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tv   Today  NBC  October 14, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. breaking news, a potential showdown between police and protesters even though the plan to clear the park where they're camped out was toss led. rick perry's wife opens up about her husband'ses swift decline in polls and the attack she says her husband's campaign has endured. >> we have been brutalized, eaten up in the press. >> what does he have to say and what can he do to regain momentum with voters? governor perry speaks out in a live interview. and payback. hillary swank will donate everything she made at that
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appearance for the birthday party for chechnya's controversial leader. but at least one human rights group is saying it's too little too late today, friday, october 14th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm ann curry. happy friday, everybody. take a look at this, this is the scene this morning at a park in new york city, home of the occupy wall street movement. in the last month, the protest that inspired similar actions in at least 190 other cities across this nation, matt. >> at the request of the zucotti park's owners the city was prepared to order protesters to temporarily vacate that area so it could be cleared and then cleaned, an idea that immediately drew resistance and sparked fears of a possible confrontation. well, this morning the company plans to try to work out a deal
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with protesters before it begins clearing that park. we'll get the latest in a live report. also ahead this morning, we'll switch gears and talk about the desperation now for new leads for the family that missing baby in kansas city. the family is releasing new home videos of the little girl, this as police search a rock quarry near her home. such a heartbreaking story. we'll get more details coming up. >> a story we've been following a couple weeks now. on a much lighter note her title may be duchess but kate middleton is fast becoming the queen of fashion. we'll look at the impact, her sister pipper -- i knew i'd have trouble with that. pippa, excuse me. >> let's call the whole thing off. >> pippa, even her mom are heading style in the u.s. and how to get your hands on some of the looks they wear even for a little less. >> what's her name again? >> pippa. >> okay. we got that. let's turn to a serious story this morning. the showdown averted at the site of the occupy wall street movement here in new york, nbc's
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mara schiavocampo is there. mara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the police ended up arresting several protesters during a celebratory impromptu march on wall street. they were marching to celebrate a victory against the owners of the park they were camping out when word came that they would not have to evict for a scheduled cleaning. earlier this morning, the park's owners decided to postpone the scheduled cleaning hoping to come to agreement with the protesters. before that announcement was made up to a thousand people gathered here at zuccotti park, the base camp for the occupy wall street camp for one month. they rallied against an attempt at a eviction and an attempt to silence them. the city says they could stay indefinitely, but then said the park owners wanted them to temporarily leave. they did not believe it would be
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temporary. protesters thought it was an attempt to get them out permanently, so to they decided to engage in an act of civil disobedience. but it was clear that had been averted so for now they are still in this park and it has been averted. ann? >> mara, thank you so much. it is 7:04. here's matt. let's turn to politics and the republican presidential race. less than two months ago texas governor rick perry was enjoying a comfortable 15-point lead in the polls. now he finds himself trailing mitt romney and herman cain by a pretty substantial margin. we'll talk to governor perry in a moment, but first nbc's capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell has the latest on the race and how governor perry's wife is coming to his defense. kelly, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. we've seen the revolving top spot in the republican field has been so volatile it shows us the
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nature of this race, and no doubt that puts a strain on all of the candidates and their families. what is striking is that governor perry's wife, anita, is talking publicly about the hurt feelings and claims even their christian faith has been a political target. >> hello there. how are you? >> reporter: campaigning in south carolina thursday, anita perry let down her guard. >> it's been a rough month. i don't have to tell you. we have been brutalized and eaten up and chewed up in the press to where, i mean -- >> reporter: it was a gathering of devout christians. she joined in prayer and explained in new detail how god spoke to her first about governor perry getting in the race. >> there was a nagging, pulling at my heart for him to run for president. he didn't want to hear a thing about running for president. >> reporter: the perrys have known each other since childhood, married 29 years. anita says for months she battled her husband's doubts about running. >> he felt like he needed to see the burning bush. i said, look, let me tell you
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something, you may not see that burning bush, but there are people seeing that burning bush for you. >> reporter: governor perry, who has never lost an election, tumbled from hot front-runner status down 22 points since august in the latest nbc news poll. >> my husband may not be the best debater. we've got a debater-in-chief right now. i think our country needs a leader-in-chief. >> reporter: more than just defend her husband, anita pointed blame. >> i think the debates have been unfair. i think he's been the recipient of arrows. >> reporter: with perry's decline, former pizza executive, author and radio host herman cain is riding high. cain also brought faith and politics together. >> always leave room for the holy spirit. >> reporter: thursday night at ohio christian university he told the audience he's also an associate baptist minister who prayed about running for president. >> i don't know if i'm the
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leader that this nation needs at this particular point in our history, but i believe that god almighty knows. >> reporter: another sign of cain's rise, during her south carolina tour, anita perry knocked cain's signature campaign proposal, his 999 tax reform plan. >> when i hear 999, i want to call 911, because it will raise the taxes. >> asked about some of her emotional comments and the things she had to say in the trail later, she said that she didn't expect that it was going to be quite this intense, even though they've been in public life for a very long time. and she says that she empathizes with some of the other candidates and understands that when her husband was on top they all wanted to take a shot at him. matt? >> kelly o'donnell, thank you very much. texas governor rick perry joins us now. governor perry, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning, matt. how are you? >> i'm doing fine, thanks. we have a lot to talk about. back in august you jumped into the race.
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immediately you had 38% of support from likely primary voters. today that support is at 16% according to the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. what happened? >> well, polls are going to go up and down. it's going to be a long race so i don't worry too much about polls. i know a lot of people obsess with them and watch with them and talk about them. i'm more worried about those people out there who don't have a job in america. that's the reason i'm in pittsburgh today laying out a job plan that clearly shows within 100 days, when i'm the president of the united states, without having to deal with congress opening up those federal lands and waters, pulling back those regulations that are killing jobs, and rebuilding the epa, we can do that and get 1.2 million people working. that's what americans are concerned about. >> i want to talk more about your plan, your economic plan in a second. you said polls go up and down though, but you have lost more than half of your support in about a seven-week period and i'm wondering if you think you
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can put your finger on any particular reason why that's happening. >> well, i've run for office now three times as the governor of the state of texas. my numbers have been up, they've been down, and again, i don't worry about those. i go out every day and try to do my job, in this case, laying out a jobs plan so that someone sitting around the living room who doesn't have a job, doesn't have the dignity of a job, knows that there's somebody on that stage that's going to focus on creating the environment where they can get back to work. and take care of their family. >> i get where you're trying to take me here, governor. i do want to talk about the comments your wife, anita, made on thursday. she said you are being "brutalized by your opponents and your own party." do you feel you've been singled out by unfair criticism anything more than the other candidates have endured during this primary process? >> family members always take these campaigns a little more personally than the candidates do.
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i've been shot at and missed and shot at and hit for 20 years running for public office, and being the chief executive officer of the state of texas, we have our ups and downs, but the fact is those are just distractions. americans want to hear a conversation about who is going to get this country back working again, and that's what i'm staying focused on. i hope at 10:00 eastern time this morning that you got cameras there covering a speech that is truly going to get america focused on the most important issue of this campaign, and that is getting this country back working again. >> we will have cameras there. sorry to keep harping on this, but when anita said "so much of they look at him so much because of his faith. i think it's ironic because the can of worms was opened while a surrogate your campaign saying that you are a genuine follower of jesus christ and then pastor
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jeffress went out to the hallway and said that the morman religion is a cult and this mitt romney is not a true christian. isn't it a bit hypocritical to say you're being targeted for your faith when it was a surrogate for your campaign who introduced faith in the first place? >> i think it's a stretch to say he was a surrogate. he was picked and he made his comments on his own. we have distanced himself from those comments. i clearly said that i did not agree with his comments and that stands on its face. but if we're going to spend the time in the campaign defending what someone who has endorsed us has said out there in the public, president obama is going to spend a lot of time talking about defending people who are saying things about him that he probably doesn't stand by. so again, these are all distractions, matt, and i understand the issue of distractions. we got to get this country focused on getting back to work. and we're laying out a plan today that does that.
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>> one of the centerpieces of that plan is energy production, opening up federal lands and waters to energy exploration. that's going to take a long time. the lawsuits alone for that are going to go through courts for years. how is it going to help in the short term getting people back to work? >> well, i'm not sure that you have to have that type of legal system that locks down the opening up of our federal lands and waters. we passed some significant tort reform in texas. i think you need to do that at the federal level to stop that type of activities, shorten the permitting periods of time. what i would do is pull back all of these job-killing regulations that that administration has sent forward and sent forward in conjunction with an activist environmental community, working hand in hand with this administration, and also rebuild the epa. let it become an agency where you clearly have its appropriate role of making decisions between
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states, if there's conflicts, but allowing those decisions to flow back to the states. i'll promise you, men and women who are in the environmental divisions in the states know better how to take care of those communities, whether it's the air, the water. their kids are living there. it's their future, it's their generations that they're taking care of. >> governor rick perry, governor perry thank you for your time. i appreciate it. i know you're very busy. >> thank you, matt. >> by the way, we should mention republican presidential hopeful herman cain will be david gregory's guest sunday on "meet the press." it's 13 after the hour. here's ann. >> matt, thank you. now to california and the deadly shooting rampage at a beauty salon. we're learning more this morning about this alleged gunman and his victims. nbc's kristen dahlgren is in seal beach again this morning with more. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. 41-year-old scott decry is expected to be charged in the massacre later today, but here the focus remains on the nine people who were shot and the hundreds who have been coming
7:14 am
by to share in their incredible loss. ♪ peace on earth and let it begin with me ♪ >> reporter: at the site of the massacre, residents of the small town held onto each other thursday night but couldn't hold back their tears. >> this tragedy will not define this city. >> reporter: police say 41-year-old scott decry in full body armor and carrying three weapons opened fire in the crowded salon, killing eight victims but taking much more. >> they're not a number, because everybody's special to me. they were wonderful, wonderful people. >> like 64-year-old dave coquette, who was simply sitting in his car when he was shot as the gunman fled, and randy fannin, who owned the salon with his wife sandy, who escaped alive. >> she lost her soulmate, her partner, her everyday companion. she lost her business partner and lost her employees and her work family, and she's devastated.
7:15 am
her dreams are crushed. you know, they were ready to retire, and she's alone. >> reporter: several salon employees were among those killed. christie wilson, a new grandmother with a spunky streak, and victoria buzzo whose car still sits in the parking lot. >> she was the life of the party. she just inside and out was genuinely an amazing person. >> reporter: victim michelle fournier was a stylist here but also a mother and the ex-wife of the suspect. police say she was his intended target. >> he had threatened to do this a long time ago. >> reporter: those who knew fournier said she and decry were in a custody dispute over their 8-year-old son and had been in court just this week. >> she was frightful of him from the outset. >> reporter: john kate was fournier's attorney and claims a custody evaluation called a 730 report revealed scott decry suffered from mental illness. >> the 730 confirmed he had been diagnosed previously as bipolar,
7:16 am
and he was on medication for that as well. >> reporter: but neighbors of decry can't believe suspect could be the man they knew, who went to high school in long beach and always went out of his way to help. >> always a nice guy. this is out of the blue, a shock. >> reporter: an emotion felt by so many now. >> i have friends that are gone and there's no sense of why they're not here and why we are. ♪ peace on earth >> reporter: a community trying to cope with the senseless, coming together to find whatever comfort they can. now again, decry is expected in court later today. he hasn't entered a plea yet. we reached out to his attorney but didn't receive a response. meantime, the sole surviving victim of the shooting, 73-year-old hattie strett, is improve, but even after a physical recovery, she has a long emotional recovery ahead. her daughter, laura, who was
7:17 am
doing her hair here, was killed, ann. >> kristen dahlgren, what a tragedy. thank you so much. it is 7:16. once again, here's matt. >> thank you. the family of lisa irwin, the baby who vanished from her own crib in kansas city 11 days ago, has released new video of that little girl. they're hoping it sparks some new leads in the case. nbc's peter alexander has new details on that. peter, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. the irwin family has released these videos. as you note the irwin family released these home videos hoping they can generate new leads into the case. they show her at 2 and 3 months old, already appearing to have a personality of her own. this as investigators in the case appear to be stumped. >> hi, pumpkin pie. >> reporter: they are cherished home videos of little lisa irwin. >> drink your baba. >> reporter: cooing at her mother, smiling, making precious baby talk. >> what are you doing? >> reporter: in this youtube
7:18 am
clip seen with the words "daddy loves me" on her bib. these-just released videos all taken between january and march of this year show an adorable little girl who turned 11 months old this week. but is still the focus of an exhaustive 11-day search. teams of investigators once again hiked through a heavily wooded area, roughly a half mile from the irwin family home thursday. another painstaking hunt for clues in the increasingly mysterious disappearance of baby lisa. an fbi evidence truck was seen leaving the site of a nearby rock quarry, unclear if it contained anything significant. authorities admit heading into their second weekend they have no suspects and no strong leads. these latest searches come as kansas city, the nation's 37th largest city, swore in a new police chief. to the people of kansas city that are worried right now someone is out there taking babies, what do you say to them? >> kansas city is a safe place
7:19 am
to live. >> reporter: not to worry? >> don't worry at all. >> reporter: experts tell us authorities likely aren't sharing everything. >> whoever is responsible for the disappearance of this little girl is watching the media every day, so it's always incumbent upon the police and fbi to hold back information. >> reporter: lisa's parents, jeremy irwin and deborah bradley, were seen thursday picking up mail from their now empty home. they haven't spoken publicly in exactly one week. >> look at that messy baby. >> reporter: the irwin family hopes sharing these new videos will return the spotlight to their infant daughter and help bring her home. investigators tell nbc news they have received now more than 500 useful tips and they have checked out almost all of them and matt still no strong leads. >> peter alexander in kansas city for us this morning, peter, thank you very much. all right, now let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories from natalie morales at the news desk.
7:20 am
hey, natalie. >> good morning, ann and matt. good morning, everyone. trouble in the sky as a government watchdog reports a sharp uptick in errors by air traffic controllers in recent years. reports of mistakes at radar facilities within 30 miles of an airport have doubled. runway incursions increased about the same amount since 2008. the federal aviation administration chalked up the increases to better error reporting. it was a soggy night in our nation's capital, but even the rain couldn't dampen the pomp o dampen a state dinner in honor of south korea's president. the two leaders toasted a major trade deal. today president obama and kor reion president lee head to an auto plant in michigan to tout the newly minted trade agreement. >> and amazing video from china where a fighter jet crashed in an air show. the accident was caught on camera as the plane took a nose dive. luckily t pilot ejected and parachuted safely to the ground. no injuries were reported and
7:21 am
the pilot is doing fine. >> and the iphone 4s launches, fans lining up at apple stores worldwide. first in line at a store in california, apple co-founder steve wozniak. he rode to the store on his segway and pulled up a chair. his white ipad in hand. he can have anything he wants from apple but he wanted to get his along with the millions of fans. >> probably in honor of steve but apparently turned his back to the camera as soon as he got there. >> should have asked him to get me one. >> he could possibly afford it. >> thanks, natalie. >> get the staff one. >> what's up? >> we've got a lot of rain in the northeast and maybe some possible flash flooding in northern new england, as we show you we've got that rain working its way up, thanks to this low-pressure area, frontal emsy makingem its way, windy conditions action look at the ra around the storm system.
