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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 21, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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king. i'm david demeo, the report is live from san francisco next. plus the efforts to prevent a nuclear meltdown in japan. engineers once again forced to leave the plant. good morning, i'm christie smith live in have a rin county where the foul weather won't let up. coming up, we'll tell you who is still in the dark. a live look outside at the bay bridge. it is monday, march 21st. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i was about to say east bay. i'm scott mcgrew. let's go to christina loren to see what's happening. good morning to you. we have spotty activity out
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there. take a look at san jose right now. in the next 10 to 15 minutes get ready for steady rain. enough to make the roadways slick. you want to take it easy out there today. also, we have the possibility, the potential for another round of thunderstorms today. we'll talk all about that, but first we'll get you to work on time. back to work monday for the first official day of spring. mike, how does it look out there? not to bad considering it is monday. we are looking at the toll plaza with a nice flow of traffic. we have an accident reported here, but here's a live shot of the bay bridge. things are not so bad here. this is the traffic flow into the city on top of the screen. you can also see the toll plaza. no major backup there. the accident sounds like it is out of the roadway. no problems for the toll plazas. to the east shore freeway, a live look at the approach, an 18-minute drive. there's a fog advisory near the bridges. barry bonds's perjury trial
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is finally underway this morning. today the jury selection begins. damion trujillo is here with more on the day ahead. >> reporter: good morning. the proceedings start in 3 1 very 2 hours. and court administrators are using an overflow room so the media can watch via circuit television. bonds is on trial on perjury charges stemming from his testimony in front of a federal grand jury during the steroid investigation. a lot of the prosecution's evidence has been thrown out. the judge ruled prosecutors could not use irate voice messages bonds used his mistress. they say it shows the effects of roid raid. and greg anderson won't be here, bonds's personal trainer who
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refuses to answer questions under oath. anderson served several months in jail already for refusing to testimony testify. court observers believe in ruby was on the east coast, he would be considered one of the top ten lawyers in the country. he defended former mayor gonzalez on corruption charges successfully. he also defended the nfl against al davis, the oakland raiders owner. a lot of day ma here with a lot of eyes on the home run king. live in san francisco, damian trujillo for "today in the bay." opening remarks in the trial of the man accused of killing an oakland journalist will start today. the prosecutor will paint a picture of the two defendants being the charismatic leader and fellow follower. the two are accused of murdering
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chauncey bailey back in 2007. a third accomplice pleaded guilty on manslaughter charges in exchange for a 25-year prison sentence and will testify against the two men. new this morning operators evacuated from the fukushima nuclear plant after gray smoke rose from one of the reactor units. the smoke came from the storage fuel pool in unit three. the power plant is worried the smoke is a sign the water level in the pool is low and there could be an increase in radiation. so far there's been no spike in radiation at the plant. the recovery efforts in japan continue this morning. new figures show the tsunami and quake have killed more than 8,600 people. at least 13,200 are missing. the japanese officials say those two lists could have some overlap. the disaster displaced another 452,000 people. world bank says japan may need
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five years to rebuild after the two disasters. the bank calculates the damage at $235 billion. we would like to thank everyone who helped nbc bay area and comcast raise money for the disaster relief efforts in japan. a great outpouring of support from the community, that number ought to be much bigger. i mean, just $416,540, that's a great, terrific number, but we are very proud of it. if you did not make it out, you can still help. donate to or text red cross to 90999. members of the santa cruz community are coming together to discuss the danger of the future tsunami and how to prepare for it. this is video from a couple weeks ago when it cost an estimated $26 million to the santa cruz harbor. tonight's meeting is part of national tsunami awareness week. it will be held in the community room of the santa cruz police
