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tv   Today  NBC  October 15, 2011 5:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. going global, the occupy wall street protests are spreading across the country and now around the world, leading to more clashes with police and sparking what supporters are calling the october revolution. south pole rescue, the race against time to save an american scientist suffering from a stroke at th bottom of the world. could she be headed home today? we will talk to her. and mist rereward, the search for baby lisa takes another strange turn with an anonymous ben factor offering $100,000 to anyone who can help find her. today is saturday, october 15th,
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find her. today is saturday, october 15th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm amy robach. we have a lot to get to, including this new cell phone video. it's a violent attack at a mcdonald's. >> a bit hard to watch. an employee gets into a fight with two female customers. the employee used a metal rod to beat the two young women. we've going to have more behind this disturbing video ahead of that. >> just when you thought it was safe to go back into the ocean, sharks, they are big, they are dangerous and have been involved in several fatal encounters with humans this year. that begs the question, why are
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there so many attacks in recent months? we will take a closer look. on a much different note, shopping is going old school for the holiday season. remember lay away plans? they're back in style, but are they good for your bottom line? i do remember those. >> i do, too. i know. plus, meet the newest internet sensation. he doesn't sing, but he can handle a basketball and a volleyball. he's got game. petty is going to join us again this morning and apparently we're going to take on petty. >> i'm very excessive. i brought my sneakers. we're going to do a little volleyball out there on the plaza. we begin, those, with occupy wall street. mara is live with more on that. >> reporter: amy, as you can see behind me, most of the protesters are still sleeping. we are expecting a lot of activity planned today.
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organizers say they have events scheduled in more than 800 cities worldwide. we've already seen some of those begin to take place in places like asia and australia. here in new york, crowds are expected to gather later this afternoon in times square to rally against big banks and what they call corporate greed. protesters here in new york are emboldened yesterday after a big victory against the owners of the park they've been camping in for. the park behind me is where they've been living for the last month. yesterday they were scheduled to be temporarily moved so that the park owners could clean the park. about 1,000 people rallied behind me against what they called a pretext for a permanent evicti eviction. moments before they were scheduled to be moved out, the park's owners postponed that cleaning and the people here were able to stay. about 14 people were arrested, at least one injured in those clashes with police. we also saw some scuffles with
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the cops in other cities nationwide the last few days including in seattle and san diego where police reportedly used pepper spray against a human chained formed by protesters that were trying to protect some of their tents and belongings. as far as today is concerned, we're expecting to see the movement move forward and, in fact, take auto an even bigger global presence. amy. >> the protesters were able to stay in that park and were able to evade the eviction. how much longer do they plan to stay there? is there a plan? >> we don't know. when the park's owners made the statement, they said they were postponing the cleaning because they hoped to come to an agreement directly with the protesters. the problem is some of the park's rules are things like no camping, no sleeping bags, no personal belongings on the ground, all things that would preclude this group from occupying the park the way they have been. >> mara, thank you. lester. >> aim mow, thanks. the white house is keeping a
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close eye on this movement. the republican candidates hoping to become president next year are stepping up their attacks this morning. mike viqueira is at the white house with more. >> reporter: good mourn, lester. the gop field is still in flux. there's a new front-runner, of course. herman cain. his cornerstone economic mran plan is facing new scrutiny this week. meanwhile, rick perry is trying to get back on offense. pummeled in the poles and fading fast, rick perry unveiled part of his new plan at a plant. >> creating jobs in america is as simple as changing presidents. >> reporter: perry claims the plan would create 1.2 million jobs. >> make what americans buy, buy what americans make and sell it to the world. >> reporter: the rollout for the speech was carefully planned, starting with upbeat appearances on morning news. it was a marked contrast from the day before when the
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candidate's wife revealed a glimpse of the campaign's emotional toll. by yesterday, mrs. perry was back on message. >> i'm just sympathyizing. let me tell you, he has done his job because of the federal regulation that washington has put on us. >> reporter: now the man who has passed perry and everyone else, herman cain, facing scrutiny as the new front-runner. >> nine-nine-nine. >> reporter: critics charge one of those nines, a national sales tax would hit lower income people the harder. cain is sticking by the plan. >> it is transparent. it is efficient. it is fair. >> reporter: and now in full campaign mode, president obama made his ninth trip to the politically crucial state of michigan, touring a gm plant, touting the auto bailout he fought for and won.
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many still see mitt romney as the biggest threat to a second obama term. >> governor romney. >> governor romney. >> reporter: but with the gop field still unsettled, experts say romney has yet to win over conservatives. >> he's the steady eddy in the race. one candidate goes up, another candidate goes down and romney stays in the same place. >> reporter: lester, it's interesting. you saw anita perry talk about their son who had to quit his job to join the perry campaign. it turns out griffin perry works for deutsche bank and he ran afell of regulations saying you can't give financial advice and political advice at the same time. and now president obama is back out on what some would call it another campaign trail, through two more crucial states at the beginning of the week, virginia and north carolina. >> mike viqueira, thank you so much. with us now is political analyst richard wolf.
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thanks for being with us. >> thank you, lester. >> herman cain is now out in front. his candidacy is being taken seriously. has he adjusted his campaign to deal with the reality of being the front-runner and what comes with it? >> well, he's adjusted a little bit. you're seeing more of a presence on the campaign trail. previously he had been concentrating on media. but he doesn't have the ground game that you really need in these early states. if his candidacy is going to prove real, he needs to organize with the iowa caucuses where he now also has a lead. it's too early to say whether or not he'll survive as a front-runner for very long. but he's gathering together some of the trappings that you'd expect from a front-runner right now. >> and when you're a front-runner, suddenly everything you say and do comes under a different kind of scruti scrutiny. nine-nine-nine is his montra. now that it's under scrutiny, how does it hold up? >> well, not very well. and also, it's not just the plan
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itself. remember, for a start, he's saying that the plan is neutral in terms of finances that the u.s. government would have. a lot of independent economists say that isn't the case and that leads to scrutiny of who is advising herman cain when you end up with the person who is now his chief economic adviser and investment, a retirement, a guy out of wells fargo in suburban ohio. you've got to look at the people around and say, does he have a team of experts that a front-runner should have? i would expect, if you wants to be serious about this, that that team will be boosted by more staemd establishment figures within the republican party. >> listening to a lot of the punnins and a lot of the conversations i flip around cable tv, it's cain, cain, cain, and then the conversation goes back to perry and romney. ultimately as if they are the two that will duke it out. why do we see that? >> a couple of things, lester. money is important.
