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tv   Today  NBC  July 4, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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ur of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. good morning. deliberation day. casey anthony's fate expected to be in the hands of jury this morning after a day of heated closing arguments. >> whether it's this laughing guy here or myself. >> sustained. >> the countdown to a verdict gets under way. >> dirty debate. exxon mobile and montana at odds. the company says no wildlife has been injured. this morning, the pictures appear to reveal a different story. royal renaissance. prince william and kathryn
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attracting huge clouds. the spotlight is shining on kate's wardrobe. who is helping her pick out the outfits. you may be surprised to find out. today is monday, july 4th, 2011. welcome to today on this monday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm willie geist. >> i see we are wearing patriotic colors, red white and blue. >> there's no holiday break at the casey anthony thursday trial. >> after a month of testimony, the jury should begin deliberating today. sunday's closing arguments boiled down to two themes. prosecutors painted her as a young mother who longed for her
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care-free life. the defense argued the burden of proof had not been met. >> mother nature is throwing everything at us this holiday weekend. the national mall was briefly evacuated as storms battered washington, d.c., as people dealt with record heat from coast-to-coast. what to expect, coming up. plus, the other royal wedding, prince albert tied the knot. will it be happily ever after? we are live with the highlights. we begin with the casey anthony trial where the jury is expected to begin deliberations today. kerry sanders is live with us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. prosecutors get the last word. a rebuttal to the defense's closing argument, then the jury gets the case for deliberation.
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it was supposed to wrap up yesterday but there was an unplanned moment that unfolded in view of the jury. casey anthony is accused of the murder of her daughter caylee anthony. the personality conflicts between jose baez and the prosecutor exploded. >> he can get up here and lie all he wants and dance around the truth but the truth is the truth. depending on who is asking the question, whether it's this laughing guy here or myself. >> sustained. approach the bench. >> reporter: it stopped the trial cold. the jury was ordered out of the room. >> enough is enough. >> reporter: a distracting side show. in their closings with casey anthony looking toward the jurors and the prosecutor, a ashton stitched 33 days into a
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story. >> when you have a child, that child becomes your life. this case is about the clash between that responsibility and the expectations that go with it. and the life that casey anthony wanted to have. >> reporter: the life casey wanted was a life without responsibilities. so, she has a choice. >> a life thethered to a child or a life free to be 22. >> reporter: as to the defense claim caylee accidentally drown and her father covered it up, the only way to conclude that was suspend common sense. >> a trip down a rabbit hole into a bizarre world where men who love their granddaughters find them drowned and do
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nothing. >> the greatest crime lab in the country. >> reporter: in his closing, defense fired back. >> they gave you two weeks of testimony that was irrelevant and served one purpose. to paint casey anthony as a slut, as a party girl, as a girl who lies and has absolutely nothing to do with how caylee died. >> baez called the state's evidence of duct tape over her face and nose and poisoning fantasy forensics. >> cause of death, unknown. that's where the science ends. that's it. that's where we are here today. how did caylee die? they want to tell you it's a homicide without telling you how. >> reporter: the one thing that the jurors did not hear in the closing was anything about alleged sexual abuse.
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that's because the judge said when the evidence was presented in court about casey's brother and father abusing her, it was not evidence and could not be included in any sort of wrap-up to the jury here. how long will it take the jury to reach a verdict when they finally get their instructions and deliberations? we don't know but there's no time limit. they can take how much time they need to come back with whatever they decide. >> kerry sanders on the case for us in orlando. thank you. >> let's get a check on the other stories happening from amy. she's at the news desk. happy fourth of july. >> good morning. outrage is filling over in montana. an exxon mobile pipeline break put oil executives at odds with the governor. george lewis is near billings, montana with the latest. george, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy.
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you pick a bunch of weeds at the river bank and end up with a handful of crude. there are 50 workers on the scene to examine the area affected by the spill. containment booms dock the banks of the yellowstone river in montana. a mobile pipeline ruptured before midnight on friday. >> we apologize for the inconvenience this is causing all the people in montana. >> reporter: the spill is 150 miles northeast of yellowstone national park. in the town of laurel, montana. the water, flowing away from yellowstone park carried it past the city of billings. they restored water to billings early saturday. xan officials assessing the oil from the air say the ground is safe. >> we began quality and we have
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not found anything being a danger to the public. >> images of wildlife are prompting advocate si groups. >> regulators need to be evaluating areas that we can't afford to have spills and creating a level of oversight in safety in those areas. >> reporter: montana governor disputes exxon's contention that the spill that threatened the
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laboratory in new mexico was sparked by a tree falling on power lines. 12,000 residents evacuated from the area were allowed to return home sunday. general david petraeus is spending his last independence day holiday. he was confirmed to become the director of the cia last week. one thing to be proud of, the u.s. special on friday, hundreds of thousands turned out for canada day celebrations tpo to see prince william and more importantly, kate, who wore a pink hat, adding to the canadian patriotism. an affordable dress she famously wore for her engagement photo.
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later, the duchess radiated in a regal purple dress at evening celebrations. weekend stops in french canada including montreal and quebec city. from violent anti monaco >> taking a live look at oakland a. beautiful start to this fourth of july, happy independence day. your forecast, when it comes to fireworks at 9:30, east bay low 80s. upper 70s and along the peninsula the low 60s. you might need a jacket in san francisco. today's highs, mostly in the upper 80s and upper 90s in spots. 99 in fairfield. 83 for oakland and 77 degrees today in san francisco. we drop off in temperatures, we head through the latter portion of the beak.
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case gainst former imf chief dominick strauss-kahn. this just days after he was suddenly released from house arrest. nbc's jeff rossen is with us with more. jeff, good morning. >> willie, good morning to you. he really hit the town this weekend. literally overnight dominick strauss-kahn went from ankle bracelets to freedom. he can go anywhere he wants in the country but yet he remains in new york near the scene of the alleged crime. this morning we're learning more about the case and hotel made sto maid story. within hours of his release, dominick strauss-kahn flashed a smile and took his wife to dinner. the man who sat in a kril at rikers as an accused sexual predator is out and about. chased by the media through city streets he dined at this exclusive upper east side restaurant, reportedly racking up a $700 tab. saturday he reportedly had lunch at the museum of modern art,
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before returning to his $50,000 a month townhouse. now new details why the case against him may be collapsing. prosecutors say the hotel maid who accused strauss-kahn of sexual assault repeatedly lied. in fact, just after the enkoubtser, according to the "new york times," she called her boyfriend, an alleged drug dealer in prison, telling him, don't worry, this guy has a lot of money. i know what i'm doing. >> it is a fact that the victim here made some mistakes, but that doesn't mean she's not a rape victim. >> reporter: the maid still stands behind her story that strauss-kahn attacked her but in a letter to the defense team prosecutors admit there are holes in her story. for example, she didn't report the attack as soon as it happened, as she first claimed. instead, she proceeded to clean a nearby room and then returned to suite 2806. stra strauss-kahn's room. and began to xleen that suite
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before she reported the incident to her supervisor. they also say she lied about her past, telling investigators as she cried she had been the victim of a gang rape in her native ginny later admitting she made it up and fabricated the details. >> any one lie would cause her credibility to be at issue. the problem is that you have lie after lie and they are not just lies about her past, but they are lies about what happens around this case. it's game over. >> reporter: the da hasn't dropped the charges but experts say it's just a matter of time. >> as with every case, our office's commitment is to the truth and the facts, and that will govern how we proceed. >> before his arrest, dominick strauss-kahn was a strong contender for french president. in a new poll, 49% of voters in france would actually welcome him back to politics. of course, he can't go back there yet until the charges are officially charged because the
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authorities still have his passport. willie, he's back in court later this month. >> amazing twist in that case. jeff, thanks so much. it is now 7:13. >> willie, thanks. lawmakers are gearing up for a busy week ahead in the nation's capital. the senate was supposed to be on break this week, but instead, lawmakers will be back in session to deal with the looming debt crisis. this as republican presidential hopefuls hit the campaign trail over the weekend. kristen welker is at the white house for us this morning. kristen, good morning. >> good morning to you, savannah. while gop candidates were in high gear this holiday weekend and so were some lawmakers talking about the debt ceiling on this sunday talk shows, to name one, senator john cornyn said there might be room to revise the tax code. still, he insisted no new taxes. the president back from a july 4th weekend at camp david and getting ready for fomore firewos on capitol hill. senators have given up their holiday week to work out a deal
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to raise the debt ceiling. republicans insisting any agreement cannot include tax increases. >> but the principle of not raising taxes is something that we campaigned on last november, and the results of the election was the american people didn't want their taxes raised. >> reporter: the fiery rhetoric comes after the president last week accused lawmakers of not working hard enough to resolve the issue and arguing any deal should include a repeal of tax breaks for big businesses. >> if everybody else is willing to take on their sacred cows, i think it would be hard for the republicans to stand there and say that the tax break for corporate jets is sufficiently important. >> reporter: republican senator john cornyn fired back. >> what i'm concerned about is the president by not seriously putting a proposal forward but rather just criticizing those who have, will run it up against the deadline. >> reporter: meanwhile the people vying for the president's
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jobber were also hard at work this weekend. former utah governor jon huntsman barn stormed in new hampshire, which hosts the nation's first primary. minnesota representative michele bachmann was out in full force in iowa, six weeks ahead of the state's straw poll. she is running neck and neck with presumed front runner mitt romney, according to a recent state poll, and this weekend she tried to build on that nmomentu. lesser known candidate businessman herman cain, also tried to shore up support in the hawk why state, stumping at a godfather pizza, the company he used to run. the seoul african-american gop candidate recently released this video touting his tea party credentials. >> i was in a tea party before it was cool. >> reporter: in ohio over the weekend, cain said he's gaining traction. >> if you average out all of the polls that i'm in third place behind mitt romney and michele
7:17 am
bachmann, and they have twice the name id, i think i have the ball because as my name iid spreads, i have nowhere to go but up. >> even former president bill clinton is weighing in saying he likes jon huntsman. he believes he's authentic. he says mitt romney is much improved from his last run. and he says michele bachmann is a stronger candidate than he thought would be, still, he believes the president will be re-elected. as for the president and lawmakers, they will get back to work on the debt ceiling tomorrow. >> kristen welker at the white house. thank you. republican presidential hopeful hernan cain is with us from philadelphia. thank you for being with us. >> it's my pleasure. thank you. you've been getting momentum was of late. recent iowa poll last week has you third behind mitt romney and michele bachmann. what is your message and why is it resonating?
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>> my message is common sense solutions and problem solving. i spent all of my career as a problem solver in business, and the reason that it's resonating is because the american people are saying, and i've gotten this from all over the country, that they've gotten more solutions rather than creating problems. the fact that i have been a problem solver in business in various different types of businesses, that's resonating with people. they are rejecting the old notion that you must have had held public office in order to do a good job of leading this nation. >> i was going to ask you about that because you said essentially your inexperience, the fact that you have never been elected and never held public office is a plus. my question to you is, if you were still a ceo, still a business, would you hire someone for a key role who had no experience whatsoever in business? >> in business we hire people at a level based upon their experience and based upon their qualifications. and then they are able to work their way up and demonstrate
7:19 am
their problem solving capabilities. that's what happens in business. if you look at any successful businessperson and any successful business, they learn how to solve problems. work on the right problems, surround yourself with the right people, and then make sure you put together the right plans. that's not happening in washington, d.c. the american people, savannah, they like the idea that i'm a prop solver and not a politicians. >> you have acknowledged that you have no foreign policy experience. and, in fact, you've minimize the importance of it saying it's something you can learn about later or you will just lrn to experts. at a time this country is in two wars, is that sufficient? >> i wouldn't say that's sufficient. and i want to make one correction. i'm not waiting until i get elected. i'm already talking to national security people, former intelligence people, talking to former generals and people in the military to begin to develop ideas about how i would deal with those crises that we're in. so, no, i'm not minimizing that. but here's one thing. you don't need foreign policy
7:20 am
experience to know who your friends are and who your enemies are and you don't need foreign policy experience to know that you don't tell your enemy what your next move is. so i'm not minimizing it. i'm already working on getting up to speed on that topic. >> come of the statements you've made have been controversial. i want to ask you something. you said the liberal establishment is scared, that, quote, a real black man might run against president obama. what did you mean by that? >> what i meant by that in the role of a martin luther king jr., a real black man that can be decisive, leadership experience, a real black man that understands how to address the right problems, and a real black man that understands that the business sector is the engine to growing this economy. right now we do not have that leadership in the white house. >> herman cain, we've got to leave it there. it's good to have you was today, thank you. savannah, thank you. monaco has a new princess today after a nearly a 30 -year wait.
7:21 am
she tied the knot with prince albert in a weekend of lavish events. we find her on this 4th of july. good morning. >> hi, willie. in a place like monaco, no surprise this was a gorgeous royal wedding. for some though the only surprise was that it happened and that all these reports that the bride charlene had made a run for the airport a week earlier caused such scrutiny on this couple on their wedding day, they're subject to openly wondering is this real love or just a fairy tale? ♪ even before it started, this was glamour. where else would you gather crowned heads of europe, fashion kings, supermodels, and james bond? filling the palace courtyard. royal wedding in monaco style. all pastels and lace, little girls in very fancy dress, words
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of love in french. prince albert marrying for the first time at 53, and then came the bride. charlene did not run away, but dazzled. armani, a gown that took 2500 hours to make. embellished with 40,000 swa ross ski crystals we minding many here of albert's mother princess grace, 55 years ago capturing everyone's hearts. for the new highness princess charlene, on her day there was concern. watching their faces closely. is this the look of happiness, of true love? when will they smile or look at each other or touch? one blink and one might miss their kisses. it has been a tough few weeks in a place that looks like a
7:23 am
fairytale, printed rumors from a woman who claimed to have a child with prince alberto police taking her passport so she couldn't leave. the palace has denied it though a friend of the couple concedes there was an argument and she needed a break. she returned and, after the service, cried. >> you know, rumors are not -- it's nothing information. and they showed that their love was much stronger. >> reporter: lasting love has not come easy to them. princess grace's three children have had turbulent lives. prince albert known for his bachelor days and the two children he eventually acknowledged. monaco so wants this marriage to survive. >> everything is spoken and cleared. we will see. >> reporter: but the prince and princess making their royal fairytale happily ever after come true begins now. the hope, of course, is that
7:24 am
these rumors do not come true, but maybe we ought to stick around and get to the bottom of it even if it takes weeks, months. willie? >> you're good, michelle. we're happy to be in the united states for the 4th of july but monte carlo looks pretty darn good. coming up, william and catherine's canadian tour. but first, this is "today" on nbc. sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from
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out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams.
