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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 7, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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a bay area high schooler goes on trial today for a killing spree. good morning, i'm christie smith are. you starting to splurge on your golf tee times and fancy desserts? these are signs that the economy is on the upswing. and there are signs in walnut creek as well. we'll show you coming up in a live report. female decoys used to catch men in bad situations and investigators say a local police officer was part of a conspiracy. so this morning there are new concerns that more officers could be involved. a live look outside this morning, a windy start to the day, but i think they are winding down.
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it is monday, march 7th, "today in the bay." good monday morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. straight up 6:00 this morning. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll look at the forecast with christina. good morning to you. winds are not above 20 miles per hour sustained, but we have a gusty situation in fairfield and concord where you are closest to the system of low pressure pulling out of the area right now. and here it is, we have low pressure right here just off to our east. it is going to continue to move off to the east as throughout the day today we see lingering activity along 580 to the east of livermore. take it easy out there. breezy conditions. it will be the case throughout the day today as we talk more like 5 to 10 miles per hour as opposed to 10 to 20. we'll find out how the drive looks on a monday morning this morning. not so bad, but the north bay has a new incident with a disabled vehicle reported following folks southbound out of san rafael.
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we are talking about mist and drizzle with slicker conditions, but an eight-minute drive down in novato down to the richmond/san rafael bridge. there's the exit of 451 there. further southbound 101 at lucky drive we have a disabled vehicle in the middle lane. we'll watch to let you know if chp has traffic breaks, but so far the speeds are okay. a lighter volume there. moving to the maze with a smooth flow of traffic across the richmond/san rafael bridge down the east shore freeway to the maze, there's the toll plaza with the volume increasing slowly. it is a little lighter than we typically see on a monday. 6:02 right now. this morning there are signs the economy is starting to turn around. in downtown walnut creek where shopping and dining are nearly considered sports, things are looking up. today in the bay's christie smith is live near broadway plaza this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have been getting mixed messages on the economy, but if you believe business writers they say to look to the small
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things. people are spending more money on desserts going out the to restaurants, spending more time on tee times and replacing your tattered underwear are signs of things on the upswing. here in walnut creeks there are signs of things changing. there's a new neiman marcus opening in the year 2012. the city's economy could be on the upsing after hitting lows according to new budget projections. the mayor says there are two key indicators of property and sales tax rev new starting to level off instead of declining. and car dealers say people are starting to get into a buying mood. they are even starting to hang out the help wanted signs at some of these dealerships. but it is not all sunshine. some money that was expected to come in to help close a budget gap isn't coming in. but a little corky thing just suggests that people are starting to open up their wallets. >> demand for packaging for cardboard boxes and the like have started to go up, an indication of them buying more.
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>> reporter: now a big bite out of your personal budget is likely to come at the gas station which could put a damper on this recovery in san jose. for instance, the average gallon of gasoline is now costing $3.89. that's up 12 cents since just last week and up nearly 84 cents from this same time last year. that's the latest from here, reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith for "today in the bay." >> i have to admit i have never heard the economy tied to used underwear. that's interesting. >> reporter: i hasn't either, but i guess you just let the thread go in your underwear. if you have more money you go to get the fancy ones. good news for san jose this morning as a major deal has been struck between san jose firefighters and city leaders. it will help the city budget and also may pave the way for other union negotiations. firefighters volted over the weekend and agreed to a new contract that slashes their pay and benefits by 10%.
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it is a step in the right direction and mayor chuck reed says other unions now need to follow suit. >> if a couple of our unions we don't have proposals from yet, and others are saying no because they are in denial. the facts are really difficult to deny now. we are in a huge problem next year with a big shortfall of $110 million, more or less, and we have to make some changes. >> critics claim that the 10% is not enough because it will really won't affect the san jose budget problem itself. san jose firefighters are in the top five in the nation in terms of pay. the city council is expected to vote on this proposal on tuesday to approve the new contract. 6:05 right now. new this morning an oakland police officer fired after shooting an killing an unarmed man in 2008 will be rehired. officer hector himinez shot a man after a car chase in the fruitvale neighborhood. he shot the man in the back when he tried to run from officers.
