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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 12, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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burglary victim. and that's in september. rosa says she was in shock when burglars victimized her. and this is how the bad guys are getting in. open windows and doors. getting the locals to talk about what happens in their naubd seems to be difficult, nobody's home. it's the advantage burglars are using to hit their targets. in san jose, with almost 1 million residents, budget cuts are forcing officers to tell many car and home burglary victims to file a police report online. unless a crime is in progress or
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someone has been physically hurt. in the last week there have been 19 reported break-ins. >> it's more likely to be on the property side of things. auto burglaries the legal of attention as they were in other cities. el cerrito is one of them. with 24,000 residents police vow to go after the crooks. >> we do have evidence technicians that are certified in el cerrito. our patrol officers do a really good job of collecting evidence. >> reporter: the detective says he won't sit by and let burglars terrorize his city. >> the el cerrito police department is holding a community meeting tonight to discuss this recent rash of burglaries. it starts in about 25 minutes at 6:30 this evening at the arlington park clubhouse on arlington boulevard in el cerrito. similar scary scenario, developing news out of southern california. a different location but something so frightening.
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a week after a deadly workplace shooting in the south bay, eight people are confirmed dead after a gunman opened fire at a southern california beauty saloon. nbc bay area's garvin thomas has been monitoring the story and joins us with the very latest. this is in a very small location. >> seal beach. happened this afternoon. that's a town of about 25,000 people located between long beach and huntington beach. a gunman, according to one report, dressed in body armor, entered the salon meritage, police say opened fire on both employees and customers. six people declared at the scene, two more died at the hospital, one person still in critical condition. one man however has been arrested. >> within a minute i would say of the shooting, officers arriving, our officers were following the suspect.
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interior this is video just into our news room which shows the suspect being taken into police custody. police say they have information that the gunman was in a relationship with one of the employees at the salon. so for the moment they're working on the presumption this may be a case of domestic violence. caution, it's too early to know for sure. seal beach is described by people who live there as a quiet, safe community. there has been just one murder in the past four years. >> thank you, garvin. today, exactly one week after the south bay shooting spree, two of the three men kill wednesday laid to rest. hundreds came to the services in san jose. family and friends paid respects to jovallejos. others gathered to say good-bye to pijon. he had deep ties to the cement
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plant. his cousin was shot and hurt, his brother also works there. occupy san francisco was taken to another level. protesters blocked the france to well s fargo headquarters. it ended with 11 in handcuffs and hundreds of employees who couldn't get into their offices. we bring in nbc bay area's traci grant who joins us from the city. freedom of speech and protesting is common. how much is the city spending in terms of lepolicing protesters? >> reporter: that's what sfpd is trying to figure out. some of the protesters who spent hours in front of wells fargo have returned to this spot on market street. occupy sf has become the home base for a number of demonstrations over the last week and a half. sfpd is now working to come up with an estimate of the cost to taxpayers. >> there are dozens of us
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blockading wells fargo because enough is enough. >> reporter: he was one of those arrested today in san francisco's financial district. sfpd said the group was cited for trespassing because they tried to go through a side entrance in the building. alfred came back to the protest as soon as the police let him go. >> i'm willing to get arrested and there's dozens of others willing to get arrested and do whatever it takes to make sure these banks are held accountable. >> reporter: who will be held accountable for the expenses related to today's march through the streets which ended with protesters blocking wells fargo's doors as police kept watch? who ends up paying for the police overtime and costs who keep police keeping watch on market street? >> there are costs. the costs of any officers or city services is minuscule compared to the amount of money this bank is making. >> the money is our money.
