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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 5, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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elevation but dry today. if you want to take the dog out, today is your day. tomorrow maybe not so much. thanks for joining us on this weekend morning. i'm kris sanchez along with rob may yet ta. you say this time tomorrow, we'll be soaked. >> right now, kind of cool outside this morning. but the temperatures that we're seeing now were the high temperatures we had last weekend. highs only in the 40s last saturday. so yeah, it's kind of cold. you need a jacket as you step outside this morning but we're talking mid 60s as we jump towards the afternoon. hour by hour, a few clouds out there. dry start to the weekend. right around lunch time, thin high clouds start to spread in for hazy sunshine. later on today, some showers moving north to south overnight. you can see the radar still pretty dry. we're tracking the plume of moisture offshore. that is the reason why we'll see rain this time tomorrow morning. pretty mild temperatures today. we'll have a full look at your forecast coming up in a few
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minutes. new this morning, getting to sierra could be tough. a big rig carrying propane is jackknifed. it crashed into power lines near bright bend bridge in sacrame o sacramento. here's a look at the roadway this morning. this is i-80 in noor wad past the crash. if you're headed up this there this morning, you will be traveling eastbound. crews are working to clean up the crash. we'll keep an eye on that for you as well this morning. the budget showdown between the city of san jose and its firefighters could come to an end this weekend. right now, firefighters are getting ready to vote on a deal that would let them keep their jobs for a price. "today in the bay's" marla tellez has the latest on the negotiations. >> good morning. all of the city's firefighters and there are 647 of them are expected to vote on the
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tentative agreement their union has reached with the city sometime this weekend. late this week, the san jose firefighters union agreed to take a 10% cut in pay and benefits to avoid further layoffs. in doing so it, became the first of the city's 11 employee unions to reach a deal with the city so it could be setting the tone for the other unions. in a similar situation last year, the city and firefighters never agreed and as a result, 49 firefighters lost their jobs so this time around, they're hoping to prevent this. this is a victory for mayor chuck reed who is facing a $105 million deficit for the fiscal year that starts july 1st. the proposed deal would last for two years, expiring june 30th of 2013. it is not official yet. the deal needs to be ratified by all firefighters. that vote expected to happen sometime this weekend, and then it needs final approval by the city council. reporting in san jose, marleau
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tai easiest. >> coming up at 7:30, we'll sit down with the president of the san jose firefighters union and we'll ask whether this weekend's vote will encourage other city unions to come to the bargaining table. new documents reveal the san bruno gas line was so concerning that crews replaced a section years ago, but the construction stopped one block short of where the pipeline exploded last year. records just released by the national transportation safety board show crews were concerned about that transmission line bursting during an earthquake and replaced five miles of the aging gas pipes. 17 years ago. the stronger steel pipes though ended just 300 yards from the epicenter of september's explosion, which killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. investigators are still trying to figure out why all of the pipes in that area weren't replaced. san francisco undercover officers busted on camera allegedly breaking into hotel rooms and arresting suspects
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without warrants and now the fbi is investigating those charges of police misconduct. this is the video we showed you earlier this week that is turning this from a local issue into a federal case if. a plain clothes police unit accused of using illegal tactics to take down suspected drug dealers and lying about it in court. right now the officers are working desk jobs while the feds investigate. san francisco's public defender says is he aware of at least one more video showing questionable police conduct that has yet to be released. the fbi is also on the hunt for a suspected con man linked to a spring of bank scams throughout the bay area. he trikes by impersonating unsuspecting victims, goes into their banks, cleans out their accounts. here are the surveillance photos of the man that the fbi is looking for. federal agents say they believe that he is connected with a series of crimes starting in april of 2009 stretching all the way from reno to the bay area.
