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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  February 4, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the ordeal, the 20-year-old says she'd rather still be in cairo watching history unfold. >> reporter: this is the view she had from her apartment window. >> it was so shocking and to watch the whole process and to have it on tape when i'm watching videos over and over again. i can't believe i was there and this is still happening. >> reporter: she was among two dozen u.c. students studying in cairo when the revolution broke out. >> we were seeing all the young people, rich, poor, men, women, all together, muslims, all working together for egyptian freedom and i thought that was most beautiful. >> reporter: thing got so out of hand, she and her three room
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fo mates found themselves trapped in their armt. at times, they huddle ld together with the lights off and used scarves to protect themselves from tear gas. >> the tear gas was in the air. i can only imagine how bad it was downstairs. didn't get scared at all. i don't know why i didn't get scared. i guess i was just so amazed by the strength of the people and all of that, i wasn't really thinking so much about my safety. >> reporter: in fact, she didn't want to leave cairo. the university forced her to evacuate. >> it feels nice to be home, but i just wasn't ready and i feel like i just kind of left in the middle. like i ran out of my home. i left like so many of my belongs there. all this is going on in egypt and i feel like i wanted to do
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more. >> reporter: she just returned to northern california last night. she's still thinking of the friends and country she left behind. constantly reliving the revolution she watched unfold. jodi hernandez, nbc, bay area news. >> she has not decided if she'll now attend classes at u.c. berkeley or take the rest of the semester off. she hopes to study agrod again as soon as possible. >> google executive has been named the symbolic spokesperson for a youth opposition group in egypt even though his where abouts is still unclear. he is the head of marketing for google in africa. it is believed he's being held by the government. the decision to name him as the spokesperson for the group is considered an attempt to help win his release. for the latest on the updates, go to our website, search egypt
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to find our special page dedicated to the developments in cairo. today, we heard it straight from the man itself. oakland's top cop is staying put. he announced today he will remain at the helm in oakland even though he is not shy about the serious concerns for city hall. traci grant is in oakland. the mayor says a lot of things have to change for the opd. >> he called it a roller coaster ride, but it has now ended and anthony bass says it's time to roll up his sleeves and get back to work. >> bottom line is the reason i came to the city is to try to make a difference for the city and the community responded and asked me to stand by them. >> reporter: anthony bass says this picture was one of the main things that persuaded him to stay.
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children from family day care center holding signs that said chief bass, don't leave us. you vowed to keep us safe. people expressed similar sentiments as people canvassed the streets today, but over the last few weeks, they lashed out at bass for going up to the top gig with the reason opd was just not up to par. including layoffs for vehicle and technology maintenance and a lack of commitment for city officials. both sides they they're working on the problem together. >> we have some challenges, dramatic challenges that are there. i'm going to be very transparent and open about that. >> reporter: one of the most basic tools is police radio. last wednesday, the communication system failed in the middle of a high speed chase which ended in a fatal office involved shooting. officers reported they could not
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reach dispatch during the incident. earlier this week, kwan said her technology team -- although bass would only say it was not the same issue as last week. >> we just look at that area. a problem popped up at this area. we had a tower went out. this is a big city. >> reporter: bass says since they can't rely on the radios, he's had to create some two-person units. that way, they'll have backup because there's safety in numbers. >> thank you. new tonight at 5:00, a massive bar brawl involving up to 180 people broke out early this morning at an emoryville bar. it began off 580. patrons fighting with broken bottles and broom handles fills
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into the streets. when police tried to break up the crowd, they were attacked. it took 30 officers from several east bay police departments to restore order. >> bottles were being thrown at them. one officer was being punched in the face. >> two people were arrested at the scene. three officers suffered minor injuries. no one was seriously hurt. police are still trying to figure out how the fight started. now to an nbc bay area follow up. investigators in ma rin continue to look at what caused dozens of school children to get sick at a five-day camp. at least 50 kids and students became ill. the water tests came back clean, so now the food will be tested. the students were from tasara elementary and several other schools. more police will be
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patrolling san francisco's castro district after a series of suspicious fires. the latest happened this morning on 18th where a piece of plastic was torched in a doorway. that follows three others in the same area yesterday. the first reported at 5:00 a.m. on 16th. half hour later, another fire at an empty building and a small trash fire on the 2200 block of market. investigators are looking o sboo whether the fires are related. let's take you to san jose where an apartment fire has left eight people homeless. the flames broke out after 6:00 a.m., quickly spreading to the seventh floor. one resident hurt. firefighters discovered a hand burn. still, no word on what started that fire. and then there was an earlier san jose fire. that was not as serious. it broke out at a emergency
