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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 2, 2011 6:08am-7:00am PST

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>> reporter: you have probably seen the scene from the headlights of the commuters you can see the lit up sign there. making for somewhat dangerous conditions on the drive in to work. just ask this driver who knows full well what i'm talking about. he is the kid in the black hoodie walking away with his parents, the fact he is able to walk may not eem seem remarkable until you learn what he was walking away from. that was his white sedan. he overturned that car coming around a wet curve. i asked him if the wet road had anything to do with it. he is okay. that scene has been cleared. let's go now further south from that location. to highway season. the summit and the santa krus
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mountains, there is a flow of rain coming down. posted up top there you are seeing rain but no accidents though we proof it is pucking up traffic tlees keeping people slower south into los gatos and san jose. a live look at the san mateo bridge. this camera posted on the hayward side, opposite sid side where i'm standing where we have seen that camera bouncing around as the gusty winds jostle it and hence the reason when you come back out live on the foster city side, cal transhas the high wind advisory. you do have high winds and wet roads up and down the peninsula. something to keep in mind as you head into your ride in to work. on the foot of the san mateo bridge, bob redell. >> good advice to take it easy. >> the state's water supply is
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in great shape. experts tested the snow pack, the numbers look good. the sierra snow pack is 124% of normal which means that water experts will be able to pump nearly two thirds of the waters. the snow right now sls wetter. it's a higher contend of water in it which is really helping with our water supply. that's the story for later on in the year. >> good morning to you. we've got rain, we've got wind out there, we are starting to see improvement. we'll show you where the showers are moving. i want to point out the gusty winds in the east bay, oakland has a sustained wind speed of 23 miles per hour and wind a factor for the next couple of hours. we're going to see improvement by noon. winds fall to 10 to 15 miles per hour as this pulls out of the area. we'll see lingering showers
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throughout the day but shower activity is starting to die down in the north bay along the peninsula. you saw that shot from highway 17. we've got a steady rain pushing on shore moving over 17. give yourself extra time and take it easy this morning. as we head through 9:00 a.m. we're going to see showers but in this out substantially. by noon that's probably a good time to get out if you have anything to do outside today in places on the peninsula and the north bay, maybe a little bit of spotty activity lingering in the south bay. by 6:00 p.m. a good amount of clearing. we'll see a mostly dry situation at that time so that should be good for the commute home. more rain on the way for tomorrow. spotty showers, nothing heavy. enough to hamper your footh morning drive. 60 degrees by thursday. a few showers, then clearing by friday. another storm system moves in
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just in time for the weekend. let's see if these winds and the rain we have right now is impacting your drive with mike inouye. >> good morning. yes, it is impacting your drive especially through the north bay. but more of an issue it sounds unrelated. we have a sigalert in the south bound direction. really jamming up approaching 2 incidents through central san rafael. that will clear from the north side. two lanes are blocked by a tractor-trailer that became detached as well as a second accident. slow all the way down to central san rafael. approaching that windy bridge, a live look and a last shout out with golden gate bridge into the city. wet all around. very windy as well. >> thank you very much. it's 6:13 now. still to come on "today." we'll take to you see what's going on.
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>> and we'll look at some of the opening night festivities. >> several big name businesses opening their doors across the area. where you can shop coming up. [ female announcer ] you have all this chicken.