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it's a big country. it's an obvious point. but getting into media markets, they take a lot of money. rick perry has shown he has that even more than mitt romney does. we still don't know whether herman cain can raise a lot of money from small donors. being the governor of a big state means rick perry can capture the populist ultra conservative mood within the party right now and do so as a governor. that's not what cain had, not what bachmann or donald trump before him. mitt romney, he hasn't broken out of 20%, 25% in these polls. he is very steady. is there a ceiling that he faces here? but right now, the mood of republicans is not with the establishment. >> richard wolf, good talking to you. thank you very much. >> thanks, lester. >> now here is amy. this morning, a life and death mission is under way at the south pole to rescue an american scientist who suffered a stroke. her name is renee-nicole douceur
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and she joins us by phone. i know you have been trying to desperately leave the research station since suffering a stroke in august. i also understand a cargo mistaken should be arriving in matter of hours. after all you've been through, did you ever lose hope this day would have come? >> i was hoping the day would have come a lot earlier than a regularly scheduled flight. but now that the weather conditions have let up, the plane should probably be in the air pretty soon now to come over to the south pole. >> that is certainly good news. i know weather had been a factor. there were concerns about the safety of the crew coming in to get you. any indication on exactly when you will get on to that plane and where you will be heading? >> right now, the latest update was -- first they said it was going to be 6:00 a.m. my time over here. now it's going to be probably closer to 8:00. it will be the first time that
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we've seen any other human beings here fort last eight months. >> that's incredible. >> i know. >> how are you feeling? i know you've had vision problems and speech impairment since suffering the stroke and you have concerns that perhaps you're suffering from more than just a stroke. give me an update on how you're doing. >> well, i'm -- i'm staying -- hanging in there. i still have my vision impairment and the speech impediment. for the last seven weeks, which has been exactly seven weeks since my strokes, the only testing that's done over here is basically i read an eye chart once a day and give my blood pressure and oxygen check. then i try to count backwards through multiples from 100 to see if i get that right. my spirits are high. and it's just been a long ordeal and is it's time to leave. the doctor has been clamoring
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for me to leave as soon as possible and this is as soon as possible that can be, i guess. >> i know a lot of it has been the not knowing. we hope to get some answers & and your much needed medical attention very soon. renee-nicole douceur, have a safe flight and thank you very much. >> thank you so much. bye-bye. >> bye. richard lui is at the news desk with more of the top stories. >> the man accused of a killing spree stai salon in southern california made a brief court appearance on friday. >> mr. dekraai, what's your full name? >> reporter: in a courtroom, the 41-year-old school dekraai sat quietly. >> he was willing to end any life in his path. and he did. >> an emotional district attorney says dekraai was carrying three guns and seeking revenge. >> he was not satisfied with murdering his intended target,
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his ex-wife. for almost two minutes, dekraai shot victim after victim. >> reporter: he was in a custody dispute with his ex-wife, one of the first to be shot, but not the last. >> dekraai callously snuffed them out like they were collateral damage. we will not forget any one of these people. their lives matter. >> reporter: among the dead, coworkers, a customer, a bystander and a stylist who was doing her mother's hair. that mother, 73-year-old hattie stretz is the only surviving victim. the moments of terror have been replaced by tears. the district attorney pointed out one more victim, the couple's 8-year-old son. >> now his mother, who has been
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murdered, and he has to grow up knowing that his dad is a mass murderer. >> reporter: his father now faces the death penalty. kristin dahlgren, nbc news, california. now to some video you may find disturbing. shocking video showing a wild scene over fast food in manhattan. watch this, the situation escalating after a mcdonald's cashier told two women he would need to scan their $50 bill before giving them their order. then you see this right here, he struck back with a metal pipe, one woman suffering a fractured skull and a broken arm. the other has a deep cut on her head. you can hear the screams there. the cashier face aes charge of felony assault. the women are charged with disorderly conduct. more trouble for the gap clothing store. plans to close more stores by the end of 2013 while jazzing up
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other locations with a more colorful clothing mix. at the same time, the gap will open a store in hong kong. finally, the french climber known as expiredman is at it again this time in hungary. he scaled a 22 story intercontinental hotel friday in bui bucarest. a twist this time, though. he stopped to hang that, an advertisement. it's 7:16. lefter, amy and bill. >> everybody has a sponsorship these days. >> everybody has a bill to pay. >> i've got one, how about otis elevators. take the elevators. bill carin sess here with a check of the forecast. >> the weekend looks dry, but the winds are going to howl. this is going to be one of the windiest weekends we've seen in a while.d anthe leaves will be on for dear life.e
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thig h wind warnings right from areas of cleveland northward up to buffalo, wind advisories for new york city, southern new england, and along with it, you're going to see rain showers, too. most of the country is going to see just a fantastic weekend, including the southeast. pretty much all of the southern half of the country, a great day to get outdoors. that's a look . a good saturday morning. we are seeing a few high clouds going by. the return of low clouds on the coastline. we will see partly cloudy skies heading to the afternoon. thanks to a stronger sea breeze san francisco and the coast cooling down. still some 80s inland. late today on into sunday morning. slight chance of showers in the far north bay. things clear and turn warmer again on monday. that's your weekend forecast. lester. >> bill, thanks. now to some close calls on the runways and a disguise. there have been a rash of
5:18 am
troubling reports over a year. now a government watchdog has come out to say these near misses are part of an increase in mistakes by air traffic controlle controllers. tom costello has more. >> maintain 3,000. >> reporter: across the country, the nation's air traffic controllers handle some 50,000 operations each day. the vast majority go according to planned. but a new government investigation has found over the past three years, error rates involving planes that get too close to each other increased. at radar facilities, errors close from 8 per million flights to 22 per million flights. at airport towers, close calls increased 53%. but the faa and the controllers say that's not the whole story. >> i would equate it to going 56 miles per hour in a 55 miles per hour zone. dwre, technically, you have an operational error. however, safety is never impacted. >> one big factor, controllers
5:19 am
are now being encouraged to self-report errors. quote, as a result of this culture change, the faa expected to see an increase in reported operational errors. >> okay. now we have a rainey day at jfk. >> reporter: at the training center at jfk airport, faa chief randy babbitt says modern simulators are now giving controllers a much better hands-on experience before they deal with a real scenario. >> when we get a controller into the real tower, he or she has been exposed to everything. we've given them every problem they could have seen. >> reporter: and the skies are crowded. here at jfk, they handle 80 flights per hour, typically on three runways. but that could increase in the afternoon and the evening push. and while minor runways close calls increased, the number of serious close calls has dropped, from 34 involving commercial aircraft in 2000 to just three
5:20 am
in 2010. >> there is some kind of communications problem. >> reporter: as the nation's controllers keep a daily vigil on safety. for "today," tom costello, new york, new york. >> now here is amy. now to the troubling new report on vitamins and the health risk they may cause. for adult women, taking supplements could lead to unhealthy levels of vitamines and minerales and result in an early death. dr. lamb, good morning. >> good morning. >> a lot of people, myself including, with take multi vitamins are suddenly saying, yikes, is this a problem? give us some perspective here. i know this study was for women over 62. how seriously should we take a study like this? >>el with, i think we're always looking for evidence in medicine. we always knew the secret to longevity is not going to be found in a vitamin bottle. there are a lot of people who may benefit from vitamin d or
5:21 am
