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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm damian trujillo live outside the apple iphone store. look at who the first person in line is if you can get through the crowd. it's steve wozniack. details are coming up. and stealing candy from a theater. thieves can't break into the safe with a jackhammer, so they attack the concession stand instead. and it's all caught on tape. live picture of the bay bridge. iron your black turtleneck and jeans. it's steve jobs day. this is "today in the bay." >> tgif, everybody. good morning. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. let's check in with christi loren about the forecast. >> well, good morning to you. a gorgeous clear start right at
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the coast yet again. and we have very little fog even in the inland valley. so we're looking really good across the bay area. today will be beautiful. temperatures in the 80s this weekend. we'll tell you when showers could arrive at your back door. you okay there? you need some water? >> choking jon up. this is a fender bender at park and mcarthur boulevard. one lane is blocked at the intersection. that's major. let's not worry about that the rest of the commute. the freeways in the area are mostly cleared. construction past the coliseum as well as the east shore freeway. we'll let you know about delays. that could be a problem.
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>> christina just gave me the heimlich. i'm fine now. appreciate that. this morning we're monitoring a threat to a school in martinez. and what's interesting here is not necessarily the threat itself, but that's yet to be determined. it's whether the thing is credible or not. with the school and police taking an extreme aggressive approach tracking down the person responsible while making sure nothing disrupts class. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. happy friday. wednesday a district employee opened up their e-mail and got something unusual. some sort of threat that somebody would happen on campus here today. now what that is exactly we don't know. but the district reported it to police they say at this point they have nothing to lend credibility to the threat.
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but the district and the police department are firing back, really going out of their way to make sure students feel safe today coming to class. first, police want to track down the owner of the e-mail account. but that takes a court order. and the district sent out robotic calls to parents letting them know that extra personnel would be here on campus all day. the teachers will attend a safety meeting earlier today on protocol. what to do if they need a lockdown. they have a number of emergency procedures in place. what happened here is they decided to go ahead with classes. often times the goals of the threat is really to disrupt classes. they end up being unfounded all together. so they certainly want to catch the person responsible for sending this e-mail out.
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back to you. >> christie smith, thank you for the update. this morning two elderly people are recovering after being pulled from a burning house overnight. firefighters rushed to the scene in five engines and rescued the people inside. an ambulance took them to the hospital where they are now being treated no. word yet on their condition. the search is on for the burglars who busted into an east bay movie theater armed with knives, guns and a jackhammer. the manager says the thieves burst into the front office to steal the safe. the theater manager used a jackhammer and power saw to breakthrough the metal. >> they even tried cutting through the lid with a power saw. i mean, look at this.
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there was no way in hell they were going to get through here zplchlt once they realized they were not going to get into the safe, they ransacked the theater looking for anything to grab. this shows them loading up boxes of candy. if you see a guy selling twiz lers on the corner, you'll know what's haup. investigators say there could be a link between this robbery and one in san francisco san francisco last month. it's 5:05. oakland city leaders take nothing time changing the guard. the city has a new police chief this morning. the chief resigned suddenly after he felt he didn't have the power to run it effectively. jor can says he understands the challenges that live before him. and he's ready. >> as the chief, i plan to make sound decisions. the term interim will not apply
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to my decisions. ly make decisions as though i'm the chief. >> he's ready to move forward in a way that no one else in the force is ready. >> this is a chief jordan is familiar with. he served as interim chief in 2009 leading through the loss of four police officers. he was passed over when the perm nabtd post was given to bats. >> iphone mania has hit the bay area. they will begin selling the the iphone 4s. people were waiting all night long for the latest smart phone, and it's the first to hit the markets since the death of apple cofounder steef jobs. damian trujillo is live at the los gatoos apple store. steve wozniack is one of those waiting in line. >> he was the first in line.
