before things dry out heading into p monday. the latest rainfall totals. we have had a lot of rain through december carrying over into january. most of the bay area from mountain view northward, quite a ways above where we should, 100% to 150% of average for this time of year out towards the north bay. we will be adding to these totals, the times as we go through the next couple of days. we have this cut-off low, which is formed offshore. this is going to slowly spin on the coastline probably through sunday afternoon. so this low sits just to the west. we will continue to see these little batches of showers come rotating through with cold air inland. this is good enough to bring low snow levels maybe near 3,000 feet in a few spots. maybe locally lower in some of those wind sheltered valleys further inland across the north bay. for sunday, we will finally see this low track inland. this will bring heavier rain on sunday morning. things a bit more dry monday afternoon. during the day today, we will see a few scattered showers at
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times. the rain likely filling in once again as we head into sunday morning and then changing back to showers as we head into sunday afternoon and rainfall totals between now and, let's say, monday, may get up to about half inch in spots, an inhave or two around some of the coastal mounds. heavier there. not as strong as the storm that impacted the bay area on tuesday. well be watching lake county and sonoma and napa county, some higher elevations may get a dusting of snow and some of the chilly air in place. high temperatures during the day, going to have a tough time cloimi clo climbing out of the 50s. highs only in the 40s in a few spots. we will be watching north bay hilltops for a chance of snow in a few areas. otherwise, very chilly showers at times. not a complete washout of a weekend but when the sun does break through, it will be chilly. we are seeing highs staying in the 50s.
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we seal the showers shutting down temporarily on monday. more showers dropping in as we approach thursday and friday. that's a look at your first seven-day forecast of 2011. make it a great saturday. enjoy your weekend. it's going to take some getting used to, 2011. coming up on "today in the bay," a hot cup of coffee may sound pretty good after a night on the town. that cup of joe could make your hang overwor hangover worse. if you are kicking off 2011 with a desire to get more fit, we sheol you what the experts say to make those resolutions stick. "today in the bay" continues in a few minutes.
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some folks, none of us here, rang in the new year a bit too hard last night. if you have a headache or worse, you are not alone.
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there are plenty of products that claim to cure hangover. not the movie kind either but do any of them work? are there any sure-fire ways to cure your hangover? according to one doctor, there are things that can help. time is really the only cure. the truly proven remedies remain. rehydrate yourself, usually with water or maybe some broth or maybe some sort sports drink. all of the other possible remedies out there have never been proven to be able to be an absolute way to cure the hangover. wonder if they have ever scientifically studied minuto. dr. kelly says think twice about the cup of coffee. caffeine dehydrates the body. it can worsen the effect. as soon as you shake off the hangover, it will be time to get more fit. for a lot of folks, getting more exercise. here to fire us up and get us on
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our goal, personal trainer, linda amato. thanks so much for joining us so bright and early this morning. >> you are welcome. >> you look great considering that you said you went out a little bit last night. >> i did, i did. i had people over. >> a lot of folks are going to be cozying up to you as this new year begins trying to get some tips for sticking with the fitness goal. what do you think the main thing is that you tell the folks who come to you looking for help? >> i would tell somebody coming to me to take it gradually. if they have never been to the gym, consult with their doctor. make sure they are ready to come to the gym and small steps. that might mean come in and do ten minutes on a piece of cardio equipment. just everything in small steps. don't go in and conquer the world. >> right. so what do you think. some of us will go in that first day, maybe not today or tomorrow or on into next week or so and totally overdo it. what happens when we overdo it? we tend not to stick with that goal, right? >> right, right.
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i would tell everybody, come in. don't have a set agenda. come in. do ten minutes on a treadmill. ten minutes on a precore or elliptical. start there. then, gradually increase the time that you are on the cardio equipment. consult somebody about strength training and do everything in very small increments. >> okay. so a quick question for you. the elliptical has been around for a while. the treadmill has been around for a while. for folks that haven't been to the gym in a while, what are some of the new things that get you excited about getting your clients exercising? >> any of the new cardio equipment is fabulous. any of the precore, the elliptical, the step mill. there is a functional weight training system that we just put in our gym that's fabulous. you can do everything on it from top to bottom. the entire body.