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>> good morning. a live look across the golden gate bridge. we are seeing some wet roads, and a little bit of rain. the showers are off and on but you might encounter some. watch out for the wet roads and gusty wind. we'll keep you updated. >> new supermarket chain arrives in the bay area. fresh and easy is opening two new stores, one in danville, the other in san jose. each has jobs for 20 to 30 people. the first of 13 to open in northern california. locations will open in pacifica, conkortd, walnut creek. >> a target that straddles opens
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its doors. it will today. the store held a ribbon-cutting ceremony. the stores on 40th street and the east bay bridge retail center. revenue from taxes will be shared between the two cities. two thirds to emeryville and one third to oakland. >> the largest winery in mendocino county is being sold. fetzer is going to be sold to the chilean company. and deals exclusively in the wine industry. fetser was owned by brown foreman best known for jack daniels whiskey. fetzer sells more than three million cases a year. >> the sierra has seen its share of snow over the past week. what does it look like this morning? brian hickey live in colfax to show us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to
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you. very different storm from the last one. it is very warm here in colfax and it's raining. the concern all of the snow that fell out of the last storm, well, it's starting to get saturated with rain and slush. there is a minor concern over small stream flooding in the foothills with the rain falling on the snow. here is a look at the conditions overnight. you can see some rain coming down from nevada city, all of that accumulating in this snow pack. people would like to get rid of the snow. they don't want flooding issues. but this snow has caused a number of problems with power outages that you heard about, more than 10,000 customers without electricity. as of yesterday pg&e saying only about 100 without power. they were keeping an eye on this storm, though, figuring that the rain coupled with wind might bring a new round ever issues. so far just rain. the wind hasn't been too severe. so far no major problems and in fact, on interstate 80, really
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only about a 10 to 15 mile stretch where they are chained up at the highest elevations. again, give you an idea how warm this storm is. there are reports of light snow at blue canyon so expect the chain patrols. a different cry from the last. much warmer in this one. back to you. >> that's what is so amazing, brian. the difference of a few days. the warmth of this storm compared to the last. thanks so much. >> it was hot out this morning. >> it wasn't hot. the feet warmer was too high. thought it was baking. >> never mind. >> christina, better take it away. >> i was enjoying that. i don't know why they came to me. good morning to you. we're looking pretty good. it is mild out there. we have the 50s and the upper 40s for temperatures. and we've got a lot of rain coming down, the cloud cover and this really warm system is keeping our temperatures up. and today we're going to see
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highs close to 60 degrees because we're starting out warm. let me show you what's happening. we're starting to see a good amount of clearing. the peninsula, the coast getting a bit of a break. this will be the case through the next few hours. the showers break up and become spotty. right now the south bay is seeing the most rain. pretty heavy downpours over 17, and 101 between morgan hill and gilroy. all of the showers press to 152 so. if you're headed that way, take it easy because it's windy as well. it's been windy all morning. it is still gusting but our sustained wind speeds are coming down. san jose had a sustained wind speed of 23 miles per hour an hour ago now down to 16. and right now oakland is seeing the strongest wind at 26 miles per hour so you want to take it easy over the bay bridge and give yourself plenty of time. by about 9:00 showers break apart. when you make your way home, a clear bay area. we're going to see more shower
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activity push over the area tonight and tomorrow but it will not be heavy. it will not be steady. looks like through the next few days, more rain on the way come saturday. now that's an important day, saturday. can you tell us why? >> hmmm. >> let me tell you why. my birthday. >> all right. big celebration planned. i don't know how but we'll look into it. the silicon valley is looking more like hollywood as the curtain rises on the film festival. check it out. christina was there helping kick things off last night. got to rub shoulders with filmmakers like john tuturro. he also was honored with this year's spirit award. his new film passione opened in san jose. the festival runs through march 13 and tickets are between $5 and $10.
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>> 6:21. one bay area city silencing a garden tool. not everyone is included in the ban. >> apple a few hours from announcing its newest ipad. will steve jobs show up? >> as we hit the roads we have to battle the folks and the wet roads and the windy conditions. your wednesday commute and the changes in the last few minutes coming up. >> a live look across the gold, the bay bridge, which the good news here the camera is pretty stable. not a lot of wind but it's one mo the things we're watching. g rnin.longdateall morng long. [ bob ] i'd love to build bird houses for the rest of my life.
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>> good morning. we'll take you to the east shore freeway. we're going to start with windy conditions. 20 minute drive to the bay bridge. i did want to get an update on that sigalert on the north bay. southbound 101 at central san rafael we saw two lanes blocked and the tow truck has to go over from the oakland side. we had our chopper try to see that accident. they haven't made a lot of progress. let's check in and see. there they are over the toll plaza on the richmond side of that bridge. i think it might be too soupy to get over there. also very windy. that's the conditions for the drive as well. we'll follow that. a little further south, the bay bridge toll plaza, the backup forming there. probably going to slow the metering lights down because of those soupy and windy conditions
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for the bay bridge and the san mateo and the dumbarton bridge. >> a north bay city is banning leaf blowers. the council voted to make the gardening tools illegal. the move comes after complaints that the blowers spew pollution and stir up dust. the exception are work employees who can't use other tools. the ban is expected to take place sim time next year. >> apple set to unveil a new ipad two. they are going to do it at the ma scony center. the speculation not only what we're going to see but is steve jobs going to there be? >> that is the big question. the "wall street journal" says he will be. this is video of jobs unveiling the first ipad. you know he is on medical leave again. he has been spotted in public looking very frail. and i think they are honestly, two good reasons for him not to be there. first, apple has to show that tim cook is legitimately in charge.