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last year, he went into several banks in san francisco, south city, and san mateo allegedly impersonating victims and withdrawing big chunks of cash. this morning, the people of layia will get hi-tech help keeping their neighborhoods safe. valet io lamp is a website they put on board to help them better police neighborhoods and share information faster with each other and the police department. vallejo's police department has been cut even as the crime rate has gone up. valet io lamp launches later this morning. the death of a 20-year-old boy hit by a train when he wandered away from his baby-sitter is inspiring change. we show what's happening at that train crossing to make sure he did not die in vain. >> reporter: on these tracks at nearly 80 miles per hour, a
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train ran over 2-year-old alexander ariaga back in 2005. >> the little boy was killed. it was truly tragic. >> reporter: it the toddler wandered from his baby-sitter onto the tracks when the train struck him, yet, knowing about the tragedy doesn't keep dozens of other people from their daily illegal treks across the same tracks. >> do you know how dangerous it is? >> yeah, but i work there and daily i have to walk over here. >> there's a huge community on the east side of the tracks that has no accessibility to the westside other than crossing the tracks. >> reporter: now thanks in part to earmarks, they'll soon cross safely. leaders broke ground on a new pedestrian bridge over the tracks and over busy monterrey highway. the idea came when a former council man witnessed a mom on the tracks. >> and i saw a young lady and her stroller and her baby on her him. and another youngster crossing
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the railroad track. and i said, that's a disaster waiting to happen. >> reporter: and it did. little alexander was struck soon after. >> i remember that every time that i cross actually. >> alexander's death sped up the pedestrian bridge plan and by the end of this year, the tracks that took the life of a little boy should finally be safe. >> and that was damian trujillo reporting. the baby-sitting watching the boy at the time when he was hit by the time served four years of probation in a plea deal for child neglect. police are still trying to track down a woman they say may have emmeled for man $50,000 from trace elementary school. 40 years vanessa reyes may be in southern california. another woman and zingale was arrested at school this week where she works as an office clerk. police say the two women are former leaders of the parent teacher organization. the school's treasurer tells the
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mercury news she tipped off police after noticing bills for things like itunes, restaurants being charged to the fund. police now say they believe the women also used the money to pay for groceries, running shoes and the family trips. the money was supposed to pay for school field trips, physical education, and teacher grants. it has been a very rough year for trace elementary which was torched by arsonists last summer. this is today on the bay. still "today in the bay." a college hockey team is back on the ice after a suspension. how it the team is facing down allegations of hazing and drinking and moving forward. a live interview still ahead. people laughed at me and said, man, you crazy. they going to rip you off. you'll never have a gym here. >> pumping up a community known as the killing zone. what a former mr. california does to keep hope alive in his east oakland neighborhood. a story you'll only see right here on nbc bay area. ♪
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good morning to you. take a live look at san francisco. nice dry skies for today at least. get out and enjoy because tomorrow a change in the forecast. and now to oakland. a story you will only see here on nbc bay area. when a former mr. california said he wanted to open a gym in an east bay neighborhood known on the streets as the killing zone, more than one person said he was crazy to try. as cheryl hurd shows us, that did not stop him from pumping up his community with hope and lots of heart. >> people laughed at me and said, man, you crazy. they going to rip you off. you'll never have a gym here. very good. >> diego proved his friends wrong. for the past 23 years, his power alley gym has been a fixture at foothill and seminary.
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a neighborhood where drive-by shootings and murders were the norm and body building and healthy living seemed out of place. >> when they come here, they learn how to train, they learn how to do it right. >> reporter: that's because he taught himself how to train. a former mr. california in 1983 and mr. usa in 1985, his body building led him toward an acting career. he was in the movie "dead pool" alongside clint eastwood. he had many options to continue acting but decided to stay here and run his gym. >> once i got to a certain point, i wanted to open a gym in east oakland right in the heart of the ghetto to help the people and also show them how to train. >> he helped people like jordan pierce who grew up in east oakland and mary hicks who started training in her 60s. >> i know i needed to have some exercise to start taking care of my heart and now after the two, three years that i've been here,
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i'm down to only one pill. >> i just graduated from college, was having a hard time finding a job. i was in the bed eating taco bell. >> pierce transformed her body from this to this and says this neighborhood gym has given her a different life. chairs hopes that's why he's here. beautiful, good set. >> and that was cheryl hurd reporting. this morning a bay area college hockey team is back on the ice after fending off accusations of drinking and hazing at a team event. the san jose state hockey team is kopg back from a six-game suspension handed down after a parent accused players of hazing underage team members while they traveled to a team event. there were also unsubstantiated reports of a youtube video allegedly showing team members drinking. joining me this morning is the leader of the san jose state university ice hockey team it, andy dickerson. thank you for joining us. we should say you're looking scruffy because you're head into the the playoffs.
