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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm christie smith. we'll have that story coming up in a live report. and a live look at 880 in oakland. traffic is moving just fine so far on this friday, march 25th. this is "today in the bay." good morning. it is straight up 5:00 on this friday morning. i'm marla tellez in for laura. >> i'm brent. we want to get you started off with christina. we are taking a peek at the forecast. hopefully we'll dry out a bit. i think that's the hopes of the entire bay area this morning, especially those who have to get up and go to work this morning. it is going to be another slow drive. we are still drying out from all the rain that we picked up yesterday. inches even in the city of san francisco. we picked up almost an inch of rain yesterday. so as you know our roadways are not equipped for that kind of rain. a lot of ponding leftover. and we have more coming in this morning, but it is not as heavy.
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it is a little more spotty in nature. and it is not going to last all day. in fact, once we get through the spotty activity this morning i think we'll get a pretty nice break with mostly cloudy conditions before the rain comes more steady overnight. we'll talk all about that and what we are expecting for the weekend, but first, let's get you to work on time with mike inouye. good morning, mike. good morning, christina. we'll take you to the maps to talk about what you are talking about, the wind sticking around as well as the wet roads. watch the venetian and cartinas bridges. the maze approaching the cartinas, no problem. a live look out there at the bay bridge, calm conditions but very wet roads. big puddles and a wind advisory for this bridge as well. we are following things this morning. back to you. thank you very much, mike. well, a village is trying to recover this morning after a river tore through town. check out this amazing video. businesses and residents told to leave as the three-foot flood of water came pouring down. this happened because the underground storm drain on noble
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gulch creek failed. one business owner says it happened in just a matter of minutes. the man there says it will take three weeks of cleaning up the mess inside his shop. so much rain has fallen in lake county just north of the bay area that people are gearing up for flooding there. clear lake is about to reach flood stage this morning. now, the national weather service predict that is the lake is going to hit that level at 11:00 this morning. that mine means they have to release a lot of water at highway 20 which connects the central valley with the north coast, and the area could be affected. the last time clear lake was flooded was back in 1998 when water damaged homes along the shore and forced the state to call a state of emergency in the area. now there's so much snow in the sierra this morning that you may not be able to get to places like lake to tahoe. interstate 880 is closed because of zero visibility. highway 50 is open but you need chains or four-wheel drive. we'll take a look at just how
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much snow they have and some of the conditions in there coming up in a live report. this morning one long east bay commute will be very difficult. ace train canceled service from the central valley to the silicon valley. a landslide brought the service to a screeching halt last night. today in the bay's christie smith is live in pleasanton with what crews are doing to get service back on track this morning. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. happy friday. you know, normally the first ace train to san jose would roll through here at 5:30 this morning, today, though, that's not going to happen. the parking lots out here are completely empty. and the message boards spell out what's going on here. no service today because mud and debris is blocking the train tracks in the niles canyon area and trains just can't get through. i have calls into a spokesperson for ace this morning for an update, but the last word we have is that change saws were called out to clear trees that were out there, but they really
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didn't want to gamble on when the tracks would actually be cleared up for use. so no service today. normally there are three trains in the morning and three back in the evening between stockton and san jose. yesterday, though, passengers were put on taxis and buses back home. today no bus bridge, no service, trains are expected, i emphasize expected to be rolling again on monday morning. reporting live in pleasanton, christie smith, "today in the bay." thank you, christie. meantime, a st. mary's student is in custody this morning on suspicion of exposing himself to kids. police arrested porn theft savannah sarn wednesday afternoon after he allegedly exposed himself to two 5-year-olds at a local gym. investigators claim it happened as the man was working at the childcare center of the 24-hour fitness in moraga. he's being held in the connecticut jail in martinez. well, terrifying moments for a mother and daughter relaxing
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at home in peta loma. the driver appeared to be asleep when the car accelerated through a bank parking lot across the street and into the home on south mcdowell boulevard. the car came within a couple feet of hitting the 11-year-old girl sitting at her kitchen table. thankfully, both mom and daughter are okay. and so is the driver of the car, but there's so much damage to the home the family is living in a nearby motel for the time being. there are new concerns that more radiation could soon spew out of the damaged nuclear reactor in japan. this morning nuclear experts are warning about a new and even more dangerous breach at the fukushima plant. right now emergency crews are not being allowed inside as a precaution. nuclear experts still are not sure what exactly the breach is but they are warning people that the problem is in the core of
