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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 31, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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bay," it is opening day. we'll get you ready as the giants begin defense of their world series title. we have developing news. a house catches fire overnight in oakland. we have a downed power line dangled in the street. i'm christie smith, we'll tell you about this fire and why arson investigators are on the way. and a live look outside at the shark tank right now. gorgeous temperatures on the way. it is thursday, march 31st, "today in the bay." >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. it is straight up 6:00. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. we'll check the forecast with christina. the hottest temperatures so far. we have been waiting for a break from the relentless rain and the cold stuff. we are getting it. in fact, it is coming in strong. 56 degrees right now in oakland. 63 in san francisco. as we head throughout your
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afternoon we are going to see temperatures in the 90s today. i'll let you know how long this will last coming up. mike inouye is here following a serious situation in san francisco. good morning. a lot of folks are heading through the city right now for the morning commute. i'll give you the maze in a second. we havedowned power lines on highway 1 coming through the city just north of golden gate on park presidio. a full closure near geary boulevard to california street. that's an issue for those traveling through the city. the volume is picking up a bit here. the fire we have been following the last half hour in oakland, christie smith is on the scene. there are downed power lines and fire activity in the 1700 block of 48th avenue. christie, what's the latest as you arrive and get the details? >> reporter: we just got here five to ten minutes ago as firefighters are dealing with a number of things. there's a downed power line in the middle of the street that goes from that pole there with
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the light on all the way across the street. it connected to a home here that caught fire on 48th avenue. firefighters going through that home right now make sure that the fire is indeed out. they broke out some time after 5:00 this morning. they tell me that they have an arson investigator inside right now. and the reason for that is that this was a boarded up home, so they are going on the theory that perhaps transients were involved in this fire. a neighbor tells me that the home has been empty for about three to six months. they also have pg&e crews out here dealing with this power line that goes down the middle of the street here. firefighters telling me that it only serviced the house that burned, but pg&e crews just told me that they deactivated that line and are working on making sure it is indeed out. so firefighters are telling me at this point, the good news, no one is hurt.
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but they have an arkansas son arson investigators here in the area. avoid 48th just above international. that's the latest from here. back over to you guys. thank you very much. 6:03 right now. another criminal case in san francisco is dropped after more allegations of illegal police searches. the public defender's office just released this surveillance video allegedly showing undercover san francisco police officers entering an apartment in the richmond district by following a car into the parking garage. public defenders say the officers did not identify themselves as police and did not have the right to search the apartment where they found four pounds of pot. the public defender's office says they believe these searches are a widespread problem at the police department already dealing with illegal searches in the tenderloin. in the meantime, an attorney representing five people in a corruption case against antioch police officers just released
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this video. he says it shows a member of the central contra costa narcotics enforcement team turning a surveillance camera. you saw it there. so it wouldn't record an arrest. the clients say the officer searched them illegally and claims officers seized cash, guns and more and never returned them. and the charges were dropped. antioch's city manager disputes the claim. an east bay man is going to spend the rest of his life behind bars for sex crimes against six female relatives. zion dutrell is taking a plea deal to avoid trial on 47 charges of child molestation and rape. prosecutors say that the crimes happened between 1992 and 2006 when some of the victims were as young as 4 years old. prosecutors say that his wife actually helped hand pick her husband's young victims. she pleaded no contest and is going to spend ten years in prison. it is a case that is shocking as it is polarizing. and tomorrow a south bay jury
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has to decide whether to award millions of dollars to a young woman who claims she was gang rapped by dean za college baseball players in 2007. lawyers for the young woman say she allegedly suffers from insomnia and suicidal thoughts since the attack, but a lawyer for one of the two baseball players on trial says the woman is, quote, on a in addition for millions and argues that she asked for sex. lawyers for the girl say she was 17 and had been drinking when she was allegedly gang-raped at a house party in san jose. allegedly six members of the deanza soccer team burst in and rescued the girl. a lawsuit was dropped against the catholic diocese of santa rosa. the man will apparently file a new suit against not only the diocese but the average diocese in dublin, ireland. the 2009 report by the irish government found the santa rosa bishop accepted the priest even though he knowingly has been treated for ped feel ya.
