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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm christie smith. coming up, i'll tell you what one veteran officer had to say. >> and a bunny bust in the east bay discovers some rabbit breeders. but these bunnies were going to be pets. and a live look at san francisco's embarcadero. a beautiful start to your thursday, june 30th. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." >> welcome to thursday, everybody. good morning. it is straight up 6:00. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. meteorologist christina loren is here with your hour by hour forecast. >> we are looking good this morning. wherever you are headed, right now for the current time, i think that you'll be okay when it comes to the formation of fog right on the highway. it's still right now looking pretty good. but i think that the atmosphere is ripe with that fog to settle in for the next hour or so.
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already noticing that a little bit from the sunol camera. mike and i watch that all morning long. the big weather story, the warm-up toward the holiday weekend. triple-digit weather back in the forecast. we'll talk about where and when coming up. right now, 6:00 a.m. let's check in with mike. >> we're looking over here to the bay bridge. i have had a lot of activity on that upper deck. we still have a new incident now. we have to put a disabled vehicle icon there. reported right around treasure island, your right lane might be blocked. a good number of cars heading over the span. a shot from my friend alan out there, a photographer with a camera on top of the mast. he shows a few more cars waiting in line. there are no metering lights and even fast track and hov a big advantage. cash lanes are starting to show a little slowdown. may see those metering lights turn on. there are the low clouds. the fog hanging around but not yet a factor for the morning commute. this morning, we are following developing news from the south bay where the city of san jose will make a major cut to its police department.
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today in the bay's christie smith is live in san jose where dozens of police officers about to turn in their guns and badges for pink slips. what a tough day. good morning, christie. >> good morning, marla. i just spoke with a police officer on his way to work this morning. a 21-year veteran of the san jose police force. he is not being laid off, but he said this is a very sad day for the entire city. he said these are people's lives that are being affected. he said fortunately, for some of these officers that are being laid off, they have already been picked up by other police departments. we're told that some may come by at 8:00 to continue the tough process from yesterday when 70 officers turned in their badges and guns. they are victims of a $115 million budget shortfall in the city. they went through a sort of orientation of sorts to transition to life without a steady paycheck or benefits. one officer pointed his finger directly at city hall.
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>> this summer is going to be bloody and violent. and the blood is not on our hands. i'm looking at it as the blood is on city hall's hands at this point. >> reporter: the homicide rate is on the way to potentially tripling what it was all of last year. that's concerning neighbors and business owners about what's next for this city. meantime, one union leader is putting out a very dire warning to officers that anyone with less than 20 years experience might want to consider another line of work altogether because the stability just isn't there. christie smith, "today in the bay." this morning, a two-alarm house fire in the east bay leaves one person dead and another in the hospital. fire officials say an elderly woman died and her son is hurt. this happened inel cerrito last night. they responded to the single family home at moeser lane and king drive. the man tried to get his mother
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out of the house but she died in the fire. the cause of that fire is under investigation. the family of missing nursing student michelle le says it wants facts about the case to come from the police and only the police. a san diego television station quotes a third party who says a number of out of state calls were made from le's cell phone after she disappeared. now calls to reno and arizona. that person also says hayward police travelled to arizona to talk to someone who may be considered a person of interest. hayward police deny the claims. le's family sent us this statement saying, quote, we want to emphasize that the facts in this article have not been acknowledged by the family and were not given out by the hayward pd. that makes those facts untrue and potentially damaging to the case. the family goes on to say its only goal is to find michelle and bring her home safely. she was last seen may 27th. a rabbit raid in the east bay leads to the breeding
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facility intended to raise bunnies for food. oakland animal officials are looking to find homes for about 21 malnourished and abused rabbits. they were found in the backyard of a home near lake merit stacked on top of each other in a pair of cages. the owner is under investigation for keeping the animals in living conditions deemed inhumane. at 6:05, after running two wars for two presidents, defense secretary robert gates is calling it quits. he retires today. and "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more on gates' achievements and the challenge he's now leaves behind. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning. we'll hear from president obama within the hour at a big ceremony over at the pentagon honoring gates on his last day after 4 1/2 years of service for two presidents of two different parties. remember he was hired by president bush. that's actually the first time a defense secretary has served two presidents fom two different parties. he's known here as a straight talker. someone who brought morale back
