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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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we'll have reaction from coffee drinkers coming up. >> a live look outside this morning. not a lot of traffic to report on the golden gate bridge. we'll check the commute and the rainy forecast this wednesday, march 16, today in the "bay area living." >> good morning. thanks for joining us. straight up 6:00. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check that forecast right now with christina. >> good morning to you. yeah, we've had some pretty steady rain overnight. most of your highways are on the slick side this morning. but we do have clearing on the way. i'll let you know when your neighborhood is expected the 0 dry out coming up. let's check your drive with mike inouye. good morning. >> good morning. not a good morning for these folks on 580. sudden severe slowing out of the altamont pass. the when and the where for that and the san mateo bridge, a live look shows the camera shaking as we look at the live view because of gusty winds. wet and windy commute.
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>> thank you. we want to get you caught up on the situation in japan. about 50 workers are now back inside a crippled japanese nuclear plant. they left after radiation levels hit a dangerous level. the workers had been trying to cool down the reactors, they were going to pour sea water on them. government leaders are now using helicopters to dump water and boric acid. workers are taking some sections of the plant apart. they think it could prevent more fires. >> also new, trace levels of radiation found in the city water supply near the plant. radiation concerns are also forcing many news agencies including nbc, to pull their reporters out of japan, among them is our own george kiriyama. he has been reporting from mostly in the tokyo area since sunday but he will be coming home. >> president obama says americans should not worry about
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radiation from japan reaching american shores. he says that experts have told him that a nuclear release from japan would probably dissipate before it gets to hawaii much less on to california and the mainland here. >> nuclear radiation concerns rise, the death toll does rise in japan. more than 3700 people are confirmed dead at this hour and nearly 8,000 are still missing. that includes more than half of the population of the town that the earthquake leveled and erased from the map. well over 400,000 are homeless. >> the disaster is having an impact on people half a world away. the bay area's professional soccer team is kicking in to gear to raise money for disaster relief. bob is live again in san jose at the earthquake's training field where players have one goal in mind, to help with disaster
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relief. >> reporter: so what they are going to do this saturday during their home opener, the earthquakes will donate $1 to the disaster relief effort via red cross, per every ticket bought at their opener at 7:30 on saturday. they also, $50 for every save the goalie makes during the season. last season they had almost 120 saves so you can do the math there. a nice chunk of change. which brings us back out live to the earthquake training field. we've got the u-10 team. the vipers. what's their connection to the earthquakes? kelly gray and chris leech current starter they are coaches of the boys and perhaps we're looking at future san jose earthquake players in this crowd. let's find -- hey, tyler, come over here buddy. how are you. good morning. you guys are pretty active,
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let's see, about 6:00 in the morning. i take it you love soccer and is this something you want to do when you get older? >> yes. >> what's it like having professional players coach you as opposed to like a volunteer dad or someone. >> fun. and you don't get do like not that fun stuff. >> so they make it fun and you're still learning at the same time. why do you like soccer? >> because it's an active sport. >> i like your hair, by the way. where's vanay. in gold? where is he? here. come over here, buddy. what, are you 10? you've been playing how many years? >> six. >> you are kind of a veteran, you're in what grade? >> fifth. >> why do you like soccer? >> i love it because my brother plays it, he's really good. >> are you winded right now? been running around a lot at 6:00 in the morning. i'm impressed.