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department from 7:00 to 9:00. in the meantime, the santa cruz harbor will remain closed today and tomorrow after waves swept through the port ten days ago. you saw that it sank boats and really ripped apart the docks. the launch ramp is off limits and there's limited dock access in both north and south harbors. if anyone is caught entering the harbor they will be charged with a felony and could pay up to $25,000. warm, wet weather expected to hit the bay area this weekend. still this morning, many people in the north bay remain without power from the last round over the weekend. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in mill valley with an update on the conditions there. >> reporter: good morning to you. i think i spoke too soon since i last checked in 30 minutes ago. we did get some sprinkles here in marin. it is like groundhog's day with all the rain, it just keeps coming back over and over again. i wanted to show you what it has done here in marin. it created this pond that's kind of hard to see, but it runs 100
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feet down the frontage road near the 101 and stenson beach exit this morning. the storm left a trail of destruction with trees toppled onto homes and cars, thunder, lightning, wind and rain, you name it. and, of course, downed power lines and outages. the worst of it is here in the north bay where at least 3,800 customers are still in the dark this morning. we put a call into pg&e who says the customers should be back up and running by noon today along the peninsula and in the south bay where 300 customers are still in the dark. they should be up by 8:00 this morning. nearly 700 customers are still in the dark at this hour in the east bay and should be up by 6:00. it all sounds troubling but this is down from the high of about 33,000 customers that were in the dark this weekend. reporting live in marin county, christie smith, "today in the bay." well, much of the bay area got a break in the clouds
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yesterday. southern california got hit with so much rain part of the pacific coast highway is now closed. the highway's westbound lanes are closed in malibu after numerous rock slides and a dozen homes in the san fernando valley had to be evacuated. look at that water. 30 people were taken from their homes to a nearby fire station. there are still no reports of any injuries from those rock slides. and just north up the coast in monterey it looks like a portion of highway 1 will be closed for more than a month after a rock slide sent about 60 feet of roadway tumbling into the ocean. the two-mile stretch south of carmel is off limits to cars, bikes and pedestrians. heavy rain battered the coastline near big sur this weekend. crews raced to install tarps and rain to divert the water from creating erosion. the road crumbled last wednesday. formally, nobody was injured. the other main road between northern and southern california is closed this morning. the chp closed a section of
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highway 5 at 7:00 last night. heavy snow made the road impassable. this is what it looked like further down the hill. no word on when the highway will reopen. there's a high wind advisory through fresno county as well. we are getting pummeled it looks like across the state. >> just the wind and things in our yard that were knocked over were extraordinary. >> meantime, happy spring. >> same to you. the things i think of when i see spring, rain coming down relentlessly? not so much. it still feels like winter in terms of where the daytime highs will be in the mid-50s. it won't get that warm. in fact, this week looks cooler than average each and every day as we enter into this wet pattern. the jet stream is taking a dip. we like to call it the pineapple express, the river taking all the low pressure systems in the bay area. that's what's happening throughout this week.
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we have rain chances each and every day. tomorrow looks to be the driest. tuesday we have a 40% chance rain opportunity. here's what's happening right now. right now it is not that heavy but it is coming down to where the roadways are slick this morning. we are getting a little bit of a break in the north bay which is good news. they need a chance to dry out this morning. we have showers pushing through san francisco also san jose getting a little wrap-around moisture right now as the system of low pressure is sitting just off the coast. you can see it is driving that wrap-around rain into the bay area and not really moving. so this is what we are going to expect heading throughout the day today. there's enough instability, enough daytime heating and 'tis pated with a few brakes of sunshine to warm us into the 50s. that means with a very unstable air mass we have overhead the possibility of thunderstorms developing is pretty likely. we are already noticing some lightning strikes offshore this morning. so we have a really unstable atmosphere. that was the case on friday, too. and we didn't see a lot of thunderstorms. we just saw a few of the thunderstorms that were so strong that they were able to
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turn up some very, very unstable weather. weather we don't usually see around here. we had a funnel cloud off the coast of ocean beach. excuse me, a waterspout. a funnel cloud touched the water. we had an ef-1 tornado touch down as well. today we are still under the gun when it comes to the possibility of severe weather. but we want to lighten it up a bit and talk about something that has to do with spring. we want to send you to the movies. we are giving away 40 pairs of tickets to the vip preview of the movie "hawk." today's secret word is "easter." you got that? log on to and enter to win two pairs of tickets for your and your family to go see that movie. and that secret word of the day is "easter." you got that, mike? how are they hopping along on the roadways? we'll look at 580. easter is the secret word.
