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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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new this morning, did it wake you up? it wasn't the big one, but an earthquake did shake the bay area and beyond. good morning, i'm marla tellez. i'll tell you where it happened and how strong it was coming up in a live report. police are looking for a robber who got away from an east bay bank with cash. and there are more details this morning on what led up to saturday's shooting in tucson. and a live look outside this morning, taking a peek from san francisco. not sure exactly what highway that i, but there's a live look. it looks like folks are getting around okay. we'll check your forecast and your commute coming up. from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." good morning, everybody, and thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get you moving this morning with meteorologist christina loren. she's got a look at our
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hour-by-hour forecast. >> it's always easier to move when it's not that frigid outside. good morning to you. yes, these warm temperatures for this time of the morning are going to make it a lot more comfortable as you commute this morning. 45 in novato, 49 in hayward right now. as we head towards 9:00 a.m. and rush hour comes to a close, we're talking about 50s in gilroy, santa cruz, sunnyvale. and then as you take your lunch break right around noon today, temperatures will climb into the upper 50s. we are going to end up in the 60s today. 63 degrees your forecast in san jose, 59 for gilroy. a beautiful, mild day and a warming trend to follow. we'll talk about that coming up. back to you. >> sounds good. we want to take a peek with mike. he has your time saver traffic. >> a good note, all sig alerts have been cancelled. 237 has reopened. antioch is open but very slow. slowing through bay point so
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good, steady volume of traffic. the volume building for westbound 580 on its normal schedule. a 15-minute drive but also slowing right around the dublin interchange. then, brent, there's that shot you showed earlier. this is from san francisco all the way across the bay. that is traffic as it funnels over at the bay bridge toll plaza. there are no metering lights, but it looks unusual because we don't often get to see this shot. very clear, steady shot. the winds are very calm. the traffic is building. we'll show you as things slow down, probably about a half an hour before the metering lights turn on. >> i knew you could sort it out, mike. people are bracing for possible aftershocks after a quake struck south of the bay area overnight. marla tellez is live in morgan hill, this was certainly not the big one but it does remind us all to be ready. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you, brent. it happened south of where we are in morgan hill. according to the u.s. geological
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survey, it was felt as far north as san francisco an as far south as king city off highway 101 and big sur off highway 1. the quake hit shortly before 1:00 this morning, precisely at 12:51 a.m. the usgs reports it measured 4.5 on the richter scale and hit 6 miles southeast of san juan batista. that is in san benito county 45 miles south of san jose. neighboring cities include hollister, prunedale. the hardest hit areas are san juan batista. the epicenter was 5.2 miles deep. on the map this is denoted by the blue box on your screen. now, it did hit on the infamous san andreas fault. at least 15 aftershocks have been recorded, most of them small, measuring 1.2 or 2.9, but a 3.4 aftershock did register about 1:00 this morning.
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so far, though, no reports of damage, but certainly some rattled nerves. we've spoken to a few people who felt it here in morgan hill, including a woman who says living here, well, it's all par for the course. >> we live right here, san andreas fault line. we choose to live here so we have to deal with it the best way that we could. >> reporter: now, barbara is not the only person who felt it. according to the usgs, more than 2300 people have reported back to them saying, hey, i felt it as well. as brent mentioned, this should serve as a reminder to all of us to get earthquake ready. this includes having a plan and earthquake kit handy. according to the usgs. you should have enough water to last two weeks and enough food to last several days. we've gotten some calls into the newsroom asking where can we get that earthquake emergency kit. i did some searches online. they're readily available online. i found a website, it's
6:05 am where you can purchase one. that's quake and care with a k, and you can get your earthquake kit. the best thing to do when an earthquake hits is to duck, cover and hold. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> this is the second quake in less than a week. we want to check in with the usgs so we say good morning again to amy vaughn who joins us. amy, thanks again. now, we talked about that first one that we had last week. is it connected? >> we really aren't sure at this time. it's possible, but there's really no way to tell for sure. >> how can you tell? usually you have some aftershocks and you are reporting some right now, right? >> right. we have had a series of aftershocks following this main event but it's difficult sometimes to tell if a fault is a little farther away may shake enough that it somehow triggers another fault that is up related, but because it moves
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some things around, sometimes energy is released or maybe shifted enough that it might trigger a parallel fault or some sort of other nearby mechanism there. we don't know for sure if that's what's happened in this case. >> when you talk about aftershocks, is it a timeline type thing? a certain amount of time if they continue to happen? or is it always related to whatever fault that it is? >> well, it's difficult to say. sometimes you could say that any kind of fault that happens, that triggers a large earthquake, anything that happens in that area may be considered an aftershock. in a case like this, usually we would look for smaller aftershocks to follow this main shock for days, weeks, and that would probably be the reasonable time to call it an aftershock. if it happens a year from now, it's more likely its own thing. but you never know. >> and you are having reports of those as well. earlier you told me that you're hearing reports of people feeling it as far south as big sur and as far north as where?