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he's in jail awaiting extradition to ireland to face charges of molesting six boys in the 1970s. the barry bonds perjury trial is moving faster than expected. prosecutors are down to their final three witnesses. court staff are going to read a transcript of bonds' appearance before a federal grand jury in court today back from the case when he was accused of lying about taking steroids. back then or after that, rather, bonds orthopedic surgeon will take the stand today. also expect bonds' former personal shopper to testify. crews are working on the peninsula roadway blocked by a mud slide. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in hillsboro with an update for us. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. as the warm weather comes in and most of us are getting into the mindset of basking in the sun, there are residents up here on wood ridge road who still have this annoying reminder of what happens when the weather gets way too wet. you are looking at a section of the road that has slid down the
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hill. nobody was hurt. there's no property damage or no homes were threatened, but you can see it has shut down a good chunk of the roadway. this started saturday afternoon with just a crack, but the soil underneath this road was so saturated that it gave way takes out the enormous amount of concrete. workers have been coming up here ever since. you can see they were putting steel planks in to shore up the road. one reason why it is taking so long is we can hear water still dripping down the hillside. we have to assume that the soil underneath is still saturated. they are waiting for that to drain out before they replace this permanently. it also exposed the landslide, a two-inch gas line and a six-inch water pipe. we have no indication they ruptured, but because of the infrastructure underneath it will take more time. they have to be more delicate in repairing this. the good news is with the warm weather we have coming, there's
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nothing in the foreseeable forecast that calls for more rain. so that should give the workers time to let this drain out and to get the road fixed and eventually back open for the people who live here on wood ridge road in hillsboro. reporting live in hillsboro, bob redell for "today in the bay." >> it is good we are finally getting a break from all the rain. thank you, bob. boy, are we. we went from the spigot on to the spigot off. we are talking about the heat lamps now. >> it is all about the extremes in the bay area. good morning to you. windy conditions today. not a good day for the flowing skirt, ladies. and hold on to your hats later as high pressure builds in. it will drive very strong offshore wind. and those winds will be the active ingredient in this big warm up that we are anticipating. temperatures today are five to ten degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday in some cities. 63 degrees in san francisco. this is the reason why. we are starting out so warm. temperatures this morning are running five to ten degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. so we are well on our way to
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breaking multiple records throughout the day today. i think the best bet will be in the north bay and the east bay. they will be the warmest. the south bay is coming pretty close. 69 degrees in san mateo. by noon, 74 in sunnyvale at noon. 75 degrees in santa rosa. so at lunch when you take your break, it is going to be very, very nice outside. getting a little bit toasty as we round out the day. high temperatures yesterday came in between 4:00 and 5:00. 90 degrees in santa rosa throughout the afternoon. 86 degrees in san rafael. 82 in oakland. a really nice day if you have the opportunity to head to the beach. i suggest you do so. it will be gorgeous out there. 59 degrees. take a look at the drop off between friday and saturday. we have a very slight chance of some very light showers. mostfully the north bay on saturday night into sunday. sunday looks to be the best for outdoor plans as high pressure builds in nudging our temperatures back into the upper 60s. we are in the 70s kicking off next week. so the weather department is getting a bit of a break, we are
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looking pretty good. we'll see how you are faring in the traffic department. we are watching a few issues, both involve downed wires. the fire truck there is where christie smith is at the bottom of the screen. the fire is under control. there are fires out, but we still have power lines down in the 1700 block of 48th avenue off international boulevard. now to the city we have a full closure of a major roadway. this is park presidio boulevard, this is north of golden gate park. it is closed from geary to california. a lot of other parallel roadways to take the slack in traffic, but it will cause an issue for california and geary boulevard as folks head through the area. the chopper is heading east to show us this road closure. 880 past the same area, you can see the volume now picking up past the coliseum. 880 and 580 were unaffected by the downed power lines or the fire, but that may affect you cutting through the area. a smooth drive on southbound 880 as we have issues going on
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heading down to union city. that could be an issue for folks. i'll bring you the update if it is blocking any lanes. back to you. 6:10. still to come on "today in the bay," the america's cup is coming to san francisco. and we'll tell you about plans to help you get around and see the races. and it is opening day. get ready for some more giants baseball. i'm marla tellez live at at&t park. i'll take you behind the scenes with the voice of the giants. how ranelle keeps her cool, that's coming up. and temperatures are rising, it will be the hottest day of the week so's in str.or for the what in store for the weekend? we'll tell you. it is 6:11 right now.