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over to the maze where traffic is moving nicely through the area. a good flow of traffic approaching the bay bridge. a live look at the toll plaza, i told you there was an accident reported there. the toll plaza itself is moving smoothly. we can't get the live shot. let's go to the map. there you go. we'll look at the live shot at the toll plaza. very light volume of traffic, that's why it is a minor accident and it is not causing a distraction. that's a dry road, so that's a big deal. further north we have a fog advisory for the venetian and cartinas bridges. we'll watch that visibility get thicker for the morning. it's a smooth drive near the bridges, but we are talking about a foggy drive. the advisory for mart nasa and areas near contra costa county, the fog will probably drift across the water. watch for the effects there. a live look at oakland, not a lot of traffic or fog. it is still a smooth drive, but anything can happen on a monday. it felt like a lot of cars
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out there this morning. >> for a monday. >> yeah. the bay area city moves forward with plans to ban the yellow pages.
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i'm gonna use less honey. i'm gonna text less. well, i'm gonna use less bath tissue with charmin!!!
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[ female announcer ] with charmin ultra soft you can feel good while using less. charmin ultra soft's ultra-cushiony design is soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. ahh, using less never felt so good. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft. enjoy the go. san francisco leaders are looking at whether to restrict the distribution of the yellow books. the board of supervisors wants to ask residents and businesses if they want a copy before leaving it on their doorsteps. david chu says the proposal will reduce waist waste and city costs. he has a similar plan to reduce handbills which hasn't been voted on yet. the meeting takes place at city hall today at 1:00 in the afternoon. tens of thousands of people braved the rain in southern california this weekend to run in the l.a. marathon. but it came with a price.
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runners battled torrential rains and puddles to complete the 26.2-mile race yesterday. thousands had to be evaluated for hypothermia after. at least 25 were taken to the hospital. as much as two inches of rain fell in santa monica during the marathon. the time is 5:16. we'll go to meteorologist christina loren who is watching more of the same rolling in. >> good morning to you. yeah, you would think mother nature would give us a bit of a break since it is the first ful day of spring, but no, she's not going to give us any sort of a break. all week long we are expecting showers each and every day. tomorrow looks mostly cloudy. maybe just a few light showers towards the end of the day. but right now we are seeing a pretty good sized system sitting just off the shore of san francisco. it is kind of stirring up some spotty activity. but what else is happening out there is we've got a really unstable air mass situated right overhead. and we could see enough breaks of sunshine today for our
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atmosphere to get warm enough for some strong thunderstorms to develop. so once again, we could see some pretty active afternoon thunderstorms pass through the bay area just like we did on friday. we are going to keep watching this for you throughout the day today. now, as you can see, we have a little bit of rainfall coming down over the bay area right now. nothing heavy. you can see everything is green. no yellows or oranges indicating moderate rain. and we have a little bit of snowfall coming down near 4,500 feet this morning. the system of low pressure is sitting offshore not going anywhere. temperatures today will only climb ten degrees, only about a 10-degree spread between the daytime highs and morning lows. 56 in fremont and oakland. and 56 degrees in san jose. now, we do have some light at the end of the tunnel. i'm looking at all the long-range models. i'll tell you when the dryer pattern is expected to shape up. it will feel like spring around here soon enough. i'll let you know when coming up. back to you guys. christina, thank you. the u.s. stock market hopes to rebound this week after losses. nicole lapin at cnbc world
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headquarters. good morning, nicole. >> reporter: a very good morning to you. and the biggest deal we are watching is at&t dialing up the deal to buy t-mobile for $39 billion. the purchase would make at&t the largest u.s. carrier with 129 million subscribers bolting it past verizon. the deal could face a long anti-trust review so customers shouldn't expect changes for right now. regulators are pretty concerned as you well know. few wireless players could make for higher praises or prices. it may also keep t-mobile's no contract plan. that's the big story out of cnbc. back to you guys. thank you, nicole. you may have noticed the moon appearing to be brighter and larger. you missed it because of the rain. i forgot to look. >> i tried to go to several windows in our house. i didn't want to go outside to
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get wet to look for the big super moon. it really happened out there. the so-called super moon appeared 14% larger and 30% brighter than normal on saturday. nasa says it is because the moon's oval orbit puts it closer to the earth this time of the year that con sides with the full moon phase. the event happens like this every 19 years. you have to wait until next time. 5:19. the u.s. outlines its plans in libya. what the secretary of defense says will happen next. plus, a major cell phone merger in the works. we'll explain it all next.
