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tv   Today  NBC  January 7, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PST

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goodmorning to you, bay area. as you can see from the picture of the golden gate bridge, we have clear conditions for the most part. we have temperatures right now in the upper 30s. 37 degrees in livermore. 40 degrees in gilroy. what i can tell you is it's much warmer than at this time yesterday. by about 5 degrees to 7 degrees. we are picking up cloud cover in the upper 50s late or today. have a fantastic weekend. >> latest weather. it has been nearly a year since the devastating earthquake in haiti. now you have a cholera outbreak as well. >> that's right, meredith. if you're one of the many people who are frustrated that more hasn't been done in haiti, you need to know about stan brock. overcoming tremendous odds including red tape, he completed
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a mission just yesterday on thursday that had mostly american volunteers literally jumping to do the impossible in haiti. watching news of haiti's catastrophic earthquake a year ago -- >> there's not enough doctors to take care of all of the injured. >> reporter: which killed 230,000 people and then the deadly cholera epidemic, now even affecting people in a remote mountain village, barely reached since the earthquake. stan brock had had enough. >> there's no sanitation, there's no electricity, there's no running water, there's no way in in a vehicle, there's no way in by air and now you've got a cholera epidemic and people are dying. the only way to describe it is the need is extreme. >> head of the tennessee based nonprofit, stan flew a 747 to
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parachute, volunteers, some of them elderly with supply into the village. stan then escorted a medical team up a road. over the next the 12 days, these volunteers treated 1,300 patients. >> how much pain would you say you're in? >> on a ten scale, i'll give it a 9. >> reporter: saving and changing lives. they also built an airstrip. >> this is what you're pulling up. a lot of rocks. >> yeah, because if that sticks up that much above the ground and the airplane tire hits it, it could blow it or it could damage the landing gear it is. >> reporter: this is hard manual labor. >> hard labor. >> reporter: and this week stan took off from port-au-prince to land the first plane in the village connecting it to the outside world. >> well, welcome to nador. >> reporter: an outrageous plan against overwhelming adversity
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that proves a can do spirit and human kindness can change even haiti's suffering. this story is pretty darn dramatic and meredith, one of the people who jumped out of that plane actually had had a hip replacement. when they jumped, they jumped into trees and rocks and yet they landed all safely. this is a really audacious, dramatic plan. >> a labor of love really. >> the interesting thing, with this very old plane, there were people over 70 years old jumping out to try and save people. it was dramatic enough for us to put an hour together on it this coming sunday. >> as you mentioned, you can see ann on this special "dateline"
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this weekend on nbc. the first of two lucky winners of tuesday's megamillions jackpot has come forward to claim his prize. a man who's $190 million richer to go along with a priceless sense of humor. here's nbc's lee cowan. >> i have got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight dollars. of $190 million. >> no matter how many megamillions tickets you bought and lost. it would be nearly impossible not to be happy for jim mccolor and his wife carol. his joy is simply infection. he's father of six, grandfather to more than 20. he bought his $190 million winning ticket at this safe way in the tiny county of ephrato,
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washington. do you know who has the ticket? >> no, i have no idea. >> no, it wasn't me. >> all my relatives come and ask me if i won. >> reporter: everybody knows almost everyone here, though most knew that jim's heart is a big weak. so when they found out that he won, no surprise his wife thought he was having a heart attack when he woke her up to tell her. >> she said, are you okay? and i said, yeah, i'm perfect. >> reporter: he showed her the proof and then they both lost it. >> tears started flowing down and i looked at her and i started crying and all she could say was, is this real? is this real. >> reporter: truth is, jim and carolyn had won once before, $18,000 in fact in a lottery years ago and jim had a confession. the numbers he used way back then, well -- >> they're the same numbers we used to take all your money.
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>> reporter: he's a big winner in a small town, but not the only one. turns out the other half of the nation's second largest jackpot went to someone who bought a ticket in tiny post falls, idaho just 150 miles away. >> at least we have someone from idaho winning. >> so all those lines, all that hype and hope from coast to coast ended somewhere in small town america. >> it's going to go generation after generation after generation. my kids, my grandkids, my great grandkids and their children also will never have to worry because we're not going to blow this. >> reporter: for jim it's proof that every holiday season took turkeys to the food bank and delivered groceries to those in need, pay back is no myth. lee cowan, nbc news, los angeles. >> he rushes into his bedroom, his wife thinks he's having a heart attack. he's having a $190 million emergency. >> what a great guy.
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>> a great couple. congratulations. just ahead here, another man whose dreams are coming true, ted williams is homeless man with a remarkable voice reunites with his mother for the first time in 20 years. we'll talk to them both but time in 20 years. we'll talk to them both but first this is "today" on nbc. feeling a bit off? the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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it's got crisp, farm picked broccoli and bell peppers, and 100% tender white meat chicken steamed in a savory sesame sauce. yum. mmm. yum is right. can i have a bite? uh huh. [ female announcer ] no preservatives, all delicious. time now is 7:26. we are checking the forecast with christina loren. >> not as thick fog to contend with on your way to work, we have dense patches of fog in the north bay. santa rosa with about a half mile of visibility. pretty good elsewhere. haze in the south bay and we have clouds overhead that are keeping things warmer than we were at this time yesterday. clouds coming up in the system of low pressure impacting southern california. high pressure in control for us. that will be the case throughout the weekend. a trough of low pressure that will make its way towards us,
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bringing in more clouds and showers by about thursday. lots of dry days before we hit thursday. 41 in sunnyvale and a little bit more mild in santa rosa. if you are checking in about 5 to 7 degrees above where we were. a more tolerable morning and ending up with a lot of sunshine. temperatures in the upper 50s and 59 degrees today in redwood city and 58 in san rafael. here's a look at the extended forecast. not a lot of change in terms of the daytime highs that hover in the upper 50s. 59 on sunday and saturday is a good day to get outside. brent, you will probably be inside watching football here on nbc. >> a dibble header. thanks a lot. lynn woolsy from petaluma is getting attention for what she said about the war in afghanistan. she took the floor and her comments aired on c-span. she called it an epic failure national embarrassment.
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she represents the sixth congressional district that represents santa rosa and san rafael. she held the office since 1962. the federal government is investigating california. the "new york times" reports securities regulators are looking into whether the state broke the law by not disclosing risks in the public pension fund. the retirement system suffered big losses in the financial melt down. the value plunged $160 billion in 2007. it has recovered about $60 billion since th.en more local newutinal abo h af ho h ur.
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7:30 now on this friday morning, january 7, 2011. you can see it's snowing in quakertown, pennsylvania as another storm rolls into the northeast. we'll have al's forecast straight ahead. inside studio 1a, i'm here with willie geist who's in for matt this morning. after we spoke to ted williams on thursday here in the studio, he was able to reconnect with his mother for the first time in 20 years. this morning we're going to talk to them both and that's just ahead. also we'll take you to the
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deep south where some homeowners are being overrun by wild hogs. wait until you see the damage they're causing down there. >> but we're going to begin this half hour with that tearful reunion between internet sensation ted williams and his mother. we're going to talk to both of them in a moment, but here's amy robach with how it all happened. >> reporter: in only a few days ted williams has gone from begging for money on a freeway to widespread fame, numerous job offers and a chance to rebuild his life. >> hi, mommy, hi mommy. >> reporter: a week ago this reunion would have seemed impossible for ted williams and his mother julia. >> this has been a dream, a dream and a prayer, finally a sign that has some kind of validity. >> reporter: signs that i have a good given voice, prompting a videoographer to listen. >> when you're listening to the best of oldies, you're listening
7:32 am
to 98.9. >> and then alcohol and drugs and a few other things became a part of my life and i got two years clean. and i'm trying hard to get it back. >> reporter: since it was posted on the internet just this monday, the video has been viewed nearly 1 million times. >> i see a lot of videos but few of them change people's lives like this one has. >> reporter: within a few days, ted williams, 53 years old and homeless found himself back inside a radio station and flooded with numerous offers. >> i just didn't know anything like this would have happened. >> reporter: the nba's cleveland cavaliers offered him a job. >> we love his story and we love his voice and our biggest priority is to get him in here. >> reporter: and he signed a recording contract with kraft macaroni and cheese.
7:33 am
>> cheese with golden brown bread crumbs, you know you love it. >> for nbc news, this is they. >> reporter: it's a far cry from the run ins with the law that he's trying to move past. this type of turn around he always hoped his 90-year-old mother would live to see. >> i used to pray to god, religiously, please let my mom to live another year, maybe this would be the year that somebody would say, hey, do you want a job or anything? >> reporter: and on thursday, they got their chance. reuniting after 20 years. >> the lord answered my prayers because i was praying that my mother would stay around long enough to see me. >> and i'm right here. >> reporter: kraft's new macaroni and cheese commercial is scheduled to air sunday. he's al e lots of work ahead for him,
7:34 am
meredith. >> ted williams is with us again along with his mother julia. along time coming this reunion, ted, talk to me about what you felt yesterday after seeing your mom over 20 years. >> i was just gone. i was just out there. i couldn't -- i don't think we talked for a second, we just balled, both of us, and when mommy cries, that's makes me cry. we didn't say anything, we just hugged each other. it was like a dream that finally came true. thank you jesus. >> what was going on in your mind, julia, when you saw your son? >> it seemed like a dream. i always wished him well. but he would always brush me off, i would say to him, why don't you let god in your life to straighten out your life, you need to straighten out -- good bu bye, that's what i got.
7:35 am
so it made me feel very bad from the family that i came from because my husband was jehovah's witne witness. >> so for 20 years you have tried to reach out. >> it's been ten years, and the only thing i got was promises, i'm going to come and be with you at christmas time. i said how many years have you been say that? just put it in god's hands. >> i feet like i had brought so much disgrace to this woman that there wasn't much i could say. because i think i told you yesterday that the one thing she would always ask me on phone calls is, are you working? and i think she would have even fell for the fact that mcdonald's, if they had hired me, she would have been happy with that. >> was it shame, ted, is that
7:36 am
what it was for you? >> i would even talk to her on the phone and i would say, mommy, one day this voice is going to do something. and she would say, oh, you know what, she would say that and when she said that, it felt like she didn't have no faith in anything i wanted to do. >> bhowhy did you say that, jul? because you had heard it before? >> i had heard it so many times before, it sounded like a broken record. i said let's not go into that, because all i got was promises. >> one of the first things you said during the reunion was don't disappoint me? >> don't disappoint me. hold your life together. don't let things fall apart and you fall in with the wrong people. that's the part that upsets me about him. he's a good person and he's easily pulled into things. and straighten your life out, that's the only thing i wanted him to do. >> i know when we talked
7:37 am
yesterday, ted, for anybody, this attention is -- it's got to be a lot to absorb and to handle and matt and i were saying yesterday, that we worry too, i suppose a lot of people do, that it's a lot coming at you very fast. and you've been down the road before. how do you keep yourself from heading down that road again? >> i want to choose one particular situation or, you know, i'm the voice of kraft macaroni and cheese. >> as of yesterday, right? >> and the cleveland cavaliers is a second choice. with the home and all, everybody's giving me little money deals. but no one's said, here ted, here's a place for you to call your own to cook in. i want one particular situation.
7:38 am
i think i could handle it. but all the irons in the fire is so overwhelming, i think i told you about dale atkins, the psychologist here on the staff, i'm going to call her a little more often. >> she's an nbc news contributor. >> a contributor, yes, i didn't get a chance to call her, but i think i'm going to use her as somewhat of a sponsor or a therapist too. >> do you think you're going to need that? >> yes. >> you looked like you were going to say something, julia. >> the sign they called me and told me that he had, i went to bed and i thought, oh, it couldn't be this way. >> it's disgraceful. >> you mean the sign in the video. >> yes, yes, yes. >> someone called and told me, mama, ted has a sign. i said what snin they said he's holding up a sign.
7:39 am
>> it's what the homeless people here in new york do, collecting cans. >> i said how can you do something like that? this is my home and all my family is out there, how could you get so low to do a thing like that? and then i just went to bed and through the night i could see him with this sign. >> and what did the sign say? >> i have a god given talent, i'm an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times, please, any help would be gratefully appreciated. >> and yet that sign led him out of the situation. >> yes, yes. >> it did, julia. >> yes, it did. >> but to think of my son, my family, looking at all of this, putting up a sign? >> so you were in contact all that time with the grandchildren? >> yes. >> but the grandchildren wouldn't tell me because they didn't want to hurt me. someone else called and i said they don't even allow you to
7:40 am
hold up signs in ohio. they said, well, he's doing it. >> yesterday we alluded to what i have done to support my drug habits and so forth. that was theft, she didn't seem to feel as bad about the theft as she did me holding a sign on a highway exit. >> there's something about it when it's family and embarrassing and all of that together. >> it's embarrassing. >> but yesterday was a good day, it was a positive day, it was a step forward. and a crazy day too. you had this wonderful reunion, but you spent it here. >> i talked to jimmy fallon last night. >> you admitted to a little bit of a man crush on mr. lauer. we'll show you, let's put up the tape. >> this is what happened last night, mommy. the "today" show is a hot show. and matt lauer, he brings the female out in me.
