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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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good evening, i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. the painful anniversary that changed hundreds of lives and also the way many of us view pg&e. tomorrow marks six-month anniversary of the pipeline explosion in san bruno. plenty of politics and finger pointing but also plenty of recovery one stitch at a time. new at 11:00, our jean elle joins us near the site of the explosion with the touching story of a woman who grew up in that neighborhood and is helping to heal it. good evening, jean. >> reporter: good evening. that pipeline exploded behind me. you can see six months later, the neighborhood has a long way to go before it looks like home.
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one woman who grew up here says piecing this tragic story together is helping her heal. >> making the quilt is how i started my own healing process. >> reporter: ann mcdonald presented city council with a special quilt tonight. it honors the hero who saved lives and property and remembers those who were killed in the explosion. six months later, it's still hard for mcdonald to visit her childhood home. >> it's very difficult to go see that. i usually walk down to the corner every time i go home just to look at it again. >> reporter: sewing the story together gave her a chance to reflect on a disaster that changed so many lives. macdonald won't ever forget the kindness. >> and going to the rec center and trying to find clothes for our parents and all the process and you saw people who went down and cooked for people for four days and bought everything people could need and helped out so much. it really reminds you that
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people care. >> reporter: she went to fire stations that responded to the inferno to collect t-shirts. she says talking with firefighters was the most emotional part of piecing her quilt together. >> when i was collecting things and talking to the firemen, because it brought up so much for so many of them, because they saw what it was. and we couldn't be there to see it as it was happening. >> reporter: eight people died in the blast. the mayor attended many of their funerals. his promise now, to never let the san bruno disaster be forgotten. >> my greatest fear is that the hole gets filled and the street gets paved and somebody comes up to me in four or five years and says didn't you guys have a fire or something a few years ago? >> reporter: her quilt will help keep difficult memories fresh. the mayor hopes that will prevent a next time. that quilt will be hung at city hall. as for the people who live in this neighborhood, the fences and empty lots are all the reminders they need. live in san bruno, jean elle, bay area news. >> thank you. almost six months to the day and
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we continue to learn new details. >> tonight the chilling moments leading up to that deadly blast have been revealed. new federal documents show that pg&e pipeline operators knew that a botched repair job in milpitas control station was causing gas to flow uncontrollab uncontrollably. >> however, they couldn't fix the problem remotely, and that set off a chain reaction. >> just a half hour later the pipeline in san bruno exploded. tonight pg&e isn't saying that there's a connection, though. >> also, we're learning the san mateo's d.a.'s office is investigating the 1993 seismic upgrade project. it upgraded pipelines in san bruno but stopped just short of replacing the pipeline that exploded last september. animal control officers in sunnyvale want to know why open boxes of rat poison were found at the dog park.
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more disturbing, the noted left behind. our george kiriyama joins us tonight. george, dog lovers have to be worried and mad at the same time. >> reporter: they are, jessica. you know, animal control officers have put up the orange sign on the front gate. it warns dog owners. what's happened here. but that hasn't stopped them from coming out to the dog park. you have to admit, they're a little more cautious now. >> i mean, i don't know why anyone would do that. >> reporter: that's what dog lovers like paul are asking, why would anyone want to hurt their dogs with rat poison? >> it's crazy. i mean, obviously, they're putting it out there for a reason. if the dogs get into it, then  it's a problem for them. >> reporter: sunnyvale animal control officers say someone who two occasions left open bait boxes of commercial rat poison inside the dog park. one box was left near the front gate. neighbors tell us there was a
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note left behind on one box that said "death to all dogs." >> he's man's best friend. so what's there to not like about dogs? that you will put rat poison out to try to harm them? it's like trying to hurt someone's kid. >> reporter: the city posted this sign on a front gate warning dog owners to be careful. >> it's a big concern. >> reporter: lori and her son, chase, brought their two dogs out for a run. >> this is a much better place for the dogs to be free than running loose in the park. what a place to choose to put poison. >> reporter: paul says he'll continue to come but admits he's now keeping an even closer eye on his dog. >> we're out here all the time. >> reporter: and they're going to keep up this sign here on the front gate for a while. the sunnyvale animal control, we understand, says no dog has ingested any of this poison. we also understand an officer has been out here to this dog park the past few mornings making sure everything is okay.
