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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 23, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm marla tellez. what you can expect to happen during day two coming up. >> a live look outside at the bay bridge. another drizzly day. wednesday, march 23, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for brent cannon. let's get to meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you. we have heavy downpours coming down across the bay area. we're going to track this for you all morning long. look at the cell that's bull's eyeing san jose. get ready for wet driving conditions through here. and you can see embedded in this green this morning we have yellows and reds, thadu raindvdv, a flash flood watch i place for the entire bay area coast. until this afternoon where we're finally going to see the heavy
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rain subside. we'll tell you what's to come, another storm on its heels. dfdg to work on time with mike inouye. good morning, mike. dl g ourdm f f f f fds at home that stay with us as long as they can but we want to get you out the door early. this area of the maze, one of the lanes off the bay bridge into oakland has flooding as well. wind advisory for the bay bridge, thedbridge. there is heavy rain up through the area and vallejo as well as concord further south is getting hit hard now. we'll get you a live look out and show you the wind advisory and it shakes the camera. the sign on the right shows you high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge where it's hitting the hardest across the water. >> thank you very much. san francisco airport is all clear this morning after a bomb threat to one of its planes. san francisco police say they have searched the luggage on the flight from the philippines but found nothing wrong. a threat was made yesterday while the plane was in flight.
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when it landed at sfo it was taken to a remote part of the airport. passengers were let off but bomb sniffing dogs searched their luggage. about 337 passengers and 20 crew members were on that flight. they received their luggage around 1:00 this morning. that was the second bomb threat of the day. two bomb sniffing dogs were at city hall after a threatening phone call to the city attorney's office. they found nothing. >> a suspected east bay madame is off the hook due to the investigation into an alleged crooked cop drug ring. prosecutors say they are dropping charges against the woman because their case hinges on testimony from a state narcotics officer who is now accused of stealing drugs from evidence lockers and selling them. that agent, norman welsh, played an undercover john in a july 2009 sting at the exsell massage therapy parlor in san ramon.
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that led to the arrest of the madame. welsh and the investigator have pleaded not guilty to drug charges, both are free on bail. >> the perjury trial for all-time home run leader barry bonds is under way in san francisco. it's getting started with bold accusations from both the prosecution and the defense. marla tellez has a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. it's only a matter of hours when day two gets under way in san francisco. yesterday, opening arguments from both sides, then that was followed by quite a bit of drama, that drama and intensity likely to continue today. back on the stand this morning will be jeff novitsski. he was part of the grand jury investigation. yesterday he testified in part that quotes mr. bonds' testimony
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was inconsistent with the facts. today he will continue to be cross-examined by the defense, that's bonds' attorney allen ruby. next in line will be steve husbandkins, a former friend and business manager. prosecutors hope to use his teeft play a conversation he secretly taped with bonds' personal trainer greg anderson. the prosecution alleges that anderson talked about giving bonds injections and using a, quote, undetectible material that worked at the olympics. yesterday the height of the courtroom drama came when anderson refused to testify once again and was taken away by u.s. marshals, taken to jail. anderson's attorney explained his refusal. >> when it gets reported that he's doing this for barry bonds, it appears to me most people miss the point. this has nothing to do with barry bonds. this has everything to do with the fact that he was lied to by the prosecution, he was misled.
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>> reporter: you recall anderson refused to testify in 2006 and '07 and has served more than a year in prison. anderson will remain in jail until he agrees to testify or until the trial ends, which ever comes first. the trial is expected to last about a month. bonds is accused of four counts of making false statements and one count of obstructing justice when he told the federal grand jury that he never knowingly took steroids. bonds usually arrives at the courthouse about 8:00, when he does this morning of course we'll be here. day two is to get under way at 8:30 this morning. live in san francisco, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> also new the leaking nuclear power plant in japan has again been evacuated. unit 3 of the fukushima plant is smoking. operators are trying to cool reactors and spent fuel to prevent a meltdown at the plant.
