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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  June 20, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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throughout the interstates and highways today with several 100-plus-degree temperatures. last time it was this hot was september 28th. also september 29th when we had widespread triple digits in the east bay. the average high for june is in the 80s. we had 100 degrees in each of the areas in the north bay, east bay, south bay and the peninsula. petaluma at 101. the sun is setting and the winds shifting a little bit. we are seeing numbers drop. the region a hot high pressure staying offshore. it will present air quality concerns. we are not under a spare the air day today but we are looking at poor air quality for tuesday's forecast with more hot temperatures. more about that and flooding concerns in the sere are a later
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in the show. >> we have a shark sighting at stin son beach. swimmers can only go knee deep after a great white shark appeared over the weekend. a helicopter spotted an eight to ten-foot great white 250 yards off the northern part of the beach. life guards cleared the water. now warning signs are posted. swimmers can only wade up to their knees until thursday. it is part of an area scientists call the red triangle because of the large number of great white sharks spotted there. l.a.p. may not have the right man but he's still behind bars. the prime suspect in the brian showe beating case is going back to prison for a parole violation. giovanni ramirez is suspected in the case. >> reporter: lapd investigators said nothing as they emerged after the parole hearing but they got what they wanted --
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more time. their suspect is still uncharged for the dodgers stadium beating but was found in violation of parole which means he'll stay in custody, some nine more months if the commissioner's ruling is upheld, time to work the case. >> definitely the lapd has no pressure to file anything with the d.a.'s office. ramirez is unfortunately not a free man standing next to me. >> rom ericero is one of the attorneys representing ramirez. technically this parole hearing had nothing to do with the beating, focusing on the day police arrested him at the east hood apartment where ramirez stayed with friends and police found a gun. authorities couldn't prove it was ramirez's gun but said he had access to it because he spent enough time there for it to be considered his residence. the decision, return ramirez to
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prison for ten months, minus a month credit for time served. >> there is an appeals process. the fight isn't over. >> reporter: attorneys have been fighting the parole violation and asserting ramirez could not have been the stadium attacker because his head wasn't shaived at the time and because family and friends will testify he didn't go to the game. >> the defense is not changing the game plan. we are out there in the streets every day, coming up with new leads, new witnesses and different forms of evidence to exonerate him. >> the police department's investigation is continuing. >> reporter: andrew smith announced case detectives are reaching out to the public to respond to a new e-mail account, bryan stow attempt murder at
6:04 pm >> this is for information directly to detectives. >> that was patrick healy reporting. detectives want more evidence in the case. just because they haven't filed after three months doesn't mean they won't. in another high profile case, the death of moiichael jackson, the d.a. waited eight months to file charges against the doctor. keeping prisoners on death row is more expensive than keeping them behind bars for life. that's the finding of a judge and law school professor. they say it costs up to twice as much as life without parole and the death row prisoners cost $184 million more a year than those sentenced to life in prison without parole. state senator lony hancock agrees and is taking action. she says she'll introduce a bill to abolish california's death penalty and convert those
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already sentenced to life in prison without parole. if you plan to hail a cab in san francisco tomorrow, plan on other plans. a city-wide taxi strike is planned for tomorrow. cabbies intended to protest credit card fees and increases. there will be 50% off tomorrow for uber services. they can hail limos and town cars for the same rates as a taxi. cal trans is slamming the brakes on all work following the death of another worker today. the purpose of the shut-down is to emphasize employee safety and use the 700 digital road signs to remind drivers to be cautious in construction zones. a 52-year-old worker is the third in weeks. he was hit by a car while picking up freeway trash in san diego.
