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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  March 25, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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came and took over the entire street. >> reporter: she took us inside this downstairs apartment unit where she found soaked carpet and a muddy kitchen. >> we'll have to rip that out. we'll have to redo all the flooring, it is ruined. >> reporter: the water inside rose four and a half inches. damage force ad few businesses to close today as crews worked to dry out shops. this carpet from a jewelry store is now trash on the street. the storage room at the village mouse gift store is also soaked. a failed drainage pim pipe mere runs under this mobile home park caused this spontaneous river. there are 43 mobile homes here. the spark now close asked more than 83 people must live with friends or in hotels for the next one to two weeks. >> we think the damage will be in the millions of dollars. a small city like the city of capitola needs some assistance.
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>> reporter: people are preparing for the next storm. the city of capitola issued a proclamation today asking the governor for state disaster money. reporting live in capitola, nbc bay area news. new at 5:00, take a look from our nbc bay area helicopter above the scene in san pablo. the backyard is gone. that's what a couple heard from their children after the storm caused their hillside backyard to partially collapse yesterday. at least half a dozen homes were affected by the slifld one woman said it sounded like rain hitting the roof. when she looked outside her window, she saw it was much worse than that. >> it is just devastating. you think of these things. you look at it on television but you never imagine this happening to you. and i've been here since 1972. >> reporter: despite the damage, they're not leaving their house and plan on working with the san pablo city council to see when
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can be done about shoring pup land in their backyard. a mud slide also to blame for some traffic problems on highway 1 in marin. heavy rains causing a portion of the highway to fall into the road. you see it here. this is in west marin west of green gulch farm. southbound traffic has to yield to those on the northbound side. the one-way traffic control is being guided by a caltrans crew. the fix is expected to take at least five days to complete. as crews across the bay area were scrambling to do the clean-up, we were being hit by another round of rain. not as bad today. you shouldn't let your guard down. more rain is coming our way. >> jeff ranieri joins us with the latest on these conditions. at least we can see some light at the end of the tunnel. >> definitely. storm totals between two to five inches from the bay area, from the past 36 hours. very impressive. the ground saturated.
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los gatos, san jose over two inches. some scattered rainfall. we're anywhere from 100 to 129 bers this recent saturation and storm some of the more moderate rainfall has been here in the east bay today. we're still currently finding pockets of rain. from walnut creek to moraga. that's what we'll see through the evening hours. our next storm is developing here. it will also have some windy conditions with it. so who are the dwrirs watch? it is very critical in tye next 24 hours. for m ie isolated flooding. the san lorenzo river and capitola where we hadr that flah flooding yesterday, thas where we'll be the most vulnerable. i'll have details on the timing of this system and how long it will last into the weekend. >> let's show you this. this is the lexington reservoir. you can see the water storage area is spilling at this hour.
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it has been spilling since yesterday afternoon. really rare to see. this is first time in about five years the reservoir has spilled over. officials with the santa clara water district expect to it continue flowing throughout the weekend. and rising river waters mean a whole lot of work for a bay area family of beavers. you know these guys. you've seen them before. this is home video of the martinez beavers. they survived the waters that swept away their dams. the ones they built in the creek. they've endured before but this is the first time that their lodge has gone down river. their support group with the dam said they can easily wait out the river and they will likely rebuild again. the beaver family has not been swept into the strait. and traffic, not moving again along interstate 80 in the sierra. coming up in ten minutes, we'll take you there for a live report.
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tonight there is more talk of evacuations in japan. nuclear fears continue to grow. two weeks after the tsunami hit that country. the breach is now suspected at least in one of the fukushima reactors. radiation levels in water there sfikd 10,000 times of what is normal. three workers were taken out of camp behind the tarp. after their feet were contaminated. they've been taken to a nearby hospital. people living within 18 miles are now being urged to consider evacuating. today death toll from the disaster officially passed the 10,000 mark. thousands of people though are still missing. at the same time, hundreds of families are arriving in the u.s. after being caught in the middle of that disaster. tonight many of the families are back in the bay area, thanks to the help of the travis air force base. jody hernandez was on the base when the evacuees arrived. >> reporter: travis air force base rolled out the welcoming mat to dozens of military
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families who had been living in japan. all of them are very happy to finally be back on stable ground. >> welcome to california! >> reporter: it's a mccouldn't be more appreciated. after living through ordeal of an earthquake, tsunami and radiation fears, military families based in japan arrived to travis air force base today where they felt instant relief. >> everyone at travis was so welcoming, so happy to see us, so quick to give us anything we needed. we couldn't help but feel so much better. we're so happy to be here now. >> reporter: jena and her children say the ground never stopped moving since the initial quake hit. >> it was hard to answer questions like why is this happening? who made this happen? when is this going to stop? are we going to die? it was rough. >> the house was shaking really, really hard. >> reporter: how did you feel? >> scared. very scared. >> reporter: more than 300
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people arrived to travis from japan today. most of them women and children. pets, too, got to come along for the ride. the first time in nearly two weeks they finally feel safe. >> i'm happy. i jump at every little thing. this earthquake scared me so much. i'm just scared. any loud noise, you hear something fall. get in the doorway. it will happen again. >> reporter: travis air force base has received more than 2,500 people from japan so far, and more flights are scheduled to arrive through the weekend. at travis air force base, nbc bay area news. a peninsula lawmaker is slamming a settlement plan between pg & e. they had planned to fine the utility a million dollars a day for failing to produce gas lines safety records. this is all aftermath from september's gas line explosion.
