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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 19, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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of bouncing, a bit of breeziness this morning, we know rain in the east bay and sprinkles for most of the us about the bay. thank you for joining us on this rainy start to this saturday morning, i'm kris sanchez. we start this morning with developing news in the east bay where an overnight fire ripped through a building at tilden park in berkeley. the fire started about a quarter to 4:00 this morning near the steam trains which are near grizzly peak drive. the fire apparently started at the corporation yard where the tools and other maintenance equipment is stored. so far no reports of injuries yet, but you can see that the damage is extensive. this is a maintenance yard, but it is near where the steam train runs. we are no reports of injury this is morning, but we do know it was a very difficult fire for firefighters to fight there, it started about quarter to 4:00 this morning, we are working on
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more details. we have a crew out there gathering information right now as well. we are on storm watch as wet and wild weather continuing to pummel the bay area. the san francisco skyline lit up overnight, check it out, lightning and thunder, illuminating the sky in san francisco. overnight our phones are ringing with viewers calling us reporting hail blankets the sidewalks and streets. this is from a neighborhood in albany. the san francisco sky lit up overnight. we saw thunder, we saw lightning, just a moment ago, also we saw, we are still talking about that water spout that happened off of ocean beach. today in the bay has more on that unique twister on the water here's jeff ranieri with a look at what we can expect over the weekend. >> it was a wild and wicked friday out there with that ef-1 tornado in santa rosa where
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winds could have topped 73 4 mis an hour. and also the water spouts that happened in ocean beach, and hail and lightning in richmond. winds 15 to 30 miles an hour and a slight chance of a thunderstorm. but as we head into sunday, another stronger system movesn with winds, thunderstorms and even possibly some isolated flooding. that storm system is going to meet up with a decent aunormo o moisture out here in the pacific. those two things combining together to give us our sunday storm. so as you look at the timeline for saturday, we'll see that chance of scattered showers as we mentioned. it's not until sundayorning that we see some heavier rain and wind return, that will stay with us throughout your sunday morning a at this point. on your sunday morning, we'll see this on again, off again rain through next week, once again with sunday as our next
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storm that's arriving. >> lightning and wind and rain, we have seen a lot of it in the bay area in the last couple of days. all of this wild weather means you should expect the unexpected. >> reporter: lightning strikes over the stormy pacific ocean, after a day of wild conditions. >> there's a lot of crazy reports on it. so i came to see out here. >> reporter: this storm is just the latest in the string of unusual weather to hit the bay area. a tornado whipped through santa rosa this morning, ripping a stora storage shed a part. workers were able to get out safely. debris was spread out all over king street. high up into the trees and on to neighboring homes. another strange sight was
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captured on video in ocean beach in san francisco. a water spout spinning out over the pacific. two hours later a tornado warning was issued in san mateo county. there were no reports of damage. crews working to repair a slide that washed away part of the highway got a surprise, hail, it's not easy getting construction work getting done when you're being pelted with ice. >> you go back to all the pollution or the change of work. then the scientists say the earth goes through a lot of phases, in certain periods of time. so its pretty cool to see one during our time. >> he never got a picture of the lightning, it was just too fast and his girlfriend was too nervous to stick around. >> while the power is back on in the east bay this morning, where the wild weather knocked out
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power for more than 5,600 people. it happened in el cerito and brooklyn. the majority of the outages were weather related. the storm in the bay area is dumping snow in the sierra. and that contributed to a massive deadly pile up. this crash involve at least one big rig and as many as 40 cars. california highway patrol reported one person died there and 20 others injured in that crash. the interstate was closed for about 12 hours. during that time the interstate really did look like a parking lot with drivers stuck in their cars, some of them without chains. if you are headed out to the snow today, keep in mind chains are required on i-80 and i-50. it's a good idea to pack water, snacks and blankets just in case
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you're stranded like those drivers were yesterday. on highway 1 is washed out just south of carmelo. they got hail as well yesterday. now if you are headed to that area, you're alternate routes are highway 101, highway 68 and highway 46, highway 46 being the primary access between highway 101 and highway 1. we'll continue our storm watch coverage throughout this morning right here on nbcay area and also online at turning now to the disaster in japan this morning, first reports of food contaminated with radiation near the damaged nuclear plant in the northeastern part of the country. inspectors just announced that they found contaminated milk at a dairy farm in fukushima.
