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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 1, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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new this morning, contra costa county supervisors look at ways of improving waterway safety after the drowning deaths of two teens. i'm christie smith, we'll tell you about the ideas they are looking at coming up in a live report. a stunning confession in the kidnapping of jaycee dugard, plus how she could help decide her kidnapper's fate. plus, looking to save a buck? a program to help you save money all at your fingertips. meanwhile, it is tuesday, the first day of march 2011.
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this is "today in the east bay." good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it is 4:30. we'll check the east bay forecast with christina loren. good morning, scott. it is a chilly start in the east bay, especially fairfield and livermore. 34 degrees this morning. as we head throughout this afternoon we are looking pretty good. we'll see a partly cloudy sky, but then the showers move in this evening. we'll track when to expect those coming up. right now we'll get you to work with mike inouye. good morning, christina. you'll be on time for the most part. no major issues for the maze. we have one coming away from the bay bridge southbound 880 at the bottom of your screen. there's a disabled vehicle reported. it sounds like it is a monte carlo. i thought it was a yellow camaro. the rest of 580 and 680 are
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moving smoothly over to the toll plaza. this will get crowded, but i have another issue in livermore. i'll have that in my next report. how safe are the creeks? two teenagers died after trying to raft in a creek. christie smith is live in martinez with changes that neighbors may see. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you. this was a tragedy that hit an entire community. today the contra costa county board of supervisors will be meeting in a couple of hours here in martinez trying to look at ways to raise awareness to let people know just how dangerous these creeks and waterways can be. this after a 16-year-old, matthew miller, and 17-year-old, gavin powell, died a week ago while rafting in a rain-swollen flood controlled creek in an inflatable raft. the friends downed. the walnut creek teens attended
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las lomas high school. fences have been put up, but they are looking to see if they need to make changes around the waterways that are not specifically designed for recreational use. one supervie his said there's no question there's a danger to what residents are not really aware. the public works department is also launching a safety campaign. they are expected to give a report on their findings later this morning. the board of superviesors meets today at 9:00. christie smith for "today in the east bay." not only did nancy garrido admit to snatching jaycee dugard off the streets, but he knew that phillip was raping dugard and helped deliver the children conceived in the rapes. now jaycee dugard gets to help
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decide their fate. >> reporter: the antioch couple charged with kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive for 18 years made a full confession. the revelation comes from nancy garrido's attorney. >> everything they wanted to know except they didn't produce any missing bodies, no other victims. >> reporter: his client admits to grabbing then 11-year-old dugard from south lake tahoe while her husband drove the car. he claims nancy garrido had nothing to do with the sexual abuse. he fathered two children with dpug dugard. nancy delivered the children. >> she was their mother after the kids were born. she delivered the kids, she fed them, took them places. >> reporter: dugard was there for nancy garrido's confession. the first time the two women have been together since 2009. dugard will weigh in when it comes to sentencing nancy
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garrido. >> i'm curious that you think 241 years to life is appropriate for nancy. >> reporter: they hope the prosecution will consider the relationship between dugard and dugard's daughters. >> she's guilty of kidnapping and a bunch of other charges, but i think at least based on what happened after all the stuff started to become the bizarre family that she should be able to at least walk on the beach with a walker at some point before she dies. >> reporter: the couple has not worked out a plea deal, so what impact this has on league proceedings is unclear. >> the next step would be a guilty plea. there's not much sense going to trial after you have confessed. >> reporter: the university of law processor robert talbot says some leniency could be shown to nancy garrido, but now it likely won't go to trial sparing dugard the need to testify. >> it was horrible to live it, but you honestly have to relive
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it when you are testifying in order to be a witness that gets across what happened to you to a jury. so it would be going over it again and again. and if there is a guilty plea, she at least has the possibility of letting go of it forever. >> reporter: kimberly terry, "today in the east bay." >> the confession is all part of what nancy garrido's attorney shared with us. we have posted the entire interview on this morning thousands of pages of documents related to the ongoing investigation into the san bruno explosion will be made public. day one of a three-day hearing begins in washington, d.c. pg&p pipeline engineers and operations managers will be the first to testify before the national transportation hearing board. the hearings scheduled to start at 6:00 a.m. our time. it will be streamed live on the ntsb website. we have an update now on the work that continues on the bay
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bridge tower. crews lifted another section of the new bay bridge tower into place yesterday. this is video of the third segment going up in december. last night they started the process of bolting the third leg into place, much like this. it will bring the tower up to 480 feet. it will be 525 feet when done. tonight the walnut creek city council will expoor ways to attract new companies. they will decide whether to create a new development department within city hall. they want to attract new businesses and keep the current businesses. they have asked for $250,000 to pay for the new department. target will call attention to the opening of its new oakland emeryville store at 4:30 this afternoon at 40th and hubbard. oakland and emeryville mayors will be on hand for the event. there's going to be a ribbon cutting, food and drinks.