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to the pentagon. he's got a number of accomplishments under his belt. wiped down the war in ir-- wind war in iraq, overseeing the surge in afghanistan, "don't ask, don't tell" eliminated on his watch. the thing he's leaving of concern is the cost of military action. president obama has asked him to look for $400 billion in cuts in the pentagon budget. a 10% cut he has said would be disastrous. now gates who is retiring today won't have to oversee that. that will be left to his successor. cia director leon panetta. back to you, marla. >> who, of course is from the california central coast. thank you, tracie. in just a few hours, a man accused of stealing an expensive violin will make an appeareranced a san francisco courthouse. scott sylvester is charged with second-degree burglary and receiving stolen property. you see him here in a muni
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surveillance video. he stole the instrument from the san francisco conservatory of music in april. police arrested him a few days later when he turned over the $20,000 antique violin to a priest at st. mary's cathedral. he has since pleaded not guilty. sentencing will be handed down on the poll worker who stole election equipment in san francisco last november. carl bradford pleaded guilty in december for stealing the electronic tabulator which an nbc bay area news crew found lying on a sidewalk in the tenderloin. election officials believe he stole it after the memory card and balance were collected. they also say the incident did not affect any ballot results. a peninsula lawmaker wants to give same-sex couples the right to share a key benefit straight couples have. representative jackie spear introduced a bill last week which would provide cobra health care benefits regardless of sexual orientation. cobra is an extension of employer provided health care which is good for up to 2 -- 36
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months after quitting or being fired. it can be shared with a legal spouse or dependent. the bill is likely to face stiff gop opposition, though, because it would increase the cost of benefits for employers. a similar bill by senator barbara boxer is making its way in the u.s. senate. 6:08. get ready for a heat wave. meteorologist christina loren joins us with a look. >> that summer sciizzle is on already. we're going to warm up about 10 degrees from where we were yesterday. this is where we're headed as we head throughout the afternoon and the remainder of the day. high pressure builds in with a vengeance. this high pressure ridge is so strong. it's even stronger than that that brought us the mini heat wave earlier this month. then we have that junuary weather once again this week. now warm weather that's going to stay for a while.
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55 degrees right now in concord. a really crisp start out there. 56 in oakland. 53 in san francisco. we have light winds and a lot of moisture left over. so fog is definitely forming. and starting to push inland. so i do think we'll see a pretty good marine punish by about 7:00 a.m. mostly cloudy conditions over the entire bay area. but by this afternoon, i think by about 12:00 in the city, we'll start to see a little bit of that sunshine break through. 60 degrees at noon. as you make your way home from work. 60 degrees. full sunshine over the city by the bay. this will be one of the best places to be. as we head through the holiday weekend. if we're talking about triple digits here. southern california, 110, 115-degree weather in spots. so we love living in the bay area. 80 degrees in napa today. 80 in los gattos. 75 in santa cruz. seven-day outlook just moments away. maybe you are taking those kids to summer school. how do we look? >> i like summer school for kids my age. or my kid' age.
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we'll look toward the bay bridge. let me show you the approach. here's the haze and the sun is coming up. this is causing an issue for visibility. not the fog itself. headlights still on. steady flow at the toll plaza. no backup. still a report of a disabled vehicle. should be cleared from the upper deck in just seconds. chp and the bridge crew making quick work of that. a quick look at the maps. the smooth approach, a's play at 12:35. prepare for slowing midday around the coliseum. right here slowing right now between about g, the approach to g street over to loveridge. hillcrest registering at 63. just fine through that portion of the east bay. here an 18-empty drive out of the alta mont pass through the livermore valley, wine country. a smooth drive. typical pattern for thursday. actually lighter than usual because it's preholiday. and that's what's happen with volume there. sunol just south of 68 o. right here in sunol, there's the golf course. sunol, castlewood, a lot of
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moisture in those fields. and so that's what's happening. an exagg ratd effect as the rain kind of coming earlier made those, i guess, super saturated? well, it's wet. very wet in the soil. >> the soil holds that moisture much better than the pavement. that's why you see that compression. i love the fog. it's one of the coolest things about the bay area. >> i love the heat. i'm ready for it. >> and i love bacon. >> begin strips. still to come, thieves taking advantage of the future facebook headquarters. what they are stealing, coming up. and live at the marin county fair. see the start of the golden gate bridge's big birthday celebration next. and a live look from san francisco's embarcadero. is thursday. arisen th thursday. i know you're worried about making your savings last
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welcome back. a live look at san jose. looks to be a great start to your thursday morning. it is just about 6:14. well, thieves targeting the site of facebook's future headquarters. police in menlo park say copper thieves have struck the site three times this month stealing costly metal wiring. and similar theft happened monday morning at the veterans memorial building all the way in danville. the robberies at the future facebook site happened between june 7th and the 22nd. more than 2,000 pounds of copper has been ripped off worth about $8500. the golden gate bridge will celebrate its 75th anniversary next year. but the party is just about to get started at the marin county fair. today in the bay's bob redell is live at the fair with more on that. looking good in orange today, bob. >> yeah ishould have -- i didn't dress appropriately apparently.
