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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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jose earthquakes. bob redell is doing what he can to destroy the old stadium. we'll check in with him live coming up in just a bit. >> bob redell on the loose. and a live look outside at traffic picking up along 880. we'll check the commute there and across the area to help you get out the door. it is thursday, march 3rd, "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. straight up 6:00 this morning. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get a check on the forecast with christina. good morning to you. it feels warmer than any morning this week. we have temperatures in the 50s. we have lost the windchill factor because the winds have really calmed down. and we do have a little bit of lingering activity in terms of rainfall, but it is spotty and light in nature. right now most of the showers are coming down to the south of san francisco along the peninsula. a little bit of lingering activity to the south in antioch in the east bay. and places where it is drying
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out and high pressure is able to build back in, for instance, the north bay is actually compressing a lot of the leftover moisture. so we have some fog to worry about. watch out for less than a quarter of a mile in some locations. right now three-quarters a mile in novato. how are the roadways looking this morning, mike? the roadways are looking good despite three-quarters a mile nor drivers. 580 westbound through livermore, the good news is the eastbound slowdown cleared up. the westbound slowdown has formed 15 to 16-minute drives out of the altamont pass. clear to livermore and pleasanton. slow through antioch but holding steady at the stretch between eighth street and love ridge. that's where we should see it for the course of the morning along with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza with the volume is starting to increase and puddles. it is still wet out there. back to you. new this morning, an nbc bay area exclusive. an fbi tracking device found on an arab-american college
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student's car and now that student is sharing his story with us. marla tellez is live in san jose. marla, that student is now suing the fbi for violating his rights and invading his privacy? >> reporter: yes sh he is. good morning to you. we caught up with yaser afifi last night at the san jose international airport. the 20-year-old arab-american, a student at mission college in santa clara, had just come in from washington, d.c., where he announced he is suing the fbi for violating his constitutional rights. afifi says a car mechanic found the device during a tune-up last fall. after posting a picture of the device on the internet afifi says fbi agents knocked on his door and threatened him with federal charges if he did not give it back. afifi is not politically active and feels he should not have been targeted. >> i knew they were tracking my car, and i am a muslim. and i believe they were doing this only because i'm fitting some type of profile for them.
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i am trying to speak out and make sure that anybody else in my position can and will assert their rights. >> reporter: in his lawsuit afifi is asking for an order that bans the fbi from placing gps devices on cars without search warrants. now, the suit has been filed by the counsel on american islamic relations on behalf of afifi. it is the largest muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization in this country. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> does he say any reason why he thinks he had that on his car? why they were looking at him? >> reporter: no, laura. at this point we don't know that information but we are working to figure that out. >> thank you very much, marla. meantime, south bay firefighters are checking for hot spots now after flames swept through a restaurant overnight. san jose firefighters say employees at a quikstop called
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before 1:30 this morning reporting a fire at the restaurant called la gaviota. firefighters happened to be in the area at the time and were on the scene within a minute of getting the call, but the fire was already burning. it took them a half hour to extension wish the flames. firefighters say that restaurant is ruined inside. they estimated about $200,000 worth of damage. and they are still trying to get in touch with the restaurant's owners. the third and final day of federal hearings into the pg&e pipeline blast in san bruno will start in about an hour in washington, d.c. yesterday san bruno's fire chief told the ntsb he did not know there was a gas pipeline under the city. investigators also turned a critical eye to the state puc for not auditing the pipeline pressure more closely. later this morning industry leaders will weigh in on the technology regulating the safety of our pipelines. a live report on the final day of hearings is coming up. santa clara police now have a suspect for the city's first
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homicide of 2011. officers are looking for 22-year-old roberto perez armenta. he also goes by the name of daniel armenta. you may remember we reported the body was found outside an apartment on monroe street sunday morning. officers say armenta is dangerous. if you see him call 911. fighting continues in libya as pro-gadhafi forces attack rebel-held areas. libyan war planes recently targeted an oil port after rebel forces defeated gadhafi loyalists. the obama administration tried to downplay using the military to force the libyan leader from power. the pentagon is making it clear that it does not want war and also said a no-fly zone over the area would require a military attack. mexico's president will meet with president obama at the white house, but the visit is overshadowed by rising tensions along the border.
