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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 13, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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remembering a bay area disaster 20 years later. what fire crews are doing in the oakland hills today to keep firefighters and families safe in the future. >> tired of seeing tagging in your neighborhood? the innovative approach one city is taking to combat that problem. >> and coca-cola has been knocked off its perch. the bay area company named the number one global brand. >> we give you a live look outside. beautiful san francisco. your 11:00 a.m. news starts right now. good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez.
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>> i'm jon kelley. oakland emergency crews looking to past to avoid disaster in the future, october marking the 20th anniversary of the oakland hills firestorm. today firefighters staging a re-enactment of the fire fight. nbc bay area's christie smith like in oakland hills with a look what's happening out there. good morning. >> good morning to you, jon. this fire station wasn't even here back in 1991. but then of course, the firestorm tore through here. all of these homes burned to the ground and neighbors rebuilt and they said that they wanted their own fire station up here. they got fire station number 7. 20 years later, the oakland fire department is out here this morning talking about what has changed. back in 1991, not even all firefighters had their own gear to fight wildland fires. they had to share. residents now have an assessment district, power lines are below ground. communication between agencies is improved.
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and those wood shake roofs are a thing of the past. and the drum beat of defensible space around properties has paid off. budget cuts they say have affected the number of inspectors that actually go out to properties, but firefighters say the job stim gets done educating neighbors about the firestorm, they say that will never stops because new people move in who don't remember what it was like when the wind-driven firestorm burned more than 3,000 homes and killed 25 people. they say the bay area just has conditions that make it vulnerable. >> we have had some success in fuel mitigation but the other factor is the weather. and once again, if we get another series of drought years here in california which we know we cycle through from time to time, it is a patter of when it will occur again, not if. >> one thing that wasn't such an issue in 1991 was foreclosures. in oakland, firefighters are reminding residents that they can call the vegetation
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management department for overgrown properties and they'll get someone out here on it. as for homeowners, firefighters are saying most of them get it, especially those who were here back in 1991 that had to leave with just the clothes on their backs. firefighters telling me this morning when it comes to defensible space, the compliance rate is about 90%. that's what we have from here. reporting live in oakland, i'm christie smith. >> prevention is key. thank you. a single alarm fire in oakland sent one person to the hospital. crews got the call shortly after 6:30 this morning for flames inside a building on west street near 37th avenue and interstate 580. from our chopper overhead, you can see flames and smoke pouring out of the building. firefighters got the fire under control though within 30 minutes. one person was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. the cause of that fire is under investigation. amtrak service has resumed following last night's collision that injured at least 17 people.
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officials say a train coming in from bakersfield plowed into a train that was stopped at the jack london square station in oakland. this happened about 10:30 last night. the impact forced one train off the tracks and then sent some passengers flying. the oakland fire department says most of the injuries though are minor. amtrak is not sure how the crash happened or why both trains were on the same track at the same time. service was suspended until early this morning. the community of seal beach in southern california planning a vigil tonight for the victims and families of a deadly shooting at a beauty salon. a memorial is growing outside the orange county salon this morning for the eight people shot and killed. the suspect in the shooting is identified as 42-year-old scott aempbs decarry. in recent court filings, she called him unstable and physically abusive. witnesses say he was wearing body armor and carry agseveral
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weapons when he burst into the salon yesterday afternoon. police arrested him about a half mile from the salon. investigators expected to release information later on today about the victims. >> just two hours, we expect to learn who step in as interim oakland's police chief. today at 1:00 the mayor and city administrators will formally announce their decision. many speculate it will be assistant chief howard jordan. so far northerly official comment from him. but he has held the position before. jordan was the interim chief before current chief anthony batts took the job two years ago. right now the oakland police department is facing layoffs and threats from a judge to place that department under federal control. >> san francisco police have formed the city's first ever special victims unit. they created the new suv focusing on domestic violence, elder or child abuse and sex crimes.