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there is no word on what caused the new cloud of smoke. tokyo's water bureau is warning people not to give infants tap water. elevated levels of radioactive iodine were found at a water teemt center in tokyo. the water is still safe for adults to drink. >> the cost of the quake and tsunami continues to rise. the japanese government says it could reach $309 billion, making it the costliest natural disaster. recovery efforts continue this morning. new numbers show more than 9400 people are dead, more than 14,700 missing. >> this morning the uso is scrambling supplies for military families who fled japan. the uso says the families need supplies like bottled water and toiletries. contact the uso of northern california. >> this morning the harbor is
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open. it was closed after 100 boats were damaged or sunk by the tsuna tsunami. the national oceanic and atmospheric association survey completed its investigation into the harbor's sea floor and determined that waters were again safely nav i gabl. the surge cost an estimated $26 million in damage to the harbor. >> special devices used to detect biological attacks could get hit in the pocket book. responding to the devices could cost the city over $700,000 each year. he says many of them have not been tested which could create false alarms. chu is trying to pass legislation to register those for an annual fee. city officials do not know how many buildings have those detectors. >> we are certainly watching the rain gauges this morning. river levels as well. there is no pending threat but
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some people in flood-prone areas are taking precautions. in the south bay a plan to control flooding along guadeloupe river is not finished. with more rains arriving this week there is certainly concern. today in the bay's bob redell is live with that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, scott. it's rainy weather like this that reminds san jose there's a lot of work to be done to protect the downtown neighborhoods from the flooding of the guadeloupe river. behind me construction under way is under way to protect people from what happened wack in january '95 when it overflowed and flooded willow glenn. the result of el nino. the upper guadeloupe flood project designed to prevent that has hit a snag. the federal government stopped funding its 50% share because of the downturn in the economy. which in turn has stalled parts of the project. last night the santa clara water
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district neat try to figure out how to get around this problem. one idea has them fronting the cost in hopes that uncle sam would reimburse them later. the project if you might recall began in 2001 after voters approved a $39 parcel tax. it's supposed to be finished in 2016, it's not going to happen. the earliest now is 2018. while several phases have been completed or there are several not finished. the project would reduce the risk of flooding by having dredged the guadeloupe and building canals to divert flood water. reporting live and very wet san jose, bob redell. >> we've seen our reporters out there with their umbrellas in the rain. i want to check in with christina. a rough morning ahead. >> yeah. one of the roughest i've seen since i've been here for the past three months i have not seen this much rain coming down in the morning hours. take a look at that cell headed
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toward oakland. that's going to create flash flooding potentially in the areas not equipped to get this rain. we have rain rates about one inch per hour. when it comes so fast it's very dangerous because the water has nowhere to go. that's when we see the potential for accidents. you want to take it easy especially if you have to get the kids to school. everywhere is getting hit especially at the coast. this is the case as we head through the next few hours, we'll see the heaviest of the rains come down. here is our weathermaker. we've got a well-defined system of low pressure here. well organized. it's going to start to go to the south. there is a system on its heels, this is going to drive in through your thursday. for today, we're already going to get inundated with rain for the next few hours. finally a little bit of a break as we head through probably noon. it will be more showery versus the heavy downpours we're seeing and our next round of rain arrives in time for the morning
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commute tomorrow. temperatures right now are mostly in the upper 40s, low 50s, because of that system of low pressure, though, the sun is not going to really be seeing much today. we're only going to warm into the mid-50s. 56 degrees is the forecasted high in oakland. 54 in los gatos. grab the jacket, grab the umbrella. and ladies, don't wear things that you really want to protect. it's not a good day for the jewels. back to you guys. >> we'll take it over here. we'll look at the maps. right here we're looking at the east shore freeway. it's smooth but we had an accident that is clearing from the bay bridge toll plaza. the flooding off of the lower deck, that's unusual. there is a live look at the toll plaza, how much puddling going on. westbound that's this direction out of oakland, there is an accident clearing from the toll plaza but not affecting traffic because the volume is light. they moved it to the shoulder. the puddling is an issue. the lower deck across the