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called calderone's visit comes after an immigration officer was killed near the mexican border. 6:06 right now. a surprising rule by the federal appeals court in san francisco. the court has upheld the right of employers to refuse to hire anyone who has ever tested positive for marijuana or other drugs. the one-strike rule is a long-time policy of the pacific maritime association which controls all the hiring in the industry along the west coast. the association was sued by a man who was denied a job because of a test seven years earlier coming up positive for marijuana use. the south bay is getting ready to bring down the house in order to build a new one for the stan jose earthquakes. and "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in san jose this morning with more. he's been actively trying to help where he can. bob? >> reporter: they need the help, i mean, you have an exhave a cay
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or the and a guy. come on, an excavator and a guy can take down this building. earthquake destroys building and people cheer. that would be the headline later today here after the event at this 14-acre parcel located across from norman mineta. these are the artist's renderings of the first, brand new soccer stadium. the idea is hopefully it will be built and ready to go in 2012 or 20136789 it is a $16 million project, a 15,000-seat venue. that's state of the art, world class, and it would be a step up to give them their own facility compared to what they have been playing at with spartan stadium and buck shaw. frank is here, today at noon what's happening? >> we are taking the buildings down. we are beginning the demolition process. it will be a 12-week process.
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two enormous ek excavators. >> reporter: what are you telling fans? >> we are telling them to come and be a part of history. we'll get them out here to have some fun. >> reporter: there are a few ways to take down a building. you can use an exhave a cay or the excavator, a sledgehammer or a soccer ball. >> i'll give it a shot here. >> reporter: hmm. we'll see if we can't try this again. >> you need a medicine ball. >> reporter: one more shot. once more. it is only plate glass. that did absolutely nothing. just a second here. >> what was that? >> reporter: i have a cinder block here. >> you don't have a career as a
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criminal. >> reporter: yes, i do. wait a minute, i just realized something. this is not part of the building you are knocking down, right? >> we could be in trouble here. >> reporter: it says duplication of services here. i'm not sure that's part of the manufacturing plant. did we just take out the -- >> why don't we just go. sorry. >> go, run like the wind. bob redell in a big van that says nbc 11. >> you can't miss him. and it is a clear day as well. no rain to fog up the view. >> you won't miss him once the police show up with the flashing lights on the scene. 52 degrees in oakland. 49 in sunny veil. and he does have safety goggles on, ladies and gentlemen. they are protecting his eyes this morning. 50 degrees in san jose. a really smiled start this morning. it is going to make way to a pretty nice afternoon once we get rid of all the pesky showers. they are now pushing through the south bay. a little bit of lingering activity, a really small little cell just to the south of antioch here. as we head throughout the morning hours these showers will continue to be light on and off. and then they will start to
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deteriorate for the second half of the day leaving us with mostly sunny conditions with highs in the upper 60s in some cities. i brought my numbers up because we are going to see sunshine and are starting out so warm. but one thing that is noticeable at this time is fog drifting around. every time i check the visibility it gets worse. we are down to a quarter mile in santa rosa. half mile in novato. fog is drifting around up there, so be careful as you make your way to work this morning. 63 degrees in san francisco today. 64 in redwood city. and 67 degrees in los gatos. you may get a rain drop or two on your head before we hit noon. by noon we will see clear conditions. so starting out in the 50s and very little rain on the highway. let's see what that's doing for your morning drive. hey, mike. good morning, christina. there could be a little bit of moisture, some puddling at the off-ramps, but not a major issue. the bay bridge toll plaza sees small puddles there, keep that in mind. here's the approach and the maze
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at the speed limit, except for 24 showing slowing between the warren freeway and 580. that's typical by this time of the morning. the signal map here, we'll show you the 29th on-ramp to southbound 880. an earlier accident happened there and took out the metering light. the person who hit the metering light was arrested for drunk driving. the rest of the drivers had flat tires and a damaged fuel tank. the 29th on-ramp could be benefit because there's no metering light there. it is smooth. we'll end with a live look at the san mateo bridge. no windy conditions this morning. back to you. we hope everyone takes it easy. >> still to come on "today in the bay," a new scam. prison inmates running up your phone bill. find out what you need to do to avoid. that. dessert and sleep all in one. experts say these brownies have a way of providing a little bit too much of the sleep aid. we have details coming up. and two women accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from a local school. find out what police say they
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spent it on coming up next. and a live look outside at the h.p. pavilion. a nice, clear day for you on this first thursday of march. 6:11 right now. stick around.