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but won't just be limited to those offenses. the svu will also investigate human trafficking, stalking and missing persons cases. city leaders in san jose say they might have the answer to the growing gra team tee problem and it does involve volunteers. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live in the evergreen district where people have been complaining for good reason. damian? >> well, marla, this is how taggers have been treating the homp son creek bridge, like their own personal canvas, but neighbors say they're ready to roll up their sleeves. the problem is growing in san jo jose. graffiti is up 38% in the city over the last year. >> it's an eyesore. >> the budget forced the stet to outsource its anti-graffiti program to a private company, but with the problem spiraling out of control, leaders now want to deputyize more citizens.
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>> we certainly you know, really want their effort to protect their own neighborhoods, take care of their neighborhoods to sort of adopt their neighborhoods and steets plainses where graffiti ends up. the best way we will control graffiti is to remove it immediately. >> council woman rose herrera will hold a volunteer training session in a couple of weeks for people who want to clean up their neighborhoods and carlos rosas says sign him up. >> i think more people need to do that because actually, you know, stop complaining why the city is not doing it and do your part. >> reporter: that will training will be on october 29th beginning at 9:309 a.m. it's a two-hour training session over at welsh park here in the everxwreen area. they'll learn how to differentiate between regular tags and gang tags. we're live in san jose say, i'm
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damien true heia. >> great stuff out there. apple on top of the world. the company just got a big-time honor. this comes just a day before what could be apple's biggest product launch ever. >> no surprise than this was the number one brand in the world, coca-cola dominating that list for years but no more. now it's second fiddle to these guys right here, apple computer now the top global brand. this according to the european brand institute. the institute studied 3,000 companies in 24 countries. and they found that this tops the list, the value at close to $100 billion. topping coca colela, microsoft in third, apple's brand value could increase tomorrow when they release their newest product, the iphone 4s. fans have been disappointed because they were hoping there might be an iphone5. preorders have been through the roof according to apple.
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one million orders within the first 24 hours. what do you get with the iphone 4s? a faster computer, a much better hdd camera and virtual assistance that recognizes your voice. if you're still stuck with the regular iphone 4 and you've been trying to upgrade the operating system to the ios 5 and if you've been having problems over the past 24 hours, you're not alone. apparently a lot of people have. do a google search for solution. you do want to have in a nutshell your itunes updated and might want to try to do it during off peak hours. all of this coinciding with what tomorrow will be called -- known as world steve jobs day. in honor of the late founder who died last week due to complications caused by pancreatic cancer. fans online are urging each other tomorrow in recognition of his genius to wear a black turtleneck and jeans.
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of course, that was his signature out outfit. bobry del, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. >> maybe a little too warm today to sport the black turtleneck. >> a lot too warm. >> tomorrow we're going to cool off just in time. feel free to rock that turtleneck tomorrow. hopefully, we'll see a lot of those on our onus station. look at this beautiful shot of san francisco. you really don't get that many days like this. we get about 30 days like this per year in the city. this is a stuen p dse georges day for outdoor activities. ta aboutour temperatures. not only is it gorgeous out there in terms of clarity, we ve 71 degrees right now in san francisco, 75 in oakland. very comfortable conditions. starting to get a little bit r the hot side in places like livermore, up to 75 degrees. we are going to continue to climb as we head through the afternoon. high pressure pushing that marine layer way out to sea. that's why we don't have fog.
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i think we'll start out tomorrow morning mostly fog free, maybe a little bit in the santa cruz area. san francisco should be nice and clear yet again tomorrow. beautiful beach day. santa cruz, 85 degrees. up to 88 in san jose and 90 in gilroy. th o the changes come into play as we head through the weekend. starting tomorrow, we'll cool off a little bit. esshore flow play.back into the fog will creep back up probably to santa cruz. should out mostly clear in san francisco. the weekend is when things really start to change. the area of low pressure rides to the north. we actually have a slight chance of showers every single day starting tomorrow through wednesday. now when it comes to my forecast, we could see a little bit of that activity even right here in san jose sunday. but otherwise, i say go ahead and make outdoor plans. stay privy to the weather report and jeff and i are all over this. >>ful today was back in 1986, i guess it would be a day for cutoff shirts and dolphin shirts, right?