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>> just north of san francisco at least and as far down now as -- >> thanks for the updated info. >> you're very welcome. a bay area woman is claiming an east bay doctor touched her inappropriately. now 73-year-old ernest lee sims of oakland is charged with misdemeanor sexual battery. sims practices in alameda. a 28-year-old told police he touched her on december 29th when she went in for treatment at the aai health services on central avenue. we'll have more coming up in a hive report at 6:30. a night out at a local san francisco dance club turns deadly for a ucsf medical student. 30-year-old joe hernandez was involved in a fight at the temple club saturday night. hernandez suffered a brain injury and he was taken to san francisco general hospital. the same hospital where hernandez was training to be a doctor. doctors pronounced him dead yesterday. his death has the entire
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entertainment commission and san francisco police taking a closer look at the temple club and other venues that are experiencing violence. >> we want people to know that when they come into a club, they're not an unknown anymore. we can match a face later. we think once again that this could be another example of had we had these tools in place, maybe this could have been avoided. >> the owners of the club have agreed to get an i.d. scanner, install more cameras and hire more security to do patdowns. they have also agreed to stop selling beer in bottles on friday and saturday nights. police say that it was a bottle that was used as a weapon in one of three fights that night. wall net kruk police are looking for a bank robber this morning. you can see he used a hood to hide his face but the teller told police he is a white man in his mid-40s with dirty blond, curly hair. police say he walked into the chase bank at 2200 oak grove
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road just after 5:00 p.m. and handed the teller a note demanding money. the teller handed some over but police are not saying how much. he walked out and drove away in a burgandy, four-door compact sedan. scott mcgrew says that the verizon version of the iphone 4 could be stronger than its at&t cousin. >> that's interesting, isn't it. you remember the controversy where people found they lost connection with their iphones the way they held it with their whole hand? the social website mashable reports this morning that verizon customers are not having that problem. they can hold their iphones any way they wish and it doesn't interfere with the signal. it's certainly possible. the two iphones are subtly different. verizon does use a different signal technology. they did celebrate the news on the dale daly show. take a look.
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>> freedom! freedom! >> how bad has it been? >> well, the past few years i've actually had to carry not only by iphone, but a second phone that i would use as a phone. obviously there were some drawbacks to this phone. >> stewart says his little girl wants her phone back. >> i bet. that's what i was thinking. i'm impressed when little kids know what those are. >> little kids love iphones and it pads. there are even apps for them. you see them on youtube as young as 2 years old enjoying them. >> i know one that's about 18 months old that can figure out how to turn it on, activate the camera and take pictures. >> watch your bill. >> exactly. watching the roads out there, mike inouye, showdown happening?
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>> yes. right here looking at a 16-minute drive. the slowdown up towards north livermore, look at that. slowing again from vakco all the way told lever moivermore as we. let's get an early start and we'll count it as such and follow this closely through the east bay and tri-valley area. the south bay hasn't shown a whole lot of buildup. 237, i did want to remind folks, all lanes have reopened. there was an earlier sig alert and early accident but we're now at speed between 880 and 101. 101 going through the peninsula, a smooth drive right now. the last few days we saw a big slowdown coming out of san mateo. a live look at the golden gate bridge, clear here. the bay bridge starting to see heavier volume but no major backups. about 20 minutes for the metering lights. we've been talking about relatively warm temperatures here. we're getting into -- well, you've got to put a 6 in front of stuff now. >> before you know it, it will
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be a 7, but not just yet. we're going to hold off on those. wednesday looks much better. we'll call it mostly cloudy but warmer. temperatures today about 5 to 7 degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday and this morning. we are starting out pretty mild. high pressure has regained control of our weather pattern for at least today. we are going to see some changes tomorrow. a system of low pressure will try to make its way onshore, maybe bring some very light showers to the north bay, but another dry day on tap tomorrow for the south and east bay areas. 48 degrees right now in oakland. right around 9:00 a.m. we'll see temperatures climbing into the upper 40s, low 50s. 51 degrees in hayward. by noon temperatures mostly in the upper 50s. we'll end up in the 60s. 63 degrees is your forecasted high today in san jose. we'll take you through this holiday weekend coming up. back to you guys.
