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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 23, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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is safe. that's closed until further notice after what's being called the most powerful quake to hit the region in 100 years. it was just after lunch when things began to shake. the powerful quake rattling buildings and nerves. >> i could see the buildings moving side to side. i was like, i got to get out of here. >> enough to wake you up. >> reporter: the capitol and national monuments were among buildings evacuated in washington, d.c. the national cathedral was closed after losing a small chunk off its central tower. the quake was centered northwest of richmond, virginia, and was felt as far south as south carolina. even in chicago and detroit there was shaking. and also shook to the north in new york city where crowds felt it in times scare -- square. >> what's unusual is the size of the event. this is significantly larger. >> reporter: the 5.9 quake is the largest recorded in virginia since 1897. cell service was disrupted in many places, planes and trains
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delayed. several nuclear plants along the east coast were taken offline by safety systems. but there are few reports of any major damage. >> the very good news is the damage and any injuries that have been reported are very minor. no significant destruction. >> reporter: the unexpected quake leaving many shaken but little to clean up. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, washington. >> thank you very much. tonight there are questions about the potential for a catastrophic earthquake along the eastern seaboard. how are faultlines different in that part of the country? nbc ba yy area has more from meo park. george, what are experts saying there tonight? >> reporter: the interesting thing is quakes do happen on the east coast, but they're rare. the last time it happened near the epicenter of virginia, you have to go to 2003. they had a 4.5. let's go to 1897, there was a
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5.6 back then. the usgs says the fault is one of several small faults that were created when the appalachian mountains were formed. seismologists say this of a shallow earthquake at a depth of four miles. that's why people felt it at the surface and in a large area. this fault can pack a powerful punch and even songer earthquake, but seismologist wall streeter it mooney says it -- walter mooney says it won't happen often. >> a magnitude 7 is 30 to 40 times stronger. it doesn't have a high probability, but it occurs every 500 years, every 1,000 years. just hasn't happened in our lifetime so we don't think about it too much. >> now the usgs says the east coast can expect every ten years or so something in a four to five range. live at the usgs in menlo park, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you.
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usually if you think about it, around here our earthquake maps are much different. only a few large cities are usually affected. but as we just talked about and as george was talking about, the density of the east coast adds a different dimension. jeff ranieri is here to dig a little deeper and explain the difference. you do these maps for us all the time. this is a little different. >> definitely coming to the east coast, this is something to talk about in california, getting a 5.8. as we heard, one of the strongest earthquakes in over 100 years hitting here just outside of washington, d.c. there have been two aftershocks, a 2.2 and 2.8. i'll continue monitoring that. let's get the wider view, this earthquake as far south as georgia. up to new york city and report of it being felt in toronto. i talked to somebody in that area. they said where they are in toronto it shook for about ten conds. there's a lot more solidarity in the ground in the east coast.
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you don't have a lot -- as many fault lines splitting it up like we do in california. i those waves, that motion te o spread further. that 5.8 had wide impacts in terms of people feeling it. when you look at the overall fault system here, there is the fault system just outside of washington, d.c. here's the interesting thing, you guys. the usgs is still saying they're going to need to research this even further to pinpoint exactly the fault area that this came from. and in fact, this could take anywhere from six to possibly 18 months. there is no definite fault area point of causation at this point that they can pinpoint. we do know once again the strongest quake in about 100 years. >> thank you very much. a couple of bay area residents who were at a business meeting in washington, d.c., when the quake struck were surprised at how differently people there reacted.
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>> nothing big. if you were in california you would have turned -- like, wow, that was a pretty big one, anyway -- gotten back to what you were doing. here they evacuated the building, and they shut down the government. >> the east coasters immediately ran to stand in the doorway but since it was made ofnd glass, ty moved somewhere safer. we'll continue to follow this story on the air and on line 24/7 at we have a picture gallery of some of the dramatic moments from this earthquake. developing news now. a fire burning in sonoma county. this is happening in the town of gurnville near mission canyon. we're hearing about five acres that have burned. you see this is in a wooded, forested area in gurnville. doesn't look like there are homes nearby that are threatened. firefighters are working to contain and put out the fire. we'll be following this and bring you the lafts developments if anything should happen.
