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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 15, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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. >> a member of the hell's angels shot and killed at a funeral in san jose. we now know what may have triggered that shooting. dna is providing more information in one of the most notorious serial killer cases ever. occupy wall street goes international with violence in rome. but the other protests were peaceful. so why did danny glover and
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jerry brown weigh in? what does this giraffe have to do with the oakland raiders and a qulung deal for a family outing? the news starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. tonight, the occupy wall street movement has gone worldwide. protests over corporate greed and social service cuts echoed in cities across the united states, europe and all the way to south africa. in rome, the scene escalated into violence again today. some protesters interrupted a peaceful demonstration to smash bank windows and set fires, prompting police to fight back with water cannons and tear gas. and in london, wikileaks founder julian asauj lent his voice to the movement. assange joined thousands of demonstrators in london's financial district today. here in the united states, the
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mettage of protesters was clear if broad. >> people from all walks of life knowing that they have to fight for their country now or we're going to lose it. >> the people of the world need to come together to bring real change. >> in new york where the movement began last month, thousands of people gathered in times square today. police say they arrested about 70 protesters after they refused to leave. here in the bay area the occupy movement is growing. thousands of people took to the streets of oakland today. as a hollywood celebrity led the charge. tonight, monty francis spoke exclusively to governor jerry brown about his feelings on the protesters and the message. >> kyle: governor brown would not come out and endorse what is happening here, but he did acknowledge that people are suffering. and he places blame on those who caused the mortgage crisis.
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as occupy oakland entered day six, governor jerry brown attended a charity fund-raiser just a few hundred yards from where protesters are camping out. >> you endorse the message? some of the east bay mayors have said they support the message of jobs, not cuts. do you as well? >> i like to communicate my own message. i'll tell you what i think. i do think that the unemployment and the foreclosures are directly caused by the people who extended mortgages improperly, fraudulently, and in many cases illegally. >> kyle: earlier in the day, about 2,000 people marched from lady college to franco gawa plaza to speak out about corporate greed and cuts to social programs. >> my husband was furloughed a couple of years ago which led to us being foreclosed on. i'm unemployed and looking for work to pay for our three children's college education.
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it's tough out there for people over 50 >> kyle: actor danny glover who led the charge says the occupy movement has a broader glow. >> we have to talk about something much bigger than that. we have to talk about a shift in resources. a shift in income. a shift in taxation. it begins with that. >> a movement for change! >> kyle: there's no question the movement is growing. right now it appears to lack leadership, a cohesive message. even those involved aren't sure it will result in any kind of tangible change. >> we don't know what this movement's going to bring. right now, right now, we don't know what tomorrow's going to bring. one thing about the uncertainty of what we're in, that there is a great deal of uncertainty, that anything's possible. but we have to imagine there's a better world >> kyle: the march was organized by but dozens of labor and community groups also took part. both the mayors of oakland and richmond expressed their support for the jobs, not cuts, message.
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in oakland, monty francis, nbc bay area news. in the south bay, shots were fired during a funeral for a member of the hell's angels motorcycle club. one person is dead and police are still searching for the killer. nbc bay area's kimberly terry at oak hill cemetery where the shooting happened and has more on what might have caused the violence >> kyle: this area was saturated with police during the funeral service. when shots went off police went right in but according to them the crime scene had already been tampered with. witnesses say a loving show of respect for the late president of the hell's angels san jose chapter turned into pure chaos as shots were fired in the midst of thousands of mourners. >> just people running. and a large crowd. and heard the pops of the gun and really wasn't sure what had happened. >> reporter: police say the shooting happened just before
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1:00 p.m. saturday and with resources close by, they quickly moved in. >> they just came from everywhere. >> kyle: one man identified as a member of the hell's angels was shot and later died at the hospital. >> when the officers arrived, it was moments after the shooting, they noticed that the scene appeared to have been tampered with. >> reporter: police will not elaborate on how the scene may have been compromised and say despite some reports that bystanders tackled the shooter, they don't have a suspect in custody. >> when you look at that number of -- that large number of individuals in a small area, it's not hard to, you know, make your way out of a scene like that. >> reporter: witnesses say there were members from more than 30 motorcycle clubs at the funeral, who came from as far away as rhode island. upset about the violence, they say this gives people another reason to look at members of motorcycle clubs as outlaws. >> i'm just shocked. really shocked that something would happen.
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because i've known hell's angels and all the other groups for years and years and years, and there is a code of ethics. you never do anything at a funeral >> kyle: the funeral was being held for beth row pettigrew, who was gunned down last month at a casino in sparks, nevada. a member of a rival vargas motorcycle club has been arrested in connection with his death. there are unconfirmed reports that today's victim was, in fact, a high-ranking member of the santa cruz chapter of the hell's angels, also a businessman in the south bay. live in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. he was the most notorious mass killer of his time. john wayne basy was convicted of murdering 33 young men in chicago more than three decades ago. but tonight, new information is emerging in the case. basy was arrested at his chicago home in 1978. and he was executed by lethal injection in 1994. but to this day, eight of his victims remain unidentified.
