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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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mmm... if i were cheese... i wouldn't want to let go of myself either. come try the cheese inspired dishes on our $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu. only at denny's. come with me. let's go. >> a dramatic rescue caught on tape. and for the first time we see it from a firefighter's perspective. tonight, we hear from the man who pulled the victims to safety. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> so what's it like to risk
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your life to save another in stifling 600 degree blaze? tonight, you can see it for yourself. a rescue caught on camera. two women are alive affair ripped through their home in concord. george kiriyama is there to tell us more about the rescue. george? >> reporter: these two firefighters are very humble, they're not comfortable with the hero's title. they say they were just doing their job. tonight, we're going to show you what their rescue was like, courtesy of their helmet video cam. >> where are you at, ma'am? >> back here. >> reporter: this video shows how two firefighters saved two women have a burning home in concord. the thick smoke made it almost impossible to see. an elderly woman and her caretaker were in the back room. the elderly woman couldn't walk
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on her own. >> what she had done is pulled the sheets from her head over her face and was shielding her face and using the sheet as a filter. i reached down and said ma'am, we need to leave. we've got to go. and i just grabbed her and at that point, the adrenaline took over. >> reporter: in seconds, they're led to safety as the fire continued to devour the home. >> 90 seconds to maybe two minutes before that roof came in and the conditions would have changed dramatically. >> i don't know how much longer those women could have remained conscious breathing that smoke. i'm surprised they remained conscious breathing that smoke for as long as they did. >> reporter: firefighters know how precious time is. every second counts. that's why with the county talking about cutting funds for fire service, there's concern that a rescue like this could be hard to do. >> those vital seconds are going to make the difference.
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hopefully we don't get to the point where we start losing lives to save lives. >> reporter: but for at least this night, these firefighters know they are heroes and making a difference. >> we hit it right when we got the chance. so all of these calls, all the training, all comes to fruition because we did have a chance to save somebody and we did it. >> reporter: both women were taken to the hospital and released. the firefighters here are trying to figure out how this fire started here in concord. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> okay, george, thank you. violence erupted on the streets of oakland over the police chief's resignation. residents are wondering who is in charge and when will streets be safe again? jean elle is live in oakland where the mayor is getting ready for a safety summit this weekend. >> reporter: the mayor will be asking residents for ideas how to stop crime in oakland. but tonight some of the mayor's
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supporters say the police chief had ideas and it's time for the mayor to work with the police department. a double shooting in oakland in broad daylight leaves one man dead and another fighting for his life. with 84 homicides so far this year, compared to 62 at this time last year, the resignation of the chief resigns makes people nervous. >> people feel that it's a step backwards. >> reporter: carl chan is the president of the neighborhood crime council. he says violent crime and uncertainty about the police department's leadership is bad for business. >> it's hurting small businesses. we talked to many customers. people would like to come to oakland and we asked them why you're not here and they are saying well, i think we got a problem in oakland. >> reporter: the chief says he was accountable but did not have
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full control. >> it's the politicians who set the priorities in the city, not the police chief. >> reporter: pete hurley is past president of the california police chief association. he said city hall took his power, cutting the budget. >> you have to have thick skin. you have to have a great understanding of the political atmosphere. >> reporter: the mayor is holding a neighborhood safety summit saturday. >> i think we are basically using the handcuffs incorrectly. i think we're putting the handcuffs on the police chief and the police department. >> reporter: chan says he's spoken with people who no longer plan to attend the summit.
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reporting live, jean yeley, nbc bay area news. a massive undercover crime sweep, operation garlic press took place following an 18-month investigation. agents bought drugs and guns, as well as stolen property and cars from alleged gang members. authorities made the arrests in alameda, monterey and santa cruz counties. >> an operation as large as this, there will be a certain impact in terms of public safety. >> this is the largest investigation, the largest number of defendants i've ever seen. >> the criminals were arrested on state and federal charges and many are believed to have ties to mexican drug cartels. authorities seized nearly 90 stolen cars, around 60 guns and large amounts of guns. >> gropers apparently working together on san jose state campus and police are now
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looking for the two suspects. a university spokesperson says two attacks occurred between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. wednesday night. both men are described as hispanic, around 19, spiky hair riding bmx bikes. the best prevention is the buddy system police say. >> we offer an evening escort service by calling our police department. we are able to walk or drive any student who needs help to their destination. so we ask all our students to take advantage of that service. >> officials are saying even with the groping incident, the crime is consistently low given the size of the school. the occupy protesters making themselves at home in downtown san francisco are costing the city a chunk of change. the san francisco police department says as of wednesday it's cost $70,000 to keep the peace.