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one of the reactors. that could mean a much larger release of radiation than we have seen so far. this afternoon a happy homecoming for americans returning to northern california from japan. today more families airlifted from japan will arrived a travis air force base in fairfield. more than 2,000 people have arrived at the base from japan since the bay started taking in passengers on march 21st. when the families arrive air force representatives will help them find a place to stay and also help them with travel arrangements. several east bay cities are in the hunt to land a new prestigious laboratory and they are pulling out the stops trying to attract it. the lawrence berkeley national laboratory wants to build a new campus in addition to the one in berkeley. the city of oakland is offering four sites including the old pacific pipe and american steel factories in west oakland. other cities bidding for the lab include alameda, richmond, dublin and walnut creek. the lab is expected to bring in new jobs and generate millions
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of dollars. rain is slowly moving out of the area but the ground is so saturated that it just simply can't hold anymore. that means that rock slides and mudslides are a big problem all over the bay area. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in santa cruz with the latest conditions. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, brent. yes, we are on the other side of the summit on the santa cruz side of the summit on highway 17 where you see caltrans wisely has put out a piece of heavy equipment out here. they are going to need it. we have been up and down the highway 17 this morning where we have seen mudslides that have been pushed back into the wall of the road. my point of bringing that up is they are busy out here trying to keepette from pushing back into highway 17. there was a significant mudslide yesterday closer into santa cruz that actually took down a tree. they have since gotten that back up into the wall of the road,
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but the problem they are having out here in the santa cruz mountains is the soil is so loose that you have situations like this where a massive tree sliced a poor guy's house in half. this happened yesterday. it came crushing through his house. fortunately, he was not home. but as you can see, the house has been severely damaged if not destroyed. it is just hard to tell. it is definitely not livable right now. but as i said, that person was not home so he is okay, physically okay. and not too far from where i am, you may recall yesterday the san lorenzo river in midafternoon started to rise. rising so much that the santa cruz county officials september out an emergency alert for people. there was about 800 people there who had to evacuate because they weren't sure what the river was going to do. this does happen when we see the heavy rains. felton does flood. fortunately, just before 7:00 last night, those people were allowed to go back home.
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so the bottom line is right now we have this lull in the storms, so we are not having the rain, but what you do have is the saturated ground. and with the next systems coming in, it is certainly a concern here in the santa cruz mountains, not only for more flooding but of the ground shifts. reporting live along highway 17, bob redell for "today in the bay." >> you know, they were hammered yesterday. we are watching christina's report. at one point she had the -- you know it is green and yellow and red and you see the dot. it was right where bob is. they really got hammered. >> cleanup has to start, but christina, what's happening with the weather? another system is on its way, huh? another system is on its way. it is definitely not as strong as the system that came through yesterday. and we are going to get a little bit of a break today before we see the steadier rain from this next system come through. right now we just have spotty activity and pretty good-looking cells this morning. take a look at this guy that just passed over 680 near antioch. travel cautiously in the east bay. they have been picking up quite a bit of rain all morning long.
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right now it is situated near moraga, but overall the situation has dramatically improved from this time yesterday morning. take a look at what we are expecting by about 9:00 a.m. even the spotty activity starts to die own down. that will be the case all day. these are expected rain chances throughout the day. we are not going to see a lot, and that's good news. hopefully we'll get a pretty good opportunity to dry out, especially in the east bay and north bay where they picked up the most rain. by 6:00 a.m. the rain -- excuse me, 6:00 p.m., the rain becomes more steady. that's the case throughout the overnight hours. if you are someone who wants to go out tonight, make sure you are ready for slick conditions on the roadways. ladies, protect your outfits because it will be raining. all that will clear out by early tomorrow morning. maybe by 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. we'll see some sunshine. so saturday doesn't look all that bad. another weak system comes through on sunday but the same situation just a few light scattered showers. the wind are certainly gusting but they are not that bad. southwest at 5 miles per hour
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sustained in novato. 9 miles per hour in oakland. and a southeast wind at 8 miles per hour in hayward. breezy enough to topple the trees because we do have very saturated grounds out there. so i know mike inouye is consistently checking on that. we'll bring that information to you if it comes into our newsroom. 47 degrees in napa. it is chilly out there. grab a jacket on your way out the door. it will be chilly all day, but by the end of next week, we are in the 70s. stay tuned, your extended forecast is on the way as promised. the word of the day today, are you ready for it? get your paper, peeps. peeps. >> i love this word. >> one of my favorite peoples is going to tell you what's happening on the roadways. that was nice, christina. peeps is one of my favorites, but you are not made of marshmallow. we have a nice smooth flow of traffic. look at those peeps going eastbound. that's just a blip, no major problems right now, but in the area where we have the ace train, that is actually stopped this morning. it is weather-related as