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it was the second time in seven months he had shot and killed an unarmed man. after his dismissal he contested his treatment by the city. and under an ash trax agreement he'll be reinstated and given backpay. we do not know when gym nez will return to duty or where he'll be assigned. allegations of police corruption is now spreading across the east bay. more officers from a number of agencies are under investigation after a third enforcement officer has been arrested. marla tellez is live in mart niz with a look at the new claims as this investigation widens. marla? >> reporter: good morning, brent. yeah, the latest officer to be arrested is a danville police officer, steven tenabe is his name. he's expected to appear at this contra costa courthouse in superior court to be arraigned coming up. now, over the weekend he posted a $260,000 bail out of the county jail here in martinez
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also over the weekend. the 47-year-old who works on the danville police force as a contracted officer from the contra costa county sheriff's department faces drug and conspiracy charges. and the investigation into norman welsh and chris butler. welsh is the commander of the state's now suspended drug enforcement team known as cnet based in contra costa county. and butler is a private investigator with a firm in concord. prosecutors allege tenabe and welsh would steal drugs from evidence lockers and bulletler would sell the drugs. it is alleged that butler would pay tenabe to arrest men for drunk driving in an attempt to tarnish their reputations in contentious divorce proceedings. we went to te in tenabe's home last night and he says he's innocent. >> the only thing i'll say is i'm not guilty of this, it is guilt by association. other than that i cannot comment on it because i have been ordered not to.
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>> reporter: welsh and butler pleaded not guilty in court last week and have since posted bail. all three are former antioch police officers who worked in the department in the late 1990s. that's according to the contra costa times. tenabe is expected to be here arraigned this morning. we are working to get the information to you as to when he'll be here. live in martinez this morning, marla tellez for "today in the bay." thank you. meantime, the teenager accused of plotting and killing some at a san mateo high school will be on trial today. alexander ushak walked into hillsdale high school armed with a chain saw, sward and ten pipe bombs intending to kill as many as possible. two of the bombs did explode but nobody was hurt. ushak entered an insanity plea and could face life in prison. opening statements are slated for 9:00 this morning. hundreds of pg&e workers are
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working around the clock to find documents on its natural gas pipeline system. trucks have been dropping off boxes of records to the area in daly city. the state upc ordered pg&e to produce records of the pipeline by march 15th. the search comes after investigators found a faulty pipe that is believed to be the origin of the san bruno gas explosion that killed eight people. the time is 6:09. we want to check in with christina. the big deal the morning is the wind as you head out. >> we have winds sustained at 15 miles per hour in places like oakland. a little bit stronger in hayward at 18 miles per hour. but we were waking up with winds in excess of 21 miles per hour earlier. so this is a good sign. we'll continue to see clearing as we head throughout the afternoon as well. we have a little bit of shower activity lingering in the east bay hills, but that's also moving out. breezy conditions as low pressure moves out. high pressure builds in. the two combine to make a tight
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pressure gradient. so we are talking about windy conditions for the first part of the day turning into more of a breeze by 10:00 a.m. then the breezy conditions die down by 5:00 p.m. 51 in hayward. we are starting out really warm. as a result we'll end with temperatures pretty comfortable this time of the year. 63 in san francisco. the average high is 60. a little bit above average for today, 63 in oakland. 65 degrees in fremont. now we do have a little bit of shower activity anticipated within the next five or six days. it looks like the best chance will be thursday, about a 30% chance then. then you have a 20% chance on wednesday as well. we are going to watch this next weathermaker making its way closer to the bay area. don't forget, the leprechauns are coming out on saturday for st. paddy's day. we'll take it out to livermore area where near dublin we are having a parade. christina will be there on saturday as well.