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t r twizzlers. is the twist you can't resist. good morning to you. a live look outside this morning over the bay bridge. it looks like a nice day on tap for you at 6:14 right now. this morning police officers say people statewide are being tricked into a cell phone scam by inmates. the fremont police department says scammers call you pretending to be officers. then they make up a story about your child or another loved one
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being hurt in an accident. they then tell you to call the officer at the scene of the accident by dialing star 72 or star 73 and then a phone number they gave you. but the fremont police say this activates call forwarding and all calls to your phone number will be forwarded to the phone number that the scammers give you. interesting stuff. more bad news this morning for a south bay elementary school that's been plagued with problems. now two former members of the parent teachers organization are accused of stealing $50,000. police arrested anne gingle and a former pto treasurer. they are also looking for vanessa reyes, the former pto president. police say they used the pto funds for things like jogging shoes and a family trip to legoland. the parents that found out are outraged. >> the families needed it at the
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school. that's what you are supposed to do. you are not supposed to keep it for yourself. >> the pto money is supposed to be used for field trips and grants for teachers. 6:15 right now. budget fare economy. lawmakers are considering the governor's budget proposal. union home care workers will join students and clergy tonight at 5:00 for a rally at the state building in downtown san jose. protesters want to make sure the collective bargaining debate going on in wisconsin stays in wisconsin. zbmpb governor brown set a deadline for march 10th for negotiations to wrap up. there's a new concern this morning about a dessert with a natural sleep aid baked right in. it is being marketed as the world's first relaxation brownie. it is hitting store shelves without being evaluated or regulated by the fda. now the brownies are called lazy cakes. the key ingredient is melatonin. a natural hormone supplement said to help you sleep. if you eat the entire brownie you ingest about 8 milligrams of
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melatonn. according to web md adults with insomnia should start taking .2 milligrams because they say melatonin is highly potent. >> i really do think you can take too much. 5 milligrams is about the max you should take. >> nutritionists do not think melatonin is addictive but you should not drive or operate heavy machinery after taking it. we need something to mellow out or own bob redell this morning. he is taking part in the demolition project. hopefully that's the right building, bob. they are going to tear down the earthquakes stadium. i guess he's lending his own helping hand. >> i think they do have actual heavy duty construction machinery ready to go, but bob is doing what he can. look at him go in there. go, bob. >> he is going to slow out his back is what he's going to do. >> he has a cinder block. he could punch through any moment now. we'll watch him going to work. >> he's a man with a mission.
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>> a new stadium for the earthquakes is on the i way. let's go to christina loren with a check on our forecast. >> it is 49 degrees in sunnyvale. bob redell is working up with a sweat this morning with temperatures warmer than we typically see this morning. it will make it easier to go in to work this morning since it is not bitterly cold. we'll see a bit of light scattered shower activity as we head throughout the first part of the day. showers are trending south, though, and for the most part they are really, really light in nature. a lot of this is burning off, which is actually getting out of the way before it hits the ground. it is evaporating before hitting the surface. you may not see any showers at redwood city where we saw the green moving over your city. ten miles of visibility in san mateo. less than a quarter mile in santa rosa. we have fog drifting around, we don't think it will stay up in the north bay, that's usually not the case. so watch out for fog development
6:19 am