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we are the taxpayers. the bailout money came from taxpaye taxpayers. the officers' salaries are being paid by taxpayers. >> reporter: sfpd is coming off a period filled with overtime from the bart protests, ranging from $12,000 to $35,000, a total of $97,000. spokesman troy dangerfield says the department tries to reallocate resources and move around on-duty personnel to avoid overtime. >> we're the police department, we're supposed to police. when we're needed we come out and do it. if it was a protest against the war, it would be the same thing. >> reporter: wells fargo kept the doors locked today. >> i think they're protesting the wrong company. i'm totally annoyed by it. >> we're all hurt. everybody's hurt. but i've got work to do. >> reporter: the philosophy of these occupy movements is that
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there's 1% of the population controlling 99% of the wealth, and that's why some of the protesters said today they don't mind the police being around because they consider the police as part of that 99% who's just out there working really hard for their money. a school bus accident in san francisco sent all five adult special ed students and the driver to the hospital with minor injuries. the bus dlided with a farming tractor. you can see the bus flipped over. officials say the driver was trying to pass the tractor and didn't realize the tractor was slowing down to turn. the tractor's driver was not hurt. keeping pedestrians safe. community members in east palo alto will come together to talk about solutions to a dangerous
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situation where a 6-year-old was hit and killed. she was walking to school with her mom and sits when he was hit by a car as she crossed the street. neighbors say more needs to be done to keep that intersection and the crosswalk safe. tonight's meeting is st. francis of assisi church in east palo alto. uneasiness in oak lan. residented dealing with the reality their police chief is jumping ship. many feel it's a sinking ship. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us from oakland city hall where city leaders spent the day in meetings trying to determine what to do next. >> reporter: that's right, and we just got word the mayor and city administrator will announce who the interim chief will be at a press conference tomorrow. we caught up with the outgoing chief today who seemed in great spirits as he prepares to turn over the reins to someone else. [ people running up, giving me a
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hug, saying they miss me. it makes me feel happy. >> reporter: police chief anthony bat getting wg-wishers is as he prepares to step down. why many understand why he's leaving, most we talk to aren't happy about it. >> i'm very sorry to see the chief leave now. but i understand it. we should be lucky that we had him this long. >> reporter: margarita fuller of the fruitvale district supported his ideas to institute curfews and gains injunctions and shared his frustrations when he didn't get city support. >> frank he, i don't know who would want to come here and be a police chief. it's a tough job. and the council is not going to give them the tools they need. >> reporter: like many oakland neighborhoods, hers has seen a spike in crime. police recently shut down a drug
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horse a few doors down. fuller's uneasy. >> i don't like to come home after dark anymore and that's never been me. >> they shouldn't be afraid. we have a very good police department, a very good command staff, howard your dan, the assistant chief, is work solid. we have good captains. >> reporter: batts is trying to put minds at ease. he thinks the department will end up in good hands. his advice for whoever takes over? >> keep your smile. >> reporter: and we just got word, sources tell us that assistant chief power jordan will be appointed to be interim chief tomorrow. again, that is a position that howard jordan is familiar with. you may remember he served as interim chief before chief batts got the job. batts has thrown his support behind howard jordan, calling him again today "rock solid." that announcement will be made official tomorrow.
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let's take you to concord where police are looking for a suspect involved in a stabbing on school campus. investigators say 19-year-old bay point man suffered stab wounds after fighting with a suspect at the mt. diablo adult education center. the stabbing taking place just before 11:00 this morning. investigators say the fight started after the subject and victim exchanged what's being a described as hard looks. the victim is recovering after surgery at john muir hospital in walnut creek. a 17-year-old san jose specialized bicycle which had been stolen has been returned to him. we're not talking about just any bike. gomez was struck by a car and needs a specialized bing to get around. the family was devastated to see that someone has taken the bike out of a storage room near his apartment. the $5,000 tricycle is customized for his use. he's paralyzed and needs the bike to strengthen his legs.
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doctors say with the right physical therapy, he may walk again. tonight, juan and his family say they're thrilled and grateful to have it back. someone did the right thing, that's nice to hear. still ahead, a hollywood hack. the fbi announces a break in a year-long hacking investigation. we have the details on the celebrities involved and the compromising images. also ahead, tearing down a painful reminder. a positive step forward for the neighborhood devastated by the san bruno pipeline explosion. a new look at one of the bay area's biggest disasters. the rarely seen pictures of the oakland hills fire now going on display. i'm chief meteorologist. drying rains across the bay area, helping numbers warm up 5 to 10 degrees. a little cloud cover right now. overall, those numbers today in the upper 70s to low and mid 80s. [ female announcer ] what's so great cash?
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today in san bruno a new chap testify for the people who lived through the gas pipeline explosi explosion. the barricades surrounding the neighborhood at the center of the blast were taken down. the mayor was on hand to mark the occasion. this is just the latest step in rebuilding the crestmore neighborhood. the explosion last year killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. glen view drive has been closed to through traffic for more than a year. >> this is really an opening of the neighborhood again. and making it so much easier for people to walk, to shop, just to interact. >> slowly but surely, they are rebuilding. just last month, you might recall, crews filled in the crater at the epicenter of the blast. last week, governor brown signed six bills into law designed to improve pipeline safety throughout the state.