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the official grand opening is on sunday. meanwhile, we'll check in with christina. it will be a cold one and rainy as of tomorrow, right? >> yes, we'll see the showers move in later this evening, but tomorrow morning you are right on point, as usual. we are expecting a pretty active start to your morning. we could see a messy commute tomorrow morning. of course, mike and i are always here to guide you through. we have a bit of reduced visibility trying to get over to the north bay from the east bay. give yourself extra time and watch out for patchy fog. really, we don't have widespread fog this morning. it is mostly confined to the north bay. the east bay, very chilly start for you, 33 degrees in fairfield. 34 in livermore. we'll take you through your day in detail. as you can see, your daypart forecast shows 36 degrees by 7:00 a.m. by noon, 50 degrees. we are going to stay relatively dry today. if we see any showers move in it will be after 7:00 p.m. 57 degrees at 3:00 p.m. daytime highs checking in close to 60 degrees.
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just a little cooler than where we were yesterday. we'll see how we are doing on the roadways as the fog is out there. is it creating any problems, mike? we are checking reports, but nothing is being reported. chp says a big rig here at fallon road out of livermore had a diesel spill. but it is off to the shoulder and is a small spill that will be cleared up very quickly. all lanes are open coming over to the dublin interchange. antioch westbound, there's a 66 monitor there, we'll follow that carefully. around 5:30 we'll see speeds near 30 miles per hour. there's the approach to the maze, interstate 880 and 24 are moving pretty smoothly. here's 880 past the coliseum, a very light volume of traffic. the taillights north past high street. keep in mind the southbound side slows near highway 92 at 6:30. the overnight closures are all open.
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the freeways are open with no overnight closures towards the san mateo construction zone. back to you. look at charlie sunshine. sheen. his rant gets too bizarre. his two live-in girlfriends are called goddesses. plus, a cell phone carrier is trying to get you to shop. plus, punished for what it did not reveal. a major airline is facing a huge fine for what it didn't tell customers. dinner's ready! it's french's crunchy onion chicken!
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it is 4:43. you are saying to yourself, the today the day? yes, it is justin bieber's 17th birthday today. the oscars were sunday night in l.a., but last night was a welcome home party. pixar added to its collection of bling with "toy story 3" whipping best animated film. scott budman is talking to dollar louisiana anderson at pixar headquarters. >> reporter: we are talking to dollar darla anderson here just
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off the plane. you have new bring in your hand. how does it feel? >> you can't really believe it, but it is pretty cool. it really is. >> reporter: you have done this, it is automatic we are going to win the award, or is it there a thrill or a surprise? >> you never know. we were the frontrunners, but you never, ever know. you are certainly not thinking about that while you are making the movie. >> you were the producer and worked on many film. you have seen the change in technology, is it getting harder or easier because of the tools you have to tell the story that you are so famous for? >> some things are getting easier, but what's interesting is that our creative appetites seem to expand with the technological abilities. we are artists and want to push the envelope to get it on the screen. it certainly has gotten better. >> reporter: thank you so much for giving us time. >> yeah, absolutely.