in the east bay heading throughout the morning hours with high pressure building in compressing the remnant moisture. that's what creates the foggy conditions. this is what we are expecting at noon today. mostly sunny conditions, especially along the coastline. a little bit of lingering activity in the east bay, but by 5:00 p.m. a dry area. friday looks fantastic. then more rain and wind on the way towards the weekend. we'll talk about that, 66 degrees today in san jose. not too bad in the south bay. back to you guys. sounds good. you need to get out and about. 6:19 right now. one bay area group says video games are an art. see what it wants to do to convince other people they are right. new charges this morning for the soldier linked to wikileaks and the reappearance of steve jobs. technology news is just ahead. and on the roadways, a lot of folks are hitting the roadways making things congested. it is slow near the tunnel of 24. also a new accident for the east shore freeway. i'll give you the latest coming up. right now a real-time look at the golden gate bridge of
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[ female announcer ] there's only one you. that's why sutter health created, where you can find a doctor based on criteria important to you. and because it's sutter health, you can choose a doctor from some of the most respected medical groups and hospitals in northern california. find your doctor today at sutter health. with you. for life. good morning to you. a look at the beautiful bay bridge this morning. some clouds hovering overhead. christina tells us just virgo is what we are seeing, the rain dissolves before hitting the ground. a pretty good look at the
6:23 am
golden gate bridge, but we have slowing to tell you about. >> traditional at highway 4 and livermore continues to build. an 18-minute drive registering slow into livermore and through livermore. pleasantton and dublin are slow near the dublin interchange. the east shore freeway is a 19-minute drive off the cartinas bridge as the sun comes up on the roadways. we do see there was an accident reported westbound 880 at carlson coming past golden gate fuels. but it is moved off to the shoulder. it was a hit-and-run reported. if you saw anything, call it in. here's a live act look at the bay bridge. low clouds are hovering around. it could be the mist christina talked about. the water could get on your windshield. a nice approach on 101, you can't see the marin headlights because of the fog there as well as santa rosa and novato. back to you. san francisco could be home to the bay area's only video game museum.
6:24 am
the museum of art and digital entertainment otherwise known as m.a.d.e. raised more than half the money they need. the hope is to legitimize video games as works of art and showcase everything from cabbage patch kids games to a virtual product. they do need $20,000 by april or the project might not happen. well, apple is kind of getting into gaming. and steve jobs is back, sort of. the apple ceo returned to the stage? san francisco on wednesday. everyone was waiting to see if he would show up. >> he did, but scott mcgrew said it may not be a good idea. >> that's what i said yesterday, but apple didn't consult me. i was delighted to see steve jobs return. we are glad he's in good enough health to do so, but wednesday before his appearance we discussed how good an opportunity this would have been for tim cook who is nominally in charge of apple to launch the product, not steve jobs. the apple ipad2 is an increment
6:25 am
tall improvement, but the temptation proved too much. jobs said, quote, we have been working on this for a while and i didn't want to miss it." other neck news, that army private accused of passing secrets on to wikileaks is being charged this morning. bradley manning pretended to burn lady gaga cds when what he was really doing was stealing tens of thousands of documents. manning has been in military jail for months charged with spying. now extra charges on aiding the enemy, though prosecutors don't name the specific enemy. these new alleged crimes could be punished by death. the government wants manning to spend the rest of his life in prison. there are a small number of people here and in the bay area and other parts of california who see manning as a hero. the city council in berkeley once considered passing a resolution lotting manning as an american patriot. the city peace and justice
6:26 am
commissioner there in berkeley said manning deserves a metal. everybody has an opinion. thanks. >> the time is 6:25. the university sports team is back in play after an investigation cleared everybody of some claims. we'll find out what's next for san jose's hockey team. also in san jose, i'm bob redell. why this building is about to be toppled by an earthquake and why that's a good thing coming up. and the fbi put a tracking device on this man's car. next, hear more of his story in an exclusive interview. and a live look outside this morning. the sun is coming up. a pretty nice looking day. blue sky, finall chl we'll eck the chforecast coming up in a few. fo
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new claims this morning that surveillance video shows san francisco police crossing the line. we'll have more on those accusations coming up.