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♪call 1-800-steemer. >> good morning to you. it's 7:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. developing news from san francisco. today in the bay's marla tellez is live at the site after fire at the glenn park neighborhood. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. let's start with the good news first. the fire is now out. pretty serious fire, three-alarm fire.
7:27 am
we're at the corner of mission and bosworth, the glenn park neighborhood. it happened over my shoulder. it's hard to get a good look. i was up close a little bit ago. i can tell you the damage is significant to the nome at 402 omission. the call came in this morning. the fire started in the garage. it spread to the first and second floors, and then to the home on ever side. so in all, three homes affected. everyone, though, is accounted for. but one person was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. we know one firefighter also taken to the hospital for an eye injury. and we should mention laura, that two dogs and a rabbit were rescued by firefighters this morning. so that's good news. all the pets accounted for. of course, as for the cause, it is still too early to determine at this point. >> thank you for the latest from san francisco, marla. let's get the latest on the forecast. >> good morning to you. we have a beautiful start to
7:28 am
this fourth of july. fireworks about 9:30, we're looking at the low 80s east bay, south bay and the north bay the upper 70s and along the peninsula the city of san francisco, low 60s. clear conditions tonight. you'll have perfect visibility for viewing the fireworks. this is where we're headed in term of our highs. barbecuing or spending time outside you want to give yourself a little bit of a break out there today. 97 degrees, toasty in concord, a cooldown on the way later this week. >> thank you very much. for the latest traffic and news check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. we also have a lot of fun the. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright?
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♪ 7:30 now on this monday morning, july 4th, 2011. it is independence day. you're looking at one of the symbols of america, the washington monument, down in d.c. meanwhile, out on the plaza our crowd in the celebratory mood. many of them probably in town for the fireworks display tonight. we'll get a sneak peek at that. inside studio 1-a i'm willie geist along site savannah guthrie. just ahead, much more from the casey anthony trial. >> big day. as we mentioned the case is heading to the jury today. so did the prosecution meet its burden of proof? will jurors buy the accidental drowning defense?
7:31 am
we're going to talk about that with a legal expert who has watched this trial every step of the way. also ahead, prince william and catherine's road trip to north america. it's led to a bit of royal renaissance north of the border and kate has not disappointed. with more wardrobe changes than a lady gaga concert, we're live on the latest stop on their tour coming up. but we'll begin in florida where it is no holiday for jurors of the casey anthony murder trial. nbc's kerry sanders is at the courthouse in orlando again for us this morning. ker kerry, good morning. prosecutors still get the last word. >> they do, indeed, savannah. they also got the first word yesterday in closing arguments. prosecutor jeff ashton telling the jury that casey anthony murdered her daughter caylee because she was making a choice. the life of a responsibility mother or living the care free life of a party girl. he said that she chose the latter and said the reason that he murdered -- the reason she
7:32 am
murdered her daughter was because that her daughter, at almost 3 years old, was beginning to verbalize, to talk, and would eventually reveal casey's secrets. now, the defense attorney jose baez said that there was no murder. and then he then went on to say how was caylee murdered, where was she murdered, who murdered her? and he reminded the jury that the medical examiner's conclusion was this was a homicide by undetermined means. casey's reaction in the courtroom, she at times was starine ing staring, at other times looking down, at other times went. the one thing that i noticed as i was looking at the jurors in the courtroom is when jose baez, the defense attorney, was giving his closing arguments, all the jurors were looking directly at him. but when the prosecutor, jeff ashton, was giving his closing
7:33 am
argument, one juror, juror number five, a woman in her 60s, a woman with three children, sat there with a pen in her hand at times tapping it on her knee and her thigh, never making eye contact with the prosecutor. >> kerry sanders watching the jury in this explosive case in orlando. thank you. what can we expect as the jurors begin deliberating. beth karas is correspondent for "in session" on trutv. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. good to see you, too, savannah. >> the first closing argument we heard from the prosecution, we know they get another crack at it this morning, was notable not just for what the prosecutor said but what he didn't say. he didn't mention those computer searches that they say casey anthony did searching for chloroform. he didn't play any audio of the lies we know she's told. we didn't see those pictures of her partying while her daughter was missing. why do you think that is? were you surprised by that? >> well, not really.
7:34 am
jeff ashton streamlined the case and told the story. he told a very compelling story. then after the defense spoke yesterday, as you mentioned earlier, the state gets another crack at it. that's when i expect we will hear about all these things you just listed. they wanted to hear first how the defense was going to deal with it and then they'll come back and rebut it. so i do believe we'll hear about the chloroform searches and other aspects of the state's proof. >> the defense really zeroed in on the fundamental weakness in the prosecution case, which is that no prosecution witness can state with certainty how this child died. does that amount to reasonable doubt for jurors? >> no, not really. just because a cause of death isn't known doesn't mean it's an unprovable case. scott peterson is on death row in california and it was never determined exactly how his wife
7:35 am
laci and unborn child conner died. there's enough evidence for each side to argue how it happened. the state in peterson argued it and in other cases and here the state argued, you know what, the duct tape, the chloroform, in all likelihood that's how she died. give the jury something they can really sink their teeth into. even though a medical examiner cannot be certain. >> the defense was not able to make arguments about all ledged sexual molestation. do you think jurors will hold that against the defense, eventually failing to deliver on this key promise? >> they may. so jurors for the most part, they follow the rules. they do the right thing. however, by saying that in his opening, jose baez planted a seed that may resonate with some
7:36 am
jurors. and he still was able to talk about his function in the anthony family. so some juror, even though they're not supposed to consider it, may still do so. >> extraordinary moment inside that courtroom yesterday when the prosecutor listening to the defense attorney appeared to smirk, smile, suppress a laugh bs and the defense attorney pointed it out. the judge called him the side bar. beth, you have covered so many trials. have you ever seen anything like this? do you think it is a problem for both attorneys to let this personal animosity be shown and really come before the jurors? >> it's not good to let the animosity be shown, is a zahnia. but the jurors know that these are two adversaries taking positions and battling it out in the courtroom. so i don't know that it's going to be held against one side or the other by the jury. but it is true that judge found that each of them had violated his courtroom decorum order. this judge is very strict about that. he did not hold them in
7:37 am
contempt. and mr. baez actually got up and said he didn't want to see ashton held in contempt. it's been a hard fought battle. they've been going at it for three years. it is true that ashton makes a lot of expressions and he tried to hide it but putting his hand over his mouth, but baez caught him and referred to that laughing man over there. >> no poker faces inside that courtroom. quickly, beth, so people have an idea of how complicated the task before this jury is. seven-count indictment but you also have them considering lesser charges than first degree murder. the verdict form must be quite lengthy here. >> oh, yes, i was in the courtroom until 8:00 last night, savannah, listening to that charge so i could understand it. but they are going to consider second degree murder, manslaughter, third degree. premeditated and felony murder. they don't even have to agree on which one it is.
7:38 am
and then there are six other kour counts. it is complicated. it will probably take them today and at least tomorrow for a verdict. >> beth karas, great to have you with us. thank you. now let's get a check of the weather. maria, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. we have a wonderfully patriotic crowd from all over the weekend. >> where are you from? >> etowah, tennessee. >> it feels like tennessee right now. warm and sticky and humid. temperatures in the upper 80s here in the northeast. across the south. 90s continue. pockets in the 100 and southern plains. typical july at that with lots of humidity. taking a look a typical july at that with lots of humidity. taking a look at the forecast for the rest of the fourth of july, scattered showers and thunderstorms through the tennessee valley and the southeast. slight risk of severe weather through the northern plains but the heat continues across the southwest. that's a look at the weather across the country. here's a look at what you can
7:39 am
expect. >> a live look at san jose, what a gorgeous start to this fourth of july. clear conditions, haze but overall we're looking fabulous this morning. a little toasty later on today when the fireworks go off, low 80s in the east bay, upper 70s, north and south bay, low 60s along the peninsula. today warm in places like concord 97. 99 livermore. but 77 degrees in the beautiful city of san francisco. we cool down this week. by friday down to 82. have a great safe holiday. coming up next, catherine takes canada by to remember. we'll be live with the latest.
7:40 am
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back now, 7:42, with the latest stop on william and
7:43 am
catherine's first official overseas trip as a married couple. they've got a few more places to see in canada before they head to california at the end of the week. nbc's special correspondent ben fogel is traveling with the couple. ben, good morning. >> good morning, willie. happy july 4th, everyone. well, it was a weekend of duty, patriotism and glamour for william and kate here in canada. kate continues to wow the crowds with her fashion accessibility and their arrival here on prince edward island tops off a whirlwind of activities that began in english speaking tour and ended in the french canadian provinces. canadians are going wild for the royal couple. prince william and princess catherine continue to draw massive crowds everywhere they go. kate's fashion style is on full display at each stop. the duchess dazzled in a cobalt blue dress by canadi naadian de
7:44 am
at the interfaith church service aboard the "montreal" sunday morning. prayers were said for the members of the armed forces. they also visited a local youth center to take part in a magic show. it was one of many fetching frocks that sent onlookers throughout the world into a frenzy over the weekend. on friday, hundreds of thousands turned out or canada day celebrations in ottawa to see prince william and for many, more importantly, kate, who wore white with a red maple leaf hat, adding to the canadian patriotism. kate once again showed off her fashion accessibility with this dress, affordable one she famously wore for her engagement photo. later, the duchess radiated in a regal purple dress at evening celebrations. weekend stops in french canada
7:45 am
included montreal and quebec city. here's some theater repeat of the reception received by prince charles two years ago. from violent anti-monday or i can protesters. the protest was smaller than many expected. outside this children's hospital, royal admirers lined up hours in advance for a glimpse of the glamorous couple. >> have more of a common touch as william's mom did. >> they're warm. they make us feel good. >> reporter: late saturday at a culinary academy in montreal, william and kate gave cooking a try. only kate could turn a kitchen into a catwalk. sunday evening william and kate arrived in canada's smallest province, prince edward island, known for its beaches and its seafood. observers say canada is experiencing a royal renaissance. >> there's no doubt that william
7:46 am
and kate certainly lifted everything about the monarchy. she's a stunning girl and with william you have that factor, too. >> reporter: well, they're halfway through their canadian tour now. by the end of this week, of course, they will be heading south to the united states where they begin their california leg, hoping to wow america. maybe independence day but you can't get rid of us britts that easily. willie? >> we wouldn't try. a lot of people in los angeles waiting to meet the royals. for more on william and catherine's so-called honeymoon tour, the royal editor for the "sunday express." camilla, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. happy independence day. >> thank you. i think i know the answer to this question based on the pictures we just saw but how are the royals being received there in canada? >> with open arms, willie.
7:47 am
really, they couldn't have had a better welcome here. kate particularly has gone down a storm. the outfits, in particular that special canada outfit she wore with the maple leaf hat. the crowds here loved that. at the end of the day all eyes have been on kate more than william. i think he's happy about that because it is her debut tour after all. >> you look at some of the photos since you mentioned the wardrobe and this video we're looking at now and you're amazed by the sheer number of wardrobe changes that catherine has made on this trip. who is dressing her along the way there? >> well, she says no one. she doesn't have a stylist. she's had some advice back at home on the outfits that she should take. actually it's been quite easy for kate on this tour because she's only had to wear dresses. it's been so warm she's ended up looking modern and fresh and bright because she's just come out in dresses eses and heels. she's really pulled a blinder on that one.
7:48 am
wardrobewise, she's not got a stylist. the only person here for her image is a hairdresser. >> i want to ask you, camilla, at home we know the paparazzi chases william and kate quite regularly. what's it like when they travel over seas? are they sounded by press in the same way they are in great britain? >> well, they're not hounded in their private time, but there are a lot of camera clicks as they go around their daily business. the photographers here are as numerous as the journalists. actually kate said last night at the media reception it was a refreshing change to be walking around and having a chat without having lots of flash bulbs going off in her face. that's par for the course. she knows for these ten days she is very much public property and the press wants her every second of the tour. >> people just can't seem to get enough of them. thank you so much. as you said, happy independence day. i didn't know whether to say that the you. >> now, that's fine.
7:49 am
re when in rome. if you want to relive the royal wednesdaying, we have the entire event. for details go to our website
7:50 am
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introducing purina one beyond just ahead, some 4th of july fun. how much do you know about the united states? >> we'll see if we have what it takes to pass the citizenship test, and it's harder than you think. but first, your local news and weather. also get a free flight. you know that comes with a private island.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
>> good morning to you. 7:56 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we continue to follow a major fire in san francisco. today in the bay's marla tellez is on the scene. she joins us with the latest. what's going on now? >> reporter: we're near the glenn park neighborhood at mission and bosworth tflt home is over my shoulder. we have video to show you the damage. the call came in before 6:00 this morning. officials say the fire started in the garage of the home at 402 omission. it spread to the first and second floors, and to the homes on either side. three homes affected but everyone is accounted for.