7:22 am
some of it will get heavy so rainfall amounts looking from one to three inches over the next 24 hours, all the way back to the u.p. of michigan. that's what's goi you made it to friday. another gorgeous start at the coast. we're expecting increasing clouds throughout the afternoon at 2:00 p.m. but your temperatures are just a touch cooler from yesterday's highs. 82 in redwood city. and we are expecting a system of low pressure to impact us over the weekend. i'm ruling out the rain chances. est weather. matt? >> thank you very much. coming up the man arrested for hacking the phones and e-mails of stars like scarlett johansson and mila kunis. why he says once he started he couldn't stop. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming uppity latest on the florida bride convicted of trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband. we'll hear from hie kate -- >> pippa -- >> and their mom after the local news. >> or peepa. for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at
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good morning at 7:26. i'm marla tellez. what really happened at a 2007 college party with the baseball players? today we're expected to get official word about the case and the alleged rape that rocked that college. when jeff rosen took over as santa clara county attorney this year, he promised a fresh review of the case. the previous d.a. had decided not to pursue criminal charges. rosen will announce his findings this morning. now after the first d.a. declined the criminal case. the then 17-year-old girl at the center of the case filed a civil suit and lost in court. we will, of course, immediately post rosen's findings online at
7:27 am and have a full report at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. the weekend is here. so is christina loren with a look at your forecast. >> good morning to you. once again nice and crystal clear. tomorrow morning the fog rolls back in. you'll see increasing clouds creeping frup the south progressively through the day, starting at 11:00 a.m. you can see here nice clear visibility. no problems in terms of fog. and your temperatures, just a touch cooler where we ended up yesterday. 82 in santa cruz. 79 in san francisco. big events happening in the bay area this weekend. if you're headed to the pumpkin festival, bring a jacket. 69 on saturday. we continue to cool off towards the weekend. i'm ruling out the rain chances, mike. that's good news. back to you.
7:28 am
>> not good for 580. that cleared the roadway. activity on the shoulder now. but it was now have to really cause the jam into livermore. i'm sorry, over to the dublin interchange. northbound 38 causing flowing off of 580 as well. slow southbound and into the south bay slowing in the northbound direction. back to you. >> okay. thank you, mike. for the latest traffic and news updates, check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area morning news. we'll be back at 7:56.
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7:30 now on a friday morning. it's the 14th of october, 2011. the weekend almost here, and despite some rain overnight we have a terrific crowd lining rockefeller plaza and in just a little bit we'll go out there and give them all bear hugs, right? >> we have major lightning and thunder last night, it was crazy. >> i know, yet they're exuberant out there. i'm ann curry alongside matt lauer. just ahead a tough subject, a story that's made headlines across the country, a woman married for six months caught on tape paying an undercover police officer we're told that she thought was a hitman to kill her
7:31 am
husband. the latest on this case coming up straight ahead. also did you know americans are now eating about twice as much salt as we actually need? one of the main culprits happens to be restaurant food, coming up healthier alternatives to some of the biggest defenders, including one breakfast meal that's equal to nearly three dozen strips of bacon. what's your point? also we'll be talking about the middletons. a lot of people are wanting to look like them. they are the big, hottest thing going on in the fashion world, the duchess of cambridge and also pippa. we'll be checking out their influence on designers why and how we can maybe buy some of their looks for less this morning. >> by the way a programming note, coming up on monday on the show we have a big announcement. ♪ da, da, da >> what's all we're going to
7:32 am
say? >> that's it. a new story about this half hour a man accused of hacking into the e-mail accounts and cell phones of hollywood celebrates and now he is speaking out. nbc's lilia luciano is in jacksonville, florida. >> reporter: 35-year-old christopher cheney says his fascination for hollywood celebrities is what led to his downfall. once he caught a glimpse of the lives of the stars he couldn't stop but now wants to apologize for his actions. christopher cheney's under house arrest at his mother's home. federal investigators say he hacked into computers and cell phones of more than 50 people, including celebrities like scarlet johansson, mila kunis, christina aguilera, spying on their most intimate moments. now cheney is talking about the alleged hack attack, explaining
7:33 am
his actions to the local fox affiliate waws in jacksonville thursday. >> it started as curiosity and turned into being addicted to seeing behind the scenes what was going on behind the people you see on the big screen every day. >> reporter: cheney said it was such a thrill he couldn't stop. he told waws "i know what i did was one of the deepest invasions of privacy anyone can experience. i'm not trying to escape what i did. i have to face that and deal with it and go forward." investigators say cheney hacked into the accounts by scanning magazines, websites, twitter and facebook for information about celebrities and used it to figure out their passwords. johansen spoke about the hacking last month on cnn. >> just because you're in the spotlight or actor or make films doesn't mean you're not entitle to your own personal privacy. >> reporter: cheney never intended to sell any of the information or photos to anyone.
7:34 am
he just wanted a glimpse into the super secret world of celebrities. >> no matter how rich or how famous who uses a computer can be a potential victim. >> reporter: at the home of cheney's family thursday night an apology note from cheney himself asking for privacy from the media. he wrote in part "i understand you're only doing your jobs. i do not resent this or blame the media for trying to get the "hot" story. i deserve this. my family and neighbors do not." asking for privacy, something investigators say the suspect had no problem taking away from others. if convicted on all 26 counts, cheney could face up to 121 years in prison. he has a court hearing later today which means at any point he could walk out of this house this morning. ann? >> thank you so much, lilia luciano. another case that has drawn nationwide attention. a new bride in florida accused
7:35 am
of hiring a hitman to kill her husband but her accomplice was actually an undercover agent and the entire sting was caught on videotape. dennis murphy has the latest on this. dennis, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. for people following in this notoriously not so happy couple the news is they finally had gotten a divorce in the last few days. by the time this case went to a jury it wasn't clear whether this was an attempted murder or botched attempt to get on a reality tv show. dahlia depolito plead the not guilty to attempted murder. dalia sitting in a car rigged for pictures and sound passing over a downpayment to a man she thinks would gun down her husband, mike. the hitman was actually an undercover officer with the boynton beach police department. dalia had walked into a scheme.
7:36 am
a few days later officers delivered bad news to dalia outside her home. >> sorry to tell you ma'am he's been killed. >> reporter: the husband michael was very much alive and already down at the police station when they brought in dalia for questioning. >> i didn't do anything. >> reporter: a bewildered michael was watching a video feed from another woman. >> i'm thinking in my head i'm lucky but i'm so screwed. the worst day in the world. >> you're going to jail for the first-degree solicitation of the murder of your husband. >> reporter: she was hand cuffed, placed under arrest and walked a ghost but not at all dead michael in the doorway. >> oh my god. >> they say you know this guy? i'm standing there probably from twice the distance of us. >> i didn't do anything to you. mike, come here, please. come here. >> and that's when she says
7:37 am
"come here, i love you, i love you." i told her look i can't. you can't fix this. >> reporter: the videos of dalia trying to arrange a hit were long out on youtube before a jury ever got the case. that's when her defense lawyer mounted the snooki defense, this was all a rous, so lame brain that someone would put them on a reality show. the prosecutor in closing told the jury there was only one reality show here and that was dalia in the car paying for what she thought would be the murder of her husband. >> she's shameless about the way that she uses her sexual power to get what she wants. >> reporter: the jury funound h guilty as charged. the judge called her pure evil and sentenced her to 20 years. were you ever able to step out and look at the situation and say i can't believe this is happening to me. >> i do it every day. i still do it.
7:38 am
>> reporter: dalia's lawyers intend to file an appeal of that conviction and in a move that surprised some people the judge allowed her to post a $500,000 bond, that means she's out of jail and under house arrest at her mother's place which is only a few blocks away from her ex-husband. >> that doesn't sound like the best idea. dennis murphy, thank you very much. dennis coming to us from florida this morning. you can see more of his report on a special "dateline" tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central on nbc. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> thanks so much, matt. cloudy skies, looking at rain later. nothing like the wild weather in louisa, virginia. they had a tornado come through, rip the roof off some buildings. folks stuck on i-95 had to deal with rough traffic to talk about. louisa last month having that earthquake so they've had some rough weather over the last month or so. let's check your weather and see what's happening for the weekend. you got rain around the great lakes, also in the northern
7:39 am
plains, southern two-thirds of the country, sunny and warm, then sunday, sunday! we're looking at more sunshine in new england. heavy rain down in southern florida, the heat continues from the gulf and southwest, more showers through the inner mountain region looking at maybe some snow by good morning to you. we were thinking maybe some showers this weekend. but i looked at the most recent models. we're ruling those out. beautiful start over the city of oakland. 82 in redwood city. you will notice increasing clouds later on today. >> y s ekend an t's the weekend, that means only one thing, the best night in the week, it's sunday night football night in america!
7:40 am
this is a good one, we've got the vikings coming in to soldier field, partly cloudy, cool, temperatures mid to upper 50s as they take on the bears on sunday night football night in america! matt? >> all right, al, thank you very much. up next, the restaurant dish loaded with the same amount of salt as five, count 'em, full sized bags of potato wel help you wel help you make some healthier choices, right after this. one. two. and, three. [ male announcer ] with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, earn more cash back for the things you buy most. 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% cash back on groceries. 3% back on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through. it's as easy as one. -two. -three. [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards card. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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why don't we make a pumpkin? what do pumpkins look like? like this. you're my pumpkin. i made a bat! i made a sword. [ laughs ] ♪ you're going to love those. [ female announcer ] carve out some time with your little pumpkins. boo! boo! boo! [ female announcer ] rice krispies. happy halloween. back now at 7:43, this morning on "eat this, not that" avoiding restaurant meals loaded with salt, a high sodium diet can wreak havoc on your blood pressure and the more salty foods you eat the more you crave. dave zenko is the author of "eat this, not that 2012: the no diet weight loss solution" and here to give us advice.
7:44 am
good morning. >> good morning, ann. >> you are the salt of the earth, a man worth his salt. now you'll tell us what's wrong with salt. >> the problem, your high blood pressure is not your fault. only 10% of the salt ir'consuming is coming from your salt shaker. 80% is coming from food processors with the biggest culprit being restaurants. we only need 1200 to 1400 a day. we're averaging 3,400 milligrams of sodium a day. >> we're going to start with the restaurants the major culprit, the first is the chili cheese nachos at applebee's a sodium calamity. >> the appetizer that helps your cardiology afford his house in aruba. the problem here is that we've got 1,680 calories. it's got 4,270 milligrams of sodium. this would be in, are you ready, the sodium equivalent of these
7:45 am
18 1/2 orders of taco bell's cheesy nachos. right here. the problem is that's a perfect storm. everything is salty there, the tortilla chips, salsa, the cheese. >> 1,680 calories. >> you're better off with the southern barbecue wings, neither salty nor sweet which means you are going to be adding 1,000 fewer calories to your waistline and 3,000 fewer milligrams of sodium straining your heart. >> who would have thunk it, this is better for you salt wise than this one. >> here's the thing i'd rather eat the wings. >> okay, so that's at least finally some good news for you. it's about time. at ihop you take a look at the thick cut bone and ham eggs. >> yes, arteries are getting nervous just looking at it. this is -- >> tell me why that is bad. >> 3,000 milligrams of sodium, two to three days' worth for breakfast, this would be the sodium equivalent of these 32
7:46 am
strips nearly three dozen strips of bacon. this is just the stuff that you should know. this is why we have eat this, not that so you know the stuff going into the restaurants. >> so we can eat this instead of this. >> well no, not all 32. you can have a couple but you can eat this here. this right here is the fit turkey bacon omelet with fresh fruit so it's 400 calories, so you're saving 700 and you're saving almost 4,000 milligrams of sodium and the fruit is providing sodium neutralizing potassium. >> very good. i'm apparently loving talking to you too much because i'm going too slowly. we only have a minute net. p.j. chang's noodles. >> pack your ace inhibitioorinhe equivalent to 600 ruffles. get the garlic noodles, 700 calories, you'll save 1,000 and also saving 6,500 milligrams of
7:47 am
sodium. that is like a week's worth of sodium. the fact that a restaurant could do that is amazing to me. >> finally at chilies, looking at the jalapeno smokehouse bacon burger. >> it's 6,600 milligrams of sodium, the equivalent of six and a half big macs. if you want a burger go to chili, on your way stop at mcdonald's, eat a big mac, then go to chili's and order the caribbean salad with chicken. you're still saving thousands of milligrams of sodium and a bunch of calories. >> dave -- >> did it in a minute. >> no more salty snacks for us. you did a great job. alarming new video of the dangerous distractions teenage driverstet afis face ber th.hi ghriteafisth. doorbusters this friday and saturday. save 60% off coats for her and him. 50% off the hottest boots. 50% off the latest dresses.