6:29 am
and a college student in santa clara is suing the fbi. good morning, i'm marla tellez. why he says his constitutional rights were violated. the story is coming up in a live report. and why you should get out there and enjoy the day. it is thursday, march 3rd. we'll have that and more on "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. we are coming up on 6:30. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get you looking with christina who has our forecast. if you are waking up getting ready to hit the highway, take it easy out there as we see some sprinkles. it is very light in nature, and we have a dry atmosphere out there. so some is evaporating before it makes its way to the surface. we are calling it virga this
6:30 am
morning. high pressure is building back this. we are starting to see that here with clouds arcing around the ridge of high pressure creating fog in the north bay. watch out for reduced visibility there. no fog along the east or south bays just yet. we'll let you know when the change is. we'll check your drive now with mike inouye. good morning, christina. we are watching for slowing, but none on the peninsula where the rain is coming down. over in the east bay we have two lanes of concern, the first is at the bottom of the screen at the 29th avenue on-ramp to southbound 880. here's a live shot out there. our photographer steve is out there shooting across the freeway. that's the on-ramp moving smoothly. the issue is no metering light there. it could be a break for you in the traffic. but also look at the wet roads. a little bit of sheen on the roadway, there could be slick conditions at the tight turn on-ramps and off-ramps. here's another live look at the other light on the map, the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights were turned on. the backup formed in the last seven minutes. the cash lanes are not far
6:31 am
behind. back to you. more now on a "today in the bay" exclusive. an arab-american student finds a tracking device on his car. the fbi put it there illegally and now he's suing. marla tellez is live in san jose this morning. the student claims he was targeted because he fit a profile. >> reporter: that's right, brent. good morning. yes, saser yasser afifi thinks he was illegally targeted and is now suing. he is a business marketing major at mission college in santa clara. he had just come from washington, d.c., where he announced he is suing the fbi for violating his constitution nool rights. afifi says a car mechanic found the tracking device on his car during a tune-up last fall. after posting a picture of the device on the internet afifi says fbi agents came to his apartment and threatened him
6:32 am
with federal charges if he wouldn't give it back. >> they came with suvs, they didn't come knocking on the door nicely. and they were really intimidating telling me, if you don't give the device back we'll have to arrest you and whatnot. once i located the device and found out what it was, i wanted to seize the moment and see if we can file a lawsuit. >> reporter: afifi is not politically active and feels he was targeted saying he is muslim and fits a certain profile. in his lawsuit afifi is asking for an order that bans the fbi from placing gps devices on cars without search warrants. the suit has been filed by the counsel on american islamic relations on behalf of afifi. it is the largest muslim civil liberties and advocacy group in this country. live in san jose, marla tellez for "today in the bay." thank you. 6:32 right now, this morning firefighters are trying to find
6:33 am
the owners of a restaurant destroyed in an overnight fire. san jose firefighters say employees at a quikstop near kelley park called them before 1:30 this morning to report a fire at the restaurant next door. firefighters were close by and got to the scene within a minute of the call. the fire was out within a half hour but firefighters say the restaurant is ruined with about $200,000 worth of damage. san francisco's police department is promising a thorough investigation now after claims against several narcotics officers. a public defender got surveillance video from the henry hotel at sixth and mission. he says it shows officers entering his client's room without consent or a warrant. now the officers testified in court that a woman in the room gave consent and signed a consent form before the search. but the attorney claims the actual police report and the surveillance video seem to show a different story. >> these officers are involved in hundreds of arrests and people are incarcerated based on what they say in their police
6:34 am
report and what they testify to in courtrooms. and if we can't trust them -- >> the district attorney's office is also looking into what happened. new information this morning about a bay area college hockey team. san jose's state spartans are back on the ice after accusations of drinking and hazing at a team event. a spokesperson for the spartans says the team has been cleared of all charges but they were suspended for six games after a parent accused players of hazing underaged team members during travel to a team event. they were also under substantiated reports of a youtube video allegedly showing team members drinking. none of the team members were punished by the university and they are now cleared by the university to play in the national championship tournament which starts this month. although the suspension lowered san jose's state seeding. demolition is going to begin later on this morning to make way for a new stadium for the
6:35 am
san jose earthquakes professional soccer team. "today in the bay's" bob redell kind of helped get things going ahead of schedule today. he is joining us live in san jose now with a progress report. how is it going, bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, brent. we are on the 14-acre parcel here, an old tank factory, it built military tanks some time ago. now it will welcome a new kind of arsenal, we are talking about profegal professional soccer teams. we are making way for what will be the new soccer stadium for the san jose earthquakes, the first time they have had hair their own stadium. can you tell me what's going on here? >> where we are standing will be the playing surface for the proposed new stadium. right over here we'll have one goal. down on the far side of the building is another goal. lots of grass in here. grandstands, more fans back here, there's a lot going on in this area of the building.
