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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 27, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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be in court today and he could enter a plea deal. details next. >> reporter: the guessing is over. san francisco is getting a new police chief. he has a long history with the department and it's been a roller coaster ride. i'm christie smith. we'll be talking about that coming up in a live report. >> reporter: and i'm bob redell live out and about, trying to find out what you think about the name change coming to the stadium, formerly soon to be known as the oakland coliseum. that story coming up. and a live look outside at the bay bridge. it's wednesday, april 27th, and this is "today in the bay." good morning to you and thank you for joining us. it's 5:00 on this wednesday morning. i'm marla tellez in for laura. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. brent has the day off as well but christina does not. she joins us with a fantastic forecast. good morning. >> good morning. yeah, i wish i had the day off
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today because it's going to be beautiful outside. i hope you had a chance to get out and enjoy yesterday. if not, today more of the same, even a little warmer. our skies are nice and clear. high pressure has moved in. it's going to warm us up today and tomorrow. tomorrow we'll reach the peak strength of this big ridge. i'll let you know what that means for your temperatures and then the weekend just around the corn are. let's check your drive right now with mike. >> we're looking at the maze and an easy drive right now approaching the bay bridge, as you might imagine. it's 5:01. a lot of folks just getting ready to hit the road. the travel times approaching the area looking really good. the east shore freeway holding up with no major delays. 580 and 880 have a light volume. we'll watch as that changes over the next half hour. a 30-year veteran of the san francisco police department is set to be named chief today. now, he is well liked amongst the rank and file but he has a checkered past with the department.
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christie smith is live in san francisco this morning with more on today's announcement. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. he certainly has a long history with the san francisco police department starting with a patrol cop 30 years ago moving all the way up to the head of field operations. his name is captain greg suhr. he will be chief. he's got a lot of support from the rank and file officers, the police officers association and state attorney general, kamala harris. but his ride is certain low not without some controversy. but first more on his background. suhr is 52 years old, most recently in command of the city's high crime bayview district where homicides have dropped dramatically while he was in charge. he's worked in narcotics. he's a graduate of st. ignatius high school and usf. mayor ed lee saying it's a good choice and we definitely have a leader in him. now back to the other side. when he was deputy chief, the
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"chronicle" reporting he was part of the command staff that was indicted in 2003 for allegedly conspiring to obstruct the investigation into fajita-gate, who can forget that, where off-duty officers allegedly beat up a man for his food, two men. a judge dropped that, though, as baseless. he was also reprimanded by a former chief for not following department rules in reporting a domestic violence incident, though the woman was apparently his friend and said that he had actually saved her life. he's dealing with a number of issues, though. budget cuts, also allegations of improper drug searches, but he's expected to be sworn in this morning at 11:00 a.m. right here at city hall. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> we'll see how he does in his new role now, thank you very much. this morning a man suspected of killing four women decades ago could super a plea today. 77-year-old joseph naso is accused of killing two women in the late '70s, two more in the
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late '90s. all four women had the same first and last names that started with the same letters. the bay area news group reports investigators fanning out across the country to see if naso had anything to do with other cold cases involving missing women. he was arrested at his home in reno earlier this month. attorneys will meet today to talk about a possible retrail in the sanity phase of alexander u shock. he walked into a campus in 2010 armed with ten pipe bombs, a chain saw and a sword. he tried to kill a former teacher, detonated a couple of bombs before he was subdued. jurors were unable to decide if he was sane at the time but the district attorney will now have to decide if he wants a new trial to determine his sanity. livermore police are warning female joggers to be extra careful this morning. since 2007 there have been six reports of a man who approached
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runners from behind and then pulled down their pants before taking off. the attacks happened at different times on various days at patterson pass road and holmes street. in most cases the women were listening to music so were taken off guard by the man. investigators do not have a detailed description of the suspect because of the fact he surprises his victims and then runs away. the driver responsible for a deadly pileup outside a high school is entering a plea deal. lawyers for the 42-year-old say he was in the middle of a manic bipolar episode when you crashed into a row of cars in lafayette back in 2007. he killed a 55-year-old man. prosecutors say he was going between 50 and 70 miles an hour, did not attempt to swerve or stop. he initially pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity but now is pleading no contest. he faces a year in county jail plus two years are probation. it is the only mile-long