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>> summertime. >> i like it. you guys out there know who you are who wore those dolphin shorts. >> still ahead, the froot loops to you can survives. why the government has backup of a plan to get rid of cartoons on serial boxes. >> thank goodness. there's a new leader in the republican race for president. how do the candidates stack up against president obama? we'll give you a look. >> and blackberry has buzzed back to life. scott will show you what the company is doing to make xwhers happy after a three-day outage. [ male announcer ] if you're ready to get more from your tv service,
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[ female announcer ] call to get u-verse -- now with free hd -- only 25 a month for six months -- our lowest price ever. plus get up to 182 channels with hbo and cinemax free for three months. [ male announcer ] and at&t u-verse tv leads major cable providers in customer satisfaction. even upgrade to over 170 hd channels. that's more than cable. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse: tv like you've never seen before. president obama welcomed sabrina king's president to the u.s. today. mr. obama and first lady michele obama greeted president lee myung bak and his wife at a white house ceremony. the president said releases between sabrina king and the u.s. have never been stronger. the two leaders are holding a joint news conference. then the south korean leader will address a joint session of congress. >> a brand-new poll shows
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president obama still leading gop candidates for president in a hypothetical match-up for the general election. how about herman cain rocketing to the lead in the republican candidates' side of things. in a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll, when matched up against cain, obama still leads by 11 points. 49 to the 38%. against mitt romney, second on the gop side, the gap narrows but the president leads by two points, 46-44" poll shows obama with an overall approval rating of 44% with 51% of respondents disapproving of his overall performance. >> the tricks is rabbit, tony the tiger and lucky the leprechaun are here to stay at least for now. after pushback from the food industry, government regulators tell congress they don't think cartoon characters should be removed from boxes of sugary cereal and other foods with high fat, sodium and sugar content. regulators say food marketing aimed at kids needs to be
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studied more before any rules are made. >> okay, this is either good fuss or it's bad news. i guess depending on whether you like hearing from your boss. scott mcgrew says blackberry e-mail back up and running. >> i just got off a conference call with one of research in motion's two ceos. he says service is back to normal across north america. we asked whether will would be some sort of make good for customers whose e-mail failed yesterday. he said there would be but he hasn't figured out what yet. he's too busy fixing the network and baby apologizing. trenchman dominique strauss-kahn has once again been exonerated of rape. the paid in manhattan accused him of rape. now a french court says a french woman's accusations against khan won't be pursued either. they have dropped the case. foreclosures have hit an all-time high in solano county. california has the highest foreclosure rates in the country, beating out even
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nevada. foreclosures are terrible news for families kicked out of homes and certainly those protesters would agree, but for those who are making payments on time, it's kind of good news. the longer houses around you are in short say or bank ownership, the honger your home price will be depressed. slowing down the foreclosure rate in other words can kind of be bad news for home owners. final, goingal will report annual profits after closing today. expect less than huge numbers for good reason. the new ceo larry page has said he wants 0 concentrate on xwroeg the company, not making money. in fact, google said from the get-go if you read the original prospectus, the company promised mot to be focused on the bottom line. perhaps that's why they do so well. >> i was going to say, google seems to always be booming. >> not too bad. the list of adjectives for the weather outside has been priceless and endless. let's spin the wheel and what have you got for us now?
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>> stupendous, spectacular, anything but frightful. it's really nice out there. in fact, the entire month of october so far, we had a couple of pretty significant storms roll through. so this mini heat wave well received across the bay area. taking a live look at the bay bridge. gorgeous. this camera has a bit of a shake to it. kind of a tight pressure gradient as we have an area of low pressure dropping in from the north it's going to change our weather pattern significantly this weekend. two more really nice days. today peak heat. 76 in concord. 71 in santa rosa, and 71 in san francisco. so basically uniform conditions as that is sunrise over san francisco just as timely as what we saw in livermore. high pressure is the reason why. it drives the marine layer out to sea. we typically have a lot of fog hugging the coastline at this hour. not the case today. that will result in the 90s sin land, a few 80s near the coast and your pick beach city will be santa cruz. 85 degrees.