6:36 am
>> reporter: if you look at the artist's rendering, it is a horseshoe shape. that's the initial proposal to cost $60 million and will seat 15,000 people. like i said, the earthquakes would have their own home instead of playing at spartan stadium or buck shaw as in years past. there's no groundbreaking date set yet but the idea is to have this built within a year or two. and you know i'm a big soccer fan. i played soccer myself. do you mind if i get a head start? >> sure, let's see what we can do. >> reporter: you see those excavators there? the guys will be driving those. there is a tremendous sigh of relief knowing i did this for them. there you have it. come by today at noon. the address is 1125 coleman. and if you are a fan you can come by, you are not allowed to
6:37 am
destroy things but you can watch the excavators go to town. it will take six weeks to destroy this? >> give or take six weeks. >> reporter: with that it is now five weeks. >> is he the stadium announcer? does he have the natural echo? i guess it comes -- you go to the stadium and it sounds like that. i thought it was because of the walls of the stadium, but i guess not. >> some people just have it. the san francisco mayor race is heating up. today a former supervisor will toss her hat into the ring. alioto-pier spent seven years on the board of supervisors. her term ended this past january. a new poll from "the san francisco chronicle" find the race for mayor wide open. early favorites include senator leland yee and mayor ed lee. yee says he may not run, and then it would open the door for
6:38 am
alioto-pier. none of them have 20% of the vote just yet. we now know what ron dellums is doing next. he'll become a washington lobbyist. "the san francisco chronicle" says he returned to the nation's capitol to become vice chair of a public affairs consulting firm. the firm lobbies for groups like the aclu, etna insurance and nascar. 6:38 right now. hopefully you are seeing clearing today. we'll check the forecast with christina. >> we have clearing behind you from that live picture. that's the case heading throughout the day today. most cities that are north of san francisco, even san bruno now, are getting the clear conditions. we still have a lingering shower activity pushing onshore to the south here. san jose, get ready for a little activity in the next half hour with showers making their way over to you, but they will kind of break apart before reaching san jose. we are not expecting a lot of moisture. nonetheless, enough for slick conditions out there. so take it easy this morning. we are going to see some changes today.
6:39 am
high pressure builds back in. that will keep these showers well off to our north. but what's happening is it is compressing some of that moisture from the showers we did pick up yesterday and overnight. so we have some fog out there this morning. reduced visibility in the north bay down to a quarter mile in santa rosa and a half mile in novato. we'll see if the fog is impacting your drive with everyone's favorite traffic man, mike inouye. the only traffic man in the building, so we'll take it. the south bay has a nice, easy drive. fog is not an issue here, but we have an issue with two accidents for northbound 880. both off the roadway, but the rest of the northbound commute is moving smoothly. 280 is seeing a blip right there near 87 coming into downtown. san mateo saw mist and drizzle coming over. no major effect on the freeway, but still a smooth drive with a live shot out there at the golden gate bridge. that's the fog affecting you coming through the north bay as you showed on your maps. thank you, mike. it is 6:39 right now. one of the giants' pitchers is
6:40 am
going to miss a start today. find out what's wrong coming up. britney spears is creating buzz that she's going to perform in the castro. organizers better get paperwork before that happens. and we'll explain why coming up. president obama is meeting with mexico's president today. see what's on the agenda next in a live report. go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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. obama is meeting with mexican president me felipe calderon in washington, d.c. tracie potts is here with a look at what's ahead this morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. when the presidents meet today one of the big issues on the agenda will be the drug trade and the violence at the border. we recently saw a drug agent killed just over mexico with a gun that turned out to be from the united states. that's big on the agenda today. mexico was pressing the u.s. to try to stem the demand for drugs from this end while the united states wants mexico to put many more resources in controlling the violence. you also mentioned immigration, more than 12 million undocumented immigrants are believed to be in this country. 2.5 million right there in california. that's something they will talk about. immigration policy, mexico said to be in with some of the latest
6:44 am
policies, for example, arizona cracked down on immigration. finally they will talk about the economy, thou two nations that share a border can work together on trade and on tourism. the presidents are expected to meet privately today to take questions from reporters and president calderon will meet with john boehner on capitol hill to talk about money congress already set aside but has yet to send out to fight the drug war. brent? >> thank you for the update, tracie. an nbc 11 investigation shows a very real example of some of the problems president calderon and obama are talking about today. this one centers on salvadorian immigrants who come to the u.s. to bring money to their families. some immigrants living in the u.s. and here in the bay area pay a monthly fee to m.s. 13, a notorious salvadorian gang. one woman said when she didn't
6:45 am
send money right away they kidnapped her sister and raped and tortured her for months until she paid. >> i can't sleep because at any moment they can raise the price and i'm not going to be able to pay it. >> the crimes are rarely reported. many of the victims are undocumented and too afraid to come forward. but even if they do, the criminals are in el salvador where they are likely not to be prosecuted. police say there's a big presence here in the bay area of the gangs. the clock is about to strike midnight for the nfl labor negotiations. the players and owners have until the end of the day to reach a new collective bargaining agreement. if they don't the league's first works stoppage since 1987 is almost a certainty. now an extension of tonight's deadline is possibly but a lot of people do not expect that to happen. there is also some concern this morning for the giants. one of their big guns could be down for a little while. matt cain won't start today's game against colorado.
