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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 20, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm kris sanchez. coming up on "today in the bay," spinouts, falling trees, near misses, emergency crews working around the clock as wild and wet weather hits the bay area again. how it will affect your sunday plans and drive ahead. a driver hits and kills a than, then speeds off. the latest on the manhunt just ahead. a half a world away from the japan nuclear crisis, scientists detect nuclear radiation this our rainwater. whether we should be worried. and american b-2s drop bombs on libya even as gadhafi promises a long war with
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european forces. this is "today in the bay." good morning . a live look at san jose on the first day of spring, but it certainly does not feel like it this morning. i'm kris sanchez. this morning our storm watch continues as people throughout the bay area wake up to a soggy, windy start to what is the first day of spring. california highway a patrol officers are busy making their way on slick roadways. just hours ago emergency crews acted more like lumberjacks as they chopped up and remove a 30-foot tree from a highway in san francisco. it was ten feet arnold and may have hit a taxi that was driving in the slow lane through the area. we asked the chp whether anyone was injured. they said they could not tell us that just yet. rain bringing down trees in the east bay, as well.
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in walnut creek, rain toppled an oak tree on top of a home. add to the rain strong winds throughout the area. this is video from highway 101 in san francisco, our camera bouncing around in the wind. people are not taking any chances. this ace hardware store in san jose was very busy as people shopped for supplies just to be on the safe side. meteorologist nick o'kelly is tracking it from our studio this morning. nick, happy spring. >> happy spring to you. just a few hours away officially. the beginning of spring brings great wet weather. not so. our storm is going to wind up just a little bit. the heaviest rain pushing off to the east. notice still a lot of shower activity moving onshore. while the winds have died down, we're still looking at an interesting situation for this afternoon. tell you that we still have the winter storm warning in effect for the lake tahoe area, above
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7,000 feet, talking about 1 to 2 feet of additional snow on that already decent snow pack. heaviest rain has shifted to our south from san luis obispo down 101 to the los angeles basin. it will be rough going on highway 5 and 101 throughout the day today. we're still seeing that shower activity moving onshore. a little clearing offshore. if anything, if we see some sunshine today that's going to help to destabilize things, we'll get a couple isolated thundershowers going by mid to late afternoon. that could have a little hail in there as well. temperatures only in the 50s. we are talking about some drying into tuesday. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. >> all right, nick. we'll stay tuned. this morning many people in the bay area are waking up in the dark after the wet and windy weather knocked out the power.
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oismt officials say there is no estimate for when the power will be restored. in san francisco this morning, five people are recovering from stab wounds. police say five people, all of them were stabbed near 11th and harrison streets around 1:30 this morning. witnesses say it looked like some of the victims may be may have been leaving one of the nightclubs in the yair. all five of the victims are expected to survive. so far police have not released descriptions of the suspects or any possible motives in this case. two people are recovering at san francisco general this morning after they were shot. officers said the shooting happened on the 2400 block of san bruno avenue just after 2:00 this morning. police investigators are still on the scene.
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stay with us. we'll update this as we get more details. also this morning, a major intersection? san francisco open again after a deadly hit-and-run crash. police say a man was hit bay car just before 9:30 last night at the intersection of market and eighth streets not far from the orfie yum theater. so far police have not released a description of the suspect or the car, but the scene was shut down for seven hours. this morning emergency workers say a toxic spill at a san jose water treatment plant is under control, meaning people in the area no longer have to shelter. gallons of ammonia skilled at graystone lane yesterday. in high concentration, ammonia exposure can result in fainting, dizziness, even death. in this case, firefighters say the ammonia in the plant was diluted but still dangerous.
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>> ammonia leak itself, its first exposure is going to be inhalation. keep in mind, this type of ammonia that is here was a 19% ammonia and it's really no different than the ammonia you might have in your home. >> an investigation is now under way into how the spill happened. the plant has not been in operation since earlier this month because of construction there. we are told a worker doing routine checks found that ammonia leak. this morning japan's top government spokesman says the country's nuclear reactor must eventually be scrapped. it is the first time to say that the plant in fukushima will have to be closed once the overheating reactors are back under control. meantime, the operate or the of the plant is backing down from a plan to release radioactive gas to prevent a more dangerous buildup. the operator says for the moment the pressure in the overheated reactor has stabilized but it remains relatively tight. this time yesterday morning
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we were talking act unsafe levels of radiation in spinach and milk near the nuclear reactor. now more signs it's making its way to the bay area. uc, berkeley, said they discovered radiation levels in our rainwater this weekend but said the traces found in the walter cause no immediate health risks. the amount is still 1 million pims smaller than what you would get if you underwent a routine medical procedure at the hospital. >> it would suggest this activity. >> if you're walking down the street and happen to open your mouth and a little rainwater came into your mouth. >> that would not matter at all. >> it is important to pay attention to the radiation levels found in milk and spinach in japan because there is a chance that could make its way into our foold supply that way here. much more ahead on "today in
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the bay." still to come, air strikes and cruise missiles rock the libyan capital. while libya's leader is calling it an act of terrorism and how he vows to strike back. and an in-depth look at bay area roadways.