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the government's top spokesman says the radiation levels in the spinach and the milk are higher than what is generally considered safe. as nuclear fears continue in japan, so too does the death toll. right now more than 7,300 people are confirmed dead. nearly 11,000 people are reported missing. nearly 450,000 people are now homeless because of the quake and the tsunami. 1 million homes in japan have no water. more than 340,000 homes do not have electricity. this morning proof of the generosity of so many of you here in the bay area doing what you can to help fill that urgent need in japan. we now have a final tally of the money you raised in the telethon to raise money for the victims. in just two hours, you raised more than $416,000 for the earthquake relief fund.
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here's a look at the impressive response to that call for help. >> reporter: they held up signs showing their appreciation for people that drove up with cash or check in hand. people gave money not because they knew somebody in japan but because they felt it was the right thing to do. >> i think they would do the same for us, i really do. it's just unfortunate thing that they're dealing with. >> people also walked up with their checkbooks ready n two hours, they raised more than $416,000. >> it could happen to any one of us, and my heart goes out to any one of them. the least we can do is donate $20. >> inside the buddhist church the sounds of the drums bounced off the walls while people made origami cranes.
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>> i think we're all very much connected throughout the world. a tragedy, a disaster like this really kind of makes us open our hearts. >> thank you very much. what is your name? >> in san francisco's japantown a phone bank was underway raising thousands of dollars. >> everybody wants to do something. they donate $10, $20, sometimes even $2,000. but it's absolutely wonderful. >> the united states may be the biggest, i suppose, and especially in northern california and in the bay area, we are very much thankful to those people who actually support us. >> george did much of his reporting this last week from japan. much more ahead on "today in the bay," coming up, we all hope for successful search and rescue evidents like the one in japan. we're going to talk to a local
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crew about preparation and the training that it takes to be ready for something like. and in every tragedy, heroes are born. coming up a story about the spirit of the japanese people.
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well, in the weeks since the earthquake result bld and roaring in japan, we have heard about suffering and we have also heard about courage. >> in just a single week in japan, a worst-case scenario has been redefined. words like unimaginable, unthinkable, even up acceptable are thrown about. and yet even they don't convey the escalating horror. but throughout it all, it's evidence the human spirit can
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overcome even this. >> there's proof in the sacrifice of these chopper pilots. braving radiation as they fly low over leaking reactors. there's proof in the relief workers who have rushed from more than 100 countries to toil in the snow and ruins. and most of all, there's proof in the workers inside the plant, the unseen heros known as the fukushima 50. bravery comes in odd places these days, especially when things seem to return to normal. with no fuel, patrons at this restaurant are facing the possibility of being trapped if the radiation comes. there's no complaining, instead just quiet determination. my colleague lee cowan spoke with one of the patrons. >> if you had to leave right now, what would you do. >> we would die. >> reporter: japan was brought to its knees, but still so many
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are standi ing tall. maybe this trio of disasters also offered glimpses of best the human spirit has to offer. >> sheryl herd, nbc bay area news. >> eight days later, these are new pictures just into the newsroom of a team from los angeles doing search and rescue missions in northeastern japan. the bay area also has lots of folks who are trained to help in emergencies, very friendly ones too, including comet and michelle vaughn. if i were in a zpafrt, i would be very happy to see you because you're trained to help find people, right? >> yes, that's what we train many, many hours, countless hours, from the time they're puppies to the time they're certified through fema, we train all the time. and it is. >> it's a lot of training, it's a lot of work, but it's very rewarding if they can find one
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person. >> now we're talking about eight days later. what are the hopes of finding somebody? and what's the difficulty of knowing that you may not? >> it is challenging knowing that as the length of time since the disaster first struck that, you know, the chances of finding people alive are getting very slim. however, you know, they just found somebody yesterday, you know, that was eight days into it and they're still finding people. and if you look back at haiti, they were finding people alive 14 days into the disaster. so they're going to continue their search and rescue efforts until they're absolutely positive they have cleared the area, that there is nobody left behind. >> you were talking about you start working with them since they were puppies, what sorts of things do you do to make sure they're ready for the disaster like the one in japan. >> you look at this dog and he looks like he's very calm and cool and collected. but a good dog is -- as much as
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we want to believe that dog is looking for humans, it is a game to them and we basically just capitalize on that hide and seek game to benefit. >> i don't care what he thinks, i'm just glad that you guys are there and ready to go. >> you're not headed off to the disaster zone in japan, but we know you have worked other disasters. so thank you very much for coming in and sharing with us this morning. >> we have much more coming up for you on "today" in the what i. co and we'll give you one more reason to stay up past your bedtime this weekend, here's a hint, it's super.