7:41 am
that matt lauer. matt lauer is -- matt lauer is hot. yeah. >> me too, me too. >> if you want a job on this show, you're sucking up to the wrong person. >> i don't know why i said -- i do know why. i just felt like, hey, meeting matt lauer would be the greatest thing that could have happened. i knew i had arrived in new york, meeting you guys. >> the greatest thing that could happen is that you get your life on board and you get the help that you need. >> i'll keep you guys abreast of what's going on. i don't know how i'll get in contact with you personally to say, hey, meredith. >> we'll give you our numbers. when this lady speaks to you, you listen. >> i don't disappoint her
7:42 am
anymore. >> we wish you all the best. ted williams and julia williams, thank you. now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> oh, what a great story and a great lady. and we have a lot of nice ladies here all from the same coast, what's the deal. >> jupiter, florida. >> he's a dentist. >> you're a dentist. >> i'm a dentist. all right, very nice. >> let's check your weather and see what's happening. for the weekend, we have got showers in the pacific northwest. snown the plains, we have also got snow left over in the northeast and rain down in texas, then sunday, sunday, let's get ted to do that. we have got wet weather along the gulf but icy conditions and snow in the mid mississippi river valley, snow back to the cascades, frigid conditions in the plains, lef
7:43 am
good morning to you, bay area. we have dense patchy fog left over this morning. but for the most part it's burning off and breaking apart. we will be left with a mostly sunny sky. temperatures are warmer than they were yesterday. we are in the 40s and upper 30s in the north and east bay this morning. turning over to the upper fifts in the heat of the day. 57 for fremont and 58 today in san jose. the weekend will bring more fair weather and a few more clouds. have a great friday. >> this wild weather over the weekend, you can check in on the weather channel on cable and online. it's a big football weekend, not just one but two games. that's right. we have wild card saturday, the new orleans saints fly into the seahawks. they've at qwest field, temperatures 39 to 43 degrees. but the next day, it's sunday
7:44 am
night, football night in america. lucas oil stadium, partly cloudy, frigid, temperatures mid teens to 20s, in the colts stadium, the jets come on in there, it's going to be a big one. saturday night, not on sunday night, saturday night, football night in america. you are looking live at big cypress, florida, one of many southern cities facing a wild invasionsn.invasion. there they are, more on them right after this. ? oh, i'm a fidelity customer. okay, but what does it do? well, it gets me the tools and research i need to help me make informed decisions. with fidelity, i can invest in stocks, bonds, all at a great price. wow. yeah, wow. ♪ [ male announcer ] fidelity investments. turn here.
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that likes to strike at night. >> reporter: we're a little bit on the move right now, i'm out in the everglades here, this is the seminole indian reservation, they told us if we came out here, it would be the best shot of getting them. this is an area they call billy's swamp saf farry. we all know the story of this little pig went to market, this little pig went home. but what happens when that home is yours? they can be endearing. comical. but when the real thing turns up in your backyard, it turns out there is reason to whine about the swine. >> this is not the cute little arnold, mr. ziffle's pig?
7:48 am
>> no, this is not a pig. this is a big, short of a rhino. >> reporter: rhino? >> i mean they're huge. >> reporter: they are huge. some weigh more than 300 pounds, they're smart, and they're most destructive at night, rooting for their favorite dinner, acorns. and come morning -- >> i take care of the yard, but i don't think i can take care of that. >> perfectly manicured lawns completely ruined. >> i saw one last night and i thought that is hogzilla. >> reporter: there's only one solution, put up a giant fence. is this going to work? >> i hope so. it cost me $7,000. >> this is their snouts, rooting
7:49 am
through the ground looking for worms, mushrooms, acorns. >> reporter: these night vision shots were taken from the scope of a rival. the usda solution, thin the herd, either shoot them or trap them. but often the pigs outsmart the trappers. >> i have been chasing one around the backyard, and i had to shoot him, he was coming at me head on. >> reporter: from florida to texas and across 35 other states, wild hogs, brought to the south decades ago like rich families like the vanderbilts could hunt them, are now officially a nuisance, with an estimated 2 million of them roaming the southeast. >> that's a lot of pork. >> reporter: so these ferrell pigs are a lot like the deer problem upnorth and when is this problem eventually going to go away? when pigs fly, of course,
7:50 am
willie. >> kerry, a wild story, thanks for bringing it to us. does natalie have what it takes to become a high flying star on the trapeze? we'll find out, but first these messages. can i get one of those breakfast sandwiches? one fatty fat, please. so, two fat fatties. i dunno, the lady wants a fat, fat. will that be all? some fat fatties with that? it's ok, i'm good... [ male announcer ] instead try a subway egg white muffin melt, less than 4 grams of fat. build your better breakfast.
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7:53 am
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good morning. time now is 7:56. we want to check in with christina and get a look at the friday forecast. >> so close to the weekend now. temperature-wise we are looking good for the weekend. looks like we will not see rain as well. the past few have been rainy. we will take the improvement and we have dense fog to contend with. visibility is improving across the bay area. and south and east bay looking good. we want to take it easy out there. temperatureses are warmer from the clout cover. high pressure in control and the areas that are getting the cloud cover about 3 degrees warmer than those that aren't. 37 degrees in santa rosa versus
7:57 am
40 in santa cruz. as we head throughout the day, temperatures in the upper 50s. this trend continues. pretty warm and dry through the weekend. brent is back with more news right now. >> we have new information just coming in. the website apple reports that apple is limiting employee vacations starting the last week in january. that is leading to speculation of a major product launch from the cupertino company. we know what a predator may look like. this man assaulted a student around 6:30 monday walking near campus drive when the man grabbed her and put his hand over her mouth. she bit him and got away. if you have information and might know who the man is, call the stanford department of
7:58 am
public safety. schools all over california are in a state of fiscal emergency this morning in anticipation of jerry brown's new budget cuts. incoming superintendent of schools pledged to find ways to help districts stretch their dollars. leaders fear it won't be nearly enough to counter the deep cuts. he will address a budget shortfall. california has cut $18 billion from schools over the past few years. more local news in a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. see you back here in a bit. ring ring progresso i look great in my wedding dress with the help of your amazing light soups. you know they're the only ones endorsed by weight watchers.
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8:00 now on this friday morning, the 7th of january, 2011. snow in the forecast, but that didn't scare away our crowd here in rockefeller plaza. good to see all of you. outside on the plaza, i'm meredith viera alongside willie geist who's in for matt, and al roker. coming up we have a difficult lesson in healing and forgiveness. there was a knock on the jordan's home in oklahoma that changed the life of him and his family forever. two strangers burst in, they tied up his family and they murdered his parents right before his eyes. he's going to share his story and what he has done to pay tribute to his parents. and that's just ahead.
8:01 am
also ahead, millions of people, of course, hoping to land a job in 2011. coming up, we'll break down the best and the worst job markets in the country. >> and a little bit later on, we're going to meet the remarkable group that's fulfilling the dreams of wounded warriors from our nation. jenna bush hager will share their story. first let's get a check of the top stories from ann curry at the news desk. good morning once again, everybody. the second snowstorm in less than two weeks is bearing down on parts of the northeast this morning. it's expected to bring several inches of snow to the new york city area which is still recovering from a deadly post christmas blizzard. president obama has tapped william daley as the new white house chief of staff, taking over for rahm emanuel. and gene spurling will take over the national economic council. meantime in the house, the reading of the u.s. constitution was interrupted by an anti-obama heckler when a congressman read the line that declares "only a
8:02 am
natural-born citizen can be president." a woman in the gallery screamed, "except obama." she was removed from the building after some serious words and as you can hear, some gavel pounding. two sisters are being released from prison today on the condition that one donate a kidney to the other who is on dialysis. jamie and gladys scott served two life sentences for luring two men into an armed robbery. the fbi is on the hunt for a north carolina teenager who disappeared during a trip to maryland. kristen dahlgren joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this case has police so concerned because felicia barnes disappeared without a trace. she said she was going out to get a bite to eat and more than a week later, police and her family have no idea where she ended up. >> reporter: to her family, felicia barnes was a 16-year-old
8:03 am
with a bright light, a sparkling smile, on track to graduate early and head to college. >> she's my baby. she's my flower. >> reporter: now they haven't seen her in more than a week and with every day, the mystery around her disappearance grows. >> this is completely unlike felicia to disappear like this. >> reporter: the north carolina teen was spending the holidays in baltimore, trying to get to know dina, a half sister she met just two years ago. staying in an apartment where young people often came and went. >> a list of 20 different guys had been in and out of that apartment since she had been there. >> reporter: felicia was last seen early afternoon on december 28th. officers combed through neighborhoods while choppers fly overhead and her picture stairs out from billboards along i-95. >> this is baltimore's natalie holloway case, a young girl who came to visit family and just mysteriously disappeared. >> reporter: while her family
8:04 am
just tries to hold on to hope. >> agonizing. >> so time may really be of the essence here, police asking anyone anywhere with information to give them a call. her family says they're not giving up, that felicia will make it home in time to celebrate her 17th birthday next weekend. celebrate her 17th birthday next weekend. >> kristen dahlgren, thank you so much for that story. officials are calling on saudi arabia to release a bird that apparently is being detained as a spy. it was wearing a gps transmitter from tel aviv university. the university says the bird was part of a migration study. and in the country of georgia got quite a surprise when the twins he was expecting to deliver turned out to be a two-headed cow. it is now 8:04. let's go book outside to
8:05 am
meredith and willie. >> i don't think i have ever seen a two-headed cow, have you? >> if you had, i would be surprised. >> i have seen a lot of pigs today, but no cows. it's starting to snow here, as you can clearly see, mr. roker, what do we have to expect. >> we have a little bit of snow to talk about. also we're expecting extreme cuteness. who's this? >> this is payton. >> where are you from? >> atlanta. >> what a cutie right there. let's check your weather and see what's going on. and savannah, georgia, wsav, nbc 3, sunny, cool, 57 degrees. and as you can see, here comes that snow stretching all the way from down to washington, up to syracuse and burlington, vermont. we're talking anywhere from six to nine inches of snow. philadelphia may see one to two, hartford, three inches,
8:06 am
good morning to you. one of the warmest mornings of the week so far. we've got temperatures in the upper 30s low 40s and the fog not as much of a factor as it was at this time yesterday. as you can see live picture here at sinole, things are looking good. everyone on the highway moving up to speed. a little fog left over in the north bay so take it easy up there. that will be the case possibly until 10:00 a.m. most of it will lift out of the area before we hit 9:00. 38 degrees in hayward. we'll end up right around the same temperature later this afternoon, upper 50s. have a great day, bay area. >> coming up next, a difficult search for healing for a survivor of a deadly home invasion who witnessed the murder of his own parents. but first -- ugh, my sinuses... the congestion...
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[ snorting ] ♪ take the special k challenge, with so many ways to lose up to six pounds in two weeks. what will you gain when you lose? get started at back now at 8:09 a burglary that -- a pastor and his wife
8:10 am
brutally murdered. two children shot but survived. >> reporter: he is a lawyer and filmmaker in california, she is an assistant principal at an oklahoma city high school. brooks and leslie douglas, successful, attractive siblings, apparently ordinary lives, except nothing about them is ordinary, because of what happened here. it was 1979, a little house in oklahoma, inside the whole family. inside mother and father, 6-year-old brooks, and 12-year-old leslie. it was brooks who answered the door, saw a stranger in the gathering dark. invited them in. >> he pulled out a .357 and had it in my face. >> reporter: an accomplice rushed into the house.
8:11 am
>> i felt a shot hit me and another shot went off and my mom screamed. >> reporter: when the shooting stopped, pastor and mrs. douglas were dead. brooks and leslie somehow survived. the long parade of trials and retrials at which again and again year after year, they relive the awful story. >> i screamed and then he shot me again and then i heard him run out the door. >> reporter: at 27, brooks was elected to the oklahoma state senate, made a name as a champion of victims rights. when stephen hatch was executed, he and leslie were there. >> leslie and i have again witnessed the taking of a life. >> reporter: brooks was still a senator when he found himself at the prison that housed murder glen ache. he had no idea when he went to meet ache that it was going to change his life.