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i thought we would get sleepy heads and you're running around. >> i'm energetic. >> kick that ball for us. that's one of the boys on the vipers. oh! nice try. the home opener against real salt lake, 7:30 at buck shaw stadium this saturday. the san jose earthquakes, you can get more information again the money portions of the ticket sales will go to the victims of the earthquake in japan. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> i love those kids. i'm energetic. it's in my blood. other groups holding a charity concert. the concert will be held at san francisco's clarendon elementary school. it features japanese performances from local schools. everyone is encouraged to make a pot luck dish. donations will be sent to an earthquake relief fund. >> dangers in japan may force
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many american students to return home. the california system is telling exchange students in japan to come back. the chancellor says there are too many health risks to allow exchange students to stay. administrators are making arrangements for some 12 students to come back. students understand. his family and friends are safe, however, they are standing in long lines for food and waiting for news about radiation exposure. >> i can't focus on study i can't like talk to my friends, i just like upset and write in the computer and waiting for e-mail coming back. >> all 23 california state universities are now making plans to evacuate their students. >> the unique shape of the san francisco bay could actually protect most of the surrounding area from a tsunami. the narrow opening of the channel creates a bottleneck
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that will reduce the amount of inland flooding. much of the peninsula would be spared. alameda and the port of oakland would face the brunt. they lie at the end of the channel in direct path of a tsunami. we have more on the disaster in japan. you can go to to get updates any time. >> stop the coffee presses, big news that could impact your morning cup of governy. there are reports that peet's and stafrbucks could merge. christie smith is live with the stunning proposal. >> reporter: good morning, brent. i have to say for us getting up every day at 2:15 in the morning, it's quantity not quality. but for a lot of people this is a critical choice in the morning so hold onto your cup for starbucks drinkers. the company could be merging
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with peet's coffee. for some loyalists they may be gasping at the thought depending on what they drink. pooept's h coffee giant starbucks is valued at $26 billion. a possible deal this big, both ceo's not saying much. it's really not about the coffee shots in general but more about growing the grocery store side selling beans in the store. sounds like an easy switch. coffee seems to create a one track mind. >> i have never tried pizza. i don't know what it's like. i'm used to starbucks. >> reporter: that's all she would say about that. it's estimated that everyville-based peet's could see business double or triple in two to three years under starbucks. it has 192 stores in six sates.
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how likely a deal is, is still unclear. >> some people are going to have reservations about that. thanks a lot. >> love it. >> you say it is about quantity than quality. >> no. i say it's quality. you should know that. >> i need a cup, apparently. >> let's check in with christine. need a hot cup. >> i'll get on that guys. let me get through this really quick. i don't mind making coffee for the anchors, they don't get to get up all show long. we're looking pretty good. if you have to wake up, hit the road, slick conditions. we had pretty steady rain overnight. there is more streaming in. as you can see the radar tells the story. it looks like we'll see another batch as we head through 9:00. it's only going to hit the north bay. you can see that. 9:00 a.m. mostly clear bay area.
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that little cell. petaluma. watch for scattered showers. but by 11:00 we're talking about mostly clear conditions. after three days of rain you'll probably enjoy the break. the temperatures are warm in the mid-50s. that will enable us to warm up. upper 60s. san jose 68. south bay probably the most sunshine. 66 degrees in gilroy and 65 on the peninsula for you in san francisco. as we head throughout the remainder of the week we've got two days left. one is a holiday. 63 degrees for st. patrick's day. that's the day when we're not going to see that much green which is good news if you have outdoor plans. we'll ack your holiday forecast. make sure you tune in. the big storm on friday, maybe an inch of rain in places even in the south bay. >> we'll take it. most of the area is moving smoothly but here, the altamont pass a problem.
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averagings 45 miles per hour. 20s before you get to greenville road and the 60s after. we have two stories here. first, approaching out of the altamont pass, a backup because of an accident. now two lanes are blocked. sounds like one of the cars went off the roadway so they have to remove that. that's causing a problem. then west through the dublin interchange and you're seeing a lighter volume. you're getting a more pleasant commute. that's what anybody is going to welcome back. we'll see what things are like through the toll plaza where we expect a lighter volume as well because of all of the folks held up into livermore. we're looking at 15 minutes for that and a wet commute for many spots. $thank you very much. 6:11. still to come on "today in the bay" tired of not seeing results from your workout. the reason may be in your genes. >> and your dining choices say
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san francisco may multiply. the decision to bring more eateries to one neighborhood and why. >> a live look. rain coming down. 'll te ..