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good morning to you again. happy first day of spring. looking live from our camera at chrissy field. this is the first day of sunday streets in san francisco. brave the rain. moammar gadhafi is promising a long war against the u.s. and european forces who are target etting his troops with air strikes and cruise missiles. gadhafi is refusing to comply with a no-fly zone over libya and the u.s. is stepping in to enforce it. forces are divided about
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american involvement as our forces remain in iraq and afghanistan. >> reporter: the first barrage of missiles in the latest international effort to cut growing violence in libya. u.s. and british warships fired 114 tomahawk missiles at multiple targets in libya to try to cripple gadhafi's weaponry. >> the notion is create a more benign environment so these british and french fighter bombers can get in, establish the no-fly zone. >> reporter: the mission in spops to gadhafi's defiance of u.n. orders to stop attacks on civilians. an action that president obama stressed during his trip to brazil is not a unilateral show of force. >> make no mistake, today we are part of a broad coalition, we are answering the calls of a threatened people, and we are acting in the interests of the united states and the world. >> reporter: a coalition and commitment secretary of state hillary clinton confirmed during
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a summit meeting in france. >> america has unique capabilities, and we will bring them to bear to help our european and canadian allies and arab partners stop further violence against civilians. >> reporter: the u.s. taking the lead if only briefly. back in the state, groups of demonstrators from washington to california protested any involvement of american troops with the country still entrenched in two other war zones on this eighth anniversary of the start of the war in iraq. nbc. from the man-made disaster in libya to a natural one in japan, in just the last few h r hours rescuers pull a teenaged boy and his grandmother from their home. more than 8,100 people are confirmed dead following the quake and the tsunami. 12,000 people are still missing more than a week later.
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and more than 450,000 people are now homeless because of the quake and tsunami. more than 350,000 homes have no power. our scope of the disaster in japan is likely to call a tsunami week in san francisco. a week ago a japanese tsunami flooded the santa cruz harbor causing millions of dollars in damage. today the office of emergency services will host a meeting to promote tsunami awareness and preparedness. longtime residents were stunned at the harbor damage from the earthquake especially after so many false alarms. >> it's an interesting thing. i've been here through three tsunami warnings. that was the third one. none of them amounted to anything. this one was quite amazing. watching all the debris in the harbor. >> tonight's meeting is at 7:00 and the santa cruz police
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department experts on geology and tsunamis will be there to talk act the different types of tsunamis and the likelihood of them striking the montd ray bay. the earthquake in japan has people restocking their own earthquake supplies. i know that happened at our house. this weekend shoppers are looking for items like gas masks, water containers, mres and first aid kits. while last week had many people on edge, the store manager e says he's skeptical about a nuclear threat on the east coast. >> it keeps people on their toes. we do live somewhere where there's the po potential for disaster. it's going to happen. it's just a matter of when. business as usual. >> community leaders remind people to be prepared to be self-sufficient for at least three days in the event first responders are overwhelmed. we reported on the safety of our hospital and nuclear facilities in california, but one of the biggest vulnerables we uncovered were roadways.
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what we should keep in the car just in case we're not at home ar at work when disaster strikes. >> reporter: the bay area is connected by an intricate network of freeway, bridges, ferries and trains, all running smoothly to get you where you need to go. but what happ an instant it's all shut down? >> we won't have a whole lot of roads passable. >> the association of bay area government says the bay area can expect to have a transportation meltdown when a major earthquake hits. >> unfortunately, i don't think we are very well prepared. >> reporter: while we spend a lot of money to retrofit our bridges. >> all the roads that lead to bridges are in liquefaction zones or many are so, they're likely to slip. >> reporter: many of our major freeways like 880 and 280 run right on top of major fall lines.
