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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 31, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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> calm in the streets of cairo for the first time in nearly a week. cay yost gives way to quiet. we have team coverage to explain what's going on and how it could affect your bottom line here. i'm bob redell in san francisco where to people have been murdered near one of the city's most popular tourist destinations. that story is coming up in a live report. governor brown gets ready to swing the budget act. we'll show you how services you rely on could be cut. plus, it should be a fairly warm week across the bay area. we have clear skies to start the day for the most part. a nice looking shot of the bay bridge this morning. christina will have your full forecast today, monday, january 31st on "today in the bay."
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good morning, everyone. it is straight up 6:00. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. we'll get a look at the forecast with christina. is it going to be clear today? it is, just in time for the workweek. unfortunately, we had showers in the bay area over the weekend. we picked up a quarter inch to a half inch. san jose, for instance, only .10. nonetheless, all that added moisture and high pressure building in means fog will be a factor this morning. and it certainly is in the east bay and the north bay this morning. the densest fog is in santa rosa and novato. we'll talk to mike in a minute to find out how it is impacting your commute, but right now i can tell you it will be a beautiful day heading to your lunch break. temperatures are already in the mid-50s rounding out in the 60s. not so bad. i'm going to show you what i have here. we have 50s and 60s, but you don't want the 50s because that means the speeds are slow through livermore.
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westbound is slowing. and we have a disabled vehicle to cause more additional slowing. it is a minor distraction out of the lanes near the altamonte pass heading over to stockton. the venetian bridges doesn't have a fog advisory, but speeds are in the 50s through the area. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. no major surprises there. we are watching the metering lights turn on before 6:30. new this morning, a popular san francisco tourist destination is a crime scene this morning. >> yeah, police are investigating the shooting deaths of two people inside a souvenir shop at fisherman's wharf. and "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the scene where the very latest on what happened there. >> reporter: good morning to you, brent and laura. what makes this crime remarkable
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is what happened here. this is the main drag through fisherman's wharf, a place popular with visitors. around 8:20 last night a man went into the store and shot two people, a man and a woman, both employees were pronounced dead at the scene. police arrested a man a short time later. >> the suspect is in custody. he is being interviewed currently. we don't know much about the motive in this particular crime, but it is something that doesn't normally happen around here. it is a human tragedy for the city. >> reporter: it is still not clear whether this was a random shooting for us or if the suspect knew the victims. sfpd says the suspect was contained fairly quickly and nobody else was in danger making it surrounded like it was not that crowded when this happened at 8:30 on a sunday evening. reporting live in san francisco, bob redell for "today in the
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bay." 6:03 right now. a california man may have been planning to bomb one of the biggest mosques. police in dearborn, michigan, said they found roger stockton here with an explosive. they just made an arrest public even thoughi/k it happened on monday. stockton is from imperial beach near san diego. he drove from his home to michigan. he faces felony charges in making terrorist threats. a trial is expected to begin for a bay area teenager who set off a bomb inside a san mateo high school. the 17-year-old walked in hoping to kill his former chemistry teacher and as many students and staff as possible back in august of 2009. investigators say he went in armed with ten homemade pipe bombs and a chainsaw and a sword. after he set off the first two bombs injuring one person he was tackled by an english teacher. he is currently in custody
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without bail. he could face life in prison if convicted on seven felonies. he has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. the man accused of strangling a young sacramento woman driving her to san francisco and then lighting her car on fire is expected to appear in court in just a few hours. 29-year-old ahmed johnson is charged with murder and arson in connection with the killing of 23-year-old vanessa herrera in sacramento. her body was found in a burning car one week ago today in the lower hate neighborhood. a motive for the killing and the relationship between the two is being investigated. things are slowly getting back to normal in egypt this morning. police and garbage collectors are now back out on the streets and subway stations are finally rep reopening, but protest again president hosni mubarak will continue. a coalition of opposition groups are calling for a million people to take to cairo's streets again tomorrow, which is now the
