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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 19, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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meanwhile, michelle le's family and friends are on pins an needles as they wait for that process to be complete. her alleged killer today made another court appearance. if giselle esteban is feeling rattl rattled, you couldn't see it on her face today. just a day after they found a body. >> she's coping. >> reporter: esteban's newly appointed attorney asked for more time to get up to speed in the case, but as esteban copes with her situation, le's loved ones are anxiously waiting for the coroner to identify the human remains found by searchers in sunol canyon over the weekend, the very area where police say esteban's cell phone records show she traveled after le disappeared. >> if this is michelle le, this is a huge break for the prosecution because they have gutted the defense case of saying that michelle le may
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still be alive. >> reporter: legal analyst steve clark says if the body is indeed le, it's the missing piece of the puzzle that should reveal the answers to so many questions and potentially give prosecutors the ammunition they need to throw the book at esteban. >> it also is going to give a lot of clues to the prosecution as to how michelle le died. was there a skull fracture or some other trauma to the body. it's going to be critical in their case. >> reporter: for those who have searched tirelessly for le for months and who have been holding out hope she's perhaps still alive, the discovery has been tough. >> that's pretty much all i have to say, i have mixed emotions. >> we want closure at some point. i don't know if this is it or when that will come, but that's what we're working on. so until they know, we're going to keep working. >> reporter: again, forensic experts are working very hard
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tonight to try to identify those remains. we are told that process could take days or even weeks to complete. meanwhile, giselle esteban is scheduled to be back in court next week, scheduled once again to enter a plea. reporting live in hayward, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much. scary moments for passengers on an early morning flight from seattle to oakland when the plane was forced to make an emergency landing. someone at sfo found a note in the airport bookstore sega las air flight 342 had a bomb on board. officials landed the jet in a secluded part of the oakland international airport 15 minutes ahead of schedule. after the landing authorities boarded the plane, handcuffed two men and led them off. passengers had no idea what was happening. they were just told to evacuate the plane and leave their belongings behind. >> please leave everything on board, including your cell phones. you are not to take any carry-on items with you. >> we didn't know what was going on so, yes, it was nerve racking
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for a while but they did their best to make everyone remain calm. >> reporter: the two men authorities removed from the plane were questioned and released. no bombs were found. airline bomb threats of any kind are a federal offense. a 14-year-old boy is dead and another one remains in the hospital after being hit with a hail of gunfire last night in san francisco. >> five murders took place in south san francisco last year and all of them were gang-related. police are investigating whether this incident was too. tracy grant is live at the south san francisco police department with the very latest for us. >> reporter: janelle, south san francisco police aren't giving out any information about any of the boys involved in this instance -- incident except their ages. there was a third boy there last night who was not injured. police are hoping he'll be able to help them put the pieces together. >> i heard a pop and i thought it was fireworks. there was pop, then pop pop pop.
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>> reporter: in south san francisco police arrived on 1st lane and magnolia avenue last night at 8:15. they found two 14-year-old boys bleeding profusely, suffering from gunshot wounds. both were taken to san francisco general hospital, where one of them was pronounced dead and the other is still being treated for his injuries. because they are minors, police refuse to reveal any information about the victims. >> sorry for it was a young kid. >> he was 14. >> i didn't know him, but still pretty young. >> it doesn't look like they were doing anything to cause someone to come by and shoot at them. we don't know if they had a prior history. >> reporter: in the lightf day, chalk circles and bullet holes show that possibly more than two dozen shots may have been fired, as the boy stood next to this stoop near the home of one of the victims of the a 15-year-old boy was with them but was not injured. police say it's an area where gang members live and hang out, yet it's usually pretty quiet. detectives believe a car, possibly a black 2004 or 2005
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honda accord or civic drove slowly past the teens. it appears that one or more people got out of the car, walked back toward them and opened fire. police say the fact that several different calibers of bullet casings were found points to multiple shooters of these ninth grade boys. >> they all live in the area, they all were friends, knew each other, went to the same school. >> reporter: police say the occupants of this car all appeared to be in their late teens, early 20s. they were wearing dark-colored clothing with hoodies. they were hoping anyone that might have seen them will contact detectives right here at the south san francisco police department. live in south san francisco, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you. from san francisco to san jose, tonight friends of the murdered radio host cindy are still in shock. she was an officer manager at pn radio group in san jose. she left this office friday morning to run errands and police say she was carjacked at
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the plant shopping center off monterey road. she was later found dead at a home on north 12th street, also in engine. last night police arrested 33-year-old paul castillo in west sacramento. he's accused of killing her and shooting another man at a san jose gas station. today her friend of 30 years says she wants the community to remember her giving spirits. >> she's the kind of person that had no problem helping any single person coming through the door. that's what i want everyone to know about cindy. >> the 60-year-old was a single mother of three, including a 15-year-old daughter. she was a radio host on 1290 am and is very popular in the vietnamese community, especially in the south bay. her friends will hold a celebration of her life at that plant shopping center this friday night. a tenth person has died from friday's horrific air racing crash in reno, nevada. the announcement comes as investigators try to piece together what went wrong.