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welcome back, everyone.
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there's willie mays taking a look at the baseball hall of famer outside at&t park. yes, it is opening day. >> today is opening day. the real day of spring for a lot of people. the first day of spring, that is. there are six games to open the season today. the first one is starting in a few more hours, three hours for some of them. the giants and dodgers will cap off the day. they play tonight head-to-head in los angeles starting at 5:00 this evening. >> yes. pretty exciting. if the game was here there would be a big crowd around marla tellez live at at&t park. you actually got a chance to talk to the giants yesterday before hay they hit the road. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you. i'm out here alone. willie is excited for the game tonight, but this is not the most ideal way to open your season as the giants are on the road. i came out to the ballpark yesterday to talk the to players
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in the game before they left to start the season. bruce bochy says it is not ideal to start the season on the road but that's the way it goes. the giants won yesterday against the a's 2-1. i was able to chat to the voice of the giants. that's the only female announcer, ms. ranelle. she says last season was one to remember. how do you keep your cool, i'm sure you are screaming up here and then all of a sudden you have to -- >> i don't keep my cool. there's a lot of off mike screaming and applauding. occasionally i stand and wave a rally rag. i'm a former varsity cheerleader, so, the school spirit in me comes out. >> reporter: she's awesome. barry zito was on the field yesterday. on a more serious note, he was in a car accident after landing
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in l.a. last night. now officials are saying it is a minor car accident. they say he is okay, though he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. zito is slated to start sunday. tonight, tim lincecum is taking the mound for the giants. game thyme is 5:00 at dodger stadium. catch it on espn. pregame and postgame coverage on comcast sports net bay area. now coming up at 6:50, i get a little personal with sergio romo. you certainly don't want to miss that. yeah. >> and i hear you don't fear the beard, either. >> reporter: i don't. >> thank you, marla. well, for more on today's game, ray roto from comcast sports net bay area is joining us on the phone. he's in l.a. for the game today. good morning. >> how are you doing? >> we are doing great, thank you. >> do you know anything about barry zito, we heard about the car accident he was in there in
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l.a. >> he was briefly hospitalized. apparently, based on the wording of the report, he was not the driver at fault. so i don't -- apparently he was treated and released. as far as i know he is good to go for the regular start. >> that's good news for him. hey, talk about the changes in the lineup today that we might see. cody ross is out, so the giants have had to do shuffling as we begin opening day. >> yeah, but what they did was pretty significant. the ross injury made it possible to promote brandon belt and make imtheir every day first baseman. i imagine they will put him sixth in the lineup. they have not posted the lineup, obviously, if. >> aubrey huff is going to go to the outfield then, right? >> yes, aubrey huff goes to right field to take cody ross' spot.
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travis was released as a as a result. that's the big change. i mean, unless you want to say that the new sleeker pablo sandoval is a change as well. >> that's true. much sleeker. well, brandon belt, i heard just how excited he was. he didn't know whether to have a heart attack or faint. but you know, it is a big break for him. >> starting off in the bigs, that's right. what do you think of the giants' chances are for the outlook to get back there again? >> well, the thing -- i mean, most of the components that they had are still there. but the thing that makes you pause is the fact that they never had a real catastrophic injury last year to an important player. and basically from the trade deadline on they couldn't really make a wrong move. i mean, they hit on everything. so there's an element of luck that you really don't want to
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bank on again. >> you have to remember how close the race was coming down the line, too. you know, they eked in there in the first place. >> if san diego doesn't go on a tank in december and lose ten in a row. the giants are looking up and will never get to the postseason. to that was part of it. the brooks conrad four-error game in atlanta was part of it. there were a lot of significant plays during postseason that very much 50/50 plays that all went the giants way. they not only had, you know, good players performing well, but they also had some good fortune. it is hard to bank on that year after year. >> you never know. >> we'll see how they do this early in the season. thank you for joining us this morning, ray. they will have nice temperatures down in l.a. pretty warm. >> today is opening day. we should also point out that it is opening day for the a's tomorrow. we don't want to forget the