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clearest sign that a unified leadership is trying to come together and emerge in the protest movement. mubarak, meantime, is opening the door to talk to his rival political party. he has been in office for nearly 30 years. the president says that the country's priority should be reorganized and that the people do have a legitimate demand. he called on new government leaders to stand against any forms of corruption and to stop all violence. mubarak is also saying that he thinks that the demonstrations by peaceful citizens have been infiltrated by a criminal element. 50,000 americans are currently in that country according to the u.s. embassy. the state department is getting americans out of egypt on charter flights today. embassy personnel and their families are leaving first. after they are out other american citizens who want to leave can get on those chartered flights. of course, all of this is changing hour by hour in cairo. scott mcgrew has been watching
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this and trying to see what's going on. of course, we'll determine how it will affect us at home, too. >> reporter: it could. it is just past 4:00 in the afternoon now in cairo. we have heard the latest from the airports that, yes, it is chaotic at the airport, but peaceful in the streets of cairo. meanwhile, the american markets reacting badly to the unrest. let's talk china. even china is getting involved in the sense that chinese ministers there are sensoring the internet. this is a big concern for any aauthoritarian government. the official chinese state report is talking about the need for a settled lack of violence in e gyp egypt. these are possibly the latest pictures coming out of egypt.
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again, it is 4:00 egypt time right now. don't under estimate how nervous this is making other aauthoritarian governments. >> we are watching what happens with that. of course, we'll keep you posted as we get more information. 6:08 right now. a massive fund-raising effort is underway to keep a specialized health clinic open in san francisco. the community is rallying around theline martin clinic asking for more time to save the facility that has served the gay and transjentder community in san francisco for more than 30 years. last week the clin ek clinic's board voted to shut it down because of the dire funds. that's night in the mission district they tried to raise some of the mown money to keep it open. local state lawmakers showed up to show their support. >> people are coming together in thiscy city, and this is a perfect demonstration of this right now. you have over 500, maybe up to
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1,000 people here for this fund-raiser. i'm sure there will be more. elected officials throughout the city up to sacramento, everybody is starting to pull together very quickly. >> the clinic has until february 7th to come up with the money to try to keep the clinic open. last night's fund-raiser brought in about $60,000. it is 6:09 right now. san francisco's animal care and control agency is running out of city money. and it could soon turn to companies for funding. the 40-employee agency finds homes for 600 cats and dogs and other animals at any given time. it has a $4.5 million budget but the city is planning to cut the figure by 10%. san francisco voters are repeatedly rejected private advertising on city property but the director of the city agency doesn't care. he says they desperately need the money. in the meantime we want to check your forecast this morning. it is monday morning. we are drying out a little bit. >> we are, and we are looking to more of the dog-walking weather as of tomorrow. high pressure, boy, oh, boy, i
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just took another look at some of the most updated models. it looks like as of tomorrow we'll be back up in the upper 60s. gilroy tomorrow, 70 degrees. high pressure family roomily firmly in control of the weather pattern. this is taking the storm track completely vertical here. you can see up and over that big ridge of high pressure, all the clouds, for the most part, are staying out of the bay area. you can see the offshore flow shaping up here. the satellite imagery is giving us a big picture this morning. 41 degrees today. right now in oakland, that is. today will be the coolest day of the week. 60 in fremont and san jose. 60 for almaden valley as well. take a look at tomorrow. your tuesday is looking much warmer by five to ten degrees on average. temperaturewise it will be a very, very warm tuesday. so that's what is shaping up in the weather department. let's find out how well we are doing with mike inouye in the traffic department. good morning, christina. we'll take you out to the roadways to give you realtime
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sensors through antioch. we expect to see speeds below 20 miles per hour coming through love ridge. but that's a typical pattern. we are watching for the effects of the fog. so far it is not hampering your commute. the cartinas bridge and venetian bridge, no fog advisory in through the east bay. at the toll plaza the live look shows you the backup in the cash lane. they are starting to form that right now indicating more folks heading off the east shore freeway and out of the maze. so we'll see meter lights turn on in 15 minutes with the build up continuing at the current pace. here to the north bay a nice, easy drive down to the golden gate bridge. you can see the glowing lights. christina has been talking about the fog through novato, but this is pretty close to the limit in the north bay. we'll get back to show you travel times here on highway 12 down to 37. you are encountering a lot of thick fog near novato. lower visibility, lower the
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speeds. still to come on "today in the bay," the government wants you to put down the old salt shaker. we'll show you new guidelines being released later today. >> so does your wife. and governor jerry brown delivers his state of the state address. a preview is next in a live report. and a live look outside from the south bay. it is nice and clear. a little chilly to start the day, but we are drying out a bit. christina will update you on what to expect going throughout the course of the morning.