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freeway into oakland, flooding in one of your lanes. oakland south, a live shot as far as the water affecting your roadway, look at this. the bay area bridges, all the east-west ones have the wind advisory. one other issue, that's the flooding. we reported at the top. but 101 at paul and 101 further south fast 280 interchange has flooding reported as well. that rain affecting your commute. >> let's hope it doesn't cause a lot of crashes. >> bay area church on the brink of foreclosure. >> how you can weigh in on san francisco's budget plan. . bcandles for inessus b run by a 13-year-old getting a lot of attention. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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san francisco leaders want to hear your thoughts on the city's budget plans. mayor lee and supervisor david compos are holding a meeting at 5:30 tonight at the horace mann middle school. they will talk about budget cut proposals. the mayor is planning to hold town meetings in all of the districts. >> the disaster in japan is causing trouble for the you u.s. auto industry. for an explanation and news before the bell we turn to nicole at cnbc. good morning. >> nice to see you again, scott. investors taking a breather from the rally, looking to higher oil prices amid the unrest in libya. crude oil is about $105 a barrel today. we're getting a pulse check on inventories out in a couple of hours so investors are watching that. japan took a pause falling 1.6%,
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europe is in the red so it looks like we may be set for a mixed open but we do get some data on new home sales which could dictate the way we go. earnings as well from general mills. fed chairman ben bernanke speaking to bankers this afternoon. the dow fell 17 points yesterday. 1218 is where we closed, the nasdaq lost 8 to 2683. also, the u.s. auto industry could face sporadic shutdowns for months because of shortage of parts already scarce before the disaster. ford had two temporary plants -- i should say plants shut down temporarily, there's my english for the pickup trucks. chrysler stopped production at a minivan plant and gm to assure there were enough parts. so we're watching the supply chain, also watching sprint
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launching a new app. i'm not passing judgment but it's for distracted drivers. it's two bucks a month. it locks up features when you're behind the wheel. the government has been calling for the wireless carriers to impose rules on the use of electronics in your cars. among these it will redirect your calls to voice mail, will block text alerts so you're not tempted to text and drive and will send an auto response you're not available. you got to save yourself from yourself. >> you do. and there is always that when it beeps to i'm going to take a quick look. that might be worth something. thank you. >> a foreclosed church in the east bay may soon get a second chance. congressman george miller joined the fight to save the church in richmond. the pastor says the church is the victim of an illegal loan. he along with his wife and mother were arrested for refu refusing to leave the property.
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it's caught the attention of the media and the lender, torrey pines bank. it's promised to work with the church to resolve the issue. >> we have christie looking at land slides, bob watching guadeloupe river and christina dry and indoors and checking the radar. good morning. >> good morning. and we have the word of the day. are you ready for it? today's word is -- bunny. we want to send you to see the movie "hop." we're doing this each day this week. 40 passes up for grabs. log on to our website, and click on the contest button. getting to work is going to be a little on the difficult side. pretty much wherever you head you're going to find areas of ponding, areas of flooding and we have heavy downpours coming down all across the bay area. richmond getting hit, oakland as well. these heavy showers are going to last, oakland and richmond, probably for the next 15 to 20 minutes. they are moving out quickly.
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however, it's enough rain coming down to really create significant ponding out on the roadways. we have a flash flood watch for the bay area coast line that will be the case until this afternoon. we are expecting a lot of this heavier rain to start to head to the south. we'll be left with showery conditions. look at what you've got to drive through. san jose, los gatos, and more on the way. you see this cell in the next 15 to 20 minutes and morgan hill, more headed for you as well. let's show you. we've got a lot of rain at the coast. you do see this area of clearing. well, that is our system of low pressure. we're going to see a couple of bands, we've got another to get through, then the core is going to slide to the south through the next 12-24 hours. it's being pushed by another system of low pressure that's going to arrive in the bay area and create more rain, windier conditions as we head through your thursday. it looks like it's going to arrive in time for the morning
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rush tomorrow. our grounds are saturated so you want to take it easy out there. and we are concerned about the possibility of downed trees, slides and we're watching your river levels all week long. 49 in san francisco, 47 in san mateo, we'll turn over to the 50s later today. not a lot of sun, we've got a cold air mass overhead and the rain-cooled hair is not going to help. 55 degrees in fremont. remember, the word of the day is bunny. back to you guys. >> thank you much. well, who needs lavender and vanilla scented candles when you get a whiff of bacon or pizza. that's the idea behind a craze called man cans. a 13-year-old is the creator and ceo of man cans, that makes candles for men. he fills empty soup cans with wax. after media exposure, this is mom, the company is getting thousands of orders turning his
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family kitchen into a candle factory. >> it's stressful. >> it's a tight space we're in. trying to make candles and fill orders. >> friday google shut the gmail account down. they thought we were spamming. people don't understand it's made 18 kitchen by three people. >> the family business getting so big now looking for a partner company to help them out. >> good for them. >> no eating the candles. >> like i need smell of bacon in my house. 5:21. why you can see something different on your menu this morning. >> and hard to believe bought bunch of shareholders do not want steve jobs on a board of directors. >> driving on 880, see the tribune building, this might be the clearest view. big weather causing big we 're tracking your flooding and anything else popping up. most women in america
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try it today.