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oakland a's tomorrow. >> that's tomorrow. today as well in the bay area, really great temperatures. pretty hot. >> pretty hot. even hotter where they are going to be playing later on. 86 degrees in napa yesterday. 90 could be pushing it for some people. 85 was the forecasted high in santa rosa yesterday. we broke records all across the bay area yesterday. today we'll break more records. today could be the warmest march 31st in the bay area in history. high pressure builds in. very strong ridge here. now it is basically sitting right over the bay area. you can see those clouds wrapping up and around. those are going to drive in your very strong offshore winds. heading throughout the day today it will get warmer and warmer with the warm winds pumping through pushing from land to sea and warms us us up on the way. 50 degrees in novato. 63 degrees right now already in san francisco. the sun has not come up yet. that's 40 minutes away. once it comes up temperatures
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will jump as soon as we hit probably 9:00 a.m. we are talking about temperatures in the upper 80s. 90 degrees up in santa rosa. here's the extended outlook. a little bit cooler tomorrow, but we'll wake up with really warm conditions. overnight tonight you may want to leave the windows open because it will be pretty balmy. 83 degrees. that's your forecasted high for friday. 59 degrees on saturday. a bit cooler. maybe a few showers to the north. and then sunday, that's your day for outdoor plans. 68 degrees with sun and clouds. over the weekend, that's the day i would plan to get outside. now take a look at this. if you need to cool down from the warm weather, take a look at this st. louis couple. when they planned their big day at busch stadium they obviously didn't count on a spring snowstorm judging by that streap strapless dress. but love kept them warm. even the audience, look at their friends and family members. nobody has a jacket on. they were out there toughing
6:22 am
out. look at that guy. he's throwing up the double guns. oh, boom! a little bit of snow didn't stop this wedding. hey, any bride knows, a little snow is not going to stop that day. >> wow. today we are the happiest, happiest, happiest. thanks. 6:22. the embarcadero through san francisco can be tough to navigate on a normal day. we'll tell you about the changes that might come for the america's cup. i have nothing better than laura, so we'll just have tech news coming up. and we have the chopper over san francisco where they were looking for the closure caused by downed power lines. the second instance like thimor. i'll have your commute coming up.
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mmm. ahh. yeah. bacon. come celebrate baconalia! ly at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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good morning. 6:25. i want to take you to san francisco with a live shot of where the power lines are down. the chopper is showing you the closure. this is unusual as you see this portion basically vacant just north of the golden gate park. there are the folks being rerouted away from the area by the san francisco police department. keep in mind you have to reroute for a couple of blocks. this gets more adjusted as they work on the power lines. we are following another issue where christie smith told us about the fire out in the 1700 block of 48th avenue approach
6:26 am
ing the area here. we also have a truck fire that could be an additional distraction. we'll tell you more coming up. we have new images from google earth this morning from there in japan. scott mcgrew has more. >> these are coming from the gio satellite purchased by google showing the devastation on google earth. there on the left you see the before, and there on the right you see the after. these have been available on google earth. they will be rolled into google maps later today. and i've also posted some of these to the nbc bay area morning facebook page as well. we talked about this during the "today" show news updates yesterday, but this really bears repeating. google on wednesday agreed to a historic deal with the u.s. government submitting to 20 years of privacy audits in order to make a privacy lawsuit against the company go away.
6:27 am
google got into trouble with the ftc when it revealed users personal contacts through the google buzz program, but the settlement is going to cover all of google's businesses. this is very unusual for a silicon valley company. google essentially now has a federal babysitter. a private agency that takes care of it. but 20 years of supervision for google. >> thank you, scott. 6:27 right now. teachers are doing what they can to help a local school district's budget problems. and it will be hot and dry today, but some people are still feeling the effects of last week's rain. good morning, i'm christie smith live in oakland. an overnight house fire still active at this hour. i'll tell you why arson investigators are here along with pg&e. thmingery is co ungp.