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metamucil uses super hard working psyllium fiber, which gels to remove unsexy waste and reduce cholesterol. taking psyllium fiber won't make you a model but you should feel a little more super. metamucil. down with cholesterol. [ male announcer ] 20,000 btus produce a delicate sear. double-oven range makes dinner and dessert -- at the same time. turbo-charged advantium oven cooks more than twice as fast, in this culinary powerhouse. dan. yes? molé sauce. [ male announcer ] with ge's most advanced cooking technology, the café line takes food further. we are back at 7:50. car crashes are the leading cause of deaths for teenagers. new research is providing real
7:51 am
insight into how and when teens are most likely to be involved in an accident. nbc's tom costello has the details on this. good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt. this is kind of interesting, the statistics say that within the first month of driving, teenagers are at a greatly increased risk of having an accident. that's what happened to me, 16 years old, two weeks after i got my license, i had an accident. a week later i had another accident. it's a wonder my parents didn't take my license away. from the aaa foundation, new teenage drive cam video of a teen blowing through a stop and into a left-hand turn. >> the shoe boxes -- >> reporter: another teen blowing through a stop sign into a right-hand turn. ♪ speeding through a school zone. >> whoa, don't hit me car. >> reporter: even texting with mom in the car. >> don't text while you're driving. >> reporter: whether it's loud music, conversation, texting or phone calls, researchers say distraction is the biggest problem for teen drivers, who
7:52 am
all too often act completely differently once parents are no longer along for the ride. >> but as soon as that parent leaves the car and the child starts driving by themselves, the risks jump up dramatically. >> reporter: add another teen to the car and things can get dicey. parents, look at this. teen drivers are 50% more likely to crash in the first month of having a license than after a full year of experience. and 57% of crashes in which a teen was at least partially responsible involved three common mistakes, failure to reduce speed, inattention and failure to yield. this nighttime video shows a teen so distracted he drives down the middle of the road. the same teen later takes off his seatbelt to grab something out of his bag and listen to the passenger in this car. >> stop. >> reporter: no stopping in light rain she keeps going. >> teenagers have this feeling that nothing is going to happen to them. >> reporter: veteran miami-dade
7:53 am
police sergeant david greenwald see it is everything day. >> there's nothing more difficult than having to handle a fatal crash and then going to the house and telling a parent that their teenager was killed in a car crash. >> reporter: there is good news, after a sharp two-year learning curve, teen drivers do tend to become much better drivers, but as in everything else, practice, especially with an adult, makes perfect. speeding and drinking remain very big factors in the number of people who do die. very blook, i made a face!mber awesome! why don't we make a pumpkin? what do pumpkins look like? like this. you're my pumpkin. i made a bat! i made a sword. [ laughs ] ♪ you're going to love those. [ female announcer ] carve out some time with your little pumpkins. boo! boo! boo! [ female announcer ] rice krispies. happy halloween.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
good morning at 7:56. i'm marla tellez. doors will open at apple stores in a matter of minutes for the new iphone 4s. so many people camped out all night for the big debut. check out this line in palo alto last night. in los gatos, a familiar face at the front of the line. steve wozniack staked out his spot in line yesterday afternoon. he stayed all night. he says he's looking forward to the new phone because the old iphone is really outdated. >> because of the one program, that important one theory. you're a little doubt of date. you're going to learn about it. yeah. they drop the theory program that used to run on the old one, so, maybe it will get updated.
7:57 am
maybe there will be a way to do this. but it might be they use it in hopes you have to buy the new phone. >> woz already ordered two in iphones to be sent to his home. but he's waiting in line to get one for his wife. meteorologist christina loren joins us with a look at your forecast. >> good thing it didn't rain on the woz overnight. i'm ruling rain showers out over the weekend. we're going to see a nice weekend. the crystal clear start over oaktown, things start to change tomorrow. 79 in san francisco. for today a touch cooler than yesterday. 87 in los gatos. 83 in fremont. heading out this weekend a lot is happening. nice comfortable day. 82 on saturday. little cooler for your sunday down to 79. next week we might see the showers. i think maybe monday will be the best bet. still a 10% chance. that's it, mikey.
7:58 am
how do the roads look? >> better yet. dry for the next few days. 238 now cleared after the motorcycle and sem irk. still slowing off of the y. 880 some mild slowing. shouldn't be a dbig deal. let's get a look across the water. a smooth drive over the peninsu peninsula. the northbound side is really nice. back to you. >> for the latest traffic and news update, find us on facebook. search bay area news.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on a friday morning. it's the 14th day of october, 2011. kir kind kind of p kiki york city. it's overcast. a littp a little rain in t. we hawe have a a littp a little rain in t. we hawe have huge crowd gathe. the the music from today we've got coldplay performing in concert out on our plaza, that should be a great show. if you're in the area come on down and check that out.
8:01 am
speaking of hits from the uk, coming up in this half hour we'll talk about the middletons. >> no kidding, kate and -- >> pippa. >> pippa and their mom. apparently their looks are affordable if you know where to look. we have an expert who has found a way to buy it for less. later on a radical way to educate your kids. it's called unschooling, because it involves no structured education, kids learn at home what they want, when they want, no test, n want when they want. whyo wasn't this around when we were going to school. we'll find out. a lot to get to. natalie is standing by at the news desk. good morning. occupy wall street protesters want a reprieve this morning. demonstrators were told they would have to leave their camp so it could be cleaned. many feared it was a pretext to
8:02 am
a victim. but this morning the parks' owners o postponed and they stayed down wall street and gathered under the stock exchange. several arrests were made. the suspect in wednesday's hair salon massacre in california has a court appearance today. 41-year-old scott decry shot eight people and left one woman critically wounded. the former attorney said he was diagnosed with bipolar. a connecticut jury will have to decide if a burglar should be executed for murdering two people during a home invasion. joshua komisarjevsky was convicted of all charged. the victimed were tied up and molested. the loan survivor called thursday's verdict a relief. the pentagon denies that defense secretary leon panetta
8:03 am
wants to keep extra troupes in afghanistan. he told a house committee on thursday the initial 10,000 surge troops will leave as scheduled, but the remaining 23,000 will depart by the end of the fighting season next year. now let's head to wall street. cortney reagan is at the stock exchange. >> downgraded the unfortunate theme of today. down gragd the rating on the ability to pay long term debt. and puts 7 other banks on credit watch. negative including morgan stanley and gold man sax. google reported strong earnings. now let's take a look at
8:04 am
what's trending today. tmz reports that whitney houston almost got kicked off a flight on wednesday when she refused to fasten her seat belt. kim kardashian is shopping for burkas. she and her mother have been tweeting about the beautiful women in dubai where they arrived for a perfume launched. and kids these days. to them a magazine is nothing, but a broken ipad. this one-year-old has gone viral on youtube. she's a whiz with the ipad swiping and tap pg the screens to navigate. the techniques don't quite work on that old paper magazine. darn thing must need a reboot. she's a cutie. it's 8:04. let's go straight to al with a check of your weather.
8:05 am
>> are you doing the walk for breast cancer this weekend? >> we are. 26.2 miles. >> that's great. and the weather should be good for you. and we got girl scouts over here. from middle tennessee. what was the chant you were doing? >> we have cookies. >> all right. let's check your weather and see what's happening. anchorage, alaska. nbc 2. rain. cool. 48 degrees. we have some chilly weather in northern new england. 40s and 50s. 90s in the southwest. lots of heavy rain in the northeast. showers back through the plains. we have sunny another gorgeous started in the city of san francisco. take a look at this completely
8:06 am
clear sky. crystal clear conditions. unfortunately, we'll see some changes by today. 2:00 pm, you see the clouds start to drift up from the south. by 5:00 pm, mostly cloudy conditions over the entire bay area. we'll stay dry this weekend. your temperatures today will be a touch cooler than yesterday's high of 83 in fremont, 80 tomorrow. cooler, cloudier weekend on tap. >> joplin strong, our friends in missouri, all right. mr. lauer? >> al, thank you very much. when we come back, kate and pippa and their impact on when we come back, kate and pippa and their impact on fashion right after this. get your cash back! oh, hi. which cash back booth looks better to you, chase freedom or the largest cashback card? oh, i'll try the largest. oh, that is too bad. apparently you don't know chase freedom guarantees you 1% cash back. 4 times more than the largest cash back card, which only gives you a quarter percent until you spend $3,000 every year. but have fun. bob and weave once you're in there.
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it's the starbucks via® taste promise. look for it at starbucks stores and where you buy groceries. back now at 8:09 with the middleton effect. it seems that everything kate, her sister and her mother wear, everyone wants. here's nbc's michelle kosinski. >> reporter: you might call it the middleton effect and it goes something like this. if you made it and the duchess of cambridge wears it, you will likely soon be inundated if not everywhelmed by orders. that engagement dress, bam, sold out in a flash everywhere. this basic top crashed the maker's website with women clamoring to have it. a simple dress by reese languishing on racks before but the minute it met kate and the obamas it disappeared. catherine is single handedly
8:11 am
with sparking a craze for nude panty hose and the new lk benity pumps soon you couldn't find them in stock anywhere. amazing for the fashion industry. >> all of the sudden all the girls are wearing newt pumps on the feet. you see them still in the middle of winter with black tights which doesn't necessarily works so time to drop the nude pumps. >> reporter: none of these are expensive items but what she touches turns to retail cold. look at this wolford ad not showing ad in wolford clothes, it's just her style, their advertising. now that is fashion power. in fact, now all of the middleton women, whether it's kate's hair, pippa's curves or mom carol's elegance, are becoming real role models of conservative, regal, albeit safe beauty. >> they're dressing in a very
8:12 am
tame, elegant way they're covered up, they look good. >> reporter: what fashion truths are the sudden style goddesses teaching us? that simple can be fabulous. conservative is sexy. taking care of yourself shows. yes, they are millionaires but you know what? they don't like to spend a fortune on their wardrobes, they wear the same things over again and like to shop in some of the least expensive stores like this one. there are dresses in there for 30 bucks. the future queen herself has been known to hit the dressing rooms with everyone else, even use discount cards. hey if the result is looking like this, these ladies are emerging as icons of class, but doesn't shout or brag, but speaks to women of all ages. ♪ you can leave your hat on >> reporter: and you don't need a red maple leaf fascinator to pull it off. for "today," michelle kosinski, nbc news, london.
8:13 am
>> zana roberts is the senior editor for "marie claire." >> good morning. >> thank goodness we've drawn the line at fascinators. >> oh my goodness but we are on the nude panty hose. >> i've been around so long maybe this is a sign of how old i am i'm still wearing them from the first trend. >> it's an elegant sophisticated way. sales are up 85% in the uk. >> fingernail polish even? come on, who is looking at kate's fingernails when she was getting married? >> this color by esse and called allure. it's the full basic elegance sophisticated kate >> kate was wearing a red laced dress that was such a big hit, and now that there are a lots and lots of mock-ups. >> a couple of weeks ago she wore it to a friend's wedding. this is a french connection version $168. kate wore a beautiful dress, but this is also a great option.
8:14 am
>> a lot of the ideas they're wearing are cool enough or at least you can find them for a lot less money including these kind of ankle boots that what pippa wears? >> pippa wears. pippa is more adventurous with her fashion, she wears these with the cute dress answer gives her an edge, aldo, 130. >> also using a more conservative basic bag. >> more conservative basic bag. pippa has three jobs, she's a busy working woman, sheed needs big bag moving forward for fall. >> pippa made a lot of headlines with the red dress she weerecen wore and it inspired this version. >> absolutely. she wore a temli dress, but we have this fabulous fabiano dress and the sickle down is insane. >> that also you would think a red dress, a black tie kind of dress would be a lot of money. you can get this for under $300.
8:15 am
>> $240, faviana. pippa can wear things tighter, skimpy, shorter, pushes it more than kate. >> you can't tell in the back, it actually has a big jut kout. i'm sure the props people are going crazy. >> they are sweating. >> they are sweating. also mom carol is making a splash with the little coats which seem smart. >> she's owning the dress coat. she's 56 years old, extremely elegant and frump free. this is a great fall trend. wearing it as a dress make sure it hits the thigh the right way. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up next the radical form of education, where kids decide what they learn and when they learn it, but is it for your family? that's right after this. at the jcpenney...big as it gets sale, save big... ...with night and day doorbusters this friday and saturday. save 60% off coats for her and him. 50% off the hottest boots.
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8:19 am
and topped with a decadent drizzle. "me time"! [ male announcer ] the simple joy of a frappé. ♪ this morning on education nation today a radical form of learning, called unschooling where kids receive no structured education at all. here's nbc's mara schiavocampo. >> i like this neighborhood. >> reporter: the bentleys are getting settled in milpitamilpi california. good schools are steps from their home. >> i like it at home because it's a safe environment. >> reporter: the closest they come to schools is walking past them. >> i get to learn whatever i want whenever i want. >> reporter: parents lisa and greg bentley believe in something called unschooling. even though they graduated at the top of their high school class their daughters, zeoe and
8:20 am
teagan have never stepped foot in a traditional school. the girls are their own teachers. >> i consider myself a facilitator of my children's education, facilitating our children's learning bringing the world to them and them to the world without the constraints of a school building. >> reporter: zoe and teagan are among the estimated 2 million children considered homeschooled in this country, but unlike traditional home schooling with unschooling, there are no lesson plans, no tests, no rules, and it's all legal. >> the premise of unschooling is that parents have the right to determine how their children should be educated. the degree to which unschooling is regulated will vary state to state in general there is less rather than more regulation. >> reporter: while kids across america are inside learning the fundamentals -- >> this mountain range overlooks the city of milpitas, california. >> reporter: the bentleys are out, exploring the geography around them, traveling is
8:21 am
considered a big part of the learning process. >> really big. >> reporter: back at the house, no homework pressure, instead of a book report, 15-year-old zoe an aspiring nasa scientist is working on her website about the geology of planets. 11-year-old teagan is mastering puzzles and multitasking. >> so 15. >> reporter: and later, me measurements instead of multiplication for the fashion enthusiast. >> because you're not in school learning doesn't mean you're not learning at all. learning means is that you pick up new skills, i find out more information. you can talk to people, search for things on the internet. anything at all. >> we're trying to show them how to learn for themselves and how to actually find their own goals and accomplish those goals. >> reporter: experts estimate that kids numbering in the tens of thousands are setting their own unschooling curriculum, full of discovery and research, but free of regimented report cards and grade point averages, and
8:22 am
they say that could be a troubling equation. >> there's any number of concerns you might have about unschooling. we don't have metrics, the children don't get assessed regularly so we don't know the kids are learning what they need to master. parents may not necessarily be effective educators. >> reporter: the bentleys say they don't need tests to see results. for their family, unschooling is never less, always more. >> unschooling is about doing as much as possible, you never stop learning. you can learn from anything, anyone, anywhere. >> reporter: for "today," mara schia schiavocampo, nbc, new york. >> robin silverman, an expert in child schooling, good morning to you. unschooling in my house would go as as well as unbathing. what do parents need to consider? >> you need to know their child, are they self-motivated, self-propelled individual learners that get up in the morning and go for it and also know yourself.