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steve, you've been here quite a while. what's the big deal about the iphone 4s? >> oh my god. i needed to get something fixed. >> it's far better than the old iphone 4? >> a lot of people will line up because it's the next apple great product. every one has been so incredible. every one is home run. that's why millions of fans want to be a part of it. to me i'm really seeing what's going online. i've been using the theory application for a year. i want to ask questions like normal human thoughts coming out of my brain. not i'm following a set of steps and farm la to get something done and typing words i keep making mistakes on. i want to ask it with my voice and get the answer back
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directl directly. >> i don't know how to judge numbers and years. apple is setting the trend of the world. it's the person that will be the trend for the next ten years. that's the case always. >> steve wozniack. first in line. the doors open here at 8:00. you can see the workers inside are ready for the launch. the release of the iphone 4s. we are live at the apple store in los gatos. >> i have the old iphone 4. steve says get rid of it. it's outdated. i just got it in august. >> you and me both. we didn't get the memo. thanks, daimon. plenty of people in line will be wearing black turtle necks and jeans. bloggers have dubbed today steve jobsday. they are encouraging people to dress in his signature style as
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a tribute. >> very cool salute. i love wozniack. >> he has a great personality. >> lest check in with christi nar for the feel-good forecast. >> it's 50, 60 degree weather out there right now. it's going to be hot inland. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above their seasonal averages again. san francisco, you'll hit 79 degrees for today. and we have a really interesting set up. a significant dip in the jet stream. and questions for us meteorologists. however, we have two things that we're concerned about. the big strong ridge doesn't look like it's going to move as we head through the weekend. we could see the system set up just over us.
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so we have a major change in the weather pattern. the clear starts all coming to a close as we come to tomorrow. from the future cast as we set in motion by 2:00 p.m. the clouds start to roll back to the south bay. then 2:00 and 5:00 p.m., clouds increasing. mostly cloudy from the north bay across the greater bay area. temperatures now in the 50s and 60s. no 90s today. upper 80s is certainly the case. we'll take you to highway 4. the onramp and vicinity has construction in the next half hour. maybe until 8:00 a.m. we'll let you know about any problems that might occur. so far, none for the commute direction westbound or through the walnut creek interchange. 680 is a smooth drive though
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there are construction spots through danville. let's dive down. we have a little blip in redwood road although the sensor is throwing up at that limit. and there's 880 if you're traveling north of there. still a steady flow through oakland. mike, krour not off the hook. he has explaining to ri rit now he's going to own up when he comes back. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one!
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welcome back, everybody.
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still dark outside. the time is 5:13. >> on this friday, the occupy movement is spreading to more and more bay area cities. >> what's this about? they quote the selling of public education. they protested against form r florida governor jeb bush and rupert murdoch, who are at the hotel for an education reform conference. in oakland it was more like a contest than a protest. and the most recent city to become occupied is richmond. that protest kicked off yesterday afternoon in downtown.
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>> well, this morning we have everything from mortgage rates to mini desserts. for more on that and news before the bell, let's turn to cnbc's candy man live at cnbc world headquarters. >> candy and caffeine. that keeps me awake. there are reports of more intensified activity. keep your eyes on the local news station. stock fufs are higher shrugging off news out of europe. they're cutting spain's credit rating citing weak economic growth and high debt this the country. google could boost tech stocks. stocks yesterday closed mix. and some tepid economic data from china. busy day in the u.s. we get reports on retail sales, import prices and business
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inventory. the nasdaq was up 15 to 2620. better than expected jobs report helps boost treasury apole. the avrm rate on a 30 year is up from 3.94. mini dez serts are becoming the trend. they are looking for the indulgent treat. baskin robins believe they can double the cake sales. have you ever had the cake pops at starbucks? i keep eyeing them. people say they're really good. >> i love them, man. you might want to check them out. >> enjoy your weekend. >> with the weather outside, you
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can have a little bit. >> i like a little mocha latte. >> mint chocolate chip. >> we're talking starbucks. those cake pops are really good. good morning to you. you can lick the ice cream. later on today it will be hot enough for that. mperatures on the climb yet again. 10 degrees warmer than seasonal average averages yesterday. 15 degrees above average. we cool you down a little bit. as this area of low pressure is going to increase the onshore flow for the second half of the day. that means a nice clear start at the coast. it starts to break down and retreat east. so for us we're going to see changes throughout the afternoon. and the system will sit, hovering above us for day fs. maybe four or five days.
