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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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thay oad t h b. >>plyrouh tchniay aulere l. i didn't think that would be si buodmi al ya'sige. enalousha sco a lro ah. inee. >>giwiegig n . on inoy. tt'spal o n lre pi af son niv reejugins mg thte h fnd tebo t nst av 'srosan ct fs er ma >>ordos sbr s i tio d eou 's tng reng e aa d o ovahs ri say for the first time
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in months his friends can think about getting him out here to the ballpark the next season. >> it's ecstatic. the next step's home. >> reporter: for the first time in six months simon can imagine his friend going home. that gives him the hope he's been waiting for. >> that's the first time i left where i was truly happy. where i was, like, just ecstatic. i was calling everybody on my way home. >> reporter: the father of two has been in the hospital since march 31st. that's when two men attacked the fan in the parking lot of dodgers stadium leaving him with a traumatic brain injury. but doctors at san francisco general hospital says stow is making so much progress, they released him from the hospital and sent him to a rehab center. >> when bryan came ahere, he was in a comatose state.
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he can speak and began to eat, as well. >> reporter: the family wanted the transfer to be quiet. worried a high-profile event could put his health in jeopardy. the family is not releasing his location until he settles into an aggressive routine. >> he's going to be tuckered out, i'm sure. >> reporter: but stow is getting stronger. >> you can hear him from the end of the bed as opposed to putting your ear to it. >> reporter: hopefully by baseball season stow will be ready to throw out the first pitch at a giants game. >> opening day. if that would be the case, he lost a year of his life. but, you know, if that's the -- if he's back, okay. ou no th n ng be o . > rt s i ok or ng l ti w, o i t a s ca c en
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d rs m or bl ot n i gs w e' s re er wi p au b e o e an ow xp ng fu co . >> ab at b ic b i s pr in as th im i ti on wo h ge n he rc st be g ry w. b m e d ck c n mb wh im y ar at ll se >> lb de wo ha c he m ar lp t ma so ou rc t ol rc ot io w e go f rd w on t i he an a c ty e 's of . w e il e s 0, a ar a ff . af y s tr in to ca do me i o nd
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. h n y s c ng ui sa c e er ui to am d up . o o la wi ve es ch ? ep r: w p ce ef nt b ve re a a ai w ex d b h p c n he t lt h t d f lt ow a e f s g u f wn s 's an h no nt >> m he i ea ab t ci . >> or n me l ch a ny t t e co h r w o o s th vi t e. >> a ab 20 on o th po rt . h ul ou il if g t e ul ac ta ty w l co l he or za . r te e no la
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r n n av > en am g t f po it if w d ea ma ha re m. he sa . bu d h t hi e w th t go to . >> n no es to y he es s. re er e r sh o e su c re us to we es s. ou m r d ot ta t am r r he ti >> t nd e y, e k s w ma t ma ga g ng nc s. ns ur . a in at l t ch to h b > po : e in in or c 's ig on e e ee w th un vo on uv le ew an i- er la an ch le n r mp ga nj io yo o ai p ng
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al he po t hi ev e ed f c th it > 'm a y e e ea 1% or ic . w il ju a g ut oi om ng d a in >> or c ts es ti au so pe by pr it ff t yo on t e or in jo re y t do i 't me . ep r: t' xt t ty oa d? t p e s ng ac nd in c t b th le c w re h fo no th ea le t yo ys sh w u in t nd in m li hi st po c f ar da n is in ow t. s i ha si f bu i no h to t s >> nk u ch . , he o y y, h n d ls ab s k' s in t . ac ed gu n, ha
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a n il b d ti s r be ve al t d g on m . c ne on me e s hi lf i h er on l un t ti ho co nt an ho m i su al is s in pr e t ed ay or d g r la me g up no 's us f ot t eo li hr y ll rn o id om nn e. ne rr l il e er ti go th ta ep en as ue a l e av t, in t r ta ga ic c b t rk af a le lo a si d i ab am ad e s. t e sh he ot ki th sa a sa o ri so a de r- me at s ai ba o .
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> e ed te h ng n r ac s. co ra o e w on d uc . rt o f re ts a te st nt fk ew r he ad br ea e co t . an e ei el i t ba o sp gh el d e ir a er th ir n ci op io es th wo n r li he o m an g c l, or s, b u st nt le it pe . ir nt tu o to n er r s e rk or . ve n > rg pu an si ia pe m e pl h an su sf on il e nt ne nt s ea in ll er c r le s -9 n. a f % l a n or te bu ss ax rs an on rs tt ne r ne i
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e l as e ar th ry er he re t mn nj t ul d m o ew er s la governor chris christie. perry's numbers are down. a south bay boy needs help before it's too late. >> that bike is probably my only way to walk. >> a stolen bike and a broken heart. and his recovery ar ow c hriang chastd ouay mu. hee pin pe' mo ror nbhe maox nst onam anannayree lior i t'ak aa y faanotou ff et i.
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> l oeon beari aeor antf 's f ginar. fo an eeehi b snnon fdod epnc tit . s iadi snom hpantpl baske t15 kthmahbod >>or tmiy seatoeouea thpeizikro yeldb nto n tal ain. so tonight, the family is making a plea to the thief to have a heart and return the bike. >> and i was just shocked because it wasn't there.