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good morning, take a live look at san jose as the sun starts to come up and we have another round of big-time weather coming up.
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chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tells us what to expect for today and beyond. >> we did end our workweek where winds could have topped 73 miles an hour, not only that but the water spout in ocean beach. also numerous reports of hail lightning and wind in richmond. the ef-1 tornado -- as we head throughout saturday, slight chance of thunderstorms and isolated pockets of thunderstorms. our next storm arrives on sunday with strong wis, isolated thunderstorms and we have our storm in the pacific, it's going to mt one some major moisture and that will provide this increasing chance of rainfall through your weekend as we head into our saturday, we'll see this rainfall starting to become a little bit more consistent as we head into saturday night, but the heaviest rain is going o to hold off until sunday morning,
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and that's when winds could gust higher than 40 miles an hour. and it's with some of this heavier rainfall that we could see isolated areas of flooding. rainfall totals from saturday into sunday, could range from one to two inches as we head into sunday. it's really quick move from saturday into sunday. our temperatures on saturday, staying a little bit on the cold side and below average from san jose into palo alto. snow levels will also be rather low, right around 2,000 feet, so if you're doing any traveling to the sierra, watch out, treacherous traveling conditions do exist and chains are likely. quick look at your seven-day forecast, the next storm arrives on sunday with the wind and isolated flooding and possible thunderstorms. then as we head into monday, tuesday and wednesday, on again, off again rainfall.
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here's a reason to stay up late tonight. the moon will be the biggest and the brightest that we have seen in the past 20 years. it's called a supermoon, it will be about 20% brighter and larger than usual. the moon's oval orbit places it close to the earth this time of year which just happens to co-incico-i co-indiaco-i co-indiaco-i co-inside with a full moon side stamford university wants to be a part of it. on roosevelt island in new york city. the campus would t the university's only major site outside of palo alto and the first to offer full graduate
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degrees. but stanford isn't the only university to express interest and been building a campus on that island. colleges from finland, england, israel and korea as well as some ivy league schools are also bidding on that land. and we have much more ahead coming up for you on "today in the bay," one of the places you turn to for help after the next big one could be one of the most dangerous. an nbc bay area investigation.
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march madness marches on without some bay area teams. lawrence scott has it all in your morning sports. >> a very good morning to you, the ncaa men's tournament enters it's third round today. also stanford opens the women's tournament at naples. they play colorado monday in boulder and that's where the cal men were last night facing the
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buffaloes in the second round. jorge gutierrez gets a knee injury. the game slipped away for the bears. cit in santa clara, 88-75. bron broncos, steve nash of the suns got so mixed up, he got into the turnover act. 2 21 they really didn't get the warriors back in it. but late fourth quarter. the finals points of this game an exclamation point.
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>> a spring training riflery, because it's always a rivalry. we wish that there was some real fireworks to show you, but all we have got is this guy in front of the camera. not the nice defensive play at first by aubrey huff. huff daddy flashing the leather t plans for first still unfolding. each giving up two more and the dodgers beat the giants 6-3. later today, they host the royals. we would have showed you eight highlights, they lose to the white sox yesterday, 18-1. the sharks host the blues tonight, the ice was covered up by turf as the 50-yard indoor war, the saber cats hosting new york city. murray state basketball team, the buzzer beater at the tank.