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good morning, marla. the marin county fair opening today. you come here. you'll see some of the most unusual pieces of art. there's the golden gate bridge as rendered by scott weaver, the toothpick artist. we've featured him a couple of weeks ago. he's been working on that for 30-plus years. something he started as a childhood dream. jim farley here with the fair. i can't believe how many different juried, competitive exhibits we have. you have origami, compost -- >> compost, kites, fine arts. >> food. >> dairy cows. photography. needle arts. bird houses. >> and this is the best show of winner in the golden gate bridge fine arts. >> so what she did with regards to the photography and fine arts you had a special competition for the golden gate bridge since the 75th is coming up. and it looks -- i thing thing that blows me away is how many different interpretations you have of the bridge. even though it's just one finite structure you can see it in so
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many different ways. >> the heart and soul of a county fair is for people to showcase their creativity and fine arts. the golden gate bridge is a beloved icon. people love it. it inspires people to do great things. >> ghog the fair you said you are a one price ticket gets you in? >> since the mid'70s. six years before disneyland, we've been a one price gate. once you pay the admission, the concerts and exhibits are all free with your gate admission. it's a very affordable for families, especially in this economy. >> jim, thank you. someone who knows the bridge very well is mary who is back by this wonderful orange glow. what is that? >> that's the original aircraft beacon that sat on top of the tower. one of the towers. there was one on each tower. and it's been reconditioned recently by our electricians and painters. it stale operates. it's just amazing that they were able to get this up and running for the fair.
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>> your electricians and painters, iron workers, very busy people. people don't realize it's 24/7 operation to keep the bridge in good condition. we come over here. they've got some interesting artifacts, marla. this right here, pick this thing up? it's a pneumatic drill. just it alone gives you a sense of how powerful the equipment must be because you are dealing with things like this. what is -- i know it's a bolt -- i'm sorry, a nut. >> this is a big nut as opposed to -- >> she said it. >> this is a big nut. >> and bob pointed it out. >> this is a cable band bolt. this goes on to that. and it clamps on to one of the main cables and the suspender ropes are suspended off of that. so the bridge is filled with large steel components, and it's always corroding. here's original rivet that we've brought to show how they corrode and have to be replaced. we're replacing them with high
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strength galvanized steel bolts as we go. >> if you are in an area and like, these are some of the old rivets. do you know percentagewise, your halfway through? >> hard to say. there's 600,000 rivets, you know, somewhere out there on the bridge. so i'm not sure how far long we've -- >> this is another real interesting thing if you have a half a second. this is what's called the sacrificial zinc. and the suspender rope goes through there and vibrates and moves around. so we don't want the steel on the rope to corrode so we put the sacrificial zinc collar -- >> and you let it corrode instead. >> so you let it corrode and take the vibrations and the stress so the cables remain unfrayed. >> i don't think people realized -- it's a bridge. it's steel. oh, it's so durable. it doesn't -- you know, it's going to last. but it really -- >> it has to be maintained. if we don't maintain the steel, i mean, the salt corrodes the
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steel. so zee to stay ahead of that. >> bob, one thing, i am interrupting again. one thing i didn't realize about the bridge, i have a lot of experience with it. i grew up in the north bay. i've crossed it a million times. when i ran the san francisco half marathon, i was so excited to run across it but it was the hardest part of the run because i didn't fact northe fact it's bowed. i thought it would be a nice cruise straight across flat. but the bridge is bowed and with the wind and the fog it was tough. but i made it. >> yeah, i was trying to find a representation of where you can see, we're talking about the bowed nature of the bridge. but i don't think -- >> you don't feel it when you drive across it. >> here's a model. of course, it's not -- it's much, much smaller than the bridge itself. but you definitely get that sense. just think of the engineering that went in to this and it will completely confound me and i'll have nothing else to say because i don't know what i'm talking about. >> you can promote the event or the fair right now.
