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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 26, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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your forecast with christina lor loren. it has been pretty nice. >> pretty nice. and there is more on the way for today. i think today is going to be the last day with abundant sunshine. more clouds tomorrow, so if you're someone wanting to get out into the sun, today is the day. 44 in oakland, 47 in santa cruz. and 52 degrees in san mateo. so salinas yesterday hit 75. unusual for this time of year. as we head throughout the day today, it's going to be a little cooler in some cities, those are the the cities that pick up the fog. we've got dense fog in fairfield and concord. that will prevent the sunshine from warming you up as much as yesterday. we have 3/4 mile visibility, less than 200 feet in spots of santa rosa. you want to take it easy. this will be the case throughout the morning. we expect it to drift to the
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sou south. today, 69 degrees in redwood city, 69 in fremont, through the next few days temperatures are going to stay consistent. we'll talk about why and when the next rain is expected coming up. your traffic now with mike inouye. >> we'll be checking in with mike in a minute. layoffs for some, raises for others, for oakland public school system. in the east bay's christie smith is live in oakland where there are questions over the raises that seem to come at an inopportune time. christie. >> reporter: good morning. this would be hard to explain in a math class. this is the way that oakland school budgets are laid out. tonight they are going to be talking about layoffs, program cuts and also raises across the board for all employees here in oakland. oakland school principals are asked to cut 7% from their
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school budgets. and the district is preparing to cut about $12 million in programs. at the same time the school board meeting these program cuts include a 2% raise for all district employees which would cost about $2 million. a district spokesperson explains saying it's not the most opportune time but our teachers have gone quite a while without raises. the superintendent wants to see this happen for them. it is true that oakland teachers are among the lowest paid here but this comes right after voters shot down a tax to boost salaries for teachers. if governor brown's proposed tax extension fails schools could lose big money. the teachers union is basically saying that they don't want a situation where employees get a well-deserved raise but the class sizes balloon as a result. it's all on the table when the
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school board meets here in oakland at 5:00. christie smith, today in the bay. >> in june voters are going to help decide how deep the cuts will be for the san francisco schools and others across the state. san francisco leader says if voters approve five-year tax extensions on vehicle and income tax the district could face a $2 million deficit and $2 million in cuts. if they reject them the district would need to cut as many as $20 million. they will provide a budget outlook in a meeting next m. >> president obama will take the themes of the state of the union address on the road to wisconsin. he'll tour three plants there to highlight his plan to spend to become more competitive in the marketplace w. more republicans than democrats now in congress it's going to be a tough sell. the president insists small government is not the answer.
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>> shouldn't just give our people a government that is more affordable. we should give them a gort that's more competent and more efficient. >> obama propose add five-year spending freeze on everything but military spending but house republicans want to cut deeper. their budget chair had this response. >> endless borrowing is not a strategy. spending cuts have to come first. >> the tea party led by wisconsin congresswoman michele bachmann offered a third view. >> instead of a leaner smarter government we have a bureaucracy that tells us which light bulbs to buy, put 16,500 agents in charge of policing the health care bill. >> the president also called for investments in education, research, energy, the internet, roads and rails. he even asked for suggestions on how to make his controversial health care plan better or
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cheaper. >> residents in one neighborhood are on edge after a shooting involving a san jose police officer and a man with a knife. it happened in the foothills. deputies and san jose police responded to a call of a suspicious man walking around with a knife. officers confronted the the man near a creek. they say a san jose police officer fired his gun several times, killing the man. neighbors say this is not something they see every day in their rural neighborhood. >> it's kind of scary to think there are people that run around causing trouble. a very unusual circumstance. >> san jose police have not released the names of the officer or the suspect. >> the search for an abducted 4-year-old will continue. divers will return to a canal outside of paterson to try to take out a car that's wedged