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welcome back, everybody.
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a live look outside. a nice clear shot of the bay bridge. a nice looking shot of the morning. not a lot of clouds, not a lot of wind. we are not having rain. it is clearing out a bit, but christina will update you on what to expect with the forecast later on. governor jerry brown delivers his state of the state tonight, and teachers, students and health care workers are some of the groups listening closely. but in the midst of a mind-boggling budget deficit, some say the governor has a lot to prove. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is here with a preview. >> reporter: laura, this is not the first time he has taken the stage at the state capitol as the third-term governor. jerry brown has delivered a state of the state address, but perhaps never in such dire economic times. his speech is expected to focus on california's nearly $25.5 billion deficit. and 12.5% unemployment rate. to solve the deficit governor brown wants to cut $12.5 billion and raise $12.5 billion more
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with cuts to state services and programs. he also wants to extend the tax hike added during the schwarzenegger administration, including a 1-cent increase in sales tax and the increase in vehicle license fees. those were supposed to expire this year. according to the sacramento papers, he is going to keep his address optimistic. he has a lot of stake concerning the public opinion. the public policy institute of california shows that 41% of californians approve of the job he's doing while 39% haven't made up their mind yet. many believe his approval rating is sure to rise if they like what he says. we'll stream the state of the state address live on our website. log on to to check it out. we also have crews in sacramento covering the event. we'll bring you live team coverage from the state capitol
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starting at 5:00 tonight. thank you. meg whitman will make a first public appearance since losing the race for governor. she's going to take part in the women's executive roundtable in redwood city this evening. she is a new member of the hewlett-packard board of directors. she will speak to about 100 women executives and entrepreneurs but whitman asked that tonight's talk be closed to the public. we'll see what happens. another bay area city is talking about banning plastic bags. daly's city councilman plans to introduce the plastic bag ban at the next february meeting. it would ban plastic bags in supermarkets and other large retailers. the group will sue if the city passes the law without doing the environmental impact report. the coalition argues the increase in paper bag use the ban would create could be just as environmentally damaging as the plastic bags themselves.
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a flood gate of secret documents is waiting to be unleashed. the founder of wikileaks says he has plans to rereese a treasure-trove of documents if his website is shut down. julian assange says he has backups to all his data. he says over 100,000 people are ready to continue to work just in case of an emergency. assange is no stranger to controversy. he's under a u.s. criminal investigation over the leaking of secret military documents. and the swedish government is trying to extradite him for an alleged sex crime. if wikileaks would release the secrets is just about fool-proof. let's go to scott mcgrew to talk about this more. >> reporter: wikileaks already distributed the secrets. now it just needs to tell people how to unlock them. assange says his organization has sent digital pacts of secrets to thousands upon
6:19 am
thousands of those over the globe, but they are encrypted remaining secret for now. if some government is able to shut down the wikileaks website or assange or his lawyers, all they have to do is make sure the people get the secret numeric key to unlock the leaks. we have gotten pretty sophisticated about the internet, so it is easy to forget how new it is. a video flying around youtube shows the hosts of the "today" show talking during a commercial break after brian gumable got tripped up reading an e-mail address. he had never seen one before. >> it is at nbc. >> what is the internet anyway? >> someone off camera goes on to explain it is a network of computers. and, brent, it is getting bigger and bigger. it is easy to laugh at the time,
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but we tend to forget how brand new all of this is. >> it is for some people. it has been part of their daily life forever and ever, but there are a lot of people where not to long ago it didn't exist. the government wants us to take it easy with the salt. the agricultural department has new guidelines this morning. and what they say about salt is included in the so-called food pyramid. they are telling people to cut back on how much salt they eat every day. now, they say anybody who is 51 and older should really cut back. and all african-americans and those suffering from hypertension or diabetes or chronic kidney disease are at risk of eating too much salt. new goodlines call for a little more than 1/2 a teaspoon. think about a teaspoon and half of that per day. >> he is a pretty salty guy. >> i love salt. salt is good.