calcium or folic acid if you're pregnant. you have to be patient specific. i have no hesitation for a younger woman to take some iron supplements. an older person, maybe not. i would reduce the copper. that was the only thing that struck me in the study. copper is associated with about an 18% risk. beyond that, i think it's way too early to draw any conclusions that it's harmful. >> so the question is, should we be taking an all purpose general multi vitamin or specific targeted supplements? >> i think we should use food as a newt ree yebt so we can extract the vitamins from the foods. but since we kals can't always do that, targeted vitamin use makes sense to me. omega 3s, certain minerals, depending on your specific -- if you're an athlete or covering from surgery -- >> what about if you're a man or a woman? >> absolutely. women lose aaron because of
5:22 am
their menstrual flow. as women get older and they're not losing blood, maybe iron supplements are not such a good idea. >> are there warning signs that we could be take too much of a specific vitamin or mineral? >> vitamins are using in very low doses by the body. when you start giving fa pharmakologic doses, that is a problem. the likely of getting hyper vitaminosis, it's not likely to occur unless somebody is taking 100 vitamins a day. a single multi vitamin, i am serb, is perfectly fine. >> that examine combination with good food and good exercise. >> absolutely. still to come, man versus nature, are the sharks really to blame for the rise in attacks? that story is ahead. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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made from carefully selected oats that c help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ good morning. looking live at the twinkling lights of the bay bridge on this dark start to this saturday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. rob my ed ta has a look at our weekend forecast. look at saturday morning. we are watching high clouds and mid-level clouds going on by. good enough for a few sprinkles here and there. we are watching a cut-off low. some of the moisture may try to spill our way by the time we wrap up the weekend. partly cloudy skies as we go through the day. temperatures running cooler than yesterday. mid-80s in the warmest places inland. the rest of today into tomorrow
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morning. a slight chance of seeing showers mainly north of the golden gate. our skies clear and we turn warmer again on monday. more than 100 suspected criminals are off bay area streets after a massive undercover crime sweep. operation garlic press took place following an 18-month voegs by the california department of justice. undercover agents brought drugs and guns as well as stolen property from alleged gang members and stolen property. they made the arrests in alameda, san bernie doe and santa cruz counties. >> there will be a certain impact in terms of public safety. >> the criminals were arrested on state and federal charges and many have ties to mexican drug car tells. authorities also have seized nearly 90 stolen cars and around 60 guns plus large amounts of
5:28 am
drugs. gropers are working together and on the loose at san jose state and campus police now looking for two suspects. a university spokesperson says two attacks happened between 6:00 and 9:00. they are described as hispanic males around 19 years old, with spiky hair, riding bmx style bicycles. the best prevention police say, the buddy system. we are able to walk or drive any student that needs help to their destination. we ask all our students to take advantage of that service. >> how even with those incidents, the university says crime is consistently low for a school of its size. a cold case dating back to 2007 when a father and infant son were gunned down is closer to being solved. richard nugera was arrested yesterday in south san kra men
5:29 am
toe. earlier this week, donald or tez of oakland was also arrested. investigators say both suspects once lived together in sacramento at the time of the shootings. no further details have been released about how they are connected to the crime. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," a dramatic rescue caught on cameras. crews move in as they rescue a woman whose home is on fire. all of the day's news coming up for you at 7:00. we have more local news coming up in 30 minutes as well. now, back to the "today" show.
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we are back on this saturday morning, october 15th, 2011. it's a nice, cool fall day here in the northeast. we have a great crowd out on the plaza. we're going to go outside to say hi in just a bit. but first, i'm amy robach along with lester holt. coming up, we're talking about the case against dr. conrad murray. >> this has been a riveting trial from the start. we've seen dramatic testimony from people inside the room when he died. now the prosecution is expected to rest its case early next week. we're going to look at what the defense plans to do, whether they're prepared to call to the stand the man accused of killing jackson. also, it's an explosive
5:31 am
topic for every family. we're talking about sex education. should it be taught to kids in school? soon, it will become mandatory for many students in new york. will the lessons lead to risky behavior? we'll have that story. plus, move over will and kate. he is the charming, the prince charming of butan, a kingdom in the himalayas and he has just married his bride, a commoner that calls itself week. the country that calls itself the happiest place in the world is throwing a party for the ages. we'll take you there. >> i like that. >> i like a country called the happiest place in the world. let's start, though, with the danger from the deep shark attacks. we have been told they're rare, but in recent weeks, we have seen what appears to be a surge of fatal encounters with these massive predators. nbc's kerry sanders reports. >> reporter: it's been another busy year for stark attacks along the u.s. coastline. >> as soon as the shark had
5:32 am
grabbed c.j., he flailed once and got pulled under. >> reporter: the latest victim, a man who was spear hunting in the gulf of mexico when he became the hunted. >> i looked down and shark a shark on my leg. >> and you said? >> let go of my gun and hit it with both of my hands. >> the shark left wilkinson's leg with a serious wound. >> it was deep water and a shark came up and bit my foot. >> reporter: in july, 12 jooerld nicholas bosser was on vacation in texas when a bull shark nearly bit off his foot. >> i turned around and saw the mangled foot, a lot of blood. >> days later, a 6-year-old and 10-year-old girl were bitten by sharks while playing in the water off the carolina coast. both survived. >> i did not like what i saw and it really tore me up. >> reporter: and it's not just in the u.s. in late september, a british tourist ignored these signs.
5:33 am
>> a traumatic amputation of his right leg. >> reporter: statistics show the number of shark attacks is actually on the decline here. in 2000, there were 5 shark attacks in the united states. last year, that number dropped to 36. experts say a big reason for the attacks is simply more people swimming in waters where the sharks live. >> when the shark attack or bite occurs, it's due to perhaps bad luck where people and shark are in the wrong place, in the same place at the same time. >> while shark faye at that time tall tilts are extremely rare, it's clear the attacks have grabbed the attention of the american public as unsuspecting swimmers cross paths with these predators. kerry sanders, nbc news, anna maria island, florida. time for another check off our weather. bill karins is outside with more. bill. >> lester, things have changed out here.
5:34 am
everyone has jackets on out here. it looks like fall and the flags will be blowing blowing pretty good in the background. but everyone is happy because at least it's not raining. it's an interesting forecast this weekend. we're not really dealing with too much wet weather out there. the fall foliage is gorgeous in many areas. we're seeing that peak up into the great lakes, the peak around the rockies. the color will be great, but the winds l howling. the leaves will be blowing around out there. at least it's not raining any more. the exceptions will be maybe new york, northern ohio, michigan. it's ideally if you can get outdoors today and tomorrow for the most part and you'll have a good saturday morning. a few high clouds going by. the return of low clouds on the coastline. we will see partly cloudy skies heading to the afternoon. thanks to a stronger sea breeze, san francisco and the coast
5:35 am
cooling down. still 80s inland late today. slight chance of showers in the far north bay. then, things clear and turn warmer again on monday. if you want your hour by hour forecast for the weekend, get that at many birthdays, who is 17 and who is 18? >> i'm 17. >> 17 and 18, happy birthday. behave yourself in new york. back to lester and amy. >> thanks, bill. up next, should it be mandatory for kids in school, sex education? plus, a dashing king marries a commoner leading to a we tcel member. ive we'll have it for you. but first, these messages. this. i was the first-born... i got married first... i had children first... and i'm the first to get this haircut. i was the first to get a flu shot. you didn't make an appointment yet. don't need one at walgreens. strolled right in and got my flu shot early from my walgreens pharmacist. they're all specially trained. so now i'm number one.