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>> okay. we'll do that. >> thanks, bob. >> see you in a little bit. now christina loren is going to check your forecast. >> certainly fair weather. we've got all the fairs rolling in. the county fair season. and this morning if you'll be headed outdoors for any sort of outdoor activities, it's really, really nice out there right now. we are expecting mostly cloudy conditions. take a look at this picture right here. live look from the embarcadero. we're noticing thick fog rolling in from time to time. so we do have some patches out there right now. we are expecting more of that as we head through the morning. let's take it right to the maps and show you what you can look forward to today. a much better day than what we saw on thursday. those heavy, heavy rain showers. record rainfall. making this the second wettest june on record in the city of san francisco. everything changes as of today. it's high pressure regains control of our weather pattern. moves in. each day, all the way through sunday, it's going to start to drift right over us. by sunday, we're going to see
6:21 am
those offshore winds pumping from land to sea. that is our warm flow. that's when it gets the hottest around here. we're expecting that saturday, sunday and really into monday. so it's going to be a hot fourth of july. if you'll be celebrating our nation's birthday, make sure you are drinking lots and lots of water. mostly cloudy start today. warm and sunny this afternoon. hot inland. warm near the coast. by this weekend, temps keep climbing. you'll probably need to run that ac. we've had such a nice break. i had my heater on this morning. 49 in napa. 53 right now in livermore. headed towards about 60 degrees in the city at noon. still mostly cloudy at that time. will start to see breaks of sunshine. as we head throughout 4:00 p.m., we lose all that cloud cover. completely blue sky. 65 degrees as you make your way home from the city. a little warm if you are headed from san francisco to places in the east bay. 82 degrees in concord. 80 in fremont and 80 in san jose. all right. here it is.
6:22 am
the seven-day outlook. the week of extremes in the bay area. we had record rainfall. temps in the 60s on tuesday. by sunday, we're talking about mid-90s. hot, hot weather in the warmest spots across the bay. concord, livermore, triple-digit. gilroy as well. i think even fremont will bridge the triples as we head into sunday and monday. the warmest days in the extended period. >> thanks, christina. coming up, the clock is ticking on oakland's budget. >> san franciscans use half -- half as much electricity as other americans. we'll take a look at that coming up in "tech today." and we're using electricity and gas depending on what fuels your car. westbound 580. yellow speed bess low 50. the red cars, speeds into the 20s. i'll show you your commute as it shapes up this preholiday thursday.
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welcome back. looking at the south bay as the commute starts to build just a tad bit. let me move that away. we have some slowing near the 44. things sorted themselves out. there's the slowing watch at 101 approaching the 680 interchange. coming past a refreshing waterpark. go to great america or an outdoor concert or shoreline. straight drive up the san mateo bridge.
6:26 am
there you go. westbound coming away from us. that's the taillights. the commute direction. moving smoothly but a heavier volume. a little slowing off the 880 interchange. toward us off the peninsula, no problems. you can see the peninsula. a clear view here. another live look shows you the build-up as the metering lights were turned on a few minutes ago. the middle of your screen, fast track lanes. they are still moving. as they continue to move that means we've not completely packed the toll plaza. 6:26. san francisco is a very green city. that seems obvious. but scott mcgrew says it's far greener than you might expect. >> you would certainly think. my first reaction when i saw the study from the economist calling san francisco the greenest city in the united states was, well, duh. but you drill down into the numbers and it's actually really quite impressive. did you know that san franciscans use half the electricity other people in other cities do?
6:27 am
not total. that's per capita. the average person uses half the power. now the economist and a company called siemens put this together. 25 gigajewels per person we use or sfransans use as far as power use. it is half as much as the average person uses in the united states. we have more public transportation than the city of new york does as well. vancouver does better than us in several categories. but when it comes to purely the united states itself, san francisco is number one. and by just ludicrous margins. >> i lived in new mexico the last three years before moving back here and public transportation is like a foreign thing there. >> oh, absolutely. >> and so it's like, wow. >> i would have expected -- this is per capita. i realize how much smaller we are than new york city, but i wouldn't have expected we'd beat new york because new york can do anything. >> the big apple.