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salt is theette. i could turn into a human pillar of salt. all right. we'll check the forecast. certainly a rainy day yesterday. >> yes, nothing like biblical proportions. i love the setup we are seeing because it will bring us more spring-lightning conditions this week. very comparable to what we saw last week. the rain over the weekend is a thing of the past. no rain in the future. and we are looking good with the big ridge of high pressure taking shape out here in the pacific ocean. you can take the storm track. you can see it taking it completely vertically. and all the showers we see from the pineapple express right now are going to come to the north. so we'll stay nice and dry this week. abnormally warm again. 42 in hayward. 41 in san jose. we'll start out cooler this morning and end up as the coolest day of the week with our temperatures in the 50s. pretty nice. 61 in oakland. 60 for san jose. lots of sunshine for the second half of the day. let me take you into your tuesday because that's when the
6:22 am
high pressure system really gapes control. we are at 67 degrees tomorrow afternoon in gilroy. 65 in san jose. 65 degrees tomorrow afternoon in sunnyvale. and then temperatures will climb towards that 70-degree mark as we head into your wednesday. so take a look at the extended forecast. i think you'll like these numbers if you like the sunshine and the warmer than normal conditions in the winter time. 67 by wednesday. 69 for your thursday. hey, i've got something else you might like. are you a wine drinker? napa weekend getaway contest. two lucky couples are going to win a free lodging, fine dining and private wine tasting. that's private just for you and your beau, maybe your girlfriend, maybe your lovely wife. just log on to click on the contest button. and we'll announce the winner next tuesday morning. hey, mike, i think your wife is wanting something like that right now. >> with all the wiping and dining i give her, she does.
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all right. westbound 880 towards the cartinas and venetian bridges, last week we had the fog advisory for the bridges. the fog never really burned off. we don't have a fog advisory by chp, but there's fog heading down off the bridge. an 18-minute drive near the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup is starting to form. we should see the metering lights turn on in the next couple minutes. we'll take a look at the san mateo bridge. your alternate across the bay. a smooth drive there. no major slowing just yet. we'll see that build throughout the morning. back to you. another big winter storm is brewing. find out why this one could be the biggest yet this winter. and congresswoman gabrielle giffords' husband has a tough decision to make pretty soon. find out when he's going to let nasa know if he's going to leave his wife's side to head into space. taking a live look outside.
6:24 am
this is the golden gate bridge. boy, traffic is picking up this morning. it is 6:23 right now. we'll continue to check check t morning commute and show you the rest of what's going on.
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new this morning, congresswoman gabrielle giffords' husband has a tough decision to make. will he stay by his wife's side or go into space on the next nasa mission. her husband, mark kelly, is an astronaut and is scheduled to be the commander of april's "endeavor" mission. he's been on leave to be with his wife since she and 19 others were shot outside a tucson grocery store on january 8th. giffords is now in a rehab facility in houston, texas. that way she can be closer to him at nasa. nasa has a backup member in training for the "endeavor" mission. but they expect kelly to make his decision by mid-february so they can move on.
