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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  June 26, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, we have new information tonight on the company that owned the big rig that crashed into that amtrak train on friday, and some safety violations with that company. also, the man being held in the beating of giants fan brian stowe is being moved. we'll have the latest. and it is the grandz finale of pride weekend. we'll show you the parade and celebration. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. we begin tonight with new information about the amtrak crash near reno, this weekend.
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we're learning more about the safety history of the trucking company involved in that crash and what investigators are using now to determine the cause of the crash. so far, six people are confirmed dead, and officials are still trying to track down 28 other people who may have been on that train and may be unaccounted for. one of the dead is the driver of the truck. we're told he worked for john davies trucking of nevada, a company with at least two citations in the last two yo years. one truck was involved in an accident last year and one was taken off the road because of bald tires. investigators say it could be a year before they know why the tractor trailer skidded the length of a football field before smashing through crossing gates and into the zephyr train. >> our mission is not just to figure out what happened but why it happened and to recommend changes to prevent it from ever happening again.
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>> authorities plan to look at the recovered data recorder from the train in addition to the truck driver's cell phone records to find out whether he was either talking or texting perhaps before impact. an autopsy will also be conducted to determine the driver's physical state, including whether he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. the conductor of that train is also one of the people confirmed dead tonight. 68-year-old lore it ta lee had just moved to lake tahoe. the assistant conductor was thrown from the impact of the crash. he survived but is hospitalized still. his niece spoke to nbc's richard sharp on this sunday about her uncle and what happened. >> reporter: a deadly collision that killed the conductor of the train and threw the assistant conductor, richard of elk grove, from the train. >> his right arm was messed p up really bad. he almost lost his finger. they were able to sew it back
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on. >> reporter: michelle childs is the man's niece. she was just talking about why being a conductor was a good job, with him. >> he said, yeah, there are bonuses and perks to working there, but he's had to deal with people dying before wheth. when there's a train wreck, someone dies. >> the local connection has surprised neighbors. >> reporter: the assistant conductor on that train lives next door. >> oh, really? >> it's shocking. i had no idea. >> boy, that's terrible. >> when i first heard the news, we're kind of train buffs, it's, like, oh, this is really awful. but it's impersonal. when you hear it's a guy across the street, it's, like, oh, it's not so impersonal. >> reporter: the neighbors said he was quiet and easy-going. everyone is hoping he'll make a full recovery. >> he's okay. hopefully he'll be out of the hospital in a couple of days. >> again, that was richard sharp reporting from sacramento. in san jose, authorities announced today that a second person has died after that car
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accident in a nursing home this weekend. the accident happened yesterday morning when police say a 90-year-old woman who was visiting the amberwoods gardens nursing home mixed up the gas pedal and break. she crashed into a window. two people died, an 88-year-old woman pronounced dead yesterday and today a 100 year old woman died as well. four others were injured in the accident. the accident has once again brought up the issue of elderly drivers and safety. the main suspect in the brian stowe beating case has been moved to a state prison near san diego to serve out his sentence for parole violation. giovanniry meerz was sentenced to ten months for a weapons charge. he is the only suspect in custody at this point in the beating, he has yet to be charged in the crime. the los angeles police chief said this weekend that he is still confident he has the right man but admitted there's still much work to be done before he can hand over the case to the
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district attorney. meantime, giants fan brian stowe remains in san francisco general hospital. he was upgraded this week from critical to serious condition. he is now breathing on his own and the hospital says he can sometimes follow some basic commands. two teenage suspects are in police custody in connection with yesterday's shooting near city hall in sfraings. an 18-year-old boy and a -- 16-year-old boy and 18-year-old man face felony charges after allegedly firing shots and injuring five people. the shootings happened not far from gay pride festivities but authorities say the shootings had nothing to do with the celebration. all the victims are expected to recover. three of them were innocent bystanders. we're learning the city's gang task force is investigating that shooting as well. meantime, the gay pride parade drew hundreds of thousands of people to san francisco today, but there was some serious new york envy at today's event. participants say they hope they'll soon have the right to
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marry, a right new york granted on friday night. we are in san francisco where the parade is over but the party is not. >> reporter: let me tell you, it is a large party. event organizers say this the largest turnout they've ever had, over a million people showed up for the two-day celebration. if you look behind me, you can see the crowds here at the civic center. there are food tents set up, live music, of course a lot of celebrating going on here. for the annual pride parade made its way through downtown san francisco and the party ended up here at the civic center. many people say they are drawing inspiration from 3,000 miles away where new york just legalized same-sex marriage. many say they hope california will soon join the six other states where gay couples have full marriage rights. >> i've been waiting and
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waiting. it's been kind of a waiting game. but to get that final vote in yesterday, i suppose -- yeah, it was great. >> reporter: and it seems people have been sem bracelebrating sa. we've seen a few ambulances responding to minor medical calls. at last night's pink saturday's celebrations, police also say there were few problems there. event organize rs set up entrane checkpoints following last year's shooting. we mentioned there was a shooting very close to the civic center last night along market street, five people shot in that shooting, three of them innocent bystanders. but, again, police say that appears to be gang related and not connected to the celebrations here. for now, we're live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we'll have more from the parade coming up a little later on in the newscast as well. coming you next at 5:00, a new incentive for former gang
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members to not return to their old ways. >> for me, it's three points where you end up, hospital, cemetery, or jail. >> what leaders are saying is keeping them off the streets now. we'll take you out to the alameda it county fair where they have some challenging cuisine to choose from. also, stuck in neutral. what president obama has planned to bring the parties together and get the debt limit talks going again. an absolutely beautiful day around the bay area, but a m th.