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>> we'll look forward to it. thank you. the time 6:12. still to come on "today in the bay" new revelations on what happened just before the arizona shooting spree. find out what the suspect's father is saying. plus, governor brown tries to save the state money by forcing some state employees to hand over their cell phones. find out how much the move could save coming up. today marks the one-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake in haiti. we'll see how some bay area groups will try to remember the victims coming up next. . reporting what matters to you, you're watching "today in the bay" with laura garcia-cannon, brent cannon, weather with christina loren, and traffic with mike inouye. shift your weight forward onto the left foot. take the right leg up, holding the inner arch of the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up...
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good morning once again, everybody. another live shot across the bay area this morning. nice and clear out there but we're not as cold as we have been. look at those temperatures, mid to upper 40s instead of 20s and 30s, so it's looking good. christina will sort out your forecast coming up in a few minutes. new this morning, two people are dead and 20 wounded after a suicide bombing in kabul, afghanistan. the bomber attacked a mini bus packed with afghan intelligence workers. police say the attacker rode a motorcycle up next to the bus and detonated his explosives. the taliban is claiming responsibility. today is the one-year anniversary of the haiti earthquake and bay area students are doing what they can to remind us all that that disaster is far from over. students from east san jose, east palo alto and los altos schools traveled to haiti to deliver $10,000 in aid and help build a haitian school. now one of those students will host a forum at evergreen valley high school to discuss the challenges that still lie ahead.
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that is set for 6:00 tonight. the challenges in haiti are dau daunting. some 500 refugee camps still exist in port-au-prince. the 7.0 quake killed some 230,000 people and bodies are still being pulled from the rubble today. the disaster prompted people all across the world to give. an estimated $1.4 billion was raised. some of the money has gone to shelter, food and water but a lot of the money still has not found its way to haiti. >> you have funds which is still stuck in washington for the reconstruction. you also have the promise that the donors did, which none of that has been released. >> the red cross collected nearly $500 million after the quake, but only about half of that money has been spent. more than 1.5 million people in haiti still have no home. investigators say the man accused of killing six people in arizona and shooting congresswoman gabrielle giffords in the head had a confrontation
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with his father hours before the shooting. they say randy loughner confronted his son after he saw him pull a black bag out of the family car saturday morning. jared loughner ran into the desert and his father had to stop chasing him in his truck. investigators are still looking for that bag. president obama will head to arizona today to pay tribute to the victims of the arizona shooting ram page. he's going to speak at the memorial service. he will deliver the main address and is expected to honor those who were killed. the service will take place at the university of arizona's basketball arena. it will be open to the public and it's going to be carried live on nbc. you can see it here starting at 5:00 tonight. meantime, arizona lawmakers are scrambling to make sure that protesters do not disrupt funeral serves for the dead. the funeral for fine-year-old christina taylor groeen is set for tomorrow and members of a controversial church in kansas plan to protest at her service. arizona governor jan breuer
6:19 am
signed a new law that prohibits protests within 300 feet of a funeral service. we want to check the morning commute with mike. we're seeing traffic pick up. a lot of people heading back to work this week. >> much heavier commute than last week. i'm sorry to cut you off, but we've got to get over here. these folks are coming down off the carquinez bridge without any major delay. 18-minute drive heading to the toll plaza. let me give you a live look at the toll plaza. right now you see all these folks heading over but right now it's clear so kind of a pulse as the heartbeat of the commute starts to build and the flow starts to pump over from the east bay arteries. let me show you the maze and the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza as all these folks are pumping their way over to the toll plaza. we'll see the metering lights turned on in with ten minutes because of the flow of traffic. they want to keep the steady flow over that bay, moving very smoothly right now. backups forming already very early on in antioch and continuing to slow below 20 miles per hour all the way over