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it is known as the oakland firestorm of '91. next week, it will be 20 years since that massive and deadly fire destroyed much of the oakland hills. a week after that fire, a bay area photographer walked among the ashes snapping photos. two decades later, we're seeing those photos for the very first time. >> reporter: the images are familiar to many. 25 deads. more than 3,000 homes destroyed. neighborhoods left scarred and barren. but the images richard captured in the days after the fire are not iconic. they've scarcely been seen. >> there's no flames. there's no people running. there's no drama. it's really a quiet look. but i put it away for 20 years for posterity. >> reporter: as the bay area prepares to remember the 20th anniversary of the devastating
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fire he dug out his negatives and created an exhibition. >> what struck me so much about this place was this sort of grade "b" movie, post-apocalyptic landscape, devastation. >> reporter: there are no people in these fote foets. >> chimneys, washers, dryers, things like that. everything else has been levelled and charred. >> reporter: a child's plastic toy is melted. a tiny memorial pays homage to oakland police officer john g grabinski. >> i'm hoping 20 years later people's wounds have healed. >> reporter: for sally, memories of the home she lost in the fire. >> it's a historical document. it's an important document. it's an important time, a turning point in my life. >> reporter: the exhibition is showing simultaneously at the uc berkeley art museum and the
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oakland museum in california. oakland plans to erect a board for people to pin photos and other remembrances. >> we're prepared for people to be very emotional about this. because this is something that happened to this community. >> such a calm place. yet everything else around it's gone. >> reporter: he understands his pictures will open old wounds. but as a resident of the berkeley hills he says they also deliver a message about the dangers of living in risky areas. a message as poignant today as 20 years ago. >> it's impressive to see those photos. >> amazing, i remember that day vividly. it's hard to imagine it's been 20 years. >> we've had a mild fire season the last two years because of the rain. you almost forget the power of that. >> all it takes is a shift in wind and you get dry, northerly winds. 20 to 40 miles per hour. that's all you need here to get potential wildfires to get
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sparked. we are look at a drying wind today but not up to red flag fire warning status. current numbers went up to low to mid 80s for daytime highs. 83 in livermore. 78 san francisco. 82 in los gatos. as we take you outside, 72 in san francisco. mid to high-level cloud cover after a lot of sunshine today. cloud cover isn't holding any rainfall for us. just kind of adding to the overall landscape here tonight. looking from oakland back into san francisco. winds are out of the northwest at nine miles per hour. that is a drying and also a fire wind here across the bay area. that did help those numbers to warm up 5 to 8 degrees here namely across the northeast and south bay. take a look at this warming wind coming out of the northwest, 5 to 10-mile-per-hours. we're not seeing any gusts higher than that. that's why we're not under red flag fire warning status. it is just enough of a wind shift to prompt those temperatures to warm up. we have a few spotty showers to the north. out towards eureka. we have this stalled-out frontal
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system that is just enormous, stretching 2,000 miles here off the coast line. a lot of cold air and moisture, high pressure down here in the south is helping to deflect this. will be producing warmer weather for thursday. in fact, it's region of high pressure centered in southern california. temperatures are still dealing with in the 90s from los angeles all the way to long beach, pomona as well. a record-setting high in los angeles with 99, breaking the old record set in 1950. a new record in long beach at 102 today, which is besting the old record of 96 set back in 1963. so it's been about 50 to 60 years since it has been this hot this time of the year, down into southern california. so increased fire danger in southern california through tonight. as we start off tomorrow, we'll start off in the low 60s. not anything too much out of the ordinary. 10:00, 11:00, another warm day to day in store.