6:27 am
nasa technicians successfully installed strips called radius blocks on the fuel external tank. the next launch to the international space station will take place on february 24th. two people are dead after a popular bay areap sho is robbed. >> a live report is next. [ alarm clock buzzing, indistinct conversations ]
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6:30 am
and a live look outside at the bay area. we'll check the bridges as it fills up with traffic on many this monday, january 31st, "today in the bay." good monday morning, everybody. it is 6:30. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia con non. i want to help you get moving. first, we have the forecast with kris key in. good morning to you. it is a little bit harder to get moving on this friday morning. it is a little bit cooler out there. you will probably notice that difference as you walk out the front door. just two degrees above freezing in napa. now we'll cool off a little bit more as we head closer to sunrise. that will be at 7:15 this time of the year. 42 in hayward. we have patchy fog. take it easy in the east bay and north bay. a little bit of fog for the peninsula. the big news is today we'll see the 60s this afternoon. and this is the coolest day of the week. we'll let you know how warm it
6:31 am
is expected to be. similar to last week, i think you'll like that, if you liked last week's numbers. here's what's happening on the roadway with mike. this is what we expect. the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are turned on just as i gave the last report. the backup formed in ten minutes. now back to the 880 overcrossing we have all the lanes there. a look at the map, liver more is slow out of the altamonte past through livermore. patchy fog at times. we'll keep it in mind heading to the dublin interchange. just past the interchange a new accident happened in there's a couple of minutes. we have seen slowing off the interchange there. southbound 680 you can see the glowing lights. we have low clouds covering near the area. that will affect your driving and visibility. keep that in mind. back to you guys. a couple small earthquakes rattled the east bay last night
6:32 am
while most of us were sleeping. >> today christie smith is live in concord this morning. we have more details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are talking about a pair of small earthquakes. the strongest one is a magnitude 3.0. just enough to shake your bed, but apparently not enough to wake you up. that according to people we were talking to who were grabbing their coffee this morning. the usgs showed a small string of quakes in the east bay, all weekend, really. the strongest one hit overnight at 12:31 in the morning. a 3.0 magnitude near the concord martinas area. about 9.6 miles down. one barista said this morning it felt like a small quake. she went right back to sleep knowing what it was. still, more than 100 people are reporting to the usgs, hey, i felt that one overnight. then about 45 minutes later another earthquake, this one just east of fremont.
6:33 am
a manager any magnitude 3.4 mimes down. we can confirm two small quicks quakes hit overnight in the east bay. that's the latest from concord. kiss kristy smith for "today in the bay." a man and woman shot right in the middle of fisherman's wharf. they were in a souvenir shop on jefferson located in the heart of the district. the two were employees. they were pronounced dead inside the store. they haven't yet determined if the man they have in custody is the shooter. bob redell is working to get more information. he'll update the story later on. the search for a missing 4-year-old boy from paterson continues this morning. that little boy has been gone now for nearly two weeks. and today investigators will scour the delta mandota canal by air and ground hoping to see a
6:34 am
sign of juliani cardenas or his kidnapper. many came together last night to pray for the return of cardenas. they believe he was kidnapped by jose rodriguez. investigators got a tip that he drove his car into the canal and finally found it on friday. police say chances are slim that if they worry inside that any of them survived the car crash after it went into the canal, but the boy's mother is asking for people not to give up hope. we don't know where so jose is, only god know. my gut tells me my son is still alive and that i need help for people to keep their eyes out. >> she also says people should continue posting fliers and not give up on her little boy. there's a candlelight vigil tonight for a bay area girl missing for more than 20 years.
6:35 am
22 years ago 13-year-old eileen mishelhoff left school to walk to her ice skating lessons. police believe she was kidn kidnapped. the event was held every year for the past 22 years to premind people in dublin and the bay area the search is not over. tonight's vigil includes a walk and a prayer. the service will be held at st. raymond church at 7:00. and east bay man and activist honored with his own state holiday over the weekend. hundreds gathered to celebrate the life of fred koamatsu. he refused to go to the internment camp when japanese-american sit whens were rounded up during world war ii. he continued to fight for justice all the way to the supreme court. he was eventually exonerated and was actually awarded a national medal of justice decades later. >> daddy, i know you are with s
6:36 am
us. look down, see all these people, they have come to honor and celebrate you. happy birthday! >> koamatsu passed away and would have been 92 yesterday. january 30th is a holiday in california. he is the first asian-american to be honored with a state holiday. the wild winter weather has a lot of folks worried. we'll show you one interesting way to deal with the snow removal budget next. the man rescued from the dangerous maverick surf tells his story. we'll have a preview of the sit-down interview with the "today" show coming up. and we are talking about highs in the 60s today. but highs will be in the 70s later on this week. find out when your extended forecast is coming up when "today in the bay" comes right back.