8:12 am
>> what i really wanted was for it to be over. >> i'm so, so sorry for what i did to you and your family. >> reporter: and now, brooks douglas has made a movie about his family and all that happened, a tribute to his parents called "heaven's rain" and the actor who plays his father. >> we have to get rid of the bad blood -- >> reporter: is him. >> brooks douglas is with us now. good morning to you, brooks. >> thank you. >> the first thought that came to my mind was why would somebody want to make a movie about such profound personal pain. isn't it like opening a wound? >> in a lot of ways it was. i had people approach me about doing a movie for a number of years and i felt like they always wanted to tell a crime story and to me, it was -- it's not a crime story, it's a family story. and that's what i felt like was the right way to tell to the
8:13 am
story. and to be a tribute to my parents. i wouldn't be somewhere i am, i wouldn't be the person i am. my sister wouldn't be who she is had our parents not been the way they were and brought us up with those kinds of ideas and that's how we have survived and that was really the message. and ultimately, what i didn't expect is that it would include forgiveness. and so that was the story that i felt like needed to be told and i had a chance to do it and decided to go ahead. >> but you also played your dad in the film. >> yeah. it was an honor and i didn't -- when i first -- we started talking about me playing my dad, i remember him alive, vivacious, driving in the car, throwing the football and those kinds of things and not dying on the floor. so even though i wrote the
8:14 am
screen play, it didn't dawn on me for a couple of weeks, that i got to relive that scene. >> when you did relive that scene, it had to be a very difficult moment for you. >> it was the hardest thing i have ever done. those things in life that we dread are never quite as bad as we think they're going to be. and that was the one thing that i have done that was much worse. it was much harder than i thought. when you do those things, when you're in the process of doing them, there's -- you know, really reliving it, it takes it out of you and -- but i think ultimately when we come to the end of it, it's been really positive experience and i think it's a movie that is very -- very uplifting to people in that i think we'll show them how good we can be. >> despite what happened to you. you mentioned that this is a
8:15 am
movie about forgiveness. one of the men -- or the man really who shot your parent, glen ache is in prison for life. >> yes. >> when you were a state senator, you had the opportunity to visit him and that was something you wanted to do? >> i wanted to do it. i didn't plan it. i happened to be on a tour of the prison and wound up kind of pushing my way into being able to have this visit. and it wouldn't have ever happened if i had not been a senator. but it was the most dramatic thing aside from the shootings themselves that's ever happened. and i had the chance in the movie, it's much shorter, but obviously the movie was about an hour and a half long. and -- >> what did you talk about? >> covered a lot of ground. i mean it's -- you know, he apologized. i remember saying for 15 years i have wanted nothing more than to
8:16 am
see you dead and frankly i think that's why i was there was without even realizing it, a lot of the things i have done in my life i think were preparing myself without even realizing it for that meeting. and it did not go at all the way that i expected it to. i wound up, and i think largely the lessons from my parents and faith were -- there was one way to handle that and i went in planning the opposite, i think. and i wound up forgiving him. >> you wound up telling him, i forgive you? >> yes. yes. and it changed my life. >> how so? >> well, i didn't realize how much we carry inside. for me, being in the senate, i have always thought, i'm fun,
8:17 am
likable, i'm not an angry person, i don't think, and it wasn't until i got in that meeting that i realized how angry i had been and how much i carried all that around with me and that's what -- and how it was destroying my own life. even though on the outside, everything went great, you know, behind the scenes, nothing was right. and that's what we do, i think in the movie, that's to me a lot of the story is, how those things tear your life apart. and you think that you're doing well. or maybe the world thinks you're doing well but you know you're not. and so it's not until we deal with those things that we can really begin to move on. >> yeah, it's been 31 years for you and your sister. and i know you have had a struggle along the way, to get where you are now and you're happily married, you have two children, your sister's doing great in oklahoma as well. but is there ever a day that goes by that you don't flash back? >> i don't think so.
8:18 am
i think every day there's something, especially now, because we were working on the movie and that's what it is. but i'm not sure that there's ever been a day that something didn't remind me, even if it's thinking about what my mom or my dad would have told me to do or what their advice would be and thinking, you know, particularly during the holidays, not having the them,. >> you can see their story on a special "dateline" at 9:00, 8:00 central time. and jenna bush hager introduces us to some wounded warriors who are not giving up the fight after this. you haven't left yet. no. i'm boarding now. what's up?
8:19 am
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this morning on "today's" call to action, going above and beyond. "today" contributing correspondent jenna bush hager has some inspirational stories of soldiers who strive to serve, even after painful injuries have taken them off the battlefield. jenna, good morning. >> good morning. a soldier's unconditional service to our country is undeniable and there's one program that gives these america's valiant warriors a continuing gift, the chance to continue to serve. >> the priest was trying to talk to me and i was telling him i'm not dead yet. >> reporter: major anthony smith is a fighter. when he came home from iraq with brain damage, missing an arm, a hip, a kidney and half his vision, this warrior felt he was useless. but he says it was a simple question which kept him from complete despair. >> what do you want to do now? how are you going to continue to
8:23 am
serve. >> reporter: eric gracer asked it of him. >> a lot of these men and women have severe post-traumatic stress disorder, they might be dealing with traumatic brain injury, they might be dealing with physical rehabilitation and in some cases they're dealing with substance abuse and they're self-medicating. >> reporter: eric challenges them to find their purpose in life by settling up a fellowship that helps them find their own jobs and businesses. for anthony, his mission is teaching martial arts to more than 200 at risk kids. despite his injuries, anthony earned his black belt, ran a triathlon and lived like he is not disabled. >> when you can get past yourself and realize there's a
8:24 am
reason i'm still alive. >> reporter: and what he teaches his kids is so much more than merely kicking and punches. >> be brave, respect yourself and others. >> when you've got kids that are saying yes sir. >> one two. three four. >> people try to fight you and they pick on you. he teach s you medication to calm down. >> a lot of things we talk about is patience. >> you respect yourself and what you're doing and you respect your adults for what they're telling you and you do it and you don't say nothing. >> reporter: when he sees their grades and behavior improve, each success is his own. >> it makes you feel really good. >> reporter: this renewed mission is working for more than
8:25 am
1,000 soldier who is now have purposeful jobs. they say that while their military service has ended, their service to their country has not. >> an army sergeant who works with big brothers big sisters, i've got another army sergeant who works with the red cross. i've got a veteran who's working with mothers against drunk driving. i've got folks who are working with paralyzed veterans of america. i think that our fellows represent a great hope for this entire generation of veterans. >> reporter: for anthony, helping others and healing himself. >> so your mission will never end? >> it will never end. >> reporter: and mission continues expects to grant 150 fellowships in 2011. >> jenna, what a great story. for a lot of these soldiers the fight continues after they get home from the battlefield. >> exactly. >> we're back in a moment, but first your local news and weather.
8:26 am
good morning everybody. time now 8:26. we have been checking in with christina all morning taking a peek at your friday weekend forecast. >> we still have some fog hanging around the bay area especially in the north bay in particular. half a mile visibility in santa rosa but the situation is dramatically improving. we'll see partly cloudy skies for the first half of the day as the fog lifts out of the area and breaks apart and then a mostly sunny afternoon. temperaturewise we're looking toward the upper 50s but this morning it's already warmer in many cities across the bay area because of clouds coming up from the south. your extended forecast is coming up.
8:27 am
8:28 am
the federal government is investigating california. the "new york times" reports security regulators are looking into whether the state broke the law by not disclosing risks in its public pension fund. the california public employees retirement system suffered steep losses during the financial meltdown. its value plunged $160 billion in 2007. it has recovered about $60 billion since then. we have an update on a carbon
8:29 am
monoxide scare we told you about this morning at a popular san francisco hotel. the san francisco marriott has now released the statement. the guests who complained of the flu-like symptoms consistent with carbon monoxide poisoning are all doing well. firefighters suspected carbon monoxide was in the room of each of those four guests. the hotel blocked off those rooms. the people who got sick are flight attendants for singapore airlines. they're doing well. more local news in a half hour. the "today" show in less than a minute.
8:30 am
8:30 on this friday morning, january 7th, 2011. there is a beautiful sight for one final time until next december, the rockefeller center christmas tree is coming down. yes, it is. the good thing is it's going to be used to build for habitat for humanity. just ahead, breaking down the
8:31 am
new unemployment numbers this morning. the best places to find work if you're in the market for a job. >> we'll follow our noses up to the "today" kitchen where it's smelling amazing. cook up an affordable authentic mexican meal. >> we're going to kick off a new series called, have you ever. >> that's right. both you and i and natalie are going to try things that perhaps we've never done before and may have wanted to. al, you climbed to the top of the brooklyn bridge. >> george washington bridge. >> better get the bridge right. >> wanted to change the navigation but i can't want to see nat as the flying young lady on the flying tra peas. >> we'll be talking about that. >> what did you do? >> mine is like a secret mission. >> oh, it is? >> you mentioned strip poker. >> that's something i never
8:32 am
tried before. >> bring in seth rogan, star of the comedy "the green hornette" neat to see you. who would have thunk? >> not me. it's completely crazy that they would let us make a movie of this size and scale. >> you're executive producer as well. >> yes, they let me do all of that stuff, which is nuts. i'm a huge comic book fan and we thought that now that these movies are getting popular we have something different to offer in that we tried to make a big action come diversion of it, which no one has done with these types of movies. we're excited about it. people seem to like it. thank god. >> it's not that good. >> as you can see, i don't do very much driving. i once crashed my car because a
8:33 am
bee flew in it. ironically. >> did you have to bulk up a little bit? >> i did a little bit. the green hornet is very incompetent physically so i did all of my stuff because of how spas tickally i move. they can't match my nature. >> in the tv series bruce lee was kato. who is kato in this? >> this guy from taiwan, a huge pop star in asia. he says he's the taiwanese usher. i say he's the taiwanese justin timberlake. >> i don't know, maybe not. >> do you see doing more of this stuff? >> i hope so. i would love to do more movies like this if people accept it in any way, shape or form. but it's also nice to do small comedies where people talk about
8:34 am
their private parts the whole time. >> exactly. that's my home turf. >> good luck to you. >> remind folks the green hornet opens next friday and seth is leaving already. >> he said, the heck with this. >> we didn't want you to leave too soon. we were still talking about you and saying nice things. >> can i just leave? come back? >> yeah. >> we were saying you're going to be joining hoda and cathy lee. >> just when you thought you were out, we pull you back. >> can i go now? >> yes. >> i love his laugh. >> you have to stay. >> i have to stay. that's right. all right, let's show you what's happening. look ahead to the weekend, saturday we've got snow showers in the northeast. rain in the pacific northwest, mountain snows in the pacific northwest and mild in the
8:35 am
southwest and rain down through texas. on sunday we'll be looking at more rain and ice through the southeast from louisiana all the way into georgia. we have snow in the central rockies, cool weather but sunny as you work through the southwest and a nice day there. good morning to you. most of the fog has lifted above the main line of the highway and right now that is the case for most of the bay area. still dense, patchy fog up in the north bay but that will all improve as we head into this afternoon. high pressure firmly in control of our weather forecast. a few more clouds will drift our way from the south later on today. that'll make things even more mild overnight. 59 degrees in oakland. partly cloudy skies for today. 57 in freemont. as we head throughout this weekend temperatures stay in the upper 50s. have a great weekend, bay area! >> and decent forget to check your weather any time day or
8:36 am
night on weather channel.willie. >> star of nbc's new action drama, the cape", good morning. >> good morning. >> a lot of people don't know about "the cape". >> a bit of a newcomer to the block. he's a -- he was a good cop for a crime he didn't commit and he loves his family and so on. he uses the persona of the cape. >> this is not a traditional comic book character? >> no, it's not. there's a comic book inside the story, the comic book he used to read to his son. that's where it grows from. >> and you take up with a group of carnival workers who are also bank robbers on the side? >> yeah, why not? >> they teach you the ways of magic and such? >> that's where it gets -- there's no super powers in the
8:37 am
show. it's just a witt and magic in the traditional sense. it's a bit of a throwback. >> just watching that clip there, did they tell you how much you were going to beaten up. whoa. i can't look at you without thinking about "eat, pray, love." you know what scene i'm talking about. you took it all off. >> obviously david revealed a lot too. >> you said never again. >> never again for? >> taking off all of your clothes. from the waist down or something. >> i don't think the kids need to see. >> his fanny. >> okay. now i'm -- and suddenly it took an ugly turn. >> it is a family show. do you want to answer the question?