6:46 am
an mri revealed elbow inflammation in his pitching arm and there is no word on how long the recovery could take. they say a non-roster player will take over cain's start today. meanwhile, over in the a's camp outfielder cocoa crisp is expected to talk about his arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. management says that crisp will play in today's game against milwaukee. he was arrested earlier yesterday morning and then late last night he allegedly apologized via twitter. good morning to you. we are taking a look at mammoth's snow pack with joni lynch in a moment. there's a lot of it. in fact, so much snow in some cities in the sierra nevada that they won't want any more. they need a chance for it to melt, but the power outages and storm after storm, we are going to give them a break for today and tomorrow. jus a few pesky showers right now coming down mostly to the
6:47 am
south of the 580 in san bruno. as we head throughout the morning, these showers will continue to trend to the south. we'll see a pretty nice day today as high pressure has an opportunity to build back in. we are already starting to notice that with your satellite imagery here. the clouds are arcing up around this area of high clearing. that's high pressure, but it is xrezing the moisture we have leftover. watch out for patchy dense fog in the north bay. it looks like it is also starting to drift down the peninsula. take it easy out there this morning. fog will be a factor until we hit sunrise near 6:50. as you head through -- it is 6:47 right now, so fog won't be much of a factor heading throughout the next half hour. it should start to break apart. mostly sunny conditions. i love the fact that the sun is coming up earlier. that's what you can anticipate by noon across the bay area. just a little bit of lingering activity to the south of san jose by about 6:00 p.m. as you make your way home from work. we are looking to a really nice day. temperatures right now are in the 50s. and as we head throughout the afternoon because we are starting out so mild, we'll end up with a really, really nice
6:48 am
day. warm conditions in places like los gatos, 67 degrees. 66 in san jose. 65 in gilroy. the sun will warm us up for today and tomorrow as well. 66 degrees is your forecasted high for friday. staying nice and dry. then we've got another storm system on the way saturday into sunday. rain coming down on sunday, which means more snow in mammoth. hey, joni lynch. how is it looking up there? >> reporter: hi, good morning, christina. we are coming to you live this morning with the mammoth snow report here in california where we picked up a foot of snow in the last 24 hours. this on top of the already massive snowfall means our snow total is approaching 450 inches making for is superb conditions. this weekend we have the u.s. snowboarding grand prix. there's a half-pipe competition and slow style. kelly clark will be here on the
6:49 am
half-pipe style course. if you can't be here live to check it out, check it out here on channel 11, march 12th, at 10:00 a.m. check out all the action from mammoth. if that's not good enough, why not just hop on one of the twice daily flights from san jose and san francisco. you can be here this afternoon. for information on all that, go to >> thank you so much, joni. and hey, brent cannon, don't forget, big day on saturday. >> what's going on? >> oh, come on, now. come on, now. laura's birthday. >> oh, that. >> hello! >> main i suggest nothing that has to do with john deere for laura. think tiffany. >> not even a nice hat with a little john deere on it. >> not if you want to have a good monday morning. thank you, christina. you are watching out for me here. we have an update on your morning commute coming up next. and britney spears is set to perform in the castro, but a lot of things are in question about the supposed tv concert this
6:50 am
morning. we'll tell you about that coming up. and a live look outside in the south bay. that's the h.p. pavilion. sescl. hope you enjoy them. 6:49 right now. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. [ female announcer ] chicken, chicken chicken.. there are thousands of ways to prepare it. [ chickens clucking ] you know only two of them. time to mix it up.