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against a concrete wall. they are looking for a silver toyota corolla that belonged to jose rodriguez. they think it's in the canal. police say he abducted 4-year-old juliani cardenas on january 18. so far they pulled nine cars from the canal but none of them belong to rodriguez. >> a health clinic served people in the bay area, now the doctors and staff who care for others need help. lion martin health services is telling patients that it's going to shut down because of financial trouble. the clinic serves 2500 lesbian and transgender patients and is the only clinic of its kind in the nation. with county health care services cut and more reductionses looming doctors are concerned where patients will go. >> about half of low income and especially with this economy it's really a struggle for theme
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find a place to have affordable health care. >> it needs $500,000 to keep the doors open. its 20 employees took pay cuts to try to bridge the gap. donations are down. >> people of all ages are planning a rally in san francisco, the message hand off social security jobs now. they are gathering at the federal building on seventh street at 4:00 and will speak out against cutting social security and why major jobs programs are necessary. a similar event is being held in los angeles at the same time. high school seniors in the bay area are going to be named the finalists in a competition and become eligible for the grand prize of $100,000. a video from last year's event at the intel science talent institute, it's the oldest research contest. at 9:30 this morning the
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finalists will join 34 other members from around the country to compete for the top award. the finalists will travel to washington, d.c. in march and will be judged on their work. the winner will be announced march 15. good for them and good luck. 5:08. checking win christina and the forecast. >> everybody's a winner when it comes to the forecast lately. in oakland, 70 degrees yesterday. about 15 degrees above average for this time of year. we hit 68 in san francisco which is a rare treat any time of year. concord 65, 67 in santa rosa. this morning we're starting out mild, some cities are going to be warmer today. those are the cities that aren't getting the dense fog. we have dense fog developing in the east bay and the north bay. as a result the clouds will lift and break apart. partly cloudy skies by about noon in the east and north bay and the sunshine won't be as brilliant for you for the first part of the day so it won't be
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quite as warm as we end up this afternoon. temperatures are looking good especially along the peninsula. again we're going 68 degrees in san francisco. 71 santa cruz. 69 in livermore. through the next few days not a lot of change on the way. a little cooler. courtesy of more cloud cover that comes in thursday into friday. this weekend looks beautiful. we were looking forward rain on sunday but that has gone down from 20% to 10%. let's find out if the fog is hamporing the drive. >> you know, talking about the fog. it's affecting your drive. we talked about about portions of the freeways t north bay, dense fog advisory, as you head up to davis, some issues for fog and look at that slowing off of 80 going east off 680 so that will be an issue out of the area off the carquinez and benicia
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bridges. the areas moving in will be smooth. no problems carquinez bridge to the toll plaza. and visibilities are down the east shore, in the east bay, though, concourt low visibility. watch 242 and highway 4 out of pittsburg and bay point. and sacramento also hit with thick fog. low visibility will affect you out of the area. smooth to the dublin interchange. >> thanks, mike. >> bay area airport is trying to make flying easier for you. what they are installing. >> how to make sure that employers do not count you out before you walk in. >> plus the exhibit that has some people wrinking their noses. a little bathroom humor to get kids learning. >> a live look outside across did golden gate bridge.
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a sunny day, christina will check the forecast and see if there are changes or as we keep going on this pattern we enjoyed the last few days. [ female announcer ] dry, itchy skin? ordinary lotions may not help. new cortizone-10 hydratensive relieves it with moisturizers plus the power of cortizone-10. new hydratensive lotion.
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good morning everybody. 5:14 now. a live look inside our studio, our brand new home this morning. that's kind of cool. >> behind the scenes look. this is what we see. >> you kind of see our smoke and mirrors i guess. >> no. no. we can't give all our secrets away. finding the right doctor might be as easy as a click of the mouse. an online company is posting doctor ratings on its website. minnesota-based rates doctors based on a three-year study. they analyze medical claims and data and how well they follow standards of care. one star for quality, two stars for efficiency, but not everyone the thrilled.
