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tv   Today  NBC  January 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. breaking news as the crisis engulfs egypt, washington urges u.s. citizens to leave. with reports of inmates on the loose, can americans safely get out? boy wonder. a 3-year-old child is hailed as a hero for a 9 11 call that saved his father's life. >> hello. >> hello. >> hello, 911. >> you have to come right away. >> this morning, we'll introduce you to the toddler that came to his father's rescue. and it's no mystery with yet another winter storm on the way, millions are coping with
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clearing the white stuff still on the ground. so, where does thall that snow on the ground. so, where does thall that snow today january 30th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm jenna wolfe. >> i'm savannah guthrie in for lester. developments in egypt is happening quickly. the safety of u.s. citizens in egypt may now be at risk. >> just a short time ago the u.s. embassy advised all americans to leave the country as soon as possible. the u.s. embassy in cairo is offering to assist any u.s. citizen who wishes to depart. with all the chaos and trouble at the airports it's unclear how exactly that will happen. >> also egypt has now shut down the al jazeera network which has been broadcasting these prode
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protests. all of this comes as days of rage continue to engulf a country that may be on the edge of complete collapse this morning. meanwhile, president hosni mubarak to appoint a vice preside president. and now new reports that thousands of inmates have broken out of several egyptian prisons. >> and at the white house, president obama and his top advisors continue to follow these developments. we learned that the president spoke to saudi king abdullah and the king told president obama there should be no bargaining about the security and stability of the egyptian people. our coverage begins with chief foreign correspondent richard engel on the ground in cairo again this morning. richard, good morning. >> good morning. medical sources say that since the beginning of these protests, at least 100 people have been killed, 4,000 injured and 500 people are missing, many of the missing, we are told, are women.
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as in addition to the protests, there has been a general breakdown of law and order. mob rules is taking over egypt. and egyptians are now living in fear. across the country, egyptians have formed vigil ante groups neighborhood watches armed with sticks and knives to protect their homes and property from widespread looting. witnesses tell nbc news that vigil antes have made hundreds of citizens arrests and killed and beaten an unknown number of looters. some are hardened criminals. as the protests continue, thousands thousands have escaped from five main egyptian prisons. they broke out after egyptian police nearly simultaneously withdrew from their posts. egyptian police are no longer in
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evidence in egypt. they are not on the streets or at most police stations. the escaped prisoners also include more than 30 leaders of the muslim brotherhood, a band islamic group that has joined the demonstrators. cairo airport is still open, but in chaos. we saw a group of brazilian women who came to organized a wedding, but are now trapped and frightened. >> we are in the hotel since friday morning. we didn't get out. so, now we are trying to go back home. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy in egypt is authorizing departure of dependents and nonemergency personnel. >> they've got to provide the plane so we can leave because i don't think any planes are present to take people out. >> reporter: egyptian political parties claim what's happening now is dangerous chaos following anti-government demonstrations is a deliberate attempt to prove that the repressive police state
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is necessary. the parties claim the government pulled back police and allowed prisoners to escape to show egyptians an ugly alternative to mubar mubarak's continued rule. a nighttime curfew remains in effect. banks, universities and the stock market are all closed. >> richard, clearly president mubarak has struggled to maintain power there. he did name the vice president yesterday. but what is the government doing now at this time to restore peace or any resemblance of peace? >> the government is trying to put the army forward and earlier today president mubarak was seen briefly on television convening with his top generals in a national security meeting. there have been some more army troops sent on the streets, but, still, no rezumption of any kind of control or state authority on the streets of egypt. >> richard engel, thank you very much. and now here's savannah. >> jenna, thanks. president obama and the state department continue to closely monitor this crisis in
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egypt, a crisis that is putting washington in a very difficult situation. david gregory, moderator of "meet the press" will interview secretary of state hillary clinton this morning and he joins us now. david, good morning. >> savannah, good morning. >> rets talk about the dilemma. on the one hand wants to stand with these protesters and on the other hand mubarak has been a u.s. ally for nearly three decades. >> and the strategic importance of egypt cannot be overstated here. the ability of the united states to fight a war in iraq or to have trades in the sues canal because they have a peace treaty dating back to the mid-'70s with israel. this is hugely important and always a deal with mubarak. in effect, that he would remain a linchpin in the region. all of that is now cracking at the foundation. and that's the dilemma you're talking about, savannah. how do they ride this out? the united states, the president