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bay," u.s. personnel are on the ground this morning. good morning. i'm christie smith live in oakland where arson investigators are on the scene of the overnight house fire along with pg&e. i'll have that story coming up. i'm bob redell live in hillsboro where this warm weather is welcomed relief for those workers trying to clean up what's left of the last rainy storms we have been having. that story is coming up in a live report. and a live look outside at the commute through the east bay. at least you don't have to worry about the rain and soggy highways. it is thursday, march 31st, "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. 6:30 right now. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
6:31 am
the hottest day of the week? we could break some records. some like it hot. and today you are going to get what you want. 86 degrees yesterday. 85 degrees in santa rosa. these are the records we broke yesterday. and that was not even the warmest day of the week. today is the warmest day of the week. 82 degrees in san francisco and san rafael. even mountain view hits 79 degrees. for today we are adding about five to ten degrees on average to all of the numbers. we'll break down the forecast and let you know when that big ridge of high pressure is going to finally break down and head out of the area over the weekend. i can tell you that much right now. we'll get you to work on time right now with mike inouye. we have a hot spot in san francisco. i'll tell you about that in a second. the other has a fire truck on the maps in oakland. christie smith is following a fire and downed power lines. she'll give you the update of what's happening in this situation on city streets. 580 through the area is all right heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights turned on five minutes ago. the backup is quickly tomorrow
6:32 am
forming there. a good volume is coming off the 880 overcrossing. then our live shot from the chopper in the city where they are over presidio boulevard. that's a two-way street. we have congestion building throughout the area. we'll get you an update on that coming up after this. 6:32 right now. a gunshot victim is in the hospital this morning and another is dead after a shooting in north richmond. it happened at third street and pennsylvania avenue wednesday night. police have released very few details so far. we have an update on breaking news in oakland this morning. firefighters are on the scene of a fire that mike talked about on 48th avenue. it has knocked down power lines. christie smith is live on the scene now. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning to you. right now an arson investigator is inside this small two-bedroom home trying to figure out exactly where it started. crews are clearing out quite a bit of debris inside. that's one issue. the second issue is that pg&e
6:33 am
has been here all morning long. crews are handling the potentially dangerous problem that was basically dangling from the poll there across the street by where the cones are. that's a power line right across the street. it was arcing when firefighters arrived with big sparks coming out. the first job for pg&e, of course, deactivating the line. they have done that this morning and actually taken it away. it was attached to the single-family home here on 48th avenue that caught fire about 5:00 a.m. firefighters saying it took 15 minutes to knock down. and no one should have been inside because it is all boarded up. >> well, the fire was suspicious. the house is unoccupied. most of the -- i'm going to say, appliances and utilities were stripped out of the house. so we want to rule out or determine whether or not it was arson or accidental. >> reporter: the neighbors say they think the home has been empty for at least three to six
6:34 am
months. firefighters believe that transients may have started it. the good news, though, is that the power line only went to that one home so no one else in the neighborhood lost power. if you are in the area here near 48th above international, stay away for maybe another 30 minutes. that's how long firefighters are telling us they will be on the scene blocking the street. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." thank you, christie. >> some of the people who will be hardest hit by the governor's stalled budget talks are not old enough yet to vote. state lawmakers say they will be forced to slash $6 billion in k-12 education spending now that the governor's talks with republicans have broken down. to put that in perspective, each student will be allotted $1,000 less than they are right now. the governor had been in talks with republicans to put a tax extension measure up for a vote in june. the governor says he's now considering putting the taxes on the ballot this fall. teachers are doing what they
6:35 am