6:28 am
thanks, scott. 6:27. some bay area eagle scouts are stranded because of some rushing water. find out when they may be able to get out of there coming up. and san jose police layoffs start today. a live report is next. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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[ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it. new this morning, it's a very tough day for the city of san jose as 70 police officers are laid off. some of them turning in their guns and badges this morning. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up in a live report. >> and the review of how alameda police and fire handled a man's drowning is moving ahead. the latest coming up. and a live look at the golden gate bridge on this thursday, june 30th on "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." good morning.
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welcome to the last day in june. it is 6:30. i'm marla tellez in for laura gar garcia-cannon. here's christina loren with your forecast. >> we have coastal fog developing right now. it's not that bad. not yet impacting your drive over the bridges. mike is covering that closely for you. the big story is the warm-up. if you want to get outside to do anything, maybe take the dog for a walk, a jog, right now is the time. the fog is still above the highways and also we have good air quality because of those rain showers that came through. your full forecast coming up in minutes. holiday weekend. how do the roads look? >> there are lighter volume of traffic overall throughout the bay area. the bay bridge metering lights are on. still slow at the berkeley curve. a's are playing today midday. watch for slowing around the coliseum. lighter volume should help things out. the toll plaza, lighter volume of traffic means a live shot like this. the lanes are moving.
6:32 am
you can see traffic moving in the middle. cash lanes backed up pretty solid back to the 880 overcrossing. slowing for all lanes as you approach west grand avenue. i'll show you a contrasting shot there coming up. 6:31 now. this morning, we are following developing news from the south bay where the city of san jose will make major cuts to its police department. christie smith is live in san jose where dozens of police officers about to get a pink slip. good morning. >> good morning to you, marla. this is bound to be a hard day for the entire san jose police department. it's official today. 70 police officers being laid off. we've seen officers coming in and outing this morning. they are all talking about it. in fact, one officer did say he thinks that the entire city of san jose will suffer because of this. we're told that some officers may be coming by after 8:00 this morning to continue the process from yesterday where many turned in badges and guns.
6:33 am
a union leader went so far to say that any officer with less than 20 years police experience might want to pick another career because the security isn't there. the risks and the rewards, they just don't weigh out anymore. >> every day we go out there we're never guaranteed that we're going to go home to our family and loved ones. >> reporter: and with the homicide rate on the way to potentially tripling this year compared with last, many officers are directly blaming city hall. but one officer did say the bright spot if there is any in this is that some of these officers have already been picked up by other police departments. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." a fire killed an east bay woman and sent her son in to the hospital. this happened in eler cerrito. the man tried to get his mother out of the house but she died in the fire.
6:34 am
he went to the hospital. but we don't know his condition this morning. investigators are looking into what started that fire. the city of alameda has found someone to conduct an independent review of the memorial day drowning of an apparently suicidal man. the city has chosen a former state fire marshal who also served as director of cal fire to head this review. he's going to take a detailed look at how raymond zach died and the city's response to that drowning. alameda came under scrutiny after emergency responders stood around for about an hour while zach waded into the water off crown beach and drowned. crews said city policy prevented them from acting. the inquiry is expected to be completed by the end of september and results presented at a public meeting. we have an update on the almost 200 eagle scouts from the bay area who are trapped on the wrong side of a fast-moving river. they were separated from the main campsite at the calaveras big trees state park.