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christie has been telling you. mud and water across the tracks. if you use 580 out to tahoe, don't go there. we have talked about that, interstate 880 is due to whiteout conditions and zero visibility. keep that in mind. the further south we have an accident on the shoulder. northbound 880 at auto mall parkway, it sounds like it is out of the lanes. that's north of the mission crossover. the south bay is looking all right. ice mark there near mount hamilton. the road to the summit is closed because of ice and rocks and mud. more additional problems but you still can't get to it. the live shot here, we'll see things in oakland here. earlier closures, for 12 hours lanes were closed coming through downtown, northbound is completely clear for the morning commute. good news heading to the toll plaza. the wind advisory for the san mateo, bay and venetian bridges. back to you. disease 5:12, it is 5:12. we are right back with more. ♪
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welcome back. it is 5:15 now. the chances of a special election in june are growing slimmer every day. the governor signed into law billions of dollars worth of cuts yesterday closing a significant chunk of the state's $27 billion deficit. however, the special election and cuts to redevelopment funding is needed to get us the rest of the way. it is too late to put tax extension measures on the june 7th ballot, but governor brown is still aiming for some time in june. a family almost torn apart by the disaster in japan is back together this morning with the help of an nbc news crew. >> i found your sister, here she is. >> oh, my god. she is on the phone. >> hi, sis. >> oh my god, cannon. are you okay? >> yeah, i'm totally okay. >> we lost her but -- she's
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okay. >> this one made me cry. we showed you the emotional reunion earlier this month. cannon purdy, the san jose woman missing in japan, is now back home with her family. she returned wednesday and spoke exclusively to nbc bay area about what it was like after the disaster. >> it was hard to really think of anything. it was just kind of overwhelming. i mean, because i saw it i know it happened, but it still doesn't seem real. like that much water, it just doesn't seem real. >> purdy is still a little shocked after what happened in japan. she's happy to be back home but she's already planning to return to japan to help with the recovery. purdy and her family set up a foundation to raise money for the relief effort. tozvv][g the time is 5:16. let's go to christina now with showers out there, but i hope it is starting to go away a little bit. to some extent, please.
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>> please. i know. we are going to get a chance, especially over the weekend. but right now we still have a pretty steady rainfall coming in for most places in the east bay. antioch is getting hit hard by the moderate cell coming through. so the east bay is seeing the bulk of the moisture right now. we'll continue to see spotty activity the next couple of hours. then we'll get a break today and then another system will come through overnight. you can get a bit of a break tomorrow, a little more rain on sunday, but nothing like we saw yesterday. and by monday high pressure sets up, dries us out and warms up into the 70s. hold on a little longer, there's definitely improvement in the weather department. our spring looks like it is finally going to arrive next week. as you can see here, we are not expecting a whole lot of activity throughout the day today. in fact, getting through the spotty stuff in the morning hours, i think it will be pretty nice for the most part. mostly cloudy conditions. a little on the breezy side. and then the steadier rain arrives by 6:00 p.m. this evening. it will come down overnight. nothing really heavy except for
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possibly in the north bay. santa rosa may pick up an inch or over an inch up there. overall, this is going to clear out quickly by about 7:00 a.m. saturday. we are looking at a mostly clear bay area. then as i said before, a little more rain on sunday. but overall, looking good. looking really good. southeast wind at 8 miles per hour in concord. that will be the case throughout the day today. breezy conditions, not windy, just breezy. we'll keep those in the low advisory criteria. 47 degrees in sunnyvale. later today, 54 in santa cruz. 54 degrees in los gatos. here it is. let's walk you through the seven-day because there's good news, especially at the end of the seven day. by thursday, 71 degrees. we'll start with the good stuff. as you can see we have a little bit of shower activity to get through before that. but 56 degrees today. that's cool enough for a jacket all day. keep the umbrella handy. drop the umbrella by late saturday. sunday, just a few light
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showers. then monday kicks off our dryer, warmer trend. finally. back to you guys. looking forward to tuesday, thank you. coming up, we'll tell you about the change that could affect some commuters in the coming weeks. while we are watching the morning commute, you are thinking about your weekend getaway. stick with us because we have stuff that is really going to affect your plans. you may want to reschedule some trips. we'll let you know about that coming up. and someess busins advice when somebody offers you a billion dollars you should take it. we'll talk about that in tech today.