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>> welcome back. 5:23 now. a live look out here, the maze not showing major speed issues except for 580. the incident off of the warren freeway. likely the rain causing a problem. the rain is the problem for the commute. look at that, approaching the toll plaza, a disabled vehicle past the toll gates, not causing a problem for the flow but starting to increase as far as the number of cars. we had flooding for that lower deck off of the bridge on the oakland side so take you back to the map. more flooding through treasure island. slow lane is blocked. more flooding around market street t on ramp to 101. paul avenue and a new accident 101, cesar chavez, partly due to fact you can't see too well. northbound 280 at hickey boulevard, an accident there. reportedly off of the freeway so we're watching for slowing because of that and the lower visibility. a live look shows you what we're
5:25 am
dealing with across the water to the peninsula. the camera shaking because of the high wind. high winds, heavy rains, flooding. we're going to watch. but this is a tough one this morning. >> sure is. be careful out there. this morning you could see something new on the menu because today is the deadline for chain restaurants to post their nutritional content such as fat, protein and carbohydrates on the menus. it's part of the federal health reform bill that president obama signed into law a year ago today. the changes on the menu is to help you make a healthier choice when you eat out. maybe go for an apple. but a different apple this morning. steve jobs in charge of more than apple. scott mcgrew has the tech news. >> jobs also in charge of disney in the sense he is the largest shareholder for the company, gives him a seat on the company's board of directors. "the wall street journal" says this morning there is a push by large credible institutions to
5:26 am
kick jobs off the board because he doesn't show up to enough meetings. over the last four years he shows up to about 75% of those meetings. to be fair, mr. jobs has been sick on and off for the last few years but was able to show up to introduce the apple ipad 2, even though he was on medical leave. in a separate issue jobs has been ordered to give testimony in a deposition in a lawsuit claiming the ipod and itunes constitute an unfair monopoly. >> a federal judge blocked an agreement between google and the book publishing world. you may remember it stirred up a hornest's nest when it started scanning and archiving books. publishes came up with a cease-fire. this morning a judge set that aside saying the issue was bigger than google or book publishers and needs further review. >> very interesting. thanks, scott. 5:26. the fund-raiser for relief in
5:27 am
japan that could have you riding a bike with david chu. scientists trying to figure out if the radiation in japan is coming down on us in the form of rain. >> reporter: good morning. christie smith live in oakland. all of this nontop rain is cause for concerns about with e. landslide. we'll tell you about the areas most at risk.
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>> reporter: one friend in jail, another expected to testify against him. good morning. i'm marla tellez. what you can expect to happen in day two of the barry bonds perjury trial coming up in lie live report. >> the trial of two men accused of killing an oakland journalist continues. >> and the rain causing more trouble today. the latest on the slide in scotts valley. >> you are looking at a live picture of the bay bridge. this is wednesday, march 23rd.
