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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 5, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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los altos. at 7:00 a.m., the scene shifted. deputies say the suspect turned up in the parking lot at hp location and attempted to carjack a woman. last known location near holmstead and wolf road. >> he has not been seen since. let's turn things over to sunnyvale and the latest what is happening now. monte? >> reporter: the search started at 7:00 this morning. puts us at hour 11 of the manhunt. the suspect is still at large. right now police are concentrating their efforts just a few blocks from here. see they have blocked off the street right there. we are at homestead and quayle avenue. just an hour and a half ago we saw members of the s.w.a.t. team ru running of the avenue, led by a bloodhound that apparently picked up on a saicent. the s.w.a.t. team surrounded no fewer than ten homes throughout the day with guns drawn.
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2:00, acting on a tip, officers surrounded a men's bathroom at a park not far from here. they brought una in a remote controlled robot. went in, opened the bathroom door, went inside. the suspect not there. police have covered four weapons, including a rifle. but the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. a warning that left residents on edge. >> something happened that would make some one do this kind of thing. i pray to god they find him and he doesn't hurt anybody else. >> i'm frustrated. i have to go to work. i couldn't go home. this neighborhood on lockdown since 7:00 a.m. this morning, since, he tried to carjack a
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woman, he shot the woman, reported in fair condition tonight. allman's car was found at a gas station. the search concentrated in the parking lot. we are told, hewlett-packard was shut down. apple has a campus nearby. we're told about three buildings on the campus placed on lockdown until the search is over. if we have any updates in 30 minutes we'll bring them your way. live in sunnyvale, monte francis. bay area news. >> talking about apple. we want to go back to our breaking news at the top of the newscast. the man known as master innovator until two months ago was the chief of apple has died. steve jobs, confirmation he has passed away at age 56, worth an estimated $8.2 billion, known in the tech in dus treat man who put the iphone, ipad, and apple
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back on the map. now it has become a medical story. the passing of steve jobs. let's brung a's bring in scotto has followed jobs. what does apple do next? not sure there is anything that they can do. we have the business succession, with tim cooke, what does apple do in terms of public perception moving forward without steve jobs. >> we did this a little more than a month ago. what apple planned on. apple is moving forward. really a day and night, couple dates for the apple fans and the people who got so much from steve jobs. fans, employees. as for the company they dedicated their website to a memorial to steve jobs, quotes from him, a chance for people to e-mail thoughts, condolences. set up an e-mail address, rememberi
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because of what jobs put in place six weeks ago to move forward. really a chance for people to look back on an amazing figure from silicone valley really a figure who belongs to the entire globe. six weeks ago at apple campuse and ran into people from germany taking pictures by the sign. they said he is as big in europe as in america simply because the the products are as big anywhere, as they are in america. he is truly a worldwide figure. in contact with apple employees right now. just got word from some one from apple saying we are all feeling this. this is something that people have known was coming, but it still hurts when you hear it. steve jobs, 56 years old.s co-founder of apple. took -- took this was when he was barely 20, 21 years old, 1976. take it public in 1980. think about it. just 25 years old. setting the pace, technologywise, setting the pace designwise. setting the scene for silicone
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valley and young founders of companies, not just in terms of technology and engineering but even in business acumen. of course what can you say about the style that apple brought to so much of technology that used to beep ju just gray. now people wait for the new phones, tablets so stylish as well as ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. this is something that will be talked about for a long time. given what he did and what he put in place with ceo tim cooke and how he bowed out in the way that he did, you know, tonight you can say is really, for celebration, to remember a life that really changed the world. >> all right, thank you very much, scott budman. more on the life and death of steve jobs coming up later. want to take you now back to this. this is our chopper, over the area of homestead where a manhunt has been underway for a man suspected of shooting his co-workers, killing three, shooting seven others. the man in question, shareef
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allman. jodi hernandez, live at the lehigh cement quarry. at this point has the quarry been shut down? >> reporter: shut down. qua cordoned off a mile up the road. we are toad the coroner is still on the scene. we are still waiting for the official identities of the victim. of course this shooting left workers and this entire community rattled as folks try to make sense of it all. what started as a routine safety meeting at the lehigh cement plant turned deadly when investigators say a disgrunted employee opened fire on his unsuspecting co-workers, killing three and leaving six others wounded. >> he briefly left the meeting, came back, now, armed, with a rifle and a handgun and that's when he opened fire on his colleagues.