7:27 am
the bracket buster comes on a kick off return, randy wright proving that everything is not up to date in kansas city. he's gone about as far as he can go. the seat beabers cats with 2 an. that's a look at sports, have yourself have a great day. >> i'm glad i didn't see those highlights. >> much more ahead on "today in the bay." a fire rips through an east bay park, just 15 feet away from a fire station, we'll show you why it flared up out of control for hours. >> some people just don't seem to understand this is a real issue and that people will die. >> first place you go when a big wind strikes and it could be the most dangerous too. the bay area medical facilities in need of urgent repair. them at some of the wells fargo online savings tools
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good morning wujs again, looking live from our camera at tilden park where a fire rushed through a maintenance facility. we are working on more details for you. also this morning, we want to show you photos from the scene near grizzly peak drive. take a look at the map, this is where tilden park is. there are animals there that kids can feed, there's a steam train and again this is a fire that started just about a quarter to 4:00 this morning. looking live this morning, we can see that the fire crew is finally getting a break after battling that fire all morning long. the pictures are very, very dramatic. we see -- we saw earlier this morning a big facility that was completely burned out and gutted. we are working on getting more information for you, we do have a crew there on the scene, american red cross assisting as well. also this morning we're on
7:31 am
storm watch as wild and wet weather continues to move all across the bay area. a water spout that touched down off the coast at ocean beach. all of the rain here means heavy snow in the sierra, great news for skiers, but very difficult for drivers. there was a massive and deadly pile up involving a big rig and as many as 40 cars. california highway patrol says one person died and 20 others were injured because of that collision. state 80 is now open again after it was closed for nearly 12 hours. during that time the interstate looked a lot like a parking lot with drivers stuck in their cars, some of them without the chains that are requires. if you're headed up to the mountains today, chains are required on 80 and on 50. weather is making a bad situation worse near big sur. highway 1 is washed out south of carmel and it could remain that way for at least a month.
7:32 am
wet weather is keeping crews from making much head way on keeping that sagging stretch of roadway from sagging further down the cliff. you can see some yellow there in san francisco. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri as a look at the forecast. it was a wild friday out there with our ef-1 tornado in santa rosa where winds could have topped 80 miles an hour. there was damage there, but luckily no injuries from that rain wrapped tornado and while it is low on the enhanced fujita scale, it is very strong at least for the bay area and also very rare, we only average 0 to 2 tornadoes there in the bay area per year. we also did have that water spout spotted in ocean beach. it's going to get wild this weekend, but we're going to hold off for some of the strongest weather until thursday.
7:33 am
stng winds, isolated thunderstorms and the potential here of a little bit of flooding as well. we have our storm system out in the pacific that's going to meet up with a major plume of moisture and as those two meet up, we'll start to see that chance of rain increasing. throughout saturday, it is that's lated chance of showers and thunderstorms. as we advance into 6:00 a.m. sunday, more c rainfall returns back into the mix where gusts could get as high as 40 miles an hour. totals could range upwards of one to two inches. on your seven-day forecast, that next storm for sunday and then a chance of on again off again rainfall as we head into monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> and now moving from our storm coverage to the nuclear start in japan. as the fears of nuclear and
7:34 am
radiological contamination grows, so does the death toll there. nearly 11,000 people are still missing. more than 450,000 people are now home lts because of the quake and the tsunami. and a million homes in japan have no water, more than 340,000 homes have no electricity. a fund-raiser held at the buddhist church in san jose's japantown raised $14,000 in two hours for victims of japan's effort quake and tsunami. people in the south bay continue to show their support for victims of japan quake at a drive up donation zone near a budish church. >> i think they would do the same for us, i really do. it's just, you know, unfortunate thing that they're deal with. >> i felt bad for the japanese, seeing everything on the news and it could happen to any one of us, you know? and my heart goes out to them
7:35 am
and all those people. so the least we can do is donate $20. >> out in san francisco's japantown, volunteers answered phones and raised more than $40,000 for the northern japan earthquake relief fund. we have much more ahead on today in the bay. still to come, no one would call it an island paradise, but a makeover could make this bay area paradise a diamond in the rough. and apparently no one wants to go to the school down the street. why parents are going the distance when it comes to where they enroll their children. [ male announcer ] diane was already
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about 7:37 now, we're looking live at some of the hail that fell in berkeley overnight. you g the penny gives you a perspective of how big the hail is.