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70 other people were injured when a p-51 mustang slammed like a missile into a crowded tarmac near the grandstands, spraying shrapnel everywhere. the plane had some modern recording equipment on board. investigators will be looking at that as well as new video of the crash. they are looking closely at photographs showing parts of the plane's tail section falling off moments before impact. this is the nation's deadliest air racing disaster. nbc's george lewis will have a deeper look coming up on "nightly news" right after this newscast. a group of clerics say they believe the release of the uc berkeley hikers is imminent, however, still no deal. the clerics went to iran where the two are imprisoned hoping to bring them back but shane bauer and josh fattal are still in jail in iran. they have been detained two years. iran's foreign minister says the hikers sentences could be commuted as a gesture of islamic mercy. another high-ranking official says the hikers are spies who
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should not be rewarded by being released. the company responsible for the oil spill in san francisco bay will pay $44 million for the environmental catastrophe. the state announced that the owners of the ship will reimburse millions for the cleanup and restoration efforts. the 53,000-gallon oil spill happened in 2007 after the tanker hit the bay bridge. the accident killed thousands of birds and closed bay area beaches to recreation and fishing. fishermen have already reached a settlement for loss of livelihood because of that spill. how do you deal with bullies? there's an app for that. it's an epidemic at many schools. two companies created an app to prevent bullying among children and young adult. it was launched today. teenage celebrities like selena gomez are on the facebook page offering tips. the site also offers resources of how to prevent and stop bullying on the facebook website. it also asks children and adults to take an online pledge to
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speak up if they witness bullying. there are already thousands of people who have signed the pledge. well, it was a sneak peek, a sneak preview. organizers of the americas cup yacht race gave us a glimpse of the prestigious sporting event that will come to the bay area in 2013. >> they have raised about $2 million for the event so far. the group has talked to 60 corporations to help with sponsorships and several of them are signing on to be partners. organizers also showed off the powerful types of boats you're seeing that that spectators will see. they are larger and faster and crewed by 11 people instead of five. organizers say san francisco is the perfect city and the perfect backdrop because crowds can get up close and personal to the action. >> it's also another one of the main points where san francisco chosen for the event because the amphitheater that we have and the ability to have tens of thousands of live spectators is really unsurpassed right here. it's really a phenomenal venue for this concept.
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>> leaders will soon release details about the air and water traffic are plans for this event along with other ways they are trying to minimize traffic and environmental impact. it should be an amazing scene. 2013, right around the corner. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00, expired baby food and formula still showing up on your store shelves. we'll show you the plan to make sure that doesn't continue. also the nation's don't ask, don't tell policy is just hours away from being a thing of the past. what the military is doing to prepare for the change. plus a slice of hollywood in oakland tonight. brad pitt is here on the green carpet. his new movie about the oakland a' is ready to debut. and good afternoon, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. fog-free conditions in san francisco and a hot day. look at this, right now 95 in livermore and 98 in gilroy. we'll talk about how hot it's going to get for tomorrow and when some cooler changes are th at's ago torr allive. that's c a coming up in a few minutes.