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5:38 am
♪ let's talk about sex, baby new york city teenagers will have to talk about sex this year. the mandatory sex education curriculum is about improving health and reducing risk. >> it deals with prevention, it deals with abstinence. >> municipal among new yorkers, there is widespread support for sex education in schools. >> if they're engaging in sex, if they contract sexually transmitted diseases, they're at higher risk of contracting other diseases and therefore they won't be in our school system. >> the plan would allow familiars to opt out of some of the curriculum, like condom, didn't bugzs and demonstrations. but there is criticism from some parents who say the department of education hasn't given them enough information. >> in order to make that decision, you have to know what the curriculum is. i have not seen yet from the department of education the full fledged effort to share with
5:39 am
parents what it is that's they're actually going to get. >> nationwide, teens receive information about hiv, sexually transmitted diseases and aids. though teen birth rates in the u.s. have declined, in 2009, more than 400,000 teens gave birth. and among 15 to 24-year-olds, there are nearly 9.5 million sexually transmitted diseases each year. despite the lack of mandatory classes, new york high schools have handed out condoms for two decades. >> they have condoms in the bathrooms and i'm not for that, no. >> the risks are greater than ever. >> now educators want to make sure students are getting the information. and not just in new york. the district of columbia plans to add sex questions to its standardized tests in april. just how far should sex jael education go? some educators seem to be saying they'll go as far as it takes. >> and with us now is dana
5:40 am
points, editor and chief of "parents" magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> and you say this mandate should be seen as a helpful tool in parenting. >> yes. i think you asked a question at the beginning of this segment which was should the schools be taking the lead? the answer is the schools shouldn't be taking the lead, it's your job as the parent to take the lead and the schools should be your partner. >> you say this shouldn't be a discussion for parents. ? >> if anything, that's an invitation to you to open the discussion. we know with adolescents, they often shut down, they don't want to talk. but you want to have an open conversation with your child. >> how do you begin with conversation? >> if you know that a lesson is being taught, and nationwide, that's not necessarily happening, you could ask your kid what they learned in school. but more often, you just need to look for an opportunity. and we don't have to look very far in our culture to look for an opportunity to introduce the
5:41 am
topic of sex with an older child because it's everywhere in everything they see. it's in their song lyrics, it's in the videos that they watch. you can bring it up gently and say, so, do you understand in this song lyric what she's talking about? >> oh, i've already had awkward moments with my 8-year-old who has heard words. what does that mean, mom? oh, wow, i have to go there now. but what do you say to the parents who are concerned if by talking about this, having sex education in schools and specifically the conversation involving contraception could lead to promiss cuety? >> i think there's evidence from studies that show teaching kids about sex and if anything, it's the children who lack knowledge that are going to be more at risk. and in the case of sexually transmitted diseases, the concern is death. it's concerning. >> and middle school students,
5:42 am
will they be able to grasp the concept of birth control and condom use? >> the middle schoolers, the kids around 11 years old in this program will be taught about puberty and age appropriate curriculum. that's what you need to look for nationwide. this education really has to start much earlier. if your child is in the classroom and is 11 years old and this is the first they're hearing from an adult who is knowledgeable, it should have starteded earlier. >> because kids talk, let's be honest. kids are talking to each other. better to have an adult be a part of that conversation than just have kids talk to each other. these classes are going to be taught coed. i have a distinct memory in my school, it was gender based. so i had all girls in my class and we were talking about sex ed and boys in another class. that won't be the case. is that an issue? >> my suspicion is it's probably a resource issue. but i think it's up to the teacher to maintain a level tone and keep it above board.
5:43 am
if there's any snickering, take care of that. >> do you see this become ago nationwide trend? >> i don't know. if you look at sexuality education, there's so many states that don't teach anything. it's interesting that there are many objections, obviously. but when you look at the data about kids who say they're not having sex, when you look at research, teenagers who say, no, i'm not doing it, the number one reason they give is that it's ethical or moral or connected to their religion. so those messages are getting through. that when a family has a strong, you know, objection, they're communicating with their kids. >> all right. dana points, we appreciate your time this morning. thanks so much. coming up next, king and queen. we will introduce you to the world's newes royal couple after these mem messages. ight h. i couldn't breathe... i couldn't sleep and mornings? rough. i tried tissues and neti pot thingy and even more tissues then i said enough! and i found the solution. [ female announcer ] drug-free breathe right nasal strips.
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if you thought the wetting of prince william and kate was a big deal, see what's going on right now in the mountain kingdom of bhutan, a true fairytale romance. ian williams has the story. >> reporter: they gathered from dawn hoping for a claim ps of bhutan's newly married king and his young queen as they made their way home. they weren't to be disappointed. >> thank you. >> reporter: the king, the dragon king said he wanted to meet personally as many people as possible. and with queen jetsun pema at his side he stopped at village after village to meet the
5:47 am
throngs of well wishers. >> they are really made for each other. >> reporter: very easy to talk to. >> yeah. >> reporter: from a nearby monastery, horns and symbols greeted the royal couple, the sound reverberating around the valley. they seemed moved by the reception, stopping briefly to talk to nbc news. >> thank you very much. >> seems like the whole country has turned out to see you today. >> very fortunate, very fortunate. >> wonderful ceremony yesterday. >> yes. >> we enjoyed it. >> do you have plans for a honeymoon? >> no, no. we'll start working right after the day we're married. if we travel, we'll travel around the country. we'd like to meet more people. >> congratulations. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> it means a lot to us, thank you. >> reporter: they were married in a traditional buddhist ceremony, the king known as the prince charming of the himalayas, taking a queen whose beauty has been the talk of the
5:48 am
nation, the land of the thunder dragon. she's a student, the daughter of an airline pilot. at 21, ten years his junior. their wedding has transfixed a country that had no roads or currency until the 1960s, no television until ten years ago and remains fiercely proud of its culture and wary of outside influence. the king is revered in this land of just 700,000 people where progress is measured by a principle called gross national happiness. there have been so many well wishers, it's taken the royal couple all day to cover the 50 mimgs back to the capital where tens of thousands more are waiting for him. they entered on foot walking hand in hand through the jubilant crowds. some waiting all day. this was the moment that made it all worthwhile. ian wmgs, nbc news, bhutan. >> what a sweet couple. >> i loved how they stopped and talked -- >> they're like thank you so
5:49 am
much. it was so nice. >> she is a gorgeous bride. >> beautiful. >> just ahead, pay now, buy later. why lay aways are making a comeback. this is "today" on nbc.