7:38 am
the island will have a very public future. . >> reporter: a locked gate, barbed-wire, a silent road sends an us hospitable welcome. this navy basationed outside attention. >> we would be heading into the housing area. >> up until a year ago, this land off highway 37 in sew noam ma county was dotted with navy buildings. >> they also had barracks here for enlisted personnel. >> when the base closed in 1993, close buildings became a favorite of vandals. >> there was a school, there was a housing area, a number of houses, a small store and such. >> but dawn brew baker of the fish and wildlife service has
7:39 am
tried to cleanse the -- >> you're seeing wildlife habitats return to these puddles and stuff. >> the buildings are gone and at the end of the month, the navy will officially turn over the 3,100 acre island to the national wildlife refuge. >> brewbaker hopes once that's done bird watchers, history buffs and anyone else would be able to take tours of this once secret area. >> years down the road, we may be able to have hiking areas and things like that, trails, a net work that may come through here. >> reporter: in the meantime, the land is already being reclaimed by some of the its original inhabitants. >> we'll have puddle ducks, shore birds, harens and stuff. >> this one salt marsh was
7:40 am
leveed for farm land. now it is hope that progress will turn back the clock more than 70 years. >> a point -- health impacts of redeveloping the hunters point shipyard and want the city of san francisco to disclose the levels of toxic contamination found there. they will gather today to discuss plans of san francisco for the environmental health issues and challenging a lawsuit. this meeting is scheduled to start at 6:00 this evening. the new 49ers stadium saga continuing with a bold move from city leaders. santa clara city leaders will vote to give $4.5 million in new stadium money to the 49 efrs in an effort to be sure it goes towards construction.
7:41 am
to help programs likely to pass next week, the $40 million pledged by the city could be in jeopardy. officials say the money to the team is ultimately an economic engine for santa clara that could yield jobs and tax dollars for it's cool district. >> bay area residents seeking preferred public school assignments embrace district policy change. the san francisco school district processed more than 14,000 public school applications from neighborhood families. a new assignment system has given priority admissions for those schools from low scoring census tracks rather than those related by a formula that it was in the past. much more ahead on "today in the bay," coming up, it always had dazzled, but now it has
7:42 am
pizzazle. 100 years of running through the streets.
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good morning to you, taking a live look there some of the hail that fell in the east bay this morning. pretty big hail considering the size of that penny there. hope it didn't fall at your house unless you were ready to take a picture. you can also send your pictures to let's check our forecast with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri to see if we can expect more hail today. >> it was a wild and wicked friday out there with that ef-1 tornado report in santa rosa where winds could have topped 70 miles an hour. also the water spouts that occurred in ocean beach and numerous reports of hail and lightning for san francisco, berkeley and richmond. as you look ahead towards your weekend, we're looking at a
7:45 am
chance for scattered rainfall 15 to 30 miles an hour and a slight chance of a thunderstorm. but as we head into sunday, another stronger system moves in with winds, thunderstorms and even possibly some isolated flooding. that storm systems going to te meet up with a decent amount of moisture out here in the pacific. those two things combining together to give us our sunday thunderstorms. we'll see that chance of scattered showers as we mentioned. it's n until sunday morning's at about h4:00 and 5:00 in the morning that we see some heavy wind and rain return. on your seven-day forecast, we'll see this on again off again rain all the way through next week, once again with sunday as our next storm that's arriving. >> we will watch that for you tomorrow morning. by the way, if you haven't signed up for the 100th running of the world's waxiest foot race, you will have to cheer from the sidelines.
7:46 am
the number of runners has capped at 50,000 and the last bid was purchased yet. race organizers have more good news too, they have signed a new sponsor, dazzle, which is a redwood city based company that allows -- and december. this year the race won't be quite as loose. heavy fencing will be in place. on the up side, there will be a lot more port-a-potties. the race is coming up on may 15. still ahead, it is the first place you'll go when the big one strikes and it could be the most dangerous too. this morning the bay area medical facilities in need of urgent care. >> good morning, there's lots to do today in the bay. can't find a thing to wear? then skip your trip to the mall and make a fashion statement at the vintage fashion expo. 80 vendors will be showing off
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vintage clothing and jewelry from 10:00 this morning until 6:00 tonight. and winning? duh? are you sick of watching all the charlie sheen drama unfold on tv, well, now you don't have to. you can watch it all in person instead. the actor is bringing his life show to san francisco on april 30th at the masonic auditorium in nob hill. a portion of the sales will be donated to the victims in japan. the so called violent torpedo of truth show as already sold out in chicago. help pick. and from the wildlife of charlie sheen to actually wildlife in vallejo. the theme park and animal kingdom is making it's year the year of the dolphin. and for good reason. the park is expecting two baby dolphins to be born this year.