6:35 am
they should be able to safely cross later today as the river lowers. heavy rainfall on tuesday caused the water to crest, covering a foot bridge. now just a note here. this is not actual video of the scouts we are talking about. an emt and reng sterred nurse were able to cross rugged terrain to the campsite. and the scouts have enough food to hold them over until they make it across the river. >> the bridge is visible. it's not visible enough for us to look at the structure, make sure it's structurally sound and safe for our boys to come back across. >> there is no phone service there but officials are able to communicate with the scouts through cell phones which are able to connect to old-fashioned hand radios. and an update on the condition of that east bay teen buried alive over the weekend. ryan buchanan's family says doctors have weaned him off of all sedation medication and are now using new medicine to reduce seizures. ryan has ark parentally had a
6:36 am
few seizures but is functioning on his own, breathing without a machine. he could open his eyes in the next few days. ryan was hurt on saturday at a beach near watsonville when a tunnel he was digging in the sand collapsed on top of him. 6:35. earlier, we had rain. now we're going to have some heat. here's christina with a look at your forecast. >> good morning. yeah, we're going from the 60s monday to the triple digits by this sunday. just one of those weeks of extremes. i know a lot of people suffer from medical conditions when the weather changes this rapidly. so keep in mind that we are going to go from a very cool and wet pattern to a hot and dry pattern very quickly. something we're noticing this morning. take a look at old glory. it was flying in the wind. we have a little bit of breeze picking up. that's pushing the fog around. it's swirling around. not able to just settle in just yet. that's still possible as we head through the next hour. also from that, notice pockets
6:37 am
of fog in the areas where you have moisture still hanging around. so the agricultural areas especially in wine country, the fog is going to settle in probably for the first part of the day as high pressure compresses that moisture that we picked up earlier this week. this is what we're looking at through the next few days. high pressure is going to continue to drift right over us. by about late saturday into sunday, it's going to set up shop right over the bay area and driving those offshore warming winds. that's what brings us the warmest weather this time of year when we see the offshore flow. down in socal, they call it the santa ana wind pattern beep just get those warm dry downsloping winds. boy, oh, boy, it will be hot, hot, hot as of friday inland. i'm talking about the east bay. 90-degree weather tomorrow. warm near the coast. really mild. if you live in the city you'll get some great weather over the next few days. temps keep climbing this weekend. 50s now. probably no need for a jacket now that the sun is up. heading toward the 80s. 80 in napa. 82 in concord.
6:38 am
70 in oakland. mike inouye, busy, even though it's kind of a holiday out there. >> there's always something going on trafficwise. so zee 242 showing a little slowing toward concord and 680. the antioch slowdown has just been steady with just about a half a mile to a mile of slowing. coming past g street towards l there. not a big deal. move further south. pretty good volume. typical pattern and slower speeds. 23-minute drive out of the alta mont pass. speeds into the 30s. clearing by the time you get to airway. further south from there, here's the contrasting shots, a live look at sunol. we've been talking about all that moisture. you know the agricultural area. this is a pock net between those hills through sunol. there are a couple of golf courses and crops there. that's the reason the fog is sitting there. i call it fog pockets. now a move out to another shot.
6:39 am
another live shot where we have folks developing here at the bay bridge toll plaza. bright sun and the backup. fast track lane still moving. light backup. and we're talking about we're watching for the fog to roll in. wow, really bouncing off the clouds heading into wine country. a lot of folks getting ready for a big weekend. >> did you coming up with that on your own? ♪ fog pockets >> i did. no trademark infridgement. >> do we have that? we don't have that video. we're just going to go straight to the tease as we call it. 6:39. coming up, charlie sheen said he had more than tiger blood in his system when he made one of his hit movies. and two bay area cities rank near the top of the new most active cities list. a live report from washington is next. and a live look at oakland over in the east bay. what a start to your thursday. christina will have a look at
6:40 am
coming up. stayup. stay with us.
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welcome back. and we bring you a live shot of the golden gate bridge. we're going to check in with bob redell and see how they are going to celebrate the 75th anniversary. "men's health" magazine just released lists of america's most and least active cities. and two bay area cities rank
6:43 am
high on the most active list. today in the bay's tracie potts is live in washington, d.c., which also scored pretty high up there. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning, marla. you guys are near the top of that list and so are we. let's take a look. "men's health" magazine says the most active city in the country is seattle, followed by san francisco and oakland. two big bay area cities. and then washington, d.c. followed by salt lake city. they looked at a number of things. how much do you exercise. how often do you exercise. how many families are watching 15 hours or more of tv a week. that was considered negative. or buying 11 or more video games in a year. that was considered negative. and they looked at deep thrombosis, a condition that happens when you just sit a lot. essentially, they were looking to find out which cities are more active and which are the least active. bottom line, the least active cities in this country, lexington, kentucky, indianapolis, indiana, jackson,
6:44 am
mississippi, charleston, west virginia and oklahoma city. the southern cities didn't do so well. the point of this is to remind people that we really need to get up and exercise to prevent obesity and heart problems and cancer and a number of other diseases. marla? >> good advice, tracie. thank you for that live report. 6:44. time is running out. oakland city council has until midnight tonight to pass a new budget. the council president larry reid says he is optimistic they can beat the deadline. oakland faces a $58 million deficit. most of the budget will rely on concessions from city workers. those still need to be approved. today's meeting starts at 4:30. the giants are going to try and start a new winning streak today. heart breaker last night to their game against the cubs. they start at 11:20 this morning. tim lincecum kept the cubs off the scoreboard until the seventh inning yesterday but the giants didn't score until the ninth. they went into the bottom of the ninth tied at one and it ended
6:45 am
on a walk-off rbi single off sergio romo. giants lose, 2-1. the a's simply trying to figure out how to get those bats going. left night at the coliseum, all marlins. two-run shot in the first. plus another run scored later in the game was all florida needed to win. oakland loses, 3-0. several baseball stars from the '90ss admit to using steroids. now a star of a baseball movie from the '80s is admitting he did, too. charlie sheen tells "sports illustrated" he took steroids for the 1989 movie "major league." he played pitcher wild thing rick vaughn. sheen claims he took the steroids for about two months to improve his game and his fastball went from 79 to 85 miles per hour. really quick check out this tot. this is really funny. i love it.