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an unusually strong storm system moving through the gulf of alaska and towards northern california. the forecast is coming you.
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senate leaders are scheduled for meetings of the white house tomorrow for separate meetings on raising the debt ceiling. talks on the credit limit increase collapsed on thursday. nbc's brian mohr has the latest from washington. >> reporter: with the economy treading water and uncle sam's credit card nearly maxed out, president obama is going to try monday to get the stalled negotiations on the debt ceiling moving. >> we can't simply cut our way to prosperity. >> republicans say that's code for raising taxes. gop lawmakers pulled the plug on talks last week, insisting that's a line they will not cross. >> the whole business of raising taxes regardless will of how you go about it is something that this congress is not likely to do. the last congress wasn't willing to do it so we need to talk about what can pass. >> reporter: democrats insist they don't want to raise taxes, just cut tax breaks for the rich. >> we want to close those loopholes up. we do not want to raise
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anybody's tax rates that's never been on the table. >> reporter: the government reaches its credit limit in august and without an increase, it can't spend. republicans are demanding big cuts and say anything that looks or sounds like taxes has to be taken off the table. >> it's not just a bad idea. it doesn't have the votes and can't happen. >> reporter: a showdown over spending, promising to make this summer a long, hot one for congress. nbc news, washington. in north dakota, people evacuated by record flooding are finding ways to band together during this it crisis. many churches are among the buildings evacuated in the region. as a result, separate congregations are now joining together to hold sunday services in a hotel ballroom in minot. still ahead, a racing of violent and troublesome past, how the city of san jose is trying to help former gang members. we'll show you. d
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t » facing a sur as the city of san jose is facing a surge in deadly gang vie silence, that city is also celebrating the success of one of its longest running gang intervention prooms. for some people, tattoos are about artistic expression, but for many gang members they tell it the story of where they've been and what they've done. nbc bay area's kris sanchez has a look. >> my first tattoo is this one, three dots signifying the crazy life. for me, it's three points where you end up, hospital, cemetery, or jail. >> reporter: that tattoo and the ones behind his ears tell the world the story of this man's gang life, a story he's working to rewrite. >> i feel like i did a lot of damage to a lot of people, and i think that's something i will not ever repay.
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>> reporter: two years ago he walked away from his gang but even as he took the bus to and from school the tattoos made him a target. >> i had to put a band-aid over it, wear a hoodie, sweater where nobody sees it. >> here we go. >> reporter: on this day, he sits through his sixth laser tattoo removal session, the culmination of the city of san jose's program. former gang members do 30 hours of community service, go to weekly meetings and stay clean. in return, they get sessions with dr. sherwyn lewis who donates his time. >> i had them on hi hands, on my eye, on my chest, my back, everywhere. >> reporter: she worked hard turning her life around, but raising her daughter and paying for college, she couldn't afford tattoo removal, which can be expensive and painful. 35 sessions later, her gang life is nearly erased. >> i don't want to get teary,
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but i'm really thankful for this program. >> reporter: all of the doctors who participate in the clean slate program donate their time so the city of san jose is not paying for tattoo removal, per se, they're paying money for the entire program. since its inception in 1994, more than 800 kids have had gang tattoos removed. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> wasn't it a gorgeous sunday? not as much wind. hello, nick. everything is going to change again, huh? >> i know. i hope you got a chance to enjoy. we've got one more day. tomorrow looks beautiful, unfortunately a lot of us are back to work. tuesday, things get interesting. beautiful shot, san francisco, that sea breeze rocking and rolling. but we had drier air move through early this morning. here's what it did with the satellite picture and the low clouds along the coast. they were so thick yesterday, but they broke up nicely. along the san mateo coast,
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monterey bay, santa cruz, and temperatures respondedme edresp. we got into the mid-80s, in san jose, currently 79 sunnyvale, still that stiff sea breeze coming through the gate, low to mid-60s right near the bay and 64 in santa cruz. what's ahead for us? well, the low clouds will reform again tonight, and tomorrow is pretty much a carbon-copy of today. early clouds, then sunshine. things get interesting as i was talking about for tuesday and possibly into wednesday. a very unusual pattern setting up for us. high pressure, this is what typically dominates for june, july, august, really. but we're tracking this very active pattern to our north, up in the alou shan islands. that is combining and moving over northern california. again, it looks like it's tuesday and possibly we could hear the rumble of thunder as well. so as we step through time, our computer models are showing very consistently that increase in moisture, thicker clouds by