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it is 5:21. you are looking at a live picture of mike inouye. no, it is the parkway.
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it looks nice out there, but not for long. good morning, mike. >> good morning, you guys. that would be really cool if i could just peek out from the bushes. we have a nice shot from the south bay, in general. we do notice southbound 87 is a little yellow on the maps. that's just likely due to some of the inclement weather coming through the area. we have no major issues going on. look at this, these speed sensors are showing close to the limit throughout the south bay. a nice, easy drive, including over the santa cruz mountains. a lot of trouble last week, but this morning we are okay over the summit. i told you i would check on hop yard, that's 66 over there, in the spirit of the contest for tickets to hop. christina is bringing that to you. i'm bringing you a nice flow of traffic through the altamont pass through livermore. the 57 is showing a slight drop of speeds through antioch. that's at l-street. we are watching for the congestion to kickoff this monday. a smooth drive on highway 4 and 680 coming down to the walnut creek interchange. most folks are heading over to the bay bridge toll plaza.
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at times we are looking nice nor the east shore interchange. a big concern here, very clear right now through berkeley and emeryville approaching the toll plaza. we'll get a live look at the san mateo bridge with the westbound traffic heading away from 880 with the taillights. no problems, the camera is holding steady. the roadway is relatively dry with all the fog picking up through much of contra costa county. the richmond/san rafael bridge is seeing warnings as well. back to you. 5:23 right now. the just preparing to hand over military control of libya to other coalition allied countries. president obama wants to limit america's role in the conflict to reduce the stress on the u.s. military. gates also says the u.s. will have the military presence but only in a supportive role. nato approved plans to enforce u.n. arms embargoes on libya but failed to agree on the no fly zone to protect the civilian
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population. 5:23 right now. a south bay man died during a political event in sacramento. 64-year-old doug mcnee collapsed on the dance floor following a gop convention on sunday. he was rushed to an area hospital but died overnight. he was the head of silicon valley's taxpayer association. a former three-time republican candidate for state office and also a nuclear energy consultant. almost a year after the bp oil spill a new patch of slumg has appeared in the gulf. we have video from the oil spill last year. the new miles-long patch was reported to the coast guard over the weekend. tests of the sludge show it is most likely sediments brought down from the mississippi river. another oily substance that washed up in louisiana also is being tested but the coast guard does not believe that is from the bp spill either. scott has the latest on the at&t and t-mobile deal this morning. a lot of people not happy about it. >> i think the reaction is going
5:25 am
to mean less choice for the consumer from four major cell phone services down to three. that may be the way the government sees it as well. both the scc and the justice department have to sign off on the nearly $40 billion deal. this was announced over the weekend. at&t wants to buy t-mobile. at&t, more than three times the size of t-mobile, that's only owned by deutsch telecom. the action has been oddly friendly. comcast approved buying nbc universal, something that would have been unheard of just years ago. for the t-mobile user, it probably means you eventually get the apple iphone, but to be honest, the actual merger will be at least a year off at best. meaning if you really want an iphone your t-mobile contract will probably expire before the merger is approved. and you can move to at&t or verizon. if you just signed a two-year contract, you probably didn't want an iphone to start with.
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>> hi, i'm a t-mobile my touch iphone 4g. >> what are you doing? >> chatting many with my mom. >> it will be interesting to watch if t-mobile continues to run the ads critical of at&t's disappointing service. it is kind of strange, t-mobile says it is very local to its customers and wants to save you from ata tnd. and now it is telling you that they are selling the whole company to atat. >> everyone is loyal to big money green, that's what it is ability. 5:26 right now. the state is helping people get ready for the next tsunami. we'll tell you about the meeting happening today. and one man says the big one is coming to california and it will happen this week. we'll take a look at what's behind his reasoning. the rain is giving us a
5:27 am
little break this morning but the weather-related problems are not going anywhere. i'm christie smith. we'll give you a look haat w a going on this morning plus tell you who is still without power. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv.