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and this is really an excellent opportunity for the company. second, if you were to skip an announcement this would be the one to skip. why? because if leaked video like this is to be believed, there's not a lot new. it's an incremental upgrade. thinner, a camera or two. they dropped that from the first ipad because of problems. more memory, better speaker. unless apple is going to drop some sort of huge bombshell this is more about scaring off the competition than announcing anything new. not that there is much competition. the best tablet that's not ist. patrick's day the zoom and it's really expensive. blackberry has its playbook due out this month. the one i like sbes the hp touch pad. here's the thing. the hp is not due out until summer. we're hearing there may be a third generation of ipad as soon as this fall. so yeah, if you're thinking about i'm going to hold off for the zoom, for the hp, already is
6:27 am
an ipad two, most are going to do that. >> we'll see what happens. it is 6:27. it is windy and rainy in parts of the bay area. christina next with her forecast. >> the state attorney general wants to get gay marriages under way again. see what she's doing. >> could bay area schools see even more teacher layoffs and closures? it's a day to defend public education. we'll tell you what is going on locally and who is hitting the streets. 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain. but actually, it's easier than you think, because general mills big g line of cereals is america's number one source of whole grain at breakfast. there's whole grain in every box... ♪ ...from chex... to cheerios... to lucky charms. so you can get the whole grain you want with the taste y le. get started on the whole grain you're missing with your favorite big g cereals.
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>> will gay marriages resume in california soon? see what state attorney general harris is doing to make it happen. >> reporter: i'm bob redell with why you want to pack extra caution for your ride in to work this morning. that's coming up.
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>> reporter: they are going to rally and make noise, bay area public school supporters take part in a day to defend public education. i'm christie smith. we'll tell you what's going on and why what happens at the polls is so important. >> a live look at the embarcadero, a nice ship making its way in to port. so far looking pretty good out there. we'll be updating you on your forecast and what to expect all throughout the day today, wednesday, march 2, on "today in the bay." >> good morning. thanks for joining us. straight up 6:30 now. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check the forecast and see where the rain is coming down if at all. >> good morning. yes, it's coming down in a couple spots but definitely not like we saw overnight. we had heavy steady rain especially in the north bay and the east bay overnight. but the wind was so strong it was able to dry up a lot of that
6:31 am
moisture before it was able to accumulate so we don't have a lot of ponding out there. nonetheless we're going to see spotty showers throughout the day today. and i want to take to you the south right now, show you what's happening in the san mateo area where our own bob redell is. it looks like we're getting a break there but it's still pretty windy. now bob, a little wind, a little rain, you can handle that, can't you. >> yeah, i can. especially with the lack of hair on top of my head. good morning to you, christina. the rain is definitely not really been the big issue near where we're at at the san mateo bridge. more of a wind issue you can see by the high wind advisory that caltrans posted on their sign for commuters heading across the san mateo bridge to the east bay. once they get across this is what they can expect. lots of gusts, you can see how much the wind has been shaking our san mateo bridge cam that is positioned on the hayward side of the span. add to that the rain and you have dangerous road conditions.