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some physicians say it's unreliable and asks customers to look beyond the star system. >> look at the data, talk it over with their physician, with their clinic but they should ask in the future to do reliability testing on this data. >> officials say they are continuing to fine-tune data and are working to fix any errors. >> spider dad is not flying high. a san francisco jury found 55-year-old dan goodwin guilty of creating a public nuisance and delaying arrest after he scaled the san francisco skyscraper back in september. the man used suction cups to climb the millennium tower. he faces up to a year in jail and $1,000 in fine. sentencing is set for tuesday but he is considering an appeal. this is the real spider man so to speak. a 48-year-old frenchman who
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climbed the bank in bangkok. he was arrested as he reached the top of the building and was later released without being charged. the french dare devil climbed more than 70 skyscrapers including the empire state building, the chicago sears tower and the 1500-foot tower in kuala lumpur. >> i prefer to fly. a new program will let you carry on water and drink it. city leaders will show off the first tap water filling stations a at major airports. it lets travelers refill empty containers after they go through screening. the water stations will be at terminal three. san francisco says similar stations will be installed throughout the city to encourage people to cut back on using plastic bottles. >> finding a job can be tough.
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the internet is changing the way we look for work. employers are using social networking sites to check the profiles of 0 tension employees. job seekers need to google themselves and do a makeover including cleaning up personal information and photos. you need have a one click viewable resume and professional social networking page. they recommend if you are interested in an interest you need to relate on industry blogs. the first set of eyes to see the resume and not be human, a lot are using computer that sort through. >> the more words you have in your resume that match with the description the more likely you are to get through the first round. >> you should post your resume in as many job boards as possible and build your network now. >> a giant looking to take a
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bite out of the unemployment rate. google is planning to hire more than 6,000 workers this year. it is the biggest work force increase yet. getting hired is tough. the company gets more than one million applications a year. the top go through a rigorous screening process. >> social network stuff. mercedes-benz is unveiling a smart car. >> check it out. the sweet ride unveiled in tokyo. brown and patterned like a bar of chocolate. it's $29,000, about $6,000 more than the standard version. just in time for valentine's day. look at that. >> we've got to check it doesn't say ups on the side. you got the brown thing going. 5:18. check your forecast with christina.
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>> good morning. i think laura would look great 18 chocolate ferrari. let's take you through the next few days. we have changes on the way particularly as we head toward this weekend. we're going to see more sclouk temperatures are going to come down. toward the 70-degree mark. more on the way as we led to today and tomorrow and we drop off in time for the weekend. maybe it's been too warm for you. 65 degrees, starting out mild. then looking to 53 by saturday. a little fog on the way for monday morning. a possibility for rain on sunday. i will tell you if you've been missing the rain looks like it's on the way toward the end of next week. back to you. >> 24 hours after the oscar nomineeings were announced critics are coming out with their own predictions. >> a look at the actors and
5:20 am
films to beat this year. >> hello everybody. good morning. >> the academy awards could produce upsets next month but not when it comes to best actor. colin firth of "the king's speech." >> he's someone that seems unbeatable at this point. >> he has won just about every major award. christian bale has been just as dominant for his performance as a crack addict in "the fighter." >> this is such a great performance. >> dave carter says surprises could happen elsewhere. >> are you thinking about the old sflas. >> possibly 14-year-old hailee steinfeld. >> the academy loves "true grit." she stands to be one of the best shots. >> he sees the best actress race
5:21 am
tight tightening. >> "black swan" only got five nominations, fewer than a lot thought. >> originally the two-film race, "the social network" against "the king's speech." carter sees a dark horse. >> a movie you cannot count out and "true grit" getting 10, this is more of a tight race than people might have thought. >> it's just over four weeks away. >> four weeks to catch up on film. >> 5:21. across the bay bridge on the way out the door. >> a group of bay area mayors headed to the state capitol to tell the governor about his new budget plan. a look at what they will discuss coming up in a live report. >> we'll talk to the california business owner that had a front row seat. what he had to stay to the first
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good morning. welcome back. we'll take to you the peninsula. i warned my facebook friends northbound 101. that cleared on schedule at 4:00. i told them i would give them the update. no delays there. and no problems past the san
5:25 am
mateo bridge. a live look of the bridge, smooth westbound the taillights going across to the peninsula. you can see the high rise. great news for folks heading over to the peninsula or the east bay. a live look past the coliseum. past high street, the taillights north into downtown smooth. the toll plaza, the travel times are looking nice up to the area, green through oakland and 18 minutes off the carquinez bridge down the east shore fray. and visibility is fine. all the way up to the carquinez bridge. southbound for 680 and westbound for 80 moving close to the limit as you see. heading out of our area you'll have fog. a dense fog advisory. if you head out to davis out through tracy and stockton, fog. visibility is down to 300 feet.