5:50 am
5:51 am
so do you want to say one of the new viral videos out there? >> sure. >> it shows a baby's encounter with r2-d2 from "star wars." it's adorable. take a look. >> is he saying the force is with me or with you? >> i wasn't clear auto that. the baby's name is trent and he and the robot have found a way
5:52 am
of communicating through beeps and babbles. >> too cute. >> too, too cute. still to come today, we're going to have more on the trial in los angeles over the death of michael jackson, the physician who was treating him. this trial is in a critical phase. we'll preview what's next, coming up. plus from dynasty to today, linda evans talking about her glamorous life. first, these messages. ♪ [ female announcer ] kleenex brand tissues are america's softest... no wonder people want to share them with the ones they love. ♪ ♪
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5:56 am
all from one. all for you. i am the new rhyme by htc. only from verizon. good morning to you. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. it was a warm one last night. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. meteorologist, rob mayeda has a look at the forecast. saturday morning, watching mainly high clouds and mid-level clouds. good enough for a few sprinkles here and there. we are watching a cut-off low further off to the west. some of the moisture may try to spill our way by the time we wrap up the weaken have the partly cloudy skies as we go through the day. 70s, around san francisco over
5:57 am
towards oakland. then, late today into tomorrow morning, a slight chance of seeing some showers. i think mainly north of the golden gate. as skies clear, we turn warmer again on monday. >> this morning, san francisco police are asking for the public's help in looking for a missing person. 39-year-old mark marvin was last seen near his home more than a week ago on october 6th. he is 39 years old, 5'7", and weighs 135 pounds. his truck was found in the baker beach parking lot on sunday, october 9th. first, it was wall street and then the rest of the nation. now, it's gone global. the momentum continues to spread. today, san francisco braces for another protest and this time a rally and a march beginning in the 100 block of market street at 3:00 this afternoon. protests like this one planned for today is costing the city quite a chunk of change. >> as of wednesday, san
5:58 am
francisco police say $70,000 has been spent to keep the peace. this is just a drop in the bucket compared to what new york city has spent on demonstrations there. more than $2 million has been spent to keep the sometimes raucous crowds at bay in cities across the country. >> they fearlessly chase after criminals. they go feet first into danger. now, some canine cops could use your help. these dogs need bullet proof vests. the foundation doesn't have the money to buy the vests. they are holding a charity dog watch. the event will be held at all pet food express stores in the bay area today and tomorrow from 11:00 this morning until twh1:0 this afternoon. if you are a middle or high school student looking for advice to pick the best college, stop by uc berkley. they will host school officials to help you apply for admission or prepare for college, entrance
5:59 am
exams. they will also be there to help find the right financial aid package. that will be held at uc berkley's wheeler hall auditorium this morning at 8:30. coming up on "today in the bay," he was a rising star in bay area politics. then, came the arrest. how a san jose counselmcilman i trying to put behind the past and move ahead. more local news in 30 minutes.
6:00 am
we've got a lot coming up. we'll be talking about dr. conrad murray, the question of whether he was responsible for michael jackson's death. >> that is a question a jury in california will soon answer. dr. conrad murray, accused of giving the singer a fatal dose of propofol. the defense must now create
6:01 am
reasonable doubt. we'll have the latest from the courtroom. >> a time in the country you saw something in the story ye you l, you give them the money, they'd hold it for you until you'd pick it up, it was called lay-away. lay-away, apparently, is coming back, the idea. we'll talk about that. >> all right. a dog wonder, say hello to petey. there he is. if there's a ball around, he's going to spike it or serve it. petey's become a master in volleyball and basketball, apparently. he's here with us, going to show off some of his moves and we're going to take him on. >> we're going to take him on in volleyball. this could be embarrassing, to get beat by a dog. >> richard lui has more of the headlines. >> it will be fun to watch you play against that dog. occupy wall street stepping up protests in the headlines. mara? >> reporter: richard, good morning, the protesters here at
6:02 am
zuccotti park are starting wake up for what is likely going to be an eventful day, global day of protests. organizers say they have events that are going to take place in more than 800 cities worldwide. some events have started in parts of the world like australia and asia and in london, we're getting reports crowds are starting to gather at the stock exchange there. here in new york, the big event is scheduled to take place later where crowds will gather in times square to rally against what they call corporate greed and advocate for more economic equality. the group of protesters in new york where the occupy wall street movement started is emboldened after a victory yesterday over the owners of the park where they've been camping out for a month. they were supposed to be evicted but told they could stay a while longer. they'll continue with the big rally that's planned. >> avoiding clashes yesterday. there in lower manhattan. alluding to similar protest have spread to as many as 71
6:03 am
countries around the world. kier simmons is in london. what are you seeing at london stock exchange? >> reporter: that's right. good morning, richard. just behind me here you can see some of the protesters gathers. i estimate there are at least a thousand here, but they are desperate, further behind is one of the entrances to the square outside the london stock exchange. earlier they confronted police arc tempted to push their way through. the police brought up horses, mounted police, in order to prevent that. so now some of the protesters have gone around the square to see effectively if they can get into another entrance. so there are different groups in different places, holding speeches, playing music, that kind of thing. demanding, they say that they are herd by the people in the london stock exchange. the united states, presidential candidates are supposed to file key financial reports this weekend giving us a good look how republican campaigns are faring
6:04 am
mike i have cairo's at the white house. >> reporter: in politics as in everything else it sure does help. today's the day, october 15th, all candidates have to report to the federal election commission how much money they've raises over the third quarter. of course, that stretches from june to october. and the results are in, some of these candidates have announced, ricky perry announcing he raised $17 million over that period. mitt romney, $14 million. herman cain, new front-runner, way down at $3 million. president obama blow as way the field. he's got the democratic field to himself, 70 million raises for both himself and the democratic party, including $43 million for his own campaign. the reason why people look at this, richard, it's indicative, it's a gauge of the long-term strength of a campaign. sometimes it can be misleading. ricky perry with the 17 million, a lot of that raises when he was the front-runner. mitt romney might be coming on now, since he has access to a lot of donors sitting on the
6:05 am
sidelines, waiting for sarah palin and chris christie to announce their intentions. rich snards. >> vick, we'll see what michele bachmann does, thank you so much. u.s. drone strike could have taken out another key al qaeda operative overnight. the media chief was killed in yemen with six other people. the media chief is the son of u.s. of born anwar awlaki, the key leader killed last month by a drone misal. apple holding a private memorial service for steve jobs sunday evening at stanford university. the guest reportedly include some of silicon valley's biggest names. a larger event celebrating his life will happen wednesday. jobs dies at 56. celebrating this weekend in the unveiling of the monument of martin luther king's "i have a dream" speech. the $120 million, 4-acre
6:06 am
memorial dedicated tomorrow on the national mall in washington, d.c. for you, a little girl gets her best friend back. daddy bear a toy that fills the void of justice's real daddy wh. she lost it when she got sick on a road trip. thanks to two department of transportation workers spending four hours of their own time, daddy bear's back. justice says that daddy bear makes her think she's kuldsing with her real daddy. all right. 8:06. >> that's a sweet story. richard, thanks so much. a check of the forecast with bill karins out on the plaza with me. feels like fall. >> yes it does feel like fall. it definitely is out there. we want to talk to this little girl here. whose birthday is it? what does your sign say? is it your brother's? do you see yourself on tv and you look real pretty. yes, you do. happy birthday, little guy. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> very sweet. you guys enjoy your time in new york. first time? big buildings, right?