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good morning. welcome back. 5:21 now. slick roads still out there at the bay bridge toll plaza. we hope for a friday light commute. mike will be with us toon to tell you what to suspect expect. it is time for muni riders to switch to the clipper card. customers have two weeks to make
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the change. the rechargeable cards are good for the golden gate transit, for muni transit and other areas. you can do to now is the time to make the switch. 5:22. mike, you worked double time yesterday morning and night for traffic. >> but it got me out of watching the kids for dipper, so that was good. i had an easier time. we are looking at the maze right now, highway 24, i'm going to call that out there. the approach to the tunnel, i just got reports from chp that three little streams are there. that's a lot of water off the hillside. i'll check on the construction, so far it is not affecting the construction here, but i'll let you know if there are issues there. the cartinas and venetian bridges are moving smooth by, but they have the wind advisory. a lot of folks are heading to tahoe, do not go there right
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now. interstate 880 is closed because of limited visibility. it is tough to see near lake tahoe as well. antioch is getting hit with some rain. a smooth drive right now. a light, friday commute through the area. overall, heading to the maze area, we showed you the travel times. the bay bridge, we'll give you the live shot. as we showed you, there are a lot of puddles. we have another advisory from chp saying there are large dangerous pools of water in front of the fast track lanes. go a little slower because of the water that could pull your car from side to side. thank you, mike. we are getting word this morning that nato will take command of the no-fly zone over libya after four days of negotiations. the obama administration says nato agreed to take the lead in enforcing the no-fly zone. that means the u.s. that has flown most of the missions so far can begin to back off.
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secretary of state hillary clinton is in london this morning working out those details for that agreement. only six shopping days left until people in a number of bay area cities will end up paying more at the checkout stand. sales taxes go up in seven bay area cities effective april 1st. that's when union city and el cerrito have a 10.25% sales tax, a tenth of what you pay in sales tax. concord will be at 9.75%. novato and santa rosa will be at 9.5%. the sales tax hikes were approved in november by voters in each of those areas, but that's a pretty hefty sales tax. >> can't catch a break, huh? there have been several hiccups in the economy lately. scott mcgrew says the silicon valley companies seem to be thriving pretty well. >> yeah, just in the last, what, four or five days we have seen in the national news, sales of existing homes plunge, sales at new homes at the lowest level in decades, just yesterday durable
5:25 am
goods fell. these are the kinds of things you keep for years, like refrigerators, for example. tech companies seem to be avoiding the bad news. last night the peninsula's oracle said sales of its software and hardware were gang busters. in fact, revenue went up 37% and the company boosted the amount of money it pays shareholders by 20%. that's a lot more money into the economy surrounding the redwood shores area. all right. here's a silicon valley parlor game for you. should groupon say yes when google offered to buy it for $6 billion? shouldn't you always say yes when someone offers you a billion dollars? one company reportedly turned down at the time repeated offers. dig used to be real hot like groupon. >> there's another argument i have always made and i used to say this to the dig staff all the time, if somebody offers you a billion dollars for your business you say yes. >> jay will be my guest on
5:26 am
"press here" this sunday morning right after "meet the press" talking about his new successful company simple gee owe. also, he invented one of the most ipad apps ever. we'll talk hundreds of millions of billions every day talk on "press here" on sunday. >> seems like a no-brainer, huh? >> how much do they charge for that advice? >> it is free. 5:26 right now. the rain is letting up for now, but how long is that going to last? we'll find out in your weekend forecast coming up next. and i'm bob redell live in the santa cruz mountains where the rain has just started within the past few minutes. bad news for people tirth of e e mudslides and other issues here. we'll explain coming up.