5:26 am
that's pretty tough. that's the latest in traffic. >> you know, i do have some of that this morning. >> number 2 becomes number 1 here at zoo miami. >> it's the -- it debuted in miami. men and boys were taken with it. why is that? we're going to let them explain why. >> in this exhibit you find out what makes animals pop, why animals pop, how they use the pop, you can even go and weigh yourself and find out how long it will take an elephant to pop your weight. >> because that's news you need to know. the bathroom humor has helped give kids interested in learning. other independent exhibits have
5:27 am
poop. >> 5:26. another tuition hike. that's pretty crappy. a vote is expected to pass to determine if state university students are going to have to pay more. we'll look at who could be affected. >> and another salary scandal like the one we kau in bell could happen. see the step a group is taking to make sure your money is staf. >> how one person's blog ended up making life easier for muni riders. >> a live look outside, another nice spring-like day in winter. what's up with the forecast? we'll check in with christina. dry, itchy skin? ordinary lotions may not help. new cortizone-10 hydratensive relieves it with moisturizers plus the power of cortizone-10. new hydratensive lotion.
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new this morning, san jose's mayor is ready to fight for his city and its economy. good morning. i'm marla tellez. what the mayor plans to tell the governor coming up in a live report. >> the president is on the road, we have new information on how americans are feeling about the state of our union. >> plus, we now know when the ships are going to set sail in the america's cup and we'll have a look at the plans for you coming up. >> a live look outside this morning, golden gate bridge, looks like traffic is picking up. we'll find out how much as we check in with mike. it's wednesday, january 26, today in the bay.
5:31 am
>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. bright and early, 5:30. i don't know how bright but it's early. a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> it's bright when you are in the room, laura. things are looking good right now. we have 46 degrees in hayward, 52 in san mateo, 47 in santa cruz. some cities will be warmer today, some cities a little cooler than where we ended up yesterday. 69 is the forecasted high in livermore, 69 in napa. i think the places that will be the cooler on the cooler side will be those that pick up the most cloud cover, low clouds and fog in the east bay and the north bay. i think it's going to be warmer in the south bay. los gatos, 70, and redwood city 69. mild today. we'll have your extended forecast coming up. i'm going to send it back to you. >> thank you very much. today is a big day for mayors across california's nine largest cities, of course that includes
5:32 am
san francisco, oakland and san jose. mayors edley and jean quan are headed to sacramento trying to save money in their local budgets. marla is live at the san jose city hall. >> reporter: brent, you're not going to find mayor chuck reed here. he's at the state capitol along with eight other california mayors meeting with governor jerry brown regarding governor brown's budget proposal that is not boding well with local governments. facing a $25.5 billion deficit, governor brown has proposed eliminating redevelopment agencies enterprise zones and wants to restructure local services. mayor reed tells us doing so would be detrimental to san jose's broken budget because without redevelopment jobs aren't created, neighborhoods not revitalized and the economy
5:33 am
would be stagnant or perhaps worsen. redevelopme redevelopment contributes to the economy. >> the redevelopment agencies, it's unacceptable, it's a nonstarter, against the constitution of the state of california, against the will of the voters back with proposition 22 in the fall. but we the cities and redevelopment agencies are willing to come to the table and see what we can do to help the state out of its budget crisis without dumping everything on local government. >> reporter: to make matters worse the mayor says san jose is facing stuffer times. he now predicts a $110 million shortfall. this means more concessions for employees and service cutbacks. today's meeting in sacramento brings together the mayors of california's nine largest cities, it starts at 2:00. we'll be there to cover this and
5:34 am
bring you the latest tonight at 5:00. for now we're live at san jose city hall. >> a huge issue across the state. thanks a lot. >> lawmakers are skirting the redevelopment crackdown by giving 20 companies incentive to relocate or expand. the council voted to give up $1 million to a solar panel manufacturer. the money can be used for equipment and fees and expansion costs. the council delayed a vote that could put millions in city-controlled funds for safekeeping. the government proposed to ban redevelopment agencies. >> cuts on the table for oakland public schools. principals asked to trim budgets by 7% and layoffs could happen. the cuts come with a trade-off a. 2% raise for all oakland district workers is considered.