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mammoth picked up some fresh snow over the weekend, but we are looking towards a really
6:40 am
dry, warm week ahead. so if you want to get to mammoth one hour away, flights out of san francisco, flights out of san jose, you can enjoy the fresh powder. the sooner the better as high pressure brings our temperatures really, really above average. once again this week we are talking about the 70s for at least three out of seven days this week. 42 degrees right now in hayward. 41 in san jose. and as you can see, throughout the morning we are going to see patchy fog, especially in the east bay and north bay. fog drifts to the peninsula closer to sunrise. after the fog breaks apart we are talking about a mostly sunny afternoon and a gradual warm up each and every day this week. this day will be the coolest day in the 60s and upper 50s. 61 in los gatos today. 61 in santa cruz. take a look at your extended forecast. if you enjoyed last week, you enjoyed the sunshine, we have more for you this week. i know a lot of people have been asking, when is the sun coming
6:41 am
back? well, this afternoon, then it warms up to the 70-degree mark heading into wednesday, thursday. 70 degrees is the forecasted high heading into your sunday. now, it is a little early for this, but we are talking about wine this morning. we want to give you and somebody that you love, your significant other, a getaway to napa. two lucky couples win free lodging, fine dining and private wine tastings. log on to our website. we'll announce the winners next tuesday. back to you guys. >> looks like a fun trip. thank you. 6:41 right now. new this morning, people in the midwest and northeast cannot catch a break this winter. another major storm is heading their way. and this one could be a monster. blizzard conditions, heavy snow, ice storms and tornadoes are all possible from oklahoma city to maine by the end of the week. 16 to 24 inches are possible in parts of illinois and ohio. if the storm hits it would be the seventh major storm to do so
6:42 am
in the northeast since thanksgiving. they are having a tough run. one new jersey county found a new way to melt the snow and ice. they are using pickle juice to clear the roads and sidewalks. vergan county has blown through its snow removal budget for the year already, but they say that pickle juice should help save a little money. road salt costs $63 a ton. pickle juice costs 7 cents a gallon or $16 a ton. and they say it works just as well. in fact, workers can even pretreat the sidewalks and roads with pickle juice. >> very interesting. >> who knew? probably more environmentally friendly, too. the head of cairo's most popular museum is grateful this morning. find out what famous artifacts had a close encounter with looters over the weekend. that's coming up. and the unrest continues this morning as well. we'll have the latest update from washington about how they are reacting and what's going on
6:43 am
coming up in a live report. three children save themselves from a burning car. find out who put them in a very dangerous situation next. right now a live look outside across the bay bridge. it looks chilly in this shot. it is not that bad. the forecast is trying drying ut a bit after the weekend rain. tails coming up. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. the next, you start one feeling bit off.fine. the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me. good morning, everybody. the time is 6:45. the sun is starting to come up a little bit throughout the bay area. mostly clear skies. it is a little chilly to start, butover all not too bad in terms of the weather. we'll go to christina coming up in a little bit.
6:46 am
an accident in a remote part of new mexico is raising more questions this morning. >> yeah, the charred wreckage of a chevy trailblazer is all that remains at the scene. investigators say a mother with her three children drove to the area. she was unconscious with her foot resting on the gas pedal. that engine overheated causing the fire. luckily three kids were able to escape that blaze, but they had to walk in freezing temperatures to find help. sheriff deputies say drugs may have somehow been involved in that accident. >> the mother apparently had taken some of that medication or a pill and had apparently passed away with her kids asleep in the vehicle. >> visuals say she had a history of overdosing on medication and was admitted for a psychological evaluation. they won't say if they found a suicide note. and they are still not sure how to even classify this case. a florida woman accused of killing her two teenager children will make her first court appearance today.