8:38 am
>> i think when i said that it was in reference to "the cape" i don't think you're going to see my on the cape. >> you did have a no tights rule because a lot of action heroes wear tights. >> he's a newcomer and hasn't a fan base at this stage. >> fanny and the fan base. >> and if you put your underpants on the outside, not in the modern world. >> well, we wish you the best, congratulations. >> especially now. >> it's freezing here. >> you can catch the special two-hour premiere of "the cape" sunday night at 9:00 right here on nbc. >> up next, first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
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back at 8:40 this morning on "today's" muffoney, how to get job in 2011. the unemployment rate now stands at 9:4%. that's the lowest point since may of 2009. jean chatzky is our financial editor and erin burnett is host of "squawk on the street." erin, let's start with you on wall street, a pretty good number all things considereded? >> it really is, willie, we haven't seen a drop in unemployment in a while. we were at 9.8%, we dropped to 9.4%. we also saw a drop in the long-term jobless rate, we saw a drop in that as well. we didn't see a real increase in hiring. we only added about 100,000 jobs and we need to add a whole lot
8:42 am
more jobs than that to start digging in this hole of 8 million americans who lost a job in the financial crisis. >> a lot of people have called it a jobless recovery. does this number do anything to change that? is there renewed optimism for 2011? >> i don't know if this number changes that, but there is optimism, a recent survey of some of the biggest companies in the country, about half of them say they plan to hire significantly over the last six months. six months ago, only a third of them were saying that. a lot of people are saying we're going to get a big month where half a million jobs were created. obviously it didn't happen today. but 9.4%, psychologically that's really important. >> it does take a while to find a job. what can we expect as far as time it takes to land a job in this economy? >> we're looking at this month at about 34 weeks, that is long
8:43 am
time. back in the last recession back in 2001, the peak time it took someone to find a job who lost one was 20 weeks, that is bad, we haven't seen levels like this in 60 years. that's the big issue and the big hole that we need to climb out of, and if that's really the bad news, it's in terms of these numbers. >> if you are looking for a job in this economy, as so many people are, where do we begin? >> we know that people are hiring in technology, they're hiring in education and they're hiring in health care. and you may say, well, i'm not a nurse, i'm not a physical therapi therapist, i don't have a degree in computers. you need to look at the skills that you do have and say can i apply them in these industries that actually do have jobs. >> the best places to work for 2011. let's take a look at the list. >> nurse is the very top of the list. as i have been saying for years, if you want a job, go be a
8:44 am
nurse. people are living longer, it's because we're suffering from more chronic diseases. the other jobs on the list, at of professional jobs as well as again, those technology jobs. >> and one of the keys to all of these, jean, is as you know a college degree. the unemployment rate goes down considerably if you have that college degree. >> it's about half if you have that college degree. the most important thing is that you have real skills that can be applied in this job market. there are a lot of people out there that are thinking, boy, it's a lot of money to go back to college right now, if i haven't done that, how can i get the skills that i need? go take a class, get skills in health care, in one of these areas that's actually hiring. >> in some ways the quickest way to a job may be going back to school. >> maybe going back to school, maybe moving across the country to places like washington, d.c. or austin, texas where the hiring rate is significantly better. up next, an easy affordable
8:45 am
and authentic mexican meal that your family will love. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
back at 8:47, this morning on "today's" kitchen, back to basics, a delicious mexican feast. marseille has some authentic and easy to make dishes that are affordable and stylish. >> you did a good job. >> what are we making this morning? >> we're making a potato casserole, which is really easy. >> love it. >> i love mexican food. >> you like it? okay so you start off with some mushroom and some garlic and you saute that in a little bit of oil. and then we have got pablanos. this is what it looks like when
8:48 am
you find it at the supermarket. it's beautiful, it should be clean and shiny. and you put it directly over a gas burner and it's going to char, just like this. we have all the steps of the pablano right here. >> is it really spicy? >> it totally depends. this is like perfect food for this kind of weather. it's nice and warm, it's snowing outside in new york. nice, yummy food. >> and if you're having people over. >> as you can see, this is a big pan, it can fit lots of food. so you just saute that a little bit. then we're going to add some shrimp. you can add any size shrimp you want. i usually go for medium. we're going to bread it with a little bit of flour. because we're not making the sauce on the side, the flour is going to help thicken our sauce. that tail is going to give you
8:49 am
some flavor and it's going to make for a better presentation. so you just spread it with a little bit of flour. and then what we're going to do, same pan, this kind of smooths everything out to the side. smells good, right? we have got that wonderful corn, that pablano. can you smell the spice? and then you just add the shrimp in there. you don't want to overcrown, because then they'll steam and not cook. you want them to brown a little bit. no overcrowding in the pan. add that shrimp and let it cook a little bit. then we're going to deglaze. we have got the finished product. we can flip it, see, it's got a little bit of color. >> careful, meredith. >> she's a pro. i heard she's a pro. right? >> exactly. >> she know what is she's doing.
8:50 am
add a little bit of wine, that's going to add a little bit more vegetable juice to add to your sauce. we have that beautiful pablano casserole. bring the casserole, because we have got dessert. >> this is for desnesert. you just mix that together with your dry ingredients, a little flour, baking soda and salt to bring out the flavors. a little bit of vanilla, a little bit of egg. put this together. this is mexican chocolate. and if you can't find mexican chocolate, use regular bittersweet chocolate and add a little bit of granulated sugar.
8:51 am
it's the same flavor, same texture. add it in there, some dates. mix it in. you want to chop up those dates. a little bit of that mandarin peel. just kind of mix it up. >> let me help with that. this is the part i can do. just heavy manual labor. that requires no skill whatsoever. all right, that's looking better, sfligt. >> i like it when it looks nice and lumpy. you did a good job. and then you take this -- there's a trick, dip it in the oil. there you go. and then just scoop a little bit. >> okay. >> okay. >> and then throw it in there. >> drop it in? >> but get a little bit closer. >> don't do that. wait for them to get nice and golden and this is -- >> that's better. >> quick learner. >> so you're good with the fritters. and then this is what they look like when they're done.
8:52 am
they're nice and golden, you have cooked up batter, you've got that chocolate in there. the mandarin peel. and then you mix it with a little bit of powdered sugar and then you've got mix can chocolate for dipping. >> if you can do it, anybody can do it. >> marce . >> we're going to check in with them, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
you're right. but yes. you're drinking. >> here's the deal. people always tell us that they watch us from the jim while they're working out. in sold dare, some break a new year's resolution. we were going join and we were going to have a little calorie counter at the bottom. >> how are you guys? >> i'm waisted.
8:55 am
>> so you're never getting off the machine? >> well we're doing this and then a bike and then we're doing a treadmill. look how exciting. >> you do it every morning anyway? >> i do do it every morning, but i'm dying because you and al and natalie are all doing the half marathon so we feel like -- >> now do you do this every morning. >> absolutely not. >> i read my bible in the morning. >> are you guests going to be exercising too? >> well, we're not sure about that. >> that remains to be seen. >> we'll see. >> but everybody else said that they would get on the treadmill or on the bike with us. >> kathie lee have you everybody -- >> have i what? >> it's really none of your business. >> all right, guys, good luck.e.
8:56 am
one minute you feel fine. the next, you start feeling bit off. the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. good morning everybody. time now 8:56. checking in with christina, taking a look at your friday forecast as we slowly start to warm up. >> warming up into the upper 30s and we still have the 40s i know, whoa. 40 degrees in sunnyvale. don't break out the tommy bahama gear just yet.
8:57 am
38 in concord. we're going to warm up into the upper 50s as we head throughout this afternoon. high pressure in firm control of our forecast bringing a little bit of cloud cover up from the south. that'll make things a little bit more mild overnight and a little bit cloudier this afternoon. 59 degrees today in oakland. brent is back with more news right after this.
8:58 am
the giants begin spring training next month and will be without the world series mvp, edgar renteria reportedly ready to sign a one-year deal with the cincinnati reds. former giants manager dusty baker is now with the reds. the deal is reported to be worth $3 million. in basketball san jose men's team lost to boise state last night final score 102-101 in
8:59 am
quadruple overtime. another update coming up in half an hour as the "today" show returns in about a minute. have a great friday and great weekend. we'll see you back here. people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! three times the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help me down.
9:00 am
back now with more of "today" on this friday morning. seventh day of january, 2011. and we're seeing some light snow falling here in manhattan. we're getting a last look at the rockefeller center christmas tree. the tree gets cut down for a good cause. i'm al roker along with natalie morales and willie geist. coming up in this half hour, the emotional reunion between ted williams and mother he hasn't seen in two decades.
9:01 am
the once homeless ted williams said he just wanted his 90-year-old mother to live long enough to see him succeed. after some job offers and instant celebrity, he got just that, being reunited with his mom after 20 years. >> fingers crossed that he's able to maintain this and get those job offers and take this second chance at new life. al, ann and i have tried something that we have always wanted to do but maybe just didn't have enough nerve or opportunity. and i am up first, flying high on a trapeze, it was terrifying and exhilarating and a lot of fun. and i can't wait to show you what we did. >> al roker climbed 600 and something feet. that brings me to shame. >> i'm telling you that's
9:02 am
dangerous. and another couple flying high this morning, winners of that $380 million japan jackpot. the holbrookes picked up her check with a lot of humor and good spirits. what will they do with the money? that's always the big question. up first, let's get a check of the top news stories from ann curry. good morning, once again, everybody. the nation's unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest level in nearly a year and a half. the december jobless rate fell to 9.4%, from 9.8%. a second snowstorm in less than two weeks is baring down on parts of the northeast. it's expected to drop two inches of snow on the new york area which is still recovering from a deadly post christmas blizzard. william daley will be appointed as the white house chief of staff.
9:03 am
meantime in the house, a reading of the u.s. constitution was interrupted by an anti- obama heckler when a congressman declared that only a born citizen can be president. a woman yelled "except obama." a government office is closed after two parcelling ignited andburned two workers. one of the lucky winners of the megamillions jackpot came forward to claim their prize. >> i've got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight dollars. and $190 million.
9:04 am
>> reporter: no matter how many megamillions tickets you bought and lost, it would be nearly impossible for you not to be happy for jim and his wife. his joy is simply infectious. retired from boeing, father of six, grandfather to more than 20. he bought his $190 million winning ticket at this safe way in the tiny town of ephrata washington, the town that until thursday had no idea who among its ranks had suddenly sent the median town income through the roof. everybody knows that jim's heart is a big weak. so when they found out he won, it's no surprise his wife thought he was having a heart attack, when he woke her up to tell her. she said, are you okay? i said, yeah, i'm perfect.
9:05 am
>> reporter: he told her and then they both lost it. >> i started crying and all she could say was is this real? is this real? >> reporter: so all those lines, all that hype and hope from coast to coast ended somewhere in small town america. >> we're not going to blow this. >> reporter: and for jim it's proof that a man whoever holiday season took turkeys to the food bank and food to people in need. >> it's good to see good things happen to good people. at five minutes past the hour, you have to be married 40 years in order to give your wife the check, do you? >> that's an easy one. >> you don't need a big check. >> all right, well, you got a check of the weather? >> i absolutely do. as you know, it's snowing outside, here's what we're looking at. fortunately nothing as bad as we saw over the christmas holiday.
9:06 am
you can see the snow stretching back through the mid mississippi river valley. three areas of low pressure, one over the great lakes, one back over the appalachians, one along the west coast. a trough of low pressure pushes into the northeast and that's going to bring more snow as we move into saturday, friday midnight, you can see we still have snow up into new england. we're basically looking at about three to six inches of snow generally, some areas of the we're talking fog not snow, al roker. good morning to you. we actually have a little bit of fog hanging around san jose, but the good news is you've got good visibility on the highway and the roadways in san jose. most of the south bay right now looking good. still some dense, patchy fog up in the north bay this morning. later on we'll see lots of sunshine and temperatures in the upper 50s. 57 degrees in san francisco
9:07 am
today. 59 in santa cruz and 57 in freemo freemont. no real changes as we head through the weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. now to the long-awaited reunion between ted williams and his home. the homeless man with a remarkable voice ran down to hall into the arms of his mother who he hadn't even in 20 years. meredith sat down with him and asked him how it felt to see his mom after all this time. >> meredith, i was just gone. i couldn't -- i don't think we talked for a second, we just balled up and teared up. both of us and when mommy cries, that makes me cry. we didn't even say anything, we just hugged each other and it was like the dream finally came true, thank you, jesus, it was like that. >> what was going through your
9:08 am
mind julia when you saw your son? >> it seemed like a dream. i always wished him well. but he would always brush me off. i would say to him, why don't you let god in your life to straighten out your life? you need to straighten out. goodbye. that's what i got. so he just pushed me out of his life and it made me feel very bad for the family that i came from because my husband was jehovah's witness and i go to one of the nice us churches in new england. it's been hard. >> you had tried to reach out? >> it's been ten years since i have seen him. and the only thing i ever got was promises. i'm going to come and be with you for christmas time. i said how many christmass have you been saying that? so i said, just put it in god's hands? >> i felt like my addictions and i felt like i brought so much disgrace to this woman, you know, that there wasn't much i
9:09 am
could say. because i think i told you yesterday that the one thing that she would always ask me on phone calls is, are you working? and i think she would have even settled for the fact that mcdonald's if they had hired me, she would have been happy with that. >> so was it shame, ted, is that what it was for you? >> i would even talk to her on the phone and i would said mommy, one day this voice is going to do something. and she would say, oh, bull. and when she said that, it felt like she didn't have no faith in thinking that i said i was going to do. >> why did you say that, julia? because you had heard it before? >> i had heard it so many times before, it was like a broken report. i said let's not go into that because all i got was promises. >> at the reunion, one of the first things you said, please don't disappoint me. >> don't disappoint me, hold
9:10 am
your life together. just don't let things fall apart and you fall in with the wrong people. that's the part that upsets me about him. he's a good person, and he's easily pulled into things. and straighten your life out, that's the only thing i wanted him to do. but the sign that they called and told me that he had and i went to bed. i said oh, it couldn't be. >> it was disgraceful. she felt disgrace. >> you mean the sign in the zbloo yes. >> someone called and told me, mama, ted has a sign. i said what sign? he's holding up a sign out there. >> sh what the homeless people do here in new york, collecting cans. >> i said how can you do our family like that? that is my home and all my family is out there.