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that's grade news. i think your mom is coming, too. she said her mom will be there as well. we are looking at a lovely commute out of the altamont pass. an 1846 minute drive, 18-minute drive. westbound highway 4 is still seeing speeds hovering just above 55 coming through antioch. maybe dipping around 50 near g and l street. it is just a really nice drive through the area coming to concord in the east bay hills. we have a 19-minute drive off the cartinas bridge down the east shore freeway. you are averaging 60 miles per hour there. no metering lights yet, but we'll follow this as they turn on in 15 to 20 minutes. the north bay has a little relief. you can see the southbound 101 near lucky drive with an incident. the disabled vehicle just cleared from the lanes. now back to you. the time is 6:11. still to come on "today in the bay," the google executive that helped spark the egyptian revolution gets invited to mingle with the world east most interesting people. we'll tell you how to see his
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speech coming up. and alec baldwin's next movie role is in a musical. you can see the show that started it all right here in the bay area. 669, you are looking at what could be the bay area's newest area code. we'll tell you who could be getting that coming up. and a live look at the bay bridge. the camera is not shaking as much as earlier. as christina said, the winds are dying down. a beautiful day as your start your day on a monday morning. mary! hey! wo you look great! thanks! it's this new wish yourself thin pgram. i just wish it and it happens. it's probably those fiber one bars you're eating. i know they help me stick to my diet. the bars are 90 calories and the fiber helps you feel full. 90 calories and high fiber. so that's why this diet thing is working. but it's weird because my wish for lorenzo came true.
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good monday morning to you. we are taking a live look outside waiting for the sun to officially come up. a little windy start to your day. 6:14 right now. >> are you a 415 or a 925 or a 510? if you are a 408 you may soon
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have a new number. bob redell is live in san jose with the 411 on the 669. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, brent. fingers here in the south bay are about to getten an extra workout when it comes to making a phone call. right now you press seven digits to get a local call in silicon valley because there's no area code besides 408. by the end of next year a local call could be ten diblts long. they are looking to add a second area code for silicon valley. 669, which would become the seventh area code in the bay area. if you are 408 already, two things could happen. the commission could split the 408ers, one half keeps 408 and the other half migrates to 669. or the other option is 408ers stay 408 and new customers become 669.
6:16 am
>> why would you add another area code to what we already have in recycle the old numbers. i'm sure there are numbers from when i was a kid that aren't being used right now to bring back. >> reporter: you seem pretty dead set about keeping 408. >> it is ridiculous. we have enough area codes to remember as it is and they just added a couple years ago. now you are going to add more? it makes no sense. >> reporter: that's a lifetime 408er that doesn't want to see his number change. the reason this is happening is because the area code has been exhausted. there are probably 8 million numbers. let's say a company needs to get a set of numbers in a 408 exchange, what happens is the phone companies assign them in blocks of 1,000, even if the company only needs a couple hundred numbers. they still get 1,000. so what happens is those numbers are still assigned and therefore unavailable for use. so the california public
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utilities commission is holding hears on this issue next week in san jose, lo gatos and morgan hill as well. if it does go into effect, it won't be until the end of 2012. you still have time to get used to it. >> man, that means i have to reprogram all my contacts in my phone. hang on to your tie, bob. thanks. 6:17 right now. fresh off hosting the academy awards, actor james franco is in the bay area to film a documentary. the palo alto native is shooting a behind-the-scenes look into he making of a play developedc: by his mother. the stage production chronicles high school life through a teenager's eyes. franco's brother is also helping out designing the sets. and "30 rock" star alec baldwin is going to show off his singing voice. he just joined the cast for the movie version of the broadway musical "rock of ages." baldwin plays a rock club owner
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in the '80s set musical. tom cruise is also headlining the cast. "rock of ages" stage production is at the current theater in san francisco starting on wednesday. rumors are flying that the popular bravo show "real housewives" is planning a season in the bay area, but it could be an online hoax. a recent craigslist ad for, housewives living acc1: fluent lifestyle was listed on the website. bravo is denying involvement, owever a "real housewives"cc1: producer tweeted his denial of the reports. e's no longer denying thecc1: reports. we don't know if maybe there's truth to it. 6:18 right now. bob ard the winds oncc1: redell's live shot a moment ago. we'll go to christina. >> guys, i have been watching the winds all morning long, i c: know what's happening out there. we have the system of low pressure that brought us the rain showers yesterday. we didn't pick up anything
6:19 am