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call trans's work will resume tomorrow. and no amount of alcohol may be safe for driving. researchers want the legal blood alcohol limit lowered in the united states. researchers looked at 1.5 million fatal accidents in the country between 1994 and 2008. they found accidents are 36% more likely to cause death or severe injury, even when alcohol was barely detectable in the driver's blood. severity of injuries increased with blood alcohol level. they hope legislators will be convinced to lower the blood alcohol limit which is curren y ly point 08 spv. >> nbc's bay area and tech reporter shows us no jobs were lost but a lot of help was gained. >> one, two, three. [ applause ] >> reporter: it was like opening a big present. complete with wrapping paper and
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a bow. for now, the $9 million, 75,000 square foot building is empty, but soon it will be filled with food, a gift from silicon valley chip maker cypress semiconductor to the second harvest food bank. >> when you work like i do, early to late, you don't have time to help somebody out even when you want to. they give food knowing it will score. it will do what it's supposed to do. >> reporter: the facility replaces people with produce. cypress employees willing to move into tighter quarters so thousands of south of the borbas can get the food they need. >> this gift almost doubles our square footage. we have 8300 now. this is a 75,000 square foot building. it's spectacular in terms of
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what we can do for the community. >> we always try to serve three kinds of fresh produce. we serve steamed vegetables, green salad and fresh fruit salad. this will make sure all year around we have plentiful resources for fresh produce. >> reporter: despite our tech success, one of every tensile con valley residents needs help when it comes to food. now some of the success is going to help many of those people. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> very helpful. the new second harvest building will open later this year. cypress employees agreed to move into one of the company's remaining three buildings. a dozen helicopters, 74 ground taems and six search dogs are scouring the area around yosemite falls looking for a lost camper. 30-year-old george pensa was last seen friday night at the
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top of the falls. the southern california resident was hiking with 20 people from his church group. the group broke up for the hike on the way down and didn't realize pensa was missing until 9:00 friday evening. the weather has been mild and there hasn't been rain or snow since he disappeared. >> still aed head at 6:00, the most popular geek around. why retail giant best buy may be headed to court. >> and the trash tally. which businesses are being blamed for trash that ends up in the bay? >> and the faces of history taking shape. ground-breaking today for one of the largest monuments on the west coast. >> and our air quality is starting to decrease dramatically. the visibility dropping across the bay. we'll talk about our spare the air bay for to.rrowmotorrow.
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also this and how
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long it will be sticking around
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coming up in the forecast. oakland city leaders broke ground on a new massive monument site today. here now is nbc bay area's joe rosato, jr., who shows us the artist and his inspiration. >> reporter: there was once a time when historic deeds and people were immortalized in bronze. >> what you're looking at is the makings of oscar schindler. >> reporter: now in an east bay foundry. oakland artist's view is taking shape. >> this is the martin luther king march on selma. you really can't tell the yet because the heads are missing. >> reporter: the faces of 25 historic figures peer out from a mountain of bronze. >> in this area here is where
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frederick douglas's head will be. it's a big head. what it's about is remembering people who did extraordinary things under difficult circumstances. >> reporter: when it's done the sul temperature will weigh 60,000 pounds. the idea came to him 3,552 days ago, the day of the 9/11 attacks. >> i remember when 9/11 happened. that very moment i said, why would anyone do something like this? what am i doing to contribute or not? >> reporter: his contribution is a memorial that will live in a park next to oakland's fox theater in the emerging uptown district. today the city broke ground on the project. >> this will contribute to show that oakland is more than what people hear all the time. oakland is a place to be
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recognized. >> reporter: among the figures, martin luther king, franklin d. roosevelt, mother theresa, poet maya angelou, chief joseph and harvey milk. >> at issue here are some of them made mistakes. some of them didn't do in the early years what they ultimately did. >> this is helen keller. ecebf o for my journey. >> reporter: he hopes the figures will inspire others when they are unveiled in september and serve as a monument to the past in a city trying to shape its future. joe rosata, jr., nbc bay area news. >> a fast lifestyle leads to faster trash build-nup the b-- build-up in the bay. convenience stores are a major source of trash that ends up in
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the bay. 19% of street trash was branded by mcdonald's, burger king, starbucks and 7-11. some areas have spent millions to catch trash and reduce the amount of build-up in the bay. cities are under pressure to end trash pollution to the baby 2022. one of america's safest large cities is in the midst of a deadly year. san jose police says the problem comes from gangs forced out of other cities ending up in the bay area. here's more. >> reporter: the police department says it's too early to pinpoint the cause of what the spike in gang violence is. they say they don't think it is the outside forces coming in, as we may suspect because other big cities have gotten federal funding to crack down on gangs. the sergeant in charge says we would see more of the homicides of people from out of the city. instead the 14 homicide victims
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have been from the city proper. one part of the problem is a shrinking police force, but there is more to the story. william diaz is raising his 5-year-old daughter on his own in san jose and for the most part feels safe. >> wherever i take my daughter and things i do with my family today, we don't see that. we don't see purse snatching. we don't even see people fighting. >> reporter: san jose police are investigating 14 gang killings, more than half the city's total homicides this year and more than twice the number of gang killings last year. >> some people say it's the economy. the gang members can become more violent. some people feel it has to do with restructuring. the reality is we have to wait and see. >> reporter: the san jose police chief the dedicated to ending the uptick in gang violence, 20 fewer than available last september. however, enforcement is one part of the shrinking puzzle.