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we're live in sunnyvale, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. now to a developing story. an earthquake near tokyo has led to a tsunami warning in japan. ergency response teams are assessing the damage as we speak. a sizeable shake, 7.2 in magnitude. the quake hit around noon. the epicenter, you see it here, 9 0 miles northeast of tokyo. according to the usgs, the quake struck almost nine miles underground, shaking buildings and churning up waves along the coast. train lines were temporarily stopped. no immediate reports, though, of damage or injuries. a residence along the coast have been warned to stay away from the shore. a new surveillance video released today could be the key to catch a killer. the video reveals a mystery suspect in a triple homicide at a san jose nightclub. we want to warn you some of this video is violent. the video was taken at the mexicali nightclub back in january. it shows a man running across
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the screen wearing a bulletproof vest trying to drag the bar owner at gunpoint to a waiting suv. the club owner who police say feeling targeted over a drug debt was able to get free but was gunned down by the mystery man in the parking lot. the owner survived. the suspect escaped and remains on the loose. two other attackers were shot by a bar patron before being shot himself. all three men died from their injuries. east bay police are searching for a convicted chil molester who appears to have skipped town after a dramatic courthouse run-in with one of his victims. former pittsburg counselor was last seen on the first day of testimony in his child molestation trial when he came face to face with a 13-year-old witness who according to "the mercury news" fell to the ground sobbing at the sight of him. four days after he went missing, he was convicted of molesting two teenage girls while working as a family counselor in pittsburg. he's now facing eight years in prison and potentially more time
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for ditching his trial. well, please don't stop the music. that's the cry from east bay parents tonight already battered by school cuts. the mt. diablo school district angered teachers, students and parents when announced the closure of two schools next year. tonight there's more pain. our cheryl hurd is live in concord. boy, the hits keep on coming for folks there. >> reporter: they do, jessica. you know, this meeting just ended moments ago. parents and teachers coming out in force. you know, schools are closing in this district. and parents know that more cuts are on the horizon. >> i could not imagine experiencing anything greater than that. >> reporter: you can hear the emotion in concord. parents and students still reeling from the closure of two schools in their district are vowing to fight to keep what they have left. >> i refuse to stand behind the board that treats my children as if they are petty cash and me as
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if i am unintelligent and disposable. >> reporter: the new challenge, $28 million in proposed cuts to help balance the school district's budget. 180 positions could be cut including teachers, custodian, librarians and the entire vocal music program for elementary students. programs that teach students to play instruments are already gone. this is a major blow for students who live in north concord, one of the areas hit hardest by the recession. >> our students need music. you know that music increases test scores. it allows students socializing and expression. >> reporter: the school board president laid out the worst-case scenario. >> i'm concerned that a significant number of the cuts that are located on this list are not possible. because they have to be negotiated. >> reporter: now, this district is waiting to see what happens with the budget battle in sacramento. vote on a tax extension is up in the air.
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reporting live in concord, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. just ahead, a dicey season a scenario, hearing you owe money after you cash out. >> money, it's a thing, but that's a huge amount of money. >> next at 11:00, how your retirement account could put you in debt. the key steps to avoid a financial nightmare. then -- >> i don't want to be a victim. y i don't want to keep a secret about this. >> being accused of being obsessed with sex and taking it too far with employees. and a heist streit h straight out of hollywood. the daring threat of a lamborghini belonging to a celebrity. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. right now 48 novato and 50 in napa. while we're tracking clouds tomorrow morning i the south ng y, we are in for some of the
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what's your story? citi can help you write it. it took a cunning thief in
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san francisco a minute to steal it. a lamborghini reportedly owned by "minute to win it" host guy fieri gone from a swanky car dealership. the thief climbed over rooftops and then rappelled into the showroom where he drove off with a car that looks like this worth $200,000. this was an odd sight. more than a million sardines belly up in a southern california harbor. >> water tests showed no signs of pollution or toxins, but scientists do think they know what killed the fish. >> dead fish so thick that in some places boats were unable to get out of the harbor. look at the scene here. sea birds flocked to the area to feast on these sardines. >> this all happening in redondo beach. our reporter toni ginyard from our nbc station has the story. >> reporter: at king harbor in
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redondo beach -- >> millions of fish laying on the surface. thousands of fish, you know, packed as closely as you can see. very little evidence of life. they're all just dead. >> reporter: fish rather than fishing is what people are talking about. >> between the boats and the docks, you couldn't really see the water. >> reporter: and looking for after the massive early-morning fish die-off. >> literally, you could almost walk from boat to boat if you could stand on a sardine. it was just wall to wall. >> reporter: sardines by the millions blanketed the harbor. state fish and game officials analyzed water and dead sardines to determine why they swam here and how they died. red tide was ruled out early on. but by early afternoon, a theory. >> what appears happened is the ocean was stirred up enough last night where they got confused. they came around the break water, swam down the break water to get away from the wind and to get away from the waves. and the simplest explanation,
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the fish got lost. if they'd have turned right instead of left, this probably wouldn't have happened. >> reporter: it appears there were so many fish, they were deprived the oxygen. >> it seems plausible. >> reporter: most of the dead sardines have been taken to a composting facility. but many more lie out of sight. the cleanup expected to take up so seven days and cost the city $100,000. >> a bunch of fish came in and a bunch of fish left in a trash can. >> reporter: the cleanup is scheduled to begin at daybreak tomorrow. i'm toni ginyard reporting from redondo beach. back to you in the studio. >> the fish took a wrong turn. irchls the founder of hipster clothing brand american apparel is being sued tonight for sexual assault. the lawsuit accuses american apparel founder dove charney of trapping a former employee inside of his manhattan apartment in 2009. irene morales claims charney invited her to his home.