5:30 am
this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew in for brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. thanks for filling in. let's check that forecast with christina. another rough morning. >> that is a rough morning. >> so rough we've got to turn on her mike. look at the radar. we're going to try to -- there you go. >> i was trying to tell them my mike is on. good morning to you. i'm glad you can hear me now. although i don't need to tell you it's raining outside. take a look at how much rain is coming down through san jose right now. we've got a heavy cell just to the east of redwood city pushing to the south bay. what i can tell you is this is the bulk of the moisture from the first storm that's really going to bring heavy rain to the bay area. we head through the next couple of hours we're going to see the most significant rainfall we expect from this one.
5:31 am
however, it is doing a number on your morning drive. let's talk to mike inouye about what's happening out there. hey, mike. >> good morning. good news, folks are listening to us and getting on early because they got to slow down. the bad news is that's causing more of a slowdown. that 5:30 started early but that's an indicator that you need drive slower and a lot of folks are. wet roadways including concord, diablo, you showed that. benicia and carquinez bridges, many bridges north and south of the bridges as well that i'm showing here, vallejo and martinez, heavy rain. a look at oakland, the wind, and wet roadways, flooding on the peninsula. i'll show that coming up. >> a search after a bomb athlete a plane landing at sfo turned up nothing. san francisco police gave the all clear around midnight. the threat was made yesterday afternoon as the plane was flying to san francisco from the philippines when it landed at
5:32 am
7:20 it was taken to a remote part of the airport. the 337 passengers and 20 crew members were taken off the plane. bomb sniffing dogs investigated the luggage but found nothing. police got their luggage about 1:00 this morning >> this morning barry bonds trial continues in san francisco and two star witnesses for the prosecution are expected to take the stand. marla is live in san francisco with a look at what we can expect in court today. >> reporter: good morning. as you might expect day one here at the federal court house in san francisco came with highlights which included someone being hauled off to jail. after both sides presented their opening arguments, jeff novitzky is among those who took the stand. he's the lead investigator in the original balco probe, also part of the federal grand jury. yesterday he testified in part that quote mr. bonds' testimony was inconsistent with the facts.
5:33 am
today the defense will continue its cross-examination of novitzky. then steve hoskins is expected to take the stand. he is a former friend and business manager. prosecutors hope to use his teeft may a conversation he secretly taped with bonds' personal trainer. the prosecution alleges that anderson talked about giving bonds injections and using a quote undetectible material that worked at the olympics. eventually bonds' ex-girlfriend kimberly bell is expected to testify. the prosecution says she'll explain that bonds told her he was taking steroids. >> so the defense theme is that all of these people were scorned to some extent by mr. bonds and now are trying to get back at him and not credible witnesses. >> reporter: yesterday the height of the courtroom drama came when bonds' former personal trainer, greg anderson, he refused to testimony.
5:34 am
he was taken to jail. bonds is accuse of four counts of making false statements and one count of obstructing justice when he told a federal grand jury he never knowingly took steroids. anderson will remain in jail until he testifies or the trial wraps up. the trial is expected to last about four weeks. day two gets under way at 8:30 this morning. live in san francisco. >> thank you. >> also this morning testimony resumes in the trial of two men accused of killing an oakland journal igs. former black muslim bakery leader and 25-year-old antoine maki are on trial for the death of chauncey bailey and two other men in 2007. prosecutors say bay ordered the murders in order to twft bakery. >> fears of a rock slide as more rain hits the area.