6:46 am
this is a video picking up steam on youtube. the baby's name is jonah. he's banging his head to pantera. check out jonah on this video. he's up on the table throwing his fist in the air. talk about a natural. we know what kind of music he likes. 6:46. we're going to check in with christina loren. >> cute video. >> i just hope he's not showing them "the jersey shore" and that's where he got the fist pump. we are looking so good in the weather department this morning. take a look at this. we had really, really foggy conditions over the embarcadero. just about 15 minutes ago. but you see old glory kind of flying in the wind. those breezes are moving that fog around. so it is keeping it from settling in. we have these little pockets. take a look up here. just a little pocket of fog. so the areas where we have the moisture this morning, you'll find that fog as we head
6:47 am
throughout this afternoon. high pressure builds in and starts to warm us up. this high pressure ridge is compressing everything in our atmosphere. good thing is we have good air quality so you'll not see a lot of that particulate matter. what you will notice is the fog as we head throughout the day to probably today, tomorrow and also expecting a little bit of that fog early saturday. we picked up so much rain. it's going to take awhile for us to get all that moisture out of the soil. now mostly cloudy conditions to start. warm and sunny later on. hot inland. warm near the coast. beautiful day in the city. by this weekend, temps will be downright hot. even at the coast. very close to 90 degrees. even in san francisco, saturday and sunday. so break out the summer clothes. a fair stretch of weather for this time of year. finally things going back right about where they should be. anist novato. and 53 in santa cruz. i think the fog will be worse gfr gets better over the city. mostly cloudy conditions. really starting to develop as we head through the next couple of
6:48 am
hours. noon, mostly cloudy. we will see breaks of sunshine. and then as we head throughout probably 4:00 p.m., clear conditions, boom. a completely clear atmosphere. 65 degrees. 4:00 p.m. here's what we're looking at. as you make your way home from san francisco. east bay, 82 degrees in livermore. 82 in gilroy. if you are talking about temperatures in the triple digits here in the bay area as we head into this weekend if you are someone who is traveling to socal, even hotter down there. temperatures in l.a. in the 90s. southern california cities like palm springs will likely hit 115 degrees this weekend. it's going to be a hot one. not too bad here when you put it into perspective. >> absolutely. we've got it made in the shade. a year-long celebration of a 75-year anniversary is under way this morning. a live report from the marin county fair is next. hewlett-packard introduces its new tablet computer to tepid reviews. we'll take a look at the stock coming up. and taking a look at the tribune building in the
6:49 am
distance. northbound 880 moving slowly. green cards indicates speeds above 55. closer to 60 past the coliseum. i'llof ad ow tofthd d enof arou aouple your day. there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective.
6:50 am
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thank you for being with us this morning. here's a live look. this is in the south bay in san jose. just a light layer of fog there. we're going to see how the fog is affecting drivers on the road today. good morning, mike. >> good morning, marla. we'll take you first to the south ba where we'll check out the volume of traffic affecting folks down here. 680 around capitol. i moved the speed sensor. you see the slowing between 680 and 880. now steady below 50. so that's why the yellow.