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any of the classes would be a great place for people to start. >> well, thank you very much, linda, for joining us so bright and early this morning. we hope that you get a little bit of rest in a little bit later today. we will get out there and walk at least. >> thank you. happy new year. >> happy new year. thank you. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," bowl game commercials usually advertise beer, products endorsed by athletes. one bay area boy will appear in a bowl game commercial for a good cause. we are going to show you who he is and when you can spot him just ahead. good morning, everybody. coming up in sports, the warriors were on the road in charlotte. we will have highlights plus the raiders may not be at full strength when they take on kansas city on sunday. we will explain why. that's coming up.
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after a night like last night, nothing like curling up on the coach for a day full of sports. christine has the highlights in your morning sports.
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good morning, everybody. the warriors stephon curry was hoping a little home cooking would help him snap out of his slump as golden gate took on charlotte in a new year's eve matinee. he grew up in charlotte and attended college at nearby davis son. he entered friday's shooting just 26% from the field in the last four games. looking to get back on track as the warriors took on the bobcats. a nice homecoming for curry as the entire davidson team came out to watch him play. second quarter, curry had some good looks from three-point land. here is one of them. he finished with 24 points. golden state with the lead. fourth quarter, monta ellis, he had 25 drive-ins. 96-90, golden state. fourth quarter, warriors up. you hear that steven jackson, he misses the three as golden state goes on to win it, 96-95. next up for the warriors, a
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date with lebron james and the heat this afternoon. if the warriors' last game against miami is any indication, they are going to need some help. golden state gotham merred when miami visited oracle arena three weeks ago. the big three, james, dwyane wade and chris bosh led the heat to an impressive record in december hosting a franchise bet, 15-1. the sharks were idle yesterday but will be back to work tonight as they take on the l.a. kings in southern california. hockey fans, you will have more time to recover from the new year's hangover. that's because the winter classic has been moved to prime time. the outdoor game between the pittsburgh penguins and washington capitals has been moved from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. heavy rain is expected to move through the pittsburgh area through the afternoon and taper off by early evening. the game can be seen right here on nbc.
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the puck drops again at 5:00 p.m. raiders runningback, richard seymour will be game decisions. mcfadden is hampered by a ham spring injury. oakland was eliminated last week. they are looking to finish the season with a .500 record and go undefeated in the afc west. the niners close out their season sunday against arizona. i'm christine nupela with sports. have a great day! you have six bowl games to choose from. northwestern takes on texas tick at the ticket city bowl in dallas at 9:00. michigan state battles alabama at the capital one bowl in orlando at 10:00. a half hour later, michigan and mississippi state will kick off the progressive gator bowl. wisconsin takes on tcu at 2:00 at the granddaddy of them all, the rose bowl, of course,
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presented by vizio. oklahoma takes on connecticut at 5:30. before the rose bowl, you can watch the 122nd annual rose parade right here on nbc bay area. a total of 47 floats will be making their way through the streets of pasadena this year with speeds topping out at just 3 miles per hour. the rose parade starts right after our newscast coming up at 8:00 this morning. a bay area boy who is battling a serious health condition will be featured in a commercial during several of those bowl games today. >> duchene, most of us have never heard this wore. for others, this word has turned their lives upside down. a picture of 11-year-old alex maddox from alamo will be part of a public service announcement featuring green bay packers linebacker, clay matthews. he has a childhood muscle disease, duchene muscular
7:27 am
disstrofy. it will run during the rose bowl, the fiesta bowl, the sugar bowl and the orange bowl. san francisco will host the next america's cup yacht race in 2013. it will be the first u.s. city to host the rosata in two decades. in a statement, gavin newsome says together san francisco and the oracle racing team have seized a tremendous opportunity to showcase sailing in the magnificent san francisco bay providing jobs and more than $1 million boosting the city's economy. so he is excited. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up next at 7:30, the crackdown on facebook stalking. the new law that is making sure you are who you are, who you say you are when you are online. plus, caltrain i go ringing in the new year with a kaching. we will show you how much it will cost to ride from san jose
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to san francisco tomorrow. [ male announcer ] this is lara.