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walk in the south bay where you don't need tennis shoes to participate. hundreds of people are expected to strap on high heels today for the annual walk a mile in her shoes event in downtown san jose. women and men will get today at the plaza de cesar chavez to call atoengs sexual assault awareness month. proceeds support the ywca's rape crisis center. and in the state capitol lawmakers will ditch their suits and put on jeans for denim day, another event that calls attention to sexual violence. several lawmakers will participate at the annual rally on the west steps of the capitol building. they're going to be wearing denim to call attention to a court ruling from back in 1999 when the italian supreme court overturned a rape conviction because the victim was wearing tight jeans, which according to the court, made it consensual
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sex rather than rape. 5:06 right now. one of the two men on trial for a triple murder will be under scrutiny when testimony resumes this morning. he confronted the judge yesterday. he was upset on the ruling of the admissibility of part of a taped statement his former girlfriend gave. in it she seems to confirm bay wanted chauncey bailey dead and it was also revealed the co-defendant was found at the scene of another murder. bay and mackey face murder charges in connection with the deaths of bailey and two other men back in 2007. san jose is about to lose dozens of police officers all because of budget cuts. the city says it needs to layoff 100 police officers and demote 20 others to help balance the budget. the officers are part of more
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than 600 city kbhemployees whos jobs are in jeopardy. if the union agrees to a 10% pay cut some of the jobs could be saved. the firefighters union has agreed to a similar pay cut and still stands to lose 20 firefighters. big area for bay area sports. the a's and the raiders are getting a brand new stadium name. bob redell is live near the soon to be named overstock coliseum. >> reporter: colise coliseum. this new name is expected to be approved today. if so, it's a $1.2 million annual commitment from the online retailer, half of it going to the raiders, the other half going to the stadium authority. the oakland alameda county stadium as it's known right now, you could say it's been going through an identity crisis the past several years. used to be network associates,
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then it was the mcafee stadium. we were just driving up 880 and mcafee is still on the highway signs. i'm sure caltran got sick and tired of changing the name. and now it's the oakland alameda county coliseum. the good news is at least we're not -- here's other names of other stadiums. we're not arena in phoenix. bagley field at dowdy-ficklen stadium in south carolina. center in dallas, national car rental center in florida, amway center in oar land owe. can i ask you a quick question. you know the oakland coliseum. they're talking about renaming it to the coliseum. what do you think? >> that's pretty good. >> reporter: it kind of rolls off the tongue. >> yeah, it does. it just makes you think. >> reporter: do you get tired of
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all these stadiums getting all these dot-com names or bizarre names? >> not really if you're used to it. >> reporter: obviously this is something you've been losing sleep over. >> yeah. well, i don't think so. >> reporter: i know. take it easy. thanks for talking with us. you know, the name is going to change because wants to gave their name to >> the stadium. >> reporter: yeah. >> it's kind of got a ring to it. >> at least the giants never change the name of their stadium. oh, wait, yes, they do, all the time. bob, go in and buy that guy his coffee. put it on your corporate card irks yeah, i will. i'll take care of him. >> bob redell from oakland where there apparently are jazz musicians and people buying coffee. 5:10 now.
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>> good morning, christina. >> yeah, he's brave. i wouldn't get between a man and his coffee at 5:10 in the morning. clear conditions out there, grab a jacket on your way out the front door. high pressure is moving in today but we do have a little bit of a change on the way for your thursday. we've got this little area of low pressure just to our north. it is going to sag to the south just enough for us to see a tight pressure gradient and windy conditions as we head through your thursday, especially through the east bay hills and wind-prone areas across the bay. we're looking at 49 right now in san francisco and 45 up in santa rosa. turning over to the upper 60s by noon and then we'll end up in the mid-70s in some cities today. 72 for santa rosa later on. i've got your extended forecast. the numbers are going to climb, especially tomorrow and then this weekend looks phenomenal so stay tuned for that. but right now maybe you've got to get to starbucks to pick up your frappuccino. >> many options on you on 580 and these numbers are going to
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go down as far as the commute goes because the speeds are going to come down as more folks hit the roadway. right now just a 13-minute drive. so the slowdown has cleared out and likely just a number of cars changing the average this early morning. highway 4 and -- we do have construction at summersville. that is the off-ramp so we'll consider the commute pretty clear right now. we have an accident clearing at love ridge as well. here's a live look at the north bay. we see 101 over on the right side of your screen, southbound with the taillights. northbound side moving smoothly as well. a clear view right before you get to lincoln. further south we're looking back to the east bay. it's moving smoothly on the nimitz freeway. further south there's debris southbound 880 at 92 and also reports that maybe it was royal airline linen. royal wedding coming up.