can to help the mount diablo school district balance its budget. the union agreed to take three furlough days in may to help keep library, music and physical education preparation periods for elementary schoolteachers. the school board will vote to approve that contract next month. a number of bay area cities struggling to recover this morning after a series of slides. in mountain view three homes in the sahara mobile home village park were on the verge of sliding. the land below was actually washed away during the recent rain. the property manager says they have been telling the valley water district for years about erosion concerns. the utility says it can't do anything. it is private property. part of highway 101 in humbolt county is closed because of a mud slide. the slide broke down a number of trees near the town of garberville. they are trying to get one lane open by friday. if you are driving up that way, look at the road there, the
6:36 am
alternate route is i-5. also this morning, we have an update on a mud slide blocking a peninsula roadway. bob redell is live in hillsboro with more. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. the sun is breaking behind me from our van teenage point in san mateo county. this is what meteorologist christina loren is saying is one of the hottest days on record for this date. and this is welcomed relief for those of us tired of all the rain. if you live on wood ridge road, it will be hard to forget what the storms caused because part of wood ridge road, as you can see right here, is gone. this started on saturday, believe it or not, as just a small crack as it was described. but the water and the ground underneath was so saturated that if you look to the right, a good chunk of the right lane of the road was swept off and moved down the hillside here. you can see fortunately there are no homes down here, so no homes or property were
6:37 am
threatened. no one was hurt, but it did take out trees. and just given the fact that the land is so saturated, it is taking the workers some time to get this done. like i said, this is what day five since the landslide took place. it also exposed a two-inch gas line and six-inch water pipe. that is adding to the fact that this is taking a while. so in the meantime, the few people who do live up here and have been fortunate to live up here, this road is shut down for about a 100-yard stretch. it is more a local issue but it does demonstrate the power of the storms we have been seeing and experiencing. fortunately, as i mentioned, we have hot weather coming in. and checking the forecast for hillsboro, no rain is in the foreseeable future. so presumably this road will be fixed up shortly. reporting live here in hillsboro, bob redell for "today in the bay." >> they need that break. thank you, bob. the mayor of san francisco
6:38 am
is set to unveil a new plan to help people get around the city during the america's cup yacht race. the "chronicle" reports the new street line will run the length of ek bar dare roe to the caltrans station from fisherman's wharf. the mayor wants the area to be bicycle and pedestrian-friendly as well. more than 2.5 million people are expected to come to watch the races. they will start in 2012 and end with the final match-up in september of 2013. >> you may want to take a dip in the cool waters off temperatures like today. let's check in with christina. yeah, also friendly to pedestrians and bicyclists, especially this morning if you can get out there right now. it is absolutely gorgeous. high pressure is the reason for spring finally arriving here in the bay area. it is actually going to feel like summertime in some cities. windy conditions. you can see a very vivid imagery with clouds arcing around the ridge driving the offshore winds. today will be one of the days where it is hard to find a cloud
6:39 am
in the sky. if you find one, i tempt you. send it to my facebook page because i don't think you will. if you do, show the world. the low pressure system is driving into the area through this weekend. it will bring the clouds back and also bring cooler weather heading through your saturday. so today is the warmest day of the week. tomorrow is a little cooler. then saturday, a significant drop off. we'll walk you through the seven-day in a moment. right now, heading out the front door, 63 in san francisco. turning over to the upper 70s and low 80s later on today. we've got your numbers coming up. mike inouye, you have been busy this morning. how does it look now? it is going okay despite the issue that we have a closure in san francisco. park presidio boulevard, folks are moving in both directions on to streets parallel to the area, but a lot of these are one-way. folks are being rerouted in either direction getting up past this section of park presidio
6:40 am
near geary and california. the south bay, we'll look at that. the speed sensors look all right on the maps. we are looking at a nice, easy flow of traffic. back to the maps, we'll show you what's happening there. the northbound route is showing slowing in typical areas. we have debris clearing from the 280 and 17 cler change. we'll see a lot of beach traffic there as folks head to the area with the warm temperatures today. hospitals are turning people away in japan. we'll tell you why coming up. and radiation in japan is detected in milk in the united states. is it a cause for concern? and thundci n thn ground in libya. we'll have a live report from washington coming up. tht fashio. hot -- hot, hot. i get a lot of ideas just walking around the city, checking people out. it's like a fashion show out there. then, it's all about the deal.