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>> the pixar empire has owned the best animated feature, six oscars since 2001. not only did pixar not win in the category for "cars" it lost out to "the dancing penguins." as fuel prices continue to rise, ford is looking on new electronic and hybrid models. they hope this doesn't cast a shadow on the industry's recovery efforts. for more news before the bell, let's turn to the anchor of the worldwide exchaing, nicole lapin. good morning, nicole. >> reporter: futures have happy feet. they are higher ahead of the open this morning. stocks posted decent gains on monday after positive comments from the head of the new york fed on the economy and some data showing that personal income rose the most in nearly two years in the month of january. oil prices also eased up a little bit to $97 on news that
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libyan ports reopened to oil tankers. asia and europe are higher today. we get data on manufacturing, construction spending, that should lead us a little bit today. but the dow yesterday added 95 points to close at 12,226. the nasdaq composite also added one to 2782. january and february were pretty good months all in all for wall street with the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p 500 all gaining about 3%. and if history is any guide, 2011 will be an up year for stocks. since 1940, scott i dusted off my economic textbooks. the dow closed out of the 26 times higher 25 times. so there you go. we are setup for a pretty good rest of the year. this is coming, though, as fed chairman ben bernanke testifies about the company before the senate this morning. he's expected to acknowledge things are improving but not enough to bring down
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unemployment. lawmakers are also likely to pepper him with questions about the impact of those spiking gas prices you were talking about just a second ago. and news out of at&t, we are hearing they will start to sell the amazon kindle coming up this sunday, but unlike the iphone or other devices, you don't have to commit to a monthly data contract. there you go, sunday. monday is my birthday. i'm just dropping a couple of obvious hints. >> did you know today is justin bieber's birthday? >> reporter: oh, i'm well aware, don't you worry. i have the bieber fever. >> he's 17, you are 22. that's exciting. >> reporter: thank you. very nice. >> nicole, have a great day. happy almost birthday. we'll turn to christina loren who has a look at the forecast. good morning, christina. >> good morning to you, scott. we are looking pretty good today. we'll see a dry day for the first part of the day, then the showers move in this evening. it looks to me after 7:00 p.m. this morning we have a lot of
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cloud cover moving in. you'll notice passing clouds throughout the day today, but if you need to get outside, any sort of outdoor activities, you can do so today. heading throughout the next few days temperatures are going to drop and we have a rainy situation, especially for tomorrow morning. now we are down to a half of a mile visibility up in santa rosa right now. so headed from the east bay to the north bay, take it easy out there. we'll see more of that fog kind of drift around from the north bay and probably push to the east heading throughout the morning. we do have an onshore flow shaping up. 34 in livermore, 38 in concord. later today we are looking to the 60s. 62 in livermore. 62 in fairfield. we have the extended forecast coming up, stick around for that. right now i'll send it back to the man who is celebrating justin bieber's birthday all day long, scott mcgrew. the oakland a's are not celebrating. outfielder chris carter didn't have a good day. here's the big hit. this one is easy, i got it, no problem, i got it.
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darn it. that was one of two errors for the game. a scary moment later on. a bad throw leads to a collis n collision. oh! andy laroche slamming into an angels baserunner. both players are okay. oakland loses 8-7. we know the contestants for the next round of "dancing with the stars." steelers wide receiver hines ward is getting ready to dance after the super bowl loss to the packers. chris jericho and ralph macchio. sugar ray leonard is also going to strut his stuff. charlie sheen is free to say what he wants. sheen's adviser and publicist of seven years stan rosenfield says he's no longer representing sheen. sheen will sit down for round two on the "today" show.
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>> do you get embarrassed that he calls you the goddesses? >> why. >> it could be worse. >> run with that. >> i told charlie when i moved in that i was on the bus and i don't care where the bus is going. what do you want to do today? done, do it. >> you can see part two this morning after "today in the bay" at 7:00 a.m. this time sheen talks about the live-in girlfriends nicknamed the goddesses. meanwhile, the deal is how your smart phone may help you do smarter shopping. plus the disturbing results of a smoking study. more evidence showing why mothers-to-be need to quit the habit right away. and the maze is starting to clear. oil i'll sort that out in the traffic war coming up.