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another part is intervention which is why diaz is a parent, and a former gang member instead of a current or dead one after doing two and a half years for stabbing a man in a bar he turned his life around, got support and skills and lost his gang tattoos. >> i had gang tattoos on my forearms, leg, chest, neck. i got them all lasered off. >> reporter: the program tries to catch kids before gangs do and it had 32 staff members before 16 got pink slips and eight demoted. now there are only two youth outreach specialists. >> without the supervision and activities, the involvement with the city of san jose to have anything to offer the kids will take a big toll. >> reporter: both diaz and sergeant dwyer echo the call to parents to get involve in children as young as 6.
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after 6 they start looking up to the older kids. if the older kids are involved there is a chance they may get pulled in. the san jose police department is getting creative with funding trying to secure a grant to crack down on gangs that help the cause in l.a. and fresno. >> thank you. of they are going green and it should help people who are unemployed. beginning next month state's payments. explaining how benefit transfer mone works. 5z check cashing fees. also giving the unemployed faster action to money and more options. the cards can be used anywhere a visa debit card is accepted. >> hopefully you got to wear
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shorts and flip-flops today. the weather was ready for it. >> oh, yes. across the bay area we have had triple digit readings i asked if anyone did anything to cool off from the heat on facebook today. john said, yes, keeping the freezer door open with my head in it. funny, but not something we recommend. steef hall in south san jose reporting 98.2 degrees. he put his thermometer in the sun for a reading of 138. another reminder that the cars can really heat up. if you leave your dog in the car it can turn deadly. humidity is low. winds westerly at 22 miles per hour. we are seeing hot weather we had today slowly backing off. tod of the hottest readings at 101. 98 the high in livermore.