6:20 am
to love ridge and through pay point and pittsburg and smooth through concord. 680 south down towards dublin moves pretty smoothly. slowing for 580. at the dublin interchange, i just heard about a new accident there. i'll bring you updates because i only have a location, 580 at 680. meantime we're checking in with christina taking a peek at our forecast. finally starting to warm up around here a little bit. >> oh, yes. you probably noticed the cold air is not going to hit you square in the face. in fact it's actually pretty mild out there. we usually end up this time of year at 57 degrees in the afternoon. that's our daytime high average. right now we're already close to 50 degrees. hayward is at 48 degrees, napa 45. as we head throughout the day today, these temperatures are going to rise under a mostly cloudy sky. it's going to be a gradual warmup but we will still end up close to 60 degrees in most cities across the bay. the good news this morning is we're not dealing with any fog. we have great visibility across
6:21 am
the board. usually after we pick up moisture and high pressure builds in, fog is something that we're concerned with, but this morning that's just not the case. we'll let you know if that changes. 62 degrees later on today in concord, 61 in fremont, 61 degrees up in santa rosa and 59 degrees today in redwood city. mild conditions, especially when you consider we were in the 20s earlier this week at this time. 60 degrees, that's your forecasted high as we head through thursday. and by tuesday, oh, yes, the warmest day on this extended period, seasonably warm, 64 degrees. you might get away with a short-sleeved shirt. back to you. >> stop with your crazy talk. thank you very much. 6:21 right now. the head of europe's biggest bank says it's time to move on. barclay's ceo bob diamond told lawmakers in london that banks should stop apologizing for past mistakes. he goes on to say while banks should be remorseful, we need to move forward to promote economic growth. diamond was in the capital to face a u.k. treasury committee
6:22 am
to talk about the conduct of banks on executive bonuses. the bank chief is one of the highest paid bankers in the u.k. financial times are so tight across the state that governor brown is taking unusual steps to cut spending. he issued his first executive order taking aim at state employee cell phones. he wants department heads to collect about 48,000 state-issued cell phones from state workers. there are an estimated 96,000 state-issued cell phones and governor brown says taking half of them back will save the state $20 million a year. according to the governor's office, each cell phone costs an avj average of $36 a month. he'd like to see the cut by june 1st. the governor will lead by example and return his state-issued cell phone. california is tied with illinois for the worst state credit rating in america. scott mcgrew says illinois may be pulling ahead. >> yeah, imagine that. i never quite dreamed that --
6:23 am
well, let's talk about illinois for just a second. illinois was able to raise its state income tax. this is something that california desperately needs to do. they're going to take this to a vote in california with governor jerry brown's budget proposal come june. remember this budget proposal, it's a tough one, but it depends on voters doing what illinois did yesterday and that is agreeing to taxes. not necessarily new taxes, but the extension of old. meanwhile, i never quite dreamed that talking about finance would involve the country of portugal, but once again that tiny country is in the news. the country of portugal was able to get loans by selling bonds. it wasn't clear until this morning anyone wanted to buy portugal debt. so if portugal were to go bankrupt, it could bring down bigger countries like spain and lender countries like france and germany. you know, the financial world has gotten very strange lately. a couple of years ago you might wonder how someone who took a
6:24 am
house loan they couldn't afford could possibly affect you. now you wonder how could portugal affect me? portugal can affect you. >> thanks a law, scott. the time now is 6:24. a bay area doctor is accused of sexually assaulting a patient. now police are looking for more potential victims. we'll have a live report coming up. police in california detape the homeless man who's still making headlines with his radio voice. find out why next. and an olympic medal is stolen from a home near stockton. we'll find out how that happened coming up.
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good morning touchlt a thief made off with precious melding. someone snatched moses olympic medal from his parents' home. he earned the medal as a goal keeper for the u.s. men's water polo team in the 2008 olympics in beijing.