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>> in the road? >> in the roadway, yeah. of course that's what the airport uses as well. but i'm going to hold on that it might be something wedding related. it is 5:12. all eyes on washington this morning where the federal reserve is getting ready to talk interest rates. we'll look at what's coming up in a live report.
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good morning. it's 5:15 now. san francisco is giving people a chance to voice their concerns over the budget. mayor ed lee and supervisor eric mahr will host a district one town hall meeting at 6:30 tonight. they'll answer questions about the city's budget deficit and how to fix things. tonight's meeting will be held at the richmond recreation center and streamed live on s o
5:16 am a south bay school district is holding a public meeting tonight to talk about its budget issues. the san jose unified school district is talking about taking five furlough days next year to help balance the budget. concerned parents, if you'd like to attend, be at hoover middle school for the meeting tonight starting at 7:00. this is the last of three community meetings. 5:16 now. we'll find out today if interest rates are going up, and federal reserve chief will give his first-ever scheduled news conference. today in the bay's nicole lapin is live at cnbc headquarters. this is historic, nicole. >> reporter: this is very historic. we are very excited about this. we'll be watching very closely. futures are flat, slightly higher, as investors don't want to seem to take major positions ahead of that fed decision this afternoon. that comes at 12:30 our time, 9:30 your time. the fed is widely expected to leave interest rates on hold and stick to plans to continue to buy billions in government bonds through june.
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ben bernanke then meeting the press for the very first time at 2:15 our time, 11:15 your time. this is the fist-ever conference. durable goods comes out in 15 minutes. earnings from boeing, earnings from conoco fiphillips. we're still in the thick of earnings season. after the close we look ahead to ebay and starbucks. bank of america is planning to introduce new credit card penalty rates in june. customers who miss payments will be charged up to 29.99%. let's call it 30%. borrowers would only be charged for purchases made after the penalty was imposed. we're hearing you'll get 45 days notice of any rate change. b of a says it's going to review accounts first and a missed payment won't automatically trigger this penalty, but it's big. and burgers, well, they aren't king anymore. starbucks has leaped ahead of
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wendy's and burger king to become the nation's third largest restaurant chain in terms of sales behind mickey d's and subway. one of the keys to starbucks' recent success is this ongoing shift in what you guys know, customers define as healthy food. they have oatmeal and stuff, granola bars and fruit and all that is really helping, not to mention like a $6 latte. >> at 8:18 in the morning your time, your freudian slip is you're thinking of subway and not starbucks? >> reporter: it's lunchtime, my friend. this is what happens when you get to work at 3:00 in the morning. >> nicole, thank you much. people living in marin county could soon be paying more for water. the city's municipal water district board of sdrerkof direl meet to vote on a 4% rate increase. if passed the measure will take effect july 1st.
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the meeting is at san rafael's city hall at 7:30 tonight. it's 5:19. we'll toss over to christina this morning. >> hi, good morning to you. we're looking pretty good today. if you enjoyed yesterday, today more of the same, a little bit warmer. we're going about 3 degrees warmer on average, but that abundant sunshine that we had yesterday, oh, yes, more of the same for today and high pressure is the reason why. it's clearing our skies and keeping things really nice and comfortable but also compressing the particulate matter and the pollen that we have so you do want to keep in mind high pollen count today, even higher tomorrow. low pressure changes things a little bit as we head through thursday. that's going to tighten up the pressure gradient and bring about windy conditions, maybe a few more clouds, but overall more sunshine, more 70s, beautiful days ahead. 70 for you in fremont, 69 up in san rafael and 72 degrees in santa rosa. north bay will be really warm as we head into tomorrow. tomorrow looks like one of the warmest days that we've had in
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months, guys, so finally the warm conditions are back and they're going to hang out for a while. by noon we'll bow in the 60s and 78 by friday. next week even warmer, the 80s. maybe even touching on the 90s in some of the warmer spots across the bay so get ready for the hot stuff. enjoy the mild conditions we have for you this week. back to you, scott and marla. >> good time for ice cream. baskin robbins wants to support firefighters by having a scoop of ice cream for just 31 cents. it's the fifth annual 31-cent scoop night. starts this afternoon at 5:00. the nationwide effort held in support of the national fallen firefighters federation. baskin robbins will make a donation of $100,000. this will not last long. it's only between 5:00 and 10:00. >> i'll take mint chocolate chip, thanks. >> fair enough, i like the cookie dough. san francisco supervisors oppose the city's proposed leash laws, but it doesn't matter. we'll explain next. and we will take a look at
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the situation behind playstation. the hackers have got your personal data coming up. and some folks accuse me of playing with video games with my job but we have a nice easy drive. 24 off of the wall net creek interchange, we've seen some slowing. i've got my eyes on your morning commute. details coming up.