6:07 am
talk about the forecast. nasty weather over last couple of diays in the eastern seaboar. this tornado located on east coast out of d.c. in virginia, this was captures over the top of the interstate. it did do damage to houses and homes. you're stuck in rush hour traffic the tornado over the top of you in virginia. something that doesn't happen often. that storm system is kick out. watching it exiting in eastern canada. high pressure in the rockies, bringing warm air and it's going to be unusually warm, 100 in phoenix. the big windmaker in canada the only story. everyone trying to enjoy the leave. winds up to 40 miles per hour later on this afternoon. overall, nice to say we have a quiet weather weekend. th a we are seeing a few high clouds going by, the return of low clouds on the coastline. we seal partly cloudy skies heading to the afternoon. thanks to a stronger sea breeze,
6:08 am
san francisco and the coast cooling down. still some 80s inland. late today on into sunday morning, slight chance of showers in the far north bay and things clear and turn warmer again on monday. >> these beautiful, nice ladies here. what time did you get here this morning? >> 4:30. >> their hotel concierge told them to be here at 4:30. i could have gotten you coffee that the time. let's send it back inside to lester. >> bill, thanks. now to the case against dr. conrad murray, who faces years in prison if convicted of killing michael jackson. the prosecution is expected to rest next week, and now all eyes are on the defendant, whether he will take the stand. nbc's jeff rossen reports. >> reporter: prosecutors spent 12 days laying out their case, calling 33 witnesses. including medical experts. >> when you monitor a patient,
6:09 am
you never leave their side. especially after giving propofol. it's -- it's like leaving a baby that's sleeping on your kitchen counter top. >> reporter: prosecutors called jackson's body bard who claimed as jackson stopped breathe, dr. murry was trying to hide the drugs. >> he reached over and grabbed a handful of vials, and then he reached out to me and said, here, put these in a bag. >> reporter: the paramedic who responded that day -- >> did dr. murray ever mention to you having administered propofol to michael jackson? >> no, he did not. he never mentioned the word "propofol." >> reporter: but the heart of the prosecution's case could be michael jackson's own words, recorded by dr. murray just weeks before his death. the singer sounded drugged and incoherent. >> i didn't have a childhood.
6:10 am
i had no childhood. >> reporter: then, the jury heard dr. conrad murray himself from his police interview just two days after jackson's death. murray says jackson was begging for propofol, to help him sleep. >> he said, i can't function if i don't sleep. so i agreed at that time that i would switch over to the propofol. >> reporter: but sources close to the case tell nbc news, murray's defense won't focus on propofol or how it was given. instead, they'll claim michael jackson took eight pills of lorazepam, hours before his death, and never told dr. murray. that, the defense will argue, killed michael, not the propofol. >> if conrad murray's not to blame for michael jackson's death who is? >> unfortunate circumstances are what caused michael jackson's death. >> reporter: court is back in
6:11 am
session monday, and prosecutors could rest their case. then, murray's defense team takes center stage. for "today," jeff rossen, nbc news, los angeles. >> mary fulginii is a former federal prosecutor. good morning. >> good morning. >> dr. steven schaffer seemed to be a powerful witness, he'll continue when the prosecution continues its case. is he the guy you want closing your case? >> oh, yeah. he's really the one to wrap it up. he's one of the leading anesthesiologists and propofol gurus in the country. he even helps write the pamphlet that goes in the propofol bottles. you'll hear a lot about propofol, guts of the prosecution case. i expect him to talk about and hammer home the prosecution's theory that giving propofol in this setting was reckless and a recipe for disaster somewhere it ultimately killed michael jackson. >> the defense says the diagnosis the defense that michael jackson took the
6:12 am
propofol hyimself. they're going to say he took another drug. does that muddy the waters for the prosecution? >> they're shifting the focus off of propofol and put their own experts on the stand that will say, look, it wasn't that much in his body and he might come to the conclusion it wasn't intoxicating and claim it was the lorazepam and it was the extra lorazepam they are claiming he orally ingested created this lethal cocktail combination that killed him instantly. >> there's the prosecution is also tried to make a suggestion of a coverup, that perhaps he tried to hide the drugs from the paramedics, didn't tell the paramedics, is that in itself damning? >> that is damaging. for me that's what tips the scales in this case from what i would call a medical malpractice, negligence case to criminal negligence, because alvarez's testimony when he came back into the room, and instructed to do by conrad murray, according to alvarez, pick up bottles and shove them in a closet, and then call 911.
6:13 am
that coupled with the fact that conrad murray lied to medics and the emergency room doctors, that's a pretty tough fact for the defense to overcome when it comes to whether or not his behavior was reckless and grossly negligent. i think that tips the scales. >> give us an idea of what the defense has to do to get there. >> they have to paint a different picture. they have to humanize conrad murry. the prosecution painted him as an inept, incompetent enabler and they need to show that he's a competent doctor who saves people's lives and put on their own experts to refuture the prosecution experts and confirm their theory of the case that what conrad murray gave him that evening would not have killed him. finally we'll see them do more of is point the finger. they'll point at finger at other people and say other people contributed to michael jackson's death, even dr. arnold klein,
6:14 am
ultimately michael jackson. >> all right. we'll have to end there, mary, appreciate your insight. still to come on "today," the return of lay-aways, why now, why they might be right for you. we'll talk about that. first, these at. fi rst,se mesges.
6:15 am
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this morning on today's consumer, the return of lay away plans. with holiday shopping just weeks away, millions will be heading to the store looking for perfect fif gifts. the story now from mara. >> debit, credit, cash and check. when it comes to paying up, there is no shortage of options. and there is one more. lay away. leaving products at the store while you pay them off slowly. >> every two weeks, you have to make a payment. >> before taking them home paid in full. the process is simple. >> so the customer brings it here. >> right. and they put down a $5 initiation fee and a down payment of about 10% of the total price. and after eight or 12 weeks, they can come back, make the
6:17 am
last installment, we pull it down and they can take it home with them. >> k-mart's business more than doubled each year. >> it let's our customers manage their finances over time. and it let's them manage their money without having to rely on credit cards or going into debt. >> now, thanks to customer interest, several other major chains are getting back into the game. starting today, toys r us is expanding their policy to include all toys. >> sir. >> lay away is back for christmas. >> and walmart is hoping layaway will make this christmas merrier for their customers. for the first time in 2006, the world's largest retailer is offer the service on toys and electric cans for the holiday season. off line, their store customers seem pleased, too. >> it would make shopping a lot easier, seeing that i would have time to do it the way i want to do it. and it is going to make this
6:18 am
christmas a lot more plentiful. >> reporter: first started in the '40s, layaway was popular for decades. in the 80s, lay away started to turn to credit for an instant shop particulars. buying only what they can pay off immediately. >> it's allowing them to plan it around their household budgets versus the kids associated with fees and their credit card. >> so while the holidays are all about giving -- >> the layaway program comes in at the nick of time. >> an easier way to pay for presents can be a pretty great gift, too. >> nbc news, new york. so are layaways the right choice for you? good morning. >> good morning. >> when layaway was created years and years ago, it was specifically for people who couldn't or didn't have access to credit cards. that's not the case now. >> no. really, lay away programs are a
6:19 am
perfect strategy for anybody who wants to save this holiday season, wants to stay on a budget and wants to more importantly avoid the debt hangover post holidays. that's really anybody, regardless of income. >> and it's interesting. we were just teasing the story earlier in the broadcast and we received a bunch of tweets on our twitter feed saying, i have to layaway this year. this is something that it seems like more than ever people are doing and you've got stores more than ever offering this. best buy, k-mart, walmart. can you pretty much put anything on layaway now? >> not necessarily. it's a store by store policy. generally speaking, you can put sale or cleans items on lay away. at walmart, there are categorical items you can put on layaway. >> big ticket items? >> big ticket items. for example, at best buy, they have a policy where your lay away items have to amount to $250 or more. it's all in the fine print and it's a store by store wagz. >> so what is the down side to
6:20 am
putting it on layaway? the upside is you avoid credit card debt. >> right. but what's the downside? >> it's not free. there is a service fee that is nonrefundable, usually $5 to $10. additionally, if you have buyer's remorse, you want to cancel the transaction, there is a cancellation fooel fee, typically $5 to $10, but i've seen it be as high at $25. >> and each store st different. you have to read the fine print. there isn't some federal regulation overseeing policies. >> absolutely. keep your paper trail. keep the fine print. what will happen if, for example, the item goes on sale and i've already locked in at an earlier price. in some cases, you have to go with the price that you locked in at. so if you're the kind of shoerp who likes to bargain hunt, sort of wants to take a little bit of risk of waiting, maybe a lay away program isn't for you. >> what happened if you default, if something happens, you can't pay for the item. does d that affect your credit score? what can happen to you?