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the park is open from 10:30 this morning to 6:00 tonight and that's what's going on today in the bay. you have yourself a great day.
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good morning to you, take a live look from the berkeley hills where a fire broke out at tilden park at a maintenance yard. we are gathering more information. another big story we'll be watching today, libya where a warplane is shot down despite a cease fire in that country. a warplane seen spiraling through the air before exploding on impact and creating a plume of black smoke. gadhafi forces continued a cease fire on friday. international sources say other
7:51 am
targets including military barracks have been attacked. both arab and u.n. allies will meet in paris today to discuss military solutions against gadhafi forces. as nuclear fears grow in japan, so too does the death toll. nearly 11,000 more are reported missing. more than 450,000 people are now homeless because of the quake and the tsunami and one million homes in japan have no water. more than 340,000 homes do not have electricity. we also know that the first reports are coming up this morning from the province where the nuclear power plant is, that there is contaminated food, milk is testing positive for radiological material. now back to our quake coverage with the question when the big one hits california, what buildings are you worried about? perhaps your home, your work, your child's school. perhaps another building that
7:52 am
everyone should be worried about is your local hospital. hospitals need not only to stand ot to function tha anotll research shows that not all of them are prepared to do that. >> reporter: an investigation by california watch found dozens of hospital buildings in the state with serious structural weaknesses, including ones at four bay area hospitals. based on a formula that comes up with something called a collapsed risk, buildings at kindred hospital in san leandro, san francisco general and john mueller medical center. all with scores between 9% and 23%. >> the way you get a very high score like that is if you have one of these deadly sins. these are structures flaws. >> christina -- >> when i talk to people who
7:53 am
have been at these hospitals, they are shocked. >> i think we have a huge problem. >> reporter: elena has been at the forefront to speed up complian compliance. there are literally hundreds which have not and have also been deemed to be at risk. >> we have 600 buildings, hospital buildings that don't seem to be anywhere meeting the standards and that's a lot of buildings. >> a state law says hospitals have to meet standards by 2013 or face closure, many will not meet the deadline. but at san francisco general, they will. construction is already underway on a state of the art acute care building. they couldn't act until voters did, approving more than $800 million in 2008. >> it came down to whether or not -- it was ant matter of us
7:54 am
rebuilding san francisco general hospital, the question was is there going to be a san francisco general hospital. >> reporter: it's the same technology that allowed many high-rise buildings in japan to sway but not break in the earthquake. it's something california hospitals will have to do if we are to avert disaster when and not if the next big one hits. garvin thomas, "today in the bay." >> we have much who ahead coming up on "today in the bay," still to come, lefty wants to be your right hand guy, we'll get to know our adoptable pet coming up. u u
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7:56 am
>> right now in america, one out of four children doesn't know where their next meal is coming from. >> food insecurity is a growing problem in the united states. >> tune in march 19th at 7:30 p.m. on nbc to see child hunger ends here: ll special report. spa we are back this morning with some special guests from the humane society silicon valley.
7:57 am
we have elizabeth and lefty who's -- i like lefty because he's a little gray at the temples like me, a little experience. >> he's about 10 years old, he's a dauchund. everything that makes comet a great search and rescue dog, he's the opposite. he's calm, he's house breoken. he loves to sit in your lap. >> you were saying that what you find interesting about meeting comet is that a lot of the animals that are successful at search and rescue are rescue animals themselves. >> about 90% of search and rescue dogs in america were rescued from an animal shelter. >> that's a really cool story to hear. a lot of them were rescue because they don't make --
7:58 am
>> because of their drive that they have to search and rescue, they often don't make good pets which is why they have been surrendered to an animal shelter to begin with. >> lefty, not going to be searching and rescuing. >> lefty, we hope that you find a nice home, a nice lap to curl up on. all right. if you want any information about lefty or any of the other adoptable animals. you can go to their website, we have someroof of the generosity of so many of you in the bay area. the final tally raised during that telethon to help the victims of the disasr. isthank you very much and of course we continue to speak of our friends in japan, we will continue to follow the news for you today, we will have the latest at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. have a great day and we'll see you tomorrow.
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