6:27 am
it happened while the family was in jamaica celebrating moses' engageme engagement. the family really wants the medal back because it can't be replaced. the ohio homeless man who shot to stardom last week found himself in a little trouble in hollywood. police questioned and detained ted williams for a short time on monday night. apparently williams was in a heated argument with his daughter. police say the incident was minor and both williams and his daughter were released less than an hour later. this is earlier video of williams first meeting with his mother whom he hasn't seen in nearly 20 years. williams rose to fame after a viral video went on the internet. he is in hollywood to appear on "dr. fill" and "entertainment tonight." the time is 6:27. coming up, an east bay doctor is accused of sexually assaulting a patient. we'll find out who he is coming up next in a live report. new research says younger breast cancer patients have a harder time fighting this
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>> reporter: new this morning, an alameda doctor is accused of touching a patient in an inappropriate way. now police want to know if perhaps there are other victims. i'm christie smith. we'll tell you who he is and where he works coming up in a hive report. doctors say the age of a breast cancer patient plays a big role in fighting the disease. find out why coming up. a live look outside this morning. the good ole bay bridge, folks making their way into the city. it's 6:30 on wednesday, january 12th, on "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." and good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get things moving with a look at the hour-by-hour forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, cannons,
6:31 am
good morning to you at home. looking pretty good right now, not as cold. 45 degrees in santa rosa where you hit 25 degrees monday morning so definitely something you'll notice when you make your way to your vehicle. as we head through 9:00 a.m., 48 degrees. temperatures will gradually rise into the low 50s and upper 40s in the north bay. our daytime highs will end up close to 60 degrees in many cities. los gatos, 61 degrees. 59 for gilroy and 62 degrees today in santa rosa, so finally, finally, a little bit warmer. back to you. >> looking forward to that forecast, thanks. checking in with mike and your time saver traffic. >> save you some time and some grief. an update on the dublin interchange incident. it is 580 at north 680 but it is out of lanes. the car is out of gas so no slowing. you do not have to reroute. that's good news. the unfortunate news is the backup continues to build coming out of the altamont pass. 18-minute drive through livermore. speeds below 50 for most of that
6:32 am
stretch. the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights have been on for about ten minutes. there's the backup, how quickly it forms. the cash lines filling in either side for the upper deck. slow approaching the incline. then the lower deck a disabled vehicle around treasure island. your fast lane has a disabled vehicle there. i'll update you as that clears. back to you. an east bay doctor who has treated patients for more than four decades is in trouble with the law this morning charged with sexual battery. christie smith is live in alameda where that doctor practiced. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, this accusation is really disturbing. a 28-year-old alameda woman says she was having an exam at a health clinic here in alameda when she says that a doctor touched her in an inappropriate way. now, ordinarily you might not hear about this sort of thing, but alameda police are going public to see if perhaps other people will come forward and say that they are a victim too. ernest lee sims is the doctor.
6:33 am
he's 73 years old. he was arrested at his oakland home on january 4th and charged with sexual battery for allegedly touching a patient inappropriately under his care. that 28-year-old woman came to alameda police the day before and told police a startling story, that the incident happened on december 29th at aai health services on central avenue. police say that sims has been examining patients here for six years. he was released on bail. he's been practicing for decades. he received his license to practice medicine in 1966. as a result of the arrest, police notified the state medical board. it's the law to alert them in these situations. so bottom line here, police asking anyone who feels they may have been victimized to come forward and give them a call. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." police are looking for two men who robbed a woman, setting her up through an online dating site. the 25-year-old thought that she was meeting a date in vallejo
6:34 am
monday night. she drove to a home in the meadow its neighborhood just south of american canyon. police say when the woman got there, a man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her inside. they say another man had a gun and took her car. that car is a black 2008 kia spectra with an oregon license plate aag-0652. anybody who seize the car is asked to call 911. oakland police are putting together a list of the city's most dangerous gang members. officers say it's good police work but others say it amounts to racial profiling. the department has come up with a list of 40 of the city's most dangerous gang members. this after the city attorney filed an injunction against alleged members of a street gang. one man did not want to show his face on camera but says he is on the list simply by association. >> reporter: are you a gang member? >> i am not a gang member. >> reporter: are you ever been a -- >> i've never been a gang member. i mean everybody in oakland
6:35 am
knows people. i'm not going to tell you i don't know people. >> last night people packed city hall asking them to block the injunction. the size of a tumor or chemical makeup does not determine how aggressive a tumor can be. the younger the patient is, the more aggressive cancer can be. cancer found in women aged 45 years or younger is more persistent to treat an more likely to come back than cancer found in women older than 65. researchers at duke university say that's because hundreds of sets of aggressive genes only exist in younger women. there's a reward this morning to help find and convict the person that shot a sea lion in the face. the sea lion, named silent night, is now blind and recovering at the marine mammal center in sausalito. he was found injured on december 8th. the reward is $25,000. and again, it's for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who did
6:36 am
it. anyone with information could call the national oceanic atmospheric administration. there's a 24-hour hotline. 800-853-1964. cal berkeley law students will likely get to argue cases in front of a supreme court justice next month. supreme court justice sonia sotomayor will preside over the law school's moot court. she will hear arguments on february 2nd and she's going to have a pretty impressive panel of judges with her. she will be joined by judge william fletcher from the ninth circuit court of appeals and associate justice carol corrigan from the state supreme court. so pretty high-ranking judges. an overnight earthquake has people talking around the bay area. did you feel it? we've got details coming up in a live report. and what's your sign? before you answer, stick around, because you'll have to find out why you may need to change your answer coming up next. you would put me right after that. what is your sign?