9:11 am
how could you get so low to do a thing like that? and then i just went to bed and through the night i could see him with this sign. >> and what did the sign say? >> i have a god given talent. i'm an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times. please, any help would be gratefully appreciated. >> anding that sign led him out of the situation. >> yes. yes. >> thanks to the videographer who saw it. >> and my family, looking at all of this, putting off sign? >> yesterday was a good day, it was a positive day, it was a step forward. >> and a crazy day too. you had this wonderful reunion, but you spent it here -- >> i went on jimmy fallon last night. >> you admitted to a little bit of a man crush? >> yeah. i said meeting matt lauer. >> we'll show you. let's roll the tape.
9:12 am
>> this is what happened last night, mom. look. the "today" show, that's a hot show in the morning. and matt lauer, man, i mean he brings the female out in me. because matt lauer is hot. yeah, yeah. i. >> me too, me too. >> you said if you want a job on this show, you're sucking up to the wrong person. >> i really -- i mean, i don't know buy i said -- i mean i do know buy. i just felt like, meeting matt lauer was the greatest thing that could have happened. i knew i had arrived to new york meeting you guys. >> that's the greatest thing that could happen is that you get your life on board and you get the help that you need. >> i'm going to keep you abreast of what's going on. i don't know how i'll get in contact with you personally to
9:13 am
say, hey, meredith. >> we'll give you our numbers. >> you have the pipes, but when this lady speaks to you, listen. >> earlier meredith with ted williams and his mother julia. coming up, boost energy and lose fat. we're going to tell you about a three-day detox diet. and natalie flies high on the flying trapeze. ha >> that's really good.>> ♪ [ woman ] i don't like scales. i've been avoiding this. pride? courage! i like this. [ woman ] that's what it should say! [ female announcer ] take the special k challenge. lose up to six pounds in two weeks, an ee satd h g wou yn.ailose up to six pounds in two weeks, it we thiah ecchspl k allenge, you can have the cereal you love and so much more. design your free, personalized plan at you can do this... get the ball, girl. hmmm, you can't do that.
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9:16 am
have you ever is brought to you by carnival cruise lines. what do you want to do in 2011. rate your list of firsts on carnival's facebook page. this morning we're kicking off a new series "have you ever." where natalie matt and i are doing something we have always wanted to do. >> basically you went to new heights. >> i have done my share of marathons and recently triathlons. i have always been up to a physical challenge, but this first gives new meaning to the phrase high on life. this is the best roller-coaster ride ever. you could say i have always felt the need, the need for speed. growing up as an air force brat, flying has always been a part of my life, whether it's pulling nine gs in an f-16 or taking
9:17 am
flight with the olympic aerial team, i even won a gold medal for flying high in vancouver. >> the gold medalist in the first nation blanket toss, natalie morales. >> but i have never flown quite like this. help, anyone? anyone? it was finally time to get my swing on at the trapeze school of new york. >> it's going to be slightly uncomfortable, but that means that it's safe. >> my instructor evans' rule number one, pain equal safety? >> that's worse, but on the trapeze, i was having a hard time getting a high-five on the low bar. i feel like i'm going to lose my
9:18 am
breakfast. a little advice from a 6-year-old would do the trick. >> what's your advice for me? don't fall? >> don't think about it and just grab on tight. >> let me tell you, i'm thinking about it right now. i was also thinking about being the first one to scream. >> all right. [ screaming ] >> luckily, someone else got that honor. have you ever had any accidents here. >> i have had people accidentally having more fun than they thought they would. >> right at that moment, i thought i might accidentally leave and go get a manicure instead. i'm feeling a little nervous right about now. i'm seeing a greg luganis happening in my head over and over again. finally, it was go time. how high up is that?
9:19 am
>> it's actually 23 feet, however you'll be flying and catching at about 30 feet. >> wow. >> yes. >> hopefully i would be flying and catching. right then all i could think about is falling and, well, falling. >> reach out with your left hand. >> i'm a little scared. >> that's okay, i got you. we're going to go for it. ready. >> let go. natalie, you're doing really good. bend your legs, up on the bar, under. good. legs up, hard. look at the bar and grab it. perfect, legs down. good. whooo! i'm still shaking. that was scary. that was probably one of the scariest things i have done. it's one thing when you're
9:20 am
flying in a plane or jumping into a swimming pool, but when you're jumping into thin air, it's scary. this is only one of three tricks i had to learn. am i almost there? >> look behind you, legs up now. put them on the bar. hands up. look back. good. hands up. legs down. back flip. kick forward, let go. >> sort of. i got to take one more leap of faith, the dreaded catch. this is the big finale, the catch. i have been working all day for this maneuver. and timing the everything. showbiz. >> put your left hand on the bar, bend your knees. >> legs up.
9:21 am
hand up. catch him. >> whooo! whooo! yay! >> i didn't think about it. i just did it. it worked. hanna was right. >> you have graduated. >> yea, i'm a trapeze artist now. it was really thrilling and thanks to the new york trapeze school for letting me do that. it's great fun, it's a real thrill but it is scary. >> once you trusted that you weren't going to fall could you do more? >> it was sort of like building on to that final maneuver. i think it's getting over that fear of the height initially and just letting go in thin air. that was the scariest moment for
9:22 am
me. it's fun, you really should try it. group outing. >> and al, you have already done something though? >> i fulfilled a lifelong dream trying to conquer the cables of the george washington bridge. i always wondered could you actually walk on this thing? and you can, the electricians do this all the time. >> lifelong dream. what did you dream about climbing the george washington bridge? >> it's a cool looking thing to be able to walk on those cables. >> and you do that next friday, sfli right? >> yes. >> we're back right after this. she'll probably say something like, "everyone had a wonderful time. the food was great. it was good to get away." but let's be honest... mom just caught air!
9:23 am
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coming up, a three-day detox. >> after your local news. energy. healthy lifestyle? well, you should also start enjoying activia or activia light. activia, for us? sure, it's for people who want to feel good inside. when you feel good, you're more likely to get out there and enjoy life! mmm! mmm! i like this resolution. mm-hmm! here is the activia promise-- love how you feel or your money back! ♪ activia
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[ female announcer ] only roc® retinol correxion deep wrinkle night cream is clinically proven to give 10 years back to the look of skin. diminishing the look of even deep wrinkles. 10 years? i'll take that! [ female announcer ] roc® we keep our promises. good morning to you. it is 9:26 right now. we want to check the forecast with christina. >> good morning to you. yes, we still have some fog to contend with especially up in the north bay but the situation is improving. a lot of the fog and low clouds have now lifted above the city. you can see right now over san francisco that is the case. so once that fog continues to break apart as we head throughout this afternoon we're going to be left with abundant sunshine. we do have a little bit of cloud cover sneaking up from the south making things a little more mild in the south bay this morning. 40s, 40 degrees in hayward and san jose. what is going to continue to happen is we will see a little bit of cloud cover for the first part of the day but we've got
9:27 am
another system pushing in and that's going to push the system of low pressure in southern california off to the east so for us today lots and lots of sunshine. but then this trough sticks into our area. as we head through your weekend it'll be pretty much cloudy skies for saturday and sunday so enjoy today's sunshine while it lasts. 59 degrees in oakland. 57 for freemont today. temperatures over the weekend aren't going to really fluctuate all that much. 58 degrees by saturday. more cloud cover staying nice by monday and the showers return on thursday. we'll be back with more news right after this.
9:28 am
the san francisco board of supervisors will meet again today to try to appoint an interim mayor. during a meeting earlier this week supervisors couldn't come to a majority on any of the candidates. that is expected to change today. city administrator ed lee is expected to be voted into office today. he says he is willing to serve if selected. the board couldn't vote on him during the last meeting because
9:29 am
he was out of town and some supervisors wanted to speak to him before voting. san francisco is also looking for a new district attorney. mayor gavin newsom was supposed to appoint one before leaving office to take over his new office of lieutenant governor. however, top candidate david chu has taken himself out of the running. he said he wants to run for another term as president of the board of supervisors and the vote happens tomorrow. they're trying to find someone to replace carmella harris who is now the state attorney general. another local news update in a half hour or so. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. have a great friday morning.
9:30 am
sometimes it seems even my best wasn't enough. i wasn't given a spot on the olympics. i earned a spot. >> that is three-time u.s. champion and two-time olympic figure skater johnny wier. he's out with a revealing new book. he's also going to make a little turn around on the rockefeller center rink. and coming up, we're talking about style questions. we're going to be talking about street style. casual looks.
9:31 am
we're going to show you how to get the look without busting the budget. and if you're thinking about shedding some weight, get a quick boost of energy in no time, joy bauer is here with a three-day detox to help your kick start the new year. coming up, teen moms. teens try -- the new season begins with a new controversy, why is it so fascinating? we're going to show you. and dennis hopper, an actor, writer, photographer, painter and director and now his collection of art work and memorabilia is up for auction. each piece is as interesting as the man himself. guarding yourself from the cold. we're going to show you how to protect everything from your skin to your pets and these aren't your typical nba dance teams. look a little closer, these hot
9:32 am
mamas and papas. we're going to introduce you to them. y you -- they're all saucy. >> can you talk about the weather? >> let's show you what's happening, looking ahead to the weekend, we have got showers in the pacific northwest tomorrow. snow showers here in the east, rain in texas, perfect conditions in the plains, but on sunday, sunday, we have got snow showers in new england, we have got cold weather in the pacific northwest, cool in the southeast the gulf coast, i should say, wet weather, icy conditions from mississippi all the way through georgia, mild in central and good morning to you, bay area. well, we still have a foggy start but the good news is most
9:33 am
of the low clouds and fog have now lifted above the highways and roadways. right now we're going to see pretty much overcast conditions for the next couple hours. all that fog and low cloud cover will break apart leaving us with brilliant sunshine later on this afternoon. temperatures turning over from the upper 30s and low 40s to the upper 50s later on today under high pressure. have a great day. that's your latest weather. and of course this weekend, we have got a double-header for you. it's a saturday wild card. that's right, first, we have got point guard saturday, with the saints heading into the seahawks. they've got their talons out at qwest, showers, temperatures upper 30s to low 40s. and we can't wild card saturday, we're looking for the jets taking on the koemts. it's a retractable roof, good
9:34 am
thing because it's going to be cold. temperatures 16 to about 20. that's saturday, wild card. >> all right, al, thank you so much. we're going to make a hard turn and talk about pb s's masterpiece classic that turns 40 this month and marks the anniversary with the american debut of the edwardian star of downtown abby, ebz mcgovern. >> i have never understood why this estate has to carry your title. >> the countess is in the drawing room. i'll come down. >> i wonder what i have done wrong this time. >> elizabeth mcgovern, we're delighted to see you. good morning. i know that this miniseries was a huge hit in england and it was reedited a little bit for american audiences. how do you think it will play here? >> it's anybody's guess, all i can tell you is there's something for me and for the
9:35 am
english people that is completely addictive and yet sort of relaxing at the same time about it because it takes you into another world without mobile phones and tv stimulation all the time. and it sort of wraps you up in this world. and yet, it manages to be incredibly kind of sexy and shocking at the same time. so everyone stays dressed. that's really unusual. england loved it and we hope america does too. but we'll see. >> you really wanted to have this role. this is important to you. and you're in the movie lots of great performers. >> meg smith. >> steve bonnieville, dan stevens, michelle dockery who's a young, up and coming actress. penelope wilton.
9:36 am
just a great, great english cast. i was thinking i was dreaming when i was on the set because really for me, i just couldn't believe that i was sitting with these people drinking tea. it was just so wonderful. >> and this airs every sunday in january on pbs. >> a masterpiece. we'll be starting this sunday at 9:00 p.m. >> and they call it masterpiece. >> i was told not to say. >> who's confused? that's right, sunday at 9:00. >> elizabeth mcgovern, thank you so much. and coming up next, we're talking about casual celebrity looks for less.