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this map from the association of bay area government shows which roads could fail if a 6.8 earthquake hits on each of our major faults. san andreas, potentially 1,332 road closures. hayward, 1,138. and calaveras, 573. be prepared to be stuck where you are for at least three days. >> it would be very wise to have disaster kits in multiple places. >> that means at work, at home, and in your car. and have a backup plan for your kids who may not be able to reach them for days as well. >> we haven't had one here in so long that people tend to forget bt it. >> that is until everything stops. garvin thomas, "today in the bay." >> in case you're wondering about the the roads in your neighborhood and along your commute, we did find an interactive map that you can check at the association of bay
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area government. you can find it on their website. much more ahead coming up on "today in the bay." still ahead, who needs brawn when you have plenty of brains? the bay area city ranked number one in terms of falling in love. and we'll take you outside to this view from oakland where the showers are beginning to let up just a bit. the wind will die down as well.
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good sunday morning to you. live pictures from san francisco. that would be alcatraz out in the distance. what is that i see? is that a hint of the sunrise? be nice to see today, a little bit of sun. this was a pretty powerful storm. it is right now pushing off to the east.
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the center of it is. the heaviest rain continues to push down to the south. the wind also a big story with this one. the wind advisory has been discontinued. still a little breezy out there. oakland 14-mile-per-hour winds in san jose, 9-mile-per-hour winds. we saw gusts to near 60 last night as this storm, very pow powerful system, moved on through. as i mentioned, the heavy stuff pushing down to our south san luis obispo through l.a. basin. what's ahead, showers, maybe a couple isolated thunderstorms this afternoon with small hail. tomorrow a few more showers and then if you need to get outside, do something. i think tuesday is your day. that's our best chance for some drier weather. we're going to stay active next several days. you can see this broad area of low pressure, this trough swinging through, and the jet stream carrying the moisture right into central and southern california. that pattern won't change much here over the next several days.
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so scattered showers, the winds dying down this morning, maybe an isolated thundershower. temperatures cool today, highs only in the mid to upper 50s. again it looks like as we head into tuesday we'll be drying out. readings in the mid-50s today. the wind at about 10 to 15 miles per hour through the valley, still rather windy through the east bay, gusting upwards of 35 or 40 miles per hour. and we still have a wind advisory in effect for the delta. a flood advisory continues for the delta, areas like reo vista up near their flood stages. 53 in santa rosa. here's that extended forecast. tuesday best chance for drier weather but more rain tuesday night and another round of wind and rain for wednesday and thursday as well.
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welcome spring, everybody. the nerdy tendencies that could make you a social outcast. popular marriage material. produced a survey on where you can snag a nerd. congratulations, sunnyvale, you are nerd central. it has the highest educated members. cambridge, massachusetts, is is number two. no surprise because it is home of harvard and m.i.t. berkeley came in at number four. santa clara, another silicon valley city, is number five. now i know where my producer should be hanging out. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, the l.a. marathon is getting under way and this man is going to run it. a supervised sumo wrestler.
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running a marathon is one of
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the most challenging feats an average-sized person can do. so imagine the difficulty if you weigh more than 400 pounds. meet kelly "fat man" knightley of los angeles. he is six feet tall and weighs 405 pounds. and today he plans to run in the los angeles marathon. if he finishes, he will be the heaviest man ever to complete the 26.2-mile course. did we mention he's a sumo wrestler as well? he says he runs the marathon and after he finishes he wants to hike mt. everest and swim the english channel. and why not. will the giants' closer make it to the season-opener? plus the sharks beat st. louis, but a key player may be singing the blues. we have it all in morning sports. good morning to you. two big games in the south bay last night, one outside in the cold rain where you needed a hat, the other inside where it started raining hats. the sharks hosting the blues in
7:26 am
a bittersweet contest. we start with goal, 1-0 in the first. what looks like two goals in the span of three minute, both on the power play, but one is not a goal. here's the real bad news. the rookie slams into his boards, his right skate leading. no word yet on the extent of his injury but we're hearing he left the tank on his own power. this goal in the third it looks like his first career hat trick but that was actually his second goal. after the game, the first of the three goals was give on the patrick marleau. very upstanding about it, telling officials it was not his so, no hat trick. after all this, the sharks win it 5-3. ten games remain before the postseason. nine of them are against the division. outside to the san jose earth kwax season-opener last night hosting real salt lake at buckshaw stadium. the fans brave the cold. after a score lest first half, real salt lake gets the game's first and only goal. the quakes fall in the opener