7:57 am
more than 100 firefighters from 20 stations got the fire under control by 6:45 this morning. >> when the companies arrived they were confronted with heavy fire conditions. not just the fire but the smoke conditions according to the first commander on the scene. you couldn't see the fire building. the smoke had been rolling in the street, pushing north on mission street. >> reporter: one person was taken to the hospital. we know one firefighter taken to the hospital for what they call a minor eye injury. now, the good news, laura, is about 20 minutes into the fire fight crews rescued pets, two dogs and a rabbit so the owners you can imagine very happy. the cause is under investigation. >> nice update. thank you, marla. now let's get updated when it comes to the forecast. >> good morning to you. oh, laura, we've got a hot day inland. at the coast it's going to be nice. high pressure is doing its job to keep us warm. 99 in fairfield versus 77
7:58 am
degrees we're going to see in san francisco. we've got a giants came in town. if you are headed to at&t park, 72 degrees at 2:00 p.m. as tim lincecum takes the mound. perfect baseball weather. this is what we expect later on. 82, a little bit of a cooldown in store for us towards this weekend, make those plans. >> great way to spend the holiday. thank you very much. 7:58. for the latest check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. i'll have a local update for you in about a half hour. have a great morning. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
8:00 now on this monday morning, july 4th, 8:00 on this monday morning, july 4, 2011. h beautiful weather to start the holiday in new york, a big crown for this holiday on the plaza. good morning everyone. sav i'm savannah guthrie alongside willie geist while matt and ann enjoy the day off. one of the most important fourtt of july celebrations. >> absolutely. fam we'll head to monticello, meet some of the men and wrim about to become the newest americans. we'll put you to the test. we'rer nervous about this. to see if you can see some of
8:01 am
the questions they face on the t citizenship test. >> not that easy. also tonight, the macy's nb fourth of july special. beyonce, brad paisley, we'll catch up with this year's host, nick lachey in a little bit. plus the story of an army major mo went to bat for a little boyst in afghanistan. natalie is off and amy robach is filling in. >> good morning. the there is no holiday for the senate today. as lawmakers discuss a deal to raise the nation's $14 trillion debt limit. republican leaders say they might consider eliminating some tax breaks provided there is no overall increase in taxes.ndon liam experts say they may have to abandon the case against
8:02 am
dominique strauss-kahn now they found the woman accusing him has a history of lying. the former head of the international monetary fund has beenmo released from house arre and due back in court july 18thr e. of workers are cleaning up an oil spill in the yellowstone river. a 12-inch exxon mobil pipeline ruptured on friday sending tens of thousands of gallons of oil gushing into the waterway. prosecutors getting the final word today before jury deliberations on casey anthony's fate. the florida mother is accused in the death of her 2-year-old daughter more than three years ago. our quick roundup of what has you talking online. people are searching the tragic death of a motorcyclist while protesting against the new york state helmet law.
8:03 am
state police say a helmet could have saved his life. novak djokovic is the winner at wimbledon. his revelry has facebook friends scratching their heads. he ate a tuft of grass from center court. then all over the web, americans are wishing each other a happy fourth of july. thousands are camped out for tonight's festivities. president obama welcomes military families for a picnic tonight at the white house.h it is now 8:03. back to savannah and willie. >> we have a contestant right there. pat fromng new jersey. >> fasting two days. >> he's in the contest. >> he's in the contest. he's going to take down joey >>c
8:04 am
chestnut on coney island. >> he came here first.> with al gone, with weather a with maria la rosa. >> happy 4th of july. we've got shelly, the wife of the band leader. does this ever get old hearing that beautiful band playing thas patriotic music? b >> absolutely not. what a privilege. >> we're looking forward to it. we have our pick city, montgomery, alabama, looking at a 4th of july with a few fireworks fromnaotr heture. we have showers in the ohio valley and clouds. clear right now in the southeast and the southwest. that will change though later on this shower and thunderstorms possible in both of those areas. slight risk of severe weather in the northern plains. good morning to you. taking a live look at the city of san francisco a. gorgeous start to this fourth of july. let's show you what we're expecting at noon. a thin veil of clouds. mild conditions. rounding out the day at 77 degrees. nice and sin knee as the
8:05 am
fireworks go off at 9:00 tonight. expect low 60s, it may be a little breezy. 94 degrees in san jose. cool down towards the end of the week. savannah, back over to you. >> maria, thanks. coming up, a celebration at the home of thomas jefferson to celebrate this country's newest citizens. that's right after this. my whole body hurt. it was an ongoing, deep pain. i didn't understand it. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and less pain means, i can feel better and do more of what matters. [ female announcer ] lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these,
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8:09 am
with a weightless nutri-oil treatment. to give 3x the internal nourishing power of our regular conditioner. new dove daily treatment conditioner. make friends with your hair. back now at 8:09 on this july 4th morning. 235 years ago today our forefathers adopted the declaration of independence. and one of the nation's most inspirational celebrations is held at monticello, the home of that great document's author, thomas jefferson. "today" national correspondent jenna wolf is there spending 4th of july. good morning. >> good morning. yeah, the country is celebrating a big birthday today. what do you get a country that's got everything? i know what you're thinking, xbox. hear me out. how about a whole group of new
8:10 am
citizens and maybe an xbox. here in monticello the new citizens are drawing thousands of people in from around the world. in order to fully understand american history 101 you have to go back through american history 235, as in 235 years ago. that's when the declaration of independence was adopted. it broke great britain's rule, and it set the stage for what would eventually would become our 50-state nation. and speaking of that declaration, of the 56 signatures, the guy who wrote the he lived here on a sprawling 5,000-acre property called monticello. what was once his home is today a year-round museum. >> after jefferson retires, he's popular. >> reporter: andy marshal is a tour guide here. he first visited the property when he was 7, clearly something stuck. >> jefferson is a guy who starts off with rights you can never be stripped from, life, liberty and
8:11 am
happiness >> reporter: to say he's a fan of our nation's president would be an understatement. have you memorized the declaration of independence? >> when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one political body to dissolve all bands with another. i'm kidding. that's a little obscure. >> reporter: i think he called my bluff. but one day a year monticello is more than a museum. on july 4th it becomes a symbol of american citizenship when it serves as backdrop to the most prideful swearing in ceremony in the country. how symbolic is it to the naturalized here in monticello? think of it this way, it's a difference of getting married in a courthouse and at a grand cathedral. lottie karr was born and raised in czech. she grew up poor with few opportunities. all she ever wanted was a chance so she packed up her life and moved to america for one reason.
8:12 am
>> you know, this is a free country and this is what freedom is. >> reporter: it took ten years for her to become an american citizen, as she puts it, it was one of the most accomplished things she's ever done in her life. >> this is me. this is me, a girl from a little village in czech republic, and now i'm here and i am a citizen. >> reporter: so how has lottie's life changed? well, for one thing, she can vote. she can also serve on a jury. but the big one? she can now brag to people that she's an american citizen. the mendoza family has waited a long time for today's ceremony. after safely making it out of el salvador, jose and jenny have carved out a life for themselves in virginia, with two kids in school and a steady income, the last step will be completing their citizenship today. >> i have come to appreciate the life that my parents have given me and it means a lot to me that they have spared me from having to live the life they lived. >> reporter: it's been a long road for this family, from the
8:13 am
move up to america through the application process, right up to the challenging naturalization test. >> we are very thankful that we came this far. it's a dream. >> reporter: a dream punctuated at this historic site on this historic day. and as the mendoza family, like everyone else celebrating here today, heads off to enjoy their 4th of july festivities, they'll do so for the first time as american citizens. so we are just a few minutes away from the start of the naturalization ceremony. the seats are filling up behind me. there's one empty seat right now, jenny mendoza is going to be there. you met her in the video. jenny, i can only imagine as you get ready to take this oath of citizenship, you must be feeling what? what, nerves, excitement? how do you feel right now? >> i am very excited and nervous as well. but happy to be here. >> happy to be here. and happy to know that when you leave you will be -- >> a u.s. citizen. >> we thank you so much.
8:14 am
all the best. we don't want to take you away from your seat. we're excited for you. congratulations. >> thank you. >> so, willie and savannah, we mentioned in the piece that the naturalization test, the citizenship test, is kind of challenging. i have a few questions here that i would like to send your way. >> savannah is our spokesman, by the way. please just direct them right at her. >> we're going to start with the hard ones. i want to start with the tough ones. you've got to pass this test. number one -- this is on the test. when do we celebrate independence day? >> i got that one. >> willie, do you want to take this one? >> yep, july 4th. >> you know what, he waits for it to slide across the screen. go ahead, jenna. >> nice, guys. i'm celebrating right now. you got that one right. number two, where is the statue of liberty? >> it's right off of new york city, it's right -- right around here. >> new york harbor. >> yeah. >> liberty island. >> yep. savannah, you probably know this and you should, you are a resident attorney.
8:15 am
willie, how many amendments does the constitution have? >> i think i know this. >> for what it's worth, i didn't know these. >> sadly i know this. >> how many? >> 27? >> that is so sad, willie. so sad. >> can i just show you something, jenna? >> it's a little document called the answers to the citizenship test. >> you're not going to turn this on me. you came with this document. she's been studying all morning. she's blaming me for knowing the answers. >> you guys printed out the answers to the citizenship test? i flew down here just for this. >> no. >> i guess you know who was the president during world war i, you probably know that one? >> woodrow wilson. >> who doesn't know that. woodrow wilson. >> we cheated a little bit. >> do you know who the president -- do you know who the president was during the reagan era? >> is that a trick question? do you know what time the 9:00 bus leaves? okay. good. yes. good one. >> i'm on it. so thanks, you guys. >> jenna, great story. good reminder of what this holiday is all about.
8:16 am
so thank you. >> absolutely. jenna, thanks so much. hay happy 4th of july. we're back right after this. that keep him engaged. or the adorable hand crocheting. or the cute sounds for hours of play. it's knowing that they provide all the fun... ...he can possibly handle. the martha stewart pets collection. stylish and innovative products your pet and you... ...will love. available exclusively at petsmart. happiness in store.™ it's real fruit juice; crisp, sparkling water; and no added sugar. and they come in these really cool cans. you want one? i'll wait a bit. all right. mm. refreshing. nicotine cravings make smoking one of the most powerful addictions. try only nicoderm cq has smartcontrol technology...
8:17 am
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8:19 am
oreo fudge cremes. indescribably good. different jobs... ♪ ...different challenges. ♪ different opportunities. ♪ so why would universities stay the same? ♪ university of phoenix, because an educated world is a better world. this morning on today's good news, the soldier that has gone above and beyond the call of duty. nbc's michelle franzen has the touching story. >> good morning.
8:20 am
he says he was in the right place at the right time in afghanistan when he met a boy suffering from a rare and life-threatening birth defect. that boy captured the major's attention and heart. now with the help of doctors and a host family in new jersey, he's thriving and teaching us a few things along the way. at the family home in new jersey, muslam is like any other 7-year-old playing in the back yard. but a few months ago this young boy from afghanistan couldn't have imagined running around like most kids his age. >> he couldn't do anything six months ago but hold his bladder and walk with holding his bladder to protect it. >> reporter: he suffered from a life-threatening birth defect born with his bladder on the outside of his body. he traveled here last fall for a series of corrective operations and is staying with the hoplinger family but he's ready to return. it was the help of a army may jo who made it all possible. they met in afghanistan last
8:21 am
year when his mom desperately reached out for help. >> i stopped and saw muslim, his mom exposed him to me, and she was just distraught with hopelessness. >> reporter: he was part of a civil affairs battalion helping afghans drill wells and rebuild their villages. he even established a boy scout troop in the region. but it was that chance encounter with muslam and his mom that moved him beyond the call of duty. >> it's not something i was trained for. it was part of my mission, to be able to provide and conduct humanitarian assistance. >> reporter: unable to find doctors overseas, he found help in his own backyard, his home state of new jersey at st. barnabas medical center. with the support of the non-profit group healing the chill, he met dr. hannah. one of the few doctors word wide specializing in this rare surgery. >> the fact that you don't get too many boys his age, babies in the first 48 hours of life. you don't get the personality
8:22 am
change in front of you, but this kid, you can see his self-esteem and his personality is becoming more and more. >> reporter: with the new lease on life, muslam now attends school and is learning english. >> that's my friend's house, too. >> he didn't speak one word of english, not one single word of english when he arrived. >> are you having chicken? >> yeah. >> reporter: embracing, too, his american family. his ability to adapt so quickly here in the u.s. and bond with his foster family is bittersweet, that's because it will be all the more difficult for him to say good-bye when it's time for him to make the journey home. >> i think we were both meant to be because i would never let anything ever happen -- i just wouldn't let anything harm him. i just tell him he was lucky to come to us and we were lucky to have him. >> reporter: he plans to reunite him with his family later this year. as for his future, this soldier has high hopes for the bright boy who tugs at his heart. >> he's an amazing little boy.
8:23 am
he's not atypical of any other child in the world. i think with a little love and a little attention, children can really produce. he is going to go home as producer. >> reporter: until then, being a kid is good enough. all the medical and living expenses for muslim is covered through donations and providing by healing the children. they have also all donated their time and cost to give this little boy a new lease on life. savannah? >> michelle, great story, thank you. it's now 8:23. here's willie. >> savannah, thank you. now, let's swing on down to washington, d.c. and check in with mr. willard scott on this 4th of july. hello, willard. >> happy birthday, america. what a country. what a country. and burbank, california, the town johnny carson helped make famous. bob's big boy. oh, my gosh, we love them. 100 years old today. great farming community in the beginning and now the media center of the world.
8:24 am
nbc's fabulous studios are there. ladies be seated "queen for a day," the first show i ever saw and it was in burbank. you're the best. and take a look if you will as the jam jar spins about. as we have margaret dunning, 101. she's a car buff, not only does she like to keep her car clean she does all the mechanical work. she is a whiz. happy birthday. and elwyn jackson of salem, oregon, 100 years old, navy man, we wish you a happy birthday. if you listen to this, please, we have marcus linse. marcus is from marion, iowa. 100 today. and lives independently and still drives his own vehicle. there you go. you can't beat that. and helen mcauliffe from
8:25 am
beautiful north vernon northern, indiana. loves to get all of her hair done and gets it done every week. she is a beautiful lady. and selma pensky of hollywood, florida, is 100 years old today. big sports fan. loves the miami heat. nothing but good times. william doppenberg, orange city, iowa. 100 years old today. married to his beautiful wife for 73 years. how about that? that's all from your beautiful nation's capital. back to new york. up next, delicious desserts from your independence day party. that's after your local news.
8:26 am
good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. police are still working the scene of the b.a.r.t. station after a b.a.r.t. officer shot a man to death. officers responded to a report of a drunk man just before 10:00 last night. witnesses say that the man was carrying a knife and at this point it's not clear what happened in those minutes leading up to the actual shooting. the man was killed at the scene. san francisco police are performing the criminal investigation, trying to determine if b.a.r.t. policies and procedures were followed. it's expected to be reopened sometime this morning.
8:27 am
b.a.r.t. and muni passengers ar 8:26. we'll have a look at the forecast after this.