9:37 am
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[ female announcer ] tide with acti-lift technology helps remove many dry stains as if they were fresh. dad may try to ruin your style, but dry stains won't. ♪ tide with acti-lift. style is an option. clean is not. get acti-lift in these tide detergents. this morning on "today's" style, celebrity street looks for less. if you've always wanted to dress like jennifer aniston or halle berry but think you can't afford it, jamie cell says it's easy to pull off. good morning. >> good morning. >> whether you're on the red carpet or on the street, what's the new trends for 2011? >> definitely sun glasses. celebrities are rarely seen without their staple shades on. so you can experiment with the size, the shape and the color. >> all right. let's start with our first
9:41 am
celebrity look, it's katherine heigl. she shows off this big, cozy cardigan when she's out on the streets. why is an oversized cardigan a staple that every woman should have. >> i think if you buy it in a beige or a tan color, a lot of women think it can overwhelm their shape or their figure, but it doesn't have to. you can pair it with a skinny belt like this one h&m, it's only $7 and add a fun statement purse like this one, from express, only $69.90. and the one that katherine was holding which is almost identical was $3,000. and the flat shoes that are really chic. and those sunglasses are from club monaco and they're only $29. and they really finish off the look. >> fantastic. samantha, thanks so much. moving on, we have a photograph of halle berry, and it shows her sporting that trendy military jacket look. there she is. how much would this celebrity look go for. >> well, the jacket halle is
9:42 am
wearing retails for $700. but this one is also from express. it's only $60. and then i really think it's important for women to invest in a great pair of leggings. they're comfortable, you can wear them with anything. these are from splendid. and then all the accessories, you can really have fun with and play around with. we've got the hat, the cool bag, the funky boots, and of course, the statement piece here is really that leather jacket. be you can have fun with the accessories. >> those boots may not be practical. >> you have to be able to walk in heels really well for those. >> but i like the hat. laura, thank you so much. >> in the winter, we should mention, it's important to wear those tights underneath the skirts. that was a good thing to see those leggings. they're always great in my house. now let's bring out a photograph of gwyneth paltrow. she always manages to make preppy looks trendy. she's wearing sweatpants. not a look i would think you could pull off. >> you can. these are from rachael rachael
9:43 am
roy, you can get them at macy's, they're $79, but how great you can be on your couch, then go hit the town and wear the sweat pla pants. >> with a blazer, no less! >> the blazer is from zara. a perfect daytime preppy look. >> i love it. thanks so much. next we have katie holmes, and she's showing off that little black dress that i think everybody loves, but she obviously has it with the trench coat there as well. this is a nice look. and i think everyone wouldn't think they could pull this off. >> you absolutely can pull this off. every woman has an lbd, the little black dress. the trench is $58. and the aldo pump, that's a beige, nude pump. >> kind of need that to tone it down. >> and the jackie o. sunglasses
9:44 am
make this look ultrachic, just like katie holmes. >> that does, that looks really good. thank you. lastly we have jennifer aniston. it's hard not to talk about jennifer aniston when we talk about style, she has this shirtdress, and it looks so comfortable. and you say you can wear this into the spring. it embodies effortless chic. i like effortless chic. >> definitely. i think jennifer aniston always manages to look so effortless and put together. >> so does debby. >> exactly! this is the shirt dress, you just throw this on. you don't have to think about it too much. and this belt is just a satin ribbon. that's $3 to $5 at your local drugstore or craft store. this dress is beautiful and comfortable. and then the pump and bag, just throw in an unexpected color, that's from avon, and it's $39.99. >> and you can mix in a lot of different colors with this. you have a freedom to really make this your own. >> absolutely. a lot of people get scared of blue and black together, but you don't need to be so matchy-matchy all the time. throw in the brown and make it fun and effortless.
9:45 am
>> i love all these looks, i love that ribbon bow. let's bring everybody out, you can see you can look fun and celebrity chic for a lotless. thank you so much. ladies, we appreciate it. coming up next, more energy and less fat in three days. we have an easy to follow diet plan right after this. [ female announcer ] you won't believe your eyes. you won't believe your taste buds. you won't believe it's fiber. benefiber. clear, taste-free, and dissolves completely. what a beautiful way to get fiber everyday. that's the beauty of benefiber.
9:46 am
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see this sunday's paper for $25 dollars in savings, why do women like you love activia light? sometimes i have no choice but to eat the kinds of foods that are hard on my diet... and my digestive system. so i eat activia light every day. it helps me feel good and look good too! ♪ activia
9:48 am
this morning on new year,
9:49 am
new you, kick your weight loss into high gear. have the holidays left you lethargic, but we have a smart diet that will get you on a healthier track in just three days. joy bauer is here to tell us all about it. we're talking about -- is this a detox? >> it's a detox. and basically what it is is it's a smart menu of everyday foods are just loaded with ant oxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, all of the ingredients to help you get rid of the bloat. >> tell us what we can eat. what can't we eat while we're on a detox. >> you don't want to have any processed foods. there's no added salt, there's no added sugar there,'s no artificial sweeteners or even sugar substitutes. for three days we can get rid of all the extras. and it's a lot of food, you're going to feel satisfied.
9:50 am
>> usually on programs that are a more extreme diet, you lose the weight and then it comes back pretty quickly. >> this isn't an extreme diet. this is calorie control, but it's loaded with stuff that's going to help you lose weight. but really i want people to view this as a launching pad into healthy eating. follow this for three days, you're going to lose anywhere from two to six pounds. but after that, you got to commit to eating right. >> how about for breakfast? >> this is a power protein smoothy and what i love about it is it's loaded with protein. there's a scoop of protein powder. >> can you substitute almond milk? >> this is on the website for people who have allergies and who want to go vegan. half a cup of blueberries and raspber raspberries. a little bit of cinnamon. i think it's delicious and it's very filling. >> and what about caffeine on this? >> i'm fine with caffeine.
9:51 am
as long as you're not caffeine sensitive, you can have a cup of coffee in the morning. or tea. >> what about lunch? >> prior to lunch, i want everybody to drink two glasses of water plain or with some lemon. the idea is you're going to start to fill up and take the edge off your hunger. >> how soon before your lunch should you -- >> 30 minutes. that was a great question. and then you can drink as much water as you want with your lunch. you get a superlarge spin gnash salad. then on top of that bell peppers and carrots and red onions. half a cup of beans for protein and for iron. a little bit as toast if you k and then you're going to dress it with a teaspoon of olive oil and unlimited balsamic red wine or vinegar. >> quality balsamic is fantastic. >> delicious. >> and you get a whole
9:52 am
grapefruit. this is a great calorie bargain. 120 calories for the whole grain fruit. and a steamy mug of green tea. >> what about a snack. >> you get a half a cup of pistachio nuts. best of all it's in a shell and you have to work to eat it. >> so you're burning some calories. >> and it slows you down. >> a mug of tea again. an unlimited portion of fish with either lemon or ground pepper and any seasonings other salt. because you want to manage the bloat. and a huge heaping portion of as much broccoli as you like. it has cancer fighting properties, green tea again. >> so i could have a whale for dinner. >> first this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
coming up, hoda and kathy lee are really losing it. they're devoting the whole hour to getting healthy. >> what you wear, what you eat, how to looketter and how to lose ten pounds zplcht that's all coming up after your local news and weather. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support.
9:56 am
i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. i knew that there was something really special about this event. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. it was three days of hope. of love. of empowerment. it was three days the way the world should be. here i am, second year in a row, and i'm already signed up for next year's. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. et is. good morning everybody. time now 9:56. i'm brent cannon checking your friday and weekend forecast with christina loren.
9:57 am
>> getaway friday. right now if you are heading to the golden gate bridge we're looking good in terms of traffic and the fog is finally lifting up and breaking apart so that is going to leave us with partly cloudy skies to start but a lot of sunshine for the second half of the day. right now you have pretty good visibility in the south bay, east bay looks good, but still socked in up in santa rosa this morning with just half a mile of visibility up there, it should be improving dramatically. now that the sun is out, 39 degrees in oakland. temperatures are going to gradually climb as well as we head through the next couple hours. 46 degrees in santa cruz. high pressure leaving us with a beautiful day today but we will see changes toward your weekend. cloud cover coming in from the north will make the mostly cloudy skies for the second half of your weekend and that's sunday. saturday looks pretty good. more cloud cover though than today. get on out there and enjoy it if you can. 58 degrees in los gatos today. 59 in santa cruz. now to brent with more of your news. >> thanks a lot. a bay area market is closing down after 63 years in business.
9:58 am
on bascom avenue in san jose costantino will close. they say they are getting too old to run the business and say it is very difficult to go head to head with other specialty chains like whole foods. long-time customers say they are disappointed. >> always friendly, always nice. i made a lot of friends over the years, yeah. going to miss it. >> the property has been sold to a real estate investment firm. it hopes to bring in another specialty grocery store but so far it's not saying who that might be. more local news coming up in a half hour and the "today" show returns in about a minute. have a great friday and a great weekend. see you in a bit.
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody. we're already doing it. it's tri-day, friday. definitely a dry-day. well, maybe not. we thought there are so many of you out there that seem to watch us in the gym or from your treadmill or while you're lifting a few weights we're in solidarity with you. >> here's the deal. throughout the entire hour we
10:01 am
are going to be on bias calls or on treadmills or on the elliptical machines and we are going to keep a calorie count. this. >> this is what they wear on the "biggest loser." >> . >> hey, that would be me. >> we need shot two of this. we wanted our crew to be in it to win it. tommy, thank you. >> thank you, baby. >> here's the thing. we're wearing these calorie counter thingies and we're going to keep track of the calories we're burning throughout the show. >> yes. because it's -- there you -- there you go. anyway, so we're going to keep track. all throughout we know you're working out and we know it is hard and it is not easy but why don't we put a little music to it. >> just a tad. >> this is flo rida and akon. listen to this crazy song. ♪
10:02 am
>> strut it, baby. ♪ who dat girl ♪ who dat girl >> louder. ♪ she ain't a-month-old but cameras flashing and when she struts her thing around ♪ ♪ everybody be breaking their neckline who dat girl ♪ ♪ that bobbie thomas >> this is the reason most people quit by february. they really do. we know the failure rate is huge. 45% of us give up by the end of ja january. >> if you're like the average woman you have gained eight pounds since thanksgiving. >> your jeans know it but you don't. >> so we're going to make sure that we all keep to our new year's resolutions. it is hard to talk and be on the bicycle. >> not for me and i'm a lot
10:03 am
older than you. >> the average woman is 5'4" and weighs 164. the average woman of that height should weigh 145. 145 is the outside. that's something we can all shoot for but it is not easy. look diet something not easy. staying on these machines isn't easy but we're here to help you. >> you got to take that first step. every time we talk to joy bauer and we do our joy fit, there's always a moment when somebody says, all right, that is it, this is my moment, i want my life back and, yeah. so hopefully this is for you. >> i think so. here's the other thing. if you really don't exercise that much and we're going to have a lot of segments, joy is going to talk about your diet personality. some people can't miss desserts. >> we make excuses as a result. >> right. or some people are so busy they say i'm too busy to diet because they have to go to mcdonald's and stuff like that. >> a lot of women say i'm sorry, my kids need me too much. that's a good excuse. >> so we're thirsty.
10:04 am
i think we should all together take a sip. we have sal, a/k/a richard simmons. >> hello, ladies! >> hole low, sal. >> what is this? >> i don't know what it is because it is going to be great. i'm so excited to be on the show. >> that's chardonnay. >> 2002. >> who puts that in there? >> oh, thank you, sal. >> sal's crazy! >> sal works here. >> we're going to party off the pounds! >> sal, can we hand this back to you? do you want to keep yours. >> yes, but there is no place to put it. thank you, sal. >> so if you want to lose ten pounds and you don't have a lot of time, charla crump is going to show you how you can slim down your body to appear thinner. >> slimmer by dinner. >> we're going to talk about that. >> apparently jimmy fallon had quite the show last night.
10:05 am
>> yeah. jim carrey is on our bandwagon. >> let's listen. >> you're not going to come sit down? >> i actually can't. i actually can't. i've just got -- >> blaes going on? >> i got so much going on right now i got to get back in shape after christmas. after all the holidays, it's really important that i stay my very best for the fans. i'm hoping to get down to about, i don't know, 150, 155. >> how much do you weigh now? >> hey, hey, hey! careful. >> you want to lose 40 pounds. >> i don't know, by a couple weeks? by saturday at least. >> also on jimmy fall lons. you've heard the ted williams story. we saw him with his mom and everything but i think he may have been his funniest with jimmy again last night. >> jimmy was hot last night. >> let's listen to ted.
10:06 am
>> the "today" show, man, that's a hot show, man. and matt lauer, man, i mean -- >> you like matt lauer? >> he brings the female out in me. matt lauer's hot. i mean -- me too, me too. >> matt lauer brings out the female in all of us. >> unless he is lying. but basically people lie three times a day. >> we lie about everything. we lie about our weight, we lie about our age. >> we don't. >> i don't care about my weight or arnlg. how much do you weigh? >> i'm down now. three pounds. 126. >> what are you? >> i'm still 146. >> but you look fabulous because you're like 6'1". >> they say people lie about everything. i lie more than three times a day.
