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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  March 29, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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how the mountain lion's journey would end, but before neighbors knew it was cornered, they didn't know what to make of the scene. >> i looked and there was cops all over the place. a sheriff with a rifle. >> reporter: at 5:09, police got a call about a possible sighting then at 8:19, another sighting. while they cornered the cat, the city put out a call telling people to stay inside. while the phone rang at the oliver home, officers were also knocking on the door. >> they called a couple of times letting us know there was a mountain lion in the area, to be aware of it. very good about that. >> reporter: in the end, fish and game officers say they had no choice but to shoot and kill that mountain lion. too late. all right, so, you might be asking yourself at this point,
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why couldn't they tranquilize this animal. they're beautiful and part of our natural habitat. the problem is that the officers did not have a clean shot and had edged itself in between two fences and they couldn't make sure they could hit the animal where they needed to hit it. they take between 10 to 15 minutes to go into effect and at that point, a large crowd had gathered and it was too dangerous to let the animal perhaps escape from that area. and go down as the tranquilizer kicked in. they felt the only sure shot was a deadly one. >> while we have you, you said there was a reverse 911 call. were there evacuated homes in that area? >> reporter: no, the whole idea behind the call was to tell folks to stay inside. when they got the call and they got a couple just to make sure the bases were covered, it was to tell people this is what's happening, possibly a mountain
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lion sighting. stay indoors, try not to go outside. the people who lived closest to the area, they did stay inside. a lot of folks gathered to look, but it's not always a safe thing. it made my stomach feel a little bad when i saw kids out here before the situation was resolved. >> kris sanchez live in redwood city. thank you. now to the barry bonds purgery trial, jason giambi testified bonds' personal trainer sent him steroids in 2002. he also told jurors anderson sent him instructions on when to use them. giambi also admitted to using steroids. earlier in the day, stan conti testified acting across bonds' back and shoulders was quote,
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significant enough to notice. increased ak ni is associated with steroid use. he also testified he did not want bonds' personal trainers in the clubhouse. the rain accelerated a creeping east bay landslide prompting inspectors to yellow tag four homes in hercules. four others were red tagged, meaning no one's allowed inside. yellow means residents can only visit their property during daylight hours. at tonight's council meeting, members will consider a declaration of emergency. the city work crews are building walls along the street to hold back the hillside. a slide in santa clara
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county has cut off a small neighborhood in morgan hill along with access to a county park. dozens of residents can't get past the mud from sunday. the morgan hill times reports it took down huge redwood trees and several powerlines. county work crews spent sunday and monday clearing mud and debris. there's another issue popping up in japan. their nuclear experts are struggling with how to dispose of all the radio active water they're using. highly toxic plutonium is the latest contaminant found. officials say the amounts are not a risk to humans, but it -- leaking from the damaged rods.
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one cabinet minister calls the situation quote, very grave. now to a story you'll only see here on nbc bay area news. more than three decades ago, a bay area nuclear scientist was so alarmed by the design of a nuclear reactor, he quit in public protest. he was convinced the mark one reactor, the same used in japan, had design flaws that could lead to a devastating accident and put lives at risk. mary ann favro has more. >> he was asked to assess how well the reactor would hold up in a major disaster such as a quake. he says his testing revealed the reactors might fail. >> i resigned from ge on february 2, 1976. >> 35 years ago, he wrote this
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resignation letter to his employer, the ge department in san jose. he quit because he was concerned about the design of a mark one nuclear reactor, the same used at the fukushima daiichi plant in japan. >> i was concerned about whether struck yurly, would the containment hold together without rupturing. >> two others shared his concerns and quit with them. they made headlines across the nation. >> if they failed as appeared might be possible, tlgd be very great damage and human health effects. >> more than three decades later, questions still persist about whether the mark one can handle the immense pressures. now, the design is facing the ultimate test in japan. five of the six reactors at this plant are mark ones.