8:28 am
good morning to you. we're in the 60s across the board, except for santa rosa and novato. holding on to 57 degrees. otherwise, we're warming up nicely under the sun. we're headed towards the upper 90s in the east bay. 99 in fairfield. tri valley will be very, very
8:29 am
warm. if you're looking for cooler weather, san francisco may be the place to watch the fireworks when they go off at 9:306789 forecasting temperatures in the low 60s. 99 degrees tomorrow and a little warmer. then we start to cool off. >> there we go. >> 80s are back. we love the 80s. 82 on friday, laura. much needed break. >> a flashback by friday. big hair in the works. >> oh, yes. blue eyeshadow, let's bring it out. thanks so much for joining us. check out our facebook page.
8:30 am
8:31 am
knchts 8:30 now on this monday morning, the 4th of july, 2011. listening to the patriotic music of the united states air force ceremonial brass. starting our celebration of the nation's 235th birthday outside on the plaza. i'm withly geist along with savannah guthrie and amy robach. just ahead we're going to have a complete holiday guide. >> we've got the music. but what would 4th of july be without fireworks? tonight is the macy's 4th of july spectacular. in a few minutes a preview of this year's host nick lachey is in the studio live. >> we can agree no party is complete without desserts so we're going to get tasty all-american ideas even if you've waited for the very last minute to plan your party. >> first, say a quick hello to the united states air force ceremonial brass. the colonel and their conductor. good morning to you.
8:32 am
happy 4th of july, sir. >> happy 4th to you as well. >> tell us about the role of the brass band on the 4th of july holiday. where all will you be today? >> we're going to be here first to start it off. i couldn't think of a better place to start this wonderful mark in our nation's history. later today we will be down in washington, d.c. come with us. three performances on the mall at the air force memorial and the capital steps and down by the washington monument. >> you say your mission is to inspire. what is it about this music that gets people so excites? >> our mission is three fold. it's to honor those who have served in uniform, to inspire all of our citizens to a heightened sense of patriotism in uniform. and also to impact, positively impact the global community for the united states of america. >> how does your band support the role of the military? >> we are all over the world encouraging our troops every day. in fact, this is a reflection of the excellence that that goes on
8:33 am
every day with our troops. those who are stationed far away in harm's way, often in dangerous conditions. we want to be sure that the folks in this country will always remember them, the job they're doing, and they can count on them to do it with excellence and with precision. >> you've been doing excellence and precision out on the plaza all morning. we would like to invite you to take us out with another song. >> we will, "america the beautiful." >> thank you so much. >> you, as well. ♪
8:34 am
8:35 am
>> all right. sounds a little extra beautiful on the 4th of july, doesn't it? colonel, thank you so much. united states air force ceremonial brass. now for a check on the weather we are looking really good to start you out on this independence day. a nice clear start in oakland. highs only in the low 80s. temperatures right now mostly in the 60s will get a little toasty in the east bay. 97 degrees in con dord, for example. 99 in fairfield. if you're watching the fireworks in the city by the bay, just 77 beautiful degrees. as we head throughout the end of
8:36 am
the week, 82 on friday. willie, send it back to you. >> thanks. coming up next on "today," nick lachey hosting the macy's 4th of july fireworks spectacular tonight. but first, this is "today."
8:37 am
8:38 am
back now at 8:38 on this 4th of july morning with an independence day tradition, the macy's 4th of july fireworks spectacular will light up the new york city skyline tonight with a line-up of performances. if you can't see it in person, watch it here on nbc. nick lachey is this year's host. you're up early. you're going to be up late. >> it's going to be a busy day, but it's going to be a great day. 4th of july tradition. i'm very honored that they asked me to be the host this year. >> you have great musical
8:39 am
performances. you have country singer brad paisley, beyonce is going to be singing. you performed at this. >> i did. >> is it nerve-racking? >> i think any time you perform on a national scale like this on a 4th of july there's a little extra pressure there but it's a lot of fun. the crowd is great. everyone is having a great time. great atmosphere. >> you're looking forward to brad paisley and beyonce, i'm sure. >> two of the biggest names in music so it's great that they're a part of this as well. paying tribute to a couple of great anniversaries. 125th anniversary of the statue of liberty as well as ten-year anniversary of 9/11 which changed the landscape of our country and one we want to reverently pay tribute to as well. >> indeed. this is a live show. no retakes. not to make you nervous or anything, have you been practicing your oohs and aahs for the fireworks? >> ring the fireworks is the easy part. i can sit back and enjoy those. it's fun. i enjoy doing live tv. there's always a little
8:40 am
adrenaline rush when you do that. >> i have to ask you about your pr project "the singoff." it's been such a success going to have a full season this fall. what are you looking forward to? >> we were so pleasantly surprised to hear we got pick up for a full season. it's our little baby. each year expanded a little more. this year with a full 11 or 12 episode season. tribute to the fans who supported the show. we're cited to get back and do it again. >> you have the acappella singers. >> that's one thing is that you can't deny the true talent of these singers, no instrumentation, no backing vocals. you have to respect the amount of talent it takes to pull that off. >> you have a big wedding coming up. >> is that right? >> yeah. have you heard? i just heard you tweeted about it. the wedding is getting expensive. it's a good thing she is worth it. >> i tweeted it a month ago. you should see the bill since
8:41 am
then. no, it's the one day you can justify spending a good deal of money on. you want to look back and know you did it the right way. >> you're going to let the television camera? >> we are. one-time special. not a return to reality tv. i had to squash that rumor. a great way to get a fantastic wedding video out of it attend. it's going to be great. we'll share it with the fans. >> cutting costs. >> that's right. this ties into the whole twitter thing. >> i'm on to you. nick lachey, we'll watch you tonight. reminder, you can catch macy's 4th of july fireworks spectacular tonight 9:00, 8:00 central right here on nbc. still ahead, all american desserts for your independence day party.
8:42 am
8:43 am
education nation today is proudly brought to you by university of phoenix because we believe ian educated world is a
8:44 am
better world. >> back now at 8:43. this morning on education nation today, a young man's story that says so much about our american ideals. he fled war-torn sudan with nothing but the clothes on his back. now he stands tall with an ivy league diploma. here's "today's" correspondent jenna bush haguer. >> when you walk barefoot across the sahara, his feet grows so hard that no sharp object could defeat it. >> reporter: his story is an unlikely one. a young determined boy who dared to dream big. >> it feels good. >> reporter: morris is a graduate of columbia university and a refugee from sudan. he was born during the civil war that turned children into soldiers. 2 million people were killed. another 4 million displaced. morris and his family were forced to flee their homeland. when you were 5 your mom took
8:45 am
you and six of your brothers and sisters on what is one of the most dangerous treks in the world. >> yes. >> can you tell me a little bit about that? >> i remember mostly was just us moving, running at night to a different trek or so, transportation tracks, that were going back and forth from kenya to sudan. >> reporter: they traveled for weeks through the desert finally reaching safety at a kenyan refugee camp. >> you are living with people who escaped harsh living and working conditions. you don't really see a lot going anywhere. they don't see anything else but just hope fading away in a sense. >> reporter: but morris did find hope. at 16 he was lucky enough to be sent to america by a catholic charity, starting a new life with carol's foster family in a place very different from home, syracuse, new york. >> carrying this little tiny backpack. i thought, my goodness, where are their suitcases or their clothes. come to find out, they had the clothes on their back, so that's
8:46 am
all they came with. >> reporter: morris embraced the challenge of his new life. what was it like being 16 years old, stepping off the plane to a totally different country and culture? >> it was tough. in kenya i could actually still relate to people, but the united states was a different world. >> reporter: he studied hard to catch up with his new classmates, spending nights, weekends, and summers taking extra classes. he graduated third in his class and earned a full scholarship to columbia university. and what about learning english? you're pretty fluent and perfect now. >> i wouldn't say that. it took a lot of practice. i watched a lot of shows like "seinfeld." >> "seinfeld"? >> yes, i watched that, too. >> you can thank jerry seinfeld if your english. he thrived in columbia where he majored in bio engineering finding another home in the school's lab. >> great work, both in his classes, which has been really
8:47 am
challenging, as well as research projects, knowing what he's actually had to overcome makes it really that much more of an aspiring story. >> reporter: morris hasn't seen his mom and siblings in nine years. phone calls to kenya rarely go through. and now you talk to your mom on the telephone as often as possible? >> yes. sometimes phone calls just end up being only just crying all through, but when i'm on the phone with her i feel like i'm in a different world. you know, i have that connection with her. >> reporter: he later reached his mom to tell her about a very special day and a very special diploma. and morris' big plans for medical school and a return one day to africa. what was going through your mind when you walked across that stage? >> a lot of things crossed my mind. i felt like i was working with a lot of people, i felt like i was walking with me friend, my mom, my brothers and sisters. it was one of the happiest moments in my life. >> reporter: one man living for those he's left behind. his strength and his words from
8:48 am
a childhood poem. >> his feet grow so hard that no sharp object could defeat it. no soft sand can fry. no phones can penetrate it. when he makes a move, it's so harsh but so humble that you can breathe the air of braveness. >> reporter: for "today," jenna bush hager, nbc news, new york. >> jenna, thanks for that terrific story. up next, quick and easy desserts to serve at your july 4th bash. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
today's kitchen is brought to you by oreo fudge cremes. >> back now with "today's" kitchen step-by-step. if you have a crowd coming today, whip up the patriotic dessert dish they will love and will travel well. here to tell us a few ideas, ann thornton, pastry chef extraordinai extraordinaire. you're starting with one we lov love,s mores. >> how do you pick a dessert that will travel well, won't melt. it's hot today. >> that's what everything is about today, delicious, portable desserts. since most of us are going to cookouts and barbecues, you want it to travel well and taste delicious and look good. starting off with smores. we have two packets of graham
8:51 am
crackers. throw in some sugar. >> we need more sugar. >> a little pinch of salt. and then, get you going on this, this is so easy. if you don't have a little food processor you can always use a zip top bag and go do town on it and break it up. >> you're making the crust. most of us just put it in the marshmallow straight on. >> yes. >> kindergarten version of it. >> yes. we're going to grow it up a little bit here and add butter and sugar and salt. we're making it taste that much better. throw it in here, if i can get it off. there we go. willie, can i put you on a job? >> please. >> will you stir our chocolate. >> put him to work. >> exactly. i'm sure you can do that well. that's over a double boiler. two sticks of melted butter. pour that in there. you're going for the consistency of wet sand. this is a great thing to bring the kids into the kitchen to do.
8:52 am
there's no real heat at this point. mix it together. >> you have the foil in the pan and will you bake that? >> exactly right. we have our little pan here. look at you. >> lucky guess. >> yoput it right in here. stir it up. kind of like a wet sand. >> are these hershey's kiss snes. >> no, chocolate chips. milk chocolate chips. >> would hershey's kisses work? >> why not? sounds like a great idea. yeah. exactly. then you just take this here and you can use your hands or pat it down. >> how long do you have to bake it? >> 350 for about -- like seven to ten minutes. when it starts to smell like a delicious graham cracker you know you're ready. we baked some earlier. but first i'm going to add a grown-up taste to it. a pinch of smokey chipotle powder group get that camp fire feel. >> what is the best way to melt your chocolate without burning it? i think a lot of people run into that problem. >> really good question. most people like to melt it in
8:53 am
the microwave and you can do that if you melt half of it and add the solid chips to the other half and mix them together or the double boiler. just water and a heat-proof boil right over that steaming water. >> i have to tell you this is so much more sophisticated than my smores where you jam the marshmall marshmallow, light it on fire. >> safer in new york city. >> important tip. >> travels well. >> travels beautifully. exactly. and the best thing is you can keep some for july 5th. i always store a few in my house for that. three cups of milk chocolate. >> spreading it over? >> spreading it over. >> look at willie. handy in the kitchen. >> who knew, right? get him to work in the green room. >> just don't try to get him to do the dishes. >> omelets, all kinds of stuff. short order cook in the morning. perfect. as soon as he's finished -- beautiful, great job. and this is really fun.
8:54 am
go ahead -- >> oh, yeah. >> put it all over there. >> now, if you save some of the crumbs you can go back over it. i'm being so fancy and delicate. my kitchen it just gets thrown. kind of pressed in. then you can throw some more. sometime reserve half a cup of crumbs, sprinkle them on top. i forgot to do it. if you do forget it, don't worry about it. and then you let it set up in the refrigerator. it gets nice and hard. >> you don't bake it again, put it in the refrigerator. >> yes. >> the reason we have the foil like this, the overhang, is so we can put it right out, in theory, perfect. >> quickly, tell us what else you have made here? >> please. quality control. i have my chocolate chip caramel ice cream sandwiches. cookies. and then we roll them, put vanilla ice cream in between two cookies and pretzels. mini cherry pies we made in muffin tins and lemon squares.
8:55 am
perfect portable desserts. >> shall we taste these? >> please do. >> amy turned up. >> does somebody want to dare to try the ice cream sandwich? >> i will. >> willie. great. >> of course. >> what are these? >> i'm going to try the cherry pie, i think. >> okay. all american, right? >> how long did it take you to make? how long? >> for this, 15 minutes. >> you you can do it today. >> today. i'm going to go home and make a >> t le y >> thaou y.. >> happy 4th of july.
8:56 am
good morning to you. 8:56. more trouble for a small san jose school disstrict. for the second time in three years, the civil grand jury has issued a critical report on the luther burbank school district. they allege that the school district wasted $900,000 on
8:57 am
consultant. it says tsrueest governed poorly and conducted business in secret. a look at the forecast right after this. ♪
8:58 am
[ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. welcome back just two minutes before 9:00. concord, 67 degrees. 66 in livermore. well on your way to 99 degrees later on today. but just 77 degrees in the city. fire work time, 90 -- 9:30. i'm talking about temperatures in the low 60s at the coast,
8:59 am
laura. so really comfortable this evening. >> perfect for a the lof folks. thank you very much. for the latest updates, check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. another local news update in half an hour. see you then. with 70 state parks on the budget chopping block, our latest editorial urges you to support sb 580 and parks are the most essential commons and we all simply cannot allow them to be closed, period. but jeannie reminds us, we voted on supporting our parks in november and decided we wanted money in our pockets, more than we wanted our parks to remain open. it calls for private public partnerships. not only is it time to think outside the box, it appears we need a new box.