8:23 am
that parent needs to be involved, just because you're doing unschooling doesn't mean hands off. it means you get more involved. >> as i was watching that piece, two things kept jumping into my mind. one is if these kids aren't assessed, in other words, there are no tests. >> right. >> how do we ever judge them and compare them to students their own age? >> well, we know these children. the parents know these children, how are they learning? are they getting into the mix of things. but we don't know, are there going to be gaps in their education in the fundamentals? we don't know. if there's going to be a socialization issue, unless you get them into into scouts, into martial arts >> that's with homeschooling in general. i'm talking about the lack of structure in unschooling and what happens, do these kids not want to attend college or what happens when it becomes time to apply to college, what do they use as a record? >> um-hum. they are using their resume, their life and learning resume,
8:24 am
rather than a transcript. what have they been doing while their peers have been in school, and many of these kids will go on to college. they will go on to higher learning, and they will have to jump through the same hoops, the s.a.t.s, the placement tests as everybody else. >> and having never taken tests during their high school and junior high school careers is that going to be harder for them. >> it's not always the case they haven't taken tests. some supplement their learning with structured classes but some will have to learn to take tests. >> the idea that travel is often a very big part of this learning well that means to me that this is for wealthier people, because a lot of people who are of a lower economic status cannot afford to travel and take time off work to tour their kids around. >> it's an interesting thing, because parents do need to have somebody who is going to be home and going to be involved in this child's learning. you can't just put a child in front of a computer and say go for it. you need to be out, ready to get your hands dirty and take that
8:25 am
path less traveled. >> what do parents need to know about state by state regulations that might govern this? >> there's future state regulations that say you have to do this. you have to be tested and that's one of the problems here. so they need to know what is required of them at the end of the day, but many of them are, many of the states aren't requiring specific things. >> people are going to be talking about this, a lot opposed to it but others who say if it motivates my child and makes them more interested in the world around them, then maybe it's a good thing. >> the passions are fostered here and that's something we can all learn then, can't we? >> robyn silverman thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> thank you. just ahead the best hotels, cities and airlines in the world voted on b thethat you'safte, r. that's you, after your local news. r
8:26 am
good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marla tellez. proposed closures in the oakland school district have sparked outrage among parents and now it appears some school board members aren't too keen on this idea either. at a meeting this week, one board member called it a mistake. a meeting with parents of the five elementary schools slated to close. according to the oakland tribune, one trustee said last night we're trying to do the right thing, but it turned into a mistake. the district said it would save $2 million a year by closing the schools. a decision is set for october 26th. it is 8:26. we'll be back with weather and traffic after this.
8:27 am
8:28 am
welcome back. take a look at this glorious start over san francisco. three consecutive crystal clear beginnings. everything changes later on in the day. between 2:00 and 5:00, whole amount of cloud cover. from san francisco up through the north bay. temperature temperatures, as a result, will come down. staying warm in loss ga gatos.
8:29 am
let's check your drive now with mike. we're talking about weekend events as well. slowing weekend traffic. not a major deal for san mateo, 92. but then 92 over the hill will be really slammed because of that pumpkin festival that goes on probably till the end of the month. halloween-related activities. accident highway 1 shouldn't be a big deal. slowing past the oakland coliseum. that is kind of good for the nimitz. back to you. >> believe it or not, not too bad there. we'll be back with another update.
8:30 am
8:350 on a friday morning, the 14th of october, 2011. it is not the prettiest morning weather wise here in the northeast, but look at all these pretty people waving at their families and friends back home and meantime we hope the weekend will clear up the weather looks great for the people here.
8:31 am
i'm ann curry with matt lauer and al roker and natalie morales. i have to say hello tohis baby. we need to do this. this is your morning moment of zen. there you go. okay, now, we're going to be talking about travel -- zhow is she doing well? >> she's doing well. she's starting on her next round of treatment. >> i love this segment every year, the reader's choice awards for comcast traveler magazine, going to be talking about the top city in the country around the world, the top hotels, top airlines, things like that. we'll get the results coming up in a couple of minutes. >> we'll have some foul weather coming in, in the next seven days or so. we're going to show you how to put some new twist on some classic fall comfort foods. >> all right. speaking of comfort foods who here makes a mean meatball? >> i do. >> al does. you do? >> i bet you do, natalie you're a good cook. >> i'm a classic meat ball kind
8:32 am
of girl. i don't mix the meats. if you think you make a mean me meatba meatball, enter our website and submit your recipe with a photo of your dish and you could have a chance to make it for us live here on "today." >> all right, awesome. switching gears, al did you happen to notice jay leno caught up with your interview with the first lady and apparently he thought it was a total knockout. take a look. >> al was talking to her about her whole exercise workout program. i don't think she liked some of al's questions. take a look. >> are jumping jacks your exercise of choice? >> you know i do everything, i mean jumping jacks, squats, lunges, a little bit of boxing. >> does the president have to worry about the boxing part? >> sometimes when he sees me punches of kind of it shall -- >> ugh! >> how is your jaw by the way? >> and she did not pull that either. >> that was good.
8:33 am
>> and you don't swing back on the first lady. >> you don't. you know she's got secret service backup. wow. >> i like the look on her face after, like uh-oh. >> i don't know how they do that. >> amazing. meantime -- >> see if you can write yourself and give us a weather forecast. >> check it out. i thought she liked me. anyway for the weekend, for tomorrow we got rain in new england, the great lakes, also inland and the pacific northwest, southern two-thirds of the country looking sunny and warm. sunday, sunday! we're looking at sunshine in northern new england, heavy rain down in central and southern florida, more rain through the inner mountain regions, otherwise nice weather through the southern good friday morning to you. getting a very rare treat. even when we have clear conditions in the city of san francisco. often times socked in at daly city.
8:34 am
not the case this morning. nice and clear, even through the usual suspects. as we head throughout date today, cloud also roll back in about 2:00 to 5:00, expecting clouds to really start to increase all the way up to santa rosa. 87 in los gatos. 82 in santa cruz. temperatures drop off, a few more clouds, but no rain to worry about. >> as you get into the weekend, check your weather on the weather channel or online. now let's head on down to d.c. and say hello to uncle willie. hello. >> how sweet it is. a little birthday cake, a little ice cream. i used to love breyer's. i think they sell that all over the country, here in this area, good old homemade ice cream. look at edna. edna landis of mannheim, pennsylvania. like the mannheim band. i like that. 107. enjoys taking good care of her
8:35 am
crafts, activity and loves to play cards and she is a champion, i mean a champion at cribbage. we have joseph klein, sarasota, florida, 100 years old, loves, i mean enjoys growing all kinds of orchards. he is a big orchard. secret to longevity is loving everybody and loving his beautiful wife. how sweet. how fortunate the man is. and so is she. edith pearson, albert city, iowa, 103 years old. still has all kinds of wonderful memory and her memory is so incredible it amazes her family, and loves to bake cinnamon rolls. my favorite in the whole world, hot cinnamon rolls and cold milk. william stearns, towson, maryland, just up the road from us, baltimore, 100 years old, proud ww ii veteran and loves to
8:36 am
go out and enjoy his garden and life. chesapeake bay i'll be over tomorrow morning. i love the name bennie and here is bennie, not jack but genie wa watanabe from wheat ridge, colorado, a former, i believe successful christian missionary all over the world and loves to teach the bible. good old charlie, charles krenzer from fremont, nebraska, 100 years old today loves to play cards and eat fresh veggies, and he is a fine man of class. how about that. that's it. that's all from washington at this time. >> all right, thanks so much, willard. coming up next, the best of the best when it comes to travel.
8:37 am
conde nast reader's travel rewards right here on "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ roll if you want to it's 8:38, this morning on "today's travel" this morning conde nast traveler asks to rate thousands of cities and much more. lisa gill, good to see you. good morning. >> good morning. >> year to year do you find readers change their opinions much or do we see a lot of the same properties at the top? >> this is the 24th year of the reader's choice awards and the cream of the crop always rises to the top but we have a lot of newcomers to the list, means our readers are really going out there. >> look at the top city in the world as voted on by your readers, number one choice takes us down under, sydney, australia. >> sydney has been the top city in the world for 16 years and
8:40 am
there's a really good reason. what's there not to like? it's sophisticated, international, even edgy. beach lovers have 37 beaches to choose from, a thriving arts community, architects have stuff, diet, unparalleled. >> people want to book their trip to sydney, the seasons are reverse in australia. >> the seasons are reversed our winter months are their summer months. there's no bad time to go. it's a temperate climate, winter temperatures rarely go below 50 degrees. >> sop city in the united states, the last couple of years san francisco, different this year. >> charleston, south carolina, always hovered in the top ten. we think friendliness is the key. southern hospitality goes a long way. >> there's an old world charm. >> it balances the old world and modern. it has a thriving dining scene. high end dining to dockside
8:41 am
oyster roasts. the entertaining is wonderful, at night beautiful strunts with live performances on the weekends. you have a lot to do. >> san francisco didn't disappear, they came in at number two, santa fe, new mexico number three. top hotel in the world this one in shanghai, it's the ritz-carlton and this property almost had a perfect show. >> ritz-carlton shanghai pudong scored perfectly for rooms, locations and decor. you can't be beat. pudong fantastic part, it's very commercial and financial center, and also the rooms themselves have fantastic views looking over the river into the historic land. >> let's look at hotels in the united states, what was tops here? >> chicago, illinois, the elysian is only 2 years old, fantastically located on the gold coast. >> food is a big part of its
8:42 am
appeal. >> it has a two michelin star restaurant. >> something unusual in terms of its tipping policy. >> they have a no tipping policy. you get great service regardless. it's really great. >> let's move on to the best resorts in the world, and for this one we have a tie. the first one is in the middle east your readers like the four seasons at sharm el sheikh. >> it's a great resort town, great for divers. the four seasons is the best of the best perfectly situated on a beach. >> no the that big a property, 109 rooms. >> very small especially for the area and great for families, it's designed like an arabian village, has a lot of ambience. >> the second one in this tie is south africa. >> the safari lodge is a private game reserve, on a private game reserve you see cheetah and lion and antelope, black rhino, six lodges scattered around the
8:43 am
reserve, really set well in their habitat and you go out for game drives, see the great animals, come back to the lap of luxury and fine dining. >> beautiful rooms. top resort in the united states in california, pelican hill. >> this is in orange county south of newport beach. this place is relatively new but it epitomizes elegance and class, almost like an italianville annual. you have a sense of style there. >> and every year when we look at your magazine one of the categories people are most interested in is the airlines. how they get to some of these destinations. in the united states the top pick, virgin america. >> we love to celebrate anything that brings fun back to flying. virgin america does that in spades. it's four years old and every year hit the top marks. it's been described as an ipod in the sky. wifi on board, touch of a button order food, snacks and has mood lighting. >> number two, jetblue, number three hawaiian air so
8:44 am
congratulations to all the winners. lisa thanks so much. we appreciate the results. >> thanks for having me. coming up next the secrets to cooking classic fall comfort foods but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ food, glorious food this morning on requesting today's kitchen, back to basics" redefining classic fall comfort foods. here to help us is chris campbell, host of "america's test kitchen" and one of the authors of the new "cook's illustrated" cookbook. chris great always to have you. >> pleasure to be here. >> you'll tell us how we can take some of our favorite comfort foods and make them better, including french fries, chicken and chocolate chip cookies. >> you look nervous like i'm not going to do it. >> no, because i thought they were pretty good as they were. >> you can fry a chicken and roast a chicken and bake a chicken. you look a little nervous this
8:47 am
is poule en coucot. >> it's a french chicken. you're saying the french chicken is better than the other chicken? >> it's better. throw it in the pot, cook it in the oven for an hour and a half. we started with browning the chicken first. >> the whole chicken? >> the whole thing. >> put a small onion in with it. this is stupidly simple. even i can do it. cloves of garlic, rosemary and bay leaf. >> some pepper. you didn't put any oil in there. >> a little bit of oil in the pan to start? >> olive oil? okay, that's it. >> then take some aluminum foil, put this on top. >> so none of the steam escapes. >> low it in the oven, even heat. when the dark meat is down it gets cooked at the same time the white meat and this is incredibly healthy and delicious and makes its own sauce. >> that's it. >> you're done. >> the vegetables cook down.
8:48 am
and healthy and delicious. >> how long in the offen? >> an hour and 50 minutes. >> easy for the mother who is running after her kids and there you go. >> or the father. >> or the father, good for you. i like the way you think. >> yes. >> we call that again? >> poule en concot. >> okay, we'll slice a little bit. >> the best way to carve a chicken, i took the leg off and the thigh, take the breast like this and use a flexible knife and take the breast off in one piece like this. >> okay. so basically boom. >> so what you have is the breast like this and you can slice it into pieces, easy to serve. >> you can make chicken sandwiches and have this nice slice. you'll improve the french fry. how are you going to do that? >> you can take some of those out. >> they look like we were getting overdone because we were
8:49 am
talking about the chicken. >> they need double frying. in paris they used to double fry to get them come out perfectly. this recipe, two and a half pounds of potatoes and put them into cold oil. >> why wouldn't they get soggy? >> because when they're cold there's a lot of water in the fries and until the water comes out in terms of steam the oil can't get in. the fries have one third less oil in them and you use less oil for frying. >> you let it heat up then. >> cook for 20, 25 minutes and stir it around the last five minutes and get incredibly crispy french fries and you only need six cups. >> does it matter what oil you use? >> peanut oil is what we like. russets turn out tough. these are yukon gold. >> such great flavor. these are darned tasty. they are. >> that's a french method. >> the french always take credit. >> not chocolate chip cookies.
8:50 am
>> that's a good old american cookie. what's in this good old american cookie? >> you feel better again. >> i do. >> let's sing "oklahoma" everybody. ♪ red, white and blue >> how'd you make this in. >> tollhouse cookie, 1939, they put it on the back of the bag. there's a trick. we melt the butter and with the sugar gives it a nice caramel, chewy texture. we browned the butter. one day we stepped aside the butter got overcooked braun so you get this caramel flavor to it and a nice chewiness on the inside. >> i'll be the judge of that. >> i guess you -- tough. and? >> it's chewier. it's got kind of a -- mmm. >> this is like "american idol." >> i would say. i would say absolutely. give it to me. come on, give me five. >> all right. >> fantastic. can i talk with my mouth full? wonderful. by the way the book is called "cook's illustrated" just come out. well done. coming up next, tricks of the trade, how retailers get you
8:51 am
to spend more money than you planned, but first this is "today" on nbc. ride muni every day. i enjoy it the most when i'm with sidney. she doesn't notice that it's too crowded
8:52 am
or that it can run a half hour late. i'm bevan dufty, and i'm running for mayor because it's not enough to just "get it done"-- we have to get it done better. sidney thinks muni is magic. we go underground and come out someplace new-- just us. i want all of us to see it that way. this morning on "today's extra yard," a football player ran afterschool programs for kids and still believes life's biggest plays don't come on the field but in the classroom. here's nbc's peter alexander.