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welcome back. it is 5:23 now. san francisco's board of supervisors has officially opposed a plan to leash dogs in part of the golden gate bridge national recreation area. of course it doesn't make a difference, though. they do not have the final say in the matter, the park service department does. the board hopes opposition will bring the department to the table to talk about the issue. the park service says with so many people in the park, leashes are needed. they will make a final decision
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after the public comment period ends on may 30th. now we'll check your morning commute. mike, how are the roads looking. >> the south bay, 6:30 is when we see the slowdowns really form. right now southbound 17 at 85, you see the little yellow there but no major issues. we shouldn't have a problem. coming down the peninsula or up the peninsula, 1010 -- there was a report of linens in the roadway. i told you about the earlier one 880 at 92 across the bay. chp said they might both be related. the company label on there was royal airline linens and that's simply a company that a lot of the airlines use but i thought it was interesting because we have the royal wedding coming up. that's clearing and let's show you the toll plaza. a nice easy drive off of the east shore freeway and no major problems coming out of the maze. another live look at another bridge, the golden gate bridge
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where we're looking at a smooth drive. no slowing through san rafael all the way across into the city via 101. >> mike, there's a royal wedding coming up? i haven't heard about that. well, state employees may want to check with their bosses to find out if their travel plans are allowed. governor jerry brown signed an executive order yesterday banning all non-essential travel for state workers. this is part of his plan to save $413 million in state operations for the year. all in-state travel must be approved by agency secretaries or department directors and all out of state travel must be approved by the governor's office. well, sony is sending out e-mails this morning warning a staggering 70 million people their personal information may have been exposed to hackers. that is not good pr for sony. scott mcgrew joins us now. scott, what secrets were given away? >> it's not completely clear, marla, not even to sony but it could be names and e-mails,
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possibly credit card numbers. this all comes as sony's playstation network enters its eighth day of outages. sony says it's the victim of a hacker attack. it's knocked games offline but also people who use the sony network to watch movies or listen to music. the company still has not been able to secure this network and will keep it offline until it can. now, sony's service is generally free, so there are fewer credit cards in that system than there are in, say, xbox live network or apple itunes, but it is a good reminder while you can secure your own computer, your personal information is mostly contained outside your own personal sphere on netflix and speaking of paid services, reports say youtube will expand its offering of rental movies. this is a look at the current offerings. youtube has signed a deal with universal, which is part of this tv station's parent company,
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along with sony and warner brothers to put more movies on youtube. more choices for you. >> i didn't know that existed. >> most people don't. >> interesting. learn something new every day. thank you, scott. it is 5:26. a bay area hospital hoping you can identify one of its patients. and then one county says it owes 1300 people thousands of dollars and time is running out for them to collect. >> reporter: and what's in a name? well, apparently no longer oakland coliseum. i'm bob redell. l utfii'nd o what you think about the change in the name of the venue for the a's and raiders. that story coming up.