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good morning everybody. a live look across the san mateo bridge this morning. one of the places where it's a little sloppy out there. we still have rain hanging around. a look at the forecast in a few. >> new this morning a vacaville vaunt is the focus of an investigation into a large scale identity theft. investigators say nearly 200 people have been identified as victims after dining at nation's giant hamburger. money trail reached a number of states. even in mexico. the restaurant has fixed its credit card machines and it
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expects to hear from more victims. >> 25-year-old ban in san francisco is about to come to an end. the board is lifting a ban on new restaurants in the lower pacific heights. it went in place because the neighborhood felt it had too many restaurants. now after the economic recession it's left a lot of storefronts empty. >> a study might explain why some can work out all the time and not see results. researchers say it's all in your genes. researchers in louisiana had 300,000 people do the same exercise program for five months. some people wound up much more fit than they were before. but the fitness levels of others didn't really change. it has to do with a gene that plays a role in how the body metabolizes fats. >> interesting. for those genes. not these. >> looks like the wet weather is going to add snow to the solid
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base we have in the sierra. >> there are some travel restrictions if you're heading up to the slopes. brian hickey joins us live with more from blue canyon. good morning. >> reporter: doesn't this look nice. >> snow better than the rain. >> reporter: i wish it would turn back to snow. it was snowing but right now we have a rain/snow mix. nothing says come and visit like a rain/snow mix. add to that wind blowing it around and yeah, not the most pleasant play. go up the road a couple of miles and it turns to solid snow. it is dumping up here in the sierra. it has all night. i was looking at some of the web cameras, sugar bowl, their picnic tables, 2 1/2 to 3 feet of snow piled up. i checked the camera last night and there wasn't much on the table. now this morning they are piled high. so significant snow in the sierra. it's a heavier wet snow.
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boy, did it come down. it continues to come down, just not here at blue canyon where it continues to rain. on 880 there was -- well, you know, i was going to ski. what am i doing with this stuff. i'm going to be an icicle. i might try tomorrow. >> that would be a good live shot. brian hickey joins us now as an icicle. thanks, brian. it can be tough when you ski in that. the snow is okay but the wet stuff. >> go further up the hill. let's check in with christina. >> take a look at tahoe right now. we're seeing a lot of snow coming down and this is going to be the case. we've got a really wet pattern. doesn't look like we're going to see dry days, full on dry days until we hit next week. so this rainy pattern continues. we're going to get a break for the second half of the day, but the showers are coming down over
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the bay area. right now we're getting a bit of a break in the north bay, showers starting to push into the east bay. the peninsula is getting hit. this will move through right now pushing through ukiah. probably to the north bay by about 9:00 a.m. after that we're going to see a break, a bit of a break probably throughout this afternoon and this evening. and then as we head through the latter portion of tonight more rain on the way. very light in nature. i don't think it's enough to hamper your plans. pretty steady from fairfield through redwood city. san francisco a bit of a break. you can see that the pattern is turning spotty. showers are starting to subside which is good news if you are sick of the rain coming down every time you try to go outdoors. the cell creeping into the north bay, 7:00, a clear bay area. rain's been coming down pretty consistently over the past few
6:19 am
hours so you want to take it easy before you head out. make sure you're alert and ready to drive through the wet windy conditions. back to you. >> thanks so much. 6:18. coming up the high tech tools from the u.s. military and how they are helping in japan. >> despite the wind and the rain the northbound, 101 smooth but i've got my eyes on a huge problem for the east bay commute. the what and the where coming up. >> a live look outside the golden gate bridge. it's picking up. we've seen it this morning. be careful as you head out the door.he ♪
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[ male announcer ] learn more about the school of business at good wednesday morning to you. taking a live look outside, bay bridge approach this morning. want to check the commute with mike. >> there you are. show it to you again. we'll see the big backup out of the altamont pass. 22-minute drive. all that red. let me show you the speeds. below 20 approaching greenville road. activity blocking both sides of the westbound direction. only the two middle lanes getting through. past it speeds in the 60s approaching the dublin interchange so benefit vest of v vasco road. no problems off of the east
6:23 am