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>> we are. as soon as we're cleared to play, we started growing beards. we're looking not quite as presentable as we want to but it's a good cause. >> a six-game suspension has to be a huge distraction. six games seems a little harsh. what do you think about the allegations and knowing you guys were cleared, how are you feeling about that? >> i mean, we let it the investigation run its course. we complied fully with the school's investigation and a lot of things that came out at the time we kind of had to laugh at ourselves because that's not the type of team we are and image we want to portray. we are just happy to be able to get back on the ice and not have to focus on those things anymore. >> none of your team members were singled out for punishment by the university or by the agencies that clear you guys. and now you're cleared to play in the tournament. does that affect your chances, other than the distractive element? >> it might have, but the way
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things played out at the regional playoff level, it doesn't hurt us. we're still going into the tournament with the number four seed out of the west and have a difficult road to climb to try and get to the championship game, but we're prepared to tackle that. >> and you have kind of a high profile game going on today, right? >> yeah, we have our annual alumni game tonight at 6:45, and it's entirely special for us because it's our program's 20th anniversary. so we'll have members from as far as back as the inaugural '91-'92 team there tonight. >> take it easy on those guys. 20 years older than you. >> we'll try. >> it's good to see you guys were cleared. hopefully not so much a distraction you can't compete at your best. >> we hope we can represent the school and the city as best we can. >> the game is open to anybody who wants to watch. go root them on. cheaper than a sharks ticket. >> definitely. >> thank you for coming in today. congratulations. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a massive wave.
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♪ >> oh! >> the wild wedding wipeout you don't want to miss. >> yikes. let's show you what's going on from san bruno mountain. a clear start to the morning. you're going to notice clouds filling in and an increasing chance of seeing showers. we'll let you know when and how much coming up when we come right back. [ scott ] my family's been in the dairy business
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7:19 am
back over to san francisco, it's 48. partly cloudy skies. hazy outside. we're watching high clouds spilling in from the west. in san jose this morning, 46 degrees. light wind out of the southeast. a dry start to the weekend all around the bay area right now. a little chilly in a few spots. livermore and gilroy in the low 40s. last saturday we had high temperatures. some mid 40s outside, but again, last weekend was all about talking about chances of sleet or low snow. this weekend, an increasing chance of seeing clouds and eventually some rain drops by tomorrow morning. right now the radar is still quite dry around the bay area. up the coast, ukiah up towards eureka, the rain is flying. moisture streaming in from offshore. pretty rich plume of moisture. tropical jet being cranked up and pulling in moisture out of the tropical region right into oregon and extreme northern california as we start the weekend. for now, that subtropical moisture plume aims just off to
7:20 am
our north for today. we will see clouds at times. i think most of the showers will be mainly off the north of sonoma county into the afternoon. by this evening is, you start to see more clouds thickening up and that rain line slides out as we head into tomorrow morning. this time tomorrow, i think you'll find a rainy start to your morning and then showers and maybe a few sunny breaks later tomorrow. if you have outdoor plans, today is the day around the bay area. our temperatures look pretty good, too. heading up to the see airra, look out for breezy conditions can. rain mixed with snow. i think snow levels may be close to 6,000 feet to start. by monday, more snow flying around the sierra. we will see levels dropping closer to 4,000 feet as we get into the start of the workweek. i would not rule out a chance of maybe getting close to 70 around morgan hill and gilroy. mid to upper 60s. so pretty mild start to the day and as we go through the evening, notice the clouds thickening up and temperatures running a bit cooler as we run
7:21 am
off to the north bay. you'll see the numbers in the low 60s. best chance for seeing showers into the afternoon will be for area north of the golden gate. seven-day forecast, tale of two climates really for the weekend. we'll see the cooler temperatures and the rain dropping in for tomorrow and then the storm track trying to go back off to the north on monday. maybe a lingering shower here or there. temperatures staying in the 60s with the exception of tomorrow through the seven-day forecast. more north bay showers by next thursday. >> as long as you stay out of the shade, you'll feel fine. this is the stuff of it fairy tale weddings. beautiful white dress. handsome groom, happily ever after but for one couple, it got off to a rocky and wet start. they were determined to have a beach wedding. it rained on the guests. it rained on the bride. but what happened later really takes the cake. ♪ my yesterday was blue
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>> oh. >> it gets even worse than that. the groom's phone was in his pocket. his wedding ring slipped off, too. despite it all, that couple is still smiling. >> we just kept laughing thinking oh, my gosh, this is terrible luck. one thing after another kept happening and we kept laughing and laughing. >> that wedding video is now viable. check out the entire video on nbc bay just do a search for sonoma wedding. i wouldn't laugh except they were smiling. >> no one said anything. they let them get hit. >> look out. sports is coming up next. we'll be right back. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. hey marcel, watch this! ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me? marcel! [ male announcer ] only at&t u-verse lets you follow your favorite channels on one screen. just $29 a month for the first 6 months. dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. sports time now. the giants top prospect turns it out to be a real showstopper and the warriors keep it close against the celtics. justin alan has that and more. >> next stop for the warriors longest roadie of the season,
7:25 am
the boston celtics who beat the top team in the east. the warriors need a little bit of that confidence. playing from behind. they get back into it. david lee cuts boston's lead to five. he put up 26. monta ellis scored 2 in his 41 in the second half. this three puts the warriors within one with 3:30 to go. but paul pierce caught fire in the fourth. lays in the late bucket as boston hold the warriors at bay for the 107-103 win. next up the sixers on sunday. the giants is splitting up the squad on friday. first up was the brewers. all eyes on youngster. i'm not talking about jeff suppan. did he have a good day on the hill. gives up one hit in three scoreless innings. he has yet to give up a run here in spring training. mark derosa continues to produce. smacks the double to center here. scores two.