6:47 am
florida police say 50-year-old julie schenecker shot her teen child in the head twice for talking back. it happened in the family car on the way to soccer practice in tampa bay. they say that then she drove back home and shot her 16-year-old daughter in the face as she studied on the computer. schenecker is scheduled to appear in court later this morning. australia continues to get pounded by heavy rain. a cyclone hit the eastern part of the country this morning. that storm downed power lines and trees were june rooted. the eastern part of australia has been ravaged by flooding since last november. over 30,000 homes and businesses have been destroyed. the country is bracing for another cyclone to hit later this week. >> in the southern southern mems fear there are cyclones instead of hurricanes. a little play on words there. let's check the forecast with christina this morning.
6:48 am
>> good morning to you. we'll see abnormally warm weather here. once again temperatures will be 10 to 15 degrees above average. that's what we are talking about when it comes to daytime highs, but because of the clear conditions we have overall this morning we are still relatively cold. and each and every day this week we'll see cold mornings. 4 degrees in napa, 34 in napa. patchy fog in the east bean anorth bay, in the east bay and north bay. wherever you are headed take it easy. heading throughout this afternoon, a mild afternoon with temperatures ending up in the upper 50s to low 60s. and this will start the gradual warming trend that will last all the way to this weekend. 60 degrees in san jose today. 60 degrees in los gatos. heading throughout the rest of the week we are talking about a climb in temperature for tomorrow of five or six degrees. 66 is your forecasted high tomorrow. 67 for wednesday. we are up to 69 degrees by thursday. sun and clouds making for a
6:49 am
better commute in the evening, but we have to deal with fog this morning. that's exactly right. we are watching the same areas you are talking about. the south bay is getting hit with some patchy, dense fog drifting through the area. now we have the dense traffic coming northbound on 101. that's not a reflection on the drivers. we have a northbound 101 slowing all the way past the airport. also 87 coming up from downtown, that's a typical pattern for the south bay. further north the drive for 880 and 680 are fine. near gremer boulevard near the furniture store here, there's a fire there. crews are on the scene. no lanes are blocked, but we have fire crews on the scene. it will be a distraction heading through the area. take it slow through the area. 880 is slow through the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. and the commute is on for this monday morning. back to you. thank you, mike. new this morning, two people are
6:50 am
dead after being shot in a popular tourist spot in san francisco. and "today in the bay" cease bob redell is live at the scene with an update on what's going on. >> reporter: good morning to you, brent. this happened just along the main drag here at fisherman's wharf on jefferson street inside this shuttered store right here, south luggage and suv nears. it was 8:30 when a man went in there and shot two employees who work in the store, both a man and woman. by the time the authorities arrived they were pronounced dead on the scene. the police have a man that they believe is the suspect. they arrested this person. they interviewed him last night, but as of last night they had no motive. so was this a random shooting? was it an attempted robbery? or does this suspect know the victi victims? that part is not clear. this is a very popular area for tourists. police tell us that this area was contained quickly and nobody else was in danger. despite the fact that this is a
6:51 am
popular area for tourists happening at 8:30 sunday night makes it sound like it was not very crowded at the time. bob redell for "today in the bay." meantime, a daredevil surfer how nearly died while surfing at half-moon bay a week ago is alive and beating the odds. jacob trette was pummeled by a massive wave, and this morning the "today" show has the exclusive interview. marlaal ez has a preview of what he'll say coming up later on. >> reporter: brent, he's come a long way in a short amount of time. it was just nine days ago that jacob trette almost drowned by getting knocked by two giant waves at mavericks. today he's recovering at his participants' home in orange county. later this morning the "today" show will interview him and his frigid friend who was with him in the water. it was saturday the 22nd when the surfer was trapped under water by two successive 25-foot waves. he was found floating face down and airlifted to stanford
6:52 am
medical center initially listed in critical condition. he spent three days in a medically-induced coma. then he came to. and now he's out of the hospital. it was only trette's second time surfing at the infamous maverick site known for the big annual wave surfing competition. his first time being just a day before on that friday, the 21st. his friend who was surfing with his described the conditions when the accident happened. >> maverick in and of itself is a very unusual wave. it is not like any other wave. it can be unpredictable, and certainly that did it was unpredictable. the current was going the wrong direction. that day incidentally it was pushing people more towards the north. >> reporter: again, you can catch the full interview with trette and his friend coming up at the "today" show starting at 7:00. as for the maverick surfing competition, it could be canceled this year because of a lack of big waves at the site. so if the swell does not come by the end of february the competition will be canceled.