5:35 am
a spokesperson says they come at an inopportune time but the teachers have gone without a significant raise for sometime. >> tsu board will vote on a 10% fee hike for students in doctoral programs. back in november, trustees voted to raise fees by 5%. >> investigating the death of a union leader as a homicide. bingham was found dead yesterday morning. he was found after concerned co-workers had not heard from him. there were no signs of trauma to his body. he was the political director of local 6:16. no arrests have been made so far in this case. >> the makers of the
5:36 am
controversial energy drink 4 loco say they are extremely sad after the deaths of two california teens. their bodies were found in a vacant huntington beach apartment with cans of 4 loco nearby. now waiting for toxicology reports to see if it played any role in the death. the makers say they work hard to try to make sure their products are consumed safely by adults over the age of 21. >> hundreds of people opposed to oakland's gang injunctions will converge on city hall calling on the city attorney to end the temporary injunction in their neighborhood. they say the gang injunctions are ineffective. the protest will be at 3:00 this afternoon. >> going to fan out across
5:37 am
contra costa county to count the homeless. they hit the streaks 6:00 to 8:00. a video from some of the past years. these counts help the county and their services identify the trends in homelessness and that they get enough federal money to help the homeless. about 4,000 adults and children are homeless in contra costa county >> we know when the american cup will be. it will be between september 7th and the 22nd, 2013. it will fit america's cup oracle against a foreigner. that will be determined in september. >> the squeaky wheel gets the grease when it comes to muni service. a blogger has been posting
5:38 am
stories about long lines and scare service on the 38 muni bus line in san francisco. as a result muni started running more routes between 5:30 and 8:00 in the evening, so apparently you talk about it they are out there listening. in this case they may change it. >> nice enough to walk. weather has been glorious. >> especially considering we could be in the 30s. widespread 30s, only a couple cities with 39. in santa rosas 36 in gilroy. in the 40s across the board. 55 degrees in san francisco. you're starting more mild on the peninsula. this afternoon it's going to be warmer in some cities and cooler in others. similar to yesterday. 59 in napa, 69 in concord. places in the east bay and the north bay won't see as much sunshine as there is a lot of low cloud cover pushing in.
5:39 am
there is a dense fog advisory for the bay area in place until 11:00 a.m. so take it easy. fog is not that bad in the south bay or on the peninsula. as we head through the rest of this afternoon temperatures are going to climb. i think it's going to be a warm day in los gatos, 71, santa cruz today, we also broke some record, let's find out if there is any hurry up and wait on the roads now. >> there is always hurry up and wait. we'll take you and sort them out. southbound 101 at 680, the connector ramp there is an overturned vehicle. there is activity there. i'll let you know if they have to close more than one lane. up to the area there is that hurry up and wait. there is overnight construction there is a delay approaching 680. that should be clearing from the lanes. we'll see that build as the
5:40 am
south bay commute starts. no delays through hayward. oakland coliseum the warriors are playing. christina told you about the visibility or worse, and also the traffic now. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> thanks a lot. coming up, the amazing recover woman gabrielle giffords, she is making significant progress, new changes to tell you about. >> check your garage. we're going to tell you about the latest recall hitting a luxury ride. >> you can stop trying to melt away the pounds. we'll show you the weight loss technique that has been approved by the fda. >> a live look inside our brand new studios, a glimpse of where we are, a lot of work went into this. hope you like it. and hope you stay with us. more coming up. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals
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there is one you can. septic system breakdowns affect 1.2 million homes each year. septic backups can cost about six thousand dollars in expense, and countless hours of repair. rid-x. help save yourself from disaster. >> a new poll shows 52% of people who watched the state of the union speech had a positive reaction. that's the bounce he's going to try to take with him to three plants in wisconsin today. today in the bay's capitol hill reporter tracie potts is live with more reaction to the president's address. >> reporter: good morning. last night president obama talked about america's sputnik moment referring to the space program how it open add new generation of jobs. he said we can do that again today if government encourages new ideas, invests in those
5:44 am
businesses, so they can create jobs that america needs. he also talked about replacing no child left behind, with a more flexible and focused law. but the big divide here is spending. and the debt. the president wants to expand some programs, he says he will consider cuts that we can honestly afford. as he says not at the expense of innovation or education. republicans take a more hard line view saying we cannot continue to rack up debt. we have to make very tough decisions and get this budget down and under control. so you talk about reaction. we third official gop reaction last night. budget chair paul ryan saying some of what the president said was reassuring but this after a two-year spending spree. the bottom line no more debt. we'll see if that bipartisanship that we saw with democrats and republicans sitting together continues when it comes to making policy.