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her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels.
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good morning. happy new year. looking live at the bay bridge looks like folks may be headed out for an early breakfast or headed home for a night on the town. either way, nice to have you with us. watching that. indoors and nice and cozy. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. here is a look at our weekend forecast with rob mayeda. good saturday morning. we are watching chilly showers around the bay area and the potential for low snow in a few spots around the hill top. especially out towards the north bay. we seal more rain filling in later on tonight into sunday. a pretty rainy start. the showers slowly start to shut down on monday. cool start to your morning. 40s and some 30s around parts of the north bay and then as we go through the day, you will see the temperatures staying pretty cool. we are talking highs in the upper 40s out towards the north bay and in to our inland
7:31 am
valleys. low to mid-50s around san jose and oakland. so plan on a little more rain at times. especially for early sunday morning and then for monday, we will see the showers shutting down as that low finally kicks to the east with somewhat dryer weather as you approach the middle part of this upcoming week. every january 1st, usually brings some changes and starting today, the price of every traffic ticket in california is going up. i better slow down. the state is adding $4 to the price of every ticket. the money will pay for emergency air transport services that are at risk because of cuts in medical funding. that is one of the many fees targeted at drivers to make up for state budget problems. >> another law takes effect tomorrow that let's city's install cameras on street is sweepers to catch cars illegally parked. caltrain is ringing in the new year with higher fares and service changes. it will cost an additional 25
7:32 am
cents per zone to ride caltrain. it will go from $7.75 to $8.50. caltrain will be getting rid of two northbound trains as well and two southbound trains. those from the mid-day schedule. the measures are intended to close the transit agency's $2.3 million budget gap for 2011 -- rather, 2010 through 2011 fiscal year. that is going to take some getting used to. starting today, people who impersonate you online will be breaking the law. a new state law goes into effect which makes it illegal to assume another person's identity. it will be a misdemeanor. violators could face a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail. the law allows victims to sue. also, celebrities shutter bugs will have a tougher time
7:33 am
snapping pictures of the hollywood stars as they follow started today. the anti-paparazzi law will crack down on photographers who drive wrecklessly or block sidewalks. victims will be able to sue for invasion of privacy and other damages as well. parents now face jailtime and fines if schools think that the parents are pulling kids out of class without a valid excuse. under the state's new truancy law, parents of kids that are in kind kindergarten through eighth grade, any of the students could face up to a year in jail and a $2000 fine. amber alerts will be used for more than finding missing kids starting today. the alert system will also be used when a suspect is on the loose after attacking a law enforcement officer. the so-called blue alerts will be used if an officer is killed or seriously injured. vehicle and suspect descriptions will appear on freeway signs as
7:34 am
well as on television and on radio broadcasts as well. coming up on "today in the bay," new year, new job, perhaps. not without a good resume. if you think it doesn't make a difference, guess again the difference between a dream job and a dead-end one. learn how to remake yourself when we remake your rez nay. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. now get up to $300 back in promotion cards. at&t. rethink possible.