8:53 am
♪ ♪ this city is god's city and i love it ♪ >> reporter: 13 miles south of chicago's soldier field in one of the city's toughest neighborhoods is alex hayley academy, a public middle school where a chicago veteran israel adonoje spends his time. he chooses to inspire his biggest fans. >> you guys hold a special place in my heart. everyone in this room no exceptions is going to have opportunities throughout their lives. everybody. i just want to encourage you to keep being great students and great examples in our community. >> a lot of the kids lack someone to say to them good job. you're sort of that guy for them? >> i'm one of the voices. i was fortunate as a kid. i used to get a slurpee when i did well academically and not everyone has that. some of the kids if they do well or don't there's no one there to say keep up the good work, keep
8:54 am
working hard. >> reporter: born into a family of african-american citizens he's followed his parent's footsteps, motivating these students who call themselves i izzy's kids. >> they had education second on their list of priorities and there was an opportunity for me to come in and say hey your education is that thing that can get you on the right track. >> reporter: alex hayley's principal, theta williams was at first skeptical of the 6'6" 275 pound athlete. what was your first reaction then? >> yeah, sure, right and how long are you going to stay? you're going to come in here, say hi, get a picture for publicity and disappear. >> you're paying attention, all right? >> reporter: adonaje hasn't lift, visiting the school once a month for the last four years, encouraging students to attend class. tony goodrich was stunned. >> it's not every day you get to see a big time nfl player. he just gave us that good
8:55 am
spirit. >> reporter: he rewards students with high attendance with perks like roller skating parties and bowling trips and for perfect attendance, a chance to see the bears in action. >> this is such a heartwarming feeling to point up to the kids and they laugh and hold their signs up you made, you want to be with them play harder. >> reporter: he surprised students with a visit to the white house to meet a former south side neighbor, president obama. what was that moment like? >> i didn't believe it. it was like, a lot of people securing the president. >> reporter: since 2007 when idonaje arrived, alex hayley's attendance has soared almost to 96%. >> if you have a big guy like izzy coming to check on you every month and motivating you to come to school of course you're going to come. >> reporter: his new focus making this neighborhood safer encouraging chicago police officers to mentor students. >> are you ready?
8:56 am
>> yeah! >> are you ready? >> yeah! >> that's my message. you're going to get an opportunity to move in the right direction to achieve your goals and when that opportunity comes will you be ready to seize that moment? >> reporter: the answer is typically yes. thanks to someone who cares. for "today," peter alexander, nbc news, chicago. >> and some of izzy's kids will be in the stands sunday night when they play. good morning. it's 8:56 now. i'm marla tellez. two elderly people are recovering after being pull friday a burning building overnight. the fire broke out at 1:30 this morning at a home on bon homme way.
8:57 am
firefighters rushed to the scene and rescued the people inside. an ambulance took them to the hospital, where they are being treated. no word yet on their condition. mi wlitheckhat fday t morning commute for you after the break.
8:58 am
welcome back. it's 8:58. an accident on the east shore freeway. i guess we say tgif. actually just before you get there, an accident involving a big rig now near the shoulder. is still blocking one lane. good line getting into berkeley. rest of berkeley, metering lights are on. i forgot to put that on the map. 880 past the coliseum up into downtown oakland, slow. no major issues right now. san jose state's homecoming is
8:59 am
today. festival opens at 1:00. a lot of congestion there as well. >> thank you, mike. we'll be back with our next news weather update at 9:26. my fashion blog is about my personal style and things that inspire me. i like to think of myself as the voice of real girls. since i post new looks almost every day... i have to shop almost as often. t.j.maxx is great because i can score designer fashion... without spending like there's no tomorrow.
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that's what it's all about. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. i post for fashionistas... but i'm a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. back now with more of "today" on a friday morning. 14th day of october, 2011. we have a nice crowd of people out here on the plaza on what is turning in to a nasty day in new york city. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie and al roker. coming up, more information and desperation it seems in the search for baby lisa irwin out in kansas city. the 10-month-old baby is missing for almost 2 weeks now and her family has released some home videos taken of her in the time
9:01 am
period before she disappeared. this has authorities searched a rock quarry near her home. we'll have the latest on that invest coming up. >> all right. they say timing is everything and that's especially true when it comes to your health from when to take your birth control pill and heart medication and fill your prescriptions. we'll tell you why timing can matter so much. what matters when you head to the store the stuff they do to entice you to buy. you go in to buy one thing, you come out with an armload, groceries or clothes. they know how to lure you with music, food displays and yummy scents to make you spend more dollars and cents. we'll tell you how to avoid the retail traps. natalie's at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. tension and arrests at the occupy wall street protest this morning. nbc is there with more. good morning.
9:02 am
>> reporter: natalie, good morning. there were several arrests and clashes with police this morning in an impromptu celebratory march. the occupy wall street marchers celebrating a victory where they have been camped out for a month when word came they would not have to convict the park for a cleaning. the city announced the park's owners would postpone the scheduled cleaning to come to agreement. before that announcement was made this morning, up to a thousand protesters gathered in the park for an early-morning rally. rallying against what they claimed was an attempt at eviction and attempt to silence them. the occupy wall street protesters have been camped out in the privately-owned park for a month now. the city told them to stay indefinitely and then said they would have to leave temporarily for a park cleaning which they said was an attempt to force them out. they were prepared to stay here in an act of what they called nonviolent civil disobedience setting up for the potential of
9:03 am
a showdown and clashes with police. word came they were allowed to stay and began the celebratory marches and scuffles and arrests with police. >> thank you. the family of missing baby lisa irwin released video. peter alexander in kansas city, missouri, with the latest. peter, good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. the new videos show baby lisa 2 and 3 months old. she appears to have a personality in these tapes as you will see. this as investigators 11 days in appear to be stumped. >> pumpkin pie. >> reporter: they're cherished home videos of little lisa irwin. >> drink your baba. >> caller: coo'g at her mother, smiling, making precious baby talk. >> what are you doing? >> reporter: in this youtube
9:04 am
clip seen with the dadd words " loves me" on the bib. taken between march and april this year, show an adorable little girl but still the focus of an exhaustive 11-day search. teams of investigators hiked through a heavily wooded area half a mile from the family home thursday. another pain staking hunt for clues in the increasingly mysterious disappearance of baby lisa. a fbi evidence truck was seen leaving the site of a nearby quarry. authorities admit heading in to the second weekend they have no suspects and no strong leads. these latest searches come as kansas city, the nation's 37th largest city, swore in a new police chief. to the people of kansas tcity
9:05 am
that are worried that someone is taking babies, what are you saying? >> kansas city is a safe place to live. don't worry at all. >> reporter: experts say authorities likely aren't sharing everything. >> whoever is responsible for the disappearance of the little girl is watching the media every day so it's always incumbent upon the police and fbi to hold back information. >> reporter: lisa's parents jeremy was seen briefly author. they haven't spoken publicly in exactly a week. >> look at the messy baby. >> reporter: the irwin family hopes sharing the new videos returns to the spotlight to their infant daughter. and help bring her home. investigators today tell us they have received more than 500 tips. they have checked out almost all of them. natalie, so far, still no solid leads. >> just so heart breaking to see the video there. peter alexander, thank you. the iphone 4f launches today
9:06 am
and fans have been lining up worldwide and first in line at an apple store in california, none other than apple co-founder steve rozniak. they started the company in 1976 in a garage and he rode to the store on his segue last night, pulled up a chair and chilled with the fans overnight. white ipad in hand. a hip hop spoof of life in the burbs getting attention online. the college comedy team put together a video straight out of dunwoody. a look at a desirable suburb. ♪ >> quiet. >> the video, of course, a parody of nwa's 1988 hit "straight out of compton." think it's going to be a hit. let's go back outside again to matt and savannah.
9:07 am
>> that's dorm-tainment. >> thank you very much. we have cloud-tainment. who is this? >> waelter. >> where are you from? >> boston. >> how cute. how old? >> almost a year next week. >> where are you from? >> massachusetts. >> fantastic. having a good time? >> having an excellent time. >> fabulous. all right. let's check your weather. shall we? show you we got a stormy northeast. we have low pressure with a sfuelnnystemelringing in behind it wind gusts, flood watches in northern new england. look for that rain coming up and talking about some areas picking up a half to more than an inch of rain, from marquette, good morning to a fabulous start to this friday. crystal clear conditions all the way along the peninsula. and the usual suspects particularly foggy at this time. you will not find that cloud
9:08 am
cover until later on today. between 2:00 and 5:00, expecting low clouds to roll back in. expect that. as a result we'll start to cool off a little bit. just a touch from yesterday's highs, though. 83 in fremont. you'll hit about 87 down from 89 in san jose yesterday. cooler, cloudier weekend on tap. the good news is no rain in the forecast. latest weather. natalie? ♪ al, thank you, this morninging on "today's health" time something everything. may mean the difference between getting sick and staying healthy. dr. holly phillips, medical contributor to "prevention" magazine. a lot of great tips for our viewers. when it comes to timing, birth control and heart pills better to take them before bedtime. why is that? >> that's right, natalie. this is most important with high blood pressure medicine. you know as it turns out, if you take your medicine overnight it's most likely to be at its peak potential in the morning, and that's when you're twice as likely to have a heart attack or stroke. also with high cholesterol, if
9:09 am
you take the medicine at night, it's most effective because the body actually makes cholesterol overnight, and birth control pills cause a lot of women to experience nausea. if you're asleep you can't experience it. >> okay, very good. a lot of us may not realize that we should be swallowing multivitamins during a meal. why is that? why are they most effective that way? >> one of the things we like to emphasize you should get most of your vitamins from food but if you are going to take a vitamin pick it with your food because it helps the body to absorb the nutrients better and also will prevent nausea. vitamins are very, very common medications that cause nausea and vomiting. >> best for the absorption. next you say we should be filling out prescriptions mid month. why is that? >> this is very interesting. pharmacies are most busy at the beginning of the month, that's because when public assistance and social security checks are likely to clear. so that ends up causing 25% more medication errors at pharmacies
9:10 am
because they're really, really overloaded with prescription refills. >> stressed. >> it's best to wait until the middle of the month and you can skip the line that way, too. >> okay, we always like to skip the line. next when we do our head to toe exams, best times in december or january during the winter months because of the pigmentation of your skin. >> unless you're lucky to run off to a tropical place over the holidays most of us are pale during december and january. that makes it easier to spot problem molds or early skin cancers. >> cholesterol important to test once in the summer and once in the winter. why is that twice a year? >> cholesterols in the winter tend to be higher because we carry a few extra pounds during the cold weather. the variance can be about four points which is actually enough to influence whether or not your doctor will start you on medication. so it's good to be able to compare the two, try it once in the summer and once in the winter. >> here ladies, pap tests, once
9:11 am
a year visit to your gynecologist, best time to go is the week before or after ovulation. why is that? >> this has to do with the cervix. thor hae er havcervix is more o mucus thinner, more likely we'll find cancerous cells and less likely that we'll find cells that are confusing, which will cause further testing. those are really the best times to go. >> okay, and then lastly as far as mammograms go, best to plan for the week after your period. >> right. >> this has to do with sensitivity? >> very much to. all of my patients complain mammograms are painful and i agree with them. the time when it's least likely to be painful is a week after your period when the breasts are less tender and it may even be more accurate. >> i was going to ask you, you can get a clearer image. >> right, in the first half of your cycle the images are clearer than in the second half so you should go right after your period. >> dr. holly phillips, great segment with lots of good information. thank you as always.
9:12 am
>> sure. she was 34 and pregnant when she was diagnosed with breast cancer but she fought it and that baby is now 13 years old. amazing survival story coming up. but up next from music to scents, how retailers get you to en even even g it.w that's right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the peace of mind of owning a 2011 iihs top safety pick. the all-new volkswagen passat.
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woah! ♪ i think i'll grab me a bowl and spoon now ♪ ♪ crispy flakes calling my name ♪ ♪ i'm hungry now. ♪ ♪ who can resist those honey kissed bunches. ♪ ♪ gotta get a bowl, get me some of that yaaaaay! ♪ ♪ everybody's... ♪ imagine nutrition in perfect harmony with great taste. that's honey bunches of oats. four healthy grains come together in crispy flakes and crunchy granola bunches. honey bunches of oats. this morning on "today's consumer" retail lures. have you ever walked into a store for a couple of things and walk out with a bunch of bags saying how did that happened? vera gibbons is here to tell us how retailers get us to spend extra money. >> look out. >> it's sneaky. >> very sneaky. >> why do we get so distracted? i go in with a list, all set.
9:16 am
>> we let our emotions get to the best of us, shop when we're tired, angry, happy, shop for a variety of different reasons. one thing you want to avoid off the top the large shopping carts. >> you can put a family of four in these things. >> and because it looks empty you put another family of four in there so it adds up. people who use these large shopping carts spend 37% more. >> what do you do? >> have your list and stick to it or use one of the smaller hand held carts if they're available. unfortunately becoming a little more difficult to find. >> or you can look like my mom pushing one of the carts you bring from home the folding cart. >> that might work, too. >> also they play on our senses. >> yes. >> especially if you smell something enjoyable. how many times you been in an airport and smell that cinnabon. >> there you go. cinnamon in general is a holiday like scent, a lot of retailers use it around the holidays, vanilla is popular, chocolate if it's used subtly. >> bacon. >> bacon would work for but. >> yes. >> definitely.
9:17 am
because it appeals to your emotions, it entices to you actually spend and retail sales actually can increase by as much as 50%. >> how do you avoid the smells? >> you can't avoid the smells. if you're smelling nostalgic like baked goods you'll probably go for it. the smell comes from the product itself like the baked goods or the stores have the units hidden in their store where they've got various arrow mass, potpourri, floral scents. >> interesting. music also. >> music also so the retailers work with music providers to come up with the play lists that would appeal to their target audience so in the woman's department store for example you're going to have sort of instrumental music, in the teenage department store you'll have more foreground music supplemented maybe with videos. the music selection, the sound quality, the decibel levels, we like the music, we spend more time in the store, we spend more money. more impulse buys.
9:18 am
>> video displays are becoming a lot more prevalent. >> you're probably seeing more of those, they have video displays, free seminars, free workshops, free cooking segments, whatever the case may be, because retailers know that consumers like to learn something, and we also like to feel part of the community, and when everything works -- >> the longer we're at the store watching the videos -- >> that's right, some people feel so guilty they've been there a half hour, feel like they've got to spend money. >> how come the people never seem guilty in starbucks. >> the line goes out the door i know. >> when they offer you free food samples what's the deal there in. >> just say no, right? >> yep. >> there's a statistic out there that shows 40% of people who accept a free food sample end up buying food even though they had absolutely no intention of doing so. so don't shop on an empty stomach, right, al? >> that's right. unless you're looking to are a cheap meal and just keep skimming the area. when you go to clothing, you try it on in the fitting room,
9:19 am
lighting is a kind of lure. >> that's a big one. lighting at the entrance is nothing special, mirrors are nothing special. when you go into the dressment room some retailers manipulate the lighting and mirrors so you look good. >> not like the funhouse ones where you look thinner? >> you don't want to buy something and out to here. the purchasing decisions take place in the dressing room, where they're more inclined to manipulate the mirrors. >> surprise finds? >> all sorts of interesting things. retailers like to stock the shelves with things that get you browsing, you're spending more time. warehouse clothes are notorious for this at costco, everything from wedding dresses to travel packages to sunglasses. the idea is to make shopping more of an experience and less of just a simple transaction. it's like a virtual treasufresh treasure hunt and leads to impulse buys. >> you get to the checkout and it's one last time.