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and this is the next generation of air fresheners from air wick; powered by 100% natural propellants for a cleaner fragrance experience. come see how refreshing, a fresh scent can be. new this morning, if you rely on the ace train system to get to san jose, i hope you have
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a plan b. there is no rail service today due to a mud and rockslide. i'm christie smith with an update on this story coming up in a live report. plus, more trouble on highway 1 this morning. big sur completely cut off. and there is snow in the sierra, but you might not be able to get there to enjoy it. good morning to you. it is just about 5:30 on this friday, march 25th. i'm marla tellez in for his wife. >> and i'm the husband. i'm going to check out the forecast this morning where christina. we'll look at what's in store for friday and the weekend? we have more showers, but they are going to come at off-peak times. so i think you'll be able to make outdoor plans this weekend. right now we have showers
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streaming in prom from the pacific. quick moving showers, mostly light. a pretty good cell here near antioch. watch out for heavy rain there for the next 15 to 20 minutes. this is the case for the next several hours. then we'll get a break, but we have a couple more systems that are going to pass through the area over the weekend. we'll time them out for you and let you know what that means for your weekend plans. stay tuned for that. but mike inouye, getting to work this morning won't be the easiest task, is it? it will be tough. we'll have to navigate more reports of flooding to pop up. 880 through downtown oakland, we have 12 hours of flood careering and repair work, but that's all cleared. northbound 880 is not a problem through oakland. the blip on highway 30 is traditional, but i'm make sure it clears up. 580 out to tahoe, don't go there. we have more on that story. also, weather-related, christie smith is out in pleasanton on this map here. you have more issues going on there. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. you know, the ace train system now has a worker out here who
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just arrived within the last 15 minutes or so, to let people know when they arrive here there's no train service this morning. normally the first train to san jose would be rolling through here right now as we speak, 5:31 in the morning, not happening today. a big mud and rock slide in the niles canyon area. now three trains usually run in the morning between stockton and san jose and then three back in the evening. yesterday folks had to take alternative transportation, buses and taxis, that sort of thing, just to get home. i just got off the phone with a spokesperson for ace. what he is telling me is they didn't want to take a chance with what they would find through the canyon with all the trees and debris. he says at this point they still don't know how bad it is. and they are waiting for an update from union pacific, but for now, no train service. he says normally they have about 2,500 to 3,000 people riding,
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but friday is a light day so they just decided to go ahead and cancel. i asked him about bus bridges, he said they are not doing that today, but what they are doing is staying in touch with union pacific. they hope to have an update by the end of the day on how the tracks are doing and where they stand, whether they are clear or not, and they hope to have service up and running again for monday morning. that's theok latest from here, reporting live in pleasanton, christie smith, "today in the bay." thank you, christie. the rain is slowly moving okout however the ground is very saturated so it can't hold anymore. and that means that mud and rock slides are now a big problem all over the bay area. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in the santa cruz mountains this morning with the very latest look at the condition there is. bob, they have a few landslides there. >> reporter: yes, they have. good morning to you, brent. just because the downpours have stopped for a time, that doesn't mean that the earth has stopped moving as you mentioned the ground up here in the mountains along highway 17, and especially here it is very saturated and
5:33 am
loose. this morning we have seen caltrans plows patrolling up and down highway 17 just to push any rock or mud that's been out on the road back up against the wall. just to keep it out of traffic, they have the front-end loader here on standby in case we have a serious slide. we have only seen one instance of that in which this might have been needed but the workers already cleared that up. now we'll take a look at this video. you can see what happens when the ground becomes too saturated. a very large tree yesterday afternoon cut this house in two in scott's valley. even though the owner was in the kitchen at the time, remarkably, he was not hurt. this incidentally is not far from the rock slide that shut down a road earlier this week isolated several people on the other side of the slide, cutting them off for vehicle access. they have foot access, they just can't get cars in and out. and there are some other pictures here, this lull in the rain allowed the san lorenzo
5:34 am
river to subside. yesterday afternoon there were over 800 people asked to evacuate their homes because of concern that is the river was going to crest over and flood during the afternoon into their yards. this does happen over the years when you get a lot of rain in the mountains. felton does have a tendency to flood. santa cruz county lifted the evacuation order last night and the people were allowed to go back home. i'm sure like me, like them, they are keeping their fingers crossed that maybe this is the extent of the rain we'll be seeing. unfortunately, meteorologist christina loren will be telling us that is not the case. reporting live along highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> let's hope it gets to soak in a bit. people all over the area are reporting landslides in the bay area today. in fact, we have new video from fairfax in marin county on white's hill near sir francis drake boulevard. crews are busy trying to clean up the scene there. look at that, it just slides
5:35 am
down blocking the road. they are redirecting traffic there as well. at last check they are still doing work, so if you are in the area, heads-up on another landslide. rain and wind here in the bay area usually means we can expect a good dusting of snow in the sierra. well, today you know that's an understatement. brian hickey from our sister station in sacramento is braving the cold this morning in colfax. brian, we understand part of interstate 80 is closed up there until noon. >> reporter: yeah, all of interstate 880 from colfax here is closed, from colfax down donner summit to the nevada state line. it is shut down because of zero visibility. and driving conditions are too treacherous for anybody, including caltrans who is trying to keep the road open, but right now conditions are so bad they have had to shut the road down. and they are saying noon is the opening time. look at all the cars in colfax. it is like this on every side street where people have been camped out, in some cases, since 4:00 yesterday.