heavy, mostly under a half inch. the north bay saw the most rain, but at this time the winds are still pretty strong. they are coming down, though, in some spots, but they are gusting a little bit heavier now in fairfield where we have sustained winds at 22 miles per hour, for instance. then we have a wind speed at 18 miles per hour in hayward.cc1: so as we head throughout the morning hours we are expecting some of these winds to continue to die down along the peninsula. it will be gusty in the east bay hills for the next hour or two as this is what the situation is. this is what's happening. we have low pressure here just off to our east. it is pulling out and then high pressure is moving in. you have the clockwise flow from high pressure. your counterclockwise flow is working against it creating a tight pressure gradient. and as a result we do have breezy conditions, but that system of low pressure is moving out of the area. as it continues to retreat off to the east we'll see the winds come down this afternoon. your drive home tonight will be much easier if you are someone who drives a high-profile
6:20 am
vehicle than what we are experiencing this morning. 1 in hayward, 50 in sunnyvalec: right now. 48 degrees in san mateo. we'll end up in the 60s today under a lot of sunshine. today looks really nice for outdoor plans if you had to postpone them over the weekend because of the showers. 63 in redwood city. 62 in los gatos. 63 degrees in san jose. just hold on to your hats for probably another couple hours. then the winds will really start to relax. back to you guys. thank you. 6:20 right now. san mateo is hoping to turn coastal people's trash into more treasure. see why it is raising trash rates coming up. the egyptian google exec goes from revolution to guest speaker. and the "today" show expands online. technology news is ahead. and better news for the north bay with an accident clearing from there, but we have two new incidents affecting you out of the maze. that's coming up in your traffic report. and a live look outside this morning. again, we are keeping an eye on the morning commute and your forecall day a cc1:cc1:
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6:24 am
you are out and about. >> look at how it shakes our cameras there. >> if you are going across one of the bridges, that could be a factor. we'll check the morning commute with mike now. >> i see the same thing. look at the wind, don't look at the air. good stuff. we'll look here at the map where we have two incidents as you are leaving the maze. the upper deck is seeing a disabled vehicle near treasure island. that will be an issue for you through the area. southbound you just saw a live shot of oakland, that will be an issue near fruitvale with reports of debris in the lanes. watch for that. it is part of an accident, so that could be a problem. reportedly in the slow lane. we'll let you know if they do a traffic break. that's heading south to the coliseum at the bottom of the screen. here's a wider shot of the maps near the bridges. the san mateo and dumbarton bridges both got a wind advisory. the accident at the dumbarton toll plaza is cleared. the wind has not cleared for the area, there could be a gust or two, but things are dying down a bit. not so bad near the high-rises and the bridges.
6:25 am
the south bay is showing you close to the limit for the northbound routes. these are all northbound routes i picked out. no problems near the santa cruz mountains. here's a live act look at the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights on. people living in san mateo are going out to dump more money to have their trash picked up. rates will be picked up by 23%. the typical bill will jump to $48. the city wants the repay old debts and cover the costs of waste disposal. how about take a dollar spend a dollar? alliance credit union will hand out $1 bills between 11:30 and noon today at the san jose state university. it is meant to encourage people to invest in small local businesses and ultimately have a
6:26 am
sustainable vital future for everybody. if they happened out a free dollar there, then you keep the dollar and save it. >> some people may, some people may not. 6:25 right now. that google exec we have been talking about who helped lead the revolution in egypt is peeking out. >> wael ghonim is down in long beach. the invitation-only mega expensive gathering features the most interesting people in the world. while it is hard to get into, it is easy to watch internet videos like this available on the internet. now, ghonim's video was just posted. check out meanwhile, google is monitoring internet traffic out of libya. it says traffic has fallen to near zero. the first sign that the gadhafi government is trying to deny citizens access to the net. i checked twitter a little bit ago, some of the more prolific
6:27 am
libyan twitterers are still tweeting. it is something to watch. who would ever think that the dictators would try to steamy a resolution by cutting off access to facebook. don't worry, hoda and kathy lee have access to the internet. in fact, "the new york times" says tomorrow nbc will launch a new version of the "today" show online. the new site is that will be at 4:30 our time. there's a special webcast. now, in the past nbc has tried to put all of its shows on one internet umbrella. right now, i kid you not, the official website url for the "today" show is now it will be a little easier. new underwear and a little extra dessert. we'll look at the signs the economy is making a comeback
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coming up in a live report. also, a big money drug scandal involving officers who are paying to protect you could be bigger than investigators first thought. themarla tellez. report.z comominining upn mymymy [ male announcer ] it's 2011 and everything is different. different jobs... ♪ ...different challenges. ♪ different opportunities. ♪ so why would universities stay the same? ♪ university of phoenix, because an educated world is a better world. university of phoenix,