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does not want to get on the wrong side of these revolutionaries in the street. if he stands for democracy, which the united states does, this is a moment of truth. >> and we can see the administration trying to thread this needle on the one hand talking openly now about all that foreign aid to egypt possibly being in jeopardy but stepping short of asking mubarak to step aside and call a free and fair election. >> top diplomats i was talking to, that threat was to keep issuing a violent crackdown against the protesters. that has not happened and richard engel has talked about this, this is crucially important. the fact that the military, this is a military regime has not led a violent crackdown to the protesters says a lot. the potential for and what i'm looking for with secretary clinton this morning whether the united states will actually call
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for new, free and fair elections and whether they will push mubarak to say, unequevically that he will not seek office. >> the concern is, of course, if mubarak leaves, if that government is toppled, what goes in its place? does the muslim brotherhood rise? would you have democracy sometimes the results are unpredictable and we've seen that throughout the middle east. >> right. and you saw it most recently in the bush administration with the election in gaza that brought hamas to power. the difference is that, you know, hamas was backed by the iranians. hamas is not very popular, even having won the election. the muslim brotherhood in egypt is a very organized force and would likely play some role in the government. there are some democratic alternatives. perhaps a role for the military to play, as well, to immediately fill the vacuum. but, yeah, some real periods of uncertainty here and that's what happens. the question is, what is the united states really able to do about it at this point?
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this has really sprung up. this is a real movement and it may be too late to go back. >> well, incredible ramifications of what's happening a world away from us. david gregory, i know you'll be talking about it on "meet the press." here's jenna. the uprising comes on a wave of protests across the middle east, protest that could alter the stability of the entire region. martin fletcher is our veteran middle east correspondent and the author of "walking israel." good morning. >> good morning. >> you know israel has to be standing by watching everything that happens very, very closely. egypt is the first arab country to make peace with israel. what does all this mean for that country right now? >> it's huge. it's huge. egypt, the world's largest country, as you said, the first arab country to make peace with israel. if a government takes over in egypt led or influence strongly by the muslim brotherhood. that peace agreement would be in jeopardy very quickly.
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>> we haven't heard much from israel although benjamin netanyahu goal is to maintain relationship. >> for the united states t, egy, those two countries drift apart and the peace treaty in danger, who do the americas support? israel and egypt are the two main recipients of the american foreign aid. they each get $3 billion a year and have done so for decades. middle israel with 7 billion people, where do you put your money? >> first we see this happening and are we seeing a domino effect with the countries in that region? >> a domino effect among the people. whether that translates into governments falling, it's still an open question. depends on what the army does, in particular, in egypt.
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but, certainly, because of al a jazee jazeera. the arab world watches alg jazeera every hour of the day. they're seeing these demonstrators, they're seeing the riots through the social media. they're more in contact with each other. there's steam building up in these arab countries. >> so far al jazeera right now is off. in your opinion, was this revolt a long time coming or something you see every couple years? >> there have been food riots in egypt every five or seven years. this is a dimension, sort of dimension beyond that. so many people in egypt have been so unhappy for so long about so many things. it had to explode. this was a revolt waiting to happen. >> is there a way for this to die down without mubarak leav g leaving? >> think of iran 50 months ago. they opened fire on the people
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and they started control. america is trying to stop mubarak doing that. >> well, obviously, a very interesting situation and we're all going to stand by and watch. martin fletcher, thank you so much. we want to check in with lynn barry at the news desk. good morning. >> good we begin in central oklahoma where several grass fires have erupted. it scorched trees and grass northeast of oklahoma city. several homes were destroyed and people were evacuated in logan county. the state national guard was called in to help. there are no reports of injuries. well, the connecticut child protection agency says officials missed an opportunity five years ago to discover the true identity of carlina white. she was kidnapped as a baby from a new york city hospital in 198 7 and raised under another name. the agency helped the family
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back in 2005 and contacted law enforcement over doubts over her identity. they did not say why nothing came of it and pettway was charged with the kidnapping last week. in an interview with cspan, the president says he does not want to do fund-raising or campaigning. mr. bush has no interest on going on talk shows second guessing the current president. ex-presidents criticizing sitting presidents is bad for the country. finally, don't adjust your television, on "saturday night live" last night all the faces of facebook's billionaire poked a little fun at each other. >> i wasn't really doing mark zuckerberg. i was doing a fictional character in a movie script. >> you know, jesse -- >> hi. >> thank you for coming here. >> wait.