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housing facility on orchard street. 200 people had to be evacuated. wups the fire was out, everyone was allowed back in. that fire also still under investigation. topping our business and tech headlines, a mixed picture on the job front. economists say uncertainty is slowing the recovery but there may be some problems on the horizon. the figures show that unemployment fell to 9% last month. that's the lowest lefl in two years, but only 36,000 new jobs were added. that's not nearly enough to get the economy moving again. experts say the bad weather helped to keep the number down with construction hard hit, it lost 38,000 jobs. the april shuttle mission is a go for mark kelly, the husband of gabby giffords. announced he will command the final flight. mark barger has more on the
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position. >> reporter: the decision was his to make and today, he confirmed he will lead the april mission of the space shuttle "endeavour." >> i feel i made the right decision not only for me, but for my family, crew members and wife. >> reporter: the shooting that left his wife near death last month put his role in doubt. kelly has been at his wife's side throughout her recovery, but his decision to leave came down to basics. >> i know her very well and she would be very comfortable with the decision that i made. >> reporter: giffords' recovery continues in houston where kelly will resume his training. meanwhile, at the tucson hospital where giffords' recovery began, workers today dismantled a work shift memorial in the congresswoman's honor. had kelly stepped down from the mission, nasa was ready with a back-up commander, but the
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decision became less agonizing as her condition continues to improved. >> things fell into place and she -- >> and lift off. >> reporter: the next mission is important, the second to last shuttle mission before the fleet is retired after more than 30 years of space flight. >> an historic mission indeed. still ahead, do you have a facebook page? why your pro file may have appeared on a website for reasons you didn't expect. also, just what the doctor ordered. how iphones and ipads could become a part of your next doctor's visit. a new study shows a link between working moms and chubbier children. i'll show you what working parents can do to raise healthier kids. and scary moments in dallas as a freak accident injured fans
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several people were hurt today near dallas when ice and snow fell are from the cowboys stadium roof. that's the sight of sunday's super bowl. five of the seven people hit were taken to area hospitals. texas has been hit hard by a winter storm that's brought some of the worst weather to the area
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in recent memory. right now, all the stadium exits are closed. here's a question for you. are working moms to blame for childhood obesity? there's a new study that might suggest a link, but i'm not really comfortable with that. >> i guess not. mary ann is here with a closer look at the ways working moms can help raise healthy kids. >> absolutely. well, first of all, working moms, you don't have to feel guilty. while the increases in body weight were significant, they were not huge. after a long day of work, who has time to prepare a balanced meal. >> reporter: audrey webb admits it's tough to make sure her sons eat enough healthy food. >> i can't just feed them chicken nuggets or fish fillets or french fries and i tend to eat whatever i have in the
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house. for time, i think, and just ease. it's hard to balance everything when you're working full time. >> reporter: a study shows the more years mom spends in the workforce, the more likely they are to raise chubby children, but doctors say working moms have to put it in perspective. >> while the studies show an increase in weight gain of children of parents who do work, it's not an amount that would cause actual obesity. >> reporter: one reason, after the long day at work, many moms offer drive through on the way home. one doctor suggests mom plan meals for the week and eat together as a family. >> if your child is overweight, then changes can be made to help them bring their weight under control and some are very simple things such as eliminating fruit
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drinks, changing whole milk to fat free milk. >> reporter: remember, kid love sweets. >> sugar cookies. >> reporter: which is why getting them to eat healthy is often a working mom's second job. she also suggested that working moms ask their child care provider to make sure their kids get in exercise after school. and what about dads? they weren't include nd this particular study. doctors say they do may a role in what their kids eat. >> thank you. new help tonight for women at risk of gifing birth prematurely. the medication is administered once a week as a shot in the hit starting about four months into the pregnancy. it's only for women at risk for delivering early. and you've heard of the south beach diet, the hollywood diet,
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now, there's the adhd diet designed to reduce symptoms attention deficit disorder in kids. a new study put children age 4 through 8 on the diet containing no processed foods. they were on it for five weeks. researchers found that it diminished in three forties of the kids. when the symptoms were brought back in, the symptoms returns in two-thirds of the kids. jeff ranieri is back where we belong. >> on the field. >> that was the at&t park fan fest weekend. >> he's got the towel again. z >> can you see it? how am i doing? how's the movement here? >> so many times. >> yeah, i dug out the rally rag from the world series from 2010.