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good thursday morning to you. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. look at the fog hovering there. not too bad. the span across there is pretty good, but what about this behind us? >> mike said there are some places where you can see fog. that could affect your commute. that's right. you showed them the golden gate bridge. lower visibility there, but 880 further south than what you showed, this is heading into hayward southbound 880 at tennyson road. a car is in the second lane
6:53 am
causing folks to go around. that's why we have slowing there near tennyson and 92. now we'll get a look at the san mateo bridge with the fog and mist on the peninsula side. a new spin-out reported at 101 and marsh along the peninsula. visibility could be an issue along portions of that drive. now back to the 880 shot past the coliseum. northbound with the taillights past high street, a shoot drive picking up volume southbound as well as northbound. a few more cars but no major issues through the area. but a little mist and gray skies in the area. same for the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights have been on a half hour, but the backup is mild. it is thursday with a heavier commute. the metering lights turn on at 6:25. there's no oops, they did it again. nice segway. britney spears is sed said to perform in the castro later this month, but there are several questions about that event. the concert is supposed to air
6:54 am
on tv tuesday the 29th. some reports say it will be a live event, but others say the performance will be taped two days before on a sunday. the concert is supposed to take place on a stage set up outside the castro theater, but police in the san francisco film commission also seem to be kind of in the dark about some of the details. police say that part of castro street will be blocked but they don't know when the concert is and say that organizers have not gotten the permits they need and neither has the film condition. casting is underway for a new "superman" movie. and some say the new woman picked to play superman's mom is hot. phyllis baxter was in her late 50s when she took on the role of martha kent. marie saint was 82 when she played the mother of superman in 2006. but who did they pick to play
6:55 am
mom, kent, this time around? well, how about diane lane? no gray hair there. the 46-year-old can, quote, convey the wisdom and wonder of the character. kevin costner is in talks to play pa kent made famous after glenn ford in 1978. "superman: man of steel" is said to come out next year. believable? >> i don't know, we'll see. >> maybe mom kent has botox now. there's bob. >> you have some explaining to do. >> bob, no! don't hit the -- don't do that. >> we have to explain why bob is there. >> reporter: were you just saying something? i'm actually in the building giving the san jose earthquakes a head start. this old warehouse needs to be torn down. they will destroy it later today
6:56 am
to make way for this, take a look at this artist's renderings of the first brand new soccer stadium. it is a $60 million facility. 15,000-seat stadium. frank stranzel is here. there are excavators here. they will be getting started at noon today. where or what are you asking the fans food. >> we have the mayor of san jose to come out here. come out and watch them destroy this facility. >> reporter: 1125 coleman avenue across from the airport. the excavator guys have a lot of other projects going on, so i'm giving them a head start. don't forget, i only charge $7.25 an hour. you have a remodeling project at home, i'm available along with my sledgehammer. >> stay away from the windows, bob. stay away from the windows. it is interesting to see what's
6:57 am
underneath there. >> yeah, bob is going to work hacking away at the building tomorrow. >> he'll be sore tomorrow. america's economy depends on new jobs. scott mcgrew is joining us. >> all kinds of jobs. bob redell, tear down that wall. as we wrap it up this morning, a look ahead to tomorrow. the first friday of the month is when we'll get the latest unemployment numbers from the labor department. those numbers have been very strange, very hard to read lately. don't confuse those with the less important weekly first-time jobless claims. we got those this morning. they were positive. fewer people were applying for benefits since 2008. meanwhile, take a look at this. youtube video, a guy on a glacier. let me strap these really slippery things onto -- hold on just a second, wait a minute. hold on. yeah. steven ager is a professional skier. he is fine. truly one of the longest tumbles down a mountain using a camera i have ever seen. this is getting passed around in the e-mail this morning.
6:58 am
we should put that on our facebook. >> nbc morning news, become our friend. thank you for being our friend. the "today" show is up next.
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