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it's crystal clear and post your beach pictures on my facebook page because not all of us can get to the beach today. we stopped the future cast for you, staying nice and clear for you tomorrow morning. between 11:00 and 4:00 p.m., the clouds roll back in. more cloud cover tomorrow and cooler conditions. through saturday, the remainder of your weekend, things really start to change change. this area of low pressure continues to ride to our north as we head throughout tomorrow, and yeah, that's going to bring in more cloud cover. then possibly some showers as we head into this weekend. 78 degrees, a few showers in the north bay on sunday. monday, 76 degrees. back to you, jon and marla. >> another feel good forecast, compliments of christina loren. >> coming up, the hospital offering free flu shots in the bay area today. >> also, a frightening prospect for one east bay city as the city of fremont threatens to tear down tear house of horrors. >> and how the raiders are remembering al davis by giving a
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i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. all right. it's that time of year, time trol up your sleeves. doctors in the east bay helping people get ready for flu season. check this out. doctors medical center is offering free flu shots to west contra costa residents today at 2:30 in the physician's parking lot in san pablo. the centers for disease control says everybody over the age of 6 months should be getting vaccinated, especially young kids, elderliy lily pregnant wo >> a haunted house is scaring city leaders so much, they're ordering it shut down. chris and his friends have spent months building a house of horrors in his backyard. they suddenly received a cease and desist order from the city.
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it says the house violates zoning laws. he says it's safe and fighting to keep his creation. >> it's for the community. they all love it. i mean, i love seeing people smile and happy and kids running up and down. >> sully would like to move his haunted house to a church parking lot, another city department is helping him fast track a permit to make it possible. >> the raiders looking to pay tribute to al davis the best way they know how by giving backing to raider nation. it gave two ticket holders two tickets so they could bring along a friend. all the tickets are gone. if you're going to the game, you can expect tributes to davis to happen throughout the entire action. the team hoping to have a full house so the fans at home will be able to watch the game on tv, as well. >> if you didn't get the ticket, want to be able to watch it on v. >> still ahead, a dessert for the most pampered palate with a price tag that might give did
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you heartburn.
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>> welcome back the time now 11:25. seize the day. take a look at this gorgeous clear sky over the city of oakland. think we'll get another nice clear start tomorrow from oakland to san francisco. a little fog anticipated tomorrow in santa cruz. as a result of that marine influence, we're going to be a little bit cooler, as well. this is the hottest day of the week. enjoy that beach weather while it las. through this weekend, a bit of a change on the way. area of low pressure brings about the chance for showers as we head through saturday, sunday, monday in particular. i think a lot of activity will stay in the north bay. keep ha in mind. overall cooling things down as well into the 70s inland and then we're talking about the upper 60s monday, tuesday and wednesday at the coast. back to you, jon and marla. >> thank you very much. >> finally this morning, for the price of a nice car, you can have the world's most expensive dessert. >> hmm, a chef in the uk created this pricey treat and it's all
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for the eye watering price, hold onto the price. i want people at home to figure out what this might be. the chef says his inspiration came from a faberge egg. the dessert made out of high quality chocolate. >> it better be. >> gold, champagne caviar and a two-carat diamond. that sounds like pure he can stas why i. it's layered with champagne jelly before the dark chocolate glaze with an edible gold leaf. but the dessert, the only way it can claim its pace in the guinness book of records is when a customer pays for. want to guess how much? >> i know the answer. >> it's going to shock you. >> $35,000. >> you know what i say to that? i say i do. i do, honey. >> yes. >> i love you. very much. >> well, now, fellows you know. get a pabber jay egg with gold and chocolate and caviar. only two carats. >> i'm really not a gold digger. >> i'll eat it. >> i'll wear it. thank you so much for being with
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us. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. >> of course. check us out all day long at nbc bay have a great one. >> i'm really down to earth, promise.
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