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get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. jury selection begins today in the long-awaited trial against baseball slugger barry bonds. i'm damion trujillo. a live report next. and we continue to watch japan's nuclear reactor. and many worry about their tainted food. and one man tries to fly his daughter out of the danger zone back to the u.s. and a live look outside at guadeloupe river near 87. it is monday, march 21st. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning, earn everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get started with a look at the soggy week ahead. unfortunately we are in for another wet week with rain chances each and every day. tomorrow you do need to get outdoors and take care of any sort of yard work. i think tomorrow is going to be your best bet, but the jet stream has taken a dip and that's taking all the storms into the bay area. this morning we are not getting a break. we do have spotty showers, but we are picking up lightning strikes just off the coast of san luis obispo. that's the indication of how unstable the air mass overhead is and the chance of us seeing thunderstorms today is actually quite likely. especially determined by how many breaks of sunshine we see throughout the day today. more sun we see, the warmer the atmosphere gets, and the better the chance is for the afternoon pop-up thunderstorms. we'll talk about that all day long, but first the full day of spring. how is it looking?
5:31 am
not so great, christina. we were happy because the weather was calmer, but then we saw the earlier slowdown in antioch for highway 4. we have an accident, that is involving a motorcycle. it sounds like the motorcycle driver was driving along highway 4 in the westbound commute direction and hit a tire in the lanes, which we didn't get a report on that either, so we have a dual report of debris and now a person reportedly down in the roadway. someone stopped to help them, but this is a problem blocking a couple lanes westbound. we'll follow this major slowdown as it quickly builds. this is right when the big commute comes out of antioch. meanwhile, closer to the maze, that's still trying to clear near the east shore freeway, just 18 minutes. some households are in the dark this morning after recent storms. another system is making its way into the bay area as well. christie smith is live in mill valley with the latest. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you. like christina has been saying, this weather just won't let go.
5:32 am
we have gotten a couple sprinkles here in marin. right now we are getting a much-needed break, perhaps just in our one-block radius here, but you can certainly see the footprint left behind by this storm that rolled through over the weekend. there's a giant puddle here along 101 near the stinson beach exit. it runs 100 feet down, it is kind of hard to see, but you have to be careful heading outside this morning. the weekend storm was so powerful it toppled trees onto homes, cars and power lines fell down like toothpicks. we have an improvement from the 33,000 customers that were without power this weekend. the north bay has 3,800 still in the dark. some of them in the dark were told since saturday they should be up and running some time around noon today. the peninsula and the south bay, 300 customers without power.
5:33 am
they should be up we are told some time after 8:00 a.m. in the east bay, about 660 customers still without power. we are told they should be up within the hour. reporting live in marin county, christie smith, "today in the bay." thank you, christie. >> 5:33 right now. the bay area not the only one suffering from rain and wild weather. in tahoe this morning highways 80 and 50 are back open. however, chains are required. both roads were closed over the weekend. 80 for low visibility, 50 for avalanche control. and highway 89 near donner pass road remains closed this morning. check out this video that we are getting from southern california. a group of people trapped on top of their suv as water just rushes in around them. they were all brought to shore safely but they may have to foot the bill for the rescue because they actually drove deliberately into the creek bed as part of an offroad driving trip.