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[ female announcer ] enjoy the fresh, 100% natural choice in cottage cheese. ♪ have a good daisy ♪ have a good daisy coming up on "today in the bay," the east bay city that could be an indicator that the economy is making a comeback. we'll see why. and the investigation into an east bay corruption and drug scandal involving law enforcement officers may just be the beginning. good morning, i'm marla tellez. my live report is coming up from martinez. the bay area dog owners are howling mad that some off leash areas could be going away. see what they are doing about it tonight. and a live look outside this
6:31 am
morning. a little b.a.r.t. is making its way under the bridge. it is monday, march 7th, "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. 6:31 right now. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll look at the forecast with christina. we talked about the winds out there earlier, are they dying down? a little bit. we'll see a couple hours of breezy conditions as the pressure gradient is tight right now. i don't need to draw the highs and lows on the map for you because you can see the cloud cover coming in and around a big amplifying big ridge of high pressure. it is working against the counterclockwise flow, the system of low pressure is moving out to bring us the showers yesterday. and the two combined created a tight pressure gradient throughout the east bay hills this morning. take it easy headed that way. we'll see changes heading throughout the next couple of hours with the wind dying down each and every hour before we hit 10:00 a.m. then by noon we are talking
6:32 am
about breezy conditions, maybe a few lingering showers at that time over the east bay hills where we have some moisture that will not go anywhere this morning. it is all part of that system which is slowly but surely moving out. it will take a little while to do so. temperatures this morning are in the upper 40s to low 50s. it is pretty comfortable out there. bring a jacket or something to take off later. we have temperatures in the 60s heading throughout the afternoon. we'll tell you what's to come for the remainder of the week coming up. we'll check the drive right now with mike inouye. a note for folks heading south on 880 down past fruitvale. we have debris in the lanes. it is currently blocking the slow lane. and treasure island and the upper deck have reports of a stalled vehicle. slow lanes are blocked there with the metering lights turning on slower. a live shot shows things backing up near the 880 overcrossing. the speeds are slowing for the cycle with the metering lights keeping things moving on the upper deck. back to the approach, it is a smooth drive.
6:33 am
that's not a surprise, but the issue here is coming out of antioch. 51 is just dipping in speeds. back to you. we have an update now on the allegations of police corruption that is spreading across the east bay. more officers from a number of agencies are under investigation after a third officer is arrested. and "today in the bay's" marla tellez is following this story from martinez this morning. she's got the latest claims as the investigation seems to be widening here. marla? >> reporter: good morning, brent. so far as many as four bay area departments are being looked at for their ties to this case. the latest is that danville police officer, he was arrested on friday. his name is steven tenabe. he's expected to appear at the con california costa c courthouse. over the weekend he posted a $260,000 bond out of the county jail also here in martinez. the 47-year-old works in danville for the contra costa county sheriff's department as a
6:34 am
contracted patrol officer. he faces drug and conspiracy charges in the investigation into norman welsh and chris butler. welsh is the commander of the state's now suspended drug enforcement team known as cnet based in contra costa county. and butler is a private investigators with a firm in concord. prosecutors allege tenabe and welsh would steal drugs from evidence lockers and then butler would sell those drugs. it is also alleged butler would pay tenabe to arrest men for drunk driving all in an attempt to tarnish their reputations and nasty divorce proceedings. we went to tenabe's home in alamo last night where he says he's innocent. >> the only thing i'll say is that i'm not guilty of this and it is guilt by association. and other than that i can't comment on it because i have been ordered not to. >> reporter: welsh and butler both pleaded not guilty in court last week. and both have since posted bail
6:35 am
as well. now interesting here, all three are former antioch police officers who worked in that department in the late 1990s. that's according to the contra costa times. now, again, tenabe is expected to be arraigned at contra costa superior court where we are working to find out when he will be arraigned and we'll bring that information to you when we do know. live in martinez, marla tellez for "today in the bay." thank you very much, marla. meantime, a 16-year-old is caught accused of robbing a fast food restaurant at gunpoint. police say he didn't do a very good job of hiding his loot. livermore police say they saw the suspect riding a bike still carrying the stolen cash and a gun. the robbery happened just before 6:30 saturday night at a pop eye's chicken on los pacitas road. the same teenager robbed a denny's in the shopping center last week. break new negotiations in san jose are now in the hands of the city council.