7:26 am
gave the giants a 3-0 lead. but the giants' top prospect stole the show. brandon bell hits his first career spring training homer, just crushes it. that thing was headed for tucson. a two-run shot. giants win, 7-2. >> it was definitely nice just because we like to start off the game and get a hit, makes you feel more at ease for the rest of the game. it was exciting to get the first home run out here this year. hopefully i can stay with that approach and get a few milissa rehberger. >> the giants pull off the split game sweep as they beat the dodgers, 5-3 in the late game. posey and thomas neil homer. barry zito gave up one run in three innings work. dallas braden gave up four runs and five hits in three innings work as the a's take the loss to the rangers. the talking copies between the nfl and players association as both sides have agreed to an extension of the labor deal. the new deadline is one week
7:27 am
from friday at midnight. some raiders' news for you. zack miller and running back michael bush have a better shot to remain with the raiders next season. first and third round on both. the raiders have the right to match a offer from another team. who says what you learn on the blacktop you can't use in the nba? pacers is danny granger bounces the ball off the back of a mavs player. doesn't miss a step. and goes in for the dunk. not bad at all. that's going to do it morning sports. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." pink slips for teachers. it is a notorious march tradition. this time happening in oakland. what the notices mean for them. the unrest in libya continues. even if it doesn't look like it on the internet, why things aren't quite as they seem. hey michelle, whatcha doin'? i'm serving delicious athenos hummus to my friends. i've got -- [ male announcer ] that's great. let's see what yiayia thinks! you dress like a prostitute.
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good morning to you. take a live look at folks out enjoying the sunshine there in san jose. catch that little dog. catch it, catch it. thanks so much for joining us on a very nice mild start to our saturday morning. kris sanchez along with rob mayeda. we're dog people. >> i wish i had the energy, too. he just took off. this is a good time to get out and enjoy some of the dry conditions. tomorrow morning, probably going to see rain. right now 48 degrees. you can see the high clouds from the west. mostly 40s outside right now. our temperatures looking pretty good. as we head towards the afternoon, highs in the mid to upper 60s around san jose. maybe close to 70 around morgan hill and gilroy. low 60s in the north bay. we've got the clouds spilling in and the rain up around eureka
7:31 am
north of ukiah heads our way later this evening. we'll talk about what you can expect coming up even if you're not walking a dog coming up a few minutes from now. you can see a lot of moisture coming in just to our north this morning. >> sure looked like fun. thank you very much, rob. the story we've been talking about since about 7:00 this morning, getting to the sierra could be tough but getting a little bit easier. the roadway is clear now. the sigalert has been cleared on interstate 80 at bright bridge road near sacramento. we had told you there was a jackknifed big rig but it is now clear. still a little bit of slowing through the area but at least it should be getting a little bit better if you're joining us this morning because you're up packing, have a safe trip and we'll see you again soon. because of the uncertainty over the state budget, oakland's school district is planning on sending out pink slips. the letters notify them their
7:32 am
jobs are in jeopardy. the district posted a list of more than 500 potential full-time positions in question on their website, the first time in years they have issued pink slips to such a large number of employees. state law requires districts to notify teaching staff by march 15th if there is a possibility they will lose their jobs. if they get the money from the state, then they rescind those pink slips but we know some of them will eventually lose their jobs likely. this morning, after school centers for kids across california are in trouble. the child care programs could soon lose more than $700 million in state funding. governor jerry brown wants to make major cuts to social services in an effort to tackle a state deficit. it would cut more than $700 million from child care statewide. san mateo's own peninsula family service would lose more than
7:33 am
$700,000 in one state funding alone. it looks to be the end of the road for redevelopment agencies. news this morning governor jerry brown has enough bay area support to pass his controversial proposal. governor jerry brown visited san francisco yesterday and he now has support of a powerful group of business leaders as well as a key state legislative committee. his proposal would shift almost $2 billion in revept funding to schools and local services instead. now city leaders across california are reportedly threatening to sue the state over the issue. as soon as this thursday, the state assembly and senate are expected to cast full votes on brown's budget plan. about $50 billion stand between senate democrats and republicans in an effort to fund this year's government operations. president barack obama opened negotiations by offering to cut about $6.5 billion from domestic agencies. democrats are on board with that proposal. a house republicans have passed $61 billion in cuts and put the