6:53 am
brent? >> a few more weeks. thank you. 6:52. one of the americans longest-lasting allies in the middle east is in trouble this morning. the egyptian president hosni mubarak is hanging on to power by a thread. this morning the obama administration is not really tipping its hand or lending a lot of support. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live from washington, d.c., with an inside look at what's happening this morning. tracie? >> reporter: brent, good morning to you. america is trying to hold on to the long-time allie, but they want to let the protestors know that when the people demand change the government should listen. now, you talked about mubarak, we understand this morning his family may be in london as the violent protests continue. we have seen lot looting and all sorts of violence in the streets of cairo and in other areas of egypt as well. the u.s. government, the embassy there, is trying to get americans out. we understand that the first
6:54 am
flight, the first plane loaded of evacuees, american citizens, has arrived in s cyprus. thousands are believed to be trapped in egypt right now. one of the complications is cell phone and internet service sblupted interrupted by the government trying to disconnect communications among the protestors, but that means a lot of americans have been unable to find out if their families are safe. the u.s. government as you said walking a bit of a tightrope as they watch this situation unfold. >> all right. we are watching it as well. thank you for the update there. now, one part of the protest in egypt could have been a disaster of historic proportions. >> on friday people broke into cairo's egyptian museum. they climbed over walls and looted the museum gift shop. they did do some damage to artifacts display cases but didn't steal any actual
6:55 am
artifacts. almost the entire second floor of the hue seam is home to priceless items from the days of king tut. the head of egyptian's antique department said i'm glad the people were idiots. thank god they thought the museum shop was the museum. >> good thing. think about that, that could have been -- you can't restore that kind of stuff. well, certainly the problems in egypt are causing concern on the world's oil supply. >> scott mcgrew is joining us. the thing is egypt doesn't produce that much oil. >> reporter: know, about 1/2 of what saudi arabia does. any influence on oil is more about geography. a lot of tanker traffic passed through the suez canal. that has oil speculators speculating this morning. and that the unrest could spread to other middle eastern countries. you remember this didn't start in egypt. it started in tunisia and spread to egypt. and now protests in the sudan as well. on friday the markets were much lower. the dow industrials fell better than 1.5% on concern over egypt.
6:56 am
this morning markets are trading a little higher. the dow industrial is up 41 points. the nasdaq is up eight. exxon mobil turned in nice profits. intel will contribute $200 million to the startup american partnership. this is something president obama was pushing. intel will help to stimulate the economy in this way. thank you, scott. we have a new superman this morning. >> the guy who will stand for truth in the american justice way this time around -- >> i thought it was mike inouye, but it is not. 27-year-old henry will play superhero in the movie scheduled to come out next year called "man of steel." he's best known for his role on the showtime series. two of america's most iconic superheroes will be portrayed by british actors. christian bale will be back to
6:57 am
play "batman" next year in "the dark knight rises." >> i thought it was going to be mike. >> me too! >> what other superheroes are left? >> spider-man. >> isn't that toby maguire? >> sorry, mike. we do want to thank you for joining us this morning. the "today" show is coming up next. you can see the interview with the maverick surfer who survived the massive wave at 7:30. and a little appearance by justin bieber as well. >> a little bieber fever on a monday morning. >> have a great morning.
6:58 am
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