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>> reporter: new this morning, the waiting is over. san francisco is finally getting a new police chief. he's got 30 years with the department, including some highs and lows. i'm christie smith. we'll have that story coming up. plus, the state is moving forward with plans to ban raves
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at places like the cow palace. pg&e rechecking some of its pipelines after discovering some were not seamless. and a live look at the bay bridge on this very early wednesday morning. it is wednesday, april 27th. this is "today in the bay." well, good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm marla tellez in for brent and laura today. let's get you started with a look at your beautiful forecast. christina. >> good morning to you. yeah, it is going to be gorgeous today, especially this afternoon. it's a little chilly out there right now so grab a jacket. 45 in napa, 45 in novato and 45 degrees in sunnyvale, but we are headed towards the 70s. abundant sunshine today. i'll let you know what tomorrow provides. it looks like some changes are on the way. we'll get into detail about your entire forecast coming up, but let's get you to work right now
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with mike inouye. >> tomorrow, there's always tomorrow. right now we're seeing slowing for highway 4. i have this construction sensor marked out here, this icon, because of the summersville off-ramp. but behind it we do see some averaging slowdowns here. we're looking at the specific sensor as 60 right around l street but we're seeing 50s coming across from the north bay no major issues. but i'll show you where there's some volume building in the east bay. back to you guys. this morning san francisco police reportedly ready to name a new chief known for cracking down on crime in the city's toughest district, but the chief's name is also linked to a few department scandals. christie smith is live in san francisco this morning with a look at the new chief and his rise to the top. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. his name is captain greg suhr and he started as a patrol cop in san francisco about 30 years ago. he's got some highs in his career, including running two of the toughest station houses in the city, but also some lows in
5:32 am
his career, including an indictment for allegedly conspiring to obstruct justice. now, mayor ed lee says suhr was the most popular choice at all the town hall meetings here in the city. rank and file officers like him, they respect him. he's got the backing of the police officers association and state attorney general kamala harris. homicides in the city's high-crime bayview district were cut in half while he was in charge there. he certainly knows the city. he's a graduate of st. ignatius and usf, but it wasn't all roses, certainly. as deputy chief the "chronicle" reports suhr was with the command staff that was indicted for allegedly conspiring to obstruct justice in fajita-gate. that story made headlines for months when off-duty officers allegedly beat up two men for their food. the former chief also demoted him for allegedly not filing a
5:33 am
domestic violence report in a timely manner. as chief he's going to be dealing with a number of big issues, including budget issues to start, but mayor ed lee says he's confident with him, he's vetted, he's a good choice. he thinks he's a good leader. he's expected to be sworn in here this morning at 11:00 a.m. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. 5:33 right now. the city of palo alto says it plans to spend millions of dollars to search for potentially dangerous gas lines. in june, city staffers will ask the city council to sign off on spending $3.8 million to inspect thousands of pipes near homes and businesses. the city says it is concerned about cross bores, which are gas lines that intersect sewer lines. funding for the inspections will come out of the city's gas fund and customer rates won't be affected. pg&e has found 34 miles of pipeline that have been falsely reported as seamless.
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false records are in the middle of the federal investigation of the deadly explosion in san bruno. pg&e records describe the pipeline that exploded as seamless, when it actually had a seam with welds. one of those welds was at the rupture point in the explosion. the 34 miles of pipeline are among 152 miles that will be tested over the next year with high pressure water to uncover weld problems. this morning lawmakers considering a law that would crack down on drug-fueled rave parties statewide. today assemblywoman mah will create the bill. the bill was written after several deaths and hospitalizations at raves last year, including at the cow palace in daly city. almost a year ago, two people died, five others rushed to the hospital after overdosing at that rave. the oakland coliseum is going through another identity crisis.