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well, believe it or not, there is not a law on the books that bans the sale of expired infant food, baby formula or over-the-counter medication, but now a bill would do just that and it's awaiting the governor's signature or veto. >> today advocates for consumers, children and seniors joined together at the state capitol urging the governor to sign it into law. among those speaking out in favor of the expiration bill is a father from southern california who says his 1-year-old son became extremely ill after eating outdated baby food. he went back to the store and said he found eight other jars
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of expired baby food products. >> this was a frightening experience for us and one which could have prevented if the store had reason to act more responsibly no parent should have to worry like we did and no baby should have to suffer like kyle. >> serious issue. consumer advocates say most people already believe such a law exists and that undercover investigations have shown time after time that major retailers are guilty are selling expired products. president barack obama unveiled a proposal to cut $3 trillion over ten years from america's fiscal deficit but he warned that both spending cuts and new tax revenues, mostly on wealthier americans, will be needed to meet that goal. the president said some spending would be cut in programs like medicare, mostly in payment formulas to health care providers. tax subsidies in areas like agriculture would also be trimmed. he also wants bush air ya tax cuts for americans over $250,000 a year to expire, while closing some tax loopholes used by corporations and high earners.
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>> it is wrong that in the united states of america a teacher or a nurse or a construction worker who earns $50,000 should pay higher tax rates than somebody pulling in $50 million. >> and as a joint congressional super committee deliberates budget priorities, the president warned he'll veto any bill that mainly targets program that say benefit the middle class. a controversial military policy is coming to an end tonight. one minute after midnight don't ask, don't tell will disappear. today the pentagon says the military is prepared for the end of the pban on gays serving openly in the military. it adds there's been extensive training and months of changing rules to remove references to limitations on gay service. president obama signed the law repealing don't ask, don't tell in december. in july he certified that lifting the ban will not affect
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the military's ability to fight. some members of congress are  still against the repeal say it may undermine order and discipline. nancy pelosi from san francisco says the repeal is long overdue. she issued this statement today and it says, quote, our nation will finally close the door on a fund mental unfairness for gays and lesbians, and indeed affirm equality for all americans. british police have arrested a group of terrorists in one of the biggest counterterror operations this year. they made the arrest in birmingham, england, and then carried out raids on several other homes and businesses in that same town. british security authority said the threat appearedslamic extre. the suspects are between 22 and 32 years old. at least 50 people are dead and hundreds more injured after a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck near the india/nepal border. this was yesterday. the quake was felt across
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northeast indyia, nepal and tibet. hundreds of buildings suffered major damage and major roads connecting nepal and india buckled. a wall at the british embassy also collapsed, reportedly killing three people. food and doctors are being airlifted into the area, but landslides, poor weather and communication problems are hampering the rescue efforts. the death toll is expected to rise once emergency workers reach the smaller, more isolated communities in this area. officials say this was the worst quake to hit the region in more than six decades. meteorologist jeff ranieri is back from vaca. good to have you back and thanks for bringing the hot weather. >> hey, no problem, it's my job, right? we'll start off with hot temperatures. not only that, the last week of summer, we're getting our last gasp of hot air. 98 santa rosa, dublin 98, south san jose 95. oakland also hitting 90 degrees with very hot weather into san francisco as well. let's get a look right now.
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fog-free conditions in san francisco. 83 degrees currently downtown. look at this humidity very low at 33% so that is helping to increase our fire danger. winds northwest 15 to 20 miles an hour so we'll be under this increased fire threat as we head throughout tuesday, wednesday and even into thursday at this point. so w.h.o. tho's the hottest rig? 91 in san jose and for the peninsula this is big news for you, 78 in san francisco with 92 all the way down to san mateo. our weather headlines will show of course a mild night. some areas could be stuck here in the 70s as we head throughout tomorrow morning and throughout tuesday that heat is not going anywhere. we're looking at hot weather with a spare the air day in effect. throughout this weekend we're gradually going to be getting some changes back in here. but for the next 48 hours we are under the grips of that region of high pressure offshore. that's going to keep slight offshore winds with us and very hot weather inland. hazy with that poor air quality for the east bay and temperatures in the 90s. throughout wednesday, here's the thing.