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>> it does not appear to have performed very well. >> we asked ge to comment on his concerns. the company responded saying -- since that time, the nrc has concluded these issues have been addressed. >> regulatory requirements stringent enough? >> today, he is watching events unfold in japan with sadness and concern, wonder federal government the issues he raised in '76 are now going to be answered in the aftermath. we do want to point out nbc is partly owned by ge. he also expressed concern that most of a mark one plants were built 40 years ago and are reaching the end of their licensed life span and says some are getting government extensions. >> thank you.
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anxious moments today in newark now where a two alarm fire at a refinery caused an acid spill. the fire was reported this morning at the evergreen oil refinery. equipment failure released hy o hydrocarbon, which caught fire. one worker was injured. al a spokesperson says there was no risk to public health and no shelter orders were issued. a bomb squad detonated a suspicious package found outside city hall. the blast could be heard blocks away. police discovered the package after a tip from a nearby store flow. new at 5:00, oakland police
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are stepping up efforts to become more transparent to the community. today, the police chief addressed a wide range of topics from mandated reforms to bad moral among rank and file. traci grant is live at opd with more. >> reporter: chief bass was candid today. no subject off limits, even some of the more uncomfortable issues. the talk today was about change. welcome ones and the ones that they are dreading. >> what we're really looking at is getting away from just compliance and how we make sure we do our jobs in a safe and professional matter. >> reporter: but compliance is what some are waiting for. in the wake of the 2003 trail in which several officers were charged with misconduct, they were told to adhere to a long
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list of reforms. a settlement spelled out reform that is the oakland department is supposed to implement. >> it has been surprising, very discouraging. >> last my, the federal court judge said he wasn't pleased with the amount of speed. >> reporter: he says opd has brought in a new team to monitor the department's progress in overhauling things like internal affairs, developing early warning systems to track officer's behavior and to end racial profiling. he says while there is much more to do in the eight years since the reforms were mandated, some have been accomplished. you think it's possible they could really clean that up? >> no. they can't. no. no. not really. >> reporter: bass, who recently had to give the mayor a report, also talked about finding a way to restructure opd so that it
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can with stand budget reduction. >> to be perfectly honest, the future for the city of oakland is that we have very significant deficits coming, so there is a possibility that we will be downsizing. >> reporter: there has been a lot of talk about the possibility of low moral here at the police force. bass says that hasn't been helped by the fact there were so many layoffs last year and the possibility of even more this year. coming up at 6:00, we will show you some of the new technology that opd has brought on board. live in oakland, traci grant. >> thank you. so many challenges for the oakland police department as well as san jose and san francisco. still ahead, trying to shed some pounds in many turn to diets to do it, but researchers say two lifestyle changes may be your key. also, tightening the leash. the new law that could be in store for dog walkers in one of
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the baya's largest cities. and the controversial page pulled by facebook today. i'm jeff ranieri. more sunshine today and yes, a little warmer. right now, francisco. winds most of us continue in the 60s right now. however, we're going to be talking about some 70s and 80s.
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dog owners in san jose will need a shorter leash for their pets. city council approved an ordnance changing leash
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restrictions from 20 feet to just six feet in length. repeat violators will reportedly be slapped with a $100 fine. members proposed the ordnance after the 2009 death of beverly head, who became tangled in a leash before falling and bumping her head. the world's biggest retailer was in court today. walmart is asking the supreme court to desert fi a class action lawsuit who say the company des criminated against them in pay and promotions. one of the women is from here in the bay area. garvin thomas has more. >> reporter: at the supreme court today, a small group of women with hopes they'll soon speak for more than a million women. >> i brought this case -- >> reporter: betty dukes first sued walmart in 2001 after working at a store in pittsburgh. her sex discrimination case is now a class action for female
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employees past and perez ept. >> if you do wrong, you should be held accountable. >> reporter: but the retail giant says the lawsuit is too big and shouldn't be a class action because it is too big. >> what's wrong with this case is that three plaintiffs are trying to represent more than 1.5 million associates. i've had a very positive experience at walmart like thousands of other women. >> reporter: that's what they argued before the nine justices who seemed sympathetic to the position. the justices also appeared confused by the plaintiff's contention, walmart had a strong -- stereo typing. while the high court including three female justices heard arguments, outside, women's rights advocates trying to have their voices heard as the high