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i've got my jacket on, got my orange on. there's not a lot happening back here behind me, but that's going to change in about 18 hours. we're talking about fan fest this weekend. there's a few people out there having a good time help iing as they get set up here. single tail tickets go on sale tomorrow. you can come out here, it's going to be free. get your autographs from the play rs as well. there's going to be numerous players out here tomorrow. also, a kid zone. you can walk the field and also get on the dugout. who are some of the players? matthew cane, tim lincecum and sergio romo. it's going to be kind of a first come first serve basis. let's get to our weather graphics right now and what you're going to find is a warming forecast. we're going to see drying winds coming back.
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that's going to push our temperatures into the low and the mid-70s inland. some of the gustier wind could have upper 70s. some rare and unusual heat coming back to the bay area with high pressure offshore. that's going to keep it mild, above average and no rainfall as we head throughout saturday and sunday's forecast. now, we're going to start at 6:00 a.m. with temperatures in the mid to upper 40s, so more of a mild night tonight. as we head throughout noon for tomorrow and as we look at our highs for saturday, 72 in san jose, morgan hills, 73 and ore over towards the east bay, low and mid-70s coming back. as we head through saturday, sunday and monday, temperatures in the upper 60s and a lot of the low and mid-70s as well.
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we have a few fans coming out early just like myself and you know what's also going to be hot? the dugout store at the giants stadium. you can head out there. maybe you want to bust a move in a buster posy jersey. yes, this is a sweet item here, or more premier items here. also another hot item, new logo. they're really starting to push this. this is new for 2011 and also, a hat to match as well. and then of course, ladies, we're not forgetting you. they have some fashionable deep v-necks, so if you want to go with something a little less masculine, but still showing your giants spirit, you've got it. this hat going from $39 to $19.99. giants dugout store. >> jeff, run to your car with all the the booties now. >> and you know who to bring it to. >> thank you very much.
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we'll check back in next hour. still ahead at 5:00, why hundreds of thousands of facebook users might have been looking for a date without even knowing it. and prescriptions change at your doctors office. how ipads and ipods could be a routine part of your visit.
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certainly no hang-up for verizon. months of speculation over the iphone coming to the wireless network turned into record sales yesterday. demand was so high that verizon stopped online preorders of the phone at 5:00 last night after running out of inventory. while verizon did not release sales figures, they say they broke their record in just two hours. preordered iphones are expected to arrive monday and they will start selling in stores on february 10th. iphones and ipad are just what the doctor ordered.
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the fda has approved the first an that doctors can use to make diagnoses. it allows doctors to look at images from ct scans and mris and compute measurements, but they say it should only be used when the doctor does not have access to a workstation. an unwanted love connection? it seems users who put their personal information online have reason to be cautious. the creators of admit to swiping some 250,000 profiles and placing the content on their site including names, locations, pictures. the site did not get permission from facebook to import that info. facebook says they're looking into it. >> well, sarah palin and her daughter back in the news again. we'll tell you in a moment why they'regry toin add the letters, tm to their names. [ wheezing breaths ]
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i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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finally tonight, remember when branding was something ranchers did at a roundup? now, it's a buzz word for successful marketing and it's creeping into politics. sarah palin and her daughter, bristol, have applications pending to trademark their names. apparently, the paperwork was not filled out correctly, so their requests are in limbo for now. sarah palin applied to the u.s. patent office last november, but bristol palin submitted her forms in september just before dance "dancing with the stars." engs per the usual reason people -- the
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palins are certainly celebrities. >> thanks for joining us. >> 6:00 we'll be back with more news.
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