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>> have you two and i met? >> no. >> awkward. >> just for the record, no word on whether zuckerberg, eisenberg will all friend each other. but either way, lynn barry likes this. i have exhausted all the facebook puns. >> i get it, you like this. >> i was a little slow on that one, too. i get it. >> talking about yourself in the third person. >> had to take a few seconds with this, we got it. lynn, thanks. scott williams is here with a check of the weather. scott, good morning. >> good morning. unfortunately t looks like we're tracking another snow storm in the formative stages right now. look at the satellite projections on the west coast. bringing rain into san francisco and ultimately this storm system will track across the country tuesday into wednesday. we're looking at a wintry mix in the central plains and then, yes, you guessed it, back into the northeast and new england as
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we move into the middle part of the week. today's risks for thunderstorms, we do have a slight risk for some severe weather as we move into sections of texas, but the southeast is going to enjoy a nice january thaw. that's a look at the that's your latest weather, jenna? >> thanks, scott. up next on "today," snowy sendoff. how long we have been saying that. with so muchllli gng it all go? b/
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costly and complicated. nbc michelle fransen reports. >> reporter: the big apple looking more like a big snow globe these days. new york already received twice the average snowfall this winter with crews working overtime to clear the streets. cities throughout the northeast are facing the same dilemma. what to do with all that snow. >> it is hard because it's not just the amount of snow, it's just the frequency of the storms. >> reporter: in boston, open lots and park space are now designated snow farms. >> we have a lot of snow, we have to put it some place. we're fortunate enough to identify some lots and land that we can put it in. >> reporter: worth having it off the streets, but all that snow removal is adding up fast. boston has already spent more than two-thirds of their $16 million snowfall budget. new york city has blown through its annual budget of $38inches .
6:19 am
even atlanta has spent $9 million of its $10 million budget. new york city is literally burning through its budget using massive heaters to melt and recycle the snow. piles on this street alone have been trucked in from other areas of the city. >> we do over 240 gallons a minute. we're giving it right back to mother nature, just cleaned up. >> reporter: in new jersey, officials are getting creative to stretch their budget. >> people are calling it pickle juice, but really a brine solution. >> reporter: instead of road salt, crews use a salt brine on sidewalks and parking lots, a move that saved the county $47 per ton. >> every penny we can save is just fabulous. >> reporter: and just as cities begin to get a handle on all this snow, another storm is expected next week. for "today" michelle fransen, nbc news, new york. >> not that winter wonderland. so pretty when it falls but then
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it takes on that gray color. >> looks pritfry the first 25 seconds of the snowstorm. then you wake up the next morning, i hate the snow. all over the city here in new york and just such a pain to navigate your way through. it's tough. not a winter white, more of a winter gray. >> i say we take the next three weeks off and go down to florida and come back when it's all gone. still to come, the toddler who saved his father's life. we'll meet him. but, first, these messages. seven years ago, i had this idea. to make baby food the way moms would. happybaby strives to make the best organic baby food. in a business like ours, personal connections are so important. we use our american express open gold card to further those connections. last year we took dozens of trips using membership rewards points to meet with the farmers that grow our sweet potatoes and merchants that sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 stores to 7,500. booming is using points to make connections that grow your business. >> man: getting across town
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i'm kris sanchez. here's rob. >> unplanned alarm clocks going off this morning. ilg comin down. you can see on the time lapse, on the radar here, look at all the lightning bolts around marin county, east bay hills, let's take you in first to san jose anast.omt. you can see those heavy showers around santa cruz off to the west and south of half moon bay. you can see heavy rain heading up the sunol grade toward
6:27 am
plsantton. danville getting some intense shn.ers and a few more in the north bay. overall we're in the middle of the system right now, the spin to the clouds offshore, that will continue to take the rain at times this morning, change it over to widely scattered showers around lunchtime today. towards the evening, after highs in the upper 50s, most of the showers will be moving into southern california. so rainy start, we'll see the rain taper off as we head towards the evening and for the rest of the week aheads, patchy fog, dry conditions and a bit warmer later in the new week. kris? >> thank you very much, rob. new this morning, security meters confirm that thousands of inmates escaped prison across egypt overnight including one housing mus lilim militants nor west of cairo. several inmates reportedly died during the escape but it is unclear how many. published reports indicate police officers may have allowed armed gangs to free prisoners from at least four of those jails. this morning, sheriff's diving teams are calling off