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police dug up the eight sets of remains and september them to a lab for dna analysis. investigators say with the help of new technology, most if not all of the eight victims should now be identified. >> now through dna, families that had no hope of having a match now have the absolute hope. we can be definitive of saying, this is or is not your loved one. >> it's been 33 long years not knowing what happened to my brother. i would like to know one way or another. >> also in a chicago evidence room, investigators found plane tickets and travel documents to many other cities during the time these murders took place. with the help of a missing persons database, they say gacy is possibly linked to at least 27 unsolved cases around the country. coming up next at 11:00, the obama administration's major change regarding troops in iraq. plus the tailgate party at the oakland coliseum enters a
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second night. we'll show you what's going on there. you can argue it's easier to get your hands on nuclear material -- >> he's talking about counterfeit bills so good they fool the experts. in one case they led right to san francisco. we go in-depth coming up. we've got the radar running tonight. as you've been looking at the clouds pulling across the bay, looks like we have isolated showers moving into the east bay hills and more likely f the north bay overnight.
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many troops in iraq will be coming home sooner than expected. a senior u.s. military official is confirming tonight that u.s.
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forces will be withdrawn fully from iraq by january, about a year earlier than was scheduled. all american troops are scheduled to leave iraq except for about 160 soldiers who will be attached to the u.s. embassy in baghdad. the 41,000 u.s. troops currently iraq will reportedly go to kuwait before heading home or on to other locations. more than 4,400 american military members have been killed in iraq since the war began in 2003. dozens of dedicated raiders fans are tailgating across the street from the oakland coliseum right now, honoring the memory of the late al davis. they're calling it the nfl's longest tailgate. it started on friday night and should last up until game time tomorrow when the raiders will honor davis in their first home game since his death a week ago. looks like they're having fun at the tailgate there. all kinds of events planned for before, during and halftime at tomorrow's game against the cleveland browns.
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coming up at 11:00, results of that game could provide a major discount for a family outing. an unusual deal involving giraffes, kids and al davis. stanford highlights and a change in the weather. also the 100th anniversary of an oakland nonpfit dedicated to helping disadvantaged children. doesn't cover my kid's pediatrician. which is not cool. she was so fantastic. she had this sock puppet that she would use to explain exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it. i just wish there was someone to explain to me how i'm going to find another doctor like that. [ male announcer ] we know a good doctor is hard to find. we have some of the largest networks in california so you can choose one that's right for you. blue shield. so you can choose one that's right for you. [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece.
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looking on. mid second, game tied 1-1. the public finds its way into the net, 2-1 sharks. to the third period. blues. the puck in the corner. they're trying to clear. the puck finds the stick, we're tied 2-2. blues continuing to put on the pressure. alexander works the give and go. thomas drives for the goal. brodie brazil has more, bruise win 4-2. for the sharks it is two losses in as many nights. the common theme between both games, last night in anaheim and here tonight in san jose, were chances. the sharks with plenty of them. but just could not capitalize when it mattered most. >> for my chance i got to put that away. i think if i were to take maybe a half more second a look, i would have saw that the bottom of the net was open. we had our chances, we had our looks. we let one slip away.
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>> lost two games. we've had a lot of opportunities. it's just about getting those second chances and putting them in when we can. just, you know, having that killer instinct around the net. >> one more grand opportunity for the sharks to right the ship. they'll play here monday night before heading out on a six-game east coast road trip. after that the team will not come back to san jose and play until the month of november. at hp pavilion, brodie brazil, nbc bay area sports. >> thank you, over to football. cougars hanging tough early. late second quarter. karl winston punches it in from two yards out. stanford up three points at the half. third quarter, however, cardinal would pull away. andrew locke. over to levine. ten-yard touchdown strike. and then later, third quarter, locke to lolo again. 26-yard td.