shore freeway though the speeds start to dip. the volume increases. no metering lights yet so those should be turning on in 5 or 10 minutes. lighter flow here as well as through oakland because of the folks held up in livermore. northbound with the taillights. but look at the southbound side. really heavy. the camera shaking. look at that. you see the blurring of the headlights. >> thanks, mike. u.s. military technology that's used in afghanistan is now helping in the relief efforts in japan. the global hawk drone takes high resolution images. it's controlled by a pilot thousands of miles away and can stay in the sky up to 35 hours at a time. the drones are invaluable for crews down below and keeps people out of harm's way. >> one of the things you want are high resolution images so you can look at the damage. >> using a drone for the
6:24 am
radiation is a good idea. you can throw it away. you can't throw a person away. >> the drone can be used to find usable sea ports and landing areas for the relief efforts. >> it's early but we're already seeing how the earthquake and tsunami are affecting the economy. >> yesterday dow fell below the psychologically important 12,000 level. scott mcgrew looks at how the tech economy is affected. >> gary shapiro is the head of the consumer electronics association, umbrella group. >> we have about 2,000 u.s. tech companies. >> except apple. >> apple is a member of ours, they don't participate directly in the international business but very good member of ours. >> we know you best for consumer electronics show, but you have the pulse of what's going on in high tech. the biggest concern is a humanitarian concern and what goes on in japan. as an expert can you speak to us
6:25 am
what's going on in high tech as far as what the earthquake means to the northern california industry and economy? >> in terms of japan, obviously the companies whether they are affected or not, many or all of them are cutting back because of a shortage of electricity. they are cooperating as a country. in terms of what it means we're all trying to figure that out. there could be product displacements in the future. inventories run out. most companies are two-source companies in terms of where they buy their components fram. >> when i was a child electronics came from japan. these days they seem to come from china. is it largely a consumer? >> japan used to be a full exporter, then they are a higher cost manufacturer like the united states so a lot of the product manufacturing has moved
6:26 am
not only to china but to malaysia, singapore, taiwan. it's all over. >> the head of the consumer electronics association. >> interesting. 6:26. see what a bay area lab is doing to keep an eye on radiation from the japan nuclear plant. >> reporter: and pegging fee's deadline the turn in key safety records have come and gone. good morning, i'm marla ta ez, we'll explain the consequences the company could now face. >> a look at the bay bridge, a little bit of shaking as we mentioned because of the storm. you might see raiayus
6:27 am
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>> new this morning crews are still searching for survivors in japan. workers are back inside a nuclear plant trying to stop another catastrophe. >> reporter: i'm bob redell. how you can help those victims of the japan earthquake simply by attending a soccer game. i'll explain coming up. >> reporter: pg&e turns in an incomplete assignment to the utilities commission regarding its pipeline safety. i'll explain what happens now that that deadline has come and gone. >> a live look outside this morning from the south bay, lots of places getting a little bit of rain. we'll check your forecast today, march 16, "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. coming up on 6:30. >> i'm brent cannon.
6:30 am
>> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we saw rain out there action slick roads. want to check with christina. >> good morning to you. you want to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination safely. we have slick conditions out there, more rain streaming in now. the showers are really starting to subside and thin out. watch out, though, you're dodging a few light scattered showers to redwood city, san jose. this trend will fizzle out throughout this afternoon. we're talking about mostly clear bay area as rush hour comes to a close. we have to get to the start of rush hour and get you to work on time with mike inouye. hey, mike. >> good morning. if you're in it you consider the rush hour. look at this, you recognize this shot. westbound 580 slams down. the accident on 580, i'll give you the latest. a new accident as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights are on for
6:31 am
this wet and windy commute. >> thank you, mike. it's 6:30. we have the latest on the nuclear crisis in japan. countries like china that neighbor japan are ordering increased radiation screening. some 70 people working inside the crippled ed reactor were pd out after radiation surged. the workers are going back in this morning, likely some of them had already been exposed to fatal levels of radiation. so far there is no evidence of contamination outside of japan but it's possible that trace amounts of radiation will eventually make to the our west coast. >> scientists are monitoring radioactivity in the atmosphere to see if and when it's going to hit california and the bay area. most think that the amount of radiation that makes its way to california will be small.