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each and every day a lot of cloud cover and maybe light showers in the north bay. this morning a nice clear start. another great beach day. the only difference are the clouds that we're expecting to increase later on this afternoon. we stop the future cast at 2:00 p.m. you see the clouds from the south. full deck and clouds over the greater bay area. temperatures come down as well. if you can't hit the beach today, you are going to get a treat. 5:00 p.m., 82 degrees in san jose as you make your your way hope. 72 in san francisco. we have a big event in the tiny city of cam bull. the weather will be perfect. 80 degrees. a few clouds in the morning as the am fog returns. but a really nice comfortable afternoon. seven-day outlook shows you a cooler day ahead next week.
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and a better handle on the system of low pressure as it gets closer to us. >> often known for that. over here by the airport we're looking at a clearer roadway. so 101 with no problems in the peninsula at least for that portion. actually it's jammed until the end of october. a lot of folks like to head over there. keep that in mind over this weekend and continuing the rest of the month. a look at the south bay with a smooth flow of traffic. it's also homecoming for san
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jose state. tonight through the evening. and i'm going to have my own spartan celebration for our homecoming. that's where i want to high school. we are having the homecoming game. and i get to do the opening coin toss. i'm a man of honor so i will not rig the coin toss. i'm a bruin. i called for my brethren at cal. i will do the honor of giving the clap. that's the uscla chair. i do pay up on the bet. we'll see how usc does against ucla. that's the one that really counts. back to you for now. >> yeah, they got spanked. it's a technical football term. the time is 5:20.
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did herman cane get the idea for his plan from a computer game? >> hss ed in dressed i an a big bunny suit, did he? yes, he did. we'll talk about it coming up. b
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>> wac back to field good friday. christina will have the weather. it is 5:2. >> trz that time of year. flu season is coming. this means flu shots, of course. this includes protection against h1n1. doctors say just because the vaccine is the same, it doesn't mean you should skip your flu shot this season. >> it is important, though, that people who got vaccinated last
5:24 am
year still get vaccinated again. because the vaccine doesn't last that long. they need the protection. so they need another dose this year. >> the vaccine only offers full protection for six months. >> we could argue he was a real life rock star. he's now on the cover of "rolling stone". >> they're calling it the steve jobs that nobody knew. it's an in depth interview with jobs' first girlfriend. she was also the mother to his first child lisa. in the company article, chris retails the story of jobs and wozniack and her dressing up as characters in the alice in wonderland as a summer job. there's noah wiley playing jobs. woz was dressed up -- we'll see it in a second. >> he would wear that.
5:25 am
they shot the an camera portion of this weekend's discovery special, i genius. a tribute to steve jobs. it's going to rund sunday night at 8:00. let's take a listen in. >> when you look past all the technology, all the money, it really comes down to just three words, beauty. simplicity. connection. >> imagine a bolt. imagine the boat filled with money. that pretty much sums up google's financial report for the quarter. the huge profits surprised him. she's being called the most watched woman in the most watched company of the year. she used to be in charge of google search. now she's in charge of goog mobile.
5:26 am
the google thinks the phone is where it's at. >> now they'll drive the ship with all the money in the back of it. >> yep. >> scott, thanks a lot. marla, over to you. >> thank you, you, too. have you heard about herman cain's 999 plan and thought, boy, that sounds familiar, here's why. the computer game sims city 4 used almost the same tax structure for players. in the game default tax rate was 9%, commercial and industrial taxes 9%. reds den shl taxes 9%. the makers of the game say we encourage politicians to continue to look to innovative games line sin city for inspiration for social and economic change. it is 5:26 now. still ahead on "today in the bay." college students fighting off a childhood disease. how east bay students can guard themselves against campus outbreak for free. >> and you made it to friday. we have a great looking weekend
5:27 am
ahead. a lot of outdoor activities. we'll talk about what's going on in the bay coming up. >> i'll show you what's ahead. i'll let you know as things change. they'll change. >> you got to love mike. and how about sparkle this friday morning? a live look at the bay bridge. chriina w christina will be along to give you your friday forecast. ♪ [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies with hershey's chocolate chips. for a moment of warm, gooey, togetherness. chocolate chip cookies... from pillsbury.