5:36 am
here's a look at kingvale. it is very snowy up there. what we are hearing from caltrans is they are estimated a 12:00 noon opening on the road because the snow is so deep they can't run the plows through it. they have to run graters through first. then they can run the plows through to get the snow off the road. they have a lot of cleanup to do after shutting the road down with all of the snow that came down and then, of course, the#-0
5:37 am
almost 40 miles are now cut off near king city and cambria because of mudslides. the slides added to the damage that was done earlier in the week. we already told you about this, a part of highway 1 in the same area collapsed. a look at the guardrail and some of the cleanup there, but now they have more in a larger section. no word on when that will reopen. this morning people in lake county are gearing up for flooding as the waters of clear lake overflow above boat docks. the national weather service
5:38 am
predicts the lake reaches flood levels at 11:00 this morning. highway 20 which connects the central valley with the north coast could also be affected. the last time the lake was flooded was way back in 1998 when water damaged many homes along the shore and forced the state to call a state of emergency in that area. my driveway is green. there's so much moss and everything, we have just gotten so much water. we need a couple of days to let it soak in. >> yeah, good thing you have three crew workers to get out there. good morning to you. we have, yeah, more rain on the way for today, but we are seeing probably the bulk of the moisture that's going to come through for this morning right. right now we'll get a pretty good break during the daytime hours today. then by this evening the rain becomes more steady. but the next system that comes through, the majority of the rainfall we pick up will be overnight tonight. while you are sleeping, that is. as you can see, we have some pretty good showers and pretty well-developed cells near
5:39 am
antioch where the heavy rain just came through. and hayward, a little yellow cell here over you. that's moderate rain. enough to get the roadways nice and slick. the roadways haven't had a chance to dry out, so you want to give yourself plenty of time to get to work. this is what we are expecting heading throughout the next 48 hours. rain will come in tonight courtesy of this low pressure system, but the jet stream is actually starting to take a turn upwards. so that's good news. that means a lot of the storm systems will continue to pass us to our north, mostly impacting the pacific northwest. that shapes up next week. you can see the ridge out here, this is our friend. this is going to bring us warmer, dryer weather. but not until monday into tuesday. by next thursday we are in the 70s. so a little system comes through on sunday as well. this one is mostly going to pass us to the north as the jet stream continues to climb. that's good news. just a few showers on sunday. a few showers on early saturday. you can make outdoor plans. as you can see here, this is what we are expecting for today. the futurecast shows rain coming in by about 9:00 a.m. we'll get a nice break until about 6:00 a.m.
5:40 am
then the steady rain arrives in the north bay continuing throughout the overnight hours. there's good news in the near future. you just have to hold on a little longer. you don't want to hold on getting to work this morning. what sit looking like out there, mike? yesterday you had to hold on because of the wind, but today, not so much. the two accidents just cleared from the chp report. the ice is still on the road to mount hamilton. highway 17 is moving smoothly despite the earlier mud and rock slides that bob told you about. the highway is cleared but a lot of stuff on the side of the road. 101 and 280, no major issues now, but a little flooding reported in redwood city. we'll watch that near the creek. crossing over the san mateo bridge, the wind advisory canceled for the san mateo bridge as well as the venetian and bay bridge. a smooth drive right now. heading to the hayward side, the accident in fremont cleared but we have flooding reported in parts of nile canyon. watch the highway 84 cut through and watch niles as well. going back up to the bay bridge toll plaza, a live look out there, no wind advisory for the
5:41 am
bay bridge either. look at the huge rooster tail off the back of the cars approaching the fast track. that's where the lanes are reported with large puddles. we'll watch for the aftermath after this rain clears. back to you guys. time now is 5:40. it may not be easy for the u.s. to get out of the crisis in libya. a live report is coming up.