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locke, 336 yards, stanford cruises 44-14. and on a heart-warming note, 52-year-old dewy bazela won his first and only professional boxing match tonight. he spent 26 years behind bars for a murder he did not commit. and now his long-time dream of fighting professionally was finally realized. back to you, diane. >> all right, thanks a lot, henry. right now check in with meteorologist rob myette that on what is going on with the weather. >> seeing some changes within the last hour or so around the bay area. right now, san francisco 60 degrees. southwest wind at 8-mile-per-hours. north wind at 5. oakland 66. and still in the 60s in san jose. 64, south wind at 6-mile-per-hours. so mainly 60s. now upper 50s in the north bay. what changed today is the sea breeze picked up. cooling gets down to daytime highs, 60s and 70s. only 80 around gilroy earlier. we'll see temperatures continue
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to cool down tomorrow. put tonight we actually have some isolated showers moving through, which we'll show you on the radar in just a moment. tomorrow morning, coastal areas of drizzle. then the chance of a shower. we'll start to drift more toward the north bay. highs fairly cool for sunday. monday we'll warm up and see cooler changes heading toward the middle part of the week. radar view shows you the progression of what has been light rain or isolated showers crossing over the east bay hills to the 580/680 interchange around dublin, castro bay. north bay fairly dry. you can see all this most tour's going to lift toward the north bay. what's interesting, we had lightning offshore in the last couple of hours. that has weakened as it crossed over the coast around mendocino county. upper-level low feeding toward moisture toward the bay area tonight. we'll see isolated showers around the bay area. tomorrow we'll see the chances of showers drifting off to the north bay for the morning. by the afternoon we're just under partly cloudy skies. monday, high pressure's going to start to build back in.
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temperatures going to warm up. probably pack to the 70s around san francisco. a one-day warmup as temperatures are going to start to cool down thanks to stronger sea breeze tuesday and wednesday. for the morning, areas especially north of san francisco will still see that chance of some showers that will lift northward by noon. still a possibility in the north bay we could see isolated showers. by 4:00, basically the temperatures running much cooler than a couple of days ago, in the 90s. not the case to wrap up the weekend. mid 70s inland. 68 san francisco. a few isolated showers tonight. drying out for the afternoon. should not be a problem for the raiders game tomorrow. they're taking on the cleveland browns. so i like their odds when it comes to the big deal coming up. >> let's hope so. thank you, rob. rob's talking about safaris, giraffes and the oakland raiders. what do they have in common? one sweet deal, we'll explain. it's random coming up. ♪
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an oakland institution marked its 100th anniversary with a fund-raise tore help children in need. their guests included governor jerry brown. organizers hoped to raise at least $100,000 tonight. the proceeds help st. vincent's. >> if we turn our children away, their parents can't go to work. and if they don't go to work, there won't be a tax base. so it's a domino effect, really. >> since the sisters of the holy family opened st. vincent's in 1911, organizers say they have served more than 33,000 children in alameda county. the united states government is constantly on the hunt for counterfeit money.
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in the past 20 years, investigators have come up relatively empty-handed, especially in super note cases. a super note is such a good fake, most experts can't even tell the difference. the bay area's home to its own super note mystery. >> kyle: you could try, but you would fail. we're sure of it. given all the time you want, you could not tell which of these $100 bills is real and which is fake. not even san francisco's top law enforcement official, its former police chief, can do it. >> i would not be able to tell the difference. at all. >> these fakes are just that good. >> i believe it's the highest quality counterfeit in the world, period. >> assistant district attorney michael sullivan and his boss gascon are talking about these,
11:25 pm
counterfeit $100 bills. $36,000 linked to a man named peter chang. the 81-year-old chang owns a chinatown jewelry store. he was recently convicted of using those counterfeit bills to buy gold coins from two other chinatown merchants back in 2007. cheng's victims weren't the ones who spotted the fakes. even bank tellers didn't pick it up. it took a machine in a bank of america vault to detect the counterfeits, and the secret service to trace them back to cheng. >> there's an imperfection in precipitating of the "n" in the upper right-hand side in the "united" of the united states. in the lower right-hand corner there's optically variable ink that turns green to black. in this case it goes green to magenta. >> other than that, they're exact replicas. the right paper, the right ink, even down to security threads and watermarks.
11:26 pm
the bills are perfect. in fact, it's how they got their name. super notes. the first one appeared in 1989. and since that time, the federal reserve says it has pulled 500,000 from circulation. still, no one knows for sure who is making them. where in the world they are. and how they got their hands on the right equipment and raw material. >> you can argue that it's easier to get your hands on nuclear materials than it is to get your hands on this bank precipitating, bank note printing equipment. >> the most important question, who brought the bills to san francisco? just how many more of them are out there undetected? and if the experts have trouble spotting the fakes, what hope do the rest of us have? >> everybody uses cash to some degree. anyone can be a victim. the victim in the case is the last person with the currency in their hand. all right, in an effort to
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find creative deals around the bay area, find one that combines giraffes, the raiders and wild animals. not those crazy fans at the coliseum but real wild animals in the north bay. there's the little giraffe right here who was born recently. safari west nature preserve in santa rosa. they decided to name her allie davis because they said she had a "just win" baby attitude like al davis and they wanted to honor davis. safari west is offering a special deal tomorrow after the game at the coliseum. you get a discount on a safari in santa rosa based on oakland's final score. if oakland scores, say, 27 points you get 27% off, up to two safaris. if oakland scores 60 points, there may be a limit of 50% or something, anyway, there are a few restrictions. follow me on twitter to get details on some of the restrictions and how to get the deal @dianedwyer on nbc twitter.
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