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it's just a drop in the bucket compared to what new york city has spent on demonstrations there. some $2 million to hold down the sometimes rowdy crowd. governor brown has declared this sunday as steve jobs day in california. on sunday, apple will hold a memorial at stanford for some of silicon valley's biggest names. today marked another big day for the company as people lined up for hours to get their hands on the most recent creation. lost in all the madness, the release of the iphone 4-s is what steve wozniak had to say about the future of the company. >> i hope it runs for a long time the way steve ran it. >> you have some worries? >> i do, but long-term. for the next two years, it's going to seem like the products came out that steve would have brought out. that's the important thing that
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apple does is create products. >> he waited in line for over 20 hours to be the first to get his iphone 4-s. apple stock closed at $422 today, the highest price ever. millions call the bay area home, but only a handful have been to this part of it. >> 27 miles from san francisco. think of how many people drive that far every day. >> we show you the controversial solution to a unique problem that's popped up off our coast. and a busy weekend for firefighters and police in the bay area. why the next 48 hours will put the best of the best to the test. he was a rising star in bay area politics. then came the arrest. how a san jose city councilman says he's trying to earn back the public's trust and put the past behind him. we're seeing a balmy night around the bay area. it is 71 d srenestill in san jose. one of the rsons y,whe havewh tropical clouds coming in from
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the southha and more moisture which could kende weeke showers our way. our look at the forecast coming up.
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for many of us, the faralon islands, the island chain is alive with biology and history. >> reporter: it's been said it's not truly a clear day in the bay area unless you can see the farallon islands. but even on the clearest of days, it's sometimes necessary to travel to see what appears to be right in front of you. and so the u.s. fish and wildlife service ferried a group of journalists 27 miles past the golden gate bridge to the islands, a place so treacherous it takes a crane to haul in visitors. >> 27 miles from san francisco. think of how many tens of thousands of people drive 27 miles into san francisco every day. >> reporter: but its remote location didn't deter early
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visits from wreaking havoc. during the gold rush, they killed thousands of fur seals. >> they were hunted by russian fur sealers and american fur sealers in the early part of the 19th century and took every last one. >> reporter: but the early settlers also left something behind. mouse holes across the island are evidence of the nonnative house mice they introduced which now run ram pant, destroying habitat. the u.s. wildlife is weighing a controversial plan to use poison to eradicate them. >> hundreds of species have been successfully eradicated. >> reporter: but beyond the mouse problem, the islands are a biologist dream.
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researchers studysalmanlders. and the waters are hunting grounds for white sharks who come to feed in the fall. >> you can tell a shark attack from up here. obviously if there's blood but also the gulls will start congregating. this shows the birds that we're seeing. >> reporter: every critter sighting on the side is logged in, kept since the '60s. stored in a home built in the 1800s which still houses researchers. >> as a biologist, you get in tune to the natural world, everything from the weather, the sea height, every butterfly. >> reporter: though the populations of sea birds and mammals have rebounded, they're nowhere close to the numbers before people arrived. and in a place the sailors once called the devil's teeth, life is in full swing 27 miles from the eyes of the world.
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>> well, a snapshot into his political life is seemingly all roses. but snapshots can be deceiving. he has been called one of the bay area's young rising politicians. but he's had some hiccups. mainly a dui this past may. tonight, raj mathai goes one on one with the councilman. the biggest names in politics, he was riding a hot streak after historic victory in 2008 as the city's first-ever indian-american council member, he made headlines from san jose to new delhi. >> it still surprises me. sometimes i wake up and i'm driving in the sake neighborhood i used to drive my bike in. >> reporter: but he was confronted with something, scandal and friction.
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the scandal was well documented in the wee hours of may 7, not far from his office at city hall, the educated lawyer was on the wrong side of the law. a dui landed the 39-year-old in jail and back in the headlines. >> i feel it's important to be honest and come out and let people know that i made a mistake. >> reporter: damage control was swift. less than 24 hours after his release, he invited reporters to his house. some said it was more of a slick pr move than a genuine apology. >> for one incident to diminish that, i understand that people may see it that way and may want to do that as far as using it against me. but i have no one else to blame for that but myself. >> if this is it, if this is his only flaw in public service, lit not harm him. if there are others that follow, then the dui that we saw a few
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months ago will be the canary in the mine, so to speak. >> anyone that goes through this learns lessons and the lessons are daily. those consequences are with you and they're with you and frankly they will be with me forever. >> reporter: from the scandal to the friction. this is the part of the story that hasn't been in the headlines. >> there's no doubt there's a lot of tension in city hall right now. but everyone is aware of where i stand on the issues because i'm very clear and i don't hide my opinion. >> reporter: he's rarely been called a pushover. if anything, he might be described as an instigator and he isn't shy about his displeasure with the mayor chuck reed. >> i think our city is looking strictly at the bottom line and they're not realizing that out on the streets socially other neighborhoods are falling apart, we continue to cut away at public safety. >> according to the people, we should be cutting pay and benefits with our employees.