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temperatures mid 70s in the east bay. we'll talk about our hotter thursday and how high those numbers go in my seven-day forecast. a big shadow could leave san francisco's proposed transbay tower high rise in the dark. an environmental impact report predicts that if the building goes up, they'll leave parks in north beach and chinatown in shadows for part of the day. especially on winter mornings. in 1984, a city law prohibited new buildings, the law still exists, from shading public parks. "the chronicle" says the impact won't be as bad as analysts predict. if it goes up it would be the tallest building west of the mississippi river. it's the start of flu season and contra costa county wants you to get protection. starting monday county health services will offer flu vaccines for people living in the county at immunization clinics in brentwood, concord, pittsburg,
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and richmond. it protects from three strains of the influenza virus including the h1n1. it is recommended for anyone 6 months and older. just ahead, it was an image that went viral. a tribute to the late steve jobs is at the center of a legal battle here in the bay area. it is not your typical flash mob. new video of a big surprise for a legendary bay area athlete. a surprising move by dr. adde
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lawyers for dr. conrad murray shifted their defense strategy. they say they will not try to show that michael jackson swallowed a fatal dose of anesthetic while dr. murray wasn't looking. that had been their theory and their defense until this point. also today, testimony continued with a cardiologist from the
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california medical board who reviewed jackson's case. he told jurors he found six mistakes in care given by dr. murray and those alleged missteps directly contributed to the pop star's death. a florida man is charges with handling e-mails of hollywood celebrities. a-listers like scarlett johansson and christina aguilera are among those allegedly hacked. >> reporter: so much of their lives is public. in the internet age, perhaps more than even before. even the world's biggest celebrities expect some measure of privacy. today, though -- >> it was a fairly routine, straightforward arrest. >> reporter: federal agents described how even that was compromised. a-list actresses scarlett johansson and mila kunis, christina aguilera, renee oel stead, simon heir rush, and others from 2010 to this year, hacked. >> this morning, special agents with the fbi arrested a florida
6:26 pm
man. >> reporter: christopher cheney started with access to publicly available resources, say authorities. essentially guest passwords. using what celebrities chatted about online with friends, to go even deeper. >> maybe you're out on one of the social media sites, that your pet's name is whatever. that's a clue to a hacker to at least start there. >> mr. cheney set the victims' accounts to automatically forward all their e-mails to his own e-mail. >> reporter: once he walked through that door says the indictment cheney accessed many things. 50 victims, say agents, all working in the entertainment intry. cheney allegedly saw unreleased movie scripts, financial records, private conversations and more. >> mr. cheney was able to access nude photos of some of the celebrities, photos that were unfortunately uploaded onto the internet. >> reporter: for what purpose? not clear yet. authorities say he doesn't appear to have profited from the material, even though a lot of
6:27 pm
it went viral through celebrity blog sites. nbc bay area news. still ahead here, san francisco's mayor now the focus of a criminal investigation. coming up, the allegations. easily ahead, those hikers freed from iranian prison went to washington today. their message for lawmakers. why so many cell phone users are feeling blue about their blackberries and why apple may be gaining from it. i'll introduce you to a young tech guru who is fighting a deadly disease. he's locked in his hospital room but he's reaching out using his computer, asking for help. his fends are holding up cash.
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6:29 pm
a san francisco base tech entrepreneur is holed up in a hospital room in connecticut 3,000 miles away from the company he founded. >> thanks to the internet and social media, he's still close
6:30 pm
to his friends who will do almost anything to save his life. we bring in kris sanchez who joins us with the unique request for donations and an offer of money which makes this appeal interesting to say the least. >> i'd say. a lot of people are talking about this story across the country, worldwide. it's the story of a young man who should be in the prime of his life. instead, ahmed gupta's life screeched to a halt as he's fighting leukemia which could kill him. he's too sick to leave his hospital room so he is using his computer to connect with friends who ask them to become donors. if that generosity makes you uncomfortable you're not alone. most people who know amit gupta know him as the 32-year-old founder of photo jojo. life became anything but fun for
6:31 pm
gupta since leukemia. here he is in his hospital room. >> the hardest part was just learning you -- you start your life, you build a life thinking that you've got 85 years or whatever it is. making plans for what you're going to do. raising a family and all that kind of stuff. you don't know what to do, really, when all of a sudden it turns out that's not going to happen. >> reporter: gupta needs a bone marrow transplant. friends are organizing marrow drives in his name. his mentor is upping the ante. >> i said, i care very much about aadmit. here's the deal. if you end up being a watch make your own decision whether you want to donate, that's none of my business. but i'd like to reward you for taking action today. if you're the first person who's picked as a match for amit, i'll give you $10,000. >> reporter: friends were inspired to kick in and the reward is $30,000. it's not payment, that would be illegal, but rather incentive for people to take the time to
6:32 pm