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88 in san francisco.q÷ f7hot re didn't see widespread records close because this is about 15 degrees above average. it's been so long since we have been this hot. 80 in san francisco. those are some of the cooler numbers. close to triple digits throughout. dublin and alamo in the east bay. staying mild tonight with high pressure offshore. not much cloud cover. it will be a night where if you have the windows open it will be warm. high pressure stays offshore keeping temperatures in the 90s for the next 48 hours at least. tomorrow morning starting off close to 70 degrees in tomorrow morning starting off close to 70 degrees in livermore.+k looking at the mid to upper 90s for the east bay. by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow more mid 90s for the east bay. another scorcher tuesday. more coming up on this spare the
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air day and the poor air quality on the sierra snow melt later in the show. the%+rection pac ele birds but with the migratory species which spend their lives flying birds but with the migratory species which spend their lives corridor. >> still ahead at 6:00, lost at sea. the discovery aa bay area beach that led a man on a unique mission. >> mission. >> contact somethry 3
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contact3gjy>act governor. we're back in brownn%@v authorities say a man who's made repeated attempts to contact governor jerry brown is eye. charges assaulting an fefce fhepfc wre ç and fire stu«ras gunb at heh⌞t fhepfce office. was punched iá
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we'll spares we'll move on right now. >> more carmakers are rolling out new models missing an important feature -- spare tires, if you can believe it. automakers are r the spares ë so regulators since they are not essential safety feature. >> still ahead, important new research on food allergies and kids leading to a new concern. >> also, fire ripping through a south bay apartment complex. >>b2jpvfy se /s( investors
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women against walmart. the supreme court is halting the biggest sex discrimination lawsuit in the country. female employees claimed walmart stores discriminated against them, but today the high court said they cannot move forward as a class action lawsuit. this is a victory for walmart which is the biggest retailer in the world. the lawsuit was initiated by two bay area women. here's nbc's vicky wynn. >> reporter: the supreme court blocked a class action lawsuit against the biggest retailer saying it was too big with too many questions from discrimination to back pay making it unmanageable. today walmart praised the decision. the suit could have affected millions of women. in what was a 5-4 part of the decision, the court ruled plaintiffs hadn't proved a common tie for all women at walmart. the company left many decisions
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to individual managers, so for the majority, justice scalia wrote it is unlikely that all managers would exercise discretion in a common way. >> it means businesses are less susceptible to very large multi-million or billion dollar lawsuits. >> reporter: the plaintiffs have vowed to continue their fight, as individuals or in different size classes. >> we're going to have to splinter and regroup ourselves. where we had one major class action, now we are going to have many, many womens is going to come forth. >> reporter: the lawsuit is smaller, but the implications of the supreme court decision, huge. >> there is a hot environmental
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issue. the supreme court today ruling on a federal lawsuit backed by states and conservation groups seeking to cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. in court said the authority to seek those reductions rests with the environmental protection agency. the epa plans to issue new regulations by next year to reduce power plant emissions of carbon dioxide. as we have been telling you california doesn't have a budget and so far lawmakers don't have a paycheck. one top lawmaker is saying questions about whether lawmakers would get paid following the governor's veto are raising concerns about the constitutional balance of power. >> i have not spoken with the governor since thursday morning. >> reporter: that comment says progress on the budget still hasn't been made. no progress as today darren steinberg tried to downplay questions about whether he an other lawmakers should continue to be paid though a state budget still hasn't been approved. remember, california voters
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passed prop 25 requiring lawmakers pass a budget on time or forfeit pay for every day it's late. the state controller's office said a decision could be made as early as tomorrow whether or not to begin withholding pay. republican lawmakers see no problem with that. >> because i lose a paycheck or two i'm not going to do what i know will be harmful for the people of california. >> reporter: steinbrook said if the controller can suspend pay for a budget the governor can veto that sets a dangerous precedent of giving the governor more power than the lawmakers themselves. >> if it is an intent to tip the balance then it is a conflict of interest like california has never seen. >> reporter: chung's office said he's working with legislative budget staff now to determine if lawmakers did fulfill their prop 25 requirement by sending a balanced budget on time to the governor, though he vetoed it.
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>> it's a fascinating debate. what's in a name now, especially if you call a geek. >> our business tech reporter scott budman likes the term geek but says now it's the subject of a possible lawsuit. >> it used to be a knock but especially around here now it's a badge of honor. best buy, owners of the geek squad who help fix your gadgets is threatening legal action over the term "geek" in advertisements. best buy says it's cool for chess clubs to call themselves geek squads but it feels the need to protect the trademark. stay tuned. another major video game maker is hacked. this time it's sega which admits 1.3 million users may have had their data exposed. they have taken the database off line and is warning users in they use the same pass words for other websites, check them. it's not just a dot com
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world anymore. the group that assigns internet suffixes says starting next year, you and companies will be able to create your own domain name but it won't be cheap. $185,000 to get one. $25,000 a year to keep it. a busy day for silicon valley. tech stocks held their own and the market started the week strong. oracle, pandora and yahoo all made you money. a tough week for research in motion, nokia and apple. >> police need your help identifying a kidnap victim with amnesia. the woman was dumped from a car near levi's plaza sunday night. a security guard saw the incident and called police. the woman said she was kidnapped from monroe, louisiana. the plate on the 2007 black ford fusion is ppj393. the car was driven by a white male in his 40s or 50s.