9:20 am
>> one more gotcha. save an additional 20% today if you use these coupons or come back next week or the following week, save an additional 10%. the idea is to get people coming back to get those repeat customers. >> oh those sneaky retailers. all right, vera gibbons thanks so much. >> thanks, al. just ahead the art of networking, why men are better than women at making connections and what can you as a woman do to change that? first these messages. [ female announcer ] to get a professional cleaning system
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savannah got a chance to sit down recently with secretary of state hillary clinton. >> we spent a lot of time with the secretary over the last few weeks and ask her about her future. she's made no secret of the fact that she is goon, one, out of t administration at the president's first term. we asked what she's going to do next. a lot of people wonder if she could be pulled in to run for president in 2016. we asked her point blank and she gives us a direct answer and also her future plans and family. >> and you've got fun behind the scenes. >> we went on the plane. it's really interesting, we'll show you where she sleeps. it's an amazing plane. >> no frills. >> no frills, for those who think this is a glamorous life jetting all eveover, it isn't. coming up on "book club for kid" atory >> s> tory. > and spin on pasta bolognese. ♪
9:25 am
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you know what... i'll have this instead. [ female announcer ] swap one thing a day for a yoplait light at around 100 calories. it will add up to amazing. the time now, 9:26. i'm jon kelley. oakland had to settle for something a little less valuable than they planned when they robbed a movie theater. here is the deal. grand lake theater manager says the bandits broke in and headed right for an office with a safe inside. they tried to break into the safe with a jack hammer. >> even tried cutting through the lid with a power saw. i mean, look at this. there was no way in hell they were going to get through this. >> the thieves eventually gave up on that safe, but not wanting to leave empty handed, they raided the concession center, the counter there.
9:27 am
loading boxes of candy into their suv, police found a similar incident at a theater in san francisco. the owner says it's just a sign of the times, that people are tting desperat getting desperate. check on traffic and weather after this.
9:28 am
welcome back. 9:28 now. temperatures on the climb. the sun is out. take a look at this picturesque view over daly city. socked in with fog. not the case this morning, nice and clear out there. cloudy afternoon. clouds will increase, coming up from the south, headed to the north after about 2:00 to 5:00 pm. 82 in santa cruz. major change is on the way for the weekend. area of low pressure will sit and spinoffshore. that means am clouds. we'll get a fair amount of clearing each afternoon. no chance of rain showers. octoberfest. live music out there, free event
9:29 am
in campbell. temperature lbs nice and comfortable for that. let's check your drive with mike inou inouye. 85 and union, an accident in the middle of the road right now, causing delays from highway 87 up toward 17 there, coming past the interchange. the rest of the south bay looking pretty smooth. homecoming against university of hawaii. from actually about 1:00 -- actually, about noon, as there's a festival. sunol, no problem getting into or out of that area. still slow 680 north of the coliseum back into downtown. >> appreciate it, mike. check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook for the latest updates.
9:30 am
♪ one week from today, boy, is this a special event. coldplay on the plaza. these guys went to the top of the charts for more than a dead kay, about to release a new album, a new hit single and going to hit our concert stage, coldplay, friday, october 23rd, live here on "today." get here early because the crowd is going to be huge. >> a lot of campouts. we might have to break out the concert t-shirts again for this one. i love them, my absolute favorite band.
9:31 am
>> coming up in this half hour, one woman's inspirational story, three weeks after getting the great news she was pregnant, she breast cancer and now some 13 years later, she and her son are thriving and she's going to share what is an incredible story. >> great. also on a lighter note we'll ted into "tooled's kitchen" to whip up silk handkerchief pasta. sounds like something you'd find in al's drawer. >> i'm always putting food in my drawer. >> the silk handkerchief stuff. >> i see. >> it's a different take on bolonese. call to order this month's meeting of book club for kids called "wonder struck" from a terrific author with a new movie coming up. first amy robach and jenna wolfe are here to tell us what's coming up this weekend on "today." >> the mystery of baby lisa, the then 10-month-old girl vanished from her kansas city home october 4th.
9:32 am
new home video has been released. we'll have the latest developments on the search to find her. plus the case against dr. conrad murray. is he to blame for michael jackson's death? the manslaughter trial continues with more explosive testimony. we'll have all the details from the courtroom. >> also we're talking about a remarkable operation, a young man undergoes a rare surgery where doctors use his toe, second toe to replace the thumb he lost in a car accident. we're going to tell you all about that. then taking fetch to new heights, a dog whose volleyball skills made him an internet sensation. petey will be showing off his serving skills to us out on the plaza. i'm sure he doesn't know what the internet is. look at how good he is. >> he's hitting that nose quite a bit been. >> he's concussed every time. >> very smart dog. >> wow. >> we could watch that all day. >> mesmerizing.
9:33 am
>> al you want to say something. >> nope, nope, nope, no i don't. let's get a check of the weather. >> you know me too well. >> i know i do. >> let's show you what's happening as far as your weekend is concerned. we got -- ♪ sun shine through the lower half of the states and sunday, showers across the great lakes into the mountain region and s good morning live look at san francisco. old glory, blowing in the breeze here. it's just a gorgeous start. that breeze is rather gentle. you won't have to worry about gusty winds for the day. nice first half of the day. then clouds come back up, creeping up south to north. between 2:00 and 5:00 pm, we are expecting mostly cloudy conditions over the greater bay area. cooler weekend overall as onshore flow resumes. 87 los gatos and san jose. temperatures drop off by about 5
9:34 am
to 8 degrees into saturday. of course, the best night of the week is coming up, that's because it's sunday night football night in america. the minnesota vikings head into soldier field to take on da bears. we have partly cloudy skies. it's going to be cool. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, again get ready, set yourself in front of the tv early in the afternoon so you don't miss sunday night football night in america. natalie? amy? >> they're obsessed with you, amy. >> all right. >> and not in a good way. coming up next, a truly inspiring story on a more serious note, defying the odds, a woman who fought cran cehe herre pcyanndea a bgnt it . we'll have that after this. ♪ the rich aroma gets you up
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that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. imagine the excitement of being told you're pregnant with your first child and then soon after finding out you had terminal breast cancer and was recommended to terminate your pregnancy in order to survive. this happened to lynette biscante who is cancer free today and has a beautiful 13-year-old son. lynette is now an advocate for patients, the president of gateway foundation and with us now. lynette, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what a story you have. take us back to that time. you found out you were pregnant, so it must have been such joy, and then three weeks later you were told you had terminal breast cancer. >> yeah, you know, it was the best of times and the worst of times all in one day. the surgeon came into my room saying i don't know how to tell you this. i finished his sentence saying "it's cancer." he said "you have to terminate
9:39 am
immediately" and that began a journey that ended obviously with a happy story. >> let's talk about that journey. you didn't take no for an answer once, twice, three, four, five or six times. six doctors told you you should terminate. why didn't you listen to them? >> people asked me all that time the question. you have to listen to your inner voice and you have to focus on what results you want and find physicians who are willing to work with you to achieve those. so i wanted to explore the best in conventional therapies and integrative therapies and that's why cancer treatment centers of america was such a good place for me. >> so how did you do it? as i understand it, you did go through chemotherapy while pregnant. >> i had surgery and chemotherapy in my first, second and third trimesters. >> wasn't there a risk something would happen to the baby? >> of course there's risks. we were willing to take the risks and hoping for the big reward at the end and today my son is a beautiful 13-year-old even a rein i'm doing great.
9:40 am
>> you continued with your therapy after the baby was born and you breast fed even though you had a mastectomy. how did that work? >> well we got creative. i breast fed with the one remaining fed and bottle fed after each feeding to supplement. you have to do things that are right for you. that was right for me and i think my message to everybody is you're an expert on yourself. remember that when you're in an exam room and when you're designing what it is you want as an outcome. >> you mentioned now you've become an advocate with this amazing story of survival. you're the president of aborganization called the gateway for cancer research. what's its mission? >> the gateway, what i love about the gateway is the gateway funds research all over the world, that's designed to help cancer patients feel better, live longer or be cured today. and our mission is urgent. because 1,500 people die every day from cancer in this country. our website is demandcurestoday, because we want to be demanding about it and cancer treatment
9:41 am
centers of america generously underwrites our expenses so every single dollars goes to cancer research >> we love to see looking so healthy in the pictures with your son. >> thank you so much. coming up next, al's book club is in session. we'll get their opinion of the book "wonder struck." then pasta bolonegnese like youe never had it before. ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. ♪ it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via® ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via® taste promise. look for it at starbucks stores and where you buy groceries. to bring you a low-priced medicare prescription drug plan. ♪ with the lowest national plan premium...
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[ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ laughs ] that's awesome. you can read that? ♪ [ female announcer ] the accufit digital system, exclusively at lenscrafters... is about 5 times more precise than manual measurement techniques. lenscrafters. ♪ vegetables picked at their peak ♪ ♪ so fresh my knees grow weak [ male announcer ] new hearty bertolli meal soup for two, with crisp vegetables and tender chicken. [ chef ] ♪ fresh tasting restaurant style ♪ ♪ bertolli soup's in the freezer aisle ♪ ♪ i'll never forget the day i read a book ♪ this morning on "al's book club for kids" "wonder struck" the story of ben and rose, two deaf kids living 50 years apart, both in search of their families. two independent stories woven together, ben's told in words,
9:45 am
rose's through pictures. brian zelnick is the author. joining us live over skype is our special guest, tripp from denver. hi tripp. all right, good to see you. >> hi. >> all righty, first of all, brian, i don't know if people realize, you were our first book club for kids book with the "invention of hugo kcabret" in 2007. now it's a film coming out directed by martictin scorsese. >> it's incredible, one of the greatest directors of all-time, film scholars of all-time making the beginning of film to have
9:46 am
the new technology of 3-d being used to tell a story about the beginning of film is really, really special. >> that's pretty cool. let's get to your book "wonder struck." we have our book club kid questioners. >> did you know the stories of the main characters would be connected from the beginning or did you just make it up as you went along? >> the one thing that i knew about this book was the structure before i even had the story because the invention of hugo cabaret tells one story with words and pictures from beginning to end and i knew that i wanted to tell two stories, one with words and one with pictures and i knew they would eventually come together. the one thing i didn't know was how they were going to come together and what would happen when they joined up. i wanted them to eventually join up and they finally do. >> that's a great question. bridgette, what is your question for brian? >> what made you decide to write this book in this style, by this i mean one part of it in writing and the second part in illustrations? >> because the invention of hugo
9:47 am
cabaret was about the cinema i wanted to make that book feel like a movie. when i had the idea to tell the two separate stories i was trying to find out a reason to tell one story with words and one story with pictures. i saw a documentary "through deaf eyes" the history of deaf culture and deaf id kaegs and th education and talked about deaf people are the people of the eye because seeing is important. i thought i could tell the story of a deaf character with pictures so i thought that would work really, really well. >> really cool. mike what is your question? >>did you include the museum of natural history? were you interested in the museum? >> i've always loved the museum of natural history and i grew up in new jersey and my parents hated new york but the one time they would bring me to new york was to go to the museum of natural history and then a friend of mine used to work there and brought me behind the scenes to see all of the places where he worked and all the do not enter signs i got to go through those doors and see all the shelves and storage areas and where they made everything and i knew that i wanted to set
9:48 am
a book there. >> that had to be cool. >> out to denver, 9-year-old tripp on skype. what's your question? >> i was excited to read about rose and ben, who were deaf because my little cousin, hannah, is also hard of hearing, so i was wondering why did you choose to make your characters deaf? >> that's great. how old is hannah? >> she's 1 1/2. >> great and you're learning some sign language? >> yes, i am. >> that's great. when i was working on the book and saw that documentary "through deaf eyes" i realized i have friends who are deaf, my brother was born deaf in one ear and i wanted to write a story about characters finding their family, finding a community and i became interested in the idea of deaf culture and deaf education, and so i thought it would be really interesting to try to write a story about two deaf characters, where being deaf is just part of who they are and not just a separate issue or anything. it's really just a part of their story, a part of their life. >> that's a great question, tripp. we want to see how our kids
9:49 am
rated the book, wonderstruck gets four and a half stars, very cool. shimoya, michael, tripp and bridgette, thank you so much. if you're between the ages of 9 and 12 and like a chance to be selected as our next guest kid head to our next book, it is "war horse" by michael moorepurgo. it will soon be a motion picture. grab the book and read along. coming up in "today's botchen" gourmet pasta eslogn bolognese. rs "fiisy"thdanbton oc.
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning in "today's kitchen" what's for dinner? silk handkerchief pasta with white bolonese sauce. john's new restaurant is called
9:52 am
crown. john delucia nice to have you back. >> always great to be here. >> this is a variety on bolognese. no tomato, no red sauce. >> we used a white bolonese and repulsed in there and the meat and the vegetables should be about the same consistency that you have here. >> okay, we've started with the vegetables here. >> a little bit of duck fat. >> why duck fat? >> because we have a lot of ducks at the restaurant. >> okay. >> it's readily available. >> the flavor? >> complexity, exactly. if you can't get that fat, butter or olive oil is good. some fat to get the vegetables going. >> not a light recipe. >> no. i've sauteed this meat in some duck fat as well and the juice is left. >> the meat is a mix of pork and what? >> pork and veal. >> okay, so that gives it the extra flavor. >> i'm going to add the meat to the vegetables. this takes a while to go, several hours so plan the afternoon to do nothing but
9:53 am
cook. >> why did you strain it and then poured it all in there? >> i didn't want to use all of it. it's a little trick. >> did i just catch that? >> here i'm going to add salt, pepper and white pepper. >> how long do you let this simmer for? >> about 20 minutes or so. then i'm going to add about a liter of wine and this is going to cook all the way down so reduce the wine all the way and once that's reduced add chicken stock and once that's reduced all the way you add the milk. >> couple reductions involved. >> exactly. that's what will take some time. >> how much time overall? >> about three hours. >> three hours, okay. so you really let it simmer. >> this is why you get this beautiful, silky consistency here. >> delicious. now the silk handkerchief part of the pasta. >> we got this sheet of pasta from whole foods. at the restaurant we make it daily but you can buy this. >> if it's easier that way and still fresh.