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it is 4:53. you are looking at a live picture of the bay bridge. work will continue there today. don't look, just continue to drive. here's a videotape by movement-triggered cameras hidden in the jungle. you don't see a rhino very often. this tells conservationists the animals are able to breed regularly.
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the number has plummeted in 50 years because of poachers killing them for their horns. the other kind of horns, we'll go to mike. >> good morning. we'll take you out to the san mateo bridge interchange 880. i was a little confusing last report. i'll sort it out for you. no problem at the 880/san mateo interchange. there's a smooth flow at 880 and 92. we'll take you to the maps. here's what's going on. we are in the final clearing stages for the disabled vehicle southbound 880 at oak street coming through downtown oakland. there's no major slowing. this should be completely cleared by the time you get there. right now you are at home watching this report. the rest of the maze is moving smoothly to the bay bridge toll plaza, but it is building as far as volume goes. it is just 5:00, but we are really starting to see more cars on the road coming off the antioch bridge. highway 4, 25 minutes until we see slowing there. american airlines will pay a fine for a strange fee it charged passengers. american charged $30 to redeem vouchers for free flights given
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to passengers who voluntarily gave up their seats on oversold flights. $30 to cash in the free flight. this is the first time the transportation department fined an airline for failing to disclose fees. at&t plans to reach out and touch its customers with local ads sent to smart phones. some at&t customers in san francisco, l.a., new york and chicago will get shop alerts by at&t. this phone senses its location and then at&t sends out the discount offers from stores like kmart and sears when they are near the store. at&t is the first carrier today buy the service. the program is opt-in. we'll take a look at what's coming up on "today in the bay." we say good morning to brent cannon. >> good morning, scott. you don't want to miss this. we have flying chihuahuas coming up this morning. it is true. more than a dozen of them are going to board a virgin american flight to new york. i don't know if it is a free flight or they have to pay, but
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we'll tell you what that's about coming up. and a little bit of hollywood comes to san francisco today. cinequest opens tonight. kris key christina will be on the red carpet there tonight. we'll have a preview of much more coming up. more evidence showing that smoking in pregnancy will cause birth defects. more than 2,000 babies were studied born with congenital heart defects comparing them to 3,400 infants born without the problem. scientists found the babies were 70% more likely to have a mom who smoked during pregnancy. experts say women who smoke or are trying to get pregnant need to quit. those women who are already pregnant need to stop immediately. you are more likely to inherit an increased risk for alzheimer's disease from your mother than your father. 53 people without dementia took part in a study at the university of kansas, roughly halved a a parent with the
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disease. brain scans revealed more shrinkage in the brains of participants with mothers who had alzheimer's than fathers with the illness. coming up, another near deadly h-aitnd-r hit-and-run on area. brent and laura are up next. ye wait. 2 hours!? [ female announcer ] no time to plan? there's still time to whiten. introducing crest whitestrips 2-hour express. now, in just two hours you can have a noticeably whiter smile that lasts for months. ♪ they must think we're famous! let em. [ female announcer ] whitening without the wait. 3d white whitestrips two hour express, from crest. life opens up when you do. and try 3d white paste and rinse.
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i was told that i was at risk for sudden cardiac death. i was 23 years old, i wasn't overweight. i never dreamed this would happen to me. when the doctor told me i had three blocked arteries, i felt like i was punched in the gut. i found out that one in three women die from heart disease. how did i not know that?
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new this morning, the contra costa county board of supervisors considers ways to improve waterway safety after the drowning death of two teens. i'm christie smith. we'll tell you about the options they are considering coming up. nancy garrido is talking about the kidnapping of jaycee dugard and the 18 years that followed. chihuahua. more than a dozen of those guys heading from s.f. to the big apple. i'm bob redell, i'll tell you why coming up. oh, adorable. and a beaut l


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