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if you've been sick of this fog lately we are still forecasting some fog-free conditions right into san francisco. it's a spare the air day throughout tuesday for the bay area as well with some of the worst air quality in the east bay. if you have respiratory problems or allergies, that's where it's going to be the worst in the east bay. meanwhile tonight looks like this. holding on to mild air in the south bay with 65 in san jose, 64 in gilroy and possibly still a few isolated low 70s in and throughout the east bay. as far as tomorrow goes, still hot down here into the extreme south bay with temperatures in the mid to upper 90s for morgan hill, also gilroy. right around 90 in san jose. but if you're out in the sun it's definitely going to feel warmer for you. 88 in redwood city, 80 in san francisco and over towards oakland, 85 for you. 94 in concord and 95 in fairfield. and another scorcher right up into santa rosa with 94 there, 96 in lake port and 95 in calistoga. morning time on the weather channel on cable and you can see in our seven-day forecast it
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stays hot inland through thursday. oh, yes. and still some 70s at the coastline. and then look at this, mother nature, she is on it. look at this -- >> fall starts. >> friday, and then saturday, sunday and monday those temperatures cool off and we get some clouds here. i don't think i've ever seen a more ontime forecast by mother nature. >> right on cue. so on vacation, did you get a postcard? >> i did not. i think it's still making its way to my house, right? >> i just sat back and did the vacation thing. sorry, guys. >> good to have you back. because you're back, we have a little slice of hollywood in the bay area tonight. guess who's in town? it's brad pitt. his new movie is about oakland a's general manager. >> it's called "moneyball" and itpens this friday. the two-time academy award nominee is also featured on the cover of the upcoming issue of "sports illustrated." he's only one of ten people to get the cover as a non-athlete and non-coach. others include four former u.s. presidents, bob hope, ed
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sullivan and former california governor augerrnold schwarzeneg. >> we have a live picture right now at the red carpet arrivals. is that red carpet? >> green carpet. >> that's right. green carpet arrivals. you see a lot of vips starting to gather now. this is the historic paramount theater in oakland. the movie, the screening, what do you call it, janelle. >> the premiere. >> i'm not hip to these things. >> yes. >> the screening, the premiere is at 6:00 tonight. brad pitt is supposed to be there and all the other stoars f this film. so it's all about the oakland a's and their 2002 season and how they changed the culture and front offices of baseball. >> i'm looking for brad pitt, i'm so excited about that. okay, well, coming up, we're going to talk about a classroom and it's no ordinary classroom. >> this one is about che it'st p and it's part of their curriculum. chess is. we're back in a moment. an
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adult athletes may go to extreme measures to cut weight but now kids as young as nine are crash dieting for their sport. vicky nguyen goes in seexpoth d exsepo the dangers of kids dieting to make the team tuesday
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night at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. a lot of headlines about this. we may be one step closer to an hiv vaccine. >> scientists in spain say they have identified proteins which they hope can stimulate the immune response against the deadly virus. testing is currently being done on mice. they say it has spoken promising results. soon, though, the testing will move to rabbits, pigs and monkeys with hopes of starting human trials within two years if it proves to be safe. but the biggest challenge the scientists face, like many working on an hiv vaccine, is the virus's great capacity for mutation. we have a new curriculum here, educators in armenia have come up with a new way to help students to do better in school. play chess. actually it's not an elective, this is a requirement. starting this month, chess is a mandatory class for students in armenia over the age of 6. more than 40,000 children have
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been given chess sets and textbooks as part of the new curriculum. it is aimed at fostering strategic thinking. learning chess at an early age with improve concentration, memory, reading and problem-solving skills. >> they're so cute, those kids. well, there's a new king of the jungle at the box office. ef a classic is back. we're back in a moment.
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finally tonight, it's a 1990s flashback. "the lion king" is back in theaters and it was number one at the box office. >> the 3-d version of the popular disney animated musical brought in over $29 million in its first weekend in theaters. the original film made more than $40 million when it opened nationwide 17 years ago in 1994.
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simba and company have grossed close to $400 million just in the u.s. alone. speaking of big movies, we leave you with the green carpet arrivals out in oakland. look for brad pitt. we'll see you at 6:00.
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