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court now decides if this is a case for all women of walmart or if just a few will have to start over at square one. a decision is expected by late june. there are developments in libya. rebel forces are retreating and forces loyal to gadhafi have the momentum. they launched a counter today marching east and shelling that city in the effort to uproot libya's leader. words are the weapons here and what are doing the most damage at the moment. international military forces are scattering antigadhafi messages across the country and invading libyan air waves with one message saying do not obey gadhafi. facebook was forced to take down a page today after it was flooded with threats of violence. the page called for direct
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violence against the jewish community in an uprising against israel. the page entitled third palestinian began this month and soon had more than 340,000 members. facebook removed the page after receiving complaints by the israeli government and jewish organizations here in the united states. well, if you were lucky enough to head outside today, did it not feel great to get sun kissed? >> everyone was smiling. >> you're welcome, you guys. it had me in a daze yesterday. the sun's out, what's up with this? weeks and weeks of rainfall, now, this clear pattern, but no complaints coming into the weather department right now. 64 in oakland. winds west at 14 miles per hour. also to san francisco, and we're looking at clear skies, winds picking up northwest at 21 miles per hour. we are going to see this dry
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wind build in with this latest area of high pressure just offshore. there are a few showers just to the north, but that storm track is going to stay there throughout the next three to four days. with the current numbers, mild compared to where we've been. 68 in livermore. 72 in santa rosa and 61 in san francisco. so, the weather headlines go like this. we have a chance here, some patchy fog tonight, mainly in the north bay. then tomorrow, 70s coming back inland. possibly some records. then wouldn't you know it, towards this weekend, we are going to see a few changes coming our way, but right now, we're monitoring that storm track. about 150 miles to the north, they're getting showers in eureka, but we're on the drier side of things, high pressure shielding us from this activity. the next two-day period, we'll see it stay warm here with possible 80s. that's right, 80s coming our way
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towards thursday's forecast. tomorrow, looking at 80s with 79, oakland, 77. meanwhile tomorrow morning in the east bay, upper 40s and some breezy conditions at times as you get your day going and here in the south bay, we'll look at 49 in los gatos. while this warm weather is nice, if you have allergies, it's probably going to agitate you a little bit. i'm sneezing today even though i took my allergy dicine. too much information for you guys. leave it up to me for all the details. 76 in richmond. 79 in napa. and upper 70s throughout the north bay. possibly 80 in calastoga. near the coastline, slightly cooler weather with conditions in the 60s and low 70s. 80 thursday.
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80 friday and then, unfortunately, saturday and sunday, back down into the 60s. what is up? >> enjoy it while we can though, right? >> were you the same guy giving us all the wet weather for the last three weeks? >> yes, that was me. i was the guy sitting here. >> now, it's all good. still ahead, why actor george clooney may be forced to testify in a high profile trial involving a prominent politician. plus, they say breaking up is hard to do and new research say it may be more painful than you ever thought. we're back in two minutes. topp
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you want to lose weight? researchers found you can by reducing stress and getting more sleep. this is a report funded by the u.s. national institute of health. doctors found that people who
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get between six and eight hours of sleep had the most success in a weight loss program. if you're sleeping less than six hours and if your stress levels are high, you will not be able to focus on making behavioral changes. officially, we've known this for a long time, but now, it's official. breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend can be painful, literally. doctors did a study with people who had been recently dumped. they showed them photos of their recently detached partners. they discovered feelings from romantic rejection actually caused real pain by triggers a pain matrix in the brain. >> i've done that study many times. >> unfortunately, so have i. >> back in with moment with geo cleany possibly taking the witness stand. stay with us. scrub goes to the source ng micro-bead
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wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing.
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gossip columnists are businessing that george clooney is on the list of defense witnesses of a trial against silvio burr les cone. three corruption and crime cases have been linked to his media company and he's accused of being with an underaged prostitute. clooney, who lives in northern italy, issued a statement today in responsed reports he'll be a witness saying, it seems odd since i've met burlescony once. nightly news is up next. >> then more local news at 6:00.
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we'll see you then.
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