6:52 am
a slowdown into downtown has closures for music in the park as well. sunol, pocket of fog. slowing south from about bernal to andrade around the golf courses. slow through livermore. a little lighter than normal. a 24-minute drive past airway and a slowing as you approach the dublin interchange. walnut creek and antioch not showing any slowing. pretty good except around g towards l. a smooth drive towards the toll plaza as well. pointing out meters lights as well as the a's game. a live look out of oakland where the traffic flow is nicely around the high street curve. volume picking up just a bit. midday game. 12:35 game. approaching your lunch hour you'll see slowing around there. and you'll see slowing again for the evening because there's a rihanna concert at 7:00. so there will be a lot of crowds heading toward that area as well. a live look at the bay bridge. metering lights turned off for about a half hour. pretty steady back toward the west grand avenue. keeping things here at the
6:53 am
incline moving steadily. a nightmare for folks who aren't familiar with the bay bridge. this is a very nice flow. and the golden gate bridge. a nice drive across from the north bay. the lens itself is a problem because the rains and then the deposits on the lens. so you might want to wash your car. we definitely need to clean the lens. the lens is a lot harder to get to. we'll send you with that nice view of the bridge. >> just a little windex is all it needs. still a year away from the golden gate bridge's 75th anniversary, but the marin county fair is getting a head start on the celebrations. "today in the bay question at bob redell is live at the fair with more. there's the golden gate. >> good morning to you, marla. think about it. the bridge first opened in may of 1937. next year, may 27th of 2012 will be the 75th anniversary. but you come here to the marin county fair and you can see one of the original aircraft beacons that's been restored.
6:54 am
used to sit atop the bridge. you are wondering, how did they design such a magnificent piece of history precomputer? you come over here and you see the structure right here. and we've got mary. good morning. >> good morning again. >> this was at princeton university back in the early '30s and they used it for what? >> they used it to test the tower model. they wanted to make sure that it could handle the different stresses that would be taun from the main cables because it was the longest suspension span ever built. they were a little nervous. they wanted to double check their mathematics on the design of this tower. >> and this just kind of popped back up in more recent years. i say recent years. it got lost somewhere along the line in 1982, one of our engineers found it in a museum in l.a. and we were able to get it back. >> so the engineer was there and he goes irecognize this thing. it's ours and -- >> we want it back. >> and people may not realize that taking care of the bridge
6:55 am
is a 365-day, 24/7 process. that includes the famous paint. this is one of the sky boxes the workers use. if you come over here, you can get a shot of a perspective of what it's like. mary, kind of describe what i'm looking at. >> this is how they paint the bridge. this is a clam shell structure that goes on to the suspender ropes. >> and it closes, obviously. >> two painters sitting inside of there. and as it goes up the ropes using the hydraulics, they paint the bridge. the cables. they paint from inside of this. >> i wond whaeer what the conversation is like inside the box? >> it's a night place to be. >> we have a picture of what it used to look like. >> what if somebody wanted to paint their house or something within their house golden gate orange. is there an actual paint that you can go? >> yeah, we have the formula for the paint up on our website. it is our unique formula.
6:56 am
and we have the color combination on our website. >> so i can go to home depot with the formula? >> you can get the formula and -- >> we get our paint from sherwin williams. that's who has the current contract. >> seriously? >> yeah. we use 10,000 gallons a year depending on what we're doing. >> they sit in a swing. they were basically just on a bench, a little swing up there. >> the marin county fair starts today. come over here. i want to show you something real quick. you go to marin for more information. this is a preview of the 75th anniversary in the spring of next year. if you want to get a pretty good idea on the lower parking lot at the golden gate bridge by the toll bridge. they'll be putting up a new pavilion to celebrate. thank you. >> come on out to the fair, everybody. now we're going to check in with scott with a look at the markets. >> dow industrials are up.
6:57 am
hewlett-packard up better than 3% after that company introduced its tablet today. getting only, honestly, mediocre reviews from t"the wall street journal" and "the new york times." we like to leave you with a look at traffic. mike, can i do this one for you? that road is totally clear after this car pulled through the far shoulder. so we're fine. again, take another look at the road there. going up the mountain it is totally fine there. no traffic. >> where is this? >> it's clear. it's pike's peak. it was over the weekend. the guy is totally fine. absolutely amazing. >> yes, the race up pike's peak. >> we're missing somebody. >> christina? >> hello! >> hello. >> there we go. >> what a grand entrance as always, right? >> that's it for us on this thursday. thanks for starting your day off with us. >> a local news update in a half an hour. bang your head. >> yeah!
6:58 am
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