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>> reporter: investigators have identified the shooter as 47-year-old shareef allman, equipment operator and long-time lehigh employee. >> always a bad apple. always a bad apple. >> ray works on allman's team and says the suspect made many co-workers nervous. he says he would have been at the meeting had his car not broken down this morning. >> and i got an angel watching me. >> to hear he has gone off i am blown away by it. >> reporter: many describe allman as a likable, lovable guy. mitchell julian raced done to the plant when heap heard the news. he has been friends with allman for more than 20 years. >> to hear this is just like, he has got too much to live for to just throw it all away like this. something bad had to happen at his job to push him to where he is going to snap. i never would think shareef would snap. that is not him. he is kind-hearted. >> and, the president and ceo,
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released a statement late today, saying that they are shocked and saddened, adding they're going to do all they can to help the workers through this very difficult time. again, the quarry remains a crime scene at this hour. no word on when it will reopen. reporting live, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. stay there. want to move over to damian trujillo who has spoken to grief stricken family members. day break, today with so much bloodshed and horror for family members who wurnt quieren't sur was happening? >> early this morning. one of his brothers is here at the medical center in stable condition. his other brother is dead at the hands of the gunman. the victim's mother arrived at the emergency room still traumatized by the loss of one
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son. and the injuries to another. >> beth oth my brothers were lo time employees, safety union leaders, one worked for 30 years, one for 25 years. >> the injured brother didn't want his name released. dead is a father of two and grandfather of five. >> how difficult is it to get that phone call? >> you know when you get a phone call when you are dead asleep and you get the phone call it crushes you in the heart. and then when you, family starts calling you and friend you just got to stay focused and be strong. >> reporter: two other victims ta came to vmc. one treated and released the other the victim of the attempted carjacking. >> the other two gentmleman cam in after 6:00, the woman, after 7. 30. . >> a south bay family waits for one son to heal while they plan for the funeral of another.
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we are told that the deceased victim, was very active in his church. we will look at that tonight at 6:00. for now live, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. continuing to follow the two breaking news stories this afternoon. death of apple co-founder steve jobs, 56-year-old. apple confirming to nbc bay area late this afternoon. we'll continue our coverage of jobs' life and legacy ahead. >> as we showed you the manhunt still under way for a gunman in south bay. looking at live chopper pictures of the search around the area of wolf and homestead, which is the last known area where shareef tadeans foiliniod atrmnan on
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bachlt -- bay. a gut wrenching day for family and friends of the suspect. this is not the man they know. they say shareef allman, the last person they would ever expect to be involved in this violent. a part time community activist. part time author and full time father. allman lives in an apartment in north san jose on renaissance drive near 1st and tazman drive. we bring in marianne favro from allman's apartment complex in the community. the police presence, is it there now? what are his neighbors saying about all this today? >> police are here now. neighbors here are stunned. allman lives just down this path on the bottom floor apartment unit on the left. you can see the crime scene tape. all day long police officers have been out here guarding the apartment in case allman decides to return home. meanwhile, neighbors say they can't believe the man known around here as a mediator is now accused of murder.
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>> he was never a rude person. he was always happy-go-lucky, you know? and never violent. so this is kind of -- this is very shocking. >> reporter: paulette o'connor can't believe her friend and neighbor, shareef allman is now an accused murderer. police with assault rifles are stationed outside his san jose apartment just in case he returns to the home he shares with his 17-year-old daughter le shea. she remained in the apartment with investigators all day. paulette says she talked with leshea this morning shortly after her father allegedly opened fire on his co-workers. >> she looked terrified. she looked scared this morning. >> reporter: paulette describes allman as an excellent single father who went out of his way to encourage prisoners to avoid violence at home. >> he would go out of state, speak at prisons and stuff. i know about that. i think he want to new york. he want to a prison up there.