6:28 am
their search for a miss hg 4-year-old boy and his alleged kidnapper. deputies say they plan to switch to road patrols near patterson where they will pate for the bodies of giuliani card nez and his mother's ex-boyfriend to surface. >> you know, if the bodies are in the water, the potential for them to float downstream are likely and past experience, we have recovered boy dis in the water, multiple counties downstream. >> deputies say rodriguez snatched the boy from his grandmother's arms nearly two weeks ago, then drove off in a silver toyota corolla. that car was lifted from the canal on friday. in san francisco, a fight to save the only clinic in california to offer health care to lesbian and transgendered women. local groups are trying to raise a quarter of a million dollars to keep the lion martin health services clinic afloat. debt and keep the doors open. so far the clinic has gotten more than -- 78,000 in donations and tonight they're hoping for
6:29 am
more. there is a fund-raiser at 7:00 tonight at the el reo bar in the mission district. the clinic's been around for 30 years. coming up at 7:00 on "today in the bay," we'll bring you the latest from egypt, plus bay area families praying their loved ones will be able to make it out of kaio safe and sound. that and the rest of the day's news coming up at 7:00.
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we're back on this sunday morning, january 30, 2011. snowiest january in history for new york and much of the northeast. let's hope the groundhog does not see his shadow this week. in fact, let's hope the groundhog packs up and moves himself down to -- >> miami. >> i was going to say the caribbean. outside on the plaza, i'm janna wolf with savannah guthrie. coming up, we'll talk about a very special 3-year-old boy. >> very quick-thinking little boy in oregon. he actually helped to save his father's life after his father accidentally cut himself with a chisel. he grabbed the phone and called
6:31 am
911. a call that saved his father's life and we'll talk to the entire family live from oregon in just a moment. >> how cute is he. he's like i waved so much and i'm now tired. you know that expression, if it's free, it's for me. totally lester. he's all about that. i can say that now that he's not here. we can tell you how to get stuff without spending a dime. a new movie, a new app, cosmetics or stay at a spa. you'll get it all for free. it doesn't take much to walk home with a bag. something near and dear to our hearts from cookies and chips, actually a new soda a sampling of what's coming to the grocery store. we can give you a preview, it's all delifcious. >> some are gluten-free. >> the ones that are gluten-full, i'll take those things. nice out here today, scott williams, what's going on? >> really not that bad here in
6:32 am
new york city. hard to believe we saw 19 inches of snow the previous week. celebrating the big 50th birthday in the big apple. what is your name and where are you from? >> i'm becky nomdanville, illinois. >> what is your name? >> maze. >> happy birthday, i like your hat, too. let's look at the weather happening across the country because we are going to track a storm system that will move from west to east as we move throughout the upcoming week. that is going to bring more snow into the midwest and, ultimately, into the northeast. but a slight risk of severe weather today in texas and also louisiana. into tomorrow's forecast, that is when things will get icy and dicy as we move into parts of the central plains and the midwest. a few showers moving into ohio river valley, as well as a threat for some ice as we track the latest storm system that will be on the move. for now, enjoy the milder conditions through parts of the southeast. that's a lor and we're tracking some isolated downpours and some
6:33 am
thunrshowers ith parts of the rsy area. you can see some pretty heavy rain within about ten minutes moving into cupertino and mountain view coming in from the west off the santa cruz mountains. san francisco and oakland catching a brief break. you can see more rain and at times a little thunder around that cell near danville in the east bay and across the north bay, scattered showers. we will continue to see most of the rain head off to the south of us by the afternoon, highs today mid to upper 50s. after today, we dry out with temperatures warming up later in the week. of course, for your weather 24 hours a day, check out that's your sunday forecast. savannah? >> all right, scott, thanks. this morning, an oregon dad is lucky to be alive and he has his 3-year-old son to thank. aaron hayes was wood carving at home when the blade cut deep into his left hand. aaron told his son, a.j., to call 911 and that's exactly what the 3-year-old boy did. listen to this call. >> hello. >> hello. >> hello, 911.