6:21 am
>> you'll have to usually pay the cancellation fee, which is usually $5 to $10. but rest assured, this will not interact with your credit report. >> that's good. >> your activity does not get go to the credit bureau. >> what about shopping online, can you put things in layaway if you shot shop online? >> in many cases, yes. but there are also third party websites where you can put an ipad on layaway. they work with apple, dell, swarovski crystals. >> it's a great option for people who don't want to go into debt and we all know that's a good thing. >> absolutely. >> thanks so much. we are coming up still ahead, dishing dynasty linda evans joins us live. first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] when something isn't right,
6:22 am
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made from carefully selected oats that c help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ good saturday morning. looking live at the twinkling lights of the bay bridge in san francisco. cooler temperatures. mild start to this morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. meteorologist, rob mayeda, has a look at your weekend forecast. look at saturday morning. we are watching mainly high clouds and mid-level clouds going on by. good enough for a few sprinkles here and there. we are watching a cut-off low further to the west. it should stay offshore. some moisture may try to spill our way as we wrap up the week end. temperatures running cooler than yesterday. mid-80s the warmest places
6:27 am
inland. over towards oakland, a slight chance of seeing showers north of the golden gate. our skies clear and we turn warmer on monday. more than 100 suspected criminals are off bay area streets after a massive undercover skrim sweep. operation garlic press took place after an 18-month investigation by the california department of justice. undercover agents bought drugs, and stolen property from gang members an stolen criminals. they made the arrest this weekend. >> an operation as large as this, there will be a certain impact in terms of public safety in this region. >> this is without question the largest investigation of this type, largest number of defendants that i have ever seen. >> the criminals were arrested on state and federal charges and many have ties to mexican drug cartels. authorities seized nearly 90 stolen cars and around 60 guns
6:28 am
and large amounts of drugs. gropers are working together on the loose at san jose police. they are looking for two suspects. two attacks happen between 6:00 and 9:00. with you near clark hall and the other near uchita hall. they are described as hispanic males riding bmx bicycles. the best prevention, the buddy system or calling for help. we offer an evening escort service by calling our police department. we are able to walk or drive any student who needs help to their destination. we ask all our students to take advantage of that service. >> even with these two incidents, the university says that crime is consistently low on this campus for a school of its size. a cold case dating back to 2007 when a father and infant some were gunned down is closer to being solved. richard nugera was arrested
6:29 am
yesterday in connection with the fatal shootings in september of 2007. earlier this week, donald ortez was also arrested. both suspects once lived together in sacramento at the time of the shootings. no further details have been released about how they are connected to the crimes. a dramatic rescue caught on camera. from the first time we see it from the firefighters perspective. crews move in as they rescue a woman whose home is on fire. we have all the days news coming up in 30 minutes. we will be right back with you.
6:30 am
and we're back on this saturday morning, october 15th, 2011. it is a cool, breezy day here in new york. we have a terrific crowd out on our plan squaw. i'm amy robach along with lester holt. coming up, the search for baby lisa. >> it's a heart rendering mist re. it's been nearly two weeks since the kansas city girl vanished from her home. now there's a $100,000 reward being offer for her safe return. we'll get the latest on that. on a much lighter note, actress linda evans will be stopping by our studios. she has been an icon on television from the big valley
6:31 am
to, of course, dynasty. it's been an incredible journey for her both on and off the screen. she's talking about her amazing life in just a few moments. >> do you want to explain why the barking is coming from? hey, loud mouth, keep it down. we're trying to do a show here. should we explain? >> he's not even paying attention. >> this is a dog who is definitely got game. say hello to petty who is definitely in the your average border colley. peterty is an internet sensation because eats a master at playing ball. >> and he wants that ball right now. >> volleyball. will he hit it? let's see. we're going to see more of what petey has to offer. plus, we're going to play petey coming up later on. >> but first, let's throw the ball over to bill karins where he already has it for a look at the weather. look at you, bill. whoa! >> do the weather while playing
6:32 am
volleyball. we're going to work on this part of the show. let's get to the forecast for this weekend. we are watching many areas of the country that will be very nice. it's going do be windy out there in the new england area, great lakes, we have rain showers blowing through. areas of the deep south, maybe extremely south florida. we could deal with heavy rain on sunday. we have tropical moisture through the keys and miami. up into the rockies, we're going to see showery weather. this is a cold weather pattern. we've gotten rid of the humidity in about all locations. finally, even areas of the east which has been look at seeing a few high clouds going by. the return of low clouds on the coastline. we will see partly cloudy skies heading into the afternoon. thanks to a stronger sea breeze. san francisco and the coast cooling down. still some 80s inland. late today into sunday morning, slight chance of showers in the far north bay and things clear and turn warmer again on mon. co.
6:33 am
many of texas, still very, very dry. now, finally, feels like football weather out there. the humidity is gone and now we've got some good football action coming to you sunday night, football night in america. pretty good game, pretty good player. adrian peterson, big weekend last weekend. minnesota vikings trying to win two in a row. temperatures will be cool. weather will be a factor out there for jay cutler. back to you, lester. >> bill, thanks. now to the mystery of baby lisa irwin. this week will mark two weeks since she disappeared from her family's home. in an effort to find her, a $100,000 reward is being offered. john yang reports. >> reporter: friday night, a candlelight vigil outside the house where little lisa irwin vanished from her crib nearly
6:34 am
two weeks ago. hours earlier, an attempt to shed light on her disappearance. a big reward for lisa's safe return. >> they bring that kid right here, they get $100,000. >> new york based investigator bill stanton said the money is from an anonymous wealthy ben factor close to lisa's family who he says is also paying him. >> this person did not want any attention. the idea is not to focus on that. the idea is to focus on lisa, on bringing her home. >> reporter: that's the goal of releasing home videos of baby lisa. coo'ing at her mother and making baby talk, all pictures taken between january and march of this year. it's day 12 in the search for baby lisa. on friday, investigators reinterviewed neighbors and searched the area using both high tech and low tech methods. earlier, they searched with all-terrain vehicles and police dogs and recreated how someone might have broken into the
6:35 am
house. but still, no suspects and no strong leads. >> you've got kansas city police, you've got fbi, you've got, really, a massive response to the disappearance of this little girl. >> lisa's parents, jeremy irwin and deborah bradley, are keeping a low profile. it's been a week since they last spoke publicly with nbc's matt lawyer on "today." >> we ask everybody continue to look for her and pray for her safe return. >> other family members are doing what they can to keep baby lisa in people's minds, hoping that someone will provide the detail that will crack the case. >> anything, the smallest thing can bring her home. we're waiting on that one phone call. >> a hope still strong nearly two weeks after baby lisa's disappearance. >> for "today," john yangw nbc news.