6:32 am
you don't need to tell that to the driver of this car. it's a car that overturned on highway 92. fortunately he was able to walk away, indicating to us that yes, he was fully aware he made a mistake. he should have been watching his speeds around that wet curve. >> this is an example of what? >> just a little too fast for the weather conditions. when it starts raining people need to slow down a little bit. >> why do people forget? it's not like rain hasn't happened before. >> i don't know. this is a pretty common spot. we see accidents here. we try to urge the public to slow down when it rains. >> and keep your distance from the car in front of you. >> always. even when it's not raining. >> reporter: if highway 92 between half moon bay and the peninsula is part of your commute the good news is that accident is clear, all lanes are back open. interesting tidbit from the chp officer on the scene saying they
6:33 am
were surprised that was the only accident they had overnight in this part of the bay given all of the rain. let's find out if that holds true, how are we looking, mike inouye? >> talking about 92 over the hill, that was the issue. 92 over the high rise or the water. san mateo bridge as well as the dumbarton both have a high wind. good illustration what if you're dealing with. and the high rise it will catch you further. 880 off the hayward exchange. slowing a slow drive. around high street there was earlier debris in the lanes, that has been moved but the camera is shaking as well. we'll check with our chopper trying to get over the to the san rafael side. they might have made it across. they are looking for this. back to the map, this is southbound 101 at central san rafael. a big rig blocking two lanes. we got an upday. expect at least one hour for
6:34 am
that to clear. this is going to be huge out of novato. no good alternate for you. 580 is the main thoroughfare. about two lanes of the four are blocked so now you have two lanes. a tree down around korbell. rain in there as well. >> 6:34. today is the day students, teachers and parents have waited for. it's massive day of action to show support for education funding. christie smith is live with an update on preparations. i would imagine they are under way. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. it's going to happen here in oakland is an example of what's happening at school districts across the bay area. the issue is the governor's budget proposal and school funding or the lack of it. they are so serious at the district head quarters that they have 14 links posted about it outside this morning. often educators disagrees flat without cuts. this time, though, some are
6:35 am
saying the alternatives, would be a disaster for education. saying that either way money will be lost. right now the proposal is for half cuts and half tax extension the budget fails, though, it's all cuts, all the time according to educators. governor brown's proposed budget project add $24 billion shortfall and sames to cut spending by about 12 billion and extend current temporary taxes. today we're seeing a day of action in defense of education, oakland school superintendent posted a message on the website about what's really at stake. >> we're currently being funded at 2005-2006 levels in public schools in california. this is devastating. unfortunately, this means we're going to have to take actions we haven't had to take here in oakland, going to have to deliver a higher number of march
6:36 am
15th notices. >> reporter: before classes even start this morning some groups here in oakland will be out front leafletting. there will be a fire drill at all open schools to simulate state of emergency. plus a rally and a teach-in that's going on after school. it's not just here in oakland but at terrifics across the bay and also colleges and universities. live in oakland, christy smith. today in the "bay area living." >> a new -- the california attorney general is asking an appeal court to allow gay marriages. harris filed paperwork with the 9th circuit court of appeals in san francisco yesterday, she wants to resume bay marriages in the state while an appeal is pending on a constitutional case. a district court judge struck down the bill that banned gay
6:37 am
marriage. backers have asked the court to overturn that order. >> a san francisco man has died while snow boarding in tahoe. police say 30-year-old jeffrey halpren got separated. he was found later that day. an autopsy is pending but the coroner thinks he died either from the impact with a tree or suffocating after landing head first in the snow. >> if you don't like the rules on walking your dog in national parks and the bay area you can suggest your own ideas. the park service will hold a public meeting for the plan. people can share ideas on new regulations and the best dog walking areas throughout entire golden gate system. the first of four meetings starts later today in mill valley. >> see how soggy it is out there for getting the dog out for a walk. >> dog walk or a dog wash, a
6:38 am
little bit of both. i think you'll have better weather for walking dogs later on today. right around 10:00 a.m. we're going to see the most clearing. we still have a steady stream of showers pushing on shore in the south bay along season, a lot of rain coming down. as we head through the afternoon it's going to be fairly nice. breaks of sunshine, scattered showers throughout the day and the winds subside afternoon. but it will be on the breezy side. a little bit drier than we were expecting it to be yesterday. that's good news if you have to make outdoor plans. also good news, if you are leaving the house right now getting ready to hop in the vehicle and hit the roads, let's find out what you're facing with mike inouye. hey, mike. >> the water not so much of an issue, not as much as we thought. we got reports of a north bay tree down. and then we have this sigalert. this is not related to the rain. the free might be because of soil but central san rafael two lanes blocked. looks like they might not have
6:39 am
been able to make it to the north bay portion of your commute. the backup at the toll plaza we see it has pretty much filled in from the 88 -- vercrossing approaching the lights. smoother for the bay bridge, san mateo bridge, dumbarton bridges, a look at the travel times approaching the maze and a smooth drive. the gusty conditions especially for the east bay hills may be an issue across let's say all bay area bridges. >> play it safe. the second day of the ntsb hearings into the san bruno explosion is under way. tracie potts with a look at what has come out so far. i know it's early but what are they saying? >> reporter: today we expect to hear a lot more about oversight. did the california public utilities commission due what it was supposed to do before this explosion in managing pg&e. let's talk about what we earned that first day of grilling after
6:40 am
pg&e and others yesterday. we learned new details, apparently the gas flowed for an hour and a half which worsened the damage. the first representative sent out got stuck in traffic and then did not know how to shut down the valves. the dispatcher said this would be the ultimate headache. and the other focus whether pg&e resisted adding shutoff valves to its system. a top safety official even after the explosion said there were no safety cold fronts to that. pg&e's response to the hearings, that they have done a lot, reduced pipe line pressure, checking for leaks, beefing up safety, improving record keeping. we'll hear more from them today and also from the public utilities commission. regulators whether they did their job we know that federal regulators are getting involved sending engineers and experts to dig deep and do what they call a
6:41 am
thorough scrutiny whether the public utilities and pg&e could have prevented this. >> a lot of people in san bruno want to know. >> in act, as hearings continue people in the affected san bruno neighborhood they are still living through that devastation of that explosion. bill and his family, they have been out of their home since the blast. he says it's hard to see the neighborhood he called home for eight years look the way it does. >> you really see more than just a vacant lot. you see the lives affected by this. you look at it and you see that and it hurts. it hurts to be standing here. >> parts of his home had to be torn down before they rebuild it. they expect to move back sometime next year. >> new this morning the impact that smart phones are having to your drive to work.