6:34 am
>> dad needs help. >> what happened? can you get him on the phone? >> does he need -- >> he needs help right away. >> does he need an ambulance or police? >> okay. >> and joining us now from oregon is aaron hayes his son, a.j., and aaron's fiancee, tonya lucas. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> i have to ask you first, aaron. how are you doing? i heard you got some stitches. it looked like it was a pretty big gash. >> yeah. i got ten stitches and i'm still pretty sore. getting better, though. thankfully my son was there to help me out. >> tell us what happened. >> well, i just started a woodworking class at the salem carousel on thursday night and brought my project home to work on at home and my son was eating his cereal and i was standing in the kitchen and i picked up my
6:35 am
piece of wood and wood chisel and i put way too much pressure on the chisel and when the piece of wood came off the chisel just coming with the forward momentum and it sliced right into my hand and took out the main artery in my left hand. >> and at that point you told a.j., call 911. try to get help. had he even been trained to do this? >> i taught him a little bit about 911. he has known his number and alphabet for a while and just something people should know to teach their children that that's an emergency number only. >> i know a.j. didn't want to have an ear piece in his ear. can you pass on a question to him. ask him if he was scared when he called 911. >> were you scared when you called 911, buddy? >> no. >> why weren't you scared? >> because i was brave. >> because you were brave.
6:36 am
>> i think we have, actually, another portion of the 911 tape where it seems like a.j. is trying to reassure everybody. let's take a listen. >> you have to come right away. okay? >> ask him if he needs police or ambulance? >> it's okay, it's okay, dad. it's okay. calm down. i'm talking. >> that's the sound when i was on the news. >> ask him how he knew how to make you feel better, dad? >> how did you know to calm dad down? how? >> i tried to calm you down, but you just wouldn't calm down. >> you did a great job, though. >> i guess we can understand that, a.j. i know you apparently hit an artery, so you must have been in terrible pain. tonya, you were at work during all of this. what did you think when you
6:37 am
heard what a.j. was able to do? >> well, i actually called from work just to check in on them at lunch and the firemen answered the phone and they hadn't been able to get a hold of me and they told me aaron was taken to the hospital and a.j. called 911 and i was just amazed that all this had happened and within a small amount of time he was able to call 911 and get aaron help and the ambulance came and took him down to the hospital and all worked out for the best. but it's just like i don't know what we would have done if he wasn't here and able to use the phone that way. >> we're so glad to have you here with us and tell a.j. we're proud of him. thanks for being with us. >> everybody says they're proud of you, buddy. what do you say. >> say thank you in the camera. >> can you tell them thank you. >> look at the camera and say thank you, guys. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you. good to talk to you this morning. thanks for sharing your story. >> thank you, guys, very much. coming up next, freebies.
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you can actually plug in whatever you're eating, and it will tell you if it's good or bad for you. >> what about health screenings. those can be costly. >> at "prevention" we know it's important to keep your health in check. a lot of the big major medical organizations are offering them for free. for example, the american academy of dermatology, you can just log on to and they'll tell you how and when to sign up. same thing with kidney health. they'll sell tel you how to get a free kidney screening. >> jessica, great information. now here's savannah. >> to free entertainment. we're talking films, books, and more. aol consumer advisor latoya is here to tell us. let's start with free becomes books. you have to have an ereader or go to the library. >> tablet computers, all the rage these days. if you are looking to load them up with books, kindle store has titles you recognize. you won't be getting random books. >> all the classics you front of to read in high school.
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what about making sfleenz? you said there's a site where you can get free magazine subscriptions? >> that's exactly right. if you like to get your hand on the magazine time;hmagazine, cosmopolitan, health making sdmreen. keep in mind, you will have to abc a few questions do surveys if you want to get the free titles. >> no monthing is totally free, right? >> netflix, you said, has a special offer where are. >> that's right. if you have been on the fence about netflix, now is the time to dive in. they are doing a one month free trial, and what's great is that you no longer have to wait for the dvd. you can watch the title on your computer three your hd tv. if you have a gaming console, like the wii, you can watch them through that as well. >> everything we talked about so far is for the couch potato, but what if you want to get out and about and see culture? >> let's say you want to get your family out, they've listed over 2,200 events, art and cultural events. some are free, and they also have lower price concerts you can look into as well.