7:34 am
bill in the senate. right now, the federal deficit is estimated at $1.6 trillion. this morning, violence continues in libya. we have the latest on a deadly battle along the mediterranean coast. this is amateur video taking at the scene of a recent battle between rebels and pro-gadhafi forces. civilians are doing their best to dodge gunfire from across the street. today rebels say they have taken control of the oil port ton. it would it be their first victory in their march west to the capital of tripoli. at least two people were killed in the battle and a reported 16 other people were wounded. meantime, a google tool shows internet traffic in libya continues to flat line allegedly because the government is shutting off internet access. check out this graph we pulled up this morning from google's traffic transparency toll. traffic has been at zero since thursday in libya.
7:35 am
libyan leaders have apparently shut down the internet several times recently including an alleged blackout back on february 18th. we have much more ahead coming up for you on today on the bay. still ahead, a conversation with firefighters as they take a turn with the budget ax to help their city and firefighters keep their jobs. live question and answer session in just two minutes. ♪
7:36 am
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this weekend san jose firefighters are voting on a contract deal that could spare them from pink slips, but those negotiations come at a cost. joining us is captain jeff welch, the president of the san jose firefighters union. i know the next three days are going to be very busy for you as all members come forth to vote. it's your recommendation that they take the 10% pay cut the city asked them for, but do you think they are going to get on
7:38 am
board with that? >> i think so. i think over the weekend and the next three days we'll be explaining the contract details and the ramifications of it and i think they will definitely be encouraged by what we're saying and recognize that the concessions are needed to keep services intact and keep their jobs. >> that's the thing. nobody wants to take a pay cut. i was talking with my husband. i don't want to take a 10% pay cut but it is better than having 100 something firefighters lose their jobs, right? >> absolutely. any cuts to the fire service as it is would be a drastic impact to the services we can provide. and by keeping the firefighters on the line, we're trusting that the city is going to use our concessions to keep fire services intact. >> so now we know that san jose mayor chuck reid and the city council asked for the pay cut from all of the unions so the police officers and all of the unionized workers. do you think what you guys are doing will set the tone for
7:39 am
other agencies to get on board? >> yesterday, there was five other unions that joined in and made a similar offer to the city. we're hopeful and supportive of the other unions and hope they do what's right for the city. we can only focus on ourselves and what we can provide to the city. that came through a 10% total compensation reduction. some health care increases that we're taking on and we offered some retirement reform, as well. >> thanks so much for joining us. we'll be in touch to see how it all shakes out. >> i appreciate it. >> we will be right back. [ dog barking ] mom!
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>> good saturday morning to you. a live look outside around san jose. hazy sunshine. pretty pleasant out there. take a jacket. it's still a little bit cool by bay area standards. we're in the mid 40s right now in san jose. 46 degrees.
7:42 am
chilly in oakland. 44 degrees and in san francisco, we're at 48. there you also see the high clouds streaming in from the west. west wind at three. unlike last weekend where we had high temperatures only in the 40s this weekend. at least the start will be well into the 60s as we head through the afternoon. some other temperatures around the bay area, down 40 around napa. 43 in gilroy. gilroy and morgan hill this afternoon, a chance of seeing is temperatures probably climbing into the upper 60s, maybe close to 70. right now the radar is dry. but not too far away from us, you can see the rain on the north coast. this is an i'm impressive plume of moisture. kind of a stationary boundary hanging out just to the north of us during the day today. later on more clouds spilling in from the north and giving us a better chance of rain, probably around this time tomorrow morning. a mild start to the weekend. we'll see highs in the mid to upper 60s from san jose southward.