6:36 am
firefighters agreed to a new contract over the weekend to slash pay and benefits by 10% but saves swrobs. jobs. city leaders say it is a step in the right direction. mayor chuck reed says other unions need to follow suit. critics claim the 10% cut is not enough because it will not fix san jose's budget problems. the local economy is showing signs of life this morning, especially in shopping and dining meccas like walnut creek. christie smith is live near broadway plaz zpa with new numbers this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. business writers think they have this figured out, it is the small things. if you see people splurging on desserts or buying fancy new underwear, these are signs the economy is turning around. now in 2012 shoppers in walnut creek at broadway plaza are kicking it up a notch with a new neiman marcus coming in. and the major here thinks after some rocky times walnut creek is showing signs of a turnaround.
6:37 am
there are two key indicators, property and sales tax revenues are leveling off and car dealers are saying sales are pretty good. it turns out 30% of walnut creek's sales tax rev new is from car sales. it is not all good news. the money expected to close the budget gap isn't coming in, but the corky indicators are certainly looking good overall. >> they will only order entrees and skip the appetizers and desser desserts. in recent months they have started ordering desserts again. >> reporter: the cloud can be found right at your local gas station averaging $3.89 a gallon in san jose. that's up nearly 50 cents from just a month ago. i guess if it stays like this you can ride your bicycle down to neiman marcus. reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith for "today in the bay." >> you have to do more than ride your bike to save pennies for neiman marcus.
6:38 am
thank you. people are passionate about their dogs as we well know in the bay area. that's why the debate over dog walking and their rules have become a little bit heated. the fashional parkervice will host more meetings this week gathering feedback from the public on plans for managing dogs in the golden gate national recreation area. that includes some 21 locations in san francisco, marin and san mateo counties. today's meeting runs from 4:00 in the afternoon to 8:00 this evening. one of them is at fort mason. there's another meeting on wednesday at the cabrio school in pacifica. there's also going to be a rally to save off-leash dog walking areas set to kickoff at 5:30 in the parking lot. the golden gate management and their plan proposes eliminating the off-leash areas and protesters are fighting to keep certain areas just for off-leash dog walking. hopefully it is a good day
6:39 am
to go walk the dog out there. nice weather on tap, christina? >> yeah, if you like to walk the dog in the rain you want to go out right now. but if you want the sun, just wait a couple hours. it is pretty breezy with wind speeds near 22 and 10 miles per hour. gusty in some locations, but that will change today as we have a tight pressure gradient with high pressure moving in. the clouds are arcing around this area of clearing. this is the clear sky we'll have overhead later on today. we do have a system of low pressure pushing off to the east. that is is creating a tight pressure gradient. the two are working against each other this morning. we have very windy conditions this morning as a result. and that will be the case until that system finally clears the area at about noon today. breezy conditions and little bit of shower activity along 580 in livermore. take it easy through there. temperatures are comfortable in the 60s later on. we have a lot of sunshine in terms of this week. we'll take you through the extended forecast coming up.
6:40 am
now to mike and your morning drive. we have the showers lingering throughout 580 as you have been showing us all morning. that could be the reason why we see slowing here where we don't in some of the other spots through the east bay. a little lighter volume overall for monday, but the altamont pass is bogging down through central livermore. the rest of the approach to the maze is looking good for travel times close to the speed limit or 55 at the worst. that's a bonus for you folks. the bay bridge has a backup, so you have to get there to wait in this line. they slowed the metering lights because of a disabled vehicle on the upper deck. we'll end with this shot as you see the back as we watch s we wthat these few seconds. more news is on the other side of this break.