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just in to the newsroom, bryan so it's family is releasing new information about his condition. and the news is not encouraging. according to a family's establishment, stow took two steps back after the weekend after taking three steps forward last week. officials at san francisco general hospital had said stow was showing significant improvement after undergoing a third round of surgery. now his family says stow has been running a high fever and has developed urinary tract and staph infections. stow remains conscious and able to recognize his family members. back-to-school time is back to fundraising time for many parents who want to make sure neighborhood schools get what they need. even when sacramento cuts their funds. problem is, parents in some communities can afford a lot more than parents in others. we bring in kris sanchez who joins us live from san jose with what this means for kids. >> reporter: hi there, raj. i'm here at galarza hammer schools in san jose.
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here last year the p.t.a. raised $18,000. not the kind of fundraising our moms did through bake sales when we were kids. a public education -- public education funding is supposed to come from the state in an effort to make sure all of it is fair across the board. when sacramento cuts, parents step in. some parents have more to give than others. >> we have a great school here. it's a small school, but it's an awesome school. we're proud of it. >> reporter: the 450 students at almaden school are making academic progress. while they're hard at work in the classroom, many of their parent are hard at work fundraising to pay for extra programs. >> more assemblies, more fun art projects that we can do, you know, family craft nights, we do a lot of those, and movie nights. we want to keep that going. >> reporter: katherine torres is in charge of fundraising for the almaden elementary parent-teacher association. two weeks into the school year, they're planning a book sale while their counterparts in more affluent communities are asking parents to write donation checks.
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the foundation in los altos asks for $700 per student. in los gatos the donation is $600 per child. in saratoga, $700 per child. at williams elementary school four miles away, there's a request for a $350 donation per family. the principal says equality has to be addressed in sacramento. >> other affluent communities are able to do that. we're not as affluent as other communities, so equity needs to be addressed at the state level. >> reporter: almaden elementary is a title 1 school which means at least 80% of students are on free or reduced lunch. so the p.t.a. will ask parents to help with fundraisers and to volunteer, but they won't ask them to write donation checks. >> we're all in the same situation. i know everybody works really hard. and that just may not be something that's really feasible. >> reporter: now the state contributes $6 of every $10 that's spent on public education. the rest of the money comes from bond measures and parcel taxes that we approve here at the local level.
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and of course, all of the bake sales, the walk-a-thons and wrapping paper sales that kids hit us up for every school year. in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. still to come at 5:00, a san francisco issue takes on new significance across the state. why state lawmakers are now getting into the circumcision debate. just when you got the iphone, here comes a newer version. and a new carrier. we have the latest details. and still ahead, a teachable moment for this flying student. the close call on the peninsula todd. warm to hot across the bay area with plenty of fire winds throughout the north bay. we'll detail who had the hottest temperatures today. right now we have 96 in ivermore, and we're also going to give you a hurricane irene
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back live now. pictures from our nbc chopper of a fire burning in sonoma county in gurnville, near mission canyon. just north of santa rosa. we are getting reports about five acres that have burned so far. as you see, this is a rugged terrain. we hear choppers are dropping water on to the fire trying to put it out. there are some homes nearby, but no word if they are threatened or in danger. we are following this and will bring you the latest. the headlines are international, and they are significant. the revolution in libya continues. the mystery remains -- where is moammar gadhafi? his 42-year reign effectively ended today as rebels broke
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through his compound. there's speculation that he could be hidden underground in a part of the building still under government control. nbc news has exclusive video from inside the compound. you see it here, where rebels swarmed over the central statue. a fist closed over an american fighter jet. here you're seeing nbc news correspondent richard engle as they -- he stopped looters leaving the palace. four separate shootings in oakland leave four people wounded and one person dead. three of the shootings happened on foothill boulevard, and the other on 798th. two of the victims were taco truck workers who were shot even as they handed over cash to at least one armed robber. the identity of the man that was shot and killed on 79th avenue has not been released yesterday. today the pastor of st. columbia catholic church put up a cross in front of the north oakland church in remembrance of the