5:45 am
>> you're right. it will be interesting to see if they get along a. bay area couple was attending in washington. they were invited to an event after they posted a youtube video thanking the white house for federal stimulus money. they used the money to start the penny ice creamery in santa cruz. vice president joe biden watched that and invited zach and kendra to the state of the union. that's where they got to neat first lady and get ideas for a new ice cream flavor. >> we quizzed the first lady what her favorite flavor was and we'll take that conversation back to the shop and get to work. >> zach and kendra gave the obamas and the bidens personal ice cream scoopers. >> the state of the union in washington is now setting the stage for california with governor brown making the next
5:46 am
move. he will have his state of the state address and it's expected to be painful. brown will outline his vision and plan for california next monday night. unemployment in the state stands at more than 12%, we're in double digits, then there is the massive budget deficit. brown will push the budget plan he unveiled including $12 billion in cuts and borrowing and letting voters decide in june whether to extend temporary tax cuts for five years. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. time to check in with christina loren with a look at the forecast. >> it's a good looking forecast. we did break some records. i want to bring these to your attention. salinas south of us hit 75 degrees, our big winner for the way area was oakland, 70 degrees, san francisco right at the airport hit 68 degrees yesterday. concord checked in with 65, and
5:47 am
67 in santa rosa, this morning we have dense fog that goes for the east bay and the north bay. visibility is down to feet in certain areas so take it easy. we have a lot of fog from the san joaquin courtesy of offshore flow. a lot of that will become more widespread so you want to keep that in mind. through this afternoon, temperatures are going to be comfortable. a little more cloud cover tomorrow so this is the last day of full sunshine. your extended forecast is on the way. back to you guys. >> we'll take it from here. i want to talk about the fog that's causing unusual slowing through the area. an accident cleared from 4 causing more slowing than we typically see before 6:00. slow downs approaching g street from a street. we also see the slowing through
5:48 am
pittsburg. we expect a lighter flow. the fog likely to affect us. down to the south bay off 680, the connector from southbound 101, that accident cleared, the connector is clear but we still have this up to the 680/280 interchange. the rest of the south bay pretty light. >> egypt cut off access to twitter because of this, protests against its president. he's been in office three decades and protests raged all throughout the night. you see police firing tear gas or something at him. three are dead including a police officer. the protests were ortedly organized through twitter which is now off limits this morning. >> russia's president dropped the hammer on a top official. dmitry medvedev hired the head
5:49 am
of the transport police. he had been critical of the agency for being too passive in the wake of this monday's bombing of the busy airport. 35 were killed. more from russia, the parliament ratified the new start of the nuclear arms treaty which limits each country to 1550 war heads. also a system for monering which ended in late 2009. >> we have an update on the recovery of gob gob. doctors upgraded her from serious to good and she has been in an icu unit and are going to move her into rehabilitation. she was recognized during the state of the union address. they all stood and applauded
5:50 am
last night. >> auditors say they need more power after dozens of reports that suggest that the scandal may be happening in other cities. john king wants his office to have new authority to launch investigation into cases of mismanagement and fraud. the way it stands his office can't perform audits but little how they spend their money. auditing firms missed warning signs in that bell scandal. >> the marines will have a new tool. a military base has been building a mock city in the southern california desert part of the $1700 marine corps urban training center at the military base, the phony city has more than 1500 buildings. about the size of downtown
5:51 am
san diego. it's to prepare marines for combat. >> you live here a freeway your health might be in trouble f. you are 65 and older, action supposure an increase the risk of drugs. danish researchers calculate add 27% spike in stroke risk for every 10 decibel increase in traffic noise. amuv those 65 and older. no significant link in young er. >> patients suffering a stroke have better outcomes with hospitals with thinners. pare they had a 15% to 20% better chance of survival.