register. but a bio eth thist says that in this country aredonations are meant to be donations or gifts. >> we have a notion that if money enters into that relationship, it will somehow pervert the altruism. it will turn the gift into a commodity. it will lead to a market rather than a sense of generosity. >> reporter: still, gupta's friends stand by their offer and gupta hopes it will save a life even if it's not his own. >> i hope i do find a match through this, even if i don't it can help other people. >> gupta's friends are hosting a donor drive party for him there. folks at stanford university are using gupta's story to drive interest in their quest to get 10,000 people signed up with the national bone marrow registry. the easiest way is to request a kit in the mail. do that at millions of people around the world feeling a little naked
6:33 pm
today. their blackberries went dark. but the world survived. our business and tech reporter scott budman, we survived, scott. >> are you feeling naked? >> when i got zero e-mailed i was thrilled, actually. >> there you go. it can be liberating. your smartphone isn't quite as smart as it was last week. that goes for 70 million other blackberry users. research in motion, the company that makes the blackberry, says it's a network outage, not a hack. while most blackberries are back online tonight, there's a backlog of texts and e-mails and that's going to take awhile to clear up. if there's any good news the company says every e-mail will be delivered, it's just happening slowly. not that there's ever a good time for a multi national phone shut-down but this is a really bad time to happen. the blackberry maker with the apple iphone coming out in two days wouldn't be surprise tuesday this outage puts some people who were on the fence over the edge and maybe over their blackberry. speaking of apple, not a perfect
6:34 pm
day for the cupertino company. so many people tried to download apple's new operating system we're hearing reports of stalls, freezes, crashing. another big company taking a hit, sony. the tech giant suffering through its second massive hack attack this year. sony says it was more prepared to stave off the attack this time, saying it only affected a small percentage of its user base and no credit card numbers have been compromised. sony had been criticized for lax security when its gaming network was hacked into this april. this could be the scarlet letter, written to mark heard from gloria allred on behalf of the woman who accused heard of sexual harassment. a delaware court wanted it unsealed. another strong day for your money. we're back in black. wall street positive for 2011. hopes that europe will soon solve its banking problems
6:35 pm
helped stocks to another day of strong gains. apple shares up today. research in motion down. bate of news crossing the wire, congress tonight approving free trade agreements with south korea, colombia, and panama. a move the administration says could boost our exports and potentially support tens of thousands of american jobs. >> a lot of the action in the tech world, thank you. the image went viral after the death of steve jobs. but now a man who used to live in the bay area is filing for copyright of that design. it is the apple logo but instead of a bite taken out of it, you can see it's steve jobs' silhouet silhouette. the graphic design history grew up in marin said he created the logo the night steve jobs died. $at least two other versions of e alogo. this man insists he's the first. new details on a story we broke last month. sill lyndra wants a bay area
6:36 pm
bankruptcy expert to run its operations. they asked for todd nielsen to work as its restructuring officer. nielsen's firm would bill up to $1.1 million for those services. at the same time we're getting more information about the loan program that made the solyndra bankruptcy so controversial. >> we have a reporter reviewing the documents and watching the hearings on capitol hill. he reports the government didn't get much job-creation for its money. >> reporter: we've been talking a lot about this department of energy loan guarantee program that brought us the solyndra mess. one thing stands out in that program overall. just how few permanent jobs were created despite billions in federal loan guarantees. take a look at just two examples. sunpower corporation, $1.23 billion loan guarantee for a solar plant that would only
6:37 pm
create 15 permanent jobs. mesquite solar one got a $337 million loan guarantee for a solar plant, that would only create seven permanent jobs. defenders of the program say you have to count the hundreds of temporary construction jobs in each of these cases and stress the cost to the taxpayer will be zero if the loans are paid back. critics say that's an awful lot of bucks for very little bang. closer to home, san francisco mayor ed lee is the subject of a two-pronged investigation into campaign donations. the district attorney confirms he's launched a criminal investigation into whether lee's campaign contributions from an airport van company were laundered. the state's fair political practices commission announced last week it would look into donations from 17 employees of the go lorries airport shuttle company. the d.a. is filing suit at the request of the city attorney who should be noted is running for mayor against lee.
6:38 pm
at issue are claims from two employees their $500 donations for lee's campaign would be reimbursed by management. lee's campaign tells "the chronicle" it was suspicious of so many contributions from one company, so lee returned 23 donations. a petition drive to repeal a law requiring california schools to include gay contributors in their history lessons has failed. that means the law will take effect on january 1st as scheduled. the group which calls itself stop senate bill 48 did not collect the 500,000 signatures it needed to get the repeal on the november ballot. lgbt activists say they expect opponents will reunite next year to fight the law. the three berkeley graduates freed from iranian prison are tonight in the nation's capital. josh fattal, shane bourd, and sarah shourd walking with senator al franken of minnesota. the three met with the senate to thank them for their support.