7:43 am
in the north bay, we cos see showers during the day today. tonight into tomorrow, rainy start with showers to finish. cooler as you wrap up the weekend and temperatures rebounding for the workweek. the future cast, you can see the clouds all over the bay area. this time tomorrow morning, you can see the rain moving through. scattered showers and probably cooler temperatures to wrap up the weekend. monday breezy and cool with partly cloudy skies. things rebounds temperature wise heading towards wednesday and thursday. around the bay area today, a weekend that is pretty mild. mid to upper 60s for areas from san jose southward. cooler on the coast as we watch the clouds spill in. it's going to be interesting if the clouds can hold off still the afternoon, we'll have a chance of get diagnose close to 70 in the south bay. clouds coming in towards the evening, we'll see the sun get blocked out at times. filtered sunshine for this afternoon. today is the drier half of your weekend. mild temperatures. then tomorrow rain to start. scattered showers to finish and maybe shower in the north bay for monday.
7:44 am
best bet of rain for the next seven days comeses in tomorrow morning. the rest of the week temperatures rebound back into the upper 60s to near 7 op heading towards next thursday and friday. >> isn't it sad we're not talking about mavericks anymore? the window closed. it's gone. >> we did not have the waves. the blocking high off to the west, we don't get the strong west swell they'd like to see. >> we get storms. >> not for surfing. >> thank you very much. much more ahead coming up on "today in the bay." still ahead, fighting the radar gun with gps. how one man fought his traffic ticket and won. >> good morning. there's lots to do "today in the bay." some of san jose police department's finest four-legged crime fights at the grand opening of pet goode food exstress today. a few canine units will be on hand to raise money for the fund. check out san jose police
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7:48 am
do you think that the nation's worst traffic jams are along your commute? it might seem like it, but other drivers have it worse. this morning a new report from the texas tranportation institute shows bay area traffic comes in at number six. los angeles has the worst traffic in the state. it is coming in at number three or so. the worst city in terms of traffic though is not in our neck of the woods. it is a tie between chicago and washington, d.c. if you travel there for business, then you probably already guessed that. most of the time, if you are caught speeding, you were probably speeding. sometimes you do get pulled over and you're not speeding at all. can you fight the radar gun though? one south bay man says yes, you can. garvin thomas takes us in-depth this morning. >> reporter: it is a battle out there. a battle as old as the very first speed limit. one between speeders and the police who try and catch them.
7:49 am
until now though, it was always the kopp who's had the technological edge. their radar against your word and guess who won more often than not. >> every single defendant was guilty. >> at least that's what he was seeing on his day in traffic court. >> i was quite terriified because i was going up after a set of people that were guilty. >> but the founder of scatter tech says had he come armed with more than just his memory. he had his phone's, as well. . the gps program tracking his every move the day he was stopped for going 40 in a 25. >> during that time it records everything from your average moving pace to your maximum speed and so the maximum speedy never went over 25. >> kata presented the judge the readout. a map the whole nine yards. and the judge said not guilty. his story was picked up all over the net. comments section quickly filling up. because while many people have tried to use gps to get out of a
7:50 am
speeding ticket, kata appears to have been one of the first to have done it. or did he? >> we talked to the judge in his case and he said gps had nothing to do with the not guilty verdict. he said the officer in the case wasn't able to answer questions as to his training in the estimation of speed and the proper use of the radar gun that day. and that is why kata got off. >> there's also a graph. >> no matter who you believe, it does raise the question as gps technology gets better and better, isn't the day coming when courts will have to accept it? >> i think we're there now. >> francisco rodriguez has been defending speareds the past 14 years. he says theoretically it's possibleable to introduce gps, but the cost of subpoenas, experts and everything needed to do so would be so much more so than the few hundred slars speeding fine. >> it can be very tiresome in court. >> he says even fun kata or
7:51 am
someone like him did win, there is no such thing as precedence in traffic court. so the next guy would have to jump through all the same expensive hoops to get the same result. meaning while technology may be moving at the speed of light these days, your best bet is to travel a bit slower. garvin thomas, "today in the bay." as garvin mentioned, kata's story was picked up on dozen of blogs drawing thousands of comments from readers. they are running about 50/50 between those who think gps got him out of the ticket and those who don't think so the. caltrain is in a state of fiscal emergency and. to cost riders. board is dealing with a $30 million budget deficit and declared a fiscal emergency this week. cuts could include fewer weekday trains and suspension of all weekend service. there could be a 25 cent fare hike. the board is also talking about closing the south san francisco belmont is, santa clara and san
7:52 am
bruno stations. we have much more ahead for you coming up. still ahead, our pet of the week. we're going to show you this little pet who is ready for a forever home. we'll be right back.