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bob redell is live near the venue that is about to undergo another name change. bob, what's going on? >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. over the past several years, it started off as network associates coliseum, then went to mcafee coliseum, now it's just the oakland alameda county coliseum. well, at that it's expected to be changed or at least approval given to change the oakland coliseum to the coliseum. so that would be the fourth name change for that venue since 1998. the online retailer apparently agreeing, according to the "bay citizen" to pay $1.2 million a year for that privilege. half of that money going to the oakland raiders, the other half going to the stadium authority. here we are talking about identity crisis. assuming the approval is given today, coliseum could eventually change to the coliseum. that's because the online retailer is actually in the process of trying to change its
5:36 am
own name to so a lot of change here for oakland a's and raiders fans. if you're not a big fan of the coliseum name, at least oakland is not some of these names that are located in other venues throughout the country. let's see, in north carolina, the raleigh entertainment and sports arena. boy, that's not generic. energy solutions center in salt lake. quicken loans arena anin cleveland. how about the ipayone center and the jobing center arena on the outskirts of phoenix. you guys are obviously an a's fan. they're talking about the oakland coliseum, they're changing it to the >> i just heard that this morning. i don't know what's up with that but it ain't going to be the
5:37 am
same. >> reporter: it went from network associates to mcafee and then they'll change overstock to so what would be your favorite or do you care anymore? >> i really just like the a's, i really don't worry about it. i'm more concerned about them leaving than whatever they turn it into, you know. i can't keep up with it. i've been working here for like ten years so every time i turn around and go pick up my check, it's something else. i just go with the floerks man. >> reporter: hey, take it easy. >> you have a good day. >> reporter: enjoy your coffee. there you have it. approval expected sometime today. >> bob, what about the idea that i've purchased plenty of shoes on does that mean that i have some stock in the new coliseum name. >> reporter: i heard something, is that where you buy your shoes? is that what you said? >> they have good deals on there. >> reporter: i go there to get my wife jewelry.
5:38 am
>> see? >> reporter: i'm just kidding! she hasn't seen new jewelry since -- boy, what century are we in. >> all right, let's not talk personal stuff, bob, that's enough. 5:37 right now. a local hospital does need your help to figure out who one of its patients in. this man has been in san francisco general hospital for the past two weeks. he was found on april 11th on richland avenue near san jose avenue. he's in fair condition but unable to tell doctor what his name is. the patient is latino in his 40s with short, black hair, brown eyes. 5'4" tall, weighs about 150 pounds. if this seems familiar, if you know who this is, give the hospital a call there with the number on your screen. it is the closest thing to a giveaway. santa clara county is looking for more than 1300 families and businesses that have not claimed money owed to them. in some cases the money is in
5:39 am
the thousands. this family has $2400 waiting for them. their name was on a list of people and businesses who were owed restitution because they are victims of crime or the county is looking to give money back to them because of overpayments. families on the list have until may 27th to claim their money. after that, the money becomes the county's. 5:39 and let's check in now with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. everyone is going to get paid in sunshine today. we've got a lot of sunshine on the way this afternoon and each day this week we are looking good. 70-degree weather, no rain in the forecast. today mostly sunny and really nice this afternoon. each and every day as we head through this weekend. we are going to climb in temperature just a little bit. a gradual warm-up through thursday. and then by next week, 80-degree weather almost every sipping el day of the week so we could be hopping into the swimming pool in the next couple of weeks here in the bay area. it's a little chilly out there, grab a jacket, but high pressure will warm us up later on today.
5:40 am
by about noon you will be in the 60s. low pressure, though, just to our north will kind of sidle to the south tomorrow along the coastline. what that means for us is windy conditions, maybe a few more clouds but overall it's still going to be nice. 45 in livermore, 43 in gilroy. turning over to the 70s. 71 degrees today in napa and 69 degrees in san rafael. so if you are somebody who works outside, boy, oh boy, are you going to get a treat this week. maybe a little warm. you may have to break out that mister next week. >> it's a smooth drive through this area. slowdowns for 580. i showed you highway 4 already and coming out of the altamont pass, speeds dipping into the 50s westbound, that's your commute direction. heading over to 880, we'll see the volume increasing ot nimitz freeway past the coliseum and maybe a little later on.
5:41 am
bob continues to give those updates and i'll watch the traffic on the nimitz. a live look shows you the san mateo bridge, a smooth drive off 880. getting more congested at the connector, but the connector is open. both directions of 880 over the 92, the camera moving just a bit but the wind not a factor over the san mateo or the dumbarton bridge. back to you. rumors flying the warriors will soon be looking for a new man to lead their team. the details next. >> reporter: from security to party plans to the nervous couple. good morning, i'm tracie potts in london with more on plans for the royal wedding now just two days away.