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good morning. hope you are starting off 2011 nice this morning. rainy look at the golden gate bridge. it will stay that way for a while. we will check your forecast and the radar in a little bit. most of us have hopes for the new year. for many folks, the hope is to find work. whether you are one of the many californians out of work or looking for something better than what you have, it all starts with a resume. as "today in the bay" garvin
7:37 am
thomas shows us, starting that resume is just beginning. >> reporter: if there is one thing sherry has learned this year it is that a good resume is never really finished. >> there are things i need to update here. >> reporter: it should always be changing. >> in fact, she says, although she has been looking for work for more than five months, only this last month did her resume really take shape and her job search take off. >> i have gotten phone interviews and a couple of face to face interviews set up. i think, maybe some of my changes did help. >> reporter: what did sherry do? well, some of the very things every job seeker should do. >> you want to stand out. you want to point to things that are specifically to you as a professional that no one else has. >> reporter: the folks at linked in found the most overused phrases. topping the list, extensive experience. >> if i'm a sales professional
7:38 am
looking for new clients, i want the clients to know that i have eight to ten years of experience, not expensive experience. extensive could mean a year, two years, three years. being more specific is really important. >> i see thousands of resumes. i think the most common mistake is people think it is a biography. >> reporter: director of career services at tech skills of san jose. >> not something you have done in the past 15 years, someone is not going to hire you to do that today. >> reporter: the smartest job seekers create, in essence, a new resume for each job opening going so far as to take keywords out of the actual job description and working them into their resume. it is a lot of work. so you need to be choosey about where you apply. >> really putting a lot of effort into each application. it should be taking you an hour to put together a tailored resume and cover letter for each position. >> reporter: another great tip who have resumes posted on job search sites, update it. even if it is only a small
7:39 am
change, at least once a week. when recruiters search those sites, the newest resume matching the qualifications they are looking for are the first ones they see. >> if you haven't updated or refreshed your resume, i am not going to find you. you are going to be four paenlgs ba pages back. >> reporter: the foot in the door, resume. if you do it right, what you learn from creating the resume is going to help you once you get in the door. >> i think all these tips help one recognize one's own skills, one's own value, even as a human being. >> reporter: garvin thomas, "today in the bay." >> don't forget to spell check. we just got word on the first new baby of the year. stephanie hernandez delivered a baby girl. we are still waiting for the name. oprah's brand new tv network
7:40 am
makes its debut today. will you be able to find it? we'll show you.
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it is january 1st, of course. happy new year! let's take a look at the radar. some of the green is moving through the area. the heaviest rain right now appears to be falling just a little between ben loman and morgan hill. what is the rest of the forecast? here is rob. a cool start to the morning, one including a little bit of rain and the potential for low snow at least for the morning, especially out to the north and east bay higher hilltops. the winds are going to kick up. sunday morning, we will see a rainy start. want to bring you up to date on the latest rain fall totals. most of the bay area from mountainview northward, quite a ways above where we should be.
7:43 am
anywhere from 100% to 150% of average. out towards the north bay. we will be adding to these totals through the next couple of days. cut-off low formed offshore. this will slowly spin on the coastline. looks like probably all the way through sunday afternoon. this low sits to the west. we will continue to see these little batches of showers come rotating through with some cold air inland. this is good enough to bring some low snow levels, maybe near 3,000 feet in a few spots over the next couple of days. maybe locally lower in some of those wind-sheltered valleys further inland for sunday. we will finally see this low track inland. this will bring in the heavier rain on sunday morning. things will turn a bit more dry by the time we get into monday afternoon and all that moisture heads off to the east. during the day today, we will see a few scattered showers at times. the rain likely filling in once again as we head into sunday morning and changing back to showers as we head into sunday afternoon and rainfall totals between now, let's say, and monday, may get up to half an
7:44 am
inch. probably an inch or two around the coastal mountains. here is the interesting part. obviously, snow for the sierra. we will be watching lake county and sonoma county and napa county. some of the higher elevations may get a dusting of snow with some of the chilly air in place around the bay area. high temperatures during the day are going to have a tough time climbing out of the 50s. what you will find around the north and east bay valleys are high temperatures in the 40s in a few spots. we will be watching some of the north bay hilltops for a chance of snow in a few areas. otherwise, chilly showers at times. not a complete washout of a weekend. when the sun breaks through, it is going to be chilly. we are seeing highs in the 50s to the beginning of next week. we will see the showers shutting down temporarily on monday. a break in the action through the middle part of the week and more showers dropping in as you approach thursday and friday. that's a look at your first seven-day forecast of 2011. make it a great saturday and
7:45 am
enjoy your weekend. oprah already owns daytime tv but now she will expand her broadcast empire with her own network, o.w.n., the oprah winfrey network will make official day buy at 9:00 for folks who have directv. for everyone else, the network debuts at noon. it will replace the discovery health channel. winfrey and discovery network say the biggest challenge will be in helping folks to find the network. if you need help, go to, which has a channel locate tore tool. coming up next, we will take a look at today's top stories. the party may be over but the california highway patrol, still cracking down on drunk drivers. what you need to know about maximum enforcement just ahead in a live report.