5:35 am
we showed you the slide that happened on monday. santa cruz county says it could be weeks before that road is clear. the expected rain may cause the hill to slide more. >> it can make it worse. so we're going to have to keep an eye on this situation and it might delay our start of fixing the site. >> engineers are expected back at that sight to try to figure out how to cheap it up. neighbors are using a muddy side road to get two and from their homes. more than 25 homes are on the other side of the slight. nelson road the only in and out of the area. >> with the ground 90% saturated, other hillsides would be in jeopardy as well. christie is live covering that. >> reporter: good morning to you. if you live in the hills anywhere around the bay area
5:36 am
there is a good chance you are keeping an eye on this latest round of storms. we're in oakland. i want to show you what's going on. you can see the slope is starting to give away. this handslide is near the top of mark boulevard. over the weekend two boulders came crashing down. blocking one lane westbound and there is a church on top of this hill. >> we seem to -- >> -- before the start of a major storm. geologists are saying in the bay area as you said, the soil is nearly 90% saturated now and monitoring devices in the slopes are suggesting this is really cause for concern. it's difficult to say exactly where a slide is going to happen, but mapping suggests that areas with the highest average of problems in the bay
5:37 am
area, the san mateo coast, hills in alameda county, santa clara county and marin county and of course the santa cruz mountains. standing out here we did see a public works crew slow down and take a look. something you want to keep in mint. there's a lot of loose soil. christie smith, today in the "bay area living." >> i apologize for interrupting. we lost you there. >> what is interesting to see all of that rain and saturation. this morning after days of testing we now know whether radiation from japan is in the rain falling across the bay area. engineers at uc-berkeley say they did see a spike in radiation in our rain water and in the air that's linked to the disaster unfolding in japan. the team said the amount of radiation from japan is very smtyl and should not cause any health problems. >> if you have to drink about
5:38 am
500 liter of these rain water, fresh rain water, 500 liters, you have to drink to get same increase of radiation you get from one transcontinental flight. >> the engineers have been testing rain batter around the clock. >> christina loren has been watching this storm system tor us. good morning. >> yeah, you know things have timed out this way. the the heaviest rain comes down during the morning commute, that's what's happening. we are going to get a little break from the heavy stuff as we head through the second heart of your day but we is a flash flood watch in place for the coastal area of the bay. that will be the case until this afternoon. we expect a lot of this to subside. san jose is getting hit. east bay as well as the south bay. look at the peninsula and the north bay. we're going to see a little
5:39 am
respite between 10:00 a.m. and noon before our next band moves on shore. we've got a well designed system of low pressure here. this will bring light showers as we head throughout the afternoon. i don't think the core is going to cross over. it's going to sidle down the coasthein and bring the heavier rain into southern california by tonight. this one is pushing in. that's going to push this to the south. if this comes in our biggest concern will be the saturated dwrounds and windy conditions. the potential for downed trees we're concerned about. this is what we're looking toward. by about 10:00 a.m. today you can see most of that heavy rain is pushed to the south of san jose. you see at 3:00 p.m. we're getting residual light scattered showers but feeling the aftermath of all of the rain that pushed through. by 6:00 a.m. thursday the next system arrives bringing heavy
5:40 am
rain in, just in time for the morning commute. a rough cute today, tomorrow. let's find out how rough it is. >> more folks on the road mean more reports. the flooding at the top of the screen, that's going on for a while. significant ahurt for northbound 1 at 101. so it's opposite the main commute. better news for the flooding on the bay bridge. the lower deck through the tunnel. it can happen there and has happened there. southbound 101, then at paul further sous two areas forting flooding through the city. the roadway visibility is tough. hickey boulevard. the southbound side, likely a result of some of the rain. that slowing a little excessive on our map there. the san mateo bridge smooth
5:41 am
through the area. camera shaking a little less but there are heavy winds there and the bay bridge. that's the reason for the advisories. the puddling is a big issue. >> thank you much. 5:40. the president is cutting his south american trip short to deal with the crisis in libya. >> plus, the trial of the teen accused of trying to blow up his school could be in the hands of the jury. what's happening today. >> a well known bay area nightclubit whd with one of its neighbors. it's not that the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. and the customer says, on the carpet." what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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versus toyota. which is better? [ male announcer ] why do so many car companies compare themselves to toyota? maybe it's because toyota has more hybrids on the road than all other automakers combined.