6:32 am
opinions differ if people should stock up on iodide. president obama says he has been told that radiation should not reach hawaii but the surgeon general said that it is best to err on the side of caution. >> we cannot be over prepared. we learned that with katrina. we learned with this tsunami. >> the wind has shifted blowing toward tokyo. radiation levels south of fukushima where the plants are located are now 300 times normal. >> the latest official numbers out of japan this morning suggest 3700 people have died, 8,000 additional are missing and well over 400,000 people are homeless. this morning a number of bay area organizations are stepping in to help. today in the bay's bob redell is live in san jose where the san
6:33 am
jose earthquake soccer team is gearing up to do their part in the relief effort. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. yes, the earthquakes do have their home opener this saturday. we have anthony, a midfield wer the team. thanks for getting up. what are you guys going to do to try to help the victims? >> we're actually for every seat sold we're donating $1 to the relief fund and the goalie if he makes a save it's $50. that's throughout the season. >> the sport, we have some kids who are coached by one of your teammates. do you see some of yours in these kids when you first started. what i was doing, shooting the ball, have fun. that's how you get better. play every day and enjoy it.
6:34 am
>> any other advise to inspire them? >> if you love the sport, passionate with the game, play as much as you can. >> professional soccer has not come america's way. football, baseball, basketball. you ever see it changing or the popularity of the sport? increasing? >> there has been a huge growth. i see a big increase with soccer coming. it's coming up there. >> good luck on saturday. the earthquake is taking on. that's 7:30 at buck shaw stadium in santa clara university. you can get more by going to sj
6:35 am
>> a fun way to donate. the kids have a lot of energy. >> others want to know what they can do to help. you can donate going to or find it on faceback. you can text red cross to 90999. the japanese red cross is accepting international 8 but not asking for it. it has of thousands of employees. haiti had 100 employees and fewer than 10 volunteers when the quake hit in january of 2010. more on japan coming up in a live report. you can go to for updits. >> pg&e could learn about sanctions today. the deadline to turn in key
6:36 am
safety records has come and gone and the utility came up short. marla will explain what to expect now. >> reporter: a very involved homework assignment. we've had those looming deadlines. pg&e had until 5:00 last night to turn that in here in san francisco. well, the company did turn in that assignment but it was incomplete. even after working around the clock 24/7, seven day as week and gifting through more than a million documents, many of them had to be moved-to-to san francisco because officials needed that much face. it turned in records close to 92 percent of its natural gas lines. this means 8% is still missing.
6:37 am
the records are for pipe lines installed after 1961 and those that run beneath high consequence areas. you recall in january the cpuc called for the records after investigators found pg&e's documents inaccurately showed the pipe segment that exploded as seamless when it had a welt. what is the consequence? state regulators may order him to complete more extensive water testing to make sure they are safe. even the puc says that's could possibly cause pipes to weaken and burst. pg&e could be ordered to cut the pressure on its gas lines. again a risky option. the third, may have to pay big dar fines. the california fee you see could decide on how to handle the
6:38 am
incomplete paperwork. i want to mention you put in a call to pg&e, i did get a call back but he told me he could not went on anything san bruno related. i'm waiting for another representative to call me back. marla tellez. >> we want the dial up christina checking out the forecast. right. i got off the moan with mother nature. a really nice second half of the day as hours push to the south. we're having a grim outlook earlier with range nonstop. right now just a little strip of rain between antioch and redwood city. we'll find slick conditions. you want to take it easy. by about 9:00 a.m. one cell pushing into the north bay.
6:39 am
and maybe a few residual showers between 9:00 and 11:00. after that breaks of sunshine and temperatures which are mild in the 50s, you don't need that heavy jacket. will turn over to the upper 60s. 68 in san jose. 66 degrees in santa cruz. st. patrick's day is tomorrow and the weekend coming up. i'll let you know. first get you to work. >> things are changing for the livermore valley. looking at 580, the accident there out of greenville has cleared. now the familiar is spreading. all the way to the avenue there. alternate from the eastbound side also on monday. that's a problem for 580. dublin, slow the prab as well toward hayward.