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>> reporter: juan's heart sank when he realized someone had stolen his specialized bike from a storage room near his apartment. >> where could it be? who took it? why would they do this to me? >> reporter: juan needs his black three-wheeler to help strengthen his legs. the high seat and back helps him keep his balance. >> i need it for my recovery to walk. and it's just my entertainment. my way of distracting myself. >> reporter: early last year, juan was walking in a crosswalk on alma street when a car struck them. the impact was so severe it left him in a coma for more than two months. and he lost his ability to walk. juan had been using his bike as part of his physical therapy, in hopes of walking freely once again. >> that bike's probably my only way to walk. >> reporter: his family believes someone knew his bike was inside
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the storage room and figured out a time to steal it. specialized bikes like juan's can be worth thousands of dollars. >> i feel that they're just going to use it for the parts. >> reporter: but more than the money, the thief took away something more precious juan's freedom to getar. pe, rn us edr ci ne >po: tik i tyue y t ye i ve anftica t n ol ianeni tkuor today, it was oakland, san jose and san francisco. tomorrow, it will be walnut creek that will be occupied. the occupy movement that started in new york moves to contra costa county. tomorrow evening, the protest begins about 4:00 near main street and mt. diablo boulevard. hundreds of supporters are delivering this message. that corporate greed and social
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inequality need to be dealt with iou fg% ulot. ane,thprt reedceay i arsa n t am spha dot st i iri ir il lng iclogenpe ser aoak m ecinnsct keri h ihe u ss yax inyo ? y enso h totwey d ian wu ec ouf. ser alvi i moru falnc heitat s ruthes n o etntur b acnt >ishelle jo rtehiet w iigs afnceaonp d
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thce i el a itmbag beyap. ettareve tecntes t estof8.llso le tne n. einor o t er >>po: h teofh. >> sm ngro evhe epr:ott ca ym >>t'rr > rt tre llttndero aes dauh leriv t.slendoa el,y ppl. heat ars bhe sedt othm. fi ve a crngplagok fr toe ty wo >>ntst iufo s. 'aiyo c oon duaibahe fee. the in pe' y. reereippim sen o treinndof
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ole ugh l. >>itneofeth ouheedliof l. a wy legeog rthdi w ec sevonsh . pohe s a sd er althenof asntt te e ers isec dhe-mdede reed asp ng 'd ospite ip ecnt t'n plowavh asvegn. n t eet kesyoair i, at h vig, aka te t mre ot ith am osnsorou syoefa erm, in turtfi
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tlld ase eneds >s eantmiek ha wpe >> h d whe bayoowll th thghtha n er. w tmy, w id o are iane. 77oos us o7a ci l ath cntus. pi et th h . bu77nat ntr ites ghitle in nhy. omw,clar he nolyeer ctuth e coins h t wag, oor e ane h ba bu calmti y h tthch wiom unwer ngouwa e'oi t r sis rs w w o
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fo wee viute he fi uts llngbe reg th hes iung frths. io ptodet otoforacty ck o traso 0gr wrhwh hhiimsekn h a sngorviin as cnuhrou eday80sland rs afoeeco atstay ah nt frendns a o sraco ps heut tht wegoo git ianro va in . 58edy. mo u wsd wr . ingahi n j anhelsloga. rm and- tgh sar anor pesu up aowsran ano.
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wome >>ooen nearly five months have passed since buster posey was pummeled when trying to block home plate
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on a scoring play. that collision left him with a left ankle that was virtually destroyed. that was then. this is now. today a huge step in his recovery. the 24-year-old currently in arizona. caught live bullpen sessions during an instructional league practice. this coming two weeks ahead of buster's projected recovery schedule. the giants saying 100% posey will return as a catcher. rangers at the tigers. alcs game three. the ranger leading the series. miguel cabrera. >> with a double to right. austin jackson scores. bottom of the sixth, same score. the long balls start flying. jhonny peraltaftatatataotatatatatatata tawitatatatatatata ta'tagutacataa.ta ta ta sta sta ttata tatataftatatatatatatatatata ta5ta tatatta.ta ta ta tatatatatata ttatatawitatatatatatata2,tatatatauttata ttaltatatatatatatatatatatata ta tatatatatatatarita tatatatatamtatatatatatata ta>>taittatatatatatata atata taibtaytata49tatatatata tahata ltatajotatamota tatatata remainder of this season. all of this after the wide
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receiver broke a bone in his lower left leg near the end of sunday's spanking of tampa bay. so, today, the team held an audition of sorts and wound up signing 26-year-old brett swain, the san diego native an k pr t g a tr ug r in o th se n. in o ce a er l g f t pa s r ei on p ic qu i 8. e ct ui u h nd t s n't get better for the stanford cardinal. they have the longest current winning streak at 13. that does not mean they will take washington state lightly on saturday. >> we're not getting too high over a win. we go back and see what ways we can improve. we need to improve every week. our guys have that mentality. >> our coaches give us all the tools we need to be aggressive. that's one of the things we do
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as a defense up front. >> it's logical. make great game day dio weve pngrim hestndld ete eil ephe p w c ouor. tbee hi >>u t ere stnd in f oeiam halda, inla hah anisnl wionenays he f.ggng ggngig ththirof. l s t1an
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