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i'm damian troou trujillo live at the apple store. ready for the release of the new iphone 4s. >> and i'm bob redell. an unusual way they're commemorating a milestone in naval aviation history. plus a new develop in the
5:30 am
rape case. could we learn what really happened at the house party four years ago? >> and i know they're away, but go sharks. a live look at the shark tank on this friday, october 14th. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning, everybody. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. we get a quick check on the the weather with christina loren. you're run ugh ot of words to put on top of it. >> i'll never be at a los. he'll get that soon enough. it will sink in. he's a new member to the team. and you probably don't realize we only get 30 crystal clear starts in san francisco on average per year. it's going to be magnificent out there today. we have changes in the second
5:31 am
half of your day. and maybe showers on the the way for the weekend. perfect for flying a blimp. what else can you tell us? >> christina is not referring to the fact that i feel bloated right now. just kidding. she's nice. 101 northbound we have a minor accident. a fender bender. it is right there on thety streets. no major problems getting in the city. on the east bay, construction on the east shore freeway as well as 880. all the zones have picked up. so that's good news. sometimes the pavement work could cause problems. >> that time of month, huh? >> that's right. >> okay. >> some may say this one is more of an evolution than a
5:32 am
revolution. >> thousands are camped out overnight to get their hands on the newest iphone. damian trujillo is there with apple cofounder steve wozniack. doesn't he get a gold plated special edition sent to him automatically? >> he got here at noon yesterday. they're saving a spot mind me. people want their hands on the new gadget that they have to have right now. if iphone 4s. it's not the iphone 5. and that's what many customers were hoping for and pundits expecting ch it's an improved version of the iphone 4. this is the first release since the death of steve jobs. these days apple is like etna.
5:33 am
and apple cofounder steve wozniack. >> the devices apple makes are so important. they changed the way we live our life so much. people don't realize how much todays is going to do that. >> wozniack has long-term concerns fr the future of apple. the next two years will be like if steve jobs was still here. the products the same. the quality the same. the workers here are getting ready for the opening at 8:00. they're ready for the release of the iphone 4 s. the fans in line on the sidewalk waiting for them. da damian trujillo, "today in the
5:34 am
bay." new this morning, three people out of their homes after a two-alarm fire overnight. the fire broke out at about midnight at a three-story apartment complex near bay shore boulevard. four units were affected. investigators have not revealed the extent of the damage. the cause of the stir is still under investigation. >> a case that shocked and polarized a south bay community for years now. today we could get the official word about what really happened a night a young woman claimed she was raped at a house party thrown by baseball players. when jeff took over as district attorney in santa clara county this year, he promised a fresh review of the case, which has never criminally prosecuted, which never criminally prosecuted by his predecessor. they filed and lost a civil suit
5:35 am
against former players earlier this year. we'll immediately post rosen's findings on our facebook page. we'll have complete coverage on nbc bay area news at 11:00 this morning. >> it is 5:35 right now. this morning u.c. berkeley trying to contain an outbreak of mumps. health officials trying to contain the disease by holding free clinics for any student or faculty who have been vaccinated yet. the state department of public health is monitoring the rare breakout. so far seven case have been confirmed. >> 5:35. it's going to be gorgeous day today. a great day to play hooky. >> most people head out to the beach or something like that. bob redell, what do you think he does? my man has a blimp.
5:36 am
e we tracked him down in mountain view. a blimp? >> well, there's a whole reason behind it. a year ago this hanger with the other two on site used toous u.s. navy deridgeables. these things are enormous. we are talking about the uss macon was 78 years ago tomorrow made the arrival here. this was 784 feet long. it was enormous. this weekend the museum will be commemorating the model with the arrival of a new blimp. that's a 20-foot long scale replica, remote control blimp. hand built from scratch. first off, you had no plans.