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tuesday morning. in fact, by the morning drive on tuesday, we could be looking at showers around marin county, up through sonoma as well. and then the showers spread further south. the question at this point is, how far south do they get? at least a chance i think for rain as far south as san jose, maybe even gilroy. so we'll track this thing over the next 24 to 48 hours. temperatures tonight, very mild, seasonal really with low to mid-50s for the most part, a little cooler around santa rosa. tomorrow we'll wake up to some low clouds, nothing new there. very summer like temperatures. sant teresa, 84 tomorrow, mountainview near 80, 84 in san jose, 79 in fremont. i do think right around the bay tomorrow it will be a touch warmer than what you saw today. 70 in richmond, 65 half moon bay, low clouds give way by lit's say 10:30 or 11:00 a.m., 85 pittsburg, around the russian river you should see low 70s,
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bodega bay, 62. here's the extended forecast, let's step through it. very unusual way to finish off june. we're looking for showers again spreading north to south, and into tuesday afternoon there are indications enough instability could move through to warrant a couple of thunderstorms. really interesting weather. and then on wednesday we'll clear things out, still a sprinkle or two in the east bay. and then the roller coaster ride begins. look at this! the holiday weekend is going to be cooking, i think. through saturday and sunday, highs approaching 100 degrees and very nice it at the coast. >> oh, wow. >> but tuesday, wednesday we'll move back a month or two. >> that is just so weird. >> i know. >> thanks, nick. let's check in with scott reese at comcast sports net. what's going on? >> another busy sunday in sports, diane. coming up, the a's try their ndpo against the possiblylyhe bestitheerch in baseball. plus, racing in sonoma.
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who took home the checkered flag and who wound up stuck in a pile of tires? we'll tell you about it. ps er
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hi, everybody. scott reiss here. interleague play tends to be a little less fun when you get stuck playing the best team in the other league. the a's split the first two with the phils but ran into a buzz saw on sunday. there's josh outman looking to win three straight starts for the first time in his career. he's down 2-1 in the fifth. francisco, slow grounder. tries to make a play, but the throw is late.
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rollins scores to make it 3-1 phils. that would be plenty for roy halladay, in vintage cy young kind of form. top seven, two aboard, jesus, your pinch-hitter and nothing in a pinch. halladay trying to finish what he started in the ninth, he does just that getting the ryan sweeney double play ball. how about the 63rd career complete game for halladay, 3-1 the phils beat the a's. start your engines, the toyota it savemart 350 in sonoma, the sprint cup series. racers say this is the toughest course in the series. why? look at brian vickersor coming too hot. tony stewart hits him. we've got a caution. kurt busch started 11th, on 52, takes the inside angle and passes clint boyar. classic. this time stewart gets the worst of it, lost in a sea of whitealls, he would finish in
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39th place and busch cruises to his first win of the season. he led for 75 of the 110 laps. jeff gordon finished second. comcast sportsnet insider joins us live from sonoma with more. >> reporter: kurt busch was all smiles after a domineering performance at today's toyota savemart, his first road course win. it brought back memories of a victory he had here in the 1990s. it was more than that for busch who drove in front of a top second place showing for gordon. >> unbelievable feeling. i had flashbacks of that southwest tour race i won here in 1999. that race helped put me on the map. this track here has always been sentimental to me because of that reason and i always wanted to bring a cup car to victory lane. today is a special day. i'm really proud. >> kurt said he was going to it try to gain position at the beginning of the race. i didn't know he was do going to drive to the lead.
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that played into we've got a good enough car, we hit our marks and do what we need do and we stuck to our game plan. >> reporter: carl edwards, the series leader finished in third place, but it was all kurt busch today whose who's three points in front of his brother kyle and one behind jimmie johnson. nbc bay area sports. giants under way trying to sweep the indians out of at&t park. no score, second inning. a complete papwr-u newscast. for now, let's send you back to the nbc bay area studios. >> thanks, scott. we'll be right back with more on gay pride today. ké
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.9hx.i3 . the annual alameda county fair is up and running. organizers are hoping as many as 100,000 people visit this year. lots of food, they claim the
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largest county fair in northern california. look, there's sheep for you and little piglets, in addition to the traditional food fare as well, there's unusual foods, not these guys. okay, they've got fried jelly beans, kangaroo burgers and python on the stick. but the oddest in my book, de deep-friy eied butter. yuck! the fair continues until july 10th. thanks for choosing nbc news at 5:00. "nbc nightly news" is next. we leave you now with more from the pride frayparade in san francisco. enjoy. good night. >> just the freedom to be out and nobody cares. we can hug, hold hands, be like


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