6:36 am
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for her style, glamour and acting job, golden globe winning actress linda evans became a culture icon in the 80s. born linda evanstadt, her family moved to hollywood soon after. and the girl who was too shy to speech in english sky group up and is best known foreher role
6:40 am
in the 80s hit drama dynasty. she played crystal carrington, the wife of an oil tycoon. and who can forget the fightes and throw downs of her arch enemy, alexis, played by joan collins. >> if you want a rematch, just whistle, if you can. >> still funny. all right. after nine years, linda left the dynasty spotlight and today she is here to share some of her life journeys in her new memoir. it's great that they can make us all laugh, even still today. i love the book. i love the idea of taking the recipes, real food recipes and weaving them in with the recipes that you've learned and gained through your life. it's such a unique combination. how did you come up with the idea? >> they wanted me to write a memoir and i've wanted to do a cookbook. and so i said, well, what if i get to do both?
6:41 am
and i had so many photos. what i love is i have photos everywhere of every moment, as well. and i thought, what if i can do this? and they said, okay, do it. and then i had to do it. >> it was so great. we mentioned and we saw the video there, most people remembered you from dynasty. it was such an iconic show of the 80s. some of those cat fights we were just looking at, i have to say, i think you all were the first. the jersey housewives have nothing on you right there. do you think that any current shows have the bite, the style, the intrigue, that dynasty had? >> i think everybody has their unique signature, you know? we had ours, my god, and good luck to them. >> the fight between good girl and bad girl, though, are unforgettable. and i think what's so great about it is that you and joan collins, even in the 80s, were older, leading actresses. you paved the way. how important do you think that was for women at that time? >> well, i was just going, yes with. nobody was hiring women my age.
6:42 am
i was almost 40. when aaron spelling gave me the job and he certainly could have given it to a younger woman. jacqueline smith and farrah faut fa farrah fawcett were the rage. >> and was he the charger in real life that he was on television? >> he was more. if you can imagine it, it was so easy to love him. it was so easy to play crystal loving wlak. john forsyth was one of the most stroid extraordinary human beings i've ever known. >> and you love food. at age 23, you started cooking. >> yes. >> and in the book one talked about you started collecting recipes through your life. even while filming "the big valley" you were collecting some of those recipes. >> yes, yes. the minute i found out that you could feed someone and they
6:43 am
would just smile and the look on their face and the expression, i thought, i want to do that, i want to give everybody their favorite thing they evlike to e. >> john wayne was the first recipe in your book. >> yes. >> and on a more personal note, you learned about love and you talked about it in the book. after two marriages, you were with john derek and stan herman and not to mention the love you had afterwards, yanni was a big love of your life. what have you learned about love & in life? >> don't ever give up on love. you'll never lose. never, never, never. >> and you write that, you are always looking for new adventures. you're about to turn 69, correct? >> uh-huh. >> what is next for you and how great are you to show all the women out there that there is something next when you're in your 70s? >> well, you know, we're living
6:44 am
to 70, 830, 90 years old. nobody can tell us we're less, we're more, we're wiser. when you're young, you're beautiful, it's an exquisite time. but when you're older, you've gown through all those emotional dramas, you know what you want and what you don't want. you know how to stand for yourself. it's a great time. and you've raised the children. we've come into life. those things are over. now we're going to go out and we're going to show them we're not through because we are more. we actually are more and we're better. >> your happiness is certainly contagious and your book is beautiful and such a good read. we can all cook better because of it afterwards, right? we can continue to give the gift forward. linda evans, thank you so much. thank you. >> and the book is called recipes for life, my memories. coming up next, the dog whose basketball and volleyball talents that made him a super store.
6:45 am
>> brick it here. come here. ride muni every day.
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we know dogs love to fetch. but here is a canine that might take t take the cake. >> his name is petey. watch him go. he has some remarkable skill especially when it comes to volleyball. but that's just for starters. wait until what he shows us this morning. we want to say hi to petey and anya right now. tell us, we all know that dogs love to play ball. petey really loves this. how did you figure that out? >> petey has always loved to play ball. he found an old volleyball, started completely chasing after it. i threw it to him and he bounced it back in his mouth. the same way that he catches the
6:48 am
tennis ball, it bounces back and that's how it started. >> we're showing smu video. he plays basketball and volleyball. does he or you have a favorite? >> we love volleyball. >> volleyball is the best. >> just because he can play it in the grass and on the beach. >> when you go to the dog park with petey, how does he play with the other dogs? >> actually, petey gets really ignored about the other dogs because they run into the game and they try to sniff him and he just wants to go after the ball. >> during the commercial break, i asked anya, how does he relax? and the answer is he doesn't relax. look at the intensity. but he gets hyped, too. >> here it is. this has to be played. >> yeah, he wants to get it to me because he gives it to me, then i get it back to him quicker and he can play more often. >> we have a challenge do you want to go for it here? >> yeah. >> we'll play a slow serve. it's up against you guy?
6:49 am
>> yes. >> we're going to lose. >> we also need a ball. oh, there it is. >> okay. petey, i think you're going to beat me. oh, you see but now you want my ball. you can't have my ball. >> wait a minute. >> okay. >> is that cheating? >> it's the red ball. >> oh, thank you. >> what are we doing here. >> you can use that ball. i'm going to use this ball. >> back to you. >> petey, go. >> here we go. >> good boy. >> the entire crew is involved here. do you ever play with a net?
6:50 am
>> we're working on it, yes. >> so he's got it. we're all in the game now, by the way. >> how many has he gotten in a row? >> 32. >> 32? >> uh-huh. >> whew! >> all right. ready? >> what happens if i start throwing it? >> he can only focus on one ball. >> we've gotten it back and forth 32 times. >> 32 times. >> actually back and forth. >> i can play you. >> all right. who won? did petey win? >> i think he did. thanks so much. >> let's hear it for petey. >> this is it. this is the official prize. this is the prize.
6:51 am
>> he says, i want the ball. >> there you go. all right. if only it were shaped like a ball. babe is his new sport. >> thanks very much, petey. thanks very much. >> all right. we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back. >> thanketey. i can't let allergies stop me from leading the way... so, i get claritin clear... alright... let's move on team ! claritin works hard to relieve my worst symptoms. and only claritin is proven to keep you as alert and focused as someone without allergies. no other brand can say that not even allegra.
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on this saturday morning, thanks to richard lui and bill karins. tomorrow, we're going to talk to the rare recipient of a transplant procedure. >> thanks for watching.
6:56 am
i'm kris sanchez. u.s. drones carry out air strikes in the middle east killing the son of a man convicted of trying to bomb the world trade center back in the '90s. plus, a plea for help. leaders in one east bay city wanted to know how you would make their city safer. >> right here. come with he. let's go. >> a dramatic rescue caught on camera for the first time we see a firefighter's perspective as crews move in to save woman whose home is burning. [ male announcer ] sizzler's steak fest!
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