5:37 am
how long did it take you to build that. >> it took me two and a half years to build this version. >> that's the keyword. this version. this is version number three. >> this is number three. yeah. >> version number one, what happened briefly? >> first one i finished -- first time i held it with helium and took it out to try to test it. my cat jumped through that was parked in the garage and ruined the whole thing. the cat is still alive. you took him out here. it was too windy or something. >> where did it end up? >> it got caught by a gust of wind that blew over the rooftops and houses. found it parked in an orchard. >> well, you're very dedicated. >> we just lost bob redell's
5:38 am
signal. >> absolutely. i'm sure the blip is okay. bob will be on top of this. we'll continue covering this. derigable? >> we're playing with new technology. the weather will go forward. christina loren is here to tell us about it. >> that was a cool blimp. hope to get back out there. good morning. we are so gorgeous at the coast. no fog to start you out. area of low pressure. you can see it here really digging to the south. and our concern is where is this area going to end up as we head through the next 48-72 hour ls. we're expect ig it up here in the pacific northwest. then it's going to sit and spin through thursday. potentially bringing in very light showers each enevery day. sunday through thursday. here's what we're looking at for today. high pressure will break down and move off to the east. for us that means the onshow
5:39 am
flow will resume. clouds increasing by this afternoon. as you make your way home t completely cloor conditions that we're enjoying now will change. at 2:00 p.m. we see cloud cover over the south bay. that will cool us down as we head into the weekend. more temperatures on the way, and we have a lot happening this weekend. here's a quick preview. the pumpkin festival happening at half-moon bay. morning clouds and drizzle. 69 on saturday. 65 on sunday. bring a jacket. overall comfortable. expect a lot of traffic in that neck of the woods. pufl weather that you're talking about. a lot of folks want to head to the does. all the folk out there for the pumpkin festival. look at that bay point in
5:40 am
pittsburgh. just like any other day of the week. below 60 miles per hour. getting closer to 50. then south of the freeway bridge, still maintaining a nice flow there. out of the north bay, smooth drive. highway 37 just reporting a new accident. i'll report the details. still have an accident in the city that we're following. after live look shows you the bay bridge with a light volume of traffic right now. we'll watch it. friday's commute is still a commute. coming up, shining the light on the bank area solar company. the solyndra scandal in a live report from the nation's capitol. plus, why dr
5:41 am
hanging up the aprons just yet.
5:42 am
5:43 am
in just under an hour from now, solyndra will face another round of hearings on capitol hill. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. with the latest on the solyndra scandal. good morning, tracie. >> good morning, jon. this is the third hearing before the house and energy sub committee that they've had since solyndra went bankrupt and the ceo quit just recently. and the issue here is not the $535 million loan, government loan the solar power company got. but the issue is how the government participated in restructuring solyndra's debt once they ran out of money. here's what happened. if february the company ran out of money. two investors gave solyndra $75
5:44 am
million. that money was ahead of the money they you tack taxpayers. the department of energy signed off on it. there was discussion about whether or not they needed the justice don't's approval. doe leaders said, no, they did not. so the government agreed and put the taxpayers second in line when solyndra was able to pay. that's the subject of the hearing. whether or not the department of energy violated the law by doing so. we expect today to hear two treasury department fbs officials testify on this. of course, solyndra became a big embarrassment for the obama administration because after they got that $535 million p taxpayer loan, they were hailed as an example of green jobs and then the company went bankruptcy. president obama heads to michigan today to promote his plan to get americans back to work. on tuesday the president's $447 billion jobs bill was nixed by
5:45 am
the senate. despite the setback, though, the president is trying to move forward. the administration has hinted it is prepared to break up the bill and try to pass it in smaller parts. meantime senate republicans have introduced their own jobs bill, calling for tax reform and cuts. in just a few weeks obama will head back to the san francisco area. only 200 people will be allowed to go. the minimum price for ticket $7,500. the city of san jose trying to keep open a historic theater. they want to restructure that $2 million bailout of the theater. the deal was made back in 2006. despite the theater's financial improouchts it cannot repay the city $400,000 a month under the current deal. the city council will consider a restuckturing plan at the end of the month. a beloved bay area grocery
5:46 am
train on the verge of going out of business is now saved from bankruptcy. andronico's market is under new owner ship. they plan to improve the infrastructure and and inventory. they've been in business for 82 years. >> they seem passionate about their wine. >> the american yacht race is giving a boot to the premier company. the dinner theater has to leave its space on pier 29 to make way for the 2013 america's cup. the final show on the the air at the pier begins tonight and runs through the end of the year. so far no word on where it will end up. >> 5:46. christina loren joins us for the
5:47 am
weekend. >> big weekend. a lot of outdoor activities. a lot of free events. october fest in campbell, for example, both saturday and sunday. we have the pumpkin festival, also free saturday and sunday. and really nice weather. at least for today at the coast. if you've been missing the fog, why do you miss the fog? some people in san francisco have posted on the wall they want it to return. you'll get the wish granted later on today. by 5:00 p.m. mostly cloudy conditions over the bay area. let's enjoy the picturesque start over the city one last time. saturday morning at this hour, yeah, everything comes to a close. onshore flow resumes. so your forecast calls for sunshine to start. by 11:00 p.m. we'll see clouds roll up through the south bay. this is the area of low pressure that we're really going to watch over the next few days.