6:42 am
>> plus, are the giants about to set barry zito go. what's behind some reports that his giants days are numbered. >> we're watching the roads and the skies. traffic and weather coming up. [ male announcer ] yiayia may not approve of michelle's wardrobe.
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>> good morning everybody. a live look outside this morning. san francisco, gray skies, and i'm trying to see that flag. one of the indicators of some of the wind that is a factor in your forecast this morning. we'll be checking in with christina and mike on how this latest weather front is affecting your traffic and your day. >> 6:45. the case against barry bonds is taking shape. the former slugger has once again pleaded not guilty to perjury charges. which means his trial starts march 22. his childhood friend and former trainer greg anderson told a judge he will not testify. he will likely be thrown in jail for refusing to testify, possibly implicating bonds. >> the giants could soon part ways with one of their highest paid players, the chronicle citing sources in the
6:46 am
organization saying barry zito's status as a five starter is not safe and the team may even consider buying out his contract before opening day. zito did not have a good start to spring training. he walked five batters in less than two innings of work. he gets $18.5 million this season. >> in the meantime, giants keep the fine tuning going along. tim lincecum seen there, their next exhibition game is against the diamondbacks tonight. this is action against the chicago cubs yesterday. but the cubs won that one. the final 3-2. >> the sharks are on a role. the playoff san jose reeled in seven straight wins. took 57 minutes to score last night. they did it. the game went to a shoot-out. sharks beat the avalanche, they host the red wings tomorrow night.
6:47 am
>> as brent said we're checking all morning long, watching these showers. kind of thinning out at this time. really along the peninsula. let me take you to the north bay and show you where the showers are coming down. it looks like the heaviest rain now the coming down in places like santa rosa but we're seeing a break along the peninsula and the coast. as we head throughout this afternoon our temperatures are going to end up right around 60 degrees, we're going to see breaks of sunshine, the bulk of the moisture has come through. you can see all of that green. and even a little yellow and red embedded in there. that's heavy to moderate rain pushing into the sierra nevada which means a lot more snow in places like south lake tahoe where they already have a lot of snow. looks like we're going to see more added to the snow pack. as we head through the afternoon tomorrow, showers continue. but we're not expecting a lot of moisture. somewhere upwards of maybe a
6:48 am
quarter of an inch in the north bay and below that in the south bay. probably .1 inch. not a lot of moisture but gray days ahead. today and tomorrow overcast with a few breaks of sunshine. your extended forecast coming up. stay tune forward that. right now back to the dream team, the canons. >> thank you. >> it's 6:48. from texting to surfing, the new cell phone activity that has insurance companies worried. >> a tan ban. doctors telling teens to stay out of the tanning salon. we'll tell you why coming up. >> and the new ist. patrick's day going to be unveiled in a few hours. scott is coming up to tell you what to expect today. >> a live look outside, this time from the south bay. see the clouds over the bay area. a soggy start. when will it clear up? we'll keep checking back.'l could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> good morning everybody. soupy conditions out there. i can't even exactly tell where this shot is. it's so gray and foggy. a little rain working through. kind of off and on. some of the showers will be heavy. christina will tell you what to expect as you go throughout your day. coming up in a bit. >> 6:51. this morning two local construction companies are accused of dumping more than 100 tons of roofing material around the san francisco neighborhood. san francisco city attorney is filing lawsuits against the owners of new high protection roofing company and salvador trucking service. the lawsuit charges the companies have illegally dumping construction debris in the neighborhood. costing taxpayers $75,000. the chronicle reports that the city is asking for a million dollars in damage which includes cleanup. both companies deny the charges.