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that punishment could have sbrun the millions of dollars but now they are proposing capping the fines at $3 million. assemblyman tells the mercury news, he is outraged by that. they are defending the settlement saying it would avoid a long legal battle. a swim coach is in prison for molesting four young swim team members. now he is the target of a new lawsuit. a washington state woman claims andrew king molested her from the age of 11 to 14 before he moved to san jose. the suit also names usa swimming claiming the governing body failed the warning signs about king. swimming has changed its rules. background sxheks other guidelines are now required. more californians are getting job. the unemployment rate was lower for the second consecutive month. however, the rates are still higher than the national average. february's jobless rate dipped to a little more than 12%.
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that's the lowest since 2009. the state added nearly 100,000 jobs. we're so far thin national jobless rate, 8.9%. he's back. former governor arnold schwarzenegger is returning to entertainment. see why his first project will be especially colorful. also, a southern california judge issues a ruling in a closely watched case about parental rights. live in san jose police headquarters, captains becoming lieutenants, lieutenants becoming sergeants. what's going on? and gampb. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a few pockets of heavy rain. we'll have details on tour, ye m and how muchain r could have.
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san jose on pace to more than double its homicide rate from last year. there have been 13 murders this year compared to 20 for all of of last year. >> the top brass tell nbc bay area, it might get worse. 13 murders in less than three months. the numbers don't lie. is this a political play for the budget? >> not knowing chris moore, the new police chief. he is talking reality here. he is actually telling captains they may soon become lieutenants. lieutenants might become sergeants and so on. why? because of the budget.
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the san jose police department said they have to lay off between 100 to 300 police officers. maybe more of we've never had layoffs. but with the $110 million city budget deficit, the xhnd staff said it has little choice. the chief says that means fewer officers to investigate crimes. witnesses might be gone by the time officers arrived at the next homicide. the changes mean sergeant gina might lose her stripes. if she's lucky, she might be demoted back to officer. she might lose her job altogether. >> it is a sad situation for all the officers, for myself and the sergeants and he have one who will get demoted or laid on. >> do i believe any time you start reducing staff at the newspapers we're talking about, you will see a rise in crime rates. >> reporter: these layoffs and demotions might happen within weeks. june 30th is the date for that to happen.
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it not only affects sxrank file at police headquarters but we'll show you at 6:00 how that might affect you at home. we'll give you the number of homicides san jose is on pace for if this continue. it is an eye opener. live in police headquarters. nbc bay area news. >> it sure is an eye opener. more than 100 projected layoffs in the city of san jose for the police force. police are also searching in oakland. they're searching for a man suspected of scamming victim for tens of thousands of dollars. investigator say 70-year-old carl talton approached elderly people at grocery stores and shopping centers showing them a bundle of cash. he then convinced them he needed help to find a cause where co-don't participate money. he encouraged them to temporarily contribute their own money to the fund as a show of trust. as victims were distracted, police say he stole their money. he allegedly worked with a part zmer is suspected of scamming more than $40,000. here you go.
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are you ready to become filthy rich tonight. you need some major league luck. the mega millions jackpot is worn more than $312 million. across the county and here in the bay area, lines are growing by the hour. you have until 8:00 tonight. at cavanagh liquors in san lorenzo, take a look. the line stretches to the back of the store. customers filling out their mega millions ticket hoping to have that magical six numbers. why do we send our cameras to cavanagh liquors? it has a reputation for being lucky. >> a co-worker told me about all the signs they had, all the jackpot winners and in general, they have a lot of winners. whether it is scratchers, super lotto, mega millions. >> if you haven't gotten your particular yet, there is still time. 8:00 is the deadline. the biggest mega millions jackpot ever is $390 million in march 2007. are you ready to go on our
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dinner break? >> we're ready. let's talk weather. it shouldn't be a surprise to you but this year is on track to be a record breaker for snowfall in the sierra. so much powder. some ski resorts are actually planning on extending ski season to may 1. make sure your pass gets extended. david from our nbc station is standing by with the latest on travel. yesterday we saw 80 closed down. open again. >> reporter: that's right. within the last few hours, interstate 80 is open. a light snow is falling here right now. on the ground we've had a couple extra inches that have fallen this afternoon. caltrans prized itself on making this a 12-month out of the year freeway. they were really frustrated they couldn't keep it open. in fact they're going through books right now. they think this might have been the longest lasting road closure here in the sierra since the 1980s. maybe the longest ever.