5:48 am
right now it's not moving very quickly. what is happening is it's taking a dip to the south. for us that's a better chance for showers through sunday. we could see the area of low pressure get to the north. just stay privy to the weather update. high pressure moving off to the east for today as the area of low pressure moves in. that means cooler weather toward the weekend. concord will end up at 85. 87 in livermore. and 82 as you make your way home at 5:00 hm in san jose. 72 in san francisco. looking for sunshine and warmth, saturday is your day. come sunday woolsey a mostly cloudy day. maybe a few showers to the
5:49 am
north. otherwise looking nice and dry. let's check your drive with mike. >> we'll start you in the south bay where we have a nice flow of traffic. san jose stay, that's homecoming today. they're playing the university of hawaii. likely for the weekend as some folks are in town for the entire festival i'll be out there. that's a great game. and the gates open at 1:00 p.m. so considerable slowing for the big music fest off 101 and 85 at the amphitheater. keep that in mind as well. so keep that in mind. christina talked about the
5:50 am
pumpkin festival 92 will be jammed all weekend. also the fog rolls in. those unfamiliar tw the drive, the fingers of fog drawl over the hills early in the afternoon and evening. that could make visibility an issue if you're not familiar with the windy road. 90 across the water with a smooth drive. we get the live shot here coming away from the peninsula. things pack it in later through 880 and oakland coliseum. northbound past high street. and we have disney on ice out there as well. so that's where to go, guys. coming up, serving up hot dogs with mustard and meth.
5:51 am
>> the hot dog cart accused of selling drugs and guns out of his cart. the suspect admits to some of it but not all of it while our cameras are rolling. and we give you a spectacular shot of san francisco. that's the bay bridge. the lights are on. you stillarem -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
5:52 am
is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur?] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that c help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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jtsds. welcome back, everybody. hot dogs served with a side of meth and machine guns? that's what a federal agents say local vendors sold to them over a four and a half periods. the man in the cowboy hat is jose ortiz.
5:54 am
he and another man are facing charges of selling shotguns and rifles along with drugs at a hot dog stand and east san jose. ortiz admits think sold nine guns, but that was at another location, not the hot dog stand. >> not here. >> not here? >> not here. >> not in front of everyone? >> it was somewhere else, you foe. that's it. he never sold no guns. no drugs were sold here or anything like that. >> comforting. the hot dog stand is still open. ortiz is still working there his accomplice is still locked up because agents say he has a previous conviction. >> it's gad friday. >> the debut of the gadget friday table. so this is a little remote control helicopter.
5:55 am
this is my ipad. slap an extra thing on here. watch what you can do. >> you may want to step back. i'm stepping back. >> it's incredible. >> we have video of it as well that we can show you while i reset this. this was in the production studio. there you can see the control. it's surprisingly tiflt to control. we're going to give it one more shot out here live. >> duck and cover. oh! oh! >> it's like a bug in a -- >> i swear my 17-year-old son can fly it like a dream.
5:56 am
the other cool thing is you can set it. i'm not going to try flying like that. you saw how well i flied the helicopter. this is why i can never fly the real one. >> did you say how much this is? >> $50. it comes with the attachment on your ipad. >> but does it come with a helmet? >> next time we'll have safety glasses as well. gadget friday on this apple friday. >> you may want to bring in your 17-year-old son to help us out on that. oh how the times have changed. parents roll their cameras as a 1-year-old daughter plays with an ipad. but look what happens when they put a real life magazine in front of her? is this thing on? i can't get it. she can't seem to get it to work
5:57 am
like the ipad. at the end this final note from her parents. for my 1-year-old daughter, a magazine is an ipad that doesn't work. and it will remain so her entire life. word is steve jobs coded part of her o.s. that would be the operating system. time is 5:57. the bay area company that hangs up the open sign for the last time today. why they're saying good-bye after more than 70 years. >> and are you ready for the weekend? i thought so. we're looking really good weather wise. except for in the north bay. maybe showers. >> some of the great cause as cause a traffic jam. hey!
5:58 am
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