5:42 am
5:43 am
this morning president obama is promising america will handover control in libya within days. and now we know who will take over. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington this morning with a look at who will take the lead when it comes to enforcing the no-fly zone. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning. after four tough days of negotiations, nato, the alliance of western countries, agreed to take over the management of this no-fly zone over libya. the secretary general announced that that, in fact, is all they will do, managing the no-fly
5:44 am
zone and enforcing the arms em bargo, that's their mission. it will take two to three days to implement that. but now over the weekend they plan to work out the operational details. it was announced here in the u.s. by secretary clinton who says now the u.s. can begin to reduce its participation. so far we have flown about 70% of the missions, but she says we are already starting to see fewer american planes in the skies over tripoli. what does this all mean? well, it means that the u.s. will not have the sole decision-making role or responsibility, but we still have a pretty large role in these attacks. in fact, the u.s. will have joint responsibility along with britain and france for some of the toughest attacks in enforcing the no-fly zone. and secretary clinton is headed to lyndon to work out the details on tuesday. on wednesday the obama administration will brief congress about what's next. reporting live from washington, i'm tracie potts for "today in
5:45 am
the bay." thank you. on day four of the barry bonds trial the jury got a science lesson in the side effects of steroids. that testimony came from larry bowers, the chief scientist for the u.s. doning agency. he also outlined the history of performance-enhancing drugs and the role played by balco. balco in burlingame provided the steroids that were dispensed by bonds' personal trainer. there's no court session today, so court now resumes on monday. the man who confessed to killing oakland journalist chauncey bailey will resume his testimony monday morning. devondre brussard is using his testimony against yusef bay iv and antoine mackey who are charged with murder. brussard testified that the bakery run by bay was a violent
5:46 am
organization. pg&e may allow customers to opt out of the smart meter program, but they are making it so financially painful you may not want to opt out. they are proposed a $270,000 up front fee plus a $14 monthly charge to remove the meters or an increase in gas and electric rates. some groups have questioned the meter's accuracy and safety because of exposure to radio frequencies in radiation. the proposal still needs to be approved by the california public utilities commission. some are calling a back room deal confirmed with pg&e to save them millions of fines. they agreed to pay $3 million in fines to jump start a plan to test the gas pipeline. the deal comes just one week after the california public utilities commission threatened to find the utility $1 million per day for failing to supply pipeline records. the goal is to identify any
5:47 am
vulnerable pipelines in hopes of avoiding another deadly explosion like the one that occurred in san bruno last september and killed eight people. time now to check in with christina to get a peek at the forecast. it is not as heavy as it was, but it is not totally over yet. >> not totally over yet. bob redell made a great point and said although the rain has calmed down it doesn't mean that the earth is not moving, especially in the areas inundated yesterday with heavy rain. and it was relentless lasting several hours. the heavy rain over the east bay and north bay got hit very hard, even the city of san francisco at one point was entirely encompassed in red on the radar. so we had really heavy rain yesterday. today we'll get a break, but you do want to watch out for the potential with downed trees and other big concerns for us with the possibility of downed power polls poles. we won't get a great opportunity to dry out, but it will be
5:48 am
breezy enough for that to occur. we have two more systems to get through. this one is already moving in. and it will continue to push into the bay area heading through tonight. however, it will kind of pass us to the north, evening more so with this next one as the jet stream lifts up to take the storm track into the pacific northwest. not so much bull's eyeing the bay area. we have a lot of improvement. high pressure is right here. it is going to take a little while to get to our area, but by sunday we are looking at a dryer pattern, a warmer pattern that lasts all the way throughout next week. so there is good news on the way when it comes to spring. finally coming into the buy area tuesday, wednesday and thursday. make the outdoor plans and get the car washed. 50 degrees in oakland. 48 in san mateo. if you have a dirty car, the rain probably just made it even dirtier. 56 degrees in oakland. 55 in fremont. 45 in san jose. throughout the remainder of the weekend things look pretty good.