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>> reporter: with snow still falling and the pavement still slicks, the caltrans superintendent brian carlson gave the reopen order after 2:00. >> why don't we go ahead and alert? >> reporter: nearly 24 hours after the sierra nevada's most important freeway was shut down to all traffic, the chp began he is korgt convoys of cars over donner's summit. >> the big challenge is the amount of snow we got in such a short period. trying to deal with traffic. >> reporter: up to eight feet of snow, caltrans says original some stretches of i-80. before the reopening, dozens of cars waited near exit. some people said they had been here since last night. >> i sleep in my car. i ran the motor for the hot heater. and stay all night. >> i think they're playing it safe which is good. a little frustrating e ing ting this long. >> reporter: others were forced
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to play in the low elevation snow while waiting for powder near the top. >> this is what i have to settle for now, right? what are you going to do? make lemonade out of lemons. >> reporter: tonight interstate 80 is still closed to big rigs. jessica was saying we're closing on on a record breaking season. here is the proof. take a look at this snow pile. according to the caltrans records, we have 59 feet of snow this season. that means we're only six feet away from breaking the all time rompld coming up at 6:00, we'll take you to an even higher spot to show you where the plows could not reach today. >> thank you very much. 59 feet. six feet away from the all time record. we're doing a mega millions run between shows. are you in? >> definitely. i'll contribute at least maybe a dollar or something. let's look at the radar.
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we have these flooding concerns. some scattered rainfall into the bay. nothing in terms of some major widespread heavy rainfall. we continue to follow, especially into the south bay. for the east bay, right across walnut creek. looking at the heavier shot moving across. from morgan hill to san jose. that's the nature of what we'll see in the next four to six hours before the next round of weather comes our way. it has been a little bit chilly out there to start this morning with all that rainfall. as we head throughout the night, that next system approaches. are you ready for some 70s? do i hear anything in the studio? oh, yes. they're ready, belting out a big holler there. saturday morning we're looking at the storm. the cold front will be moving in
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from about 9:00 a.m. into 11:00 a.m. on your saturday. so that will bring us the wind and also the rain. as we head throughout sunday, we'll have a mix of sun and showers. not quite entirely clear for the weekend. 7:00 p.m., we're looking at a few scattered showers. by 11:00 p.m., that increases with the consistency. we'll see that until about 10:00 a.m. untilering starts to push off to the south. it is the morning hours we'll be most concerned about. we're ook at a quarter to a half inch for most of the mountain area. there could be nearly an inch. with the wind, the trees and the power lines, very vulnerable. we'll see thel$lçl"bp winds tha gust 15 to 30 miles per hour beginning at midnight through saturday morning. then by saturday night, we'll see them relax. late tonight and early tomorrow morning, that zone that we'll be
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focusing on. 47 in livermore and 44 in napa with the temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. are you ready for saturday? >> they're be so vocal. >> that was your time to get loud. >> can we get loud now? >> i'm focusing on the millions i'm winning tonight. >> we're looking at 59, 71, 70. maybe that's the combination. we need the dry air. >> it will be nice to see the sunshine. >> from my yacht. the fda approving a new drug to treat one of the deadliest forms of cancers. also, the california woman's battle.
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a judge has granted visiting rights. the judge's order gives her client the temporary right to have her children visit her. the judge will decide later whether to make the visitation rights permanent. abby's parents want their grandchildren to visit their daughter but the husband said she is not capable of parenting, and that visitation would upset the children. topping our health watch, for the first time in more than a decade, there is a new drug to treat advance cases of skin cancer. the fda approving a new drug. doctors say the drug allows the body's immune system to target and attack cancer cells. about 20% of patients responded to the drug in tests. all the patients who took drug had stopped responding to other treatments for melanoma, one of the deadliest forms of cancer. >> back in a moment.
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like he always says, he'll be back. this time when arnold schwarzenegger rusheeturns, it be on television. his team is hinting at a big announce many they will make at a tv convention in france. he is believed to be part of a so-called international television show. maybe it is a reality show, maybe a sitcom. stay tuned. some bloggers are speculating it is an animated program with an environmental theme. >> thank you for joining us. "nightly news" is next. >> then some breaking news we're working on.
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