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once inside he sexually assaulted her over the course of several hours. the former employee was 18 at the time. but she says charney's advances started when she was just 17. she claims that he demanded that she send him explicit pictures of herself if she wanted to advance in the company. >> i'm concerned that it could have possibly happened to hundreds if not thousands of women. >> morales is seeking $250 million in damages. charney has been the target of at least two other sexual harassment suits. let's turn your attention now to botched buyouts. imagine cashing out your retirement plan and then finding out months later that there's been a mistake and that you owe half of that money back. that's what happened to a state worker, and it's not the first time. nbc bay area's vicky nguyen has more on how you can be sure that that money really is yours to keep. >> all i saw was a check for $82,000. >> reporter: general that thought she'd be starting a new chapter in her life when she
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cashed out her calpers retirement plan. >> you try to verify it twice. that that was the right amount. >> he said it was correct. and i called him and said, are you sure? they said yes. enjoy your retirement. so i was, like, whoo! >> reporter: she celebrated by investing in her business, the solano green alliance. >> i paid off my debt and did a lot for the community and they help people to get jobs. i was overjoyed and thrilled. yeah. and so i thought i would be able to enjoy my retirement. >> reporter: but that enjoyment was short-lived. janice is four months after cashing her nearly $82,000 check, calpers sen her a notice more than $39,000. but in a letter dated the following day, that number shot to almost $52,000. >> it does make me cry. it's stupid to get emotional about money, it's a thing, but that's a huge amount of money. >> somebody doesn't know what they're doing. >> reporter: this employment attorney is not her attorney. she says she can't afford one.
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but he says he's dealt with dozens of cases where both private companies and state agencies botched their workers' payouts and demanded the money back. we found court documents involving other cases where calpers made mistakes in retirement payments, some of them undiscovered for almost four years. but surprisingly, he says you may be on the hook for up to three years even if you did everything right. >> if you're ever dealing with a large corporation or any government agency, you should assume that whatever is going to go wrong will go wrong. you should keep an accurate record of everyone you ever talked to, their phone number and their address. you should take good notes. >> reporter: generjenna helped e get jobs through the program. she hoped that by taking that early retirement, she could continue to do so through her own nonprofit. >> now i have this huge, enormous debt to pay off. >> reporter: or does she? he says if she can prove she retired early and gave up her
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job based on calpers' promise that she would receive almost $82,000, she may have a case. to keep the cash. vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> after multiple attempts to interview a representative from calpers, the agency finally responded via e-mail, stated the mistake was caused by human error and that it didn't impact other members. the confusion stems from a mixup from her original decision to take monthly payments and then later her decision to take a lump sum payment. if you have a story you'd like us to look into, let us know. e-mail us at tomorrow night, cell phones, eliminating gifts for public employees and he's flying commercial on southwest. but are governor brown's cost-cutting measures more for show or actual savings? that's tomorrow right here on nbc bay area. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri in the weather center. and jeff, you've been saying it
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all week, that tomorrow is going to be a banner day. >> littit is. certainly you'll get your money's worth as we head into tomorrow's forecast. great news and some of the warmest weather of the week will happen tomorrow. we did have a window of sunshine and temperatures in the low to mid-60s in the south bay. also east bay with livermore popping up to 62. right now, bay bridge lights shining bright. low 50s. those lights added in 1986 as part of the bridge's 50th anniversa anniversary. let's get you to our numbers now. and they are cooling off the most in the north bay. 48 novato, 50 napa where we're starting to see patchy fog develop. and it is mainly the north bay where we also still could have areas of drizzle as we start off in the morning with those patchy dense regions of fog. otherwise for wednesday, we'll start to see that gradual warming and that sun coming out from the noon hour right on into the afternoon. while we do have cloud cover offshore, it's continuing to push well off to the north. we're really on the bottom edge of some action here.