6:44 am
>> real quickly, i know there's no free lunch, but apparently there's a free dinner. foo if you have a birthday coming up, mommy bloggers are all over this. she aggregated that give you birthday deals. >> all right. latoya, thank you. once again, here's jenna. >> all right, savannah, thanks. finally looking good without the cost. a trip to the spa or makeup kousht does not have to hurt your wallet. here's with the best three beauty deals -- i said free -- is molly nover-baker. molly, good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start. we have a lot to get to. let's start with the spa. so expensive. once you get there, everything else is so expensive. how do you hook us up? >> if you go to aveda stores nationwide, there's a lot of freebies you can get when you walk in. they offer you a cup of free, and get your makeup done for free, and they'll send you home with a sample for a hair product. sdoo mark your calendars next
6:45 am
month. >> there's a botanical blowout event. at ulta stores nationwide. you can book an appointment, but get your hair done for free. >> if it's your birthday, besides a free dinner, appleby's, there are other perk that is come with that? >> there is a great new promotion. go to bloomingdale's or macy's, participating stores, it's called birthday brow. show your i dr, and you get your brows done for free. >> makeup is so expensive. where can we see a little bit of help here? >> it is expensive. if you go to lancomme counter, with exception of sephora, they'll help you find a foundation, and then they'll send you home with one week supply of that foundation, so you can test it at your leisure to make sure you really like it. >> what is this beauty sample saturdays at in order stromz? >> very clever of nordstroms. >> they promote a really special product. they announce it friday on their facebook and twitter pages. for next saturday, february 5th, if you employ to in order stroms, they'll be sampling the
6:46 am
smashbox oil free foundation primer. a great thing to keep on your calendar. saturday at nordstroms. >> can i ask you about the brownies. >> you can sample and indulge all you want. they also do something called free skin care evaluation. they'll take you back to the room and evaluate your skin and give tell you what you need and the products you need, treatments that would work for you all for free. it's a $30 value. >> this is fantastic information. we got a lot in in a little amount of time. we appreciate all of your insight. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> just ahead, we're talking -- first, these messages. ♪ ♪ work, work all week long ♪ punching that clock from dusk till dawn ♪ ♪ countin' the days till friday night ♪ ♪ that's when all the conditions are right for a good time ♪ [ male announcer ] advanced technology that helps provide cleaner air, cleaner water, and helps make all of us more energy efficient is something the whole world can get in step with. [ static ]
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this morning on tablet time. the ipad continues to be a big seller for apple, but just the tip of the iceberg for the must-have device of the year. which one is right for you? lance is editor and chief of you brought all your gadgets with you. this one is from blackberry. a lot of people have the blackberry research device. >> the big deal here is that the 7 inch tablet runs a special operating system we haven't seen anywhere else not android owned by rimm but this will work with your blackberry devices. what will happen you'll have that in your pocket and you'll be able to access your e-mail and really kind of cool looking and you can drag the screen around and multi-task. this is multi-tasking out of the box. i have a browser going and i
6:50 am
have video going and a 3d game going. no pricing yet. availability end of q1. >> it's a little smaller than the ipad. people might like that. >> 7 inch devices are becoming pretty popular. >> another small one by samsung. >> this guy is really out on thrk mat right now. available from a number of carriers. verizon, sprint, tmobile and the big thing right away, what can this do that the ipad can't do? it can play flash games. if you're playing something like this, you're running along, i don't know if you can see this, but, basically, you're trying to outrun something, on the web there are tons of flash-driven sights and games and for that reason, that was the first thing that people saw with android and said, oh, it can do that. you can get this right now. $599 with a contract from your carrier. >> a lot of these competitors to the ipad are trying to compete on price and make it cheaper and hope that brings people away from the ipad. >> this is not a little cheaper. don't forget the ipad has a
6:51 am
range of prices. >> this is the zoom with an z. >> motorola zoom. here's the big deal about this, this is the first android os designed for a tablet. it's called honeycomb. >> that's geek talk. what does this mean? >> we have tons of android devices out and tons of droid phones oout and the samsung galaxy text has android on it but not designed for a tablet. they have redesigned the operating system. google has redesigned it so it works better and almost more like the ipad where it seems that everything is designed for this 10.1 dual core hd display. it's 1280 by 800. this is going to be, when it comes out, pretty exciting device. >> here it is, the ipad. come a lot of people have and love. >> so, the apple ipad, you know, apple kind of ended up creating this category. you know, with their tablet, which sold millions in the space of a year. we're really celebrating the
6:52 am
one-year anniversary of its arrival. it's got access to 350,000 apps and 60,000 of them are designed for the apple ipad and one thing that can make it so exciting is that you can play things now with airplay directly from here to your hd set. >> so, you mean the tv, basically. >> yes. so, i'm not connected. i'm not connected by a wire here. say i'm on the train and i'm watching a movie on my ipad, right. >> right. >> i'm sitting there and i'm playing and really enjoying it. then i get home. i want to sit on my couch and watch it. i just hit this and if i have a $99 airplay device, what happens? right now it is streaming from here from my ipad to the television set. you can also use this to, obviously, stream photos and to print. >> well, there's just really no reason to leave the couch. >> absolutely not. >> all right, lance, good to have you with us. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> here's jenna.