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like the 50-mpg-rated prius, the best selling hybrid in america. and prius was also named a best overall value of the year. plus, every new toyota comes with toyotacare, a complimentary maintenance plan with roadside assistance. we're #1 for a reason. come see for yourself. hurry in for the best selection. ♪ >> in innia and u.s. military forces destroyed a warehouse where moammar gadhafi reportedly kept rocket launchers. tracie potts is live on capitol hill this morning. president obama is coming home early from south america to try to deal with this crisis and the
5:44 am
political fallout. >> reporter: that's right. he'll be back this afternoon. not only to deal with how to get us out and when but also to deal with congress. some lawmakers here on capitol hill very upset that they were not consulted before he authorized this military action. some in fact saying he overstepped his constitutional authority, one ohio congressman suggesting this could be an impeachable offense. although he also qualifies and says that that's completely different than moving forward with impeachment proceedings. but the rhetoric very strong here against president obama from some democrats and republicans about not going to congress first. kucinich from ohio wants a resolution to stop the military action in libya right now. other supporters say he needs to come back now and get an authorize of force. meantime, the questions about how long we'll be there, secretary of state hillary clinton says they are now
5:45 am
getting reports although unauthorized at this point, not necessarily reliable, but they are getting some reports that suggest gadhafi's inner circle may be looking for ways to get out of this. >> thank you, tracie. >> trouble in japan as workers pulled out of the leaking nuclear power plant. black smoke was spotted coming out of you knitof uunit three. they are trying to cool reactors and spent fuel pools to prevent a possible meltdown. there are concerns as well about radiation leaking into drinking water. elevated levels were found in the water at a treatment plant in tokyo. while the water is safe for adults it is not safe for infants. >> the japanese government continues to release new numbers when it comes to the recovery. police say more than 9,400 people are dead, more than 14,700 missing.
5:46 am
the cost of the quake and tsunami could reach $309 billion, making it the world's costliest natural disaster. >> the san francisco board of supervisors will hold a fundraiser for relief efforts in japan. they are going to auction off items including tickets to the academy of sciences and a pair of burning man tickets. the fund-raiser will take place at the som bar on 16th street at 5:30. a $20 donation is suggested at the door. this morning lawyers will wrap up their case against a high school student accused of bringing bombs to a school in a plot to kill some former teachers. prosecutors say 18-year-old alexander ushok planned to kill three former teachers with a chain saw back in august 2009. officers say he brought ten home made bombs and a small sword to the hillsdale campus as backup
5:47 am
weapons. he managed to set off two of the bombs before he was tackled by a teacher. nobody hurt. defense lawyers argue that he is schizophrenic. >> a nasty bar fight in san francisco, slims nightclub going head to head with the neighbor. the alcohol permit was suspend forward 10 days last week, apparently because of a noise client. now, in response, the club's owner posted a sign, naming the neighbor and giving out her address. the sign says she is the sole reason for the alcohol suspension. the neighbor has apparently been complaining about noise since 2007. we asked but neither the bar owner nor the neighbor wanted to comment on the situation. >> 5:47 now. one thing we want to talk about is the weather. the forecast, the rain that seems to be nonstop. >> relentless rain, saturated soil and the potential for flooding as we head through this afternoon. the good news is we're going to get a break from all of the
5:48 am
heavy rain. the yellows and the reds that we don't traditionally see from a lot of these storms that develop in the gulf of alaska and drop in the area. this one is packing a lot of moisture. take a look at how much rain is coming down over san jose, watch out for the potential of heavy rain through the area for the next 15 to 20 minutes. if you can postpone your travels, if you don't have to leave for work and making up in san jose right now wait for a half hour or so because as you can see, all that heavy stuff is starting to push further inland. it's finally starting to give us a bit of a break. we're going to see light scattered showers continue to push on shore for the next couple of hours. once we get through that heavy rain. we're going to see a band move through. the this will produce scattered showers maybe at 3:00 p.m. but i believe the core is going to sidle down the coastline and so there is improvement on the way before our next stronger storm pushes into the bay area. here it is, this guy is on the way. as we head through tonight into
5:49 am
tomorrow, it's going to drop in and that means for tomorrow morning we're going to have active weather once again as you are trying to get to work so. this is what it looks like. take you through the timing. by about 10:00 a.m. you can see all of the heavy rain is mostly left over on the south bay, gilroy getting heavy rain. by 3:00 p.m. as the next band comes through light scattered showers. then the next guy arrives just in time for 6:00 a.m. in santa rosa t heavy rain starts up there and that will last the first part of tomorrow. so, we're expecting a lot, we expect the flooding potential to continue and there is a flash flood watch in place for the entire bay area coast until this afternoon. so, we really want to take it easy especially on the peninsula. 51 degrees in oakland. 52 in hayward. 50 in san jose. not a lot of warming with the rain-cooled air and more cold air pushing in behind that system of low pressure. 59 for thursday, a few showers on friday. i think, scott mcgrew, you'll be able to get out on sunday. but definitely by april 8 for
5:50 am
the giants home opener. >> that's right. the giants, they are almost done with spring training. prospect brandon bell giving management a lot to think about. bell will likely start in aaa but likely to be pulled up this year and when he is someone will have to be moved. according to kgo radio the likely is aaron rowan. his batting average has declined and he is signed to make $24 million in the next two years. so, if somebody has to go, it will likely be him. >> there is only one bay area men's team left in the postseason, usf and santa clara forced to go head-to-head in the nit, santa clara wins, 95-91. they go to the nit's final four. broncos play at sourthern methodist. >> deal or no deal. the important decision facing lindsay lohan.