6:52 am
>> right now it's 6:52. we want to check in with mike. we've been watching the driving conditions. you might see some ponding, a little water, maybe debris on the roads from the wind. >> we're watching for reports of debris. the north bay we had korbell winery, a tree down. 101 bigger issue. southbound 101, smooth to 37, then the sigalert because of two lanes jammed up at the central san rafael exit. off 37 you slow down approaching the scene of the accident. now over on the east bay we have a slow down because of the commute, the bay bridge toll plaza, and the backup filled in, all of this and off of the 880, slowing now from west grand avenue approaching the metering lights. and the wind advisory for the bridge. the travel time for the carquinez bridge where we're giving the warning, 26 minutes, and building, also slowing approaching the merge and golden
6:53 am
gate fields down the east shore freeway. a wider look shows a smooth drive, including the caldecott tunnel and the wind advisory for the san mateo and the dumbarton bridges, any east-west connector. a live look shows the camera shaking from hayward side. that camera is mounted firmly to the toll plaza. a little wet from the mist and drizzle. watch the off ramps. they can be slippery. and the windy bridges. there is a tow truck. i'll check on that and give updates. >> good eye, thanks. if you filled up you are feeling the new pain at the pump. we're seeing prices near and above $4 a gallon these days. instability in the middle east is expected to drive prices even higher. but researchers at uc-berkeley are trying to find ways to make a gallon of gas last longer. michelle's team is working with a substance called butenol produce bid bacteria. >> it can be blended with
6:54 am
gasoline so basically it can be used in a normal internal combustion engine so today's transportation platform. >> it cannot be mass produced right now but the team is inserting a dna sequence into the bacteria cells which would help them make it about ten times faster than they do right now. the goal is to mass produce butenol so it can be added to gasoline and reduce oil dependen dependency. she hopes the work benefits you at the pump in a few years. >> adults only. the largest group of pediatricians says it's time to ban teens from tanning salons. there's not enough being done to reduce the risk of skin cancer among kids so the group wants to keep kids out of tanning salons altogether. >> first i think they are not aware of all of the dangers that are involved with repeated
6:55 am
tanning. there are certain dangers inherent to expose are yourself to ultraviolet radiation, a risk of skin cancer, primarily melanoma. >> the indoor tanning association says the decision whether or not a teenager tans should be left to the parents. it also argues the ban would only send teens outdoors to tan. >> a chapter unfolds for charlie sheen. he no longer has custody of his twin boys. police took his boys from his los angeles mansion last night. according to the website radar on line sheen's estranged wife told the judge she should not be allowed to keep the children from her. miller also reportedly got a restraining order against sheen on tuesday. sheen took to twitter saying my sons are fine, my path is now clear, and defeat is not an option. later on charlie seen is going to talk about his latest ordeal live on the "today" show coming
6:56 am
up. we know the dangerings of texting and talking on cell phones while driving but now there are new concerns about drivers who actually surf the internet while driving. state farm insurance says about one in five drivers add night servering the internet while behind the wheel. a lot check the internet as they are at red lights or stuck in traffic. the findings are from an unscientific online survey. state farm it's going to do more detailed study coming up later on this year. >> we're keeping our eye on apple. they will unveil the ipad 2. and scott says it's all about the fun. >> the fun. you know what the fun is? >> i thought it was a typo. >> fear, uncertainty and doubt. if apple can put this into other competitors then they really won. there are a lot of competitors out there and apple saying to the consumer, go with us.
6:57 am
we've got another one on the way. why go with the competitor. that's fear, uncertainty and death. >> not just food. >> right. >> you were there when jobs announced the first apple ipad which is funny because he was not impressed. it's tough to impress you. >> and i carried this ever since. you see me with this. once you've actually used a tablet computer you love it to death. this is an extraordinary device. i'm so glad they have another coming out. >> can others match it? >> no. we'll be covering the whole thing. >> all right. we'll be all over it. thanks for joining us this morning. [ female announcer ] to get fresh-baked rich, indulgent chocolaty brownies you don't have to open your oven...
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