6:40 am
no problems for the san mateo and the bay bridge. metering lights are on. >> thanks, mike. it is 6:39. tom hanks next movie that will be a story that grabbed the country's attention. >> plus a live report from washington with the lt ateson n micop. latngon es japan comi ♪ going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone, you just snap a picture, hit send and done. chase quickdeposit. take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ we just keep on keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on i love my pet bald eagle brock, my bison sara, i love my pick-up with the custom constitution paint job... i celebrate jury duty... i love america so much, i'm making an all american jack combo
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6:42 now. the nuclear crisis continues in japan as one expert calls one of the damaged plants a slow-moving nightmare. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. tracy, radiation at the plant surged so high overnight that workers were taken out. what are the safety officials saying this morning? >> reporter: well, they only had too be out for less than an hour. they did go back to work. they are desperately trying to cool that unit by any means they can. pumping in sea water, dumping water from the air. it appears damaged though it was off line at the time. also elevated levels of radiation were detected this morning. that's why they ended up having to leave. these are the last 50 workers, the other 750 had already been evacuated. there was a fire at the reactor this morning, it was out in 30 minutes. but again, a really volatile situation there. as they try to cool down the
6:44 am
reactors. not only have they detected radiation in the area, but also now in the water at fukushima. officials there say it's healthy, that they are watching it and they are concerned. finally today, japan's 77-year-old emperor made an unusual appearance on television there, talking about the disaster for the first time saying that he's deeply hurt. that he hopes many of his people are found safe. he urged the people of japan not to abandon hope. live from washington, tracie potts, "today in the bay." $thank you very much. >> most of the world attention has turned to japan. there is still unrest in the middle east. new video from bahrain where the situation is more dire and deadly. government troops and security forces using tear gas and armored vehicles to drive anti-government protesters out of the city square.
6:45 am
witnesses say at least two protesters were killed and state tv says two police officers died after a car that was driven by protesters hit hem. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is making a surprise trip to cairo. secretary clinton visited this morning. the site of massive protests that led to the downfall of hosni mubarak's regime. others called on clinton to help with libya. >> tom hanks' next movie is going to have him dealing with somali pirates. he is going to play richard phillips. pirates hijacked his ship. the navy seals eventually killed some of the pirates and rescued the crew. the movie is produced by the same team that made t"the socia network." >> a puck hit a player in the
6:46 am
throat. after it deflected off of his stick. he left the game but did come out for his next shift. that must be so painful. he went to the hospital after the game as a precaution. doctors wanted to make sure there wasn't swelling. the sharks beat the dallas stars, 6-2. >> basketball season is over for st. mary's, snubbed by the ncaa tournament and tried to make amends in the nit, they missed the potential game-winning lay-up as time ran out before a stunned home crowd and the gales get knocked out. 71-70. you can join us for march madness fun. you can see how we stack up by going to brackets.csn bay no www in front of that address.
6:47 am
good morning to you. we have a little bit of improvement in our forecast. right now things are starting to clear out. a lot of this rain is pushing south of the bay area. but we had rain over the past couple hours. rain overnight. this is what we're left with. a pretty good cell to the north of antioch. light showers between redwood city andant wok pushing to almost. after all of this clears out of the area, we're going to see a break except for in the north bay. i think you'll see lingering shower activity. about 9:00 a.m. by 11:00 a.m. the entire bay area gets a break. a pretty nice second half of the day. 53 degrees in san francisco, a few breaks of sunshine, we'll warm us up in the 60s.