10:07 am
>> you lie more than three times during our show. >> stop it! how is the thing. how are you doing, hoda? fine. i'm not fine sometimes. my leg hurts, i had an argument with someone -- >> but you're still doing fine. you're still uprate. that's not a lie to me. because most people really don't want to know how you are. they say it how you doin'. wait, what? what do you mean i have 44 calories. how is this even possible? i am peddling faster than her. >> no, you weren't. >> yes, i am. >> this is sick. your machine's not even on. >> somehow i am getting the short end of the stick -- again. >> we have to tell you guys about a show we saw the other day. we didn't know what quite to expect. i should have known because charles busch stars in it. i did a little move that he wrote called "personal assistant" for show time. he plays a mother superior. he always, always acts in drag. >> he's a drag queen nun.
10:08 am
>> hey, lots of people are! don't you judge. >> that's the show to see! >> if you are a devote catholic we suggest that you don't see it because it can be rough. but julie halston's in it. allison frasier, brilliant, a brilliant broadway stars. it is an open-ended run so it is very i have reverent, very funny and i'm not taking my mother to it. but i'll take a lot of my friends to it because it is very funny. >> i have to tell you one quick thing. i'm going to try to fly in the snow to new orleans. >> that's right. have you a book signing. >> big event tonight at 7:30. i hope i get out. it's at windsor court, a komen event. it is the best. >> what time? >> at 7:00 tonight. so come. >> it's friday funny. >> show the calories again. this is ridiculous. >> these are called "that's when the fight started." i took my wife to a restaurant. the be the wait irfor some
10:09 am
reason took my order first i'll have the rump steak first. he said aren't you worried about mad cow? no, she can order for herself and that's when the fight started my wife was thinking about what she wanted for our upcoming anniversary. she said i want something shiny that goes from zero to 150 in about three seconds. i bought her a bathroom scale. >> ba-da-bum! i like it. it is time for our favorite part of fridays -- bob"bobbie's buzz." >> i don't even known sneakers. >> slim wear with, one of my favorite portion control plates, the design helps you figure out how much you should be eating. also measure-out bowls have etched lines instead so you know how much cereal you should be
10:10 am
eating. that's bangles are wrist weights that are fashionable that you can wear on the bike for extra resistance or while are you running errands. >> bobbie, this is called super dry. i don't know where it came from but it is for all kinds of moisture. >> also, i really love count me healthy bracelets. these are beads that move from one side to the other so you can keep track of how much water in a day you drink, how many times per week you work out, anything you want. >> they're actually cute. >> they're a stylish ways of staying on your goals. then this diet calc is a purse/organizer/nutritional planner. count your calories and carbs throughout the day. this is a weight scale that can give you what food weighs and the knnutritional value. but my favorite thing is on miss sara. this is on the -- i said it wrong. elliyptigo. >> is it safe?
10:11 am
>> it's awesome. >> i've seen those in central park. people actually ride those around the park. >> and it works upper body and lower at the same time? >> it is engaging your core. >> i like to stop everything for a second and look at that calorie count. hold on. this can't be right! >> oh, it's right, all right. >> how is it right? >> because my legs are half the length of yours and i have to pedal harder. >> wait a second, every time i go faster, my numbers go slower. somebody is messing with me, tam tammy. i don't like it! >> coming up, the very finney se seth rogan. >> we'll talk to the folks at digital cafe, they're working out over there, too. look. that's right, baby. work it out. >> you guys keep pumping away. we'll see you in a few minutes. aytot s healthy i dance around in the shower a lot.
10:12 am
>> i do a canadian special forces work outevery morning. i'm not a canadian. and a big dinner... my system needs some tlc. now there's something that's just right. activia dessert. rich, silky, smooth yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, and peach cobbler. and because it's activia, it helps regulate my digestive system. mmm. works for me. ♪ activia activia dessert. ♪ well, it feels so good [ female announcer ] new charmin ultra soft has an ultra-cushiony design that's soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. new charmin ultra soft. and i was a pack-a-day smoker for 25 years.
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i do remember sitting down with my boys, and i'm like, "oh, promise mommy you'll never ever pick up a cigarette." i had to quit. ♪ my doctor gave me a prescription for chantix, a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these symptoms or behaviors, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. if you develop serious allergic or skin reactions, stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some of these can be life-threatening. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. dosing may be different if you have kidney problems. until you know how chantix affects you, use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea,
10:14 am
trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. ♪ my benjamin, he helped me with the countdown. "ben, how many days has it been?" "5 days, mom. 10 days, mom." i think after 30 days he got tired of counting. [ male announcer ] it's a new year. so, ask your doctor about chantix. and find out how you could save money on your prescription go to to learn more and get terms and conditions. hi. >> we're back with our real calorie counts. take a look at this. >> mine isn't working. >> because it's all abo about -- let's see, let's see. here it comes. come on! it's never good. just keep your eye on it. it is like the lotto.
10:15 am
>> in the meantime, comic star seth rogan had theatergoers laughing all the way to their cars in movies like "knocked up" and "super bad." >> he's in the new 3-d action comedy feature "the green hornet." >> i want you to take my hand, i want you to come with me on this adventure. >> i go with you but yi don't want to touch but. >> you don't have to take my hand but will you come with me on this adventure? >> he's here. >> i have to hand it to you, seth. you're on the bike. >> i did it. you guys are on the bike. the seat's a little wobbly. >> i'm a little worried about your seat. careful. i'm going with it. >> you had to become and action star in your own right to play this role. did you have to get into training and all that stuff? >> i did. i did exactly what you see right now for 14 hours a day, for six
10:16 am
years. >> is there a six-pack under there? >> there's no six-pack under here. it would take me quite a while. how are you guys doing? >> we're doing well. >> you guys are really going for it. >> i can't believe i'm losing at this game. seth, so you play a super hero. >> i do. >> do you enjoy that role? does that role fit? >> i do. as you can see, i'm very physically competent and graceful and coordinated so -- >> i love the little fist thing you got going. >> it replicates running more. that's the thing. >> i think people in the gym should try it this way. it is much better. >> people pay a lot of money. >> tell us about the young man that plays cato. >> a guy named jay chow who is a taiwanese superstar. he says he is the taiwanese usher. i think he is more like the taiwanese justin timberlake crossed with the taiwanese robert de niro. he's amazing, he six, he dancng
10:17 am
dances, he acts. martial arts. you guys are in good shape. i'm seriously getting out of breath. >> we like you like that. >> you have some personal news. you got engaged. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> tell us about this lady that said this is the one i'm going to smend my life with. >> she's just so nice to me. >> first one you found that really loves you. huh? >> yeah. we've been together six years. >> how did you propose to her? >> i proposed to her in our closet while she was changing. >> that's so romantic. >> in her pajamas. yes, i guess it was. then we ate buffalo wings. >> that's about the most romantic thing i've ever heard. >> 27 calories, guys. >> mine's not showing. >> i just want to say one thing. can you put our calorie counts? on this money mine says 103. on that it says -- 122.
10:18 am
excellent! i think you're right, tammy. >> i got 121. >> i have nothing because mine says nothing. >> you're 121. >> i guess this is a big brush, seth. but we appreciate you coming. all the best with the movie. it opens tonight, right? >> yeah no. it opens january 14th. >> oh, next week. it's in 3-d. >> the third-dimension. >> all the best. take care, seth. you're just exhausted, aren't you? >> i'm really tired. i'm going to pass out now. up next, questions from the crowd. >> we're going to help you lose it. ♪ i swear it's the truth snoits h are are fiber one chewy bar.
10:19 am
10:20 am
how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. [ male announcer ] fiber one chewy bars. - definitely the one on the right. - yeah, are y-- - seriously, the clorox one. - oh, okay. the difference is obvious. for the whitest whites, use detergent, plus the advanced whitening formula of clorox bleach. plus the advanced whitening formula two incredible lash looks, one genius brush. twist to one, for length and drama...
10:21 am
or two, for length and definition. it's mascara, with a twist. new revlon, customeyes mascara. we are going to mix it up today because you don't know who is going to show up with us today. today we have the wonderful brian williams -- that's just mean. >> how is that jelly doughnut? >> really good. >> you're in such great shape though, brian. >> i'm just stopping by to applaud your efforts. you walk in this studio you smell this combination of alcohol and sweat. >> careful. >> that's right, baby. that's the way we roll. >> a little love's baby soft. it's nice. >> you could get used to it. >> a little windsong. >> windsong? you saw the teases, brian. what did you think? >> it's fantastic.
10:22 am
i applaud the whole -- all this thing you're doing. >> effort? >> it's great. >> it's great for america, it sets a great example. >> oh, absolutely. we need to send a message that especially young people, you've got to do this kind of thing. >> you do. every day. >> get these machines and do this because, really important. >> yes. there is an obesity problem in our country. >> i know, people are porking up and eating stuff like this -- >> joy bauer's having a freak. >> we burned 15 calories so even a tiny nibble of that, brian, you haven't burned off yet. >> i got to walk across 49th street and that's rigorous. and in this snow, you're often dodgings -- not only are you dodging traffic, there are know banks.
10:23 am
it's unbelievable. -- you got to stay -- walk backwards the way you do best. >> then you won't see what you're walking into. >> those are good. >> we love you, brian. we love you. >> love you both. >> brian, thank you. >> and by the way, i applaud your efforts. >> thank you very much. we applaud yours. >> we love you, brian. >> we'll be right back. >> no, we've got more to do. we're going over to miss sara. sara? >> what do people want to snow? >> we are jamming over here. i've got tim from florida with a question about cravings. >> what's the best thing to do when you have a bad food craving? >> thanks, brian. >> what kind of craving? >> what kind of food craving? >> burger king. >> well, if you have to go through a fast food restaurant, drive through?
10:24 am
i would say get the grilled chicken, no mayo and a side salad with light vinaigrette. you still get your fast food fix but without all the calories and fat. doable? >> thank you. >> he didn't commit. what next, sara? >> we've got a question from matt from oklahoma. he's got a question about scheduling. >> my question is for hoda and -- i'm a law student and very biz. how do you fit in working out in a very busy schedule? >> i like what you're doing right now. i get up at like a little after 4:00. i work out early just because i figure get it out of the way. i pad around the gym and sit in the steam room. that's pretty much it. >> we got a question from katie, alabama. favorite workout. >> my question is for kathie lee. >> oh, no. >> give it to her. >> kathie lee, would you rather run for an hour on do an air robics class for an hour. >> run for an hour. i like to choose the people i sweat with. dolly parton once said that.
10:25 am
they asked her if she go to the gym and she said, hon honey, i like to choose the people i sweat with. >> look how good joy looks on her elliptical. >> you've been on it way longer than me. >> agai ssimpo.ible is impossible. the numbers are lying! >> still to come, best foods to the numbers are lying! >> still to come, best foods to eat if you're trying to loseing] weight. [ snorting ] [ gasps ] ♪ [ female announcer ] too many holiday treats? [ snorting ] ♪ take the special k challenge, with so many ways to lose up to six pounds in two weeks. what will you gain when you lose? get started at to talk about our blueberry juice drinks. they're made with my sweet, ripe blueberries, so they're good for you -- taste real good, too! let's whip up a sample. or just try this. [ chuckles ]
10:26 am
good morning. it is 10:26 on friday morning. i'm laura garcia cannon. want to check the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you. yeah, we have some fog hanging around. that's going to make for partly cloudy skies for the first half of your day but the fog will break apart, lift out of the area entirely. we'll be left with a mostly sunny sky today. and temperatures in the upper 50s. a comfortable day on tap for us looking at 57 degrees in freemont, 59 today in oakland. 58 in los gatos. 59 degrees along the peninsula in redwood city. a little cooler for you in the city by the bay. temperatures will check in with 57 degrees today.
10:27 am
let's take you through your forecast. we have some changes on the way as of this weekend. 58 degrees, a few more clouds, but no showers in the forecast. that's great news. we're back after this. [ female announcer ] most women in america aren't getting the calcium they need. but yoplait wants to change that. only yoplait original has twice the calcium of the leading yogurt. that's 50% of the daily value ♪ so pass on the new and we can help close this calcium gap together. to get you started, we're giving away a million free cups at yoplait dot com. the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today.