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victim. the 76th cross he's erected this year. >> it feels like a war zone. i grew up in northern ireland, and i grew up in a war zone. and this feels like there's as many people being killed as there was there. >> police have not yet made any arrests for the overnight shootings. they say they're doing the best they can to respond to an unanticipated wave of summer crime. well, flying a plane he just bought last friday, a flight student and his instructor were forced to make an emergency landing near the east palo alto this morning. both fortunately escaped unharmed. the student was practicing taking off and landing at the palo alto airport when the engine began sputtering. unable to make it around to land safely, the student found an unoccupied dirt road two miles west of the airport and set the plane down. the landing would have been perfect if not for the left wing catching a nearby tree and spinning the plane around causing damage to the aircraft. they're not finished. the hacking group called anonymous is calling for a third
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protest against b.a.r.t. next monday. it's a familiar game plan. this will mark the third straight week of protests which would then in theory cause havoc for the evening commute. during last night's protest, police arrested about 30 demonstrators. it started at san francisco's civic center b.a.r.t. station. this is the same station where a b.a.r.t. police officer shot and killed a knife-wielding man back on july 3. in a subsequent protest, b.a.r.t. shut down its cell phone service to defuse a protest. a move that angered the group anonymous, a loose network of activists. immigration and same-sex marriage. this is another polarizing issue. a married gay man from venezuela will not be deported. that's the decision by a san francisco immigration judge after he dropped the case. alex benchemal was facing deportation to venezuela after his visitor's visa expired. however, a judge dismissed the case because of a new federal guideline dealing with low-priority deportation cases. those guidelines include taking into account whether the person
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has a spouse who is a u.s. citizen. now the obama administration includes same-sex marriages in these guidelines. benchemal and his partner married in connecticut last year. lawmakers in sacramento took on the controversial subject of male circumcision today. at issue is whether local jurisdictions have the right to ban male circumcision or whether the practice should be covered by state law. you might remember last month a san francisco judge had a circumcision ban bill taken off the november ballot ruling that california law says the state not cities can regulate medical procedures. earlier today, to democratic lawmakers introduced a bill that declared that is, session is a choice -- that circumcision is a choice made for health, cultural, and religious reasons and should fall under california rules. so big and powerful, this is hurricane katrina irene seen from the international space station. forecasters predict irene will become a category 3 hurricane before coming ashore this weekend with its sights set on anywhere from florida, georgia, to the carolinas. hurricane irene gained strength
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off the northern coast of the dominican republic where there is a high risk of mud slides and flooding right now. it has already tore up trees and knocked out power to more than two million people, two million homes in puerto rico. people in the southeastern part of the u.s. are already bracing for the worst. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. a lot of things going on in the east coast. but a lot happening here in the bay area. are those nines i see? >> yes. yes. it's feeling good out there. even though triple digits on another one of my maps we'll get to now, our stint here with summer, it is finally back at least for today. 96 in pleasanton. walnut creek, 95. south san jose with 94, and santa rosa coming in at 92. at least over the last hour with our latest check. in oakland now, clear skies. you'll also want to note the humidity. some of the lowest levels that we've had in a while. right now at 35%. winds dry out of the northwest at 13. we are continuing to follow the
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fire conditions near gurneville. winds, 10 to 15 miles per hour here sustained in the north bay and also guesting into the low 20s. it's going to be a dry wind as we continue throughout tonight. look at this -- one of our hottest temperatures on the map, gilroy coming in with 102. sizzling down there. still mild for this time of the night in san francisco with 76 and 87 right now in san mateo. throughout tonight, we will find a little bit of patchy fog at the coastline. overall, mild, especially for interior sections. throughout wednesday, we will see some slight cooling, so these 90s and a couple triple digits aren't going to last too long. we're going to have the latest on hurricane irene in a minute. right now, high pressure is going to continue to move to the southwest. keeping us warm to hot. for tomorrow, we're going to start to see winds shift a little bit. that is going to help drop numbers with only a few 90s expected. then throughout thursday, the fog pattern returns. we'll see numbers drop even more. today definitely the hottest day over the next seven-day forecast. all right.