9:00 am
richard argues against ab 42, saying it will display state workers, part time and permanent. no matter how you slice it, they onrswike tleni uornt w ppth volunteers. thank you for your comments. join us at nbc editorials. back now with more of "today" on this independence monday morning, 4th of july, 2011. beautiful sunny day for all the visitors here in new york and on our plaza enjoying the long holiday weekend. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie aalong with nbc's willie geist. the rest of the gang has the day off so it's willie and i. you're stuck with us. and coming up in a few minutes, what a trial in florida. the casey anthony case. today the jury will begin deliberating on this case. they're considering whether casey anthony murdered her 2-year-old daughter caylee or whether she accidentally drowned, as the defense has argued. so did the prosecutors meet
9:01 am
their burden of proof? we're going to have the latest on that. >> and on the flip side of independence day, we're going to talk about the british royals. their canadian honeymoon continues right now, in fact, with huge crowds turning out to see britain's prince william and princess catherine. the captivating couple visited quebec city on sunday ahead of their u.s. trip later this week. we'll have a live report coming up. then, if you're preparing to party a little bit -- >> why do you look at me when you say that in. >> have a couple drinks, maybe something to eat here on the 4th of july, we've got you some pretty good reasons to indulge just a little bit. we'll tell you about some small everyday changes that can have a lasting impact on your weight loss. >> all right. and some last-minute party ideas if you are headed off to a 4th of july party or hosting a 4th of july party. but before we get into all of that, let's check in with amy robach, who's in for natalie at the news desk this morning. good morning. >> good morning, savannah and willie. outrage is spilling over in montana. a break in an exxonmobil pipeline has contaminated the yellowstone river and put oil executives at odds with the
9:02 am
governor over the real extent of the damage. exxonmobil says the oil is limited to a ten-mile stretch of the river. the governor saying it's too soon to tell. right now the u.s. coast guard is searching for at least six people after a fishing boat carrying 44 people capsized off the coast of mexico's baja california near san felipe. coast guard spokeswoman pam lowe beohland joins us from california. do we know what the status is yet of the 27 americans who were on board? do we know what their condition is at this point? >> good morning, amy. no. right now we know that 37 people who were aboard that ship are safe. the coast guard is preparing to conduct a search with the mexican navy for the six remaining unaccounted for people. >> and pamela, we are getting word from the mexican navy. they are reporting that at least one american may be dead. do you have any information surrounding, that or can you confirm that? >> yeah, we received a report that there was one fatality as a
9:03 am
result of the accident but we have no news about what nationality that person may be. >> pamela boehland with the u.s. coast guard. we appreciate it. thank you. prosecutors in orlando today get the final word before jury deliberations on casey anthony's fate. nbc's kerry sanders has more now from the courthouse. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: amy, prosecutors have the last word. a rebuttal to the defense's closing argument. this was all supposed to wrap up yesterday, but then there was an unplanned moment that unfolded in front of the jury. casey anthony is accused of the premeditated murder of her daughter caylee. but sunday, with the stakes at their highest, the personality conflicts between defense attorney jose baez and prosecutor jeff ashton that have long peppered this trial exploded. >> he can get up here and lie all he wants and dance around the truth, but the truth is the truth and he -- and depending on who's asking the questions, whether it's this laughing guy right here or whether it's myself -- >> objection.
9:04 am
>> sustained. >> approach the bench. >> reporter: it stopped the trial cold. the jury was ordered out of the room. >> enough is enough. >> reporter: a distracting sideshow in the first-degree murder case that the state told jurors it has proven. in their closings, with casey anthony looking toward the jurors and the prosecutor, ashton stitched 33 days of evidence into a story. beginning with a silent video. >> when you have a child, that child becomes your life. this case is about the clash between that responsibility and the expectations that go with it and the life that casey anthony wanted to have. >> reporter: the life casey wanted, ashton said, was a life without responsibilities. >> so she has a choice.
9:05 am
a life tethered to a child or a life free to be 22. >> reporter: as to the defense george, covered it up, prosecutor ashton said the only way to conclude that was to suspend common sense. >> it is a trip down a rabbit hole into a bizarre world where men who love their granddaughters find them drowned and do nothing. >> the greatest crime lab in the country -- >> reporter: in his closing defense attorney jose baez fired back. >> they gave you two weeks of testimony that was completely irrelevant and served only one casey anthony as a slut, as a party girl, as a girl who lies, and has absolutely nothing to do with how caylee died. >> reporter: baez called the state's evidence of duct tape
9:06 am
>> cause of death, unknown. and that's where the science ends. that's it. and that's where we are here today. how did caylee die? they want to tell you it's a homicide without telling you how. >> reporter: how long will it unknown. amy? orlando. thank you. and it was the biggest owing weekend at the box office so far this year, and "transformers: dark of the moon" had the top spot, bringing in $97.4 million. "cars 2" fell into second place. and "bad teacher" came in third. it's now six minutes past the hour. let's go back to willie. >> all right, amy. thank you very much. al has the day off. so we go down the plaza to the weather channel's maria larosa for a look at the forecast. hey, maria. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. it's a typical summer day in new york city, but how would you describe it? >> it's a little bit humid.
9:07 am
>> it's a little bit humid. he knows about it. he's from texas. but it's happy birthday, america. also happy birthday, kelly. 30th birthday. so whatever you have going on today, whether it's a birthday celebration or barbecue, here's the forecast for you across the country. we've got showers and thunderstorms along the boundary from the mississippi valley to the ohio valley across the southeast and also the southwest. be on the lookout for severe storms in the northern plains. tonight, forecast for the fireworks across the country, looks pretty good. a spotty shower here and there across the northern plains and the southeast. but the 4th of july in new york mostly clear, on the warm side, temps near well, our fireworks display is pretty nice weather tonight at 9:30. north bay, south bay, upper 70s, low 80s in the east bay and the city of san francisco, low 60s. similar to where we are right now. 60 degrees in san francisco, 65 in livermore. 67 in concord. on your way to 90 degrees later
9:08 am
on. after we get through tomorrow, we start to drop off and the 80s come back into the mix. hope you have a great, safe holiday. >> savannah, back inside to you. >> all right, maria, thank you. and now to william and kate, who are charming canadians with their royal glamour. nbc's special correspondent ben fogle is in prince edward island following the duke and duchess every step of the way on their trip. ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. happy july fourth. well, it's been a weekend of duty, patriotism, and of course glamour for william and kate here in canada. kate continues to dazzle the crowd with her accessible fashion. and their arrival here on prince edward island tops a whirlwind of activities that began in english-speaking ottawa and ended in the french-speaking provinces. canadians are going wild for the royal couple. prince william and princess catherine continue to draw massive crowds everywhere they go. kate's fashion style is on full
9:09 am
display at each stop. the duchess dazzled in a cobalt blue dress by a canadian designer at the interfaith church service aboard the "hmcs montreal" monday morning. prayers were said for the members of the armed forces. they also visited a local youth center to take part in a magic show. it was one of many fetching frocks that sent onlookers throughout the world into a frenzy over the weekend. on friday, hundreds of thousands turned out for canada day celebrations in ottawa to see prince william and for many, more importantly, kate, who wore white with a red maple leaf hat, adding to the canadian patriotism. kate once again showed off her fashion accessibility with this dress, an affordable one she famously wore for her engagement photo.
9:10 am
later, the duchess radiated in a regal purple dress at evening celebrations. weekend stops in french canada included montreal and quebec city. here some feared a repeat of the reception received by prince charles two years ago from violent anti-monarchy protesters. the protests were smaller than many expected. outside this children's hospital, royal admirers lined up hours in advance for a glimpse of the glamorous couple. >> sort of have more of a common touch as william's mom did. >> they're warm. they make us feel good. >> reporter: late saturday at a culinary academy in montreal, william and kate gave cooking a try. only kate could turn a kitchen into a catwalk. sunday evening william and kate arrived in canada's smallest province, prince edward island, known for its beaches and its
9:11 am
seafood. observers say canada is experiencing a royal renaissance. >> there's no doubt that william and kate certainly lifted everything about the monarchy. she's a stunning girl, and with william you have the diana factor, too. >> reporter: well, you can probably see and hear behind me the preparations for the imminent arrival of the duke and duchess. they're now halfway through their canadian tour, and of course by the end of this week they'll be heading south to the united states for their california leg, where they hope to wow america. it may be independence day, but you can't get rid of us that easily. savannah. >> well, i don't think we want to. all right. ben fogle, thank you. camilla tawminey is a royal expert for the "sunday express." good morning. >> good morning, savannah. happy independence day. >> thank you. it's wonderful to see these
9:12 am
pictures. kate and william seem to be thronged like rock stars in canada. what has been the reception? >> it couldn't have been warmer really, savannah. they've been cheered. kate's name has been chanted. people have cried out of the crowd, "we love you, kate, you're beautiful." i think they've gone down a storm here, and kate particularly, with that amazing succession of outfits from maple leaf hats to purple dresses, hair up, hair down, high-heeled shoes, everyone's been loving it. i think they've come down an absolute storm. >> she looks amazing on every stop, and i understand that she's got a stylist working for her. her name is kate middleton. she picks all these outfits herself. >> exactly. everyone keeps asking, who is styling this girl, where is she getting her wardrobe ideas from? and actually, it's all coming from her. we understand she's had some personal shoppers at some key department stores back in london, but actually, she is very much doing her own styling and her own fashion, and that has endeared her really to the public here because if she's
9:13 am
picking the dresses that everyone's loving it all seems quite down to earth and quite low-key. >> one thing i know you've talked about is that kate seems to have a way with people, a gentle touch, a gentle manner with people, the way diana did. >> definitely. of course, comparisons are always going to be made with the late princess, but what kate is very good at is that she's a natural at making people feel as if they're the only people in the world she's talking to. and that's a classic royal trait. and kate and william are very good as well at making good conversation. going along the line, we had a joke with her last night that we wouldn't shake her hand because she's shaken so many hands in the last few days. and she's very much a natural. she's very down to earth. and she's a very kind girl, and she's genuinely interested in the people she's meeting here. >> and they've done everything from these official government visits to even taking a cooking class. and i understand they're going to get some alone time together. is that right? >> they are getting some lone time in the rocky mountains. and there's been some rumors
9:14 am
about kate wanting to start a family soon. so no doubt the british press were certainly being cheeky with what they might do in their 24 hours. they wanted some down time. it's been very hectic here. kate said last night she wasn't too tired. but i know we're all exhausted. so she'll probably want to put her feet up and then prepare herself of course for coming to america. and that is going to be a whole new chapter in the kate story. >> indeed. well, america awaits. camilla tominey, it's good to talk to you this morning. thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, small changes that can make a big difference in your waistline. and later, how to save money on car rentals before you hit the road this summer. but first, these messages. e. h it can be the side effect of many medications. dry mouth can be frustrating... and ignoring it can lead to... sipping water can help, but dentists recommend biotene. biotene moisturizes and helps supplement some of saliva's enzymes, providing soothing relief when you need it most.
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9:18 am
this morning on small steps to a healthier you, little ways to lose big. it's not always about joining a gym or drastically cutting your calories. sometimes small everyday changes can help you shed some pounds. the doctor is the contributing medical editor to "health" magazine. dr. raj, good morning. >> good morning. >> it isn't always huge changes, especially if you want to keep them around and not just be a fad diet exactly. i love it because a lot of people think they have to overhaul their entire way of life. it's not true. doing small little steps can make big differences. >> readers wrote in with some of those small tips that they have. >> right. >> they were great. one of those readers wrote in about breakfast. how important is breakfast when it comes to weight loss? >> well, you know, a lot of people think, i want to lose weight. let me skip one meal, breakfast. just as your mom always said, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. studies have shown they end up gaining weight, not losing weight. you want to have a good
9:19 am
foundation in the morning, breakfast with protein, high fiber because it helps you feel full during the day and less likely to snack and eat more calorie-rich foods. >> keep it around 300 calories? >> yeah. and make sure you have healthy fats. nuts are great. protein, whether it's eggs or whole grains are very good, cereals, fruit is an excellent way to do it. it doesn't have to be a long drawn-out affair. rushing out, grabbing an apple, instant oatmeal. >> when it comes to working out, life can get in the way. it is a huge commitment of time. squeezing in a sit-up here, push-up here, jumping jack there, does it help? >> one of our readers at "health" did write in with this. make sure you get concentrated time. 20 minutes three to five times a week is what the studies have shown help to improve your health and lose weight. little things, it doesn't have to be in the gym. park further away from work. take the stairs instead of the elevator.
9:20 am
>> what about picking a you new gym class to help stimulate your exercise routine which can tend to get boring. >> i have so many patients tell me i want to exercise but i don't want to be on the treadmill, it's too morning. zumba is one one of our readers talked about. belly dancing. going outside and taking a hike. swimming is a wonderful way to exercise. >> things that don't feel like exercise that are. >> they can be fun. >> as was just evidenced down at the plaza, dessert is a weakness. >> it is. >> what types of small changes can you make? >> if you are a dessert lover, i am as well, during the day make sure you're snacking at least is healthy. so you don't want to take in a lot of calories during the day if you're doing to have dessert at night. e edimame is a soy rich thing to snack on. >> plan ahead if you're going to eat dessert. i love the small change one "health" reader passed along to you. she and her co-workers used to go to happy hour at a restaurant
9:21 am
after work, which is common, instead they turned it into a sweaty hour? >> yes. they go for a walk or hike together or take a class together. you still want to have the social time with your friends but it is better for you not to consume so many calories with the fried foods or alcohol. but alcohol in moderation, one drink a day has health benefits. but packing on a lot of pounds with drinks with your friends is not a good idea. >> purge your kitchen? >> this is so important. one of our readers said she doesn't stock her kitchen anymore with the unhealthy foods which is great. even if you do have unhealthy foods, out of sight, out of mind. keep them in opaque containers. >> dr. raj, thank you so much. still to come, some last-minute ideas to impress your 4th of july guest it is you're throwing a party today. but first, these messages. [ female announcer ] now, give dry, damaged hair a whole new life!