6:39 pm
you may recall their saga, arrested and charged with espionage while hiking in the region more than two years ago. shourd was released first due to medical reasons last year. bahher and fattal were finally released last month. the federal trial of the underwear bomber came to a halt today after the suspect made a surprising plea. >> the terror suspect admits he had every intention to blow up a commercial airliner on christmas day 2009. this morning on day two of his trial, abdulmutallab changed his believe to guilty on all eight felony counts including attempted purchase and conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism. the young nigerian is accused of trying to set off a bomb hid no one his underwear on a northwest airlines flight bound for detroit. the bomb failed to detonate properly.
6:40 pm
abdulmutallab admitted he was working for al qaeda. he served as his own defense counsel in the trial but had the assistance of an attorney. >> pleading to something where there's a life sentence is not something that i recommend. >> he was guilty b. >> he did everything that he said that he, did we witnessed it. >> abdulmutallab faces life in prison. his official sentencing is scheduled for january 12th. u.s. intelligence officials says it has a high degree of confidence that the assassination plot of saudi's ambassador was not a rogue operation. senior commanders with iran's sources were involved. two iranian men have been charged with trying to pay a mexican drug cartel have been charged. one suspects a u.s. citizen with
6:41 pm
an iranian passport made a brief appearance in court yesterday. another suect is at large and there are fears he and others are planning attacks in the u.s. and europe. allied forces in afghanistan will stay in the country another year. today the u.n. security council voted unanimously to extend their presence of the 130,000 nato-led forces because of serious concerns over ongoing terrorist and criminal activities. the u.n. resolution also calls for increased training of the afghan army and police with hopes of having security transferred to them by the end of 2014. president obama though is still standing by his decision to withdraw troops by the end of this year. check it out. feeling the groove. video of a flash mob with some star power. and the bay area athlete who got a very big surprise. good evening. a few clouds over the golden gate bridge tonight.
6:42 pm
not such a bad day. a lot less humidity in the atmosphere. daytime highs upper 70s and low 80s. we'll talk about a hort thursday. [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece. paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money directly to your friend's checking account.
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all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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the stanford shopping center will never be the same again. what do you get the man who has everything? a flash mob. 49ers legend steve young got quite a surprise for his 50th birthday. his wife barbara got help from flash mob america. i guess it's a group? you can just call them up? flash mob america, to organize a surprise birthday bash last weekend. after their nice, quiet lunch the huge mob descended into the plaza in front of bloomingdale's dancing to the music. great scene. he held back tears, laughed and held his children while watching the crowd. after the dance, barbara young
6:45 pm
led the huge group in a happy birthday sing-along. steve young turned 50 years old yesterday. >> now, that is a creative birthday present. >> he was shocked. >> we're going to do the same thing for you but we'll only have four people in the flash mob. >> we are the flash mob. >> get some more. >> we've been warming up our seven-day forecast. we'll let you know how hot it's goin get
6:46 pm
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we're still talking about that flash mob thing. how do you know if the weather's going to be okay for the flash mob if. >> they're giving me calls. take a look at those highs today. numbers were quite a bit warmer, not only from yesterday but from a week ago. last week we had that strong storm. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. today, temperatures about 20 to 30 degrees warmer tan that cold storm last week. 79 san rafael. 83 santa rosa. 78 san francisco. warming not only inland but also at the coast where we're holding on to 72 in san francisco and 76 in san mateo. tonight mainly clear. the fog stays well off the coastline. it will stay warm for thursday. 5 to 10 degrees above arm. if you're heading to the beaches, with this clear weather
6:48 pm
there is going to be rough surf that's going to get kicked up by this storm system. mid to high-level cloud cover here right now. that's not producing any rainfall. as we zoom out, the storm system stretches over 1,000 miles offshore. there's moisture with it and cold air. the problem is it's stationary, it's not budging as high pressure is moving in from the south helping to deflect storm activity. also warping numbers up 10 to 15 above average. warmer than average paper throughout thursday, friday. not going to get hot, we'll keep it in the warm category with 80s inland. also a fog-free forecast at the coastline throughout friday. we're looking at sunny and warm conditions continuing. upper 50s and low 60s in the north bay. low 60s in the east bay. for tomorrow 87 in morgan hill. 87 gilroy and pleasanton. 84 fremont. 85 san jose. so numbers going up 3 to 5 degrees here. 79 san francisco. 83 san mateo.