5:51 am
>> a tech company plays host to a major pop star. we'll tell you what is behind that visit coming up. >> yesterday the castro valley had big problems, today it's all right. over all we've got flooding, some accidents. i'll show you what and where and we've got your eyes out f all of you. could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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time is 5:53. mike's got icons everywhere. >> everywhere, scott and laura. we have a bunch of stuff. this first icon, the accident northbound 280 at hickey boulevard. it's upgraded to a sigalert. two lanes are blocked. a dramatic scene with debris all over and the person has injuries to the hand but it does not sound life threatening. this will be an issue clearing
5:54 am
the roadway and of course a lot of rain through the area so watch it north of 380 up to san francisco. also through san francisco, flooding, 101 southbound at all and the market street on ramp, now 280 at the 101 interchange, two lanes report flooding. the north bay, sigalert 101 at the shoreline highway because of flooding at the off ramp. we're going to jump out to the commute through antioch, slowing for 4, livermore coming into the livermore valley out of the altamont pass. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. one of the reasons is because of all of the flooding. look at these puddles. we have slowing at the toll plaza because of sloppy conditions. >> rough going. thank you. a new study finds staggering deficiencies in bay area bridges and overpasses. one in five bridges and overpasses in the bay area have been marked by the federal government as high priority for monitoring and repair according
5:55 am
to transportation for america. the washington, d.c. nonprofit says this region has more structurally deficient bridges than the national average. san francisco has the highest percentage with 34.5%. alameda and san mateo counties have about 21%. napa county coming in just over 15%. >> this morning it's deal or no deal time for actress lindsay lohan. the actress was given a deadline of today to decide whether to take a plea deal or go to trial on a felony grand theft charge. she pleaded not guilty two weeks ago and reject add plea deal that would have sent her to jail. lohan is accused of stealing a $2500 necklace back in january. >> scott is telling us that lady gaga made an appearance at google. what was she doing? >> gaga, google, say that 10 times fast. google has interviews with well known people fairly often.
5:56 am
it was gaga's turn. she is the most downloaded artist in history with more than 20 million single downloads. she joked all of her friends in high school wanted to work at google. yeah. think about that for a minute. when she was in high school she wanted to work at google. she's the one they search for on the website and she got her wish at least in part. >> what would you do for airfare and a week's stay at a private island in fiji? would you lick something strange? one guy did. >> i licked it. >> he licked an ipad 2 and won the trip. it was a contest using an app called social cam. record yourself or a friend doing something unusual. it might have been not the most sanitary thing, that's an apple store so he's not the first guy.
5:57 am
yeah. but he licks it. so you wouldn't do it but you would. because his name was stanley yu. >> and you did and yu's going to fiji. it's 5:56. we're learning more about one of the cases dropped because of the arrest of an east bay narcotics officer. we've got the details. >> the project designed to prevent flooding in the south bay not as far along as hoped. we'll have a live report.
5:58 am
5:59 am
coming up on today in the "bay area living," a flight landed at sfo after someone claim there is was a bomb on boards. what investigators found. >> reporter: good morning. i'm christie smith live in oakland. all of this rain we've been having is boosting the risk of


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