6:37 am
post it on my facebook, i'm curious. we're looking good this morning, much warmer than it has been. i've got good news. if you've been cold, a warming trend starts today for the bay area. we've got your numbers coming up. reporting what matters to you, you're watching "today in the bay" with laura garcia-cannon, brent cannon, weather with christina loren, and traffic with mike inouye.
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good morning to you, bay area. we've got a very pleasant start, courtesy of high pressure and a lot of clouds overhead. we're going to look towards mostly cloudy skies today but what's happening is those clouds are actually serving as a blanket over our atmosphere trapping in what daytime heat we were able to pick up yesterday. temperatures mostly ended up in the low 50s, low to mid-50s and right now we're waking up to the upper 40s and some low 50s so i'm expecting it to be a much warmer day once the sun makes its appearance. you can see these clouds arcing up and around a big strong ridge of high pressure that's going to amplify the next couple of days. we will see a little cloud cover sneak in as we head through tomorrow and maybe, maybe some light scattered showers in the north bay. overall tomorrow looks dry as well as warm. 47 right now in san jose, 47 in sunnyvale, along the peninsula it's really mild this morning. that's why we're going to warm up to, i'd say, the low 50s by
6:41 am
about 9:00 a.m. you'll want to bring a jacket, but something you can peel off later on today as noon temperatures are going to be in the upper 50s. then we are going to end up in the low 60s. 63 degrees today. south bay probably will end up the warmest and that's where we're going to see the most sunshine today. 61 up in fairfield, 62 in livermore. here's your extended outlook. we do have a holiday weekend on tap. for us, that means temperatures are going to climb, stay mild. things look pretty good across the board. back to you guys. >> all right. so what's your sign? if you think you know the answer to that question, you could be in for a shock. at least one astronomer says the earth is in a different spot in relation to the sun than it was 3,000 years ago when the study of astrology began so those signs we're born into are now not really the same. that's because the earth axis, it wobbles. a one-month bump in the stars' assignment. >> because of this change in the
6:42 am
et earth's tilt, now the earth is really over here in effect and the sun is in a different constellation than it was 3,000 years ago. >> to find out what your new zodiac sign is, just go back one month. so a virgo may now be a leo, an aquarius a capricorn and a taurus is now an aris. >> what's our compatible? >> i don't know. does it change? a cross-eyed possom from north carolina has become a major hit in germany. heidi is germany's newest zoo celebrity. check that out. there are already more than 82,000 people following her facebook page. way more than i have. she's middle aged, has gray hair and stays up all night. a cross-eyed possom beats me on facebook. she also has a song on youtube and she'll have a stuffed animal in her honor.
6:43 am
heidi doesn't even go on display until next july when the zoo opens a tropical wildlife exhibit. doctors say cross eyes could be because of poor nutrition as a baby. it's 6:42 right now. bay area firefighters are holding a blood drive today. see how you can take part coming up. they told me my son had been arrested. i didn't know why. i didn't know what to do. that's when i called aladdin bail bonds.
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6:45 am
welcome back, everyone. what a beautiful live look outside. waiting for the sun to fully rise, come up this morning. looking for some warming temperatures as well. 6:45 right now. a major lawsuit is crying foul on the nation's largest egg producers.