5:49 am
temperatures rise to 60 by sunday. 63 on monday. we are up to 71 degrees on thursday. it looks so good at this point. back to you, marla. thank you, christina. the giants will have to go without their nlcs mvp for the start of the season. cody ross will be placed on the daled list after an mri revealed a slight tear in his right calf. he could misup to three weeks, which includes the first two weeks of the regular season. now, if you can't wait until opening day, we are here to give you the giants' fix. tomorrow night at 7:00 right here on nbc bay area we have a special in-depth documentary on the team posed for a repeat, that's what it is called, and it will take an inside look at the giants as they talk about defending the title and how spring training is the most important camp for players. stanford women are getting ready for the sweet 16. they play north carolina tomorrow night in spokane. and the winner goes on to the
5:50 am
elite eight. tonight in the cit tournament the santa clara men visit southern methodist. tipoff is 5:00. the winner there goes on to the finals. as for the ncaa tournament, the second half of the sweet 16 plays today. when it comes to the bracket challenges -- >> not a lot changed. a few games yesterday. >> not a lot has changed because i'm number one. >> i still have 50 points. i missed a couple of the games yesterday. i'm telling you, duke was knocked off. uconn beat san diego state. a few others -- >> laura is hanging in there with 47. not far behind. >> and scott says he's posed to make a big run. >> it is not over yet! >> scott, how about next time, next year we'll fill out the brackets together. >> he had a technical glitch. he was trying to do it online and realized in our pool we did it by hand. and somewhere in the writing by happened, that's what he was blaming it on. >> he didn't have the stats to help him out, right? >> right. it is 5:50 right now.
5:51 am
the season has not even started yet and the giants are offering tickets for next season. we'll tell you how that works coming up. you might have a winning bracket but do you have the new nintendo 3ds? we'll talk about that in gadget friday. i don't have that but i have the commute for you. if you are planning to get out w town, stick t not w.o go u not to go.
5:52 am
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5:53 am
san francisco giant tickets are the hottest tickets in town these days. in fact, there's a wait list for 2012 season tickets. the giants' ticket office wants to give first dibs to disappointed fans who missed out on buying season tickets for this year. if you want to be on that on-deck wait list, you do have
5:54 am
to pay a $500 non-refundable deposit. and then if the giants do make it to the post-season the on-deck members get an early access to try to buy the first-round playoff tickets. if you want to get on the list, find out more at >> i'm pretty excited because i just found out i have tickets to next week's game. >> that's awesome. who do you know? >> i know the right people. >> she's got contacts somewhere that i need to find out about. checking in with mike right now and the latest on your morning commute. >> if you want to be marla's backup, pay me $500 and i'll say you are her backup. the maze looks nice. to backup at the toll plaza, the wind advisory picked up as well. 880 past the coliseum, we have a nice smooth drive for the nemitz freeway. the pothole repair work may be completed now. the drive will be literally smoother because of that. antioch is slowing near l street
5:55 am
with the 49-mile-per-hour speed sensor there. we are looking at rain here hitting antioch. that's an issue coming on the wet highway 4 roads. to the south, westbound out of the area is okay. eastbound tonight heading to tahoe, don't go. change your plans. here's a live shot from the web camera. you can make out the trees dimly lit. this is eastbound 880. there are no cars on the road. you can't see the road. that's because i-80 is closed through the sierra. we'll continue to follow this throughout the morning. it is friday. scott mcgrew has a gadget you can't have. that's not very nice. >> well, you know, you won't find this in stores until sunday morning. it is the new nintendo 3ds. it is a 3-d game machine you do not need glasses to see the 3-d. and our senior gadget friday tester ian is playing a submarine game here. not only is it in 3-d but see what he's doing there. it is positional.
5:56 am
he looks through the screen and not only does he see the enemy ships in the parascope in three dimensions, he moves it back and forth by turning his body as if it were real. $250 from nintendo starting sunday. now a couple things, nintendo says kids under 7 shouldn't play it. i think they are being overly cautious on this. nintendo back in the day discovered some children respond badly to the flickering of images, which is why you see the warnings. nintendo probably be overly cautious. the second thing is to really appreciate it you have to see it in person. i mean, you have a 2-d television screen there, so that's not going to do much for you. it doesn't look all that different. it is one of those things where you kind of have to see it in the store and play with it a little bit in order to appreciate kind of how cool it is. >> how far we have come from the atari joystick, right? that is what i used.
5:57 am
>> thank you, scott. we'll look for it when it comes out. 5:56 now. the weather continues to cause trouble all over the bay area, including in sonoma. take a look at this. we'll tell you what happened here coming up. and a live look across the bay area this morning. still seeing a few showers, but not like it was yesterday. i think the worst is behind us for a few days. we'll check your forecast coming up.
5:58 am
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the rain is clearing out, however the cleanup begins and there are several landslides all around the bay area. if you rely on the ace train to get to work in san jose, i hope you have a plan b this morning. trains are not running due to a mud slide. i just got off the phone with an ace spoke person. i'll tell y


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