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anyone with information should call the san francisco police department. dozens of south bay families aren't coming home for dinner tonight. they lost their homes. the blaze happened in sunnyvale. here's more. >> we were all falling asleep. they started knocking on the door saying there was an apartment on fire. we went out of there. >> reporter: isaac's monday morning began before he could say good-bye to sunday. at 1:50 this morning the three-alarm fire forced everyone out of the apartments near fair oaks avenue. >> the fire was so hot we had to fight it from the outside initially. we had to knock it down before we could try to go inside and fight the fire. >> reporter: four of the 20 units were engulfed in flames when they arrived on scene. the fire was contained by 4:30. the charred aftermath,
6:35 pm
heartbreaking for apartment manager gina gonzales. >> i have 47 to 53 people homeless with nowhere to go. >> reporter: those people, many parents with young children, are getting help from the red cross. some may be unsure where they will sleep tonight. isaac is one of the lucky ones. he was told he can return home. >> it will be a long day but we have to do what we have to do. >> thankfully injuries were limited. only one person was taken to the hospital with burn injuries. >> nerves are frayed for people in the path of a wildfire in arizona. thousands were evacuated over the weekend. they have no idea what the fires are doing to their homes. we get the latest from nbc's chris clackham. >> reporter: winds subsided monday in arizona's devastating wildfires, but not the emotions of victims caught in the middle.
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>> i just want to know if my house burned down. i thought maybe they would know. >> reporter: 12,000 people evacuated from just the area around sierra vista in southeastern arizona could only watch and wonder. the so-calleded monument fire here is only 27% contained. >> what do you need from your house? >> when did i leave it? >> no, what do you need? >> i need money and some clothes. >> reporter: residents wanting to return were turned back by law enforcement. fuel for the fires is this dried up brush, easily combustible in arizona's triple digit heat that left hundreds of square files scorched. firefighters are optimistic that they are getting the upper hand. >> we are looking at getting a handle on this today. we are looking at a lower
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temperature, higher humidities today which is very good. >> reporter: especially good for evacuees like barbara reeves. >> i'm clinging to hope that my house is okay, that my neighbors' houses, the whole neighborhood is okay. >> reporter: the calmer weather was more conducive to aerial assaults on the fire monday. there are other fires in drought-stricken areas like near houston, one of 20 that have flared up in texas where residents are praying for the same as those in arizona. >> rain. >> reporter: some rain. nbc news. >> food allergies affect a lot more kids in the united states than most people realize. a privatery funded study by the food allergy initiative found about 1 in 13 kids in the u.s. has food allergies. that's double the latest government estimate. peanuts and milk were the most common problems. researchers found 40% of kids
6:38 pm
with food allergies have severe reactions. they hope the findings will erase misconceptions that food allergies aren't dangerous. >> the fda will unveil warning labels which will appear on cigarette packaging and advertising by september 2012, part of a broader initiative to preve prevent. they make it clear smoking can kill you. 30% of all cancer deaths in the united states are linked to tobacco. >> still a mahead at 6:00 one o the best kept secrets. the elkhorn slew is facing an uncertain future. doug mcconnell shows why the strategy and how to save it. >> reporter: plus, the discovery made on the bay that has one man
6:39 pm
on a mission. >> and summer just one day away and the extreme bay area weather continues. today near record-setting highs. oakland at 89. now it's still warm to hot in t. we'll have details in the latest heat and how long it lasts in my