5:34 am
well, the perjury trial for former home run king barry bonds finally kicks off this morning. the long-awaited trial will begin with jury selection. "today in the bay's" damian trujillo is live with the details this morning. >> reporter: good morning, number 25 is expected here at the federal courthouse at 8:30 this morning. now the prosecution has lost its right to use a lot of the evidence in this case, but the defense team still has to prove bonds did not lie to a federal grand jury. now, it all stems from the steroid investigation. bonds told the jury he did not use steroids. federal prosecutors say he lied and are trying to take down the home run king on perjury charges. prosecutors will not use greg anderson, bonds' personal trainer who refused to testify, rather choosing to go to jail for several months. apparently bonds left voice
5:35 am
mails to his mistress. they say it proves his roid rage showing his mood swings. bobby estella is also expected to be here and former a's slugger jason giambi. jury selection usually lasts about a week in a normal trial. we all know this trial is far from normal. we are live in san francisco, damion trujillo, "today in the bay." efforts to cool nuclear reactors in japan ared a at a standstill after workers are evacuated. gray smoke led to concerns that the radiation levels would spike. so far the levels are steady. reports are that the plant repeatedly failed to make crucial inspections of equipment in the weeks before the plant was crippled by the quake and
5:36 am
tsuna tsunami. 33 pieces of equipment went unexpected including backup generators, pumps and parts of the cooling system. higher levels of radiation have been detected in spinach and milk. so far the government has stopped shipments out of the region. the cost of recovery in japan is staggering. the damage is up to $235 billion and it could take five years for japan to recover. rescue efforts continue this morning but hope is fading. at least 13,200 people are missing, 8,600 are dead. the disaster displaced another 452,000 people. the nbc bay area crew would like to thank their viewers for incredible support with relief efforts in japan. with your help we raised $416,540 during friday's telethon. if you missed out there are still ways to help. you can donate to the american red cross at or
5:37 am
text redcross to 90999. each text will donate $10 to the red cross' humanitarian efforts. this morning a retired geologist to predicted the 1989 loma prieta earthquake is forecasting another one to hit this week. jim berkland believes a 6.5 magnitude quake will shake the northwest in the next five days. he says the moon's close proximity, high tides and odd happenings with the marine wildlife where are all sign that is the quake is near. he points to the tons of dead sardines that washed up close to the beach in los angeles as well. less than two weeks after the tsunami cost $50 million in damages in california, people u and down the coast are wondering what the state is going to do to prepare for the next one. at 10:00 this morning there will be a question and answer session. the california geological survey
5:38 am
is going to host the discussion. you can call in if you want, here's the number on your screen as well as a pass code. the event is part of the national tsunami awareness and preparedness week. in santa cruz a father is breathing a sigh of relief this morning thanks to one of our viewers as his daughter will be able to fly back from japan. john tillman's daughter lives in japan with her mother. after the quake it took tillman several weeks to get ahold of her. he and his ex-wife determined it is safest for his daughter to return to california until japan recovers. a generous donor from the south bay contacted us after seeing tillman's story on nbc bay area. >> i just want to say thank you. it is a blessing that there are good people out there still. and i want everybody to give their vibes and positive healing vibes to all the kids out there in japan.
5:39 am
>> the donor has five kids of his own and says if any of them were in lynn's situation he would hope someone would step in and help the way he is. very nice. 5:38. a rough weekend and meteorologist christina loren says more is on the way. >> we are still in the thick of it, unfortunately. i would love to tell you it will be a beautiful day today, but that's just not the case. we have showers already making for a slow commute in some spots this morning. we'll talk to mike in a minute about where those are, but right now you can see we have pretty widespread light scattered shower activity all across the bay area. a system of low pressure is system sitting offshore. you can see the wrap-around moisture coming in as we head throughout the morning hours. and as we head throughout this afternoon with enough breaks of sunshine to warm us up significantly, we could see strong storms fire up. so we are really going to watch this for you today. i know that jeff ranieri and myself won't leave today until
5:40 am
we know everything is good to go. whenever we have a dangerous scenario, the possibility of strong storms, we like to make sure things are covered throughout the day. so whatever you are watching on nbc throughout the day, if we have severe activity we'll break in and tell you about it. now this week we have rain chances each and every day. so really tomorrow looks to be the driest, but even tomorrow, mostly cloudy. we have a 40% chance of rain. mike reported a little bit of fog out there, but overall visibility is looking good. the places that tend to see the fog over the bridges this morning, you will probably encounter that. take it easy out there. 46 in hayward. we'll turn over to the low 50s today. it won't get that warm, so you need the jacket. you wille umbrella. we'll talk more about the possibility of thunderstorms and the best timing, the best locations and opportunities to see the thunderstorms throughout the day. the north bay will be under the gun. back to you, mike inouye. that's a good note. you are giving the overview, i'm talking about specific spots that chp called out, like the richmond/san rafael bridge. overall, that's okay.