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and spoke to the prisoners about not being abusive or being abusive to women and stuff look that. >> reporter: albert salozar has been friends with allman for ten years heft says they bonded because they both experienced difficult childhoods and managed to turn their lives around. >> this whole thing just blew us away, man, caught us off-guard. >> reporter: teenagers at the complex say that allman taught them to box and encouraged them to stay out of gangs and resolve conflicts without violence. >> he was a great person. >> reporter: they can't believe that the friend, who encouraged them to resolve things peacefully would be accused of horrific violence. neighbors here say that allman loved the kids at this apartment complex and often tried to keep them out of trouble by getting them to play basketball. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. as you heard marianne mention, shareef allman an accused
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killer. he is a man with a long history of advocating against negativity and violence. he produce aid show, reel to reel, broadcast on the community access network, a job he didn't get paid for. his friends say they knew he was unhappy at his real work at lehigh cement company but thought the situation had been resolved and allman had plenty to look forward to. you are looking at him here, video of his show, "reel to reel." he was raising his daughter and recently had written a book, the title of which was meant to empower women against domestic abuse. we of course will continue to follow the story as it unfolds. complete coverage at 6:00 on nbc bay as well. we have raw video and dramac pictures of the search for the suspect as well as complete videos of community tv work as well. >> want to go back to our breaking news story tonight. steve jobs, apple co-founder, dead at the age of 56. let's go back to our business and tech reporter, scott budman with more reacts.
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reading the statement from apple board of directors it reads in part, steve's brilliance, passion, energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve awful oll of lives. you were talking global impact. steve jobs about as local as we get. born in san francisco. raised on the peninsula. homestead high school. apple co-founder, in cupertino. local success story. >> it its. the impact this man had. how many of us found out about his passing on a device that was made or inspired by steve jobs. let's take you to an apple store. after a recent launch. steve jobs hanging out among the consumers. the people he tried to please. the peep who made him a wealthy man. the people who he designed gaejts and gaejt -- gadgets and devices for. founding apple, when he was in his 20s. kept the company here, no matter what the siren song was. he took apple public in 1980. this was the kind of success
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story, you called it, raj, being local. even broadening out from just technology. remember jobs some times ago buying pixar and transforming that company into a new way that technology could be used to make movies. and to please families. there have been entire years, i will tell you this as a parent, when there wasn't a pixar movie out it was a struggle to find something good in the theaters to bring a young child to. jobs affecting a lot of families not just with technology but stories that pixar was known for. steve jobs change sowing many lives around here. i have heard from apple employees who are mourning and yet celebrating tonight. when jobs started apple and take it public four years later he created a lot of wealth. this is the kind of, change that allows people to buy houses in the bay area, the kind of change that allows you to put your kids in the kind of schools you want to. really a life-change thing. the sort of thing we have seen over and over again in silicone valley. young people start a company. young people make a lot of
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money. they spin off companies, buy companies, they change the culture. that is how things have been done here in the bay area for generations thanks largely to the type of minds and the type of energy levels of people like steve jobs. let's not forget his co-founder, steve wazniak who brought a lot of brains to apple, a team-in ateam-in -- yin and yang. how the world was changed. and how our lives are changed day today because of the devices that we use and the movies that we see. that all really can be laid at the feet of steve jobs. i will send it back to you guys. >> scott budman. thank you for your perspective. we are getting the e-mail that tim cook spechl, the e-mail seno apple employees. we are planning a celebration of steve's extraordinary life for apple employees that will take place soon. part of the e-mail, company wide e-mail, tichl coit reads no wor adequately, express our sadness