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7:48 am
new year's holiday means the highway patrol is out in force cracking down on people getting out there drunk. trent of the highway force joins us this morning. this is maximum enforcement? >> yeah. our enforcement period will continue on through sunday at midnight. so far, things have been very disappointing. there were approximately 60 people arrested for dui and there were four fatal traffic collisions here in the bay area. so we are very disappointed by that number. >> what do you think -- have we done anything differently to get the message across this year versus years in the past? >> well, you know, armed enforcement efforts along with our education efforts are continuously ongoing. we try to do everything we can to inform people about the dangers of drinking and driving. when you mix drinking and driving, usually, it ends up in death. so for these four families here in the bay area, for the rest of
7:49 am
their lives, they are going to associate new year's 2011 with the death of a loved one and so that's the kind of things we try to prevent during these holiday seasons. >> i know as most of us drive around the bay area on the roadways, you tend to tap the brakes and pay closer attention. tell us what maximum enforcement mean? you want people to pay attention and shape up for longer than a couple of minutes. >> maximum enforcement period means we will have all available officers working. that means there is going to be a strong presence in the fact that you are going to see a lot of officers driving and on traffic stops. it is a combination of enforcement as well as service. with the overnight rain, there was an increase of calls for service due to people crashing or spreading out because of the wet roadway. it is important we get out there as quickly as possible to remove the cars from the road and get
7:50 am
people out of harm's way. the big picture is, we want people to remember that. if you are irresponsible and you drink and drive, there is a strong possibility you could end up killing yourself or killing someone else. we just want people to celebrate and just do it responsibly. >> like you said, that's already happened four times around the bay area. napa, san francisco, san jose and dublin, fatal alcohol-related crashes. hopefully, that will be the last of what we see. thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. let's take a look at some of our top stories around the bay area. several people are recovering after a fire ripped through an apartment building in san francisco. the two-alarm fire forced fire fighters to evacuate that building just before 1:30 this morning. just nine minutes after midnight, one person was killed and another critically injured after a shooting outside an apartment complex at 3150 high street in oakland. so far, no arrests have been made. coming up next on "today in
7:51 am
the bay," we have our pet of the week. our first one of the year. we will show you how to find a loving pet, even if this one is not your cup of tea. we will show you where to find your next loved one in this new year. we will be right back. nobody in my family ever had a heart attack. if anything, i thought i'd get hit by a bus, but not a heart. all of a sudden, it's like an earthquake going off in your body. my doctor put me on an aspirin regimen to help protect my life. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone. so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. to my friends, i say, you know, check with your doctor, 'cause it can happen to anybody.
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finally, this morning, the perfect personal trainer for your new year's resolution. we have goofy, the labrador retriever. >> new year's, new puppy, new exercise regime. i lost two pounds walking him around. >> he weighs as much as you do. >> his name is goofy. he is about a 1-year-old lab bra do door retriever. he is the number one, most popular breed. >> is where you can find out more information or
7:54 am, great place to get more information for training. >> we will see you bright and early tomorrow morning. we resolve to be here.
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