6:46 am
food service giant soexo say companies artificially inflated egg prices. they say they killed off hens under the guys of treating them humanely. the suit claims killing the hens led to a 40% increase in wholesale egg prices. the charges of price manipulation are not anything new. in 2008 a california proposition to ban farm animal cruelty found evidence of price gouging by the egg industry. the egg producers deny the allegations and say they killed the hens after concerns from the public. 11 people are free this morning after a scare at a strip mall. an awning collapsed in san diego. emergency crews had to clear out the rubble and free the people. luckily no one was injured. investigators will check out the building to see what caused that collapse. right now it is 6:46. we want to check the morning commute with mike inouye, get the latest on the traffic. >> good morning, guys. we'll take you out to the roadways. the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a pretty smooth drive
6:47 am
approaching the toll plaza but the backup has filled in the screen and it is backed up to the 880 overcrossing. let me show you like what it's like approaching the area, heading out of the maze, a smooth drive. 24, 13, 580 and the east shore freeway moving smoothly down to emeryville. that's where things really bog down. across the bay there's a slowdown here for northbound 101 heading up through san mateo. the southbound side is where we'll see the slowing on the peninsula south, about 7:30 heading down towards redwood city and then palo alto. the northbound route is the south bay commute direction for the morning and we're seeing 101 out of san jose and highway 7 into san jose starting that slowdown. speeds in the 40s so we already have the start to the south bay commute. it's already begun. >> speeds in the 40s, temps in the 40s. >> i think they have creeping up, though, aren't they? >> oh, they are creeping up which is what we want them to do because it's been pretty cold,
6:48 am
especially monday morning where we had temperatures in the 20s. 25 was the low in santa rosa on monday morning. this morning we're talking 45 degrees in santa rosa. you'll notice the difference when you walk out your front door and high pressure will provide us with pretty nice weather as we head throughout the next couple of days all the way through next tuesday. a gradual warmup. we're going to warm up maybe one degree or two each and every day now through tuesday. 45 in concord, 45 up in santa rosa, 47, really mild in san francisco. and because we're starting out with temperatures in the upper 40s, i'm expecting them to climb towards 60 degrees later on today. 63 in san jose. 60 in oakland and 61 in santa rosa. so we're looking towards a pretty nice day in terms of our temperatures. it's not going to be all that nice looking, though. overcast conditions with a few breaks of sunshine. depending on how much sunshine we get will dictate how warm you get today. it's going to be a little warmer in the south bay than the east and the north bay.
6:49 am
staying pleasant through friday. as we head through this holiday weekend, seasonably warm conditions. we usually max out at 57 degrees this time of year. we're talking about 5 to 7 degrees above average, and it looks like this warmup extends into the middle of next week. so that's good news, guys, if you've been cold. new this morning, a lot of people woke up with a jolt this morning after an earthquake shook south of the pbay area. marla tellez is live in morgan hill where some people are bracing for more aftershocks. >> reporter: brent, it happened south of where we are in morgan hill, but according to the u.s. geological survey, it was felt as far north as at least san francisco and as far south as caussa robles. it measured 4.5 on the richter scale and hit six miles
6:50 am
southeast of san juan batista. that is 45 miles south of san jose in san benito county near hollister. the hardest hit areas are celinas and san juan batista. the usgs says at least 15 aftershocks have been recorded. most of them small, though, measuring 1.2 or 2.9, but a sizeable one, a 3.4 aftershock did register about 1:00 a.m. but good news, so far no reports of damage, but we did find some people who felt it here in morgan hill with some rattled nerves. >> how did you feel? >> from where we were at it just felt like swaying back and forth. but it felt like it was a strong one. i don't know how strong but it was a little bit strong. >> pretty strong because it rocked the house pretty good. no damage, nothing fell down or
6:51 am
anything. it just lasted a little bit and then it was over. >> reporter: now, according to the usgs, more than 2300 people reported back to them saying they felt it. we've gotten quite a bit of feedback on our morning show facebook page. i'd like to share some of that feedback. michelle wright in gilroy, she felt it and writes, quote, it scared the bejeebies out of me. she also asked where to get an earthquake ready kit for your home. living in the bay area, i did some online research and found one website in particular, you can go to that is care with a k. so and you can purchase a home kit to be ready for that next earthquake. just a friendly reminder, the best thing to do if an earthquake hits is to duck, cover and hold. reporting live in morgan hill this morning, marla tellez,
6:52 am
"today in the bay." meantime president obama and the first lady are heading to arizona today to pay tribute to the victims of the arizona shooting rampage. the president will deliver the main address at tonight's memorial service. he will honor those who were killed and assure the families in grief that the entire country is behind them. that service will take place at the university of arizona's basketball arena. tonight's memorial service is open to the public. you can watch it right here live. we're going to carry it on nbc bay area starting at 5: it's 6:52 right now. in the aftermath of the arizona shooting is being felt across the country today. in washington, d.c., the concern is all too real as many members of congress are now fearing for their own safety. tracie potts is live in washington with more. >> reporter: hi, laura. this morning they're getting an update from capitol hill police and the fbi about how to be safe while out on the road back in their districts and areas like san jose, shaking hands at the grocery store, meeting people face to face. that's what these members are facing.