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secretary of defense robert gates is making a special surprise appearance in afghanistan. and it comes during political tensions. afghanistan's president refused an apology from the u.s. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live with more on gates' visit. >> reporter: we got word early this morning of the surprise visit to afghanistan by secretary gates. defense secretary gates touched down in kabul and spoke with american troops there thanking them for their sacrifices and talking about the critical role they will play, especially in upcoming months as we start to pull back from the security operations there. he said they are working to
6:44 am
improve security but that it was a tough winter and it will be an even tougher spring and summer. after that he met with president hamid karzai, the focus of this trip, the white house says, the administration says is to work out the timetable of handing over security forces from nato troops and u.s. troops to the afghan people and to the afghan military and the police there. that is something that president karzai has been working on. he is soon to announce a timetable for this. it is scheduled to start in july and go through 2014. but karzai has had some concerns of late, especially about civilians, innocent civilians being killed in afghanistan. you talked about that apology regarding nine children who were killed last week by nato forces. also while there secretary gates will be visiting the south and the east where they have recently had security problems. >> some difficult times still ahead. thank you. 6:44 right now. santa clara hopes to beat the
6:45 am
clock to transfer money it wants to use for a planned 49ers stadium. the city council will meet with two city agencies tomorrow to talk about how to keep the state funds that governor jerry brown wants to eliminate. as part of the state's budget proposal the governor plans on permanently shutting down local redevelopment agencies in california. state lawmakers are set to vote on the plan on wednesday. santa clara hopes to transfer the money to the stadium authority before it gets taken away. there will be a world series rematch today in arizona. the giants play host to the texas rangers but without nearly as much at stake as last time they met. the game starts after the 6:00 deadline. brian wilson made his spring training debut yesterday facing three batters, but he got them all out. two were strikeouts as the giants beat the mariners. the a's play the mariners today at 12:056789 they lost to the padres yesterday. oakland shortstop cliff pennington made his spring training debut. he was recovering from surgery
6:46 am
on his left shoulder. the gales play gonzaga for the wcc championship tonight. the winner goes to the big dance. st. mary's beat santa clara last night to make it to the championship. if they want to win the wcc for the third year in a role, the gales must play better than last week when they lost to gonzaga. well-known women and men will be inducted into the bay area sports hall of fame. inductees include dwight clark, george seifert, julie inkster and frank tatum. inkster is a 27-year veteran of the lpga tour while tatum brought the world cup to san francisco.
6:47 am
good week to hit mammoth. good week. we are looking pretty good around here locally as well as we kickoff this next workweek. temperaturerise right now pretty comfortable in the upper 40s to low 50s. it is feeling cooler in cities like napa, oakland, hay ward, we have a sustained wind in excess of 15 miles per hour. take it easy if your drive a high-profile vehicle. a lot of the highways had an opportunity to dry out overnight along the peninsula and north bay. we have a bit of lingering activity in the east bay to the east of livermore along 580. if you are headed that way, watch out for slick conditions. and because we are starting out so warmer with going to see temperatures today that are down right comfortable. 50 degrees right now in sunnyvale. it will turn to 64 degrees later. 63 in san jose. 65 degrees in fremont. now last week we had to deal with several rounds of rain. this week looks much different, much dryer as a whole. 62 degrees, a few more clouds by wednesday. and then our next round of rain,
6:48 am
only a 30% chance right now, looks like rate thursday into friday. but we are not expecting much. maybe a couple hundreths of an inch in precipitation of rain for the south bay. by saturday for the dublin parade, i'm not talking about dublin, ireland, dublin, california. it should stay dry for the parade. >> sound like fun. bob redell is the life of the party, or he thinks he is. he'll have tough competition this week. and the white house is talking about some drastic measures to lower gas prices. but some people don't think it is a good idea. and charlie sheen seems to like being charlie sheen. however, he wouldn't mind being brian wilson either. a live look outside at the camera shaking in this shot as it has been all morning long. the winds are hopefully dhopefu down this morning. it is 6:48 right now. ry out hand. new gold bond ultimate hand sanitizer sheer moisture. kills 99% of germs without alcohol.
6:49 am
new gold bond hand sanitizer sheer moisture.