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1-0. outside from the rain into the madness. stanford opening the women's ncaa tournament hosting uc, davis, yesterday at naples. condoleezza rice making the the scene as she was once a sanford professor, then secretary of state, of course. stanford advances to face st. john's tomorrow, 62 consecutive wins for the cardinals at home. 86-59 the final. at the men's tournament, one more pac-10 team bites the dust. just washington and arizona remain as ucla loses to florida. gonzaga gets last blasted by byu. jimmer fredette had 34 points. the battle of underdogs, the richmond spiders move into the sweet 16. it took two overtimes so san diego state also advances beating temple. the talk of the tournament thus far, a wild ending, two
7:28 am
game-changing fouls with under two seconds left and butler sneaks out with yet another close win. giants' closer brian wilson started camp with a bad back. an mri is showing a strain odd bleak muscle. he has been shut down and will be reevaluated tomorrow. there is some concern about his being ready for open day. barry zito looking goond ready yesterday with the giants hosting the royals. he goes six innings and gives up just two hits. a strong zito outing met by three solo homers. cody ross with his serve. 3-1 the giants beat k.c. and the a's, facing the white sox, getting a nice day from trevor cahill. he goes into the seventh giving up one run. ryan sweeney adds a homer. 8-3 oakland wins it. that is sports. have a great day. and we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, the latest look at our wild weekend weather to kick off spring.
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welcome back. this morning there are lots of reports of stormy conditions and slick roadways to start off your sunday and your spring. overnight wind and rain has kept emergency crews business s for hours and just hours ago emergency crews acted more like lumberjacks as they work to chop up and remove 30- to 40-foot tree near cesar chavez in san francisco. the tree was ten feet around and may have hit a taxi that was driving in the slow lane. it is unclear whether anyone was injured as a result of that fallen tree. fallen trees also causing damage near the stadium in san francisco. this car smashed up pretty badly when a tree came crashing through the roof and onto the windshield. the wind also brought down this
7:32 am
hotel sign in the city. it came crashing down onto the sidewalk. we're told no one was injured by the falling sign. that is a good thing because folks passing by had enough to deal with just walking down the street with the wind blowing back their umbrellas. meteorologist nick o'kelly the tracking the wild weather from our studio this morning. lots of green on the radar behind you. >> so lit up, isn it, chris? a very powerful storm. we had a confirmed report of 58-mile-per-hour gusts in san francisco. so this was packing a punch. we suspect even stronger winds were blowing through the santa cruz mountains. so likely a i little bit of falling tree activity in that area as well. the main brunt of the storm has now shifted to the south and to the southeast. you can still see a lot of shower activity moving in from the southwest. as we go through the day today and see a hint of sunshine peeking through. i think that's going to destabilize things a little more and we'll look for isolated thundershowers and maybe, just
7:33 am
maybe, a little bit of small hail as well. still have the winter storm warning for the high country. up to two feet of new snow above 7,000 feet. the calendar said it was spring today at 4:21 p.m. but still wintry out there. travel down i-5 and highway 101 going to be difficult with flooded roadways. today's temperatures mainly in the mid-50s. now the extended forecast is showing some drying. we'll talk more about that here in a few minutes. kris? thank you very much, nick. this morning firefighters are on the scene of a two-alarm fire in san francisc flames ripped through a home on panorama drive in the city at around 2:30 this morning. wind reportedly sent burning embers to a neighboring house, which then reportedly caught fire. witnesses say everyone who lived at the house did make it out safely. the murder trial of an oakland newspaper editor's
7:34 am
alleged killer is expected to begin on monday. chauncey bailey was gunned down and killed in 2007 en in what police would call an assassination by a former muslim leader. he is charged with murder for allegedly ordering bailey's killing as well as two other men in 2007. an associate has also been charged. the gunman in the case is expected to testify in the case as part of a deal. barry bonds will finally get his day in court more than seven years after he testified to a federal grand jury that he never knowingly took performance-enhancing drugs. if convicted, bonds would likely face 15 to 21 months in prison. just last week a federal judge decided not to allow the jury to hear angry voice mails bonds left his mistress while they were together. prosecutors wanted to use those messages to show that the slugger was experiencing
7:35 am
so-called roid rage when demanding the know the whereabouts of his former girlfriend, kimberly bell. the judge ruled the voice mails are not relevant. and we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, the city of santa clara plays a game of hide-and-seek with development funds. how the 49ers could benefit from that shell game. plus, the city of san francisco has taken on plastic bottles and fast food and is now getting ready for battle against the yellow pages.