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the 49ers may have a shot at getting jim as their new coach. rumors about his future continue to swirl. yesterday it looked like he was going to the miami dolphins. the team's owner flew here to meet with jim and reportedly offered him as much as $8 million a year. now it appears that deal fell
10:29 am
through so teams like the 49ers and denver broncos might still be in the running. also i guess stanford has made a new offer to keep him on that team. might have a hint about what he would do because the star quarterback says he'll stay in school another year. he was expected to be the top pick in this year's nfl draft. he says he values his time and teammates and education so he will not go pro. he is passing up a possible multimillion dollar deal but the nfl could also have a lockout which could delay the start of next season. here is something free for you. you can get into national parks for free on 17 days this year. the national park service just announced the free dates. first is martin luther king jr. weekend, january 15th through the 17th. all free. other upcoming dates include national park week april 16th through the 24th. fees for camping and concessions are not part of the deal. so bring your own bagged lunch away from the bears.
10:30 am
thanks so much for joining us this morning. the "today" show continues next. hope to see you bright and early monday morning starting at 4:30. 5:00 i'll be sitting here. have a fantastic weekend. diet. what that is is you don't eat all day, you just drink starbucks. >> i ate nothing else by spinach and water. >> i do not try any crazy diets. i'm pretty basic with eating healthy, eating a balanced diet. >> all right, we're back with what i'm calling now the die-die with more of "today" on this special show we're calling "lose it with kathie lee and hoda." >> or make to help you kick off your fitness and health rej gin.
10:31 am
i don't believe these mnumbers because someone's lying. 190 to 254. >> i think it is because my legs are half the length of yours and i have to peddle like a brainiac to get going anywhere. >> we're going to play a game where we have a prize. today "today's" nutrition editor madelyn is here. how you a your burn feeling? >> it's good. we're always going to try and have breakfast on the run so look at this tall skim milk latte. that's 16 ounces with skim milk. does this have more or less than 200 calories? hoda. >> more. >> no. >> less. >> less. is no one's listening. >> this latte has the same amount of protein as either one egg, two eggs or three eggs. >> the latte? >> one egg. >> i guess to guess. two eggs. >> you're right, hoda.
10:32 am
good protein source, just like having two eggs. now we're on to the treats. pedal faster for this one. all of them have 100 calories except for one of these that has less. which one is less? is this the three dark chocolate kisses, that orange cream pop, three cups of air popped popcorn or -- popcorn. >> nope. >> geez! >> the orange pop. >> wrong. it is the chocolate kisses. they only have 67 calories in those three kisses. >> this is one of the three times today you're lying. >> that and the calorie counters. >> let's look at fresh fruit and dry fruit. here we have fresh grapes and the typical dried raisins. little box. how many fresh grapes can you eat for the same calories as that whole box of ratiisins. 25 grapes, 35 or 45 grapes. >> i'll say 45. >> you're right. for the same calories you can have 45 grapes or a little tee nye box of raisins.
10:33 am
stick with the fresh fruit. >> cassidy my daughter must eat 5,000 calories a day in grapes. >> grapes are fabulous. >> now fiber's always good, keeps you full, good for digestive health. what has the most fiber. blackberries, oatmeal or brown rice? one cup each. which has the most finer? >> i'm guessing. i'm just going to go with the blueberries. >> blackberries. you're right. eight grams. twice as many as these things. >> we're tied, right? >> yes. there's three excellent sources of protein -- chicken, tofu and some fish. which has the highest amount of protein in these four ounce servings. >> fish. >> fish. >> fish. say it louder. fish. >> no, it is the chicken. >> this is a tie break. >> here we have small french fries and a small baked potato. how many calories will you save
10:34 am
if you have the plain baked potato over the french fries. 130, 230 or 330 calories. >> i say it is -- is for the win and the big prize -- 230 calories. >> no! >> have you a chance to pick up. >> what was the other? 130 or 330. >> 130. >> you're correct. because it was a trick question and i'm lucky. >> it was a tough one that's too bad, hoda. >> what is the prize? what's the prize? >> so sad. >> what is the prize? >> the winner is -- bring in the present. here we go. it is a -- >> the daggone fruit thing again? >> you get the oreo. you love the cookies. is this from edibles? >> it is from edibles. >> i have a question. i'm at 200. if i eat this oreo off this stick right now, how much of that 200 am putting back on?
10:35 am
>> just 50 calories. >> i have 220. i want to get to 250. >> no, hoda! sal, come here and give us some love. >> thank you. >> thank you, sal. >> water or wine. hmm. i think i need the water. >> me, too. coming up next -- >> no time to lose the weight? how to be trim are by dinner with just the way you dress.
10:36 am
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what kaeps keeps me motivated to work out is wearing my skinny jeans. >> i look at myself in the mirror and take off 212 pounds. >> as we have been discussing this special hour, there is no substitute for healthy weight loss through diet and exercise. >> but if you need a quick fix and want to look thinner by dinner, charla can show you how to do it with your wardrobe. author of the new york times best-sell best-seller "how to never look fat again. accoun ". >> we all need instant gratification. i believe let your clothes do the work, you don't have to sweat it out! >> so let's start, if your problem area is upstairs -- >> if you're big-busted, five things will make you look thinner by dinner.
10:40 am
everybody needs to have these. one, a great bra. everybody's wearing the wrong size bra. you go to intimacy and get bra fitted like our models did? they always tell you to up the cup. second, a great pair of shape wear that goes right under the bra band all the way to the leg and also i wear tights every single day in the winter. they give you control. they'll make your legs look leaner and longer. a dress, everybody needs to wear a dress. it covers up all your issues. from your hips to your thighs to your booty in heels. >> what is she talking about? nadine. >> hi, nadine. >> that's her before picture. >> yeah. that's nadine before. nadine has an ample chest. she's very proud of her body but when she fits her chest, the rest of her looks big and boxy. we don't like that. we want to show that she's got a great figure so we put her in
10:41 am
this fantastic dress. it is at bloomingdale's. i love it because it is leopard. that's the style right now but it also isn't that cut on the cleavage so she doesn't look too busty. by putting this eileen fisher little jacket over she halves her bust size and also this necklace by sequin is a miracle worker because it covers up all they are cleavage. she is a working mom. she could go to a sales associate meeting and not feel like she's sticking her chest out. >> next. before you move on, we're still breathing up here. and we're running. >> speak for yourself. >> we have kim. >> now we have kim and kim's problem was that she felt that she was very hippy but she was always wearing pants and especially in a colored pant? you're going to accentuate your hips. what you want to do is wear a dress. this is a wonderful dress from dkny, the ballerina look which is very trendy. it has a built ln ilbuilt-in wa.
10:42 am
it is also putting her waist up where she is her thinnest. who knew that she could wear pleats? >> she looks amazing. we are still -- no. we want people in the gym to know we are running with you. >> so fast. >> here we have latoya. latoya just lost 50 pounds. let's hear it for latoya! >> looking good, girl. >> she was always wearing jeans. she wanted a new look to celebrate her new body. we put her in this fantastic rachel roy dress. all the dresses are from bloomingdale's. it really holds her in in the stomach so you -- that's the focal point, not her rear end. if she turns around you see this great diamond shape. then in the back, it kutsz her in half. she looks so great. >> for all the ladies, you look so good.
10:43 am
coming up next, if diets don't work for you, joy bauer has got your diet personality after this. - excuse me, which sock is whiter? - oh, that one. - definitely the one on the right. - yeah, are y-- - seriously, the clorox one. - oh, okay. the difference is obvious. for the whitest whites, use detergent, plus the advanced whitening formula of clorox bleach.
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get started at
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10:47 am
we areback and we're counting. i seem interest so burned 369 calories so far. my precious friend hoda, well, curious. 288. >> i want to see it for sure. okay, i have a question, joy. before we get to your segment. what is going on here? >> i think that she's pedaling faster. she has shorter legs. have you longer legs. >> what's your point? >> so you have -- >> i'm a fellow short person. i'm going to stop right here. >> does that mean i have to work out twice as long as kathie lee does to burn the -- not necessarily. it is just the way the machines are working. that's what's calibrating the calories. you're probably burning -- some people get stuck on diets. they try things and they don't work but you've carved it out into various personalities.
10:48 am
>> it is a personal thing. when it comes to dieting it is all about daying power. you want to figure out what your obstacles are and challenges and then come up with solutions so you stick with it and likewise weight. you're juggling a lot of balls in the air and you don't have time to cook or prep. take some time the night before or morning of and preplan what you're going to eat. you'll also have a few convenience go-to light foods in the house. for example, things like -- ladies and gentlemen -- woo! >> whoa! >> stop it. no need for that. >> no, you like that. >> he can stand next to me. >> what you got, big boy? >> all sort of smart ones and lean cuisine and kashi. campbell's and progress sew have low-sodium soups and chilies that are terrific to have in the house. >> what's your name, sweetie? >> frank.
10:49 am
>> i should have known. >> these are the people -- >> wait. >> there's more? okay. >> you also want to be able to -- we've got nor stud. >> look at mr. tattoo over here. >> you want to go and grab foods that you can run out the door with. for example, you can take on the train or in the car a toasted english muffin with peanut butter and a abobanana. for the multi-task. >> what's your name, honey? >> paul. >> it says so right here. >> the next personality is the commitment phobe. >> this person does really well for three days and in the fourth day they lose it. you'll plan -- first you're going to have a date with tarik. plan to have non-food rewards waiting for you every fourth day like hoda's book. >> i like that. >> lipstick, bubble bath. >> by the way, you can see her
10:50 am
down in new orleans tonight. >> tell the ladies these treats are for them and that they apply right, more treats may await. >> all right. thank you. >> we've got a do a couple of quick other ones. >> come on, sweets aaholic. >> this is the kind of person with an insatiable sweet tooth and can't give it up. you need a 90/10 food strategy. if you eat healthy 90% of the time there is wiggle room for 10% sweet treats. that translated to 150 calories each day of a sweet treat. this is 150 calories. the pretzel-covered m & ms. two snickers, two tablespoons of frozen chips. that works as well. i want to point out over here, there are some really healthy foods that are sweet as well. look at all of the grapes, pears, mangos. >> yeah, they look great. they do. delicious. can't wait.
10:51 am
can't wait. i meant them, they look great. happy new year, guys. up next, no money or mind for the gym? are you still griping? >> yes. honey...? [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords. wireless, okay,
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10:54 am
if you dread the treadmill or a gym it just not your thing, we're go about to show you a gym-free workout. what is going on? >> okay. i knew something weird was happening. and it is. >> hello, kathie lee. >> what's going on? >> i'm just interesting a little fun back taj, what's the problem in girl's got to have a little fun in life, too. >> thank you, gentleman. you need to bring her back over here. boys, carry her back. >> thank you, i'm fine. >> jennifer cohen is a top fitness expert and author of "no gym required." mark lauren is author of the new
10:55 am
book "you are your own gym." i love this segment the most. >> because we're just standing here. >> tell us about, you can actually have a gym workout while in your own house. >> definitely. all you need today is a sack of books and a couple of dish towels and you're ready to go. this routine is for exercises. 40-second break in between each section. jump over the books. just like sara's doing right here. for a more advanced version, take both feet together and jump through like that. >> you can do that twice. >> then 24 times. after that you'll go -- >> 24? >> yeah. then go into your push-up. >> sara, you can do push-ups? >> yeah. >> i can only do the plank pose where you just hold it. >> really? you should be practices with these. >> sara! >> with the books it actually increases the intensity and engages your core more. >> sara, you're unbelievable. sara, good girl.
10:56 am
>> if you're a beginning go into your knees and do that. >> stop trying to burn extra calories. >> we're off to the dish towels. we'll do a mountain climber with the dish towels. each foot goes on each dishtowel. >> use a sliding motion. use a paper plate, you can use a furniture slider. 25. >> after that, she'll flip over and do a reverse mountain climber. hips high, then one foot out like that. that gets into your core and your ham strings. >> how often and how many reps do you have to do to try to get dshg dshg work your body? >> i like to tell people do a 24 so it is even. 24 of each exercise, four or five times. >> careful. i wouldn't trust her. >> then try to do that with a 30 or 45-second break in between.
10:57 am
>> kathie lee, come on. >> i'm coming. >> what are you going to show us? >> this is going to be a quick 20-minute body weight workout. it doesn't require any equipment. you can try it at home. we'll do three exercises back-to-back before resting. this is a good workout for developing cardiovascular endurance, developing muscle and strength and boosting metabolism. >> i can't do run weg pusregula push-up. make sure are you perfectly straight from head to heels. >> second exercise is the hip razor. great for shoulder flexibility for guys who do a lot of weightlifting. raise your hips until they're parallel to the ground, look up at ceiling, pause one to three seconds. make this more difficult by keeping one leg in the air. >> thank you so much. you guys did so well. come on in, sal. our final calorie count is --
10:58 am
352 to 423. >> next week monday from the gym mill, not the treadmill. >> faith hill will be with us. snooki. >> oh, my gosh. snooki. >> oh, my gosh. at least she's going never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together.
10:59 am
you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. i knew that there was something really special about this event. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. it was three days of hope. of love. of empowerment. it was three days the way the world should be. here i am, second year in a row, and i'm already signed up for next year's. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.


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