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of steve's death or gratitude for the opportunity to work with him. from tim cook, ceo of apple to employees. we'll cover this story throughout this newscast. once again at 6:00. now let's turn our attention to the weather. the type of area weather that residents are used to seeing later in the year. and fall storms are moving right now, packing quite a punch. pg & e crews are working for hours to replace this utility pole snapped by wind and heavy rain which happened overnight. may have heard the storms overnight while you were sleeping. more than 200 residents lost power in marin county's wood acre community. 1,700 homes across the bay area faced outages. trees toppled during the height of the storm. drivers had to navigate flooded streets today despite the break in the wet weather. pg & e says crews are responding quickly so they can be prepared when the next storm comes through. >> part of me says that is their job. on the other hand, they're on it right away. we appreciate whatever we can get done. >> short blast of rain and
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darkening skies over san francisco prompted tourists to take cover and, well, hang out throughout the day, not just tourists most residents waiting throughout the day as this kind of went in and out. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri to talk about today's day and what we can expect the next couple days. >> we are looking at isolated thunderstorms. show you in the radar. wind brought down the power. brought us outages, topped over 50 miles an hour here in the hills of south bay. los gatos. san jose, little lesser with 25 mile per hour, top wind gust. it was gusty out here over the past 48 hours. really, some remarkable record setting rain as high as -- 3-plus inches in the santa cruz. santa rosa, inch and a half. san francisco, 3/4 inch. and 1/2 inch in san jose. record setting twuc, two storms days, roadways pretty slick. zoom in and finding pockets of isolated thunderstorms across the bay area. namely for those in the east bay
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never livermore, also into oakland and freemont. thunderstorms, dropping the brief, heavy rainfall. a few lightning strikes at time near freemont. pummelled earlier today. continuing to see the pockets redevelop down here across ben lomond. santa cruz. find through to night, scattered areas of thunderstorms that will develop. temperatures are cold. upper 50s, low 60s. feels more like november out there. than our -- you know, current early october. ahead we are going to be looking at weekend warping coming our way. build up from the south, from the region. high pressure that is just going to slide in here as we head throughout saturday, sunday, into the upcoming columbus day. for temperatures, 20 degrees warmer for us. but for tomorrow, still have to watch out here for slight chance of some isolated showers. as for tonight, cold, folks. special leer in the north bay. lo49ras, updeee49, s gatos. tomorrow, 60s for everyone. from the north bay down to south
5:23 pm
bay. morning time on your forecast. weather channel on cable. you will see here, slight chance of showers for tomorrow. then we dry out friday. and temperatures in the upper 70s, to near 80 as we head into reis upcoming weekend the a veprie ysa b reprieve by saturday, sunday. guys. >> thank you for the update. jeff. >> we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you.
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no, thank you. official. sarah palin will not be running for the presidency. after months of speculation and a bus tour, the former alaskan
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governor will not pursue a bid for 20912 gop nomination. palin revealing her decision in a letter earlier today. she cited her family as one of her main considerations. palin will be ontinue serving theon country despite n longer being a candidate. we're back in a moment for more.
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the story we have been following for more than 12 hours. here is where we stand on the story that caused so much tension in the south bay. the manhunt still continues. the gunman behind the mass work place shooting at the quarry is still at large tonight. three people are dead. six wounded. some of them critically. a seventh person was wounded hours later, at 7:00 a.m. in an attempted carjacking. the last time we saw the gunman. as he ran into a sunnyvale neighborhood. 47-year-old shareef allman. a picture of him. some time author, community activist. swat teams, conducting a door to door search warning residents allman is armed and dangerous. we will continue our coverage at 6:00. >> the final word on the death of steve jobs. is there a sense of surprise? we knew he was very ill. stepped down in august. did they think he was this close to his death?
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>> really that is just speculation. no one really knew outside of the company and inner circle. is this a surprise? not all that much. i think what he did was to really set up a line of succession within the company. stepping down was the final line that said, you know what i have done what i am going to do. i was quite touched by him appearing in front of the cupertino city council. the headquarters will be his legacy as well as the devices we all use. >> more at 6:00. [ male announcer ] sizzler's steak fest!
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