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welcome back. it's 5:43. in just days, the who's who of british society flocks to westminster abbey for the wedding of the century. but this morning all the king's men got their marching orders at a dress rehearsal that lasted
5:44 am
until tadawn. tracie potts is live in london where troops wrapped up the rehearsal just moments ago. i love your hat, you look adorable. >> reporter: thanks, mar lachlt trying to get in the spirit of things here as are the many campers who are already out on the streets of london. believe it or not, some were in the predawn hours watching that final march through, as you were talking about, with the royal army, the navy, the royal air force. all of them in a full dress rehearsal for the processional on friday. and westminster abbey, where the service is taking place, is now closed to visitors. if you wanted to see it, you had to get your last glimpse yesterday. they're in their final preparations, preparing for what we believe may be a rehearsal today with prince william and/or kate middleton. we're told that they are or will be in town at some point today for their final preparations, although there will be separating between now and the wedding. he will be in his official residence in london, she will be
5:45 am
in her family both in berkshire and at a hotel here in london where they will stay with the wedding party until the service. here at buckingham palace, lots of preparations. they're sprucing up the gardens, lots of visitors this morning. this is where the processional will end after the service. this is where we'll see a reception hosted by the queen for 600 people and this is where william and kate at 300 of their closest friends are expected to celebrate all night long on friday. marla. >> tracie potts live in london this morning. thank you. so at 5:45, you're asking yourself where do you get a hat? well, mrs. dusen's hats are selling fancy hats for all of the watch parties. the most popular is called harold and hart, that is a brand out of england. they're the topper. >> mrs. dusen says it's hatitude. you have to carry the hat, don't let the hat carry you. >> san francisco's palace hotel
5:46 am
can't pass on the royal event as well. guests will be able to relive the magic at a royal viewing party at breakfast on friday and then they'll serve special drinks and food any brit would love. royal fans who do not want to get out early can enjoy the festivities from their own home with their own hat. the "today" show will have specials royal wedding coverage that starts at 1:00 in the morning friday morning. we'll have local news cut-ins starting at 4:00, a full hour of local news starting at 6:00. on to other news now, a democratic congressman from chicago is in the bay area this morning calling for immigration reform. u.s. representative luis gutierrez will speak in san francisco, napa and oakland today asking people to back what many are calling the bill of dreams. it's an effort tone courage the obama administration to cut down on a record high number of deportations and prevent the deportation of undocumented high school graduates who are brought to the u.s. by their parents.
5:47 am
gutierrez was in redwood city last night and will fly to southern california today. this morning palo alto police and fire departments will come together to bring in donors for a bone marrow drive. officers hope to add 100 people to the national donor registry at today's event. now, this goes from 10:00 in the morning until 3:00 this afternoon in front of palo alto city hall. here's the thing, this does not hurt in any way, shape or form. you don't have to give blood or do anything. they just take a cheek swab. this morning amtrak is stepping up security on trains in the east bay. police officers and city leaders will ride an amtrak train today at 10:00. they're going to be looking for pedestrians trespassing on tracks and cars illegally driving through rail crossings. amtrak also recently announced it will recruit amtrak riders to keep an eye out for suspicious activity as part of a new program called partners for
5:48 am
amtrak safety and security. let's check in with christina this morning. a fabulous week ahead. >> a fabulous week ahead. if you don't get a chance to get outside yesterday when it was gorgeous, we'll have more of the same for you today. mostly clear conditions already, it's kind of a cool start, so grab that jacket on the way out the front door. the winds have subsided substantially since yesterday so you don't have to worry about the windchill factor. mostly sunny and nice for today. our temperatures will climb to the mid-70s. by this weekend, warm, dry weather, barbecue weather on tap for us. clear conditions this morning. high pressure has cleared our skies. tomorrow we might see a few more clouds come through, we do have a system just to our north. overall we're looking at a beautiful day for your thursday. 55 in hayward, 45 in sunnyvale and 51 in oakland so you may not need a jacket in places like oakland this morning. 49 in san francisco. as we head through lunch, 64 degrees in san jose. 63 degrees in sunnyvale and 60 in santa cruz. give your ac a break today,
5:49 am
maybe save on gas that way. temps will be in the 70s. 70 for san jose, 72 in gilroy and 72 in fairfield. take a look at what the week holds for us. 78 degrees by friday. and then next week temperatures are going to hover around that 80-degree mark each and every day of the week so, hey, i know i'm celebrating. i broke out my best pair of sunglasses from the gas station. how are you enjoying this weather, scott? >> i will have my blue blockers, thank you very much. the warriors may soon be looking for a new head coach. keith smart may be let go today. he was only guaranteed one year on his contract and the team gets to choose if they want a second year out of him. he led golden state to a losing record but he did win ten more games than the season before. the sharks will be getting geared up for the second round of playoffs. they now know who they're going to play, the detroit red wings. this is the second year in a row