9:54 am
>> cut it up into handkerchiefs. >> sticking it in for a flash? >> fresh pasta cooks in a minute. >> when it rises to the top? >> exactly. >> don't let it stick together. >> put a little olive oil in the water. >> salt? >> must put salt. >> must put salt in there, it tastes like the sea and it does. >> tastes like the sea, good. once it starts to really cook up to the top. >> it's already rising. >> we're doing this in real time today. >> we are doing this in real tile. you can see here. >> this is thick and creamy. >> what you can do also, if it gets too dry we add a little bit of milk. >> how is our pasta doing there? >> about ten seconds away. >> perfect. >> you haven't been to crown yet i noticed. >> i have not been to crown but i'm on the list. >> you're on the list. >> quite a wait list. >> it is quite a wait list. >> you're quite popular around here. >> coming up nicely. >> this is perfect for fall, right? >> it is really great, great
9:55 am
seasonal dish. >> you toss it right in. >> right in there. >> ooh. >> that is good. how do you keep the pasta from breaking? >> shouldn't break at all. you're doing a great job. exactly right. >> the specialty is you'll plate it up with beauties on the top. >> i got it. >> he's got it. >> over here. because the trouble, everybody -- >> truffle surprise on top. >> you can't go without the truffles. >> we need truffles and the hazelnuts. >> 20 seconds left so you shaved some truffles here. more truffle the better. if you don't have truffles -- >> more and more and more. >> the trouble with truffles. >> coming up, hitsc.mth as ob>>he thomas. >> and the art of networking. first your local news and weather.
9:56 am
the time is 9:56. hot dogs with a side of guns and meth. yes, that's what federal agents say were sold to them by a hot
9:57 am
dog vendor in the south bay. jose ortiz and guillermo were arrested in september. ortiz admits, yes, he sold to the agents at another location, but not from the hot dog stand. >> not here. >> no, not here. >> somewhere else, not in front of anyone. he never sold drugs or guns or anything was sold here, anything like that. >> comforting to know they don't disrespect the hot dog stand. the two will be back in court in november. right now, a quick check on your weather. christina loren is here to tell us what's happening. >> hot dog weather today, hot chocolate weather tomorrow. clouds will increase. mostly cloudy over the greater bay area. today, though, we'll get a lot of warmth before those clouds
9:58 am
roll in. 79, san francisco. 82 redwood city. 86 in santa rosa. and then the changes arrive, big time, for your weekend. area of low pressure sits up just offshore, bringing temperatures down to the 70s at the coast and the 80s inland. low 80s at best. little coastal drizzle as well. pumpkin festival in half moon bay this weekend. 79 on saturday, 65 on sunday. let let's check your drive with mike. >> northbound side is bearing the brunt of the commute, what remains of it. heading up into downtown with the metering lights on at the toll plaza. southbound 101, stall over there causing thaul drama for the peninsula. not really a lot of drama, but what there is, it's there. a concert in mountainview shoreline later on today. watch for slowing just before noon as there's a 1:00 start. back to you. >> big mike, thank you very much. for the latest traffic, news and weather updates, check out
9:59 am
nbc bay area morning news on fa facebook. captions paid for by
10:00 am
nbc-universal television captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. it's try day friday, it's october 14th. delighted you're here with us. hope you have a great weekend coming up. >> the weekend is here. >> because btw, it's going to be nice. >> i hope i'm doing a lot of l lol'ing. >> people are speaking with those acronyms now. lol is a weird one any way
10:01 am
because it means laughing out loud and people aren't doing that. >> lol! no one is really laughing out loud. >> apparently it's become such a problem that larry david on "curb your enthusiasm" had to make an episode about it. >> let's see. >> lol. >> you like saying that, don't you? >> it's cute, right? >> no. not really. >> what do you mean? >> i mean if you're going to laugh out loud, why aren't you laughing out loud. why say it? why not just laugh? >> i am laughing. >> you're saying lol. you're verbal texting. >> i'm with larry david on that one. >> yes. >> there is nothing more delightful to the ear than the sound of laughter. >> real laughter. >> even a baby, when a baby starts laughing. they're not going, lol, lol, they're laughing. we are supposed to laugh, we are
10:02 am
supposed to cry. >> my brother and sister, my mom, too, when we get to this point we are beating the carpet because we are laughing so hard and the tears are coming down, we are the only ones who get it. >> i'm picturing it. >> i love that feeling. there is nothing more fun. >> it's fantastic. it's like a colonic for your spirit. >> so here are the acronyms you should know as a parent. p 911 is parent alert. >> it's easier to say parent alert. >> that's how his parents don't know p-911, parents are coming. p911. see? kpc is -- >> kentucky fried chicken. >> keeping parents clueless. >> and moms, if you see your son or daughter typing, "mos," it means mom is over shoulder, which means reading your business. why are you typing it?
10:03 am
>> exactly. exactly. >> i don't know. >> i don't get any of it and i'm happier because i don't. sometimes ignorance truly is bliss. i miss people having conversations with people. i can't stand it. i was at the seattle airport the other day. you can go and do everything with a kiosk. i want a person. i want to talk to a human being. >> then you can talk about your purchase, too. >> i'm sorry sometimes about the certain human beings i wanted to talk to. >> we know where we are going to be next week and we have to encourage you to be in seattle. >> we are going to see your show. >> we are going to be at the pike place market. it's called something else. >> it's like that. you know what it is. >> you know where it is. got to get there at 6:00 a.m.
10:04 am
>> thursday. thursday. >> live at 7:00 and another one around 8:30. hopefully it will be beautiful weather. come see us. >> ivillage did a survey. these are things we would rather do than have sex. >> this is one woman's idea. >> for a month. she would give up sex for a month. >> junk food. it's always there when you need it. tv. some shows are better than sex, she says. >> what show except for ours? >> you're right. >> tv. air conditioning. >> i would do without air conditioning. i don't care about air conditioning. coffee. she says she is dead would you the. >> wine. >> same reason. >> a good book. >> she says because it's a long-term escape. or she is sleeping with the wrong person, obviously. >> her cell phone and shopping. and she says family and pets. >> that's yours. >> bambino.
10:05 am
>> here is a thing. after a while, doesn't sex get to be like the same old song? >> you tell me. >> it does. >> that's why people go from partner to partner to partner, hoda. he like variety. i don't know. you know how i feel about it. i think sex is a beautiful, beautiful expression of life. it really is, but it ain't all of life and we are saturated by it in our culture. therefore, people who would have been perfectly fine with the sex life they have started going, oh, i didn't have five orgasms last night what's wrong with you. >> the guy was having a perfectly nice time. no, no, i only had four. >> some people never have them at all. >> that's right. >> no, but i mean -- you know, that's a little boring. never? >> don't look at me! >> i'm just saying.
10:06 am
>> all righty. >> i'm saying let's keep it in perspective. >> it does become a whole thing. for men, it's a much bigger part of their existence, don't you? they think about it more. >> i guess. >> supposed to be every six seconds. here is something new for newly weds, if you're tired of writing your thank you notes. you can hire a hand writer. they guarantee perfect penmanship. >> so you know it's not from the person. >> you can pick printer cursive. >> don't they know their friend's hand writing. you're going to get it and say, who wrote this? >> some people don't know people's hand writing any more because some people aren't writing. >> i know. >> here is what it costs, $2.50 per card. >> we don't know what's going on over there.
10:07 am
it must be far more fascinating than what we have over here. just a little thank you. >> i don't want to talk about this other topic. if you do, feel free. >> i want them to come over and talk us to. plastic surgery for your -- what? i'm not talking about this. are you? for down stairs. >> oh my gosh. it's down stairs. if that's what they are talking about, i don't blame them. >> it's even got a funny title. >> i can't say it. >> labioplasty. >> it's called a designer -- it rhymes. >> pornography is causing more women to want to keep up with the playboy -- >> don't say it. the whole thing is those surgeries are really, really going up. apparently. >> they are $5,000 usually and they are not covered by insurance, i know. i've been told. i don't know.
10:08 am
i think if it's causing a problem -- i do remember and i hope my mommy doesn't -- >> okay. do it. >> after she had three children and everything, she needed a hysterectomy. her doctor, when he performed her hysterectomy also, you know, did that a little bit. with very nice results. my mother and my father were grateful for it. you know? my mother is going to be so embarrassed. >> you had that labioplasty? >> poor joni. >> it wasn't called that then. >> women are complaining about this topic. i think you're on one side or the other. when someone calls you sweetie or dear or honey, and they are younger than you, like a cashier says when you're checking out, hey, honey or sweetie, you want me to help you out with that. do you find that offensive, demeaning or do you find it
10:09 am
disrespectful or sweet, nice and kind? >> some people don't want to be called ma'am. remember barbara boxer. i much prefer ma'am to sweetie. ma'am shows respect. ma'am, can i help you with that is very nice. i think we miss a lot of the niceties in our world today. i'm not usually offended by dear, honey. i think it sounds weird when somebody young says it to someone older. i don't know. i don't mind someone i know and love calling me honey and sweetie, but when strangers do it, it's a little familiar. i don't think they mean to be offensive or rude. >> i do get the idea when the person is younger. i think when someone your age or around your age, you're fine. i say it a lot. i don't mean it to be offensive. >> you can usually tell the person's intent when they say something. you know? >> tone. it's all about tone. >> hey, sweetie, bring it over here. a cup of coffee. sweetie. yeah.
10:10 am
>> you've got all your imitations. >> i know. i'm bringing it all out today. >> we have something called a boot bra. if you had boots that slouch down too much and you want to pull them up and they are the kind you love, we have a solution. britney, come out with your boot bra. >> you have the slouchy one. >> i thought that's the way they were supposed to look. >> or if you want them to be straight up you attach a snap inside. >> no assembly required? >> yeah. it's like a sticker. >> and those are joanne's boots. >> she wanted them done. >> you put them in the corners and you do that. and they say. >> i've been wearing it for the whole morning and it's working. >> we should point out your hair looks terrific. >> thanks. >> these cost 15 bucks. >> yeah. >> thanks, honey.
10:11 am
guess what it's time for? friday funny. >> this was sent to us by one of our viewers so i'll thank them at the end of it. after being married for 30 years, a wife asked her husband to describe her. he looked at her slowly then said, honey, you're an a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k. she said what's that mean? >> asoeshl, beautiful, consult, delightful, elegant, foxy, gorgeous, hot. she smiled and said, that's lovely. what about i, j, k? he said, i'm just kidding. his left eye is still swollen but his doctor informed him he will see things much more clear in the future. who was that lady? kathie mckeown hamilton. thank you. >> we have fun. it's not really fun.
10:12 am
the guy came out okay. it reminded us of matt lauer. matt said the exact same thing happened to him riding his bike. did you see that? that's an antelope came flying out of nowhere. of all the things to hit. >> where is he in the serengeti? >> he's driving his bike in south africa. matt claims that is just exactly what happened to him when he was on his bike. there you have it. >> wow. i guess he was okay or we wouldn't be showing it to you. jrnl . what do you know about the cold and flu season? >> not a thing but we'll show it to you after this. ♪ [ gasp ] [ mom ] my husband -- he thinks it's a 3-sheeter. i say 1-sheeter. bounty can clean the mess with less. [ female announcer ] in this lab demo, 1 sheet of bounty leaves this surface as clean as 2 sheets of the bargain brand.
10:13 am
♪ dance cooking? bring it. super durable. super absorbent. super clean. bounty the 1-sheet clean picker-upper. and try bounty napkins. flavor, meet food. introducing swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth in easy to use packets. mix it into skillet dishes, for an instant dose of... hell-o! [ female announcer ] new swanson flavor boost.
10:14 am
in 15 minutes, you can serve some warmth with your bread. and some flavor with your bread. and some layers with your bread. if you're serving bread honey, then serve it. grands! dinner ideas made easy.
10:15 am
>>. >> each year the flu and its related symptoms send over 200,000 people to the hospital. that's in addition to the two to four colds an average adult gets each year. most often between september and may. >> today we are going to test
10:16 am
our knowledge on colds and the flu with a little quiz. we love that. sasha is the senior health editor of "women's health" magazine. >> hey, sasha. >> thank you for having me. >> we don't feel confident in this department at all. >> i still can't remember if it's feed a fever, starve a cold. >> we'll take it slow. here we go. myth or fact. kissing is one of the easiest ways to spread a cold. >> i would think that would be true. i'm going to say true. you changed your mind! >> you were both wrong at first. that is actually a myth. if you can believe it -- >> how is that possible? >> you can get it from touching something. >> right. most viruses seep in through your eyes and nose, not your mouth. a study found only 8% of people who kiss someone who is sick ended up sick themselves. >> eskimos.
10:17 am
>> butterfly kisses. >> number two. staying in a hotel room after a sick person has stayed the night puts you at risk for getting the flu. >> i'm going to say myth because they clean the rooms. >> then i'll say fact. >> kathie is correct. researchers found 1/3 of surfaces in a hotel room are still covered in germs. >> you know what it is? it's the remote. >> it's correct. >> i've been staying at a hotel the last six weeks. >> the hard surfaces, germs like to live on there door knobs, light switches, remotes, wipe down with a hand sanitizer. number three, after recovering from a cold or flu, you should go out and buy a new toothbrush. >> oh, god. fact. >> myth. you can hold on to your toothbrush, especially if it's a
10:18 am
nice fancy one. this is interesting. when you're sick, your immune system produces a specific antibody to the exact virus that you have. once you recover, those stick around to make sure you never get the same strain again. >> every time you catch it's a different strain? >> every time you get sick or if you got sick twice in one month, that's two separate. >> isn't the tooth paste kicking any butts there? >> we would hope so. apparently not. okay. this is a good one. vitamin c is a sure way to fight off a cold. >> i'm going to say myth. >> correct. >> only because you think it is. >> clean sweep here. >> what about airborne? >> airborne has been proven to not be effective for its vitamin c content no studies we found at "women's health" have shown vitamin c helps fight off or helps recover faster from a cold or flu.
10:19 am
>> i always take vitamin c when i have a cold. >> you bought into it. >> i sure did. >> chicken soup helps relieve symptoms of a cold or flu. >> i'm going fact. >> i'm going fact. >> both correct. this is a true one. leaning over and breathing in that warm steam helps your symptoms, helps decongest you, the broth helps hydrate you and that can help clear out the mucous and the vitamins and minerals are good for you. going out in chilly weather with a wet head will lead to a cold. >> that's a myth. >> it is, correct. ending on a good note here. colds are caused by viruses. >> congratulations, kathie lee. >> wine will make you feel better, too. thank you. >> up next, sara is getting our fans riled up with questions. [ male announcer ] on a dull, dull day in a ho hum world...