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spoon in a little new philly cooking creme. good morning to you. a live look outside at a lot of buses crossing the golden great bridge right now. traffic is appearing to be flowing smoothly. we'll check the commute coming up. you can get free breakfast for a year if you are one of the first 50 people at the campus of hayward and go to einstein bagels restaurant. it gets going at 9:00 this morning. only the first 50 people in line are eligible. i want to check the morning commute. we'll check it now with mike. >> i will show you the golden gate bridge. here's a closer look here as we move around the bridge. you can see there are green speed indicators of cars around the area indicating speeds close to the limit. that's until you hit city streets. the northbound side has reports
6:52 am
of a pothole. the pothole was reported so big by the person crossing the bridge that they could see the water below. that's on the northbound side. there are only two northbound lanes as you see traffic flowing smoothly through the area, but make sure you follow us on facebook and twitter to fellow the changes. traffic is flowing smoothly here. we'll get you back out to the maps where we'll show you the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. things are calming down a bit there as far as winds, but we'll take a live look at the san mateo bridge. the camera is still shaking from time to time on the hayward side. also what's developing with the wind is a haze. it is not a problem for the drive, but you can't see the peninsula side. as the sun comes up it will get bright before it burns off. bring the sunglasses down 101. we'll get you a look at the bay bridge here. the toll plaza is backed up because the metering lights were
6:53 am
turned on slowing with a disabled vehicle blocking a lane near treasure island. things are clear from the upper -- but that was enough to cause the backup here back to the maze. you can see the camera shaking a bit near the toll plaza as well. watch the gusty winds. >> and all those cars are tanking gas. and the gas prices have been skyrocketing lately. and the white house is talk about taking drastic measures. they are talking about tapping into the nation's oil reserves. the u.s. has 727 million barrels of oil stored underground along the gulf coast. the white house hopes using the reserves will help ease the pain at the pump but some experts say it is not a good idea. >> if we are putting ourselves in the hands of probably the most frail antiquated regime in the middle east, they will be setting your gas price. >> what we need to do is find more of our own energy, that means explore offshore. >> the u.s. has not tapped into the reserves since hurricane
6:54 am
katrina. gas has risen 50 cents in the bay area in the past month alone. gas buddy dot com has the price heat map. it is registered $3.20 in the areas in green. not in california. places over $3.80 a zbal gallon are in the deep red, literally. california red is all over the state. only part of country seeing higher prices is new york city. >> they have a little blip. there's one place to celebrate ash wednesday is new orleans. that brings us to bob redell. >> reporter: i have my plane ticket, my bags are packed, i got my beads because right now i'm heading out to the big easy. in just under 24 hours -- i'll be reporting on fat tuesday for
6:55 am
us and all the other nbc stations across the country. you know, our bosses did ask for volunteers for this assignment. there were no takers, so i figured i would take the hit for the team. brent, i appreciate you letting me take this, but it is not me. i'm not a girl. i'm going to give this back and leave it here with rafael. you can keep that and celebrate at home with that. it is a cute mask, and i'm sure you look adorable in it. anyway, i'm out of here. see you guys in 24 hours somewhere high above bourbon street. look for me tomorrow. happy fat tuesday. >> i don't know if the station told you, bob, it is a one-way ticket. >> reporter: do you hear me complaining? it is windy out here. i'm freezing my tail off here. it is supposed to be one of the hottest mardi gras and the crowds should be bigger than compared to recent years. >> safe travels to you, bob. >> we should call down to new orleans and warn them bob is
6:56 am
coming. speaking of parties out of control, scott mcgrew is checking wall street. i bet that's raging. >> they get away with a lot on wall street. you are talking gas prices. we expect oil prices to cause problems on the dow. the dow industrials are up better than 70 points this morning. local stock cisco systems is moving lower. apple is down with a couple days of louz lousy stock days. charlene sheen created sheen's corner, that's corner with a k. sheen is crazy using technology from youstream. one of the tidbits he reveals on sheen's korner is a tv that plays nothing but apocalypse now on a loop. that's his father martin sheen's movie playing. you know what i like the smell of in the morning?
6:57 am
pancakes. >> not with little kids running around. charlie sheen talked about people he would want to be. >> one of the people apparently is giants' closer brian wilson. here's why. >> brian "fear the beerld" wilson. the man delivers fearing ren jens, hatred, world domination. he is just better than you. >> there you go. wilson did take a trip to sheen's house a few weeks ago. remember that sheen kind of wanted to consult with wilson about sheen's upcoming role. he wants to have another step in the film "major league." sheen plays the pitcher in that film and wants to get inside the brain of a pitcher. >> if you can get inside the brain of will isson or sheen -- >> it is interesting stuff to
6:58 am
get inside there. all right. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we'll have a local news update in a half hour. >> the "today" show is coming up next. have a great day.
6:59 am
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