5:50 am
the sharks and the wings will meet in the playoffs. last year, of course, the sharks won in five games. here's hoping they do it again. the nhl will tell us when the first game will be later today. >> lots of anxious fans. 5:50 now. lindsay lohan makes a surprise appearance on leno. a look at what she had to say, assuming you care, coming up. and we will continue our coverage of the playstation disaster. more than 70 million people may have had their personal information released to hackers. we'll take a look coming up in tech today. and everyone cares about this commute. southbound 101 out of the north bay, the volume is starting to build up. you don't see the slowing heading toward the bridge but i'll let you know the travel times here as r at the rest of your commute coming up.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
bart riders may finally get the late-night service they have been asking for. bart ran around the clock service for a month when the bay bridge closed for construction and emergency repairs back in 2009 and now it may revive that service or at least have late-night service for a sixth month trial beginning this fall. under the proposal, trains that leave end of the line stations at midnight would depart an hour later on friday nights. saturday service would begin an hour later at 7:00 in the morning. that is important to bart riders, is that right, mike? >> very important to bart riders as well as concert goers. i remember summer concerts, our friends had to leave early if they wanted to take bart because that last train would leave a little earlier than the concert finished. antioch, we have a lot of slowing heading out.
5:54 am
24 registering at the l street sensor. 24 starting to show a little blip here and there but no major issues heading toward the toll plaza. the east shore freeway, very light volume. at the bay bridge you see the volume building up over the last five minutes. we've seen a lot more headlights coming off of the east shore freeway. those metering lights turned on over the last half hour. another live look shows you the golden gate bridge and a smooth drive coming out of the north bay. there's some reports of debris. travel times not showing any major slowing past 580 or the rest of the north bay into the city and the south bay holding up really well. we should see early slowing in about half an hour. this morning the taliban is claiming responsibility for a shooting at the kabul airport in afghanistan. military leaders say a veteran afghan military pilot opened fire on nato forces at the airport after an argument. the gunman as well as at least six nato troops were killed during this morning's shooting.
5:55 am
it's unclear what country the nato troops are from, but the united states has the largest contingent of troops in the country by far. actress lindsay lohan got candid on jay leno last night. in a surprise appearance, she told "the tonight show" host she is trying to make a fresh start. >> i think that when, you know, being young and being in a position that i was in, you don't really take the time to appreciate what you've -- you know, what you have and it all is kind of a whirlwind and people make decisions for you. but i'm not a kid anymore, i'm 24. i've made a lot of mistakes and i recognize that. but i'm in the clear now and i feel like as long as i stay focused, then i will be able to achieve what i want to achieve. >> i'll keep my opinion to myself on this one. you can see lohan's full interview with leno on it looks like facebook is taking over the social network as an old friend closes its doors. scott, what's going on? >> after nine years, marla, the
5:56 am
first ever really popular social network friendster is more or less shutting down. last week friendster sent e-mails to users telling them to export everything on the site because they're going to erase everything may 31st. it's discontinuing the social network services. it will still be online as friendster. it's going to be relaunch eas an entertainment site with games and music. if you own a playstation, your personal information may be in jeopardy. sony says it's online playstation network has indeed been hacked and there is a chance that hacker has gotten access to personal information belonging to 77 million gamers worldwide. not just names and e-mail addresses, there may be the chance that there are credit cards as well. watchdog groups say this could be the largest data breach in history. >> it's not just the epsilon
5:57 am
breach with name or e-mail address for spamming or phishing e-mails. but this could include names, address, billing information. >> sony has temporarily turned off the network and hired a security firm to investigate and strengthen the infrastructure of the playstation network, but of course all of this happening up on the peninsula. we are home to the sony playstation network. >> right up the street. thanks, scott. 5:57. an important warning this morning for joggers in one bay area city. and accused serial killer joseph naso in court today where he could enter a plea. details are next. you're looking at live pictures of the bay bridge as the sun comes up. we'll be bact's i never wear the same thing twice. not together, anyway. i'm in t.j.maxx every week. i used to think it was old school, but it's not. i get this season's designer clothes
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