10:20 am
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10:23 am
♪ we are back on this try day friday with three, two, one live with sara haines. >> fans have the most pressing questions. >> i'm here with janet from vancouver with a fitness question. >> you both look so fit and fabulous. i'm wondering how do you manage to fit fitness into such a busy schedule? >> hoda does it first thing in the morning while i'm reading my bible. >> i do it, just 30 minutes i do before the show because i figure i'm not going to do it after. i jam it early. you do it after. >> i do it after when i get home. now that i've been in seattle so much, i've been doing it in the morning, going to the gym and getting it done before rehearsals. you've got to make the time for it. it's amazing how you can if you make it a priority. >> i like that stair climber, the one where you actually climb the stairs.
10:24 am
in 30 minutes you're done. it's hard, but you're done. >> susan from tennessee has a school question. >> hi, i'm the principal of an elementary school. i am wondering if you two have ever been in trouble or received an office referral? >> certainly none of your business, lady. i got in trouble in seventh or eighth grade. i wrote something on the bathroom wall. >> did you? what did you write? >> i wrote "debbie dorothy is a" -- they knew it was me. i underlined it with a ruler. >> of course you did. >> i felt terrible about it. debbie and i became good friends. >> they're friends now. >> i have a little thing. senior year i got in trouble. you know how you get going your senior year? >> we aren't perfect even though we seem so. >> thanks, guys. we have bobbie thomas who will answer your buzz-worthy
10:25 am
beauty presents. >> pink things you can buy to help breast cancer. >> how cute is that? [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
10:26 am
prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. time to deploy the chex mix boring potato chip decoy bag. now no one will want to steal the deliciousness. with a variety of tastes and textures, only chex mix is a bag of interesting. a single bill! what!? yeah, i used kmart layaway - i'm making small payments over 8 weeks. kmart layaway is the easy way to pay with no finance charges! just start with $5, plus a little down. now that's kmart smart. good morning, everyone. the time is 10:26. i'm jon kelley. line
10:27 am
lines out the door at the apple stores this morning as people wait to buy that new iphone 4s. stores have been open in the bay area for 2 1/2 hours now. in palo alto last night, people camped up. the line stretched for at least a block from the store's entrance. a familiar face showed up in the front of the line, apple co-founder. he staked out his spot at the front of the line and stayed there. two new iphones to be sent to his home but he is waiting in line to get one for his wife.
10:28 am
10:29 am
well, you finally made it to friday. clouds are rolling back in. we're expecting mostly cloudy conditions later on today. still, free of the fog in daly city. looking crisp and clear all along the coastline. between about 2:00 and 5:00 pm. temperatures will be comfortable. 82 in redwood city, 82 in santa cruz. little on the warm side in places like los gatos and san jose. a lot going on right here in the bay area. and your temperatures will accommodate the fantastic outdoor weather. 82 on saturday. 79 degrees at octoberfest in campbell. chance of rain coming up. first, let's check your drive with mike. disabled vehicle first reported and now it sounds like it may be an accident. we'll hold off on that. but it is slowing down the
10:30 am
interchange southbound 680. already starting back up, slowing in the westbound 580 transition. toll plaza smoothing out. toll plaza itself. metering lights were turned off oot lk like they might be turned back on again, jon. we are back with bobbie's buzz. today's "style" editor bobbie thomas is going to do on the spot style. >> our favorite fashionista is getting buzz-worthy questions from the nbc experience store. >> here is our first one from kathie who is here from minnesota. she has a question on beauty. >> i'm from minnesota where it's cold and dry in the winter time. how do you keep my skin moisturized without it looking greasy? >> that is such a good question. so many people have that problem. honestly, you want to moisturize at night. put the heavy creams on at night and sleep with them so it can
10:31 am
penetrate. then wash it off in the morning and you'll be surprised how much moisture will stick to your skin and you won't feel greasy all day. that's my biggest tip. >> i like it. >> nicky from vancouver has a beauty and fashion question. >> what is the fashion must-have this fall and winter, accessories or clothing? >> one you're wearing. i love the scarf. you can do so much to it. i really love tights. i'm always in opaque tights. i see everybody nodding. sweater tights can do so much. you can wear some of your summer dresses through the fall with boots. that's one of my favorites. i have some examples here like spanx and hue. >> what about a great lipstick shade for this winter? >> would you let me put lipstick on you right now? i was looking at you. you could carry off a fun pop of red. try that color. pucker up.
10:32 am
this would be a really fun color for many, even people are thinking i don't know if i can do red. if you can't do red, go for a hot pink. go ahead and mush together. i really like red on you. see, it picked up her face. >> you know who wears red all the time, kim kardashian. >> she looks adorable there with it. now we have christina with a question about fashion. >> my question is, how do i differentiate when to wear chunky belts versus skinny ones. >> she wants to know when should you wear a thick belt and when should you wear a thin belt? i made this belt out of duct tape. the rule for me, especially if you're petite, when a dress is shorter, i went with a skinnier belt. and sara, who is my lovely vana white today, this is a thicker belt. if i had worn a thicker belt, it
10:33 am
would have made the dress look too short. the thinner belt gave me a few more inches. if you have a longer dress, longer cardigan or sweater, go for a bigger belt. shorter, go for the skinnier belt and it will show off your frame without overpowering you. >> i'm short waisted. >> i would like to know how i can keep my make-up looking fresh when i'm out all day. >> i'm a big fan of mineral make-up because it actually sets on your skin. something you can do underneath is a primer. you probably heard that word a lot. what that will do is actually just not only help fill in pores, but your face is flawless. you have nothing wrong with it. it will keep the make-up longer and tacky. we have natural oils that our make-up can slide.
10:34 am
use a primer and powder and keep away from foundations. >> that was going to be my favorite thing. i've been using that laura mercier primer and it's fantastic. bobbie, thank you! >> shopping pink to raise awareness for breast cancer and find a cure after this. if you think occasional irregularity is no big deal, think twice. it may be a sign that your digestive system could be working better. listen to this with occasional irregularity, things your body doesn't use could be lingering in your system, causing discomfort. but activia has been shown in clinical studies to help with slow intestinal transit when consumed 3 times per day. 7 out of 10 doctors recommend activia. and the great taste is recommended by me! carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar?
10:35 am
you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
10:36 am
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10:37 am
clinical gum protection toothpaste. it helps eliminate plaque at the gum line, helping prevent gingivitis. it's even clinically proven to help reverse it in just 4 weeks. and it protects these other areas dentists check most. crest pro-health clinical gum protection. because healthy smiles are built on healthy gums. life opens up when you do. degree deodorant with motionsense and...silver high heels. you should probably try this. what is it? degree deodorant. the more you move the more it works. ♪ [ sniffs ] yep. it's working. [ male announcer ] get low prices every day on everything you need to stay fresh. like degree deodorant with motionsense, only $3.83. backed by our ad match guarantee. save money. live better. walmart.
10:38 am
october is breast cancer awareness month. shopping pink is a way to make your dollars count finding a cure. >> lucy danzinger is here with their products to help raise awareness for breast cancer and research. >> people say why do we still need this? is this still important? the answer is yes. we want cancer to become a fact of life not a life-ending fact. these great products raise research dollars for the cure. >> we have four easy categories.
10:39 am
what are we starting with? >> working for the cure. awareness counts. you wear rebecca taylor's shirt and it reminds people. half the proceeds go to breast cancer. ford gave 100% of this travel mug for coffee to the cure. white house black market, this cute reversible tote. >> reversible. it's darling. >> the money goes to the cure. >> let's move on to relaxation. what do we have in this category? >> it's important to get your sleep. >> i love this. if you sleep eight hours a night, you will raise your survival. the books go to breast cancer research foundation.
10:40 am
aveda. >> being active, great prevention. if you don't like to go running, you can box. ever last made these adorable pink blocksing gloves. that goes to the cure. obviously, you can walk in an avon walk in these reeboks. >> these are funky, the tread, huh? >> and wilson is giving a ton of money. this is only $30 this racket. they are giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cure. >> and the pink balls are adorable. >> for all the details, go to there's tons of money being sent along here. >> and these are things you're going to buy anyway. >> we are funding research, prevention and a breakthrough cure. avon gives 100% of this umbrella to the cure. >> what are these? >> these are travel shoes. $72. they go to bcrf which is
10:41 am
research. >> these are adorable. >> we can make it happen. >> $15 for your color palette all-in-one make-up. >> these are what you use? >> those are pilates stretchy bands. >> these are good when you travel. >> all these are great products. they help with healthy living, sending money for research, prevention and breakthrough. >> these are great. love them! >> lucy, thank you. >> go! >> thanks so much. up next, why men are better at networking and how many can even the score. [ jones ] does your hair have a mind of its own? ♪ why you gotta be like that? ♪ don't be like that ♪ 'cause i deserve better than this ♪ ♪ did i catch you playing up like that? ♪
10:42 am
♪ ♪ [ jones ] if your dry hair ha a mind of its own, tell us about it. and you could star in the next dove hair commercial. go to and learn how you can make friends with your dry hair. go to your favorites, in pieces. the recommended amounts of whole grain and calcium. that's where their favorite cereals can help. general mills big g has the only leading line of kid cereals with at least eight grams of whole grain
10:43 am
and a good source of calcium. help them grow up strong with general mills kid cereals.
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[ female announcer ] get access to the entire national at&t wi-fi hot spot network for no extra charge. so call today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ is made with artificial did upreservatives?ite ♪ so get real. try sierra mist natural. naturally sweetened with real sugar and nothing artificial. for lemon lime taste. deliciously refreshing sierraist natural. the natural one. the battle of the sexes ranges on even in the arena of
10:46 am
networking. men seem to be savvier than women when it comes to making those connections, especially online. >> here to help build relationships you need to succeed, the author of "discover your ceo brand." >> it doesn't surprise me. men seem to be more, when it comes to business, a little bit more self-congratulatory. they will string themselves with christmas lights. women will wait to be noticed. >> and women are great at building those personal relationships and they don't always translate into business. how do we know that? 53% of the women hired in first-time jobs, the people are women, but only 14% of executive jobs go to women. we are not networking our way to the top. we need to get better at it. >> they've been at it more than we have. it's in their dna now.
10:47 am
right? >> it is. >> how can a woman get competitive with a man that way? >> you need to get out there and think about building your brand. what is your brand? it's the thought that people have about you. it's very important. there is a saying, brand is more than a word, it's the beginning of a conversation. the question i always want to ask people is what's the conversation that people are having about you? if they are saying, wow, she's smart, she's bright, she's witty, she is funny, the networking is working for you. >> you feel like you're asking a favor of somebody. you feel like if you want an investor, if you want something, you feel like you're asking for something. it doesn't feel comfortable doing that. >> the best thing to do is do a favor for somebody else first then they'll do a favor for you. there's always a way. you should never, ever be afraid to ask somebody for advice, for example. people love to give advice. that's what men do. they ask each other for advice. >> right. >> i just had an experience this morning where someone came to me and asked me for something. i couldn't right now give it
10:48 am
because i'm so engulfed in this world i'm in with this play. what do you do then? should you feel rebuffed or understand it was just not a good time for someone. >> i run into that, too. i will try to make a five-minute phone call for somebody. if you can fit that in, it means the world to them. it really does mean the world to them. >> after your brand, that is something you say you should establish, what is the next thing people should do? >> get yourself out there. using social media is great. when i started now the my business some years ago there was no social media i had no network. i started out as a television anchor. i was in rockford, illinois. >> you got around. >> yes. >> what does that mean networking online? if i'm going to start a business and here i am at my computer, what am i supposed to be doing? >> linkedin is great, facebook, too. make sure it represents your brand. all those photographs you have of yourself at your friend's
10:49 am
bachelorette party, send them to your friends, but don't put them out there in cyber space. when people want to know who you are, they google you and look up your digital footprint. you want to make sure everything out there represents your brand. >> what are you looking for on facebook or linkedin? what are you looking for? >> for myself, what i decided is i wanted to have thought leadership out there i started writing books and articles and doing public speaking, that kind of thing. you have to figure out what's your strategy. how do you want to be known out there in the business world? writing articles is a great way to become known for what you know. you have to think about what are my goals and how am i going to achieve them and where do i need to connect with people online and in real life, too. networking isn't something you do at an event where you hand out a business card. it's i something you do all the time. >> it's tone, as well. it's always tone. you've got to see my show. >> right. >> thanks so much.
10:50 am
up next, fun and spooky pumpkin decorating ideas. this is "today" on nbc. [ screaming ]
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we are a couple of weeks away from halloween. it's time to grab your kids, pick up pumpkins and help decorate them. >> these ideas will have you taking out all your art supplies. editor in chief of "the bump." >> i want to show ideas that didn't involve cutting. little kids want to get involved in halloween. first off we have this incredible little penguin. >> it's darling. >> you can use any paint and paint it. then you want to use felt. i need for each of you to put on an eye. use regular glue. right with the glue and touch the eyes there.
10:54 am
i'll work on this little -- see, you cut it out very easily out of felt. you put on wings and eyes and perfect. our penguin is done. you can invent other different animal ideas, dogs, et cetera. >> you need to put it down where it will see. that's an ear. >> this is our mummy. this is super easy. you take cheesecloth. you do the main wrapping. wrap it around the front. super easy. then glue on eyeballs here. attach it with a safety pin on the bottom or stick it in with a pin. then you take nothing, not even scissors, you wrap it around and it can be a ghost or mummy. >> that's cute. >> if you want to have kids, if
10:55 am
they are old enough to do the carving, we have these fun actual templates you can use. these are great tools. you just poke around the edges. then when you take it off, the kids can cut there. these are the best tools to use because they make them very safe. if you don't want to use knives, do the same thing with a template and use paint. >> can we do something? we have lots of time. let's get in there. they have tons of different easy templates. >> stay in the lines, hoda. >> you can for kids cut it out and leave the template on there. we'll have to fix this after for you guys. >> this is art, okay? >> maybe a smaller paintbrush. >> that's not very nice. >> she is a perfectionist. look at type a happening right here. >> it's supposed to look nice. >> then this is super easy, too.
10:56 am
you can get templates of any kind of animals. cut them out and use glue dots. this is your job, little miss type a. i love it. then you can put them on all over. you can make cats or bats. >> i like these little dots. >> then what at the end? >> all these things, take off the decorations, paint them gold and they are your thanksgiving decorations. >> that is a great idea. >> thanks so much. >> next week we have chris isaac. we love him. >> and we're going to seattle next week. >> we are going to see "saving aimee." it's going to be a hot ticket. >> thanks so much. have a great, great weekend. see you for fun day monday. >> have an awesome one. -- captions by vitac --
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