5:41 am
this specific spot is a problem, westbound highway 4 at harbor street. that's the updated location where all lanes are temporarily blocked by this motorcycle accident. the ambulance arriving on the scene, the eastbound direction can see this as well. this is a slowdown for both folks passing by harbor. big backups out of antioch. we are following this. we don't have an update from chp as to when they expect the lanes to open. the rest of the maze is moving smoothly. approaching the bay bridge toll plaza is not a problem yet. wait for another half hour to see more crowding. 5:41 right now. the giants aorboed a autrior we key player this morning. we'll tell you who next. more is coming up.
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5:44 am
a bit of breaking news out of libya this morning. the turkish ambassador here in washington confirm that is the four new york times journalist that is were captured in the middle of the fighting over a week ago have now been released to the turk irk ambassador in tripoli. he says that they will be crossing the border into turkey later today. now, turkey is suggesting that the united states, britain, france and the other countries involved should wrap this military action as soon as possible. secretary gates, defense secretary gates is saying it is a matter of days before the u.s. turns us over to the british, the french or nato. although nato is currently divided over weather and looking into enforcing the no fly zone. the u.s. has said repeatedly its goal is not to take gadhafi out but to enforce the no fly zone and stop him from killing his
5:45 am
own people. the united nations say that is the international community has to be united on this. this is a humanitarian emergency. back to you. a peninsula community is coming together to try to save a teenager's life. 13-year-old bryce thasburg was diagnosed with plastic anemia, a rare condition to cause the bone marrow to quit producing white blood cells. over the weekend burlingame's synogogue held a marrow drive for the teenager. >> while we are waiting bryce is getting some supportive therapies to help his immune system to try to fight back. he was just in san francisco packard last week for a treatment called atg. and we won't find out for another month or two whether or not that's working to help his immune system. >> if you would like to see if you're a match for bryce, go to the national marrow donor program. it is just a cheek swap.
5:46 am
it is absolutely nothing. totally painless. then they will call you if you can help. 5:45 right now. news this morning that former governor schwarzenegger's decision to reduce the prison sentence of the son of a political allie is being met with strong opposition. 21-year-old esteban nunez pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in 2000 to the stabbing of a san diego university student. the party is denouncing the governor's decision to cut the prison sentence from 16 years to seven. schwarzenegger reduced the sentence on his last night in office without notifying the victim's family. 5:46 now. it has been a rough weekend and more rain is on the way. meteorologist christina loren is here with more. >> good morning to you. the rain we are all used to. it is the strong thunderstorms that may catch you off guard today. we are already noticing a little
5:47 am
bit of the lightning just offshore. it is the realtime lightning strike just off the coast of san jose. let me step out of the way here. we have a really unstable air mass overhead and enough shower activity here with daytime heating in the works for today for us to possibly see some of the strongest storms develop as we head throughout the afternoon hours, in particular. the ingredients are ripe this morning for thunderstorm formation. we'll be concerned about that today. associated with the stronger storms we could see torrential downpours, pea-sized hail and gusty winds. of course, there's always the possibility it is very unlikely but there's always the slight chance of tornadic rotation. so that's something we'll keep our eye on for you today. after all, we saw it on friday in santa rosa. ef-1 tornado touched down. very, very strong and very unusual for our area. now, this week we have rain chances each and every day. visibility, you might find a little fog out there this morning, so keep your eyes peeled for that over the bridges.
5:48 am
temperatures are cool this morning, you need a jacket. we'll see so much cloud cover and so many spotty showers throughout the day today, that rain-cooled air will keep us in the mid-50s. 57 degrees in los gatos. 56 in san jose. 56 degrees in fremont. so we are going to get a little bit of a break, but not until next week. it looks like next week tuesday, a dryer pattern shapes up with high pressure back in the works. we'll talk about that coming up with scott mcgrew. the next story pretty much breaks my heart. i'm pretty hurt about this. we'll get right to it, with just a few days left in spring training the giants try to figure out the opening day roster. they play colorado today. one of the big stories is the jury to closer brian wilson. he'll be re-evaluated by team doctors today. wilson strained a rib-cage muscle thursday. it could keep him out of the opening day lineup. he could be out for an extended period of time. >> i'm going to tweet him to see if he writes me back this
5:49 am
morning. san francisco women continue their run to the the ncaa title tonight. they host st. john's at 6:40 tonight. the winner gets a ticket to the sweet 16. not bad. as for the men's tournament, the sweet 16 is set. three number one seeds are still in it. pittsburgh is the only one that dropped out. >> things will get easier. games don't resume until thursday. we filled out our own bracket. on friday i was in first place. mike dropped down because ucla is out. sorry. after two rounds, brent is actually leading. good thing he's not here so he can't brag about it. 50 points. we'll give him credit for choosing butler over pittsburgh. i'm next with 47 points followed by christina h 43, mike at 41. despite ucla out, look at scott. >> i am the optimist. i choose all these things.