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that's not the way that he has gone. he's consistently supported the union's position, and that puts him at cross purposes with his people and certainly i disagree with him. >> while the bickering continues, he is focusing on his future and trying to regain that momentum he had just last year. >> there are a lot of young rising stars in santa clara county. he is among them. what he needs to do if he's going to go farther is to somehow find a way to separate himself from the others. >> so what's next? he says he's running for re-election next year. but beyond that, there is some speculation about a potential mayoral run. >> we had a beautiful week. let's see how the weekend is shaping up with rob mayeda. >> right now as we get close to the start of the weekend, it's still mild outside. 72 degrees still in oakland. we have kind of this mild air mass that's coming up through the bay area, still 71 degrees
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in san jose. no real hints at an ocean air conditioning event around the bay area. winds lightly offshore around san francisco. that's the reason why still 68 degrees here tonight. 60s and 70s outside here at 11:00. you can see those 70s around the east bay, down to san jose. cooler in north bay, seeing those numbers in the low 60s. we will see numbers in the 50s and 60s. it will probably take until before sun rise to hit the lows. and there you see a little sea breeze picking up in fairfield. i think the real headline is this tropical moisture coming up over the bay area. made for a fantastic sunset. sunday morning, there is a chance that we could see a few isolated showers. right now these are just high clouds. we got the radar and satellite up over the bay area and that's one of the reasons why our temperatures are up at this hour, we have this cloud cover hanging over us like a blanket
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keeping the temperatures up. san jose starting to see clearing and this moisture is coming up south to north out of southern california. we have another cutoff low pushing more moisture our way on sunday. so the weekend changes for your saturday, we'll see some cooling. offshore showers with the saturday system as the moisture drops off this cutoff low. it is very close to the north bay. in fact, as we go into saturday night and sunday morning, could see scattered showers here. rapid clearing and warming conditions as we head towards monday. so the weekend looks cooler. north bay, we may see isolated showers. tomorrow morning, 50s and 60s. we should be warming fairly quickly. by noon, another mild day. saturday being the warmer of the two weekend days. you'll see temperatures cooling down on sunday. out of the mid 80s we saw today
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in san francisco into the 70s for tomorrow. so the weekend running cooler, a stronger sea breeze. north bay hill top, may see an isolated shower sunday and we bounce back up into the mid 80s. >> still happy with >> back in a moment. [ female announcer ] what's so great cash? no exclusions. with jcp cash get $10 off when you spend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with... exclusions. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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31 eight-member teams checked in dublin today. one team traveled all the way from jordan to take part. >> most of our days we got a situation. >> really? >> yes. so i think we're coming here with good experience. maybe we can exchange knowledge here with this competition. all of us will be winners. >> the competition runs for 48 straight hours and will run through monday. the teams will deal continuously with scenarios that require special training, equipment and coordination. >> the bay area will be safe this weekend. let's check in with sports. a lot going on. >> hi, jim. >> how are you doing this eving? i like when the three of us girls talk sports. raiders make a surprise adjustment. and a thriller at san jose state tonight. plus, after almost a week off, finally back on the ice.
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and good evening, everyone. a week ago the sharks opened their season at home with a 6-3 win over the phoenix coyotes. but since then, no games. just practices. and while they say practice makes perfect, they can't be pleased with the outcome against the anaheim ducks. to anaheim we go. sharks-ducks, first period scoreless. but the ducks on the attack and this is his first career nhl goal. light the lamp. 1-0 ducks. ducks win by that final 1-0. to football and let's face it, we've been here with travel except when an nfl team goes on a road trip it's a little different. for starters, no security lines at the airport. all screenings are done curb side at headquarters. but you always have to remember the essentials.
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>> one thing i can't forget, show the pads, helmet, cleats. >> let me show you. since my bag is open. i need these. if i ain't got these, i'm not the beast that i am on the field. >> when you're packing on the road, what is one thing you can't leave at home? >> scissors. >> why? >> scissors. >> niners and lions on sunday. over to the silver and black where practice is making perfect for line backer aaron curry. three days ago, he was a seattle sea hawk. now just after one day of practice, he will start sunday as the raiders host the browns. and a little local college football. hawaii and san jose state. faulkner looks good until he fumbles. six turnovers for each team in this game. hawaii recovers.
11:30 pm
spartans get one more chance. 43 seconds to go, and faulkner finds chandler again and he beats the defense, his third touchdown of the game. spartans win it 28-27, first win over hawaii since 1997. you like the baseball playoffs? brewers/cardinals. nlcs game five. this is grounded through the wickets of hairston. 3-0, st. louis. bottom of the sixth, cards up 4-1 until albert pujols rips one to left. furcal scores. st. louis wins 7-1 and lead the series three games to two. saturday, sharks come back home. st. louis blues are the prey and the number seven ranked stanford football cardinals are in washington state. that's sports,s. enjoy your wee ladies. keeny your weekend. >> same to you, jim. we'll be right back. i'm a curious seeker.
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desserts created a not so sweet blockade to traffic. and fat from the bratwursts created slick conditions. >> free food on the highway. >> does the five second rule apply for those? >> no. quick check of the forecast. >> not too bad. it's cooling off as we go through the weekend. in the north bay, keep a close eye on that sunday morning forecast. may see a few showers on the hill tops and then turning warmer again by monday. >> that's going to do it for us. have a great weekend. bye-bye. beware of donuts on th thank you for having me on, >> jay: well, it's such a when spoken with a british you t


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