7:53 am
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good morning to you. take a live look at the golden gate bridge. traffic moving smoothly. tomorrow, there will be a change in weather so if you have some driving to get in, do it today. finally this morning, our pet of the week. elizabeth lavorert joins us with buddy, who is -- looks exactly like a golden retriever but he is not. >> he might be a corgi, dachshund mix. he's just kind of a short guy. sweet package. he's about 25 pounds, about 5 years old. just as sweet and nicely tempered as a golden retriever. he's what i call a hope body or
7:55 am
home buddy. >> he's a very crow dog. he likes to sit at your feet when you're on computer or on your lap watching tv. follow you around the house. he's a sweet dog. >> he's ready to go home. >> he's been in my home for three weeks as a foster dog. >> i know him pretty well. he is house broken. >> we always like to hear that. >> that's the number one question i get asked. >> he looks very smiley and is where anyone can find information about buddy or any of the other animals available for adoption. you do awesome work with him. thank you so much. and is for buddy. we're also going to get a check of the forecast and see if today is a good dog walking day. >> it should be. but outdoors today, it looks pretty nice. things are actually still dry around the bay area. i know we've got clouds spilling in. no worries about rain right now. if you're heading up to lake
7:56 am
county, mendocino keep the, that is where the rain line sets up this afternoon. we've got a lot of moisture streaming right in across an eureka. as you widen out, some tropical moisture just north of hawaii aiming in on the california/oregon border for today and eventually, we'll see that slide to the south. last weekend, we had highs in the mid 40s. brought us these beautiful pictures like we had from our weather watchers. this was around san martinen last weekend. it was cold enough for showers to drop snow. that's all about what last weekend was about with highs in the fourtz. hour by hour, our temperatures already too warm to include any low snow in the forecast today. a few high clouds drifting through through the morning. our temperatures through 8:00, 40s to maybe low 50s outside. as we head towards lunchtime, our temperatures looking nice. 50s and 60s by noon. mid 60s around gilroy. as we wrap up the day, 0 your
7:57 am
temperatures warming up perhaps close to 70 degrees. this will be down towards morgan hill and gilroy. what's going to happen around 3:00, we'll likely see more clouds spilling in. as typical, that will block out some of the sun, too. i think it's going to be pretty mild around the south bay. in the north bay, that rain line starts to drop into sonoma county as we head towards the evening and eventually the rain will spill further south as we make our way into the afternoon. here you look at the seven-day forecast. our temperatures tomorrow mostly cloudy day. i think we're going to see scattered showers. cooler temperatures for your outdoor plans and walking the dog today, definitely your day. chris, back to you. >> thank you very much. skateboarders will appreciate this one. the san tan cruz surfer has entered uncharted waters this morning. a kick flip on i an surf board. surfer zoll tan torkos in santa cruz. is he likely to win $10,000 big
7:58 am
ones for that nimable maneuver. the kick flip contest has gone without a winner for almost four years. he is the first to document the trick on camera. they have not made an official announcement about the award just yet. here's something we can't get enough of. stuff of fairy tale weddings, the handsome groom. in case you missed it earlier, check it out again. sonoma county couple wanted to get off to a beautiful start. a beach wedding and then this happened. ♪ >> oh my! >> oh. >> the groom had his phone in his pocket, but even worse than that, his wedding ring slipped off, too. still, the couple is still smiling. they're laughing. and you know, they're happy to share their wedding moment with the whole world. we're not laughing at their expense. thank you for joining us today.
7:59 am
we'll be back with you bright and early sunday morning. is the rain is going to be returning. so you'll want to tune in for rob's forecast. have a great day. see you tomorrow. [ dog barking ] mom! breakfast? in this house? in the morning i can use all the help i can get. that's why i love nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread that's perfect on multigrain toast and even whole-wheat waffles. it's a quick and easy way to give my family a breakfast they'll want to eat. and nutella is made with simple, quality ingredients, like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa.


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