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and let's take a live look from our camera lenz. aaron murphy, one of our to to journalists, working early this morning. waterings across the bay. a cold, wet, and windy start to the morning. the forecast calling for more rain and wind, people are not taking any chances.
7:38 am
there was an ace hardware store in san jose where people shopped for supplies just in case. >> it was kind of a frenzy towards around noon to 2:00. everyone was coming in for a bunch of earthquake stuff, lanterns, space heaters. you know, it was kind of a rush. >> if you are headed out onto the roadways, take it slow. the conditions are very slick out there this morning. lawmakers in san francisco will take a good, hard look at caltrain's budget problems this week. the examiner reports on tuesday the chief of the cash-strapped rail operator will update the board of supervisors on the shortfall. how planned cuts will affect service and it's possible caltrains will end weekend service on events like giants games and bay to breakers as well. the city of san francisco may
7:39 am
invest redevelopment funds in the quest to bring 49ers to town. lawmakers will consider a deal at a meeting tomorrow night. the plan would give $4.5 million in new stadium money to the 49ers to make sure that it is used for construction. the deal would let lawmakers skirt around the governor's plan to steer funds towards education programs instead. money give on the team they say is ultimately investing in new jobs and tax dollars for the school district. san francisco board of supervisor david chu's proposal to limit the distribution of yellow pages is turning into a political headache. the proposal would require yellow page distributors to ask residents and businesses where they want a copy before dropping it off. the chief says the proposal would reduce waste and city costs as well. opponents of the proposal say many small businesses depend on yellow pages ads for their
7:40 am
livelihood. there is a meeting on monday at city hall to discuss legislation if you want to have your say. again, it is monday afternoon. big changes could be in store for some sausalito schools. the "marin independent journal" reports two schools could switch to charter status. bayside elementary school and the martin luther king jr. academy middle school are the two schools in question. the idea is to help the schools perform better by modeling the success of another school in the district. the school board has to consider options and changes would come by next year at the very earliest. people interested in commenting can attend a community forum tuesday in marin. cnbc's sue herera has a look at the upcoming week in the world of business. vorls have a lot to keep their eyes on this week including the recovery efforts in japan has it copes with a nuclear threat and international efforts to stabilize its currency, the yen. wall streeters will also be keeping tabs on the price of crude. unrest in the middle east.
7:41 am
and the u.n.'s resolution to enforce a no-fly zone in libya. it has been a tough time for the housing industry. this week we'll get a read on february sales for both existing and new homes along with home pri prices from january to see if there's any hope for the industry now that the busy spring selling season is finally here. we will get a final reading on consumer sentiment from march which looks like it was trending downward. they'll also get first time jobless data which has been getting better. we'll see if orders for long-lasting big-ticket durable goods will keep plants up and running. quarterly earnings results from big companies like oracle, best buy, general mills, wallgreens, and tiffany. and this week marks the fifth anniversary of the fist tweet microblogging website twitter. it has come a long way in five years. it's valued at more than $4 billion. i'm sue herera. get all our business news on
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cnbc. scott mcgrew will give you your tech news on "today in the bay" starting hat 4:30 in the morning. the bay area is seeing a rise of the number of chihuahuas flooding animal shelters. at the san jose animal care and control shelter, 40 to of the 62 dogs for adoption are chihuahuas. expert sas the dogs are bought on impulse but the owners do not know how to carefully care for the tiny breed. earlier this month the number of chihuahuas had a program to find new homes there. still more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a balancing act for state lawmakers. our political analyst larry gerston weighs in on the lingering budget headache and why getting it done is such a head scratcher for politicians. and tonight at 11:00, a real who done it. it reads straight out of a novel. suspected dirty cops, a
7:43 am
publicity hungry p.i., attractive female investigators. the confidential informant working on the inside, the cryptic e-mails and mild-mannered magazine reporter who suddenly found himself as a central carcer in one of the biggest corruption scandals to rock the bay area. good morning. i'm mike inouye. there's lots to do. lasz up your running shoes for the stadium stampede at at&t park. christina lauren will be there and kerri walsh. they're running with lucille. you can join them to run laps up and down the lower level of the park stairs. keep in mind, there's a $100 fund-raising minimum to participate. warm-ups at 8:45 and the stampede celebration kicks off at 9:30. and sunday fun day up the road as san francisco kicks off its
7:44 am
first sunday street event of the year. more than three miles of the embarcardero will be a car-free zone so, you can walk, ride, dance, or roll along. that zone stretches from fisherman's wharf to mission bay, from 11:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon. that's what's going on "today in the bay." you have yourself a great day. and good morning to you. a live picture on the san francisco bay. the boats have been bopped around with big winds moving through and strong winds too. things are starting to settle down, but not before we see more thundershowers. the forecast is coming up.