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9:24 am
still ahead, tips for saving
9:25 am
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9:26 am
brooke... okay. i wear yoga pants because i am too lazy for real pants. that's my tide. what's yours? good morning to you. 9:26 on this fourth of july. i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots of great things to do and places to go in independence holiday. there will be a rose red white and blue parade at 10:00 this morning. the parade kicks off at west san carlos and shasta avenue and winds through the guard innablgd and ends near shasta avenue. among those taking part, chuck reed and his wife. the fourth of july parade will kick off in just a few hours. the it will start at webster street and starts this morning at 10:00. more than 170 entries and 2500
9:27 am
participants will mampl along the three-mile course. and in san francisco, for a spectacular fireworks display, check out the city's waterfront show. it will take place at 9:30 tonight from aquatic park all the way down to pier 39. it will be closed to the public. boats will not be allowed to enter the lagoon from 1:00 until 10:00 tonight. other events happening around the bay, some of them are on your screen. you can see san francisco's fireworks from the deck of the uss horn net in alameda tonight. $25 for adults. a show starts at 9:30 as well at foster city. berkeley marina, 9:30 and milpitas, the fireworks show starts about 9:30 as well. don't forget, the fireworks show oinilot g morgan hill. park.
9:28 am
a lot gng oion. what will the weather hold? we'll check in a minute.
9:29 am
welcome back. 97 degrees. that's the forecasted high in concord. kind of warm today. down right hot in the east bay. 77 in san francisco. 83, a beautiful beach day in santa cruz. 94 in los gatos. the good news is, after we get through tomorrow, we're going to cool off, back to the 80s. friday into the weekend, laura, better weather on the way. >> looks great. can't complain. thank you very much. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. another local news update in half an hour. have a great morning.
9:30 am
♪ that is country music star blake shelton singing his hit song "honeybee." that's what all the buzz will be here on "today" when he takes center stage right here on the plaza. if you're neighborhood, stop on by. meanwhile, planning a family road trip this summer? >> absolutely not. >> it's going to be exciting.
9:31 am
we've got some important tip on how to make them perhaps a little bit more pleasant and how the to get the wheels for a steal when it comes to car rentals. tip, avoid renting at the airport. >> all right. then your guests are coming over in a matter of hours and you haven't planned anything. sounds like me. i think i got that out of my playbook. don't worry. great ideas for your last-minute 4th of july bash. everything from simple table decorations to red, white, and blue food ideas and games. >> grill, three different kinds of burgers. everything from asian to vegetarian. i'll give a hint. one has a fried egg on it. >> oh, my. >> we're going to get into that. before we go any further, the check of the weather. maria, good morning. >> good morning, guys. good morning, everyone. patriotic crowd enjoying the 4th in new york city. take a look at the forecast. we do have a chance for a few isolated thunderstorms from the ohio valley to the southeast and
9:32 am
parts of the southwest. severe weather possible in the northern plains. it is going to be hot just about everywhere. i-75 in s good morning to you. the clear sky we have over the south bay right now will continue into tonight making for perfect visibility this evening when you watch the fireworks. 99 degrees this afternoon. livermore on the warm side. 90 degrees in santa rosa. 83 in santa cruz and 94 in los gatos. as we head throughout tomorrow, warmer unfortunately. we'll add on 5 to 7 degrees on average. but then we start to drop off and it gets very comfortable. 87 inland on thursday and 82 on friday. savannah, back to you. coming up next, how to get the best deals when renting some summer wheels. [ female announcer ] what if your natural beauty could be flawless too?
9:33 am
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9:36 am
this morning on "today's" consumer how to save on karcar rental s. the summer driving season is when rental prices peak, typically up 20% to 25%, plus all the add-ones and sure changes. how do you cut costs to keep you from getting off your budget in vera gibbons is here. happy 4th of july. see the shoes. tip our cap to the shoes. >> i only wear them once and it's always on the 4th of july. >> fantastic. we were just talking. renting a car nowadays is an expensive proposition. how bad is it? >> abrams consulting group say it's $80 a day a week week in advance on a mid-size car. weekly rate, $111. >> so where do we begin if we want to find a deal?
9:37 am
>> cast a wide net. start with the car rental companies themselves and then twitter and facebook and all that stuff. rentalcarmama is a good one. there's a bunch of different sides out there. they have promotional codes. 10%, 20%, 30% off. price line and hotwire. if you don't mind paying and then there's auto/which i love because that searches the web automatically, finds the coupon codes, bluplugs them in, and th rates change you will get those lower rates. it will go over and over again and plug in those prices. >> a lot of us rent the cars at the airport. you say that's not a good place. >> it's convenient, willie, but not a good place. if you rent off-airport you could conceivably save up to $30 a day. it's not the convenient way to go but you are going to save. if you rent from an off-brand
9:38 am
company, nonhousehold name such as ace, fox, payless, you could conceivably save up to 40 a day. will do it all for you. >> you don't lose anything with quality or safety? >> no, they're fine if you don't mind. >> okay. then there comes that moment when you rent the car and the clerk says, do you want the extra insurance with sort of that guilt in the voice? are you sure you're willing to ti take the risk. do you need to buy extra insurance? >> if you have auto insurance you're probably all set. same coverage, same deductible, same everything. call your auto insurance company and ask them are there limit takeses, any restrictions? you also want to check with your credit card company about the secondary coverage and see what's offered there because most of these credit card company s do offer that secondary coverage that kicks in after your primary. but here's the thing. as you mentioned, i mean, 25% of consumers according to one survey actually get to the
9:39 am
counter and end up buying insurance because they don't know what they have and 15% do it because they ask. >> you say ask for discounts. how do you go about doing that with a car rental company? >> there are discounts available if you're a member of aaa, costco, aarp. talking about 5% to 10%, nol not a significant discount but every little bit helps. >> the other moment at the counter, do you want the gas option, do you want to fill it up on your way back or pay for a full tank right here and there? what's the right play there? >> absolutely not. a couple of months ago these national car companies were charging $9 a gallon to fill your car. >> $9? >> prices were higher a couple of months ago. in that $4 a gallon range. prices have come down. best option no matter what is to fill it up yourself. some people go for the prepaying. it's convenient. prices are a little more competitive. unless you use up every little
9:40 am
last bit of gas. not the way to go. >> takes a little extra time but might be worth it. >> exactly right, willie. >> great tips. even better shoes, if you don't mind me saying stop. >> happy 4th of july. up next, last-minute party ideas so your ofth of july part goes off with without a bang. now?! [ female announcer ] crest whitestrips two hour express. in just two hours you can have a noticeably whiter smile that lasts for months. hi. hi. [ female announcer ] two hour whitestrips from crest. life opens up when you do.
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it's all about me. love that. get care 1on1 and talk savings, safety, and side effects when you transfer or fill a new, ongoing prescription. i'm laura, and this is my cvs. it's all mine. ♪ ♪ bye-bye miss american pie this morning on happy 4th of july today, throwing a last-minute party. if you're running around today trying to put together a red, white, and blue party, don't fear, we have elizabeth mayhew here, editor and chief of "woman's day" magazine. thanks for being with us. >> thank you.
9:44 am
inexpensive, too. because obviously this is the last minute. you could be paying more. but we are sending you to the grocery store, hardware store, michael's, very convenient. most stores are going to be open until like 5:00 today but call beforehand if you're really pushing it to the last minute. >> good to know. we'll start with the table setting. i love what you've done here. very inexpensive. like you said, things you can get at the grocery store, correct? >> or you may even have around your house. we started with the table. you can either use cloth or red paper. then we actually just took white electrical tape or white gaffer's tape and made stripes. your kids could do it. >> it looks really good, too. >> it's that easy. and then for placemats, all we did at michael's we brought the kind of paper that you use for scrapbooking and then just with a star hole punch punched some stars in the sides. >> your kids could help with that. they'd have fun. >> all of this is super kid friendly. we even used chinet plates from the grocery store. cups from the grocery store. and you just use things like twine and, you know, things you have around the house to kind of give it a lift.
9:45 am
>> candles and all of these hurricane lamps can be so expensive, and i love what you've done with mason jars. >> mason jars, colored sand, and just pop the candle in it. your kids can get creative with it. if you want to get creative with the electrical tape make stripes around it. these are white vases. we just put red, white, and blue stripes around it. what's so easy about, it it's easy to tear, easy to put on, and easy to throw away. >> exactly. and these flowers, too, those can get very expensive. you just grabbed some stuff at michael's. you said they were $1 apiece. >> $1 a bunch. not even apiece. $1 a bunch. stick them in. red, white, and blue. you can use them again next year. if you're not crafty, we have the great lanterns. $7.99 on sale at pier one. you can run to the store today and get those. and then just we used obviously little flags, if you have those around, put those in the colored sand as well. fortunately, we don't have a lot of wind today but the sand keeps everything grounded. >> the sand does keep it all together. if you're going to be a guest at someone's party, a lot of times
9:46 am
you like to bring a favor or at least bring something, and red, white, and blue themed food is very big. >> you know, what it's summer. so berries are the perfect thing. red, white, and blue. we made this fun bouquet out of using berries. get your kids involved. mini cupcakes. store-bought mini cupcakes. all you do is stick them on bamboo skewers. i took this tub i got at home goods -- >> styrofoam underneath, right? >> cut a piece of styrofoam, which again i got at michael's. cut it in. maybe you have some around the house. and then just bamboo skewers, let the kids have fun. >> i like the blueberries. it looks like a tub full of blueberries. >> exactly. but there's actually styrofoam underneath it. >> so pretty. >> then just in terms of a drink, we did a red lemonade. you can get the recipe at think of using frozen blueberries instead of ice cubes. it doesn't dilute it and it gives you that red, white and blue kick you want. >> all the adults are still eating and drinking and making merry, we need to keep the kids busy. right? >> right. we thought this is really fun.
9:47 am
it's glow in the dark chalk. so let your kids design anywhere. it washes right off. again, we got this at michael's, or you can get it at target. anywhere. you know, a big box store. >> that's fun. >> also just fun games. these fold up flat. they're at target. they're $40 each. tic tac toe or a little, you know, basket. you do kind of a carnival theme and let the kids have fun. >> and of course you have the red, white, and blue there too to make it all very festive. >> and you and i have red, white, and blue. >> we match very nicely. great ideas as always. thanks so much. happy 4th of july. coming up, speaking of celebrating the 4th of july, we have burgers, three different ways. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:48 am
9:49 am
this morning on "today's" kitchen step-b
9:50 am
this morning on "today's" kitchen step-by-step, burgers three days. we all know it's a july 4th staple but the chef, aka stan the cooking guy, is showing off his independent spirit by getting outside the burger box. we've got three different burgers, they're kind of unusual. >> if they can't find a burger they like, they have major problems. >> how did you come up with these? >> i love a burger but sometimes i like to go a little different. the first one is an asian-inspired one. i love it. i'm from canada, vancouver, lots of chinese food. i love stuff like this. your job first. >> oh, my gosh, i have a job. >> you're going to mix the glaze. hoisin sauce, which you can find at any supermarket. put a big tablespoon of the chili sauce in with it. simple, right? you just mix those. >> oh, my gosh, even i can do this. >> this is beef with ginger, garlic, salt, pepper, scallions. just to give it a nice little flavor inside the burger. right? >> i see. what do i do with this? >> that's going to start to go on the burger. once it's been cooked, anything sweet, sweet sauces and stuff, you don't put on until you start to flip it. >> oh, okay.
9:51 am
now, is there some special technique to shaping your burger patty? >> i think the key really, savannah, is you want to get it so it's even. too big on one side, too small on the other, it's not going to cook evenly and you're going to end up with dry or not cooked enough. just like this. i like to drizzle a tiny bit of olive oil on just to it's got something to help it. >> yeah. >> and then boom, on it goes. right? >> and then we have coleslaw. are you putting that on the burger or are you putting it on the side? >> no, we're going to put it on top. here's one. you can smell the spiciness. the hoisin is like a chinese barbecue sauce sort of. >> okay. >> off this guy will come. >> that's the last step. what kind of bun is this? >> that's a beautiful brioche bun that the wizards here found for me. >> okay. >> and this is a broccoli slaw. you can buy this already done. all i've done is added some mayonnaise to it and some cess p/e oil to just kick along the whole little asian thing. it's gorgeous, right? >> it's absolutely beautiful. >> it's not the same thing. >> let's move on.
9:52 am
we have a vegetarian burger. >> don't call it that. people are going to think it's lousy. it's a veggie burger. but when you think of when you have a -- >> a delicious veggie burger? >> no, you say veggie burger and people think of that preformed patty made out of nuts and twigs and -- >> i microwave that, right? >> and old pairs of birkensto s birkenstocks. and that's not what it is. >> what is it? >> take a spoon. you're going to mix some pesto in with some soft goat cheese. and all we've done, you see we've grilled some vegetables. >> am i just stirring it around? >> yes. absolutely. but better than that, you want it to combine. >> so i'm not good at it is what you're saying? >> no, you're actually terrible at it. you're still new out here. i'll cull you a little slack. >> thank you, sam. >> you're welcome. you can just put it on the bottom of the bun. put a nice layer of it on there. it's simple. the veggies, if you can't grill a veggie you've got major problems. >> so it's really not that you're making a veggie patty. >> right. >> you are just putting some vegetables on a bun. >> yeah, but grilled and amazing. we've got eggplant. we've got yellow pepper. we've got red pepper.
9:53 am
we've got carrot slices here. >> yes. >> and some beautiful red onion. >> what kind of bun did you use there for this? >> it's a ciabatta roll. really nice one. we can cut this nicely right here. >> this was just pesto and goat cheese? >> yes. it's gorgeous inside. >> it is. beautiful. >> beautiful color. it's not that compressed wooden product that no one wants to eat. >> we've got to get to the last burger. this is a turkey burger with, wait for it, a fried egg. >> so turkey is inherently dry. right? so here's what we've done. we have some barbecue sauce that we add -- sorry, some steak sauce we add to this. steak seasoning. it's already done. that's just for show. >> sorry. i got excited. >> then you cook the burger. >> yes. >> and there is one -- >> over there? >> yes. >> okay. you just grill it up. same patty routine we did over there. >> and we're using an english muffin just to change it up a little bit. you don't want to do the same thing all the time. right? so it goes on there. and now we're going to add some caramelized red onions that are going to go on top. we're trying to add flavor. >> hi.