6:53 am
talking about whether they need extra security, extra private security, help from local police departments when they're out and about. last year alone there were 49 threats against members of the senate and capitol police want to make sure that these members when they're out and about are considering their own safety as well as that of the staff and the residents who are attending those events. later here today on capitol hill, they will be for the first time formally making speeches coming to the house floor talking about this event and passing a resolution condemning the shootings from last weekend. laura. >> thank you very much. alameda firefighters are hosting a blood drive today in memory of one of their own. the 13-year veteran was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in march. friends and family say his dying wish was to educate the community about the need for blood donors. now those close to him are putting his wishes to work. you are encouraged to recommendingster online for
6:54 am
that -- register online. go to, click on donate blood and enter the sponsor code scott. speaking of scott, let's check wall street. it's a different scott, scott mcgrew. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. we've got wall street, we've got politics. president obama is having the highest approval rating in more than a year this morning. wall street doing fairly well too. dow industrials up 56 points, nasdaq up 6. i talked earlier about portugal selling its bonds. yes, our financial world now gets to the point where it matters what portugal does. scientists have the biggest an most clear picture of the night sky ever. are you underwhelmed? yeah, i'm underwhelmed because this picture has been shrunk down. if we showed it at its true size, you would need a half million hd tvs to see the picture in real life. so it's amazing what microsoft paint will do. but in the real-life picture, the one scientists use, they're able to pore over it and examine
6:55 am
it for new stars, heavenly bodies. it's a compilation of ten years of pictures taken at 132 megapismmega megapixels. >> i think they should find those 500,000 tvs and put them together as a project. >> it justifies at least a couple at home. britney spears is no stranger to controversy, but this time it's not over her clothes or run-ins with the paparazzi. the new flap is over what she is singing. the bellamy brothers says the pop star's new single called "hold it against me" rips off their 1970 hit called "if i said you had a beautiful body." spears' song reuses a line apparently word for word from that song but it turns out the lyrics that spears is accused of stealing are not original to the bellamy brothers either. the actual credit belongs to groucho marx. >> which is an interesting connection. >> i have no idea, but there you go. it's 6:55 right now.
6:56 am
we want to check in with mike. he's got a look with our time saver traffic. >> there you go. i've never met traffic i didn't like. we'll just get grouchy here at the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup all the way past the 880 overcrossing. slow here. also slow for antioch, highway 4 really jamming up coming out of antioch itself from a street all the way over to love ridge and also slowing through pittsburg and bay point. that's a good slowdown heading into concord. livermore, 21-minute drive out of the altamont pass. a disabled vehicle right around grant line road but that will cause you additional slowing getting into livermore but you should move smoothly by the time you get to 680 and the dublin interchange. the taillights heading southbound but christina, we've seen prices up over $8 so it can get crowded and pricey if you choose to drive single through that express lane.
6:57 am
>> i'm one of those people who would rather wait than pay. good morning to you. we don't have to wait through any foggy conditions this morning. we're looking nice and clear across the peninsula. east bay, north bay, south bay, no problems in terms of visibility fblt 48 degrees right now in oakland, 43 for fairfield and 47 grows in san jose. we're starting out nice and mild. by 9:00 a.m. you'll be 5 degrees from your season high in gilroy. i'm expecting temperatures today in the 60s. by about noon when you take your lunch break, you'll probably be peeling off a layer. 58 degrees in san jose and later today 63 in san jose. back to you guys. happy birthday to mike inouye. >> he tried to sneak it in but we know. the "today" show coming up next. shift your weight forward onto the left foot.
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