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seven-day forecast coming up. . okay. check this out. what kind of mom lets her kids play in the middle of the street? how about a mama bear? the mom of the two cubs didn't interrupt her babies and neither did anyone else. some lucky visitors at yosemite had the cameras handy when these two wrestling bear cubs stopped traffic. park rangers call it a bear jam. as you saw, mama wasn't too far away. just right there behind a tree. so no one got out of the bus, no one got out of the car for a closer look at the babies. >> kids, you can't play on the
6:42 pm
street. >> they can if they want to. >> before the gold rush, california's marshes and wetlands were vast and sustained a huge wildlife population. almost all of california's historic marshland and the plants and animals they nurtured were lost for ago culture and housing. >> fortunately a few have been saved. one of the most important and least well known is along the coast between santa cruz and monterey. >> doug mcconnell explains how the elkhorn slew is teeming with life and fighting for survival. >> you will see more animals than you can believe. [ seals barking ] >> if you want to get your finger on the pulse of the natural world here's a place close to home that you can do that. >> reporter: there's busy highway 1, people racing between
6:43 pm
santa cruz and monterrey. just beyond that busy road is the elkhorn slew, hiding in plain sight. one of the natural wonders of california being careded for by some extraordinary people. everywhere you look the elkhorn slew is brimming with life. >> nice crowd of seals over there. >> reporter: it's also facing a grave danger to its very existence. >> these tidal marshes are the engine that fuels a lot of the complex food webs in this estuary. >> reporter: these marshlands between san francisco and mexico nurture all forms of life that thrive in elkhorn slew, but in recent decades the marshes have been washing away. >> here we have intact, healthy salt marsh. in other parts of the slew, hundreds of acres have died back. >> reporter: when moss landing harbor was created to support a fishing fleet in the 1940s the mouth of elkhorn slew was
6:44 pm
openeded to the full force of the ocean. high tides began rushing in and out of the slew, flooding and eroding marshlands and carrying mud out to sea. the dying marshes needed to be saved. soon -- >> one of the solutions we have implemented was to bring to a more natural state that movement of hydraulic tidal water. >> reporter: after years of careful plans the protectors of elkhorn slew this year installed an underwater retaining wall called a sill at a critical location in hopes of slowing down the destructive tides. it was a huge project conducted delicately in a sensitive habitat. so far, it seems to be working. >> what that does is acts like a speed butch, slowing down the water, holding it back a little bit, enough to make a difference in the rest of theest chair. >> reporter: you're happy with the results? >> we're thrilled.
6:45 pm
>> the sill was a significant step toward the long-term health and future of elkhorn slew. >> reporter: the steps taken and less sons learned this year in this place may be applied elsewhere so all the marshes can be sustained here to nurture all of the residents and all of us who come to visit for generations to come. >> one of my goals was to leave it in better shape than i found it. we are moving down that path. it will be getting better. >> reporter: doug mcconnell, nbc bay area news. >> the shots are just beautiful. >> we are fortunate to have doug mcconnell with us, taking us outside to see these beautiful places. >> jeff ranieri with us now. >> the air quality will be suffering for the next couple of days. we have a live look at the golden gate bridge and the haze is building. we have details on how hot it will be tomorrow coming up. >> i'm scott reese in the comcast newsroom. coming up, cal tries to keep the
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6:47 pm
national championship dream alive while the giants look for signs of life from the struggling offense. the details just ahead. i felt like it was never going to happen. like it was never going to get hot and all of the sudden, wham, it's super hot. >> it slams you in the face. were you ready for the heat? >> i was expecting it. i knew not to expect it, expect it. because it will be hot.