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but high pressure's going to continue to build here from the south. it's a really weak and brief stint with this high pressure. if it was going to stay around two to three days, temperatures mid to upper 70s. that's not going to happen. tomorrow mild with temperatures in the 70s. then by thursday, it's not going to stick around long. there is a chance of showers coming back into the forecast. not a big storm system. east bay, cool, low 40s. by 10:00 a.m., popping up close to 60. 48 in san jose. 51 in san francisco. and temperatures in the low to mid-40s in the north bay. tomorrow we said it was good. how's this? i sure hope you like it. i've been playing it up ever since monday. 71 in fremont. 71 in palo alto. right towards san francisco, close to 70 degrees expected for you as well. and as we head over towards the east bay, we'll also see numbers in the upper 60s to low 70s. and that goes for the north bay as well from napa valley and
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santa rosa. and remember, the san francisco giants, you've seen the commercials. you've heard our sports department. the san francisco giants back on nbc bay area 6:05 p.m. on friday. you don't want to miss it. and then you don't want to miss your clock thing happening sunday morning. yes, spring forward as we head into sunday. and also a chance of showers. so tomorrow is the day, as i said earlier, get outside at least once, everyone. >> we still have to come to work, though. >> you do, yes. >> speak for yourself. well, still ahead, do you like facebook? how do you feel about batman? why the two are joining forces and shaking up the tech world.
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it's the battle of two bay area heavyweights. today facebook taking a swipe at netflix. it might change the way you watch movies. >> today warner brothers launched an app that allows you to rent movies on facebook. the cost is 3 bucks and can be viewed for 48 hours. the first movie available, "the dark knight." >> this is the first time a movie studio and social network have gotten together for this type of promotion. warner brothers says it mans to offer more movies on facebook with an option to download and purchase them. shares of netflix, by the way, dropped more than 10%. so it is a big battle. just ahead, laurence scott joining us with sports. the sharks with a thrilling overtime finish at the tank.he whil theri warors meet up with an old friend in baron davis. stay with us.
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go ahead evening. the sharks have 15 more regular-season games to go. nine of them are against the division and nine of them are at home. tonight nashville visiting. and not just entering the tank but also entering the goal. playofflike intensity throughout the game. very up close and personal. first period, the scoring starts with the sharks working the doorstep. fantastic deflection for his 19th.
11:29 pm
every time the sharks took the lead, the predators tied it back up. clowe working the puck moves it to dany heatley who sets up justin braun for his second goal for the sharks in 20 total games. nice contribution from the rookie defenseman. yet it goes to overtime. that's where we bring in patrick marleau and the call from randy hahn. >> patrick marleau skates in, scoots, scores! and he did it again! >> marlowe, 27th. the game winner, 3-2, the final in overtime from the tank. that's nine wins in their last ten games. inch the warriors in cleveland running into an old front new to the cavaliers, baron davis. and if anything, we saw a great battle of wills between davis and former backcourt mate monta ellis. baron in his 19 points gave the warriors something to consider, how to help ellis crank it up in the third quarter where he just went off. 5 of 5 from beyond the arc and 17 points in the third quarter alone. he finished with 24 points and a
11:30 pm
career high six treys. steph curry was also excellent in his own way, sticking with it for a 23-point night, giving the warriors a ten-point lead that they held. the warriors take it and wrap up their road trip in new jersey. the giants had one of those days where you hit the wall and that's about it. in peoria yesterday, scratching out half a dozen runs. today runners crossing the plate. it was a bit for rare. vogelsong getting another start-5 of his 11 outs were strikeouts. watch this, miguel tejada getting great position to make the tag at second. this is the first game of spring that posey did not get a hit. the giants, four total hits. mariners, three, one of them the game-winning rbi. langerhans triples in. giving ford all kinds of trouble in center. one of those days. 1-0, mariners take it. the a's beat the padres 6-2.
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trevor cahill strong. while andy laroche homered for the second straight day. stanford opens the pac-10 tournament in l.a. tomorrow but some dramatic you'v fe goint tse at yigou've got to see. it's championship week and we're back with more next opinion [ male announcer ] breakfast for breakfast. breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open.
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for more than a weekend of march, it's championship week. we take you first to madison square garden. first round of the big east tourney. south florida trailing villanova by one. the game-winning layup with just five seconds left. 'nova blew the second half lead. jay wright? wrong. but the finish of the night, the sun belt conference championship game, the mean green up by two over arkansas-little rock. bozeman hits it with a second remaining. derek fisher's alma mater earns an automatic invite to the tournament in 21 years. d-fish loving it. e u rrtoyoowmo.inwe'll e you to.


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