9:54 am
>> we came to watch the finished product. >> when do we get the fried egg? >> it's like the land of the giants around here. >> exactly. >> except for me. >> and then the fried egg goes right on top. so the grilled onions add some moisture. the steak sauce adds some moisture. and then you can't go wrong with a fried egg on top of a burger. >> oh, my god. it looks delicious. >> who doesn't love that? top it. and then the beautiful part -- >> messy. >> let's do it. big finish. we have five seconds. thank you so much. you can find these recipes on >> gorgeous. beautiful. d't ng the time. >> don't. don't do that. >> thank you. >> yummy. has the average guy on the street ever lifted a gravy
9:55 am
9:56 am
stain from an otherwise pristine wall-to-wall? or granted the christmas dreams of twins whose only wish was the shine of a professionally-cleaned hardwood floor? well, i have seen the glory of steam-cleaned kitchen tile in the early morning hours! i have saved floors. i have lived! also, we'll be passing a card around for carl. please sign it. ♪call 1-800-steemer. good morning to you. 9:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. richmond police and sheriff deputies are investigating a string of shootings overnight. the gunfire started about 8:30
9:57 am
last night on 39th and ohio avenue. one man was shot. he's expected to survive. but then about two hours later in north richmond, two other people were shot. one of them killed, one wounded. 20 minutes after that, a 19-year-old man was shot and killed on center street. he was just sitting in his car. then, ten minutes later, another man was shot and killed. richmond police say he was 26-year-old daryl duncan. all were from the richmond area and all under 30 years old. san francisco police are investigating shootings that hospitalized six people. a man was standing in front of the mcdonalds on fill more street when someone opened fire. he was hit but not seriously injured. he ended up tajingking a cab to hospital. a man was shot multiple times in the upper body and a 78-year-old man was hit in the foot.
9:58 am
both were rushed to the hospital. a suspect was arrested in that shooting. all right. let's turn to better news. how about a look at the forecast with christina. >> happy fourth of july to you at home. 90 up in santa rosa. and 94 in los gatos. you will be watching the fireworks in the city of san francisco, perfect weather tonight. 9:30. low 60s. bring a jacket. we're expecting a bit of a breeze. that windshield factor will make a cooler. we have a giants game in town. 72 degrees. tim takes the mound as you leave the game, 77 degrees. thousands of people headed out to at&t park and it will be a beautiful weather day to watch baseball. warmer tomorrow. down to the 80s by thursday. 87. and then we drop off this weekend. back to you, laura. >> always great to watch baseball. for the latest updates, check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. another local news update in half an hour. have a great morning. happy fourth of july to you.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford, and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, it is monday, fun day, and it's the fourth of july, can you believe it! happy 235th birthday to our country. >> i love the fourth of july, don't you? >> i do. >> if you want to get to the party and be the smart one at your fourth of july party, we're going to give you little bits of trivia that you can share with people. >> i find all this stuff really interesting. >> i don't know if it will help
10:01 am
you out as party conversation, but people will think you're smart. >> okay. >> and only you will know the truth. >> did you know that fireworks were first authorized by congress for the fourth of july in 1777. >> that's true. >> fascinating. >> tone of the signers of the declaration of independence died on july 4th, 50 years after the day of the drafting of the document. one was thomas jefferson. >> who was the other one? >> john adams. >> exactly. >> which should have been on there. >> john adams. they were great friends. why is our flag red, white and blue? >> there's no official meaning. but this is what historians believe. that white represents purity and innocence. red represents heartiness and valor. >> that's hoda. >> and blue represents the vigilance, perseverance and justice. >> others say that george
10:02 am
washington did design the flag. interpreted the elements of the flag this way. he said the stars were taken from the sky, red from the british colors, and white stripes signify the seccession from the home country. >> and a a flag expert, please say this at a party -- >> vexolologist. >> more than 81 million americans are going to have a picnic today. >> yes. >> what are you going to be doing? >> watching the fireworks from some new york location. >> you are not. >> yes, that's what i'm going to do. >> you're going to be back from your trip? >> you're back already right now. >> wow, you're right back now. >> here's a question for you. >> aren't you going to ask what i'm going to do? >> yes, what are you going to do. >> hoda, you're drinking too much, really. >> what are you doing? >> i'm going to celebrate with
10:03 am
regis and joy philbin. >> that's going to be fun. >> because you're off watching the fireworks somewhere in new york. you would have been invited but now you're not. >> here's a question, your kids are probably in the sprinkler, running around. >> nudists, nudist alert. >> when is your child too old to run around naked? when, what's the cut-off date? i mean how old? how many years old do you think your child should be? >> i think in your own backyard is a different thing than at the beach. >> you know how your neighborhood is. >> everyone has a weird uncle. you've got to be very careful. it really is, we live in a crazy world. you go to europe and you go to the beach there and you're, and everybody is running around naked. the women are topless and nobody cares. and also nobody shaves, but that's another story. >> what do you think is the right, when are you too old to be running around naked as a kid? >> when my kids were little i
10:04 am
thought it was when they were toddlers. now i think they shouldn't be naked anywhere outside of their own home. >> just because of that. >> i do. we live in a very prurient society. >> you think four or five is too old? >> definitely before they start to develop as adults. >> that would be weird. >> that would be very strange. >> well if you don't have any plans for today, don't feel bad. >> it's a little late, though, to go anywhere. >> trip adviser has chosen the five most patriotic places in the country. so the number five spot is freedom trail, that's in boston, massachusetts. >> i didn't know that. >> i've been there. >> the national mall is beautiful in washington, d.c., number four. >> arlington cemetery in arlington, virginia. >> you could do both of those in one day. >> take the metro from one to the other. >> and liberty bell and independence hall in philadelphia is number two. and number one, we could do this, hoda, today. >> yes, we could, the statue of liberty in new york city. it's beautiful out there. it really is. >> right next to it is ellis
10:05 am
island. which to me is every bit as meaningful to visit. my father's father came into ellis island, on a boat from st. petersburg, russia. when i visited st. petersburg, russia, it was so moving to me, i cried for hours, that he left with nothing and came to america and pretty much died with nothing, too. but had a taste of freedom and loved this country. >> that's a great story. >> i love the fourth of july. because people start discussing all those things. if you are working and you are frustrated and a lot of people are. >> and you feel like you're being overlooked for promotion. >> you want a promotion and you feel like, what am i doing wrong, what is wrong? they pulled a bunch of bosses and asked them the question -- why are people not being promoted. and these are what some of the reasons were. that you may not be getting promoted. what is keeping you from moving up? >> by the way, if you think you should and you ask for a raise, tomorrow is the best day to do it. >> tuesday.
10:06 am
>> tuesday -- >> tomorrow. >> tuesday is the best day. because -- >> don't say happy booze-day, give me a boost. >> don't do that. tuesday. here's what's preventing you from getting a promotion. according to career builder survey piercings, bad breath. visible tattoos, wrinkled clothes and messy hair. >> dressing too casually. a lot of people do that these days. >> the too much perfume or cologne, or too much makeup. just messy office cubicle. chewed fingernails and you know who you are, people. and overly suntanned, i say nothing. that means you're not at work. you're getting tan. here's the funny thing, i'm reading "the corner office" and i thought it was interesting, they talked to a lot of ceos. they talk about how they hire. one ceo asks, how many weddings you've been in.
10:07 am
he thinks it shows how many dear friends you have. joanne has been in like 16 weddings and she's one of these -- >> 17. >> stop showing off. >> she's one of these gregarious people. she connects to a lot of people. she's good at ha she does. >> i don't want to be in 17 weddings. >> one other question they said they ask, is let's say you go through an interview process. you interview with five different people. on the last interview in that process, they say, if you were to hire one of those five, who would you hire and why? because they want to know if you have any observational skills this one is very detail-oriented. i like this one because of x, y and z. it was interesting. >> what if you are a person that has all of those things. >> all of those things that prevent you from getting -- >> the bad breath and the bad hair and tattoos? >> how did you get a job to begin with? >> just be grateful you have one, okay? >> all right. the first thursday, thirst-day of every month, we have everyone has a story.
10:08 am
today our winner is doug schwanker, from waldwick, new jersey. on the phone is his wife, tara, who wrote a beautiful letter to us. hi, tara. >> hi, kathie. >> we were so moved by your letter about your silent hero, you call your husband, doug. tell us a little about him. or not. did we lose you, hon? >> the great thing about her husband. >> this is a man who has battled cancer four times. or, yeah. >> stage four melanoma. tumors in his brain, spleen and prostate cancer. >> and worked throughout. >> and an inspiration to everybody else. never talked about it, just went about his life. so i'm not sure if we lost her. but we are looking forward to seeing you, this thursday, okay? >> thursday, it is. >> thank you, honey. it is favorite things day. >> here's the thing -- in my
10:09 am
apartment, i can never find a hammer. >> you can't find anything. >> i know. >> lo and behold came barbara's way cool tool kit. it has the stuff you need. the measuring tape, which will come in handy at some point. >> i love your girlie gardening gloves. you'll use those a lot. >> look at this thing. you remember, this is what, do you call that? >> a leveler. >> and a hammer. anyway, it's good to have, it's purple, so it's cute. you can put it under the sink. and if you ever need any tool, you have it in your handy box. >> where can you go to get that? >> you can go to >> >> or barbarak,.com. >> somebody just sent this to you and you ran out of things, i know exactly what you do. >> it's yours. >> mine is, i'd like michael kors watches. because they're very fun and not
10:10 am
outrageously expensive. this is the tortoise jetset watch. it's $195. they last beautifully. they look far more expensive than they are. and this is a michael kors. isn't that pretty? >> he makes, he's actually opening, we can see it from somewhere here, he's opening a brand-new shop here. >> yes. we're going to have to avoid that big-time, except for the watches. >> sara, what's your favorite thing? >> this is fan favorite thing. this is sent in by danielle lane. she loves the oscar blondie, dry shampoo, we talked about different versions. she said it saves her hair, a couple of days, especially if you've gone through straightening it. so thank you, danielle, for the suggestion. it's time to surprise our fan of the week. >> yeah. who is it? >> well drum roll. okay, our winner this week is amanda alvie, from forest, virginia. she watches us on wsls 10.
10:11 am
her favorite part is the talk at start of the show. listening to the two of you go back and forth with your opinions and latest news is extremely entertaining. i would agree do that. she runs on the treadmill while watching and it has helped her lose 41 pounds, watching you guys. >> is she drinking on the treadmill. >> is that bad? that sounds so fourth-hour. she continues to watch the show every day, because your positive attitudes and sense of humor have blessed her family in so many ways. we want to thank amanda, for being such a great fan, we're going to set you on a great getaway to ambergris key. she'll be staying at the phoenix resort for five days, four nights. dinner, air fare round trip for two. furnished by the ambergris key, belize. >> god bless, amanda, thanks so much. if you want to be fan of the week, go to our website and tell us why you should be the fan of
10:12 am
the week. up next, you ask and they will tell. >> our guys, we love them. they're going to tell all, right after this. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. and celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain, you and your doctor need to balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen, and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death. this chance increases if you have heart disease
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they're kind of my thing. and they were looking... nasty. vile. but i used tide and tide booster, and look at them now! now they can be my thing forever. yay. that's my tide. what's yours? i use tide sport because it helps get odors out of athletic clothes. i mean, i wear my yoga pants for everything. hiking, biking, pilates... [ woman ] brooke... okay. i wear yoga pants because i am too lazy for real pants. that's my tide. what's yours?
10:15 am
it's time for our guys tell-all panel to make rhyme or reason out of your man. first up, single guy, david good, "author of the man code. >> and true tv's the host of the hot ten on the centric television channel. >> it does exist, hoda. >> and it's very big of in your family. >> and comedian and actor rick younger, he can be heard on the comedy cd called "come on now." and most recently stole the
10:16 am
movie, "morning glory." and our voice of reason, andrew trees, author of a book and the father of a beautiful young son. >> let's go across to sara. let's hear you. >> i'm here with becky from south carolina, she's got her first question. >> hi, guys, i have a general question. what does it mean if you found out that a guy has created three separate adult dating profiles? while being married for four years? >> now when you say guy, do you mean -- your husband? because that's a whole 'nother situation. if it's just a guy -- then the answer is -- if he's got three separate dating profiles -- and he's married -- he is cheating or looking to cheat. it's that simple. if it's your husband, he's just curious. >> he's just curious?
10:17 am
>> he likes looking at the ladies under the guise of anonymity. >> seriously, if that's her husband, she's got a serious problem. >> what do you think about guys, forget the married portion, but have multiple profiles? >> it's creepy. >> if he's single and he's on different, he has profiles, i don't think that's a problem. if he's single. i'm assuming that these are legitimate sites. >> it's a problem in the sense that he's probably, deception is a problem in relationships, but in internet relationships, it's a really big problem. he's obviously fudging the facts. >> if it's three different identities, then the creep factor comes in. but if it's one person who happens to be on e-harmony -- >> he could be chasing -- >> if you're casting a wide net, it's one thing. but if you've got three different profiles, you're a 60-year-old fat guy and you've got justin bieber's picture, that's a problem. >> our facebook post. here's a question, why do guys
10:18 am
bend over backwards for you in the beginning and when the "new" wears off, they just take you for granted. is that a man thing? >> it's like you buy a new car, at first you wash it every week. and after a year or two years, you're lucky if you wash it every month. >> i thought we were talking about women. are you talking about a car? >> i don't think, i don't think it's just a man thing, i think it's a human nature thing. but if, if your issue is that he's not doing the things he used to do, maybe you should examine yourself and see if there are things that you're not doing, that you used to do. >> for instance, how come when we first started dating you were mission sexy-sexy all the time and now you come to bed wearing a parka. >> and the spontaneous sex and now you have scheduled sex? >> we have more stuff to get to. >> i can't wait to get married. >> we're going it take a commercial break and be back to answer your questions and all kinds of stuff after this.