6:48 pm
>> he she's always ready, jeff. >> definitely. sometimes it gets here and it's a little bit too hot. we'll enjoy it the next couple of days. it's been so long since it's been this hot. we have haze out toward the golden gate bridge and the poor air quality will continue to deteriorate into tuesday as well. we'll get into that. let's look at the hot temperatures today. 101 in the valley. 96 in san jose. 98 in livermore. temperatures in the 80s to mid 90s throughout the peninsula. there were several triple digit readings besides those numbers we showed you earlier in the show. it is starting to drop with the westerly on-shore wind. still very hot livermore to san jose. with the hot weather staying into tomorrow remember to take breaks. drink plenty of water. this can be dangerous heat look at tuesday's forecast. spare the air day in effect. we will see the fog pattern
6:49 pm
returning. it doesn't look like a prolonged heat wave for the bay area. it will still be hot the next 48 hours. we want to bring you the latest on the record-setting sierra snow. the melt expected to continue until june 27. you are headed . justñ extra caution. we'll keep it 90s and a few more triple digits for tuesday. throughout wednesday it will stay generally warm throughout the inland locations. with the heat coming back we have a spare the air alert in effect for tuesday with poor air quality with the worst corresponding with the red into the east bay communities where the ozone is expected to be at 101. for tomorrow, we start with 64 degrees at 7:00 a.m.
6:50 pm
by 10:00 a.m. a quick jump with numbers expected in the mid 70s. into tonight, 69 in san jose. for tomorrow, 100 in pleasantton. 97 in santa teresa. 97 in loss gatos and for the peninsula, 89 in san mateo. 85 in san francisco. if you are in the sun tomorrow it will feel like 90s for most of the viewing area. 101 in pittsburgh. 95 in napa. 97 in santa rosa.moderate.j tim channel on cable. >>xñk hot tuesday,a b"$uyes. nbc by friday, saturday and sunday. things start to moderate. but the hottest since september >> amazing. /q in scottáb
6:51 pm
newsroom. half cal lost to virginia 4-1 on sunday. the game actually scoreless through six but the cavs scored two in the seventh and two more in the weightth. now the bears must claw their way through the victory bracket. >> i would like not to be in this situation. it would be better. it helps us keep fighting. if we lose we go home and we were able to keep battling like we have been all year. >> i like our chances going forward. i wouldn't want to play us if i was on the other team. we're going to come out and battle. we'll put the game behind us, see what happens. >> the giants return home this week, still in first place.
6:52 pm
72 games into the season. that's the good news. the not so good news, they are second to last in the bigs in runs scored and the natives are getting restless. is it time to make a move? >> brian and i talked about this. it's not that easy. we think a lot of these guys. but it's going to have to pick up. we know it. it's been going like this for a while. sure, you're banged up with injuries but we are better than this. >> we have to figure out ways to score. we have to start working counts better, put pressure on. >> we're just three days away from the nba draft. the warriors not only strategizing, they are fending off trade rumors, mostly with regard to ellis. the gm says he likely isn't
6:53 pm
going anywhere. also that with the 11th pick in the draft they will choose talent over need. >> you draft the best player you can get. if it's close however look at need and say, hey, it's close enough. we'll go for something that absolutely fills the need. that's the way we have been at least looking at it for right now. >> wimbledon under way across the pond. rafael nadal taking on american michael russell. this is match point. nadal in the near court. russell, tape on the return. nadal takes it in straight sets. 6-4. five-time champ venus williams. match point here. venus in the far court. straight sets, 6-3, 6-1. wimbledon coverage on nbc bay area begins saturday at 10:00 a.m. more from the comcast sports net
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newsroom at 11:00. >> scott, well said. >> something like that. i practiced 40 times. >> i'm sure. we'll flex our muscle for alul l half hour of sports coverage watch central tonight at
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finally tonight did you lose your camera a few years ago? >> i didn't. but somebody else did. >> we may have found it. a bay area man hopes you will recognize these pictures. they are from a digital camera that's been lost at sea for four years. the photo card is still intact. the last pictures were taken in twoup. y 2007. he posted on our website. if you know these people go to our website, please. >> all right. we have a look at what's coming up tonight. >> hey, we're sending bears to space. >> we are? >> cal bears on the space shuttle "atlantis." we'll talk about him and the u.s. open from this weekend. it's coming to the olympic club and we have a look at changes an a rising star on the golf >>6. ccastal 18 6. we'll see you in a few minutes. we'll seef you
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