5:50 am
>> he was good at soccer. wrong choice. you should have let your dogs choose. >> there's still time. the time is 5:49. caught on tape. video of the tsunami that hit japan. and a bay area company on the list of the most amazing places to work and luck has it they are hiring. and from the north bay, if you are heading south just like my ncaa picks, a smooth drive pastorhe san raf bridge. a big accident i'm following as well. details coming up. call or click today.
5:51 am
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5:52 now. safety advocates want parents to change the way they provide protection to their kids in the car. the national highway traffic safety administration and other groups are updating guidelines
5:53 am
on child safety. they say toddlers should use rear-facing seats until the age of 2. the group also says kids under 13 should sit in the backseat while some should continue to use booster seats until they outgrow them. the advice comes from evidence from crashes. no comments if i used a booster seat or not. you have to be 4'9". i'm 5 feet tall. we'll check the commute now with mike. >> you and my mother tower over no one. over to antioch we are looking at a major backup here coming off hillcrest. we see the backup starting there. reports are, we have an update, the motorcycle accident is still blocking lanes. potentially all lanes of highway 4. that's the huge backup coming out of the antioch area heading over to bay point. use surface streets. we have davidson.
5:54 am
local os to the area know if you get on past harbor you are better getting on near concord. this might affect you as well, the cartinas and venetian bridges could have heavy fog floating around. overall, christina's readouts show the fog is not so bad, but we have a dense fog advisory from chp near those bridges. still an 18-minute drive to the east shore freeway. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza shows volume picking up. we don't have a shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. there's another shot of sunol. south to the express lanes, no incidents reported right now. we'll follow this, but once you are through the area, the south bay commute is all right as well. back over to you. thank you, mike. the japanese coast guard has released new video of the giant tsunami as it rolled towards the northeast coast of japan. you can see the wave slowly moving towards this ship as the captain steers the vessel into
5:55 am
the wave. crew members yell at each other to just hold on to something. the massive wave nearly wiped out the entire town on friday. it was horrible. check out this video of an 80-year-old woman and her 16-year-old grandson pulled to safety found yesterday. nine days after the earthquake and tsunami. the team was apparently on the roof of a collapsed house calling for help. his grandmother was inside. both were responsive when paramedics found them. an amazing story of rescue and survival. and new this morning, the teenager is speaking out about the ordeal. he says they were trapped in their kitchen and survived by drinking water and eating sweets. he waved down a rescue helicopter. both are in relatively good health. i want to check in with scott right now with some news about gmail. >> good morning to you, laura. google believes the chinese government is interfering with e-mail services.
5:56 am
users in china say they are having problems with their gmail accounts. google believes chinese engineers are limiting access but making it look like a technical problem. google says there are no technical issues on the american side. this has some of the most strict internet controls blocking many popular sites in the country. and they have been upping their securities in the middle east. a business consulting firm conducting a new survey. one in every four young professionals wants a job at google, twice the number that wants to work for apple. apple was second on the list followed by walt disney. the u.s. state department and round out the top five. if you are one of those people who knows that farmville is a giant time suck, look out. zinga is rolling out something to take up more of your time, it
5:57 am
is called rewardville. it will doll out game points and credits to use on virtual goodies on things like farmville. right now 250 million people are playing zinga's simple but consuming games. zinga has 1,500 employees and had to move into a new head office. >> i wonder if they are allowed to play there, like it is okay. 5:57 right now. weather is one of the big stories right know, not just here but up and down the coast. and it is so bad a major connector between northern and southern california is closed. more on that coming up. and a live look outside at guadeloupe river parkway. a ttle break in the storm right now, but a wet week is ahead. we'll check in with christina loren. the internet on a plane! are you from the future? um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby!
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