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our fog forecast keeps the low clouds here, mainly at the coastline. a little for the peninsula tonight. for the east and south bay, we're mainly looking cloud free with a clear start for the morning. by 11:00 a.m., everyone is looking at sunny skies and temperatures that will be in the 80s with a few 90s. the latest on hurricane irene right now, it's a category-1 storm. winds at 90 miles per hour. look at this. as it enters the warm atlantic waters, strengthening to a category 3 parallel with florida and right now forecast models are still pinning this anywhere from south carolina to north carolina for landfall as a major storm. category 3 with winds that could top 125 miles per hour. we could even see a second landfall with this up into the new york city/new jersey area, which is rare. but it is definitely a major storm to watch over the next five days. as for tonight, we're looking at 58 in san jose. 57 in los gatos. 54 in napa. 52 in san rafael. and for wednesday, you'll see we'll start to go down here.
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it's going to be a tricky forecast as that wind starts to shift. we will definitely see numbers go down into the 80s here for the bay area. 83 in redwood city. 79 in san mateo. 71 in san francisco. 87 in benecia. 90 in fairfield. 90 in pittsburgh. temperature in the north bay anywhere from mid to upper 80s expected. more any time on the weather channel on cable, of course, on hurricane irene. and on your seven-day forecast, you can see we're staying with the trend of upper 80s inland all the way through the weekend. and 60s at the coastline. so as you head out, make sure you wear the sunscreen. it's that time of year where we can forget it when we get so many sunny days in a row. >> good idea. thanks. santa clara county will try to stomp out a potentially dangerous pest tonight. vector control plans to fog in south san jose around 11:00 p.m. to eradicate mosquitoes, possibly infected with west nile virus. the virus can cause mild to
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severe flu-like symptoms and can be fatal in some cases. so here's the exact information -- fogging will take place in the 95136 zip code. that's the 95136 zip code. and also the surrounding areas. if you live in the area, bring your pets and plants inside. still to come at 5:00, the mystery into what caused pop singer amy winehouse's dea. siwhat her family is saying
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tonight. h
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toxicology results show there were no illegal drugs in amy winehouse's system when she died last month. alcohol was presents, but it couldn't be determined if it played any part in the british singer's death. the exact cause is still unknown. winehouse had a history of drug and alcohol abuse, and many believe drugs played a part in her death. her father announced plans to launch a foundation in amy's name to help young people battling addiction. the 27-year-old was found dead in her apartment in london last
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month. can you keep up? here it comes -- the iphone 5. and now the "wall street journal" is reporting that apple might allow sprint to sell iphones as early as october. until then, here it is -- insiders say apple is planning an 8 gigabyte version of the popular iphone 4, and dropping the price accordingly. currently, you might know, apple's iphones are in 16 and 32 gigabyte versions which are now available. the lower priced iphones should be available in a few weeks. officially apple has not confirmed either the cheaper iphone or the launch date of the ahone 5. s lw>>keepayt a mystery last m.
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♪ the swing of your hips ♪ ♪ i was born by a river >> if you could do better, you should have been there. thousands sang their hearts out this morning to get on nbc's new hit show "the voice." now it's the only local audition in the bay area, and it happened in south san francisco bright and early. i think they were lining up at 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. >> my gosh. >> if you missed it, you'll have to leave the bay area to get the next audition. the only other california audition is in los angeles next week. the winner receives a recording contract and $100,000. season two of "the voice" premieres february 5 here on bay area. that is super bowl sunday, so it will premiere right after the super bowl. >> look at all those people. >> a lot of people -- >> superstar. >> were you out there this morning? >> no. i don't have a voice. final check of the forecast, it's warm. >> yes. and we're seeing -- you know, today, mid to upper 90s. the next couple of days, looking at upper 80s coming on back.
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a little bit cooler as we head into tomorrow. still warm, and it's going to feel like summer tomorrow. will be nice. >> about time. thank you very much. >> nightly news is next with brian williams.
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