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now what? the legislature passed a budget $12 billion out of whack. for more, our political observer nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston. so we passed the budget, $12 billion out of whack. so what's the point? well, it's a two-step process. this is a tough one. we've been talking about a budget that's got a hole of about $26 billion. i mean, countries don't have budgets that big. that's just our budget hole. so what's happened is that's about 30% of the entire state budget if we were to go ahead
7:48 am
with that $85 billion. so we have to do something about it. what happens? well, democrat jerry brown went to the legislature and said please make some cuts, painful, painful cuts. they did make those cuts in welfare, education, transportation, a variety of programs cut out about $14 billion of the gap all together. but they still are $12 billion short. where does that come from? the temporary tax that the governor has asked the legislature to put on the ballot. continued tax increases on income, sales and motor vehicles. that's where we are. >> okay. why hasn't the legislature put that on? i mean, i think the answer is obvious. they don't want to tax. >> well, that's the tough one, okay? it's a political values issue, kris, as much as it is anything else. democrats say we can't make any more cuts. we're cut to the bone. we can't do anything more. please, please, please. republicans say unless you make
7:49 am
the form in pensions -- we've heard that a lot lately -- and in spending, you know, long-term spending caps, we're not going to go along with it. so there you have it. that's the rub, if you will, between the two sides. >> so how does this deadlock end, then? >> okay. look. it's tough. this is real tough politics for both sides. they have constituencies, they want to get re-elected. there are a lot of issues here. three new elements have come into the picture that i think may lead to some kind of shakedown, if you will, this week. first, republicans will be back from their statewide convention they had in sacramento. some want to just literally wait on this issue until after the convention to avoid criticism from fellow republicanser, personally very conservative republicans. they got the convention out of the way. second, the governor has called for a two-thirds vote to put this thing on the ballot. normally two-thirds votes are required to put it on the
7:50 am
ballot. a nonpartisan legislative analyst says this vote might require majority approval. well, the democrats have a solid majority so, if they go in that direction it might be enough to threaten republicans, come along or else. third, there was a pew poll released just the other day, kris, and that field poll shows voters voted for temporary tax base a solid margin, 56% to 39%. not as high as some like to be but that's a pretty good gap right now. any or all of these things could come into play over the next few days. just remember, you have to break this deadlock somehow but all of this about breaking the deadlock is allowing the public to decide whether to continue these taxes. so that's the other thing that must be weighing hard on republicans right now. >> okay. we'll see how this shakes out, then. obviously a lot at stake for both parties. >> a lot. >> thanks very much, larry. we'll be right back with another
7:51 am
look at a wild weekend forecast.
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7:53 am
good morning, everybody. i'm nick o'kelly filling in for rob. the heaviest stuff has pushed off to the east and the south. we'll continue to see those showers throughout the tay today. there might be a couple isolated thunderstorms. not a whole lot of wind at san francisco international. so we've got a little bit of clearing right here onshore. you may see some sun breaks today. if anything, that will destabilize the atmosphere and
7:54 am
bring isolated thunderstorms and maybe small hail. temperatures today mainly in the mid-50s, 58 palo alto, 55 tub lin. the winds will be in the 15- to 25-mile-per-hour range at times this morning but then should settle down this afternoon and this evening. 55 in concord, 5 in cantfield. maybe a few peeks of sunshine. those clouds will be with us for most of the next seven days. here's the seven-day forecast. if there were any good chance to find some drier weather this coming week i think it's going to be tuesday. we'll just be looking for isolated showers that day, but it's going to be an active weather week ahead with another strong storm on wednesday into thursday and then again into saturday. kris? >> thank you very much. thanks for making us a part of your morning. we'll have more local news coming up at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. check for news all day long on
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