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there are reports this morning that the cia is on the ground in libya as moammar gadhafi's army appears to have the upper hand against rebel forces. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. the u.s. is backing the rebels politically, but the obama administration has not decided exactly how much to help and if that's going to involve the military or whatever. >> reporter: that's right. in fact, brent, the president has said we haven't ruled it out, but we have not yet decided whether or when we'll warm the rebels mainly because lawmakers on capitol hill are saying we don't know a lot about them. they are fragmented groups and
6:44 am
disorganized, not under one central organization. there are questions with some of them about ties to al qaeda and other groups. lawmakers say, look, let's slow down. we can back the rebels and opposition forces but don't need to hand over guns and artillery until we have a better idea of who we are working with. that may be one thing that the cia is doing on the ground. we know they are helping and working with the rebel forces according to reports that came out this morning. they may also be gathering intelligence to feed nato regarding the air strikes intelligence on moammar data gadhafi's military. his torn foreign minister is now defected to london. he will not be given immunity because of his role in the lockerbie bombing. the foreign minister says he left because he's protesting civilian attacks within gadhafi's government. this is a man who had worked with the cia under president bush and now is raising
6:45 am
questions as to whether gadhafi's regime could be falling apart from the inside. live from capitol hill, tracie potts for "today in the bay." reports out of japanese hospitals and shelters are returning turning away hundreds of those leaving from the damage to the nuclear power plants. one man says his 8-year-old daughter was refused for treatment for a skin rash. medical experts are condemning those who turn away evacuees. the fda says americans should not be alarmed after they found radiation in milk samples. investigators took the sample from washington in spokane on march 25th. it is the first time radiation likely from the japanese disaster has been found in the u.s. the radiation levels are 5,000 times lower than the concern set by the fda for infants. uc berkeley scientists found
6:46 am
traces of radiation in milk here in the bay area as well, but kai vetters says radiation is everywhere in the environment. last week trace amounts of radiation were found in rainwater as well, so they are not surprised to find it in milk. >> this is milk from the neighborhood store here, generic milk, and we decided to measure the levels as of last night, and we do see some small amounts of iodine 131 in our milk. >> scientists will keep a close watch on the migration of the radiation from japan. some of the best hospitals in the nation are right here in the bay area. according to a new report in "u.s. news" and "world report." the study ranked university of san francisco in the top nine categories, the top 20 in other categories. usf is top steve in neuro surgery as well as neurology. it is also the eighth best hospital in the country for
6:47 am
treating cancer. in the south bay stanford hospital ranks in the top 20 in seven categories including cancer treatment, psychiatry and ear, nose and throat. other local hospitals making the list include california pacific medical center in san francisco, onmuir medical center in walnut creek, and lucile packard hospital. good morning to you. speaking of mammoth and mammoth amounts of snow, we'll get an update from joni lynch at the top of mammoth mountain. she'll give us a complete ski report in just moments. we have some really warm weather on the way today. even warmer than where we ended up yesterday. i had to open up the windows and doors in my house just to keep it cool. today, the same situation, but we have changes on the way as early as this weekend. a little system of low pressure is moving in to break the big
6:48 am
ridge down heading through the latter portion of tomorrow and really starting to kick it into high gear heading through the weekend providing a little bit of rain in the north bay. and maybe, maybe a little bit of rain in places in the east bay and the northern peninsula. i don't think it will make its way to the south bay, but that's what we are counting on for saturday with two really warm days to get through. until then, 63 degrees right now in san francisco. you don't need that jacket this morning. and you will probably be fanning yourself when you get into the car a little bit later today as temperatures inside your vehicle, even when you park in the shade, tend to be 15 degrees warmer than the surrounding air. 85 in los gatos. we'll talk about the warmest city, santa rosa, 90 degrees today. they hit 85 yesterday. certainly thinking it is doable in napa. 90 should be easy headed throughout the afternoon. you can see 83 for tomorrow. just a little cooler because we'll start out warm once again. and then saturday, that's when the big-time changes arrive.
6:49 am
more cloud cover, maybe a little bit of shower activity saturday night into sunday. if you want to make outdoor plans, it will be warmer and sunnier on sunday. all right. as promised, joni lynch, top of mammoth mountain. wow, look at all the snow. i'm blown away. >> reporter: hi, good morning, christina. on an absolutely beautiful morning here in mammoth, we are also enjoying the springtime light conditions here after a week of snow that trapped or dropped almost 15 feet here at mammoth mountain. today we expect temperatures to be up in the 50s. we are at 30 right now with nice, calm winds. we have a base depth of 17 to 27 feet of snow. that's one of the deepest bases in the entire world. oh, yeah, by the way, that means a very good chance to be open all the way until july 4th like we do up here in mammoth. don't forget, you have time to hop on one of the twice daily flights from the bay area. go to for all the information on mammoth, your current ski report and look at the web cams on this
6:50 am
absolutely beautiful thursday. back to you, christina. wow, it does look gorgeous. you can call me christina any time. good morning to you. just on a side note, if you are waking up doing "the new york times" cross word puzzle, the answer to 30 down, are you ready? brian wilson. >> it is. i just tweeted him. >> i thought he was my man. over to you. what do i have to do, grow a woo beard? or win a world series championship. >> no, you have my heart. we'll check the commute coming up in a bit. and it is time for more giants baseball. the season opener is tonight. i'm marla tellez live at at&t park. coming up, i get a little up close and personal with sergio wrote moe and his beard. what he has to say about shaving after the break.