6:53 am
>> savannah, thank you. from tablets to food. interesting transition. this morning we're sampling the newest foods and trends for 2011. you have the best job on the planet. good morning. we have a lot to get to here. these are some of the newer products out that you guys really like. >> we're so excited. >> i want to start with this pesto. how is it different than regular pe pesto? >> the spinach and the broccoli was splurged in the alps. so, you're taking a little bit of italy right there. really healthy, really fresh. >> that's like a piece of broccoli hit me across the face. >> you like being hit by broccoli, right? >> let's move on. next, you have tuna. how is this different than tuna in a can because it's pricier? >> a lot more expensive. >> can you taste the difference? >> this is a belly cut filet yellow fin tuna.
6:54 am
you can feel really good about this bite you're about to taste. >> oh, wow. >> it's tender, delicious. you treat it like a special ingredient and you can put it on a pizza and you can mix it with potatoes. >> that is fantastic. >> what about washing it down? >> i happen to love these gingerales. they're a little funky. if you turn them over you'll see -- >> what is that? >> it's all fresh ginger floating around in here. this is pretty extraordinary. >> let's try it. >> if you taste it, you'll see it's fresher than most gingerales. >> it tastes like ginger. >> it's made with pure cane sugar, no unnatural ingredients. >> you can really taste the ginger there, interesting. >> it hit you across the face. >> that will not hit me like the tuna or broccoli did. >> this is frosting. i don't know, i love cupcakes, cupcakes are a huge trend. >> who doesn't? >> i never want to do the frosting myself. these guys have given you the short cuts because it has all
6:55 am
natural ingredients. vanilla for grown ups there is c cab renee. >> let's move on to these cookies, they have my name written all over them. tell me about these cookies, simpler dessert. >> without wheat and without gluten. >> may i? >> please, do. for people who have those allergies or problems. they're sweet, they're tender and they look a little dry, but, really, pretty great cookies. >> i didn't get a good taste. i better get another one. next up, i have to read this. >> i call it the funky chunky. >> tell me why it's -- >> they have taken potato chips, popcorn and toss it together with caramel, chocolate. >> top right now. >> it's not your light dish, but, you know, if you're watching the super bowl game and
6:56 am
you wanted to reach your hands for the pretzels and the popcorn, just take this. >> this is incredible. that is g. great insight. appreciate it. we'll be right back after these messages. (jennifer garner) there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there to cover up flaws and make skin look pretty but there's one that's so clever, it makes your skin look better even after you take it off. neutrogena healthy skin liidp. meuak 98% of women saw improvement in their skin's natural texture, tone, or clarity. does your makeup do that?
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neutrogena® cosmetics recommended most by dermatologists. neutrogena® cosmetics
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we want to check back in with david gregory for what's happening on "meet the press." >> egypt in revolt. tens of thousands of anti-government protesters pour out into the street demanding that hosni mubarak resign. my guest, secretary of state hillary clinton. what it all means for u.s. foreign policy with policy experts including ambassador and tom friedman. plus, our political roundtable, as well. coming up this morning on "meet the press." >> david, thank you very much. >> that's it for us on a sunday morning. scott williams, we don't like
6:59 am
your forecast, but we like you. lynn barry, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up next weekend on


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