6:48 am
a lot of moisture hanging out so fog will be a factor tonight into tomorrow morning. 65 degrees for livermore today. 65 in fremont and 65 degrees in san francisco. you'll see enough sunshine, warming up to about 67. cmostlyloudy conditions. that's good news. 57 degrees on friday. big time weathermaker pushes in. 66 degrees, showers early, and enough sunshine for the second half of the day for present to get outside and now lawn. that's good news. >> ha-ha, already did it. >> hilarious. the kids line up at the window to watch. >> they are in training. they don't know it. tiger woods returns to the talk show circuit for the first time since his scandal. we'll tell you what show he's going to be on tonight. >> perhaps the most important question, peet's or starbucks. the companies could be merging. we'll have reaction from coffee
6:49 am
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live look outside from the south bay. rain coming down in many parts. we'll check the forecast with christina. >> people in the south bay can voice their concerns over plans to change their tem vision area codes. the public utilities commission wants to add 669 to the south bay by the end of the year. they are running out of numbers for 408. the meeting starts at 7:00 at
6:52 am
san jose city hall. another meeting in los gatos tomorrow and then another one friday in morgan hill. >> i want to check in with mike now. taking a look at the bay bridge. how's it looking? >> i'll show a spot. things have changed because of the livermore accident. a lot of folks held up before they got to greenville road. all lanes cleared. you see the speeds. making it more even in toward dublin and pleasanton. 680 might see heavy winds because the winds are picking up through the east bay. antioch getting the rain that christina was talking about. slower through the area toward -- you can make it out behind that today in the bay logo. here is westbound 24 jamming out through central lafayette all the way over to the orinda accident. it's starting to clear but it's slow. that will affect your approach
6:53 am
from the orinda side. lighter flow to the bay bridge toll. not bad off the carquinez bridge. windy around the bay so watching for small mudslides. not a big deal. >> watching for that, though. there is a coffee drama. it could be the biggest thing since coffee and peanut butter, talk that peet's is going to merge with starbucks. the latest on that stunning proposal. >> reporter: good morning. too much coffee makes you jittery, so does this question. we've been talking with people heading in to peet's about this possible merger between peet's and starbucks and you see people stop in their tracks. the look is how could it be. that's what online reports are
6:54 am
saying. that peet's held talks with starbucks about a possible sale. ceos are not saying much but an analyst says it's not so much about the coffee shops but growing the grocery side. peet's drinkers who take their coffee seriously had this to say. >> that's an interesting thought there. i didn't know it was going to turn into this big mega coffee chain now. interesting to see how that affects the coffee. >> peet's is a bit stronger. i only get about four or five hours of sleep so i need peet's. >> reporter: it's estimated that starbucks could double or triple business for emeryville-based peet's in two to three years and the same online reports don't say exactly how likely a deal
6:55 am
is. it's topic number one out here. christie smith, today in the bay. >> thanks a lot. >> one government agency is retesting every full body scanner used in airports across the country. the administration will test 247 scanners which emit an x-ray which subjects to low level of radiation. the testing after maintenance record shows the machines gave off ten times the normal amount of radiation. the tsa says it was a calculation error and the machines are safe. lawmakers will hold hearings on the scanners. >> here is scott. >> good morning. i was looking at that peete stock up better than 12% this morning. let's see. it's 5.51 to 47.55. it was up yesterday. star bucks is down slightly.
6:56 am
netflix, up big again. the dow industrials down about 70 points after some lousy inflation data. high tech helping out kuwait victims. we've shone you google's people finder hoping to match up the missing. and microsoft sending a quarter million. ebay contributing part of its profits. pay pal helping set up accounts and contributing as well. doing what it can. >> tiger woods is going to make his first appearance on a talk show since his scandal. he is going to be jimmy fallon's. the stanford alum stayed out of the public eye since it was revealed he had several mistresses while married. you can see it here late night nbc bay area tonight at 12:30. >> it will be a little more
6:57 am
light hearted. >> we'll see how he reacts. >> when what's his name that went on leno? hugh grant. that kind of thing. we'll see. interesting to watch. thanks for joining us this morning. the "today" show is coming up next. >> and a local update in a half hour. have a great morning. [ female announcer ] for a limited time, get sizzler's
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