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6:53 am
welcome back, everybody. we are following a developing story out of pleasanton this morning. a very young boy was found wandering in a walmart parking lot at 3:00 this morning. this is a picture of the little guy. he was found barefoot wearing a t-shirt and a diaper. right now police are just trying to figure out where his parents are. we do have a crew on the way. as soon as we get more information and better details we'll bring it to you. but we are trying to reconnect him with his family. >> sure, he's so cute. look at those big eyes. we'll work on that and follow this story and bring you the latest developments. now we'll check the morning commute with mike. >> i hope we find the parents for the little boy. we also have an incident here we are following with a fire truck at the bottom of the screen going on. kris' christie smith has that covered near the oakland library. avoid the 1700 block of 58th avenue because of the earlier
6:54 am
fire and wires down. we have the downed wires in the city blocking highway 1. our chopper shot shows what's going on there. that's just off of park presidio. you have to reroute to the east or the west. that's causing folks two blocked city streets. we'll get you to the bay bridge toll plaza, there's the intersection. we are looking at the toll plaza, not a parking lot. this is actually a light backup here. it is almost 7:00. the metering lights have been on a half hour. no major problems through this area. we'll take you to the lighter flow of 880 down to hayward where the slowdown starts near the interchange for 92 and then again heading through union city and newark and fremont. that's the start for the slowdown near highway 84. the dumbarton bridge there. 580 has the gradual build, but very gradual. lighter as well here for a thursday. we are looking at a 23-minute drive out of the altamont pass, although materialier fire many the eastbound direction had one lane blocked. all lanes are now clear. and through livermore we are hoping to find the parents of the little boy. >> yes, we are keeping tabs on that, definitely.
6:55 am
opening day is here. the giants will begin defending their world series championship, but do they have to do it against their arch rivals in l.a.? too bad they couldn't do it here. >> marla tellez is live at at&t park. she's there because she talked to the giants before they left. did you know that marla does not fear the beard? >> reporter: i do not fear the beard. we are about ten hours away until game time in l.a. tonight. the season opener should be happening here at at&t, but i'm the only person here. that's the way it goes. yesterday plenty of fans showed up to the check out the final game in the bay the bridge series. it was a 12:45 day game. some lucky enough to snag an autograph with tim lincecum an andre torres.
6:56 am
i snagged an interview with sergio romo. and i couldn't help but ask about the feared beard. when is the last time you shaved? >> 9 1/2 months ago. pushing 10 months. >> reporter: can i? i can grab? are you embarrassed? >> no, it is just kind of weird you tugged on my beard. >> reporter: tell me about it. game time, 5:00 tonight. lincecum is starting for the giants at dodger stadium. pregame and postgame coverage on comcast sportsnet bay area. brent and laura? >> you have to be careful there. >> thanks a lot. so the defense of the game starts tonight. tim lincecum takes the mound nor for the giants. the giants will send clayton
6:57 am
kershaw to the mound. 5:00 is the starting pitch. scott mcgrew has a challenge for us. >> i do. i also have my ipad making big noise here. this is out of "the new york times." give me a name that's both the name of a world series pitcher and -- >> brian wilson. >> can i finish the clue? and the name of someone number one at the billboard charts. >> brian wilson. >> yes. he is 30 down in "the new york times" cross word puzzle. i also would have accepted kenny rogers or dave fisher. that's in "the new york times." brian wilson in the crossword puzzle. >> he wanted to be in it. that was one of his goals. >> i have another one. seven down -- no. let's talk wall street. the dow industrials are barely moving this morning. we have good weekly jobless numbers. the big numbers come tomorrow. that's when we get the labor department's assessment of employment in the united states. take a look at this. the silicon valley ceo is racing
6:58 am
his way across india in a rickshock. he has entered a competition to raise money for unicef. breaking news and more on that missing child coming up in a half hour. [ ryan ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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