6:49 pm
84 benicia. and over here towards concord, orinda, san ramon, mid 80s expected as well. north bay, plenty of warmth for your earth day. almost to the weekend. morning time on the weather channel on cable, seven-day forecast, it stays warm into friday inland. low 70s at the coast. cooler for the weekend. our next chance of showers coming as we head throughout wednesday of next week. i felt like the micro machine guy i was talking so fast. i've got to squeeze everything in. we spent so much time on that video of the dancing. >> he's upset about the flash mob. >> kidding. >> flash floods he'd be happy to talk about, not flash mobs. now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. >> oh my goodness. everyone buzzing about raiders and 49ers. good evening, jamie. >> for the record, i would be in your flafsh mob, you've got five
6:50 pm
now. two years ago aaron curry was a first-round draft pick in seattle, now packing his bags and heading for oakland. raiders acquired the linebacker from the seahawks in exchange for a 2012 late-round draft pick and a 2013 selection. curry was the number four overall pick in the 2009 draft but struggled early this season and lost his starting role to rookie k.j. wright. over in santa clara, 49ers getting set to face the undie feeted detroit lions on the road this weekend. the lions "d" will be a good test for the san francisco offense. and quarterback alex smith, who is thriving under the direction of first-year head coach jim harbaugh. >> they play extremely fast, the whole defense. they know what they're doing, they're well-coached. they fly around. extremely, extremely fast. a lot of team speed over there. it all fits. it's all coordinated. you can tell they know what they're doing. the front matches up with the
6:51 pm
secondary. it all fits together. you know. i think that allows them to play fast, especially the front. at&t park is known for home runs flying into mccovey cove for splash hits. but now it's time to the cal bears, who host usc tomorrow night. we caught up with cal's senior punter brian enger who attempts to kick the first-ever flash punt. >> cal's lucky in the skills game, they've got one of the great punters in college football. special teams, the preseason all-american brian enger. >> looked this one over pretty good. to the 9 yard line. >> last year you averaged about 46 yards per punt. and what's your longest all-time? >> longest was 76 versus stanford freshman year. >> you picked the right game did to do it, not so bad. at&t park your home for 2011, it's known for splash hits.
6:52 pm
>> he hits it high. he hits it deep. out of here! >> oh-oh, we have a scramble. >> how many kicks do you think it would take from the home plate area to get a splash punt, the first-ever in at&t history? >> i think in two shots. >> brian enger, with his team here watching, step up to the plate. >> a little weak, give him a couple more, he gets three shots from here. feeling good. feeling good? that's a pretty good -- that's pretty solid. oh, now we're talking. you got a little roll there, you got a little roll going. let's see if we can do it on the second try. >> let's go, baby, let's go.
6:53 pm
>> the wind bothering you at all? >> a little windy but no problem. >> not so bad. this is where it's deceptive, though. a chip shot another 40 yards beyond the fence. can you do it? >> yes, definitely. >> not so bad. we're looking at from that orange cone, about 46. what would you call this? 35? >> 30 yards, probably. >> 30 yards. we've got a guy in the canoe. hit the canoe. you got it? yes! let's give him another one, another one. oh! got it. that says it all right there, good job. you can punt this year. >> that's pretty awesome. as i mentioned, they'll be out
6:54 pm
there tomorrow. we'll have full coverage of that game here in sports. >> somewhere, barry bonds is cringing. thank you, jamie. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, watch tonight at 10:ge,30 wch tonight. at 10:30. [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney...big as it gets sale, save big... ...with night and day doorbusters this friday and saturday. save 60% off coats for her and him. 50% off the hottest boots.
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at 11:00, look carefully.
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this crisp, $100 bill isn't worth a penny. there are more and more of these popping up all over the bay area. tonight gar convenient thomas reveals how these top-dollar fakes have become better than the originals tonight at 11:00 after "law and order." guess who's with us right now. >> he's doing that later but now? >> i'm a busy man. >> busy, busy. >> 7:00, comcast 186, we've heard about the scandal involving solyndra. there's human collateral damage. an engineer who's looking for work, also people, what to do with their resumes. we'll tackle plastic bags, the idea of banning them and the reason why why it's so important. >> enjoy your evening. we hope to see you back here at 11:00. [ female announcer ] did u know that sprite
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