5:52 am
about 700 of the country's 5,000 acute care hospitals are designated as stroke centers. almost 25,000 bay area residents suffer a stroke. the bay area has at least nine hospitals with designated stroke centers. >> if you are losing the wattle of the budge, you can start freezing them. doctors are using a machine that cools your fat cells and moves them away from the targeted area. it's not invasive and takes an hour or two. but it does take a couple of months for the results to be seen. you need to be fit and close to what you should weigh which i don't know why you need machine then. some say it's quick and easy, others say history suggests more safety studies need to be done. >> it's relaxing. it's cold.
5:53 am
>> 15 years ago we had fen-phen with a pharmaceutical, a weight loss drug that caused cardiac problems and it was taken off the market. there is precedence. >> so it is approved in canada, now the fda in the united states approved the the device, experts stress it's not reduction, it's a way for fit people to get rid of pockets of fat. >> the reputation of the world's number one automaker is taking another hit. toyota is recalling vehicles including here in the u.s. different models of the lexus recall dod to a possible fuel leak. cracks may appear and if it's not fixed it may grow and leak fuel. the cars are certain types of the 2006 through 2009 models. dealers will inspect for leaks
5:54 am
and will fix the problem. the majority of recalls are based in japan. toyota. >> apple will not attend this year's mac world event. that let's developers showcase new accessories. despite the no show from apple, event organizers say the number of exhibitors is up this year compared to last year. yahoo! news says it's possible that accessories for the verizon iphone 4. last year's attraction was the introduction of the mobile app showcase. >> this morning a buried frsh will be opened at san francisco school. an alum of cleveland elementary school stumbled across a newspaper article from 1910 that mentioned a hidden box behind the school's play ground wall.
5:55 am
at 10:30 the box will be sawed open and contents revealed. who knows what they will find. santa cruz shop has been helping searchers hang then may be honored by the state. they will ask for the original shop a california point historical interest. jack o'neal opened his first happen in 1952 in a garage across the great highway from san francisco. he helped develop the world's renowned surf culture. >> central florida is cleaning up after a powerful storm. strong winds brought down this awning on top of a car at a gas station in st. petersburg. in lake county people are trying to pick up after a storm damaged
5:56 am
homes and caused traffic accidents. christina worked in florida for a bit. you saw storm hike this. >> yeah. it's really dangerous because it just happens. you don't have time to let the viewers know. we don't have to deal with that. it does happen but very rare. 44 in oakland. 42 in concord. i don't think it's going to be as warm in the east bay or the north bay because of the fog we're seeing. really dense. less than a quarter mile in concord. you want to take it easy where you're headed and count on foggy conditions as we head throughout probably 11:00 a.m. that will keep the temperatures mild. it's going to be warmer today in the south bay. gilroy for instance, i think it's going to warm up to 72 degrees if we head there.
5:57 am
69 in napa, 69 degrees in redwood city. through the next few days temperatures come down a bit. a few more clouds thursday and friday. and this weekend we're looking toward rain. doesn't look like it's going to happen. >> it's been gorgeous. >> it has been. >> i don't know where winter went. >> a penguin who took a wrong turn ended up in police custody. >> thomas lost the way and ended up miles from home on the teaches of the capital. police brought him back to the station where perhaps his name is tomas. officers are taking care of him until he can be returned to his colony off the coast. they are native to the coast of peru and chile. >> i was saying thomas. i think it's tomas.
5:58 am
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