10:19 am
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10:22 am
and we're back with our guys tell-all panel. david goode, chuck nice, andrew trees and chuck younger. >> i'm here with heather from pittsburgh with another round of questions. >> when you get your husband to help you around your house with cleaning or laundry or something and they don't do it right, how do you correct them without getting mad at you. >> what do you do? >> i don't know if you can correct them without them getting mad. you can't have it both ways. just let them know, this is how i usually do it. >> but thank you for all you're doing. >> maybe he's doing it wrong on purpose so he won't have to do it any more. >> i'm not married. >> after a while you got to choose your battles. like my wife is not the best dish-washer, sometimes i fight the urge to say hey, hey, come look at this mess you made. but other times i just take it
10:23 am
and i just wash it again. >> let's get to our next question, i think we have this one on tape. >> hi, i'm tara from canada. and my question for the panel is -- why do most men take my husband for example, go from businessman and mature husband, to a young, immature boy when he's with his friends? toilet jokes, vocabulary changes. i don't know why this happens? >> i tell you why, tara. it doesn't happen to most men, most men are quite responsible and adult when they are with your friends. it's your husband. no. >> i think guys, we're way closer to being little boys than women are to being little girls. we get together and i'm telling you, there's certain types of jokes, me and my buddies will laugh at every time. >> i think it's complex. i think we express different identities and different social contexts, as long as it's not taking place in a place where she would be embarrassed about it, it's no big deal. >> better with his friends or
10:24 am
with your boss or your mother and father. >> or his girlfriend. >> wow. >> there you go. >> well, boys, it's been fun. it's always fun. it's always quick, it flew, but that's how it is. >> all right. guys, thanks. still to come, how to make a splash, with a hot new beach product, right? ones you didn't even know you needed. >> then where are we going to go? >> into the wild with all the american animals for the fourth of july. plus picking the perfect wine to go with your picnic. >> but first, this is your local news. express hydration. the fast absorbing body lotion for moisture that lasts all day with breakthrough 24 hour hydraiq technology. ♪ absorbs in seconds. ♪ lasts for hours. ♪ new express hydration with hydraiq.
10:25 am
part of the essentials range. nivea. a hundred years of skincare for life.
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good morning. it's 10:26. a warning from east bay police about a fake donation request going around. the police officers association says someone is calling people asking for donations on behalf of the family of brian carter. carter was an 11-year veteran of the force who died last month after a battle with nonhodge skins limb foam na. the officers association says they don't know a of fund for his family. the city, however, is holding a blood drive in carter's name this friday at city hall. battle is brewing in northern california over a giant redwood tree.
10:27 am
they want to remove dozens of trees at the state park in humbolt county. it winds through the red woods. local groups are asking a federal judge to stop the project. they say the plan would damage root systems and increase traffic and pollution. a ruling is expected this week. the ntsb is looking into what caused a small plane to make an knowledge landing in woodside and crash into a car. the cessna 210 lost its engine power last night forcing it to land on the freeway. the pilot couldn't slow the plane down in time so it actually hit the rear window of the moving car. the driver of the car was not hurt and the car was damaged but the plane was quick quick break. we'll look at the forecast after this. sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from
10:28 am
out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
10:29 am
good morning to you. if wrour wondering what the weather will hold when the fireworks go off, east bay, low 80s, north bay, upper 70s. city of san francisco, low 60s. quite a difference just a you foo miles make when it comes to our bay area microclimate. 77 degrees is the forecast high today. in san francisco, versus 99 in fairfield. 92, though, in the south bay. not too bad. up in santa rosa, a little break from the heat that we saw yesterday. about two degrees cooler out there. a giants' game in town tonight if you're headed to at&t park, looking 70s. baseball weather. back to you. >> 10:29.
10:30 am
for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. have a great independence day. and we're back on this fun-day monday, the fourth of july, with today's travel. and before you hit the beach today, there are some creative new products that are going to make your fun in the sun even better. >> that's right. it's not just about the sunglasses and the towel. nina, the budget travel's editor in chief said it's about things we don't even know we need. >> and you've got them. >> right now. >> let's get started in the toy department, huh? >> these are biodegradeable beach toys. normal plastic takes 500 years to biodegrade. these take two if you leave them in the sand. >> 200 years or just two? >> two years.
10:31 am
you have a guilt free, if you leave it behind, $22, really cute. >> everybody can make a difference. >> what's going on with this? >> this is smart, i love this, this is called a vacation vault. you don't have to worry if you want to go into the water by yourself. you don't have worry if you have to run after a kid. you can pack it in here, it's a three-digit combination lock and it attaches with a cable. it's $20. >> attach it with your chair. >> yeah, with your chair, it's a little conspicuous. >> i believe you, nina. >> i'm a music fan, but this is, this stuff gets wet. >> these are waterproof speakers, you can throw in your ipod, your mp3 player. they're by grace digital audio. these are great for the pool. if you want to get in one of your floaty devices, you can have your music with you. they cost $50. >> this is to keep your kindle dry? >> we're all reading in different ways.
10:32 am
this is called a kindle clear case. the plastic it's made out of comes from f-22 fighter jet windows. so this thing is durable. your little sand and water is going to do nothing. it's going to protect your device. >> this will come in handy when you're taking pictures under water. >> i love this thing it's so silly. >> i go for guys who wear this stuff. >> this is an underwater snorkel camera hands-free, it takes megapixel pictures and you can go up to 15 feet under water it costs $100. and it's made by liquid image. it's just a really fun little device and a great conversation starter at the beach. >> it looks like it would cost more than that. >> it does. >> what's happening down here? >> two problems at the beach, sun and bugs, both are solved by this, these are smart shield towelettes, spf 30 and they use organic repellent, like lemon grass, so you just swipe it on. 15 towelettes for $16. these are also great for kids
10:33 am
who don't like to be sprayed. >> and you don't need the chemicals on them. >> i love these, this is genius. >> this is fun, playing cards that are made out of plastic, so you can splash them, get them dirty. wipe them off. it's a great little fun little extra thing. >> the drink department. >> this is fun. this is a combination grill, cooler, you have all of your -- utensils. >> where is the grill? >> where is the grill -- >> it goes in the bag. >> this is $135, buccaneer, bring the party to the beach. >> that's fantastic. >> did we skip this? >> we did. >> what is this? >> this is blanket by l.l. bean, made out of parachute material. my favorite thing about it besides the fact that it drys really quickly. you can pack this with sand so it doesn't blow away. it's really great and it's $40. >> and now how did we get jerry?
10:34 am
>> this is silly, but who doesn't want this thing. it's a combination beach chair, umbrella. you do not have to get your tushie up once, because the umbrella actually swivels with the sun. >> so if you're really lazy. >> it comes with a bottle opener, a place to put your cream soda. >> and sadly, it doesn't come with jerry. >> you can't have everything. >> made by sport-brella. only $40. great deal. >> thanks so much, happy fourth of july to you. up next we continue our dpourj celebration with an all-american look at some all-american animals. [ female announcer ] it's a pad like no other.
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10:38 am
. we're back with today's call of the wild and florida's busch gardens wildlife ambassador is with us to help us celebrate the nation's birthday. the reason we're a little skittish. >> he hates me. >> the reason we're a little skittish is in the commercial break just before we came on, he got a little rambunctious. >> and it's happening again. >> are you okay? >> yeah, we're all right. >> he got up on the wrong side of the nest this morning. >> are you okay, jules? >> yes. >> so we don't fool around with these kinds of birds. >> this is an animal rescued from the wild.
10:39 am
he got his wing tied up with a live wire, so he's missing part of his wing. he has been rehabilitated. not quite an older eagle yet. still about four years old or so. so he's still getting used to the whole process of people, yeah being a part of our education programs and all that but he's a great symbol for our nation, that's for sure. >> even though he's got an attitude problem. >> why don't you hand him off to somebody. >> my gosh. >> here you go. >> here's something else. >> julie. >> here's one that's a little slower. we're going to turn him around a little bit. this is quilla. and quilla is a north american porcupine. they have 30,000 quills. >> okay. >> so they must be very proud. >> it's obviously their best defense. >> they have something else that's a big defense.
10:40 am
>> they have an odor, most wild animals don't mind. but these guys, you know, it's basically just modified hairs, the quills are. a lot of people don't realize, it's just their hair, but they're sharp. not only did native americans hunt porcupines for their meat and all that. but basically, there are a lot of different animals, everything from great horned owls, believe it or not, to the last animal that we're going to bring on today. >> my blood pressure is up during this segment, is you'res? >> i don't want the yam, i want the apple. >> we're wondering what wine he should pair with this. >> he's going to tell us in just a little bit. >> oh, look. is this all the scary animals day? what's going on here? >> these are all native american animals. >> we have great wildlife out
10:41 am
there. this being one of our most impressive alligators. this is katrina, she was rescued during the hurricane, which is why we have her at sea world san antonio as an educational animal there. alligators can grow to 15 feet. >> what's the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? >> there are quite a few differences. one of the easier ways to tell is the shape of their snout or their mouth. if it's an alligator, it's more of a rounded face. if it's a crocodile, it's a little bit more of a pointy face and there are other differences, alligators are a little bit more freshwater oriented. crocodiles a little more brackish-water oriented. >> thousand big will they get? >> they can get to 15 feet. alligators were once endangered, just as the bald eagle was. but thankfully, we have protected their habitat. so both the bald eagle and the american alligator are doing very well. but we still don't live with the big ones very well. so you don't see them very often. >> here comes the last one. >> here's our amazing animal
10:42 am
here. amazing mountain lion. this is cody. >> are you joking? >> this is one of the most impressive north american predators that you'll ever see. cody is about 13 years old. >> okay. >> i have known cody ever since he was a tiny little cub. this is a powerful, powerful animal. an animal that can jump from a stand-still 25 feet. basically all the away cross this rug here. it can jump 15 feet straight up into a tree and can obviously bring down a very large tree in one bite. >> you holding him by a rope, ain't much. >> we have back-up as well. so we're good. >> julie, thank you so much. >> up next, how to look sexy at the beach. we'll have that after these messages. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables
10:43 am
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tim time for today's health. whether you're celebrating the holiday at baecht or by the pool, don't forget to watch your waistline while you enjoy the food. you'll have a lot of fun and fireworks, you've got to watch it. >> here to put our knowledge to the test is today's dietician, madelyn fernstrom. >> we'll start with our game four things at the pool or beach. here's a popular choice, a soft chicken taco. does this have more or less than 200 cal ra , calories. >> more. >> you're not correct, it is less, it has 180 calories. >> that's pretty good. >> that's a good choice. >> okay. >> on to now two popular items, cheese pizza and hot dogs. these two have about the same number of calories. but which one has more fat? is it the pizza or the hot dogs?
10:48 am
>> the hot dogs. >> it is the hot dogs, 34 grams of fat. and then 24 grams for the pizza. >> i'm smart when i'm medicated. >> when you're trying. who doesn't love some chips and salsa. this is one serving. how far would you have to walk to burn this off? is it three miles, four miles or five miles? >> kathie lee? >> four. >> four miles. >> three. this is about 300 calories. >> not worth it. >> now here's something. here's an example, this is cool. a totally portable tapas. waterproof, sandproof. this is olives. and so here's this whole serving, this whole pack, does it have more or less than 50 calories in these heart-healthy olives? >> i say more. >> i would say no, less. >> she's playing with us. >> you never know -- >> it's 40 calories in this whole little bag. >> tons of sodium. >> there's sodium, but moderate. nothing can be perfect.
10:49 am
>> do i get one for that? >> last, wash this down, but with some nonalcoholic drinks, a smoothie, a lemonade and a cola. which one has the highest number of calories? is it the smoothie? >> it is the smoothie. and you'd be right. >> we're going to have the tiebreaker. we'll swap out a couple of things. here we have ice cream, ben and jerry's cherry garcia ice cream. if you replace this with cherry garcia frozen yogurt, do you cut the fat by 25%, 50% or 75%? >> i would say you cut it by 50. >> no. >> i want to say 25. but i'm not going do say that because it's more than that. it's 75%. >> it's 75%, you cut the fat from 26 grams to six. >> this is the tiebreaker! >> you may not be beer drinkers,
10:50 am
but if you choose a light heinekin over a regular, would you be saving 25, 50 or 100 calories? >> i think you'd be saving 100 calories. >> no. >> i hate this game. >> 75. >> no it's 50. you don't save as much as you think. >> and who won? >> we tied. >> you both won. >> you're both winners. >> and a nice little tray. >> and can we point out, we love your hairdo. >> happy 4th to you. >> all right. up next, picking the perfect wine to pair with your picnic. but first, this is "today" on nb
10:51 am
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we're back with a quiz about picnic food and wine pairings. you've packed your picnic basket. but which wine do you pair with
10:54 am
the food? >> executive editor of "food & wine" magazine. we were all debauched in aspen. we have a picnic-pairing challenge. >> i haven't seen you since aspen. >> you guys seem to be recovered from aspen. >> i'm at a disadvantage because of this allergy thing because i'm not going to be able to taste or smell very well today. >> maybe it's hoda's triumphant moment. these are not all matched up. these are all mixed up. we've got a pino grigio, nice, crisp and light and your job is to taste it and which of the things do you think it goes with, we've got some beautiful spanish ham, spanish cheeses, watermelon and spicy chicken. >> i think it goes with chicken. >> i think this and the rose would go nicely with the pasta salad. >> that is one point for the person who can't smell.
10:55 am
>> what, you got it right? >> the pasta salad, because -- >> it's my dna. >> when the wine is in your dna. >> when you've got something that has some vinegar and acidity to it, you always want a white with some crisp acidity to go with it. next, spanish rose, muga, from rioja. what do you think this one gz with? >> i think that goes with salsa. >> i think that goes with salsa. >> i think that would be lovely with this. >> once again -- >> no! >> this is bad. >> one point for kathie lee. the idea here is that you've got spanish cheeses, spanish hams, spanish olives, a little spanish rose. you take it to the park, you've got your spain in the park moment. but i have faith you can come back. >> well there are only a couple of choices left. >> a beautiful zinfandel from california, a big, juicy, ripe fruit, joel gott. >> a nice classic red wine.
10:56 am
>> watermelon. >> i'll go with the chips and salsa. you've got to have the white with the chicken, don't you? >> that is a double buzz. in this case the cold roast chicken. >> really? >> you want a big red, but not with a lot of -- >> we didn't know it was cold. >> we can't tell that from here. >> and obviously you can't tell from here is the next wine is sweet. >> so that would go -- >> the muscato. >> that goes with the watermelon? >> bingo. >> beautiful sparkling wine with italy. goes with any fruit, berries, watermelon, melon. it's just a fantastic summer sparkler. and i believe that's two points for kathie lee. >> do i get any? >> one for hoda. that means you are the winner! >> thank you. >> but you are the winner, too. >> aw, we love you, ray. >> you know what he's waiting for. give it to him, hoda. >> thanks, darling.
10:57 am
tomorrow what are we doing? >> yoga moves if you want fab abs. >> and old wives tales that are actually true. >> huh? >> yeah. >> hope you guys have a great